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					             Pre-WWII Historical Figures Facebook Page Project

You will be creating a Facebook profile for one of the historical figures listed
below from Chapter 31. You will be responsible for researching the information
about your figure to make a profile.

Step 1: Each group will be assigned an historical figure
Benito Mussolini                Adolf Hitler             Fransciso Franco
Winston Churchill                                        Emperor Hirohito

Step 2: The Task
You will be given this class block to conduct research and begin organizing your
thoughts. You MUST use this time to your advantage or you will lose credit on
your project. You will email me ( your finished profile page.
The breakdown of the points you will receive for this project are outlined below:

   1. Research: 15 points
       Use of class/ computer lab time (9 points)
       Minimum of 3 different sources; neatly typed in a list (6 points)

   2. Facebook Page: 60 points
                 Picture of historical figure
                 Wall: Minimum 4 posts/ 6 status updates
                 Friends: Minimum of 3
                 Photo Albums: 4 (titles, pictures)
                 “About Me”
                 Bio: 2 paragraphs minimum
                 Interests: Minimum of 3
                 Groups: Minimum of 3

Step 3: Presenting your Facebook page
You will be presenting your page to the class on ____________________.
Remember, you will not read the page to the class, just discuss the highlights of
what you learned about your figure and/or the interesting facts you included on
your “page.”
   3. Presentation: 25 points
                   Preparation (10 points)
                   Presentation skills (clear voice, organization, etc.) (15