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1. Explain the relationship between insurance deductibles and premiums.

2. Why do you need disability insurance? Where do you get it?

3. At what stage in your life would you need to have life insurance? Why?

4. What is wrong with the following statement? “I don’t need to buy renters insurance
because my landlord already has insurance on my apartment.”

5. You own a valuable action figure collection. What do you need to do to make sure it is
covered under your renters/homeowners insurance?
6. It is recommended that you “document” your belongings for Homeowners/Renters
Insurance. What does that actually mean? (How do you do it?):

7. There was a huge storm and a tree limb broke out your back car window. What type of
auto insurance coverage would you need to cover the cost of repairing it?

8. When you were leaving work you back up into anther person’s car. Only the vehicles
suffered physical damage. What type of automobile coverage(s) is needed in this situation?

9. What are three things that are affecting YOUR automobile premium costs?