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					                                          Character Analysis Project

Directions: Students will create a digital Facebook for one of the following characters (student choice): Lucie
Manette, Mme. Defarge, Charles Darnay, the Marquis, or Sydney Carton. You will take on the personality of
this character and create a page about them. You need to use the information from the book to decide what they
would have posted and/or written.

The following are required:
    Accurate analysis as produced in “The Big 6” for that character, including major conflicts
           o Determine Basic Facts (important to the story) and Personality traits of the character.
           o Determine what he/she wants (this may be more than one thing).
           o Determine the character’s motivation (why does he or she want these things?).
           o Determine the type(s) of conflict the character encounters (individual vs…).
           o Determine whether the character is static (the character does not change, grow or develop) or
               dynamic (the character does grow, change, or develop).
    Choose a color symbolizing the character and provide a detailed explanation.
    Create at least 6 Status Updates that chronicle events that have happened in the novel (from your
       characters' Point of View, of course). These updates should also include your character's main desire
       and motivation.
    Add at least 3 informational posts such as "______ and _____ are now friends," or "_____ joined
       ______ cause."
    A picture is a must (At least a profile picture, but more pictures will only better your grade) They can be
       drawn or printed.
    A Likes and Dislikes section with at least 5 things in each category.
    A Personality Traits Section with at least 10 traits.
    Any other category that is on Facebook that you can make relatable to the character. The more creative
       the better your grade.

Remember the characters do not live in today’s world, so they would not use the same terms/slang you might
use on a daily basis. Really embody the character when you are making your page.

You will end up with 2 pages: one page showing their wall and one showing their information. Feel free to use
different colors and make the Facebook page personal to the character, but follow the same format as is on

You may create your page on a full-sized poster board or two half pieces. If you have a more creative idea
discuss with your teacher before implementing it.
Page One: Wall

Page Two: Info

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