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									                     Facebook Activity Checklist
   Photo ______

   About Me ______
      1. Am I flat or round? How do you know? What are traits that make me a
          round character? What is a single trait that makes me a flat character?
      2. Am I static or dynamic? How do you know? How specifically do I change
          or not change? Give some direct, contextual evidence (either quotes or
      3. Throw in some extra, exciting information about your character if you

   Quotes _____
      1. Two quotes either about your character or things your character said
      2. Explain the relevance of these quotes. At least one should be linked to the
          themes we studied (they are listed in the powerpoint). Also, consider how
          the quotes are related to character development, point of view, symbolism,
      3. Write a paragraph explaining how each quote is important. Put this
          explanation under each quote.

   Education _____
          Why is education important in the book? How does your character feel
          about education and why?

   Activities, Music, Books, TV shows, Interests _____
       1. Be creative and appropriate
       2. The music, books, etc can be modern or not. Choose things you think your
           character might like – have fun with this.

   Wall Postings _____
      1. Post on at least one other person’s wall. Again, make sure your comments
      are appropriate. If you have any questions about what is appropriate, ask me
      first. I will remove inappropriate comments and you will be marked down.
      When you write your wall postings, think about the relationship your
      character has with the person you are writing to. Address “point of view”
      issues. Perhaps explain how you see a situation differently than the other
      character or address character conflicts.

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