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                                                                                                                               ye rs

                                                                                                                    s u mmer 2 0 1 0

InspIrIng Journeys for young people In the southwest and Costa rICa | wIlderness adventure | CommunIty servICe | natIve Cultures & arts
                        “I fully realized how much I appreciate the Deer Hill philosophy.

                              The magic that is interwoven in Deer Hill’s curriculum is a

                                  subtle, sometimes overlooked nuance, but an incredibly

                                         important one. I cannot describe the magic that

                                                 is there, or give it a name, but it is some

                                                                    life-enriching magic.”
                                                                                               At Deer Hill we provide memorable
                                                                         — Erin, Pownal, ME
                                                                                               and meaningful adventures for young
                                                                                               people. We enhance your appreciation
                                                                                               of the natural world by showing you how
                                                                                               to live in some of the wildest and most
                                                                                               beautiful places on Earth. In doing so,
                                                                                               we share with you our deep knowledge
                                                                                               of and respect for these wild lands, and
                                                                                               our tradition of Leave No Trace ethics.

                                                                                               Forging real connections with native
                                                                                               lands and peoples is at the heart of what
                                                                                               we do, and our cross-cultural service
                                                                                               projects give you an opportunity to lend
                                                                                               a helping hand, and to see life from a
                                                                                               very different perspective.

                                                                                               Our expeditions provide an exciting and
                                                                                               challenging environment in which you
                                                                                               can be an integral member of a tight-

                                                                                               knit team and grow as an individual.

2   www.deerhillexpeditions.com
ourheritage                                                                                                                    table of contents
                                                      OvEr 25 yEArs OF INspIrINg jOurNEys                                       4   Introduction to Deer Hill
                                                      At Deer Hill, we are entering our 26th year of powerful
                                                                                                                                8   The Spirit of Service
                                                      wilderness and service journeys for teenagers. That’s 26 years
                                                      of fun and learning, hundreds of groups, thousands of river              10   Choose Your Expedition
                                                      miles run, thousands of miles of trail hiked or biked, hundreds
                                                                                                                               11   Program Summary
                                                      of summits climbed, thousands of friendships forged, many vital
                                                      service projects completed, a million preconceptions about               12   Programs 2010
                                                      native peoples shattered, and around one billion smiles. More
                                                                                                                               30   Frequently Asked Questions
                                                      than this, we know that 26 years means countless moments of
                                                      personal triumph and transformation, when a young person                 32   Staff Profiles
                                                      realizes what they are truly capable of. It feels good.
                                                                                                                               34   For Parents
                                                      WHAT DOEs Our HIsTOry MEAN TO yOu?
                                                      Over the years, many things have changed at Deer Hill, but
                                                                                                                               36   Deer Hill Foundation
                                                      not the important things. My wife, Beverly, and I are still very
                                                      involved in the running of Deer Hill, ensuring that the values
                                                      at the heart of this organization – honesty, depth, courage,
                                                      diversity, “heartfulness”, excellence, service – are upheld
                                                      in everything we do. Beverly still tends the “home fires”,
                                                      overseeing the grounds and facilities at Basecamp, and manages
                                                      the creation of our delicious menus. I still get out on our trips, sit
                                                      in Circle with students, lead sweat lodge ceremonies, and guide
                                                      our staff training, where new and old staff alike come together to
                                                      honor and further the “Deer Hill Way.”

                                                        Of course, we’ve gotten bigger, but not too big. Whereas other
                                                        companies have chosen to offer more and more programs
in more and more locations, we’ve stayed true to our original mission, getting to know our programming areas in
incredible depth, developing a skilled and loyal staff that is second-to-none, and forging deep and lasting friendships
with our native service hosts. We still maintain our family home at Basecamp. staying small, we are proud that Deer
Hill has remained a family, a family we’d love you to join.

                                                                           — Doug Capelin, Founder and Owner
                            <   A serpentine canyon of
                                red rock intrigues you.

                            <   A panorama of jagged
                                peaks lifts you.

                            <   A surge of whitewater
                                awakens you.

                            <   A mountain waterfall
                                cools you.

                            <   Elk in a wildflower
                                meadow welcome you.

4   Deer Hill Expeditions
<   Your dedicated leaders
    inspire you.

<   Your friends at the base
    of the rock face cheer you.

<   A native Costa Rican
    naturalist amazes you.

<   The Navajo children
    share with you.

<   A Hopi artisan
    teaches you.

<   In a 1,000-year old kiva
    deep in the earth, the
    ancients welcome you.

IT’s A jOurNEy                                             DIvErsITy Is vITAL
A Deer Hill expedition is not a camp, or a tour; it’s      Other companies pay lip service to diversity. We
a journey. Each program combines awe-inspiring             ensure it through the Deer Hill Foundation, which
wilderness adventures with opportunities to connect        helps high potential, low-income young people from
with native cultures in a meaningful way, or work          different backgrounds be a part of Deer Hill. We know
on projects that preserve the pristine beauty of the       from experience that the more diverse the people, the
West. At Deer Hill, you are not chaperoned by your         more real and profound the journey. Another key part
leaders. you steer the rafts, read the maps, belay your    of our mission is cultural interaction with the diverse
climbing partner. And with 25 years of backcountry         native peoples who live in our corner of the world. Our
guiding experience, you can trust us to teach you to       service hosts are truly members of the Deer Hill family.
do things right. Expand your horizons, learn new skills,                                                                FrOM Our AEE ACCrEDITATION rEpOrT—
make close friends, get inspired, touch a world that is    WE ArE ALL ABOuT QuALITy                                     “The quality of programming at
different from your own. These are the ingredients of      Deer Hill is one of the most experienced and
                                                                                                                        Deer Hill is at a national standard              accredited by
a journey to remember.                                     respected expedition providers in the business. Our
                                                                                                                        and the service component is
                                                           standard group size is 12 students, close in age,
                                                                                                                        exemplary. Deer Hill is to be
WE ArE A COMMuNITy                                         with three leaders – an industry leading 1:4 staff-to-
                                                                                                                        commended for their pioneering
We are a family company, still run by founders, Doug       participant ratio. The average age of our program
                                                                                                                        work in this area. Deer Hill is an
and Beverly Capelin, who are intimately involved           leaders is currently 28. We train our staff ourselves, use                                             Association for Experiential Education

                                                                                                                        organization that is based on caring
in all aspects of our programs. Most of our guides         our own high-quality equipment, and do not outsource
                                                                                                                        relationships and community building. This is obvious
have been with us for 5-10 years, some of them as          activities to subcontracted outfitters. This is extremely
participants when they were teenagers. Each summer,        rare in the world of teenage adventure programs,             at all levels of operation, but particularly in the many
around 120 young people join the Deer Hill family.         but we consider the extra cost and other demands             contacts established for culturally appropriate service
We keep in touch. Our beautiful 130-acre Basecamp,         to be absolutely worth it to ensure the quality of the       work in the Native American nations in the area. The
where programs begin and end, infuses Deer Hill with       experiences we deliver.                                      loyalty, sense of community, and quality of teaching
a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of place that is                                                                     all come from sound long-term relationships between
unlike any other summer program.                                                                                        field staff and Deer Hill.”

“My experience at Deer Hill was amazing and I absolutely loved
my group. I will always remember the river because that was my
favorite part of the trip (and the food). Deer Hill really felt like
one big family.”
                                                           — Dustin, Tiburon, CA

6    www.deerhillexpeditions.com
On your wilderness adventure, you will find places that
connect you with the roots of your soul. Feel your heart
beating against your chest as your raft plunges into a huge
rapid. swoop down singletrack through a stunning aspen
grove on a mountain bike. Discover the meaning of trust
as your partner lowers you down an alpine cliff face. Watch
the alpenglow light up the peaks from your sleeping bag
at 11,000 feet.

From our beautiful 130-acre Basecamp, ideally located
between the majestic rocky Mountains and the otherworldly
canyons and mesas of the Colorado plateau, we guide you
to some of the best landscapes in North America. sweeping
mountain vistas bursting with wildflowers. Cool redrock
canyons far from civilization. sinuous desert rivers lined with
cottonwood trees. Not to mention the incredible coastline
and jungle habitats of Costa rica, which you can visit on
our Costa rica spanish language immersion program, the
culmination of seven years of collaboration with our partner
company, Exploradores Outdoors.

Because we know these landscapes so intimately, we can
plan our programs with what we call “flow”. This means
real expeditions on the river and in the mountains, not day
trips. Quick and efficient resupplies, well-paced itineraries,
and working every day with your own experienced and
versatile Deer Hill
leaders instead of
being handed off
to subcontracted
                                                                  “There were so many moments that I will forever remember and
companies. good
                                                                  use in the future. I am grateful to every individual who made
flow maximizes the
time you spend                                                    my experience what it was. I loved every moment and am so
tuning into the
wilderness, not                                                   happy to have known my fellow teammates and leaders.”
tuning out on the
tour bus.                                                                                               — Elizabeth, Boston, MA

                                  you have the opportunity to do something, however
                                  grand or small, to make things better. Call it gratitude,
                                  or the human instinct to connect. Don’t define it at all.

                                  Deer Hill is renowned for the quality and integrity of
                                  our service experiences. We have spent two decades
                                  forming deep and rewarding friendships with native
                                  peoples in our area. Most expeditions include several
                                  days spent working with one of our partner tribes: the
                                  Navajo, Hopi and Zuni in New Mexico and Arizona, or
                                  the Tico people in rural villages of Costa rica. stay with
                                  welcoming host families or communities, engaging in
                                  service that is important to them, learning practical
                                  skills, hearing their history, and getting a hands-on
                                  lesson in ancient crafts. It’s not just “helping” people,
                                  it’s sharing our different stories and backgrounds,
                                  learning a whole new way of looking at the world.

                                  unique to Deer Hill, your journey may also include a
                                  native arts component, a hands-on way to connect
                                  with the culture. Learn about the ceremonial traditions
                                  behind Navajo sand painting and how to make your
                                  own. Carve a symbol into “tufa” rock, fill it with molten
                                  silver, and proudly wear the pendant you made in a
                                  Hopi village.

                                  “The service project was an incredible
                                  experience. We were working first
                                  hand with people who cherish their
                                  culture so much. For them to let
                                  us participate in their traditions

    thespiritofservice            was amazing.”
                                             — Marin, West Roxbury, MA

8   www.deerhillexpeditions.com
“We all have common concerns — we want to learn, we want to help. Working                  CONsErvATION sErvICE
                                                                                           some Deer Hill programs give you
together as people of different societies can build bridges and, ultimately, respect and   the opportunity to help preserve the
                                                                                           incredible landscapes and ecosystems you
understanding. That’s what I believe Deer Hill does. What’s even more important than       are enjoying. Work and learn alongside
                                                                                           inspirational rangers and volunteers
the projects we complete is how we solidify our friendships and look together for peace    from the u.s. Forest service. Maintain
                                                                                           a footbridge, improve trails vital to
in the world.”
                                                                                           backcountry access, or make a wild place
            — Milton Bluehouse, former President of the Navajo Nation, Ganado, AZ          accessible to the less able. It is a way of
                                                                                           getting closer to the wilderness and saying
                                                                                           “thank you” for its gifts.

                                                                                           “Nobody has ever come down
                                                                                           here and done something like
                                                                                           this for us and meant it the
                                                                                           way Deer Hill does. I know
                                                                                           that I speak for my tribe when
                                                                                           I say that you are all welcome
                                                                                           on our reservation and that
                                                                                           you are one of our family.”
                                                                                                     — Selwyn Whiteskunk,
                                                                                                   Ute Mountain Ute Tribe,
                                                                                                                      Towaoc, CO

chooseyour                                                                     “Thank you again for being the world’s best expedition
                                                                               establishment. The spiritual and emotional (not

expedition                                                                     to mention physical) energy my friends and I have
                                                                               received from our summers at Deer Hill is absolutely
Consider your age, experience, the activities you desire, and the level of
challenge you are looking for. To ensure that participants are close in age,
                                                                               beyond compare, and I don’t think I’ll ever finish
our programs are separated into three different grade levels: grades 7-8
                                                                               expressing my gratitude to you for dreaming up
(ages 13-14), grades 9-11 (ages 15-17), and grades 10-12 (ages 16-18).
Bear in mind that you must have backcountry experience for Wilderness          such a place.”
Leadership. Apart from this program, all our expeditions are suitable for
anyone who is enthusiastic and reasonably fit. your attitude is the most                               — Samantha, New Orleans, LA
important thing you will pack.

Every program includes some aspects of our leadership training
curriculum, but Wilderness Leadership and service Leadership
are courses for 10th through 12th graders that teach Deer Hill’s
approach to leadership in depth. Choose these if you are eager to
develop the skills and ethics of leadership that will be effective in
school, sports, careers, and any other group situation.

What kind of service suits you best? Most groups spend time
working with a Native American tribe: Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, or ute.
some groups work on a conservation project with the u.s.
Forest service. service Leadership offers both types of service.

please contact us with any questions you have. We would love
to help you select the best program for you.

800.533.7221 | info@deerhillexpeditions.com

“Coming to Deer Hill was the best
decision I have made in my entire life.”
                — Bradley, New York City, NY

10     www.deerhillexpeditions.com

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Native Cultures and service
                                                                                                                            Mountain Backpacking

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Conservation service
                                                                                                       Canyon Backpacking

                                                                                                                                                   Mountain Basecamp

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Leadership Training
                                                                                                                                                                                            Inflatable Kayaking

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 spanish Language
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mountain Biking

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  rock Climbing
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  sea Kayaking
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 peak Ascents


pAgE           prOgrAM              grADEs / AgEs             DATEs          DAys   HOurs     prICE
 12    Colorado plateau Challenge    7-8 / 13-14 yrs     june 22 – july 6     15      24      $2,650
 14    river & Mountain Adventure    7-8 / 13-14 yrs     july 11 – july 31    21      32      $3,650

 16         Canyon Country          9-11 / 15-17 yrs    june 28 – july 18     21      40      $3,995
 18        Ancient pathways         9-11 / 15-17 yrs     july 3 – july 23     21      40      $3,995
 20        southwest journey        9-11 / 15-17 yrs    july 11 – August 4    25      48      $4,595
 22       Heart of the rockies      9-11 / 15-17 yrs    july 12 – August 1    21      20      $3,995
 24     Costa rica Exploradores     9-11 / 15-17 yrs     july 1 – july 21     21      40      $4,295

 26      Wilderness Leadership      10-12 / 16-18 yrs   june 28 – july 22     25      40      $4,495
 28        service Leadership       10-12 / 16-18 yrs   july 16 – August 6    22      80      $4,195

     If there’s one      thing we’ve learned
              from 7th and 8th graders, it’s that

      life is best lived at full speed

                                                    This program packs plenty of action
                                                    into 15 days, Deer Hill style, along
                                                    with the rare opportunity to contribute
                                                    to a project that is important to the
                                                    traditional Navajo way of life.

                                                    <   Spot coyotes and bighorn sheep on
                                                        the steep canyon wall from your raft.

                                                    <   Build an arbor or traditional “loafing
                                                        shed” for the sheep and goats of
                                                        elderly Navajo ranchers.

                                                    <   Shred the world-famous singletrack
                                                        of southwest Colorado on a
                                                        mountain bike.

12   www.deerhillexpeditions.com
                                                                                                                                                                  7th & 8th grade programs
colorado plateau challenge
15 days. unlimited adventure.
June 22 – July 6 | 15 days | 24 service HOurs | $2,650

INFLATABLE KAyAK ExpEDITION                                                                                  rOCK CLIMBINg NEAr DurANgO,
ON THE DOLOrEs rIvEr                                                                                         COLOrADO
Begin your adventure floating down the Dolores                                                               There’s still time for one more activity. Complete
river, one of the West’s finest river trips, offering                                                        your expedition with a day of rock climbing on
more miles of unbroken wilderness scenery than                                                               an outcrop above the bustling and picturesque
almost any other river in the u.s. swim in the                                                               town of Durango. With careful supervision, you

                                                                                                                                                                  colorado plateau challenge
mellow flat water, laugh through the rapids, and                                                             can belay your buddies, and try your hand on a
build awesome campsites on sandy beaches.                                                                    variety of routes. Hand jams, cruxes, smearing,
Explore the dwelling places of the Ancestral                                                                 laybacks – learn the language and skills of the
puebloans, and find ancient petroglyphs etched                                                               rock face. Finally it’s back to Basecamp for a
in the cliffs. Learn to maneuver your inflatable                                                             culminating sweat lodge experience and a
kayak through the rapids with the help of your                                                               barbeque banquet.
expert Deer Hill guides.

CrOss-CuLTurAL sErvICE
                                                                                                             “The most meaningful experience to
Next we head south to our camp on a Navajo                                                                   me would be every day of the trip!
homestead among the ponderosa pines of                                                                       It seemed that every day brought a
Arizona’s Chuska Mountains. your host family
                                                                                                             new experience and a new meaning.
welcomes you onto their land, sharing their
                                                        MOuNTAIN BIKINg CAMp                                 I loved all of it. Getting to know a
traditional skills, food and stories with you. In
                                                        IN sOuTHWEsT COLOrADO
return you help them with your labor. Imagine                                                                new culture that I was not aware
                                                        Ever cruised through an aspen grove on your
your friends’ faces if you told them you had
                                                        bike at 10,000 feet? The next phase of your          of was amazing. The native dance is
helped herd or even shear sheep up on a mesa,
built an arbor or ’shade house’ for the animals, or
                                                        expedition takes you to the swooping singletrack     something I will never forget.”
                                                        of southwest Colorado. Learn to handle your
listened to Navajo lore around a campfire. Enjoy                                                                            — Veronica, Napa, CA
                                                        high-end mountain bike skillfully both uphill and
a fascinating sand painting workshop, and create
                                                        downhill on a choice of trails ranging from mellow
your own work of art to take home with you.
                                                        to gnarly! Enjoy cooking high-altitude pizza, with
                                                        a stunning mountain view.

     It’s a fact:                  Experience a unique blend of outdoor fun and encounters
                                   with living Navajo history.

      as the air gets thinner,     <   Watch the moon rise over the redrock canyon wall from

             es get wider
                                       your sleeping bag.

      smil                         <

                                       Learn centuries-old sustainable agriculture skills at a
                                       Navajo sheep camp.

                                       Prepare tasty blueberry pancakes with your tent mates
                                       above timberline.

                                   <   Breathe deeply and survey the vastness of the rocky
                                       Mountains from your first 13,000-foot peak.

14   www.deerhillexpeditions.com
                                                                                                                                                               7th & 8th grade programs
river & mountain adventure
the perfect first expedition
July 11 – July 31 | 21 days | 32 service HOurs | $3,650

Welcome to our backyard! This classic program is where many young people first
join the Deer Hill community. It’s a great starting point if you are ready to venture
into the wild landscapes of utah and Colorado, and want to experience the unique
rhythm of life of a traditional Navajo community.

                                                                                                                                                               river & mountain adventure
                                                      CrOss-CuLTurAL sErvICE                                BACKpACKINg IN THE LA pLATA
                                                      IN THE NAvAjO NATION                                  MOuNTAINs OF COLOrADO
                                                      Next, we head south to Arizona to visit our friends   Backpacking through the whispering aspen
                                                      in the Navajo Nation. Learn how to build a sturdy     forests and gorgeous alpine meadows of
                                                      earth dam to provide irrigation water, or herd        southwest Colorado, learn to tread lightly
                                                      sheep across the sparsely beautiful mesa tops.        and leave no trace of your presence. your
                                                      Help an elderly couple by collecting and chopping     experienced leaders share their knowledge
                                                      firewood in the afternoon sun, and listen to their    of backcountry shelter, navigation, and how to
                                                      stories around a campfire that night. Wonder at the   cook a five-star meal above timberline. Before
                                                      skill and nimble hands of a traditional silversmith   we leave this special place, we rise before dawn
                                                      or weaver, and then create your own work of art, a    to attempt one of the 13,000-foot peaks you’ve
                                                      souvenir to treasure forever.                         been staring at for days. Then it’s back to
journey with us deep into the canyon of the
                                                                                                            Basecamp and a farewell banquet with your
legendary Colorado river, as it carves through the    We return to Basecamp for a night, relaxing and
                                                                                                            new friends.
geological marvel of the Colorado plateau. paddle     enjoying some home-cooked food. play volleyball
in perfect unison with your partner through its       or shoot hoops, maybe just chill. Then pack up your
spectacular folds and faults. steer through a class   mountain gear and prepare for the final adventure.
II rapid. Camp on a sandy beach with a dramatic
view. Cut silently through the water, learning
techniques that are as old as civilization, while
                                                      “I loved how our group bonded, the beautiful scenery, the people we met at
spotting kingfishers, coyotes, even bald eagles.      service, and Deer Hill itself. Meeting the Navajo people, I learned a lot and
see the places where frontier dreams flourished       found out many things about myself. Keep being here and leading people
and foundered.
                                                      through these wonderful experiences.”
                                                                                                              — Martin, Los Altos, CA
     An   incredible multi-activity
                               traverse of the
               Colorado Plateau

                                                 <   Jump into a pristine pool in a hidden
                                                     side canyon.

                                                 <   Steer your raft safely through ross and
                                                     government rapids.

                                                 <   Discover the prehistoric survival secrets of
                                                     “The Basketmakers” while hiking through
                                                     one of the richest archeological regions in
                                                     the world.

                                                 <   Community service on a traditional Navajo
                                                     farm and ranch in Canyon de Chelly,

16   www.deerhillexpeditions.com
                                                                                                                                                                   9th – 11th grade programs
canyon country
journey deep into the redrock canyons
of the southwest on water and on foot
June 28 – July 18 | 21 days | 40 service HOurs | $3,995

OPTiOnal 2-day Wilderness FirsT aid cOurse | arrive June 26 | $295

An incredible multi-activity traverse of the Colorado plateau that rafts 56 miles of the
san juan river then leaves the boats behind to hike in majestic Dark Canyon, one of the most beautiful canyons in the West.

                                                                                                                                                                   canyon country
End your program with a rich cultural learning and anthropological experience in Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

rAFT THE LOWEr sAN juAN rIvEr                          BACKpACK IN THE DArK CANyON                           CrOss-CuLTurAL sErvICE IN
Only this group rafts the lower sections of the san    prIMITIvE ArEA, uTAH                                  CANyON DE CHELLy, ArIZONA
juan river, learning essential river skills and the    Leave the boats behind and put on your boots for      Then, travel deep into the heart of Canyon de
pioneer history of the region along the way. Float     a weeklong trek through a wilderness canyon that      Chelly National Monument, to the home of a
through the remote ‘goosenecks’, a wild canyon         crosses one of the richest archeological regions in   traditional Navajo family. Learn through your work
scarcely touched by man, cutting deep into Cedar       the world. pass by towering cliffs and rock arches,   how they combine simple solar technology and
Mesa. spot peregrine falcons and bighorn sheep,        swim in inviting pools, see weird ‘hoodoos’           ancient farming techniques for the benefit of their
and explore a historic prospector’s cabin in a side    and desert flowers blooming in the shade of           community and the Earth. Work on a project that
canyon. Learn to read the river, take on a class 3     overhangs. smooth canyon ledges offer ideal           is important to your host family, learning about
rapid, and truly master the handling of your raft or   hiking paths. see an eagle soaring, or a bighorn      their life as you share your labor. We’ll make time
inflatable kayak with the help of your leaders. At     sheep silhouetted on the cliff wall, but no trace     to discover the history of this legendary site,
the end of this real                                           of modern man. Instead, find the legacy       visiting hushed cliff dwellings that look as though
river expedition,                                              of the prehistoric peoples that inhabited     their early inhabitants have just left.
we’ll take out at                                              this place: a rock art panel, a deserted
Clay Hills crossing,                                           dwelling high on a cliff, or a silent
and meet our                                                   ceremonial kiva underneath the earth.
resupply team for
fresh supplies and
gear, ready for                                                “Deer Hill was amazing, the guides were amazing, the river was amazing.
the next stage                                                 I’ll never forget swimming, camping, rowing, and hiking the canyon.”
of our program.
                                                                                                              — John, Collierville, TN

     follow in the footsteps of the
              Ancestral Puebloans from the
     c anyons, to the mesas,
          to the mountains…                  …touch a way of life that is 1,000
                                             years old.

                                             <   Learn the prehistoric secrets
                                                 of a river canyon from a
                                                 native guide.

                                             <   Take on an exciting ropes
                                                 course that teaches Navajo
                                                 history and language.

                                             <   Work side by side with a
                                                 traditional native family in a
                                                 rural settlement in Dinétah
                                                 (Navajo Nation).

                                             <   Make a pilgrimage to Dibé-
                                                 Nitsaa, one of the four sacred
                                                 mountains of the Navajo.

18   www.deerhillexpeditions.com
                                                                                                                                                                  9th – 11th grade programs
ancient pathways
connect with the spirit of the southwest
July 3 – July 23 | 21 days | 40 service HOurs | $3,995

rAFT THE uppEr sAN juAN                                CrOss-CuLTurAL sErvICE ON
WITH A NATIvE guIDE                                    A NAvAjO sHEEp rANCH IN ArIZONA
paddle your raft through the redrock canyon            Leave the lush canyon floor for the lands of the
                                                                                                             CAMp IN THE WILD AND CLIMB A sACrED
of the san juan river with our native guide.           Navajo people. First, test your mettle and your
                                                                                                             pEAK OF THE NAvAjO IN COLOrADO
Discover the hidden ruins of river House and           talent for teamwork against the challenge of a
                                                                                                             After a stop at Basecamp to relax, refuel and gear
the prehistoric artwork of the Kachina panel. The      ropes course with low and high elements. This is

                                                                                                                                                                  ancient pathways
                                                                                                             up, hike into our backcountry camp. Our site is
river is mellow and great for swimming, but some       also an opportunity to grasp the spiritual heritage
                                                                                                             in the shadow of Hesperus peak, or Dibé Nitsaa,
of the rapids deserve your crew’s full attention.      of the Diné. Then, travel to an isolated settlement
                                                                                                             the northernmost of the four sacred peaks of the
Hike to the rim of Comb ridge. set up a ‘Leave         deep into the heart of the Navajo Nation. Like
                                                                                                             Navajo and a place of pilgrimage. At 13,232 feet
No Trace’ camp beneath a giant cottonwood, the         many of the Diné, the people of Low Mountain
                                                                                                             the ‘Black Mountain’ is the highest in the range,
Navajo tree of life. Cook up a Mexican feast with      live a simple life in a remote but beautiful
                                                                                                             and offers an awesome 360-degree view of the
your new friends. gather for Circle in the shadow      environment. Here, an elderly Navajo woman
                                                                                                             rocky Mountains when we reach its summit on a
of a towering sandstone cliff streaked with ‘desert    and her family persevere with a farming life that
                                                                                                             clear day. photograph a majestic elk herd. Hike to
varnish’. Then fall asleep under stars like you have   is centuries old. As you work with the family,
                                                                                                             a mountain waterfall and reflect on everything you
never seen before.                                     discover how they reconcile their traditional ways
                                                                                                             have seen. Feel the spirit of this elemental land
                                                       with the modern world. Take a break to attend
                                                                                                             as you savor the alpenglow for the last time, then
                                                       a fair, rodeo, or other community event, hearing
                                                                                                             return to Deer Hill Basecamp for our traditional
                                                       stories, learning some Navajo language, and
                                                                                                             sweat lodge ceremony and barbeque banquet.
                                                       getting closer to your hosts.

                                                       “The towering canyon walls on the river and the maze-like paths in our
                                                       campsites where bats flitted in and out. Those first couple of Circles under
                                                       the stars. The smell of a fire just started by a bow drill on Navajo. sharing
                                                       a set of headphones with Ryan, a Navajo teen. I’ll never forget hiking up to
                                                       these rocks, stumbling over sagebrush. I’ll never forget the kindness of our
                                                       host, Rolanda, or the rainbows that seemed to appear out of the cracked
                                                       earth and embrace the reservation.”
                                                                                                         — Jonathan, Baton Rouge, LA
                                                               From the raging river to the silent mountaintop, from

     “I had such an amazing time. I don’t think                the dramatic rock faces of Telluride to the fascinating
                                                               culture of the Hopi. join us for the southwest journey

     my friends will quite believe me or grasp the
                                                               of a lifetime.

     immensity of my experience.”
                                                               <   Take a spectacular plane ride over the Colorado
                                                                   plateau to your river put-in.

                                                               <   Hold on tight as we blast through the deep canyons
                                   —Baldwin, Little Rock, AR       and whitewater of utah’s spectacular green river.

                                                               <   Witness an ancient Hopi ritual high on
                                                                   a desert mesa.

                                                               <   Find the strength to scale a wall of rock near
                                                                   Telluride in southwest Colorado.

                                                               <   Become one with your bike on a multi-day
                                                                   mountain bike expedition.

20   www.deerhillexpeditions.com
                                                                                                                                                                  9th – 11th grade programs
southwest journey
the absolute best of the southwest
July 11 – augusT 4 | 25 days | 48 service HOurs | $4,595 (includes cHarTer FligHT)

                                                      CrOss-CuLTurAL sErvICE
                                                      IN A HOpI puEBLO
                                                      Next, our cross-cultural service project takes us
                                                                                                            MOuNTAIN BAsE CAMp, HIKINg,
                                                      to the starkly beautiful Hopi mesas in central
                                                      Arizona. The Hopi are a fascinating tribe, one        AND rOCK CLIMBINg IN THE
                                                      of the few who have never been resettled. For         LIZArD HEAD WILDErNEss

                                                                                                                                                                  southwest journey
                                                      this reason, the small villages they inhabit are      After a Basecamp stop to enjoy hot showers and
                                                      some of the most ancient settlements in North         delicious home-cooked meals, head into the
                                                      America. They have a deep spiritual heritage that     Lizard Head Wilderness to take on the challenges
                                                      they maintain through a cycle of prayer rituals       of the mountains with your expedition team. Hike
                                                      and traditional dance ceremonies, many of which       a majestic peak with 360-degree views of the
                                                      we have been privileged to attend. Our Hopi           rugged Colorado skyline. Enjoy an exhilarating
                                                      partners welcome Deer Hill groups to their close-     two full days of rock climbing. At your own
rAFT THE grEEN rIvEr IN uTAH                                                                                pace, and under the expert supervision of your
                                                      knit pueblos. prepare a ceremonial site for the
After outfitting and orientation at Basecamp,
                                                      annual Home Dance, work side by side with Hopi        guides, get comfortable with ropework, belaying
we’ll head to Moab to catch our chartered flight
                                                      youth to mud a traditional bread oven, help an        and the techniques of moving on rock before
with red Tail aviation, soaring over the Colorado
                                                      elderly couple tend their cornfield. When work is     choosing your own route to conquer with the
plateau directly to our put-in on the green river,
                                                      done, learn the skills of silversmithing or pottery   encouragement of your group.
where your gear and the rest of your leaders
                                                      from a Hopi artist.
are ready to launch. rafting the green river is a
                                                                                                            MOuNTAIN BIKINg IN COLOrADO
true expedition: 7 days, 85 miles, over 60 rapids,
                                                                                                            There’s still time for a few more days of action.
mysterious Ancestral puebloan dwellings and
                                                                                                            Take a high-end mountain bike out onto the
perfect cottonwood campsites. This gorge is
                                                                                                            world-famous Colorado trails and learn to handle
deeper in places than the grand Canyon. Float
                                                                                                            it with confidence. Drink in the clean, fresh
through Desolation and gray Canyons, whose
                                                                                                            air as you reach the top of a climb. relish the
forbidding names belie their wild beauty. Bighorn
                                                                                                            adrenaline rush as you point your bike downhill
sheep, blue heron, cougar and black bear roam
                                                                                                            and use your technical skills to “clean” the trail.
this land, once home to uintah and Ouray Indians
                                                                                                            Finally, we’ll return to Basecamp for a sweat
not to mention outlaws looking for a place to
                                                                                                            lodge ceremony and banquet, the traditional
hide. With guidance from your leaders, test your
                                                                                                            way for members of the Deer Hill community to
river skills against rapids that range from Class 2
                                                                                                            celebrate their time together.
(get splashed) to Class 4 (serious fun).
                                   conquer        The Weminuche Wilderness is the largest in
                                                  Colorado. There is no better way to tune into
                                                  this vast land than to walk across it, live in it,

                                   jagged peaks   go straight to its heart.

                                                  <   Seek out the elusive moose that wander deep
                                                      in the Weminuche.

                                                  <   Bathe in a cold, clear lake nestled in a rocky

                                                  <   Conquer jagged peaks, one breath and one
                                                      step at a time.

                                                  <   Learn skills that will set you up for your own
                                                      backcountry adventures.

                                                  <   Ride out of the wilderness on the famous
                                                      Durango-silverton steam train!

22   www.deerhillexpeditions.com
                                                                                                                                                               9th – 11th grade programs
heart of the rockies
our premier mountain skills program
July 12 – augusT 1 | 21 days | 20 service HOurs | $3,995 (includes Train Fare)

                                                    CONsErvATION sErvICE
                                                    WITH THE u.s. FOrEsT sErvICE                          HIgH ALTITuDE BACKpACKINg
                                                    you are happy to see your Deer Hill support
                                                                                                          AND pEAK AsCENTs
                                                    team arrive on horseback with mail, fresh
                                                                                                          Leave camp and head back into the midst of
                                                    food and other treats, as well as your service
                                                                                                          glacial valleys and towering peaks for the final
                                                    tools. rendezvous with our Forest service partner

                                                                                                                                                               heart of the rockies
                                                                                                          alpine tundra trek. Build ‘bomber’ campsites
                                                    at your conservation service site deep in the
                                                                                                          above timberline, attend ’snow school’ on a
                                                    woods. spend two full days learning the ecology
                                                                                                          permanent snowfield at 12,000 feet, hold a
                                                    of the area while working on erosion control,
                                                                                                          wilderness “Iron Chef” competition, and climb
                                                    protecting stream banks and other watershed
                                                                                                          some of Colorado’s most impressive peaks.
                                                    management tasks.
                                                                                                          As the days pass, you become stronger, more
                                                                                                          confident in your skills, and a trust develops
BACKpACKINg AND MOuNTAINEErINg                      ALpINE CLIMBINg CAMp                                  between the members of this expedition family.
IN THE WEMINuCHE WILDErNEss,                        Close by is the location of our two-day climbing      you are tuning in to the power of this wild place,
COLOrADO                                            camp. At an imposing rock wall with dramatic          and it feels like home. On your final day in the
Only this program offers 18 consecutive days in     cracks and fissures, learn to rappel, belay and       mountains, in the remote, roadless Animas river
the “heart of the rockies”, maximizing the action   climb gracefully to the top. your leaders will        gorge, you flag down the Durango and silverton
and virtually eliminating van time. Begin your      select climbs with the right challenge level for      Narrow gauge steam train. Enjoy the beautiful
three weeks in the wilderness by backpacking        you, so that your skills will progress, even if you   and relaxing ride back to civilization, before we
through the aspen and spruce forests of             are not experienced on rock.                          head to Basecamp for a sweat lodge ceremony
the largest roadless area in Colorado. Tread                                                              and final barbeque banquet.
lightly in this protected environment, read the
mountain weather, protect your food from wild
animals, create shelter almost anywhere. use
your map, compass, even the stars to find your
                                                    “Our trip was unbelievable. I was surprised at the level of support, love
way. Fields overflowing with wildflowers, comic     and encouragement that we received. I want to hold to the strength and
marmots, deserted mining camps, the Circle          adaptability I discovered in myself. When I am faced by a challenge in the
of friendship at sundown – these memories are
just as important as the photos you take or the
                                                    future, I will reflect on this trip and remember that if I can climb a 13,000-foot
backcountry skills you master.                      peak, I can do just about anything.”
                                                                                                         — Lizzi, Crestone, Colorado
        “I tried so many new                                                      things here.
                  I was in the most beautiful
                                             settings and immersed
                                                          myself in a beautiful culture.”
                                                                                                     — Allison, Portland, OR
                                                                                                                                     This is not a tour of Costa rican
                                                                                                                                     hot spots, but an immersion into
                                                                                                                                     Tico culture and one of the most
                                                                                                                                     diverse and fragile landscapes
                                                                                                                                     on Earth, from the legendary
                                                                                                                                     Cloud Forest to the sweet surf
                                                                                                                                     of the Caribbean.

                                                                                                                                     <   Hike the breathtaking
                                                                                                                                         Cloud Forest.

                                                                                                                                     <   Raft the wild rapids of the
                                                                                                                                         rio pacuare.

                                                                                                                                     <   Soak up the Tico culture and
                                                                                                                                         collaborate with your homestay
                                                                                                                                         hosts on a community project.

                                                                                                                                     <   Savor the laid-back vibe while
Special Note: All participants arrive and depart from the Costa Rican capitol of San Jose. One of your Deer Hill leaders will meet
you at the George Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas, to accompany you on a designated flight. A valid passport is
                                                                                                                                         surfing the Caribbean coast.
necessary to enter Costa Rica. Flight costs are not included in tuition total.

24      www.deerhillexpeditions.com
                                                                                                                                                                    9th – 11th grade programs
costa rica exploradores
touch the real costa rica
July 1 – July 21 | 21 days | 40 service HOurs | $4,295

Costa rica is a wild and beautiful country with the highest standard of literacy and public health
in Central America. This tiny, politically stable nation has made a national commitment to the
protection of its ecological resources. Costa rica’s rich natural diversity, unspoiled beaches, lush
rain forests, and tropical wildlife make it an ideal place for a Deer Hill expedition.

                                                                                                                                                                    costa rica exploradores
                                                      rAFT THE WILD pACuArE                                or create the village’s first recycling center. In the
                                                      you conclude the river section of your adventure     afternoon we relax, and maybe play soccer with
                                                      with an exciting 2-day whitewater rafting trip       the locals. In the evening, we share meals with
                                                      on the rio pacuare, named one of the top             our hosts, and attend social events. Through
                                                      ten whitewater rivers in the world by National       communal work and play, your understanding of
                                                      geographic. renowned for its stunning beauty,        the Ticos, their language, and their country grows.
                                                      the pacuare plunges its way through canyons
                                                      draped in waterfalls and primeval rainforest.        ExpErIENCE THE CArIBBEAN COAsT
                                                      These rapids are beyond anything most                With fond memories of your host family, you
                                                      participants have ever experienced! Camping in       begin your coastal exploration by spending three
                                                      comfortable sites along the way, we enjoy great      days learning to surf and river kayak at punta
                                                      food and salsa lessons from our guides. While        uva, near Manzanillo. The white sand and great
HIKE THE CLOuD FOrEsT                                 rafting this jungle river, you visit the Cabecar     waves provide the perfect setting for surfing! As
After a night in vibrant san josé, we begin the       Indians, an indigenous group in Costa rica           a final highlight, you travel on foot to punta Mona
expedition with a day hike into El Copal where        that retains many of its traditional customs.        Organic Farm. Led by a local guide, you hike
you’ll stay at a biological reserve run by local                                                           along the coast – learning about the local wildlife
farming families – your first encounter with the      COMMuNITy sErvICE AND                                and plant life along the way – to this thriving
incredible flora and fauna of Costa rica. From        HOMEsTAy WITH A TICO FAMILy                          community based on sustainable permaculture.
here you hike down to the put-in of the rio           Next, you move a short distance to Tres Equis.       Help out in the gardens, pick fresh fruits and
pejivalle, and descend the river through a tropical   The open and friendly people of this small village   vegetables for your meals, and learn how to
cloud forest. Ferns, mosses and bromeliads slowly     welcome you into their homes and families. you       make chocolate. swim and snorkel in the warm
give way to the dense jungle of tall trees and        work on important community service projects         waters of the Caribbean and explore the schools
vines. Toucans, parrots, and monkeys are some of      throughout the village while immersing yourself      of colorful tropical fish that inhabit the reef. After
the common wildlife you will see.                     in the richness of the spanish language. Work        three days in this paradise, you head back to
                                                      on improvements to the local school building,        san jose and your flight home.

                                   survive and thrive in some of the toughest,
                                   most remote and thrilling areas in the u.s.
                                   Find hidden strengths. Be a leader. Be a
                                   team player. Connect with a different way
                                   of life. Find out what moves you.

                                   <   Take a hands-on certification in
                                       wilderness first aid.

                                   <   Rappel down into pristine
                                       gravel Canyon.


     find out what
                                       See the world from a different point
                                       of view while working with the Hopi.

           m oves you
                                   <   Talk leadership with Deer Hill’s
                                       respected founder.

                                   <   Find your own voice while leading
                                       your group across the largest
                                       wilderness in Colorado.

26   www.deerhillexpeditions.com
                                                                                                                                                                    10th – 12th grade programs
wilderness leadership
a true wilderness, leadership, and service quest
June 28 – July 22 | 25 days | 40 service HOurs | $4,495

OPTiOnal 2-day Wilderness FirsT aid cOurse | arrive June 26 | $295

For 26 years, we have been providing advanced leadership training in the most rugged areas of our
backyard. For Wilderness Leadership we bring all this experience to bear to create a true wilderness
quest, led by our most experienced leaders, for young adults who want to take their skills, and their summer, to the next level.

                                                                                                                                                                    WILDERNESS LEADERSHIP
BACKpACKINg AND TECHNICAL                             sErvICE IN THE HOpI NATION, ArIZONA                   TrEK ACrOss THE WEMINuCHE
CANyONEErINg IN grAvEL CANyON, uTAH                   When we emerge from gravel canyon, we’ll              WILDErNEss, COLOrADO
To begin the program, complete a two-day              travel to second Mesa in Arizona, where a Hopi        We’ll stop off at Basecamp to gear up and relax for
Wilderness First Aid course (optional). This is a     family welcomes you into their home. Work side        a day, fuel up on huge home-cooked meals, and
hands-on, practical program taught by instructors     by side with Hopi youth to build a “piki house”       talk leadership with the founder of Deer Hill, before
from the Wilderness Medicine                                                    bread oven, tend the        setting out to traverse the Weminuche Wilderness.
Institute. Following our                                                        spring fed community        Wonder at vast alpine bowls and meadows of
program orientation, we head                                                    gardens, whitewash the      wildflowers. Hone your mountaineering and map
to southern utah, where gravel                                                  walls of a village plaza    and compass skills, carry out solo exercises and
Canyon cuts a 15-mile channel                                                   in preparation for the      leadership scenarios, and relish the demands of
through a slickrock plateau.                                                    annual Kachina Dance,       off-trail travel. Test yourself against the technical
This is no easy trail through a                                                 then attend the ceremony    summits of Arrow peak, storm King or Leviathan.
National park. Instead, we’ll                                                   as special guests. When     just as important as completing these challenges
descend into the cool depths                                                    work is done, watch the     are the ways your group works together to meet
and negotiate a labyrinthine                                                    skilful hands of a Hopi     them, and the lessons you learn about yourself in
canyon network, scrambling                                                      artist decorate a pot or    the process.
over boulders, rappeling                                                        gourd rattle, then create
                                                                                                            Wilderness Leadership is an induction into Deer
over pour-offs, and wading across pools. This is an   your own art piece to take home and treasure.
                                                                                                            Hill’s culture of leadership. We are proud that many
incredible landscape to lay the groundwork for a      Learn firsthand how the Hopi proudly maintain their
                                                                                                            graduates of this program go on to become Deer
powerful adventure in leadership.                     traditions, while embracing modern life.
                                                                                                            Hill leaders in the future.

“I did not walk into this program expecting to be so well instructed in leadership skills and was blown away by
everything I’ve learned.”
                                                                                                  — Aviva, Lexington, MA
     to    journey outside
          is also to journey insid
                                        Lead from the front. Learn to value
                                        collaboration. speak your mind. Find
                                        peace alone in the high mountains.
                                        see the world through another’s eyes
                                        and change your own view forever.

                                        <   Earn 80 hours of community service
                                            credit while making a real difference.

                                        <   Work side-by-side with Navajo
                                            youth on an important community

                                        <   Tutor Zuni children in an isolated
                                            but vibrant pueblo.

                                        <   Carry out vital environmental service
                                            in a pristine wilderness.

                                        <   Learn the necessity of great
                                            communication at 12,000 feet.

28    www.deerhillexpeditions.com
                                                                                                                                                                          10th – 12th grade programs
service leadership
a powerful combination of community service,
leadership dynamics and wilderness travel
July 16 – augusT 6 | 22 days | 80 service HOurs | $4,195

                                                      High in the Chuska Mountains, we ride easy to
                                                      moderate trails through tall ponderosa pines.
                                                      Working with our Navajo friends, we improve trails,
                                                      signage, and campsites so that more Navajo youth

                                                                                                                                                                          SERVICE LEADERSHIP
                                                      from other communities can benefit from this
                                                      resource. In our first week, we build the foundations    MOuNTAIN BAsECAMp AND CONsErvATION
                                                      of our team, and begin to explore leadership skills      sErvICE IN THE LIZArD HEAD WILDErNEss
                                                      and ethics, as we experience the river, cross-cultural   The culmination of your program unfolds in the lush
                                                      service, and backcountry living.                         mountains near rico, Colorado. savor the wildness
                                                                                                               and isolation while performing an important
                                                      COMMuNITy sErvICE IN                                     conservation service project. With the u.s. Forest
                                                      THE ZuNI puEBLO, NEW MExICO                              service, build or maintain sustainable trails, or repair
                                                      We now travel to the Zuni pueblo, home to an             a bridge to restore an important backcountry access
INFLATABLE KAyAKINg, MOuNTAIN BIKE                    ancient people, renowned for their intact cultural       route. Learn to be a camp gourmet. soak up the
ExpEDITION AND COMMuNITy sErvICE                      history rooted in their Kachina clans. Working           incredible views and breathe in the cleanest air in
prOjECT IN THE NAvAjO NATION                          alongside Zuni youth, we tend community gardens          North America. put the finishing touches to your
After orientation and outfitting at Deer Hill         and orchards, repair traditional stone bread ovens,      team’s expedition journal. On your final day, rise
Basecamp, take a break to run the Animas river,       and improve the community center. Zuni elders            at dawn to reach the rocky summit of mighty
near Durango, in inflatable kayaks. This is a         welcome us, and tell us of their ancestral mythology.    Dolores peak at 13,290 feet. Then it’s home to
beautiful mountain river with some rocky sections     It is a privilege to be invited into the Zuni Eagle      Basecamp, where your ceremonial sweat lodge
to negotiate and some class 3 waves. Next, travel     Aviary, where they nurse injured eagles and              and banquet await.
to the Navajo Nation for our first service project,   humanely gather their feathers for ceremonies.
where you join a group of Navajo youth preparing
for a unique wilderness and service experience. In    “I think the reservation was the most impactful and important to me. It really
cooperation with the Indian Health service, we help   was amazing. I’ve always been in awe of our Nation’s First People. I will cherish
to develop a community wellness program using
                                                      and remember everything. The friendships, the land, the water, the lifestyle, the
mountain biking and Navajo traditions to teach
physical fitness and cultural awareness.              native people, the teamwork. There is simply too much to say.”
                                                                                                            — Zanni, El Segundo, CA
“Deer Hill was fantastico! I’ve learned
to believe in myself here. I’ll cherish
the friendships I’ve made and even
though we’re from different corners
                                          I HAvE BEEN TO “CAMp” FOr THE LAsT 5 yEArs. I
of the country, I know these bonds        DO NOT WANT TO gO TO A CAMp AgAIN. WHAT Is
will last a lifetime.”                    BAsECAMp AND WILL I BE sTAyINg THErE vEry MuCH?
          — Daniela, San Anselmo, CA      Deer Hill, and its beautiful 130-acre Basecamp, is not a
                                          “camp”. Deer Hill is a wilderness and service program for
“Something I will always cherish is       those who want a fun, challenging and fulfilling summer.
how easy it was to become close to        Each trip begins and ends at Basecamp, setting you up
                                          with all the food and gear your group needs for your
the leaders and other participants.
                                          program. Our Basecamp staff then resupply your group
I have had the same friends since
                                          with all that you need while you are in the field. This allows
elementary school. Thinking back on       you to spend more time in the backcountry, and less time
how easy it was to make new friends       shopping and traveling. Basecamp allows us to run smooth
at Deer Hill and love them just as        multi-element programs, and it is one of the things that
much, I will remember that for the        makes Deer Hill unique among teen adventure programs.
rest of my life.”                                                                                          HOW MuCH gEAr WILL I NEED TO Buy?
                     — Meryl, Rye, NY     CAN I gET sCHOOL CrEDIT FOr My COMMuNITy
                                                                                                           We will give you a list of the gear you will need well
                                          sErvICE WOrK AT DEEr HILL?
                                                                                                           before your trip. If you wish to buy your own equipment
                                          yes! Deer Hill service hours have been accepted to meet
                                                                                                           you may, but the only thing you must bring is your own
                                          graduation requirements at hundreds of schools over the          footwear. Our Outfitting store stocks everything you
                                          last 20 years. Deer Hill will provide your school with written   need from dependable name-brand suppliers at modest
                                          verification of your work upon request.                          rental prices, saving you many hundreds of dollars and
                                                                                                           hours of shopping. so, you don’t need to buy gear that
                                          WHAT Is sOMETHINg I WILL DO AT DEEr HILL THAT                    will get dirty, that won’t fit next year, or that you may
                                          I CAN’T DO ANyWHErE ELsE?                                        not use again. We fit the pack to your back and select
                                          There are lots of answers to this question, but here’s one       your clothing layering system for each expedition and
                                          of the best things. As a culmination to your program,            environment. Brands we carry include Lowe Alpine, Helly
                                          Deer Hill participants have the rare opportunity to take         Hansen, The North Face, sierra Designs, Msr and Osprey.
                                          part in a sweat lodge ceremony back at Basecamp. For
                                          Native Americans, this is seen as a purification ceremony        WHAT WILL My DEEr HILL LEADErs BE LIKE?
                                          following an important event in one’s life. Every Deer Hill      Leaders are a vital aspect, perhaps the most important,
“Last year, I went to a camp of many      group since 1985 has participated in this essential part of      of any summer program. Our leaders are experienced,
hundreds of other people and made         the Deer Hill journey.                                           inspiring, motivated, passionate, playful, and grounded.
only a few friends. I made friends                                                                         They are great listeners, experienced educators, talented
                                          sHOuLD I COME ALONE Or WITH A FrIEND?                            banjo players, pilots, outdoor fanatics, world travellers,
with everyone in my group of 12 at
                                          you certainly can come with a friend. Many choose to             and most importantly, fun to be around! see the staff
Deer Hill.”
                                          come alone. your Deer Hill expedition is a chance to             profiles on the next page, or visit the “Our staff” page on
               — Renaud, Paris, France
                                          let go, be yourself, and make lots of new friends.               our website for even more information.

30    www.deerhillexpeditions.com
WHAT WILL I EAT?                                                                                CAN I BrINg A grOup TO DEEr HILL?
great food has always been key to the Deer Hill                                                 yes you can! Deer Hill creates meaningful and fun programs for
experience. While in the field, you’ll learn to prepare                                         schools, families, and organizations during the spring and fall
surprisingly delicious meals. We start with a hearty                                            months. We are an expedition company with the staff, equipment,
breakfast: anything from sausage and eggs to fruit                                              permits, and connections to design and lead a custom wilderness
pancakes, with plenty of hot drinks. Lunch might be                                             and/or service program suited to your specific needs.
sliced meats and cheese served with bagels, or pita
                                                                                                your program can include any of the wilderness activities in this
bread with hummus and a tabouli salad. Cookies are
                                                                                                catalog. We match specific activities and environments with the
always on the menu. Dinner is hot and tasty: dutch
                                                                                                skill levels and ages of the participants to assure challenging,
oven lasagna, or a make-your-own burrito spread,
                                                                                                yet achievable goals. Deer Hill also facilitates hands-on service
followed by a delicious dessert like cinnamon rolls or
                                                                                                projects for groups with communities in the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni
chocolate brownies. We carry plenty of roasted nuts,
                                                                                                and ute Nations. The cultural interaction that takes place is an
trail mix and other filling snacks so you’ll never get
                                                                                                extraordinary opportunity that will broaden the hearts and minds
hungry. At Basecamp, the meals are legendary (ask our
                                                                                                of all participants.
alumni) with plenty of options including vegetarian.

HOW DIFFICuLT Is DEEr HILL?                                                                     “It’s not normal to be envious of your children but I was.
                                                                                                Each time one of them went to Deer Hill, I wanted to go
While you don’t have to be an athlete to join us,
                                                                                                also. I finally got to do it. The warmth of weather on
you should be in good physical shape. Life is very
                                                                                                the river along with the warmth of the people: it can’t
active at Deer Hill. you will have a better time if you
are physically fit. However, a positive attitude and        be duplicated. Thank you for making Deer Hill such a special place not only for my kids but
willingness to take part will assure success. remember,     for me too. I recommend it to everyone!”
most people who come to Deer Hill have little experience.                                                             — Lulu Hallenbeck, Laguna Hills, CA
They succeed and you can, too!
                                                            “I wanted to extend my thanks for
HOW DO I AppLy?                                             making the students’ experience both
Fill out the application form included in the catalog,      joyous and educational. To become an
download it from the website, or fill it out online. you    accepted part of another culture, to
must then submit a $750 deposit for us to process your      experience a slice of life from another’s
application. Note that we ask you to answer a couple of     point of view, to feel as though one truly
questions about yourself to help us get to know you.        can make a difference – those gifts are
This is the beginning of your Deer Hill journey.
                                                            invaluable in shaping young lives. Thank
                                                            you for giving us all a unique experience,
                                                            one that we can hold in our hearts.”
                                                                   — Melanie Cook, Red Cliff School,
                                                                                           Durango, CO
Aleph johnston-Bloom Miles Nowlin                                                                                                 ryan Bonomini
AgE: 32 | HOME: McCall, ID                                       AgE: 27 | HOME: Olympia, WA                                      AgE: 28 | HOME: Cincinnati, OH
yEArs WITH DEEr HILL ExpEDITIONs: 5                              yEArs WITH DEEr HILL ExpEDITIONs: 8                              yEArs WITH DEEr HILL ExpEDITIONs: 5

                                      ABOuT ALEpH: One of        ABOuT MILEs: A loyal Deer Hill companion, Miles was              ABOuT ryAN: An inexhaustable source of energy and
                                      our most experienced       a graduate of Deer Hill’s Wilderness Leadership (now             enthusiasm, “B-Noms” is a graduate of Ohio university’s
                                      and respected field        Wildquest) as a youth. He worked two summers at                  outdoor program, and has led programs for Deer Hill
                                      leaders, Aleph has a       Basecamp, and five consecutive years as field staff. Miles                                                   for five
                                      degree in Outdoor          is a graduate of Evergreen state College with a degree                                                       summers in
                                      Experiential Education     in Latin American studies. His passion for Latin culture,                                                    the southwest
                                      from prescott College,     tropical ecology and the spanish language has led him to                                                     and Costa
                                      Arizona, and has been      becoming a program Leader on Costa rica Exploradores.                                                        rica. A class
                                      working in the field       Miles resides in Olympia Washington where he practices                                                       5 boater,
                                      for 15 years. she is a     sustainable living in an off-the-grid community, plays                                                       ryan has
                                      Wilderness EMT, and        music in a traveling acoustic band, and teaches part-time                                                    guided river
also holds a guide 1 certification, the highest level of river   in public schools.                                                                                           trips on the
certification in utah. In the off-season, Aleph doesn’t slow                                                                                                                  Arkansas river
                                                                 MILEs sAys: The course in Costa rica is unique in that it
down. A serious skier, she spent years as a ski patroller                                                                                                                     in Colorado,
                                                                 is planned as a “life expedition” instead of a tourist trip.
and guide in the san juan Mountains north of Deer Hill’s                                                                          and the gauley river in West virginia. He has kayaked the
                                                                 The service/home stay section for example is five days
Basecamp. she is currently an avalanche forecaster for                                                                            grand Canyon and the rivers of Costa rica and Ecuador.
                                                                 spent in the homes of families in the small village of Tres
the payette National Forest in Idaho. In 2009, she spent                                                                          He is also an expert mountain biker. He spends his winters
                                                                 Equis. The students eat three meals a day with their hosts,
a month guiding in the Italian Dolomites. Aleph’s vast                                                                            working ski partrol in Telluride, Colorado.
                                                                 work on a community service project in the morning,
experience and training makes her an                                                              and partake in activities       ryAN sAys: Working at Deer Hill feels like being part of a
expert in bringing groups together as a                                                           with the local kids in the      big family. It’s a close-knit group and the students feel this.
working team in the wilderness. students                                                          afternoon. It is a culturally   Being able to pass on my knowledge and skills to young
and staff alike are inspired by her skills and                                                    enriching experience            people as a job is incredible. I love to see the students
knowledge, and even more by her special                                                           that offers unique insights     interacting with and learning from the different native
way of teaching and sharing that expertise.                                                       into the lives of rural         cultures – it’s an amazing experience every time.
ALEpH sAys: One of the most                                                                       Costa ricans.
meaningful moments in my career as
an outdoor educator happened this                                                                  “We had the best leaders. They treated us with so much trust
summer at Deer Hill when a young woman
from Afghanistan, who had been caught up
                                                                                                   and respect. They found the perfect balance between giving
in the conflict there, said to me “This was                                                        us freedom, befriending us and being responsible for a safe
the best summer of my life.”                                                                       learning environment.”
                                                                                                                                            — Katie, Portland, ME
32     www.deerhillexpeditions.com
Caroline goodman                                              Catherine Barricklow                                        Michael Barton
AgE: 24 | HOME: Albuquerque, NM                               AgE: 27 | HOME: Brooklyn, Ny                                AgE: 31 | HOME: silverton, CO
yEArs WITH DEEr HILL ExpEDITIONs: 5                           yEArs WITH DEEr HILL ExpEDITIONs: 8                         yEArs WITH DEEr HILL ExpEDITIONs: 8

                            ABOuT CArOLINE: Caroline          ABOuT CATHErINE: “Cat” is another Deer Hill alum            ABOuT MICHAEL: A self-described “Colorado boy,
                            has been spending her summers     and long-time staff member, specializing in our signature   lover of snow, mountains and animals,” Michael makes
                            at Deer Hill since she was a      leadership programs. she especially enjoys technical        his home in silverton,
                            sophomore in high school.         canyoneering, backpacking and mountaineering in             Colorado. Here he runs
                            After attending three Deer Hill   the diverse and dramatic landscapes of the American         his own guiding company,
                            summer programs, she worked       southwest. In addition to her leadership and technical      Mountain goat ski guides,
                            at Basecamp for three seasons     background, Cat has worked as a Waldorf high school         leading clients on a variety
                            and has been a field leader       teacher. she currently spends her off-seasons as a          of winter trips, from ice-
                            for two. A graduate of vassar     production manager for an acrobatics company in             climbing to backcountry
                            College with a focus in Native    Brooklyn, Ny. she is also a freelance director and stage    skiing. When not working,
American studies, Caroline spent the spring semester of       manager in Off and Off-Off-Broadway theater.                he likes to take on what he
her junior year attending Diné College, the community                                                                     calls “adventures of great
                                                              CATHErINE sAys: I return to Deer Hill every summer
college of the Navajo Nation. she has integrated much                                                                     magnitude” – including
                                                              for the sense of community, for the opportunity to
of the knowledge she learned there into her leadership                                                                    traveling to Alaska by train and boat to ski the famous
                                                              “give back” through a service project in the Navajo,
style. Caroline is also a utah river guide and                                                                            Chugach range. Michael’s philosophical views, quirky
                                                                                      Zuni or Hopi Nation, and most
is certified as a Wilderness First responder.                                                                             sense of humor, and deep affinity with the mountains are
                                                                                      importantly because there are
Caroline spent last fall in Kenya, where she                                                                              greatly appreciated by staff and students alike.
                                                                                      few experiences as rewarding
worked in a program that provides HIv and                                             as taking young people into         MICHAEL sAys: Being lucky enough to attend Deer Hill
nutrition education to rural communities. she                                         an environment where they are       as a teenager instilled in me a desire for adventure, new
is spending Fall 2009 working in an isolated                                          challenged and inspired. Each       places and interesting faces. I believe it is important to
wilderness lodge in Alaska. However, in 2010                                          year, I watch them emerge with      connect young people in a real way with the wilderness,
she will return to the varied landscapes of the                                       a deeper sense of who they          to help them understand that it is worth saving, and to
southwest that she loves.                                                             are and the importance of their     instill in them incredible strength and willpower. seeing
CArOLINE sAys: What makes working at Deer                                             relationship to the Earth.          the sense of pride a Deer Hill student has after crossing
Hill special for me is the feeling of family: Deer                                                                        the wilderness on foot, I know that this person will now be
Hill – the place, the Capelins, the administrative                                                                        able to achieve whatever they set their mind to.”
staff, the field leaders, and the Basecamp staff
are a family. This feeling extends into the field
as well, as each expedition group that goes out               “From what Julian and Tristan said about their leaders, they were incredible people.
becomes a kind of close-knit family. The relationships        For the campers, they are the most important element of success. You choose wisely!”
you make and the experiences you have at Deer Hill
are life-long.
                                                                                                          — Bonnie, parent of Julian and Tristan, New York, NY

     “Our deepest thanks to you for    forparents
     a remarkable program. ‘ wesome’   We know that you want your child to have fun, expand their horizons, and learn new
                                       skills. At the same time, you are seeking quality, and want to ensure your child is taken
     was Josh’s one word answer to     care of. Every company answers, “safety is our number one priority”. That’s true, but
                                       it’s not an answer. please consider our response, and feel free to call us with questions.
     ‘how was your trip?’              Deer Hill has an outstanding safety record. In 25 years, not a single participant has had

     This will be one of his           an injury requiring an overnight hospital stay. Despite this fact, you should understand
                                       that Deer Hill’s expeditions, like all outdoor recreation programs, involve inherent

     transformative                    risks. These risks cannot necessarily be controlled or predicted. Moreover, removal
                                       of these risks would alter the nature and the benefits of our programs. Despite
     life experiences.”                our absolute commitment to minimizing risks, we cannot guarantee safety. More
                                       importantly, here is what we do to manage risk.
         — Lynne, mother of Josh,
                    Freeport, ME       sMALL grOups AND 1:4 pArTICIpANT rATIO
                                       Typically, we staff each program with three skilled leaders to work with 12 participants,
                                       an industry-leading 1:4 ratio. This means that participants receive more individualized
                                       attention, whether it’s keeping an eye out for them on a peak ascent, giving a few
                                       pointers on how to hold a paddle, or just offering a non-judgmental ear to listen.

                                       QuALITy LEADErs
                                       The average age of our field staff is 28, and we build long-term relationships with
                                       them. Our staff return rate is currently over 80%. previous experience in leading young
                                       people in the wilderness is a prerequisite for employment, and many of our staff are
                                       educators. Our leaders maintain Wilderness First responder and Cpr credentials,
                                       which require a minimum of 80 hours of training and biannual re-certification. Many
                                       are even EMT-certified. unlike many other companies, we reinforce their skills each
                                       year with a rigorous 12-day field training, guided by our founder.

                                       “Deer Hill Expeditions is exceptional! I know of no other
                                       program with such a balance of group experience, service and
                                       appreciation of amazing places. I appreciate your “role model”
                                       trip leaders, and your emphasis on safety, community service
                                       and connecting with the environment. Looking forward to
                                       Deer Hill keeps my kids going throughout the year!”
                                         — Marybeth, parent of David, Mark, and Brian, Palo Alto, CA
34   www.deerhillexpeditions.com
                                                   sAFETy NOT OuTsOurCED                “…To share life with peers in a safe, yet challenging
                                                    This is huge. At Deer Hill, our
                                                                                        environment is an amazing experience. To learn about
                                                    field staff are both the group
                                                    leaders and the actual guides.      being able to trust oneself and others outside one’s family
                                                    “Of course,” you might say,         is powerful. To share meaningful life experiences in nature
                                                    but this is not typical. We do
                                                    not shuffle our groups from         with others is the very best life has to offer. Thank you for
                                                    one outfitter to another for        your commitment to a high quality, meaningful experience.
                                                    each activity. We do not rely on
                                                                                        You have made a positive difference in my daughter’s life.”
                                                    another company’s equipment,
                                                    staff, or notions of safety. Our                        — Sofia, parent of Moriah, Stratham, NH
                                                    leaders pick up your child at
the airport and stay with them throughout the program. They are the river guides,
mountaineering leaders, and rock climbing instructors. Each has the skills and the      WHAT DOEs ACCrEDITATION WITH THE AEE MEAN FOr pArENTs?
maturity, as well as the knowledge of your child’s needs in relation to the group, to   Founder and Owner Doug Capelin: “The AEE’s skilled review team studied every
help them do the best they can in each activity and environment.                        element of our company. We chose a rigorous accreditation process because we
                                                                                        wanted to strengthen our program. The accreditation means that there’s a lot more
                                                                                        to Deer Hill than an alluring catalog. Behind the scenes are dedicated people with
“There was not one thing our son did not like about the
                                                                                        the desire to teach and empower young people. This is a place of strong values
program. He just loved it. It really was life-changing for                              rooted in community and service.”
him. Thank you!”
      — David and Marie, parents of Daniel, Indianapolis, IN
                                                                                        “Jake said it was the best experience of his life. He said your
                                                                                        leaders were amazing, and he came back with profound
We deliver mail to participants during their program, and it is always an exciting      insights into the culture of the Navajo people. With that
time. Our leaders also send messages back to Basecamp, letting us know what             came an appreciation of his own religious culture, and a
their groups have achieved so far, how each child is doing, and any stories there
are to tell. parents always appreciate receiving these updates by email. While
                                                                                        greater respect for all people. He enjoyed the hard work,
in the wilderness each Deer Hill group carries a powerful satellite phone that is       roofing, digging ditches, putting mud on houses. He enjoyed
linked to a 24-hour emergency telephone line back at Basecamp, just in case.            the rafting and outdoor experiences. He just loved every
                                                                                        aspect of the trip, and for that, we can’t thank you enough,
Deer Hill is one of a very select group of expedition programs accredited by            for what you have given Jake, and for what you have helped
the Association for Experiential Education (AEE), an international leader in risk
                                                                                        him give others. This is an experience that will profoundly
management for adventure programs and schools. AEE is the same organization
that accredits Outward Bound, the National Outdoor Leadership school, and other         affect him for the rest of his life.”
leaders in our field.                                                                             — Betsy and Richard, parents of Jake, New York, NY
                                                              “Deer Hill, a wilderness experience with soul and depth, is one of the most compelling
                                                              programs in the field of summer experiential education. Doug and Beverly Capelin have
                                                              developed programs that not only include service projects, immersion in Native American
                                                              culture, and challenging wilderness treks, they have created a vehicle where young
                                                              people can work as a team and connect with each other honestly.”
Deer Hill Foundation (DHF) actively promotes cultural
diversity through scholarships and program development                       — Linda Mornell, San Francisco, CA | Founder of the Summer Search Foundation
because we believe that the best future, for all of us,
lies in a greater understanding of our differences and a
celebration of our shared journey.

When students are removed from all that is familiar to
them, when they are immersed in nature and service with
native cultures, they learn that they are part of a greater
community. such challenges build self-confidence, open-
mindedness, and respect for others. We provide life-
changing experiences for promising students in financial
need, who then bring these values back to their families
and communities. Established in 1998, DHF has awarded
nearly 400 scholarships for students from all over the
united states including Native Americans, and first and
second generation Americans from Central America,
south America, Asia, and Europe.

DHF seeks financial and in-kind support from individuals
and organizations sharing our belief that our futures are
bound together, and that honoring cultural diversity is
essential to that future. DHF is a non-profit organization
with 501(c)(3) status. Contributions are tax deductible to
the full extent of the law.

Please contact us, or visit our website,                            Deer Hill Expeditions
to find out more about scholarships,                                P.O. Box 180 | Mancos, CO 81328
programs and partnerships.                                          970.533.7492 | 800.533.7221 | fax: 970.533.7221
                                                                    info@deerhillexpeditions.com | www.deerhillexpeditions.com

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