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                                   SAW VII 3D

                          Official website:

National Release Date: 28 October 2010
Running Time: TBA
Rating: TBA
Jigsaw/John                     Tobin Bell
Hoffman                         Costas Mandylor
Jill                            Betsy Russell
Bobby                           Sean Patrick Flanery
Doctor Gordon                   Cary Elwes
Gibson                          Chad Donella
Joyce                           Gina Holden
Evan                            Chester Bennington
Cale                            Dean Armstrong
Nina                            Naomi Snieckus
Suzanne                         Rebecca Marshall
Rogers                          .Laurence Anthony
Coroner                         .James Van Patten
Directed by                     Kevin Greutert
Written by                      Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan
Produced by                     Gregg Hoffman
                                Oren Koules
                                Mark Burg
Executive Producer              Daniel Jason Heffner
Executive Producers             Peter Block
                                Jason Constantine
Executive Producers             James Wan
                                Leigh Whannell
                                Stacey Testro
Co-Producer                     Troy Begnaud
Director of Photography         Brian Gedge
Production Designer             Tony Ianni
Editor                          Andrew Coutts
Music by                        Charlie Clouser
Costume Designer                Alex Kavanagh
Casting                         Stephanie Gorin CSA CDC

        This October, the most successful horror movie series in history arrives in theatres
in vivid, chilling 3-D with the release of SAW VII 3D.
        As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw‟s brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors
gathers to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man
whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror...
        The first theatrical feature to be shot exclusively on the cutting-edge SI-3D digital
camera system, SAW VII 3D brings the horrifying games of Jigsaw to life like never
before. The film stars Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Betsy Russell, with Sean Patrick
Flanery, and Cary Elwes. SAW VII 3D is directed by Kevin Greutert, written by Patrick
Melton & Marcus Dunstan, and produced by Gregg Hoffman, Oren Koules and Mark
Burg. SAW VII 3D is a Lionsgate Release. Twisted Pictures presents a
Burg/Koules/Hoffman production.

         “What the fuck is going on? Where am I?”
         Those words, uttered two minutes into 2004‟s SAW, express the primal emotions
- the hopeless confusion, the awful sense of powerlessness and sheer, panic-stricken
terror - that lie at the heart of Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures‟ SAW franchise; emotions
that are a key to its phenomenal success. The SAW films follow the machinations of
Jigsaw, a terminally ill cancer patient with an exacting moral agenda and a genius for
gruesome games of survival, “played” with those he believes have ceased to value and
appreciate the gift of life. The approach of Halloween each October has brought a new
SAW title, replete with gruesomely inventive traps and tantalizing clues about Jigsaw‟s
master plan. To date, the six SAW titles have taken in over $730 million in worldwide
theatrical box office, DVD sales have exceeded 30 million units, and SAW has earned an
official place in the Guinness Book of Records has as the "Most Successful Horror Movie
Series." Furthermore, SAW has picked up the baton from classic horror series such as
HALLOWEEN and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET to become a part of the pop
cultural landscape, referenced in mainstream entertainment like “The Simpsons” and
known even to non-horror fans.
         Now, seven years after Jigsaw introduced himself to the world, the final pieces of
his puzzle will fall into place in the last of this SAW series, SAW 3D. SAW 3D is the
first theatrical feature to be shot exclusively on the cutting-edge SI-3D digital camera
system, which allows for the extremely close, fast shooting style that is a SAW hallmark.
It includes the most traps of any SAW film, eleven; and even answers a question raised
back in SAW: what happened to Dr Gordon, last seen crawling away (minus one foot)
from Jigsaw‟s subterranean chamber of horrors?
         SAW 3D director Kevin Greutert has been with the franchise from the beginning,
having edited the first five features before moving into his current role with SAW VI.
Greutert thinks part of the franchise‟s enduring appeal lies in a storytelling approach that
deviates from the horror norm. “Most slasher films introduce the victims and then kill
them off, one by one, and there‟s not much going on beyond that. SAW is very different.
The plotting is very intricate. We always have at least three central character storylines
that are interwoven throughout the movie, and if you look at the seven films as whole, it‟s
even richer. So many ideas, so much talent go into the making of these films. And I think
the films have evolved and are each unique, from one to the next.”
         Producer Oren Koules explains that the filmmakers have kept in mind both the
dedicated fan and the casual viewer in conceiving the SAW sequels. “We‟ve taken a two-
pronged approach in doing every SAW film. We want to make sure we take care of our
loyal fans that come to every single movie and live and breathe our films. We really
spend hundreds of hours going, „Okay, if someone dies, how does it affect three movies
ago? How does it affect two movies from now?‟ And we also want to make sure that for
someone who‟d heard about them and just decided to walk into, say, SAW IV, that it‟s a
great movie from beginning to end.”
         Producer Mark Burg goes on to note another key factor in SAW‟s longevity: actor
Tobin Bell, who has portrayed Jigsaw, a/k/a John Kramer, throughout the series. “Tobin‟s
contribution to the franchise is enormous. In SAW, he‟s lying motionless, ostensibly
dead, on a cement floor for virtually all of the movie; now he‟s writing a lot of his own
dialogue. He is the character. He is a cornerstone of the success of SAW.”

        Without question, Bell‟s Jigsaw has become one of most indelible characters in
modern horror, and the actor has received glowing praise from critics. In a September 7,
2007 essay on contemporary horror movies in the LA. Weekly, critic Luke Thomson
wrote, “Tobin Bell‟s performance as Jigsaw is a wonder; he‟s the best „real-world‟ horror
antihero since Anthony Hopkins first played Hannibal Lecter.”
        Bell describes the role as a rewarding creative adventure. “You don‟t often get an
opportunity to play the same character in seven films, so this has been fantastic,” he says.
“In terms of horror villains, I think he‟s been a richer character than most because of the
concepts that the writers have come up with regarding his actions. John Kramer talks
about things that we all think about, like appreciating your blessings and relationships
with other people, and how friends can sometimes climb over friends to get what they
want. I never play him like he views himself as an evil guy, because he doesn‟t.”
        The SAW series is its own saga, of course. Directed by James Wan and written by
Leigh Whannell from a story by Wan and Whannell, SAW made its world premiere at the
2004 Sundance Film Festival as part of the Festival‟s popular “Park City at Midnight”
program. Festival Director Geoffrey Gilmore, who programs the annual event, recalls that
he was impressed by the first-time filmmakers‟ command of both form and theme. “SAW
grabbed the viewer from the first frame; it was bold, cleverly constructed and flat-out
terrifying,” he comments. “But what really set SAW apart was its moral seriousness. This
movie didn‟t just want to scare you, it wanted to make you think about what you would
do to stay alive. In today‟s world, that is not a trivial thing to contemplate - either as an
individual or as a member of society.”
        As the SAW series continued, the films tunnelled further into Jigsaw‟s beliefs and
worldview. Says series co-creator Whannell, who wrote or co-wrote the screenplays for
SAW, SAW II and SAW III, “Jigsaw‟s cancer has led him to think very hard about what
it means to be alive and how close we are to death at any given time. But he‟s not
someone who stops with a simple „carpe diem‟ and a trip to Europe. The concept of life‟s
value becomes a springboard to look at other personal moral choices, like forgiveness
versus retribution. Jigsaw keeps digging into these issues, which become grist for his
games. And as twisted as the games are, his intention is to help people. Between his
philosophical bent and his sick take on altruism, I like to think Jigsaw is somewhat
unique in the horror universe.”
        The SAW franchise has been part of a wave of horror films that have drawn
favourable comparisons to the independent horror cinema of the 1970s, a connection
highlighted in a Summer 2007 series at New York‟s Museum of the Moving Image,
entitled “It‟s Only a Movie: Horror Films from the 1970s and Today.” The six-weekend
retrospective drew a thru-line between films like Wes Craven‟s LAST HOUSE ON THE
LEFT (1972) and Tobe Hooper‟s TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (1974), which
shocked audiences of their day with envelope-pushing gore and disturbing explorations
of human behaviour; and the films of the SAW age, including Darren Lynn Bousman‟s
SAW II, which contain images and stories that have left today‟s viewers just as stunned
and terrified - and eager for more - as the moviegoers of the 1970s. “It‟s Only a Movie”
presented double features that paired films from each era, with SAW II sharing a bill with
Stanley Kubrick‟s A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.
        Announcing the series in June 2007, the Museum‟s Chief Curator, David
Schwartz said, “These movies are of considerable aesthetic and cultural interest, clearly
reflecting the fears of contemporary lives…. Of course we are aware that these films

contain disturbing, often shocking images, but they are powerful precisely because they
tap into our deepest anxieties.”
        Assistant Curator Livia Bloom also weighed in. “The filmmakers in this series use
the horror genre as a commercial framework to make smart, often subversive films. Their
work examines deep psychological concerns, and comments on social and political issues
of the day.” Bloom noted that in SAW‟s “startling scenes of torture,” she found
“reflections of a life during a time of war and turmoil.”
        The thematic and stylistic consistency of the SAW series owes much to the
stewardship and participation of a core team, many of whom have been with the series for
most, if not all of, its life. In addition to Burg, Koules and Greutert, this team includes
SAW originators Wan and Whannell; the late producer Gregg Hoffman; and executive
producers Daniel Heffner, Stacey Testro, Peter Block and Jason Constantine; director of
photography David A Armstrong, who laid the creepy visual template for the series and
shot the first six instalments; screenwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, who
have delved into psychology and mayhem since SAW IV; composer Charlie Clouser, a
onetime member of the band Nine Inch Nails; costume designer Alex Kavanagh; and
casting director Stephanie Gorin. Writer/director Darren Lynn Bousman joined the team
with the critical sequel SAW II and went on to helm SAW III and SAW IV. Production
designer David Hackl created Jigsaw‟s universe for the first four films in the series before
directing SAW V, at which time current production designer Tony Ianni (V, VI, 3D)
joined the crew.
        The SAW franchise is not only about big-screen blood; it also about the blood that
saves lives. With the release of the first SAW in 2004, Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures
embarked on a cutting-edge promotion tailored specifically to the franchise‟s profile: a
nationwide SAW blood drive that exhorted fans to “Give Til It Hurts” to benefit the Red
Cross. The SAW “Give Til It Hurts” Blood Drive became a key element of the SAW
franchise, as much a part of its annual rituals as the Halloween premiere date. Each year
brought a new ad campaign photographed by Tim Palen, Lionsgate Co-President of
Theatrical Marketing and fine art photographer, and featuring the SAW nurses, seductive
angels of questionable mercy and considerable visual impact. In six years of blood drives,
SAW filmgoers donated nearly 124,641 pints of blood to help save as many as 373,923
        As intricate as one of Jigsaw‟s games, the SAW films reveal their twisting plots
gradually. The series itself resembles an even larger jigsaw puzzle, with each new film
linking up in some way with its predecessor. As SAW 3D arrives to bring this series to its
conclusion, now is the time to look at the pieces thus far. To paraphrase Jigsaw‟s victims:
where are we?

                                       Director: James Wan

                                  Screenwriter: Leigh Whannell
                             Story by James Wan and Leigh Whannell

        SAW‟s opening scene immediately plunges the audience into the unknown, along
with the two unfortunate men, Adam (Leigh Whannell) and Dr Lawrence Gordon (Cary
Elwes), who wake to find themselves chained up in a fetid subterranean bathroom. The
captives are the most recent targets of a psychopathic genius known as Jigsaw, who
constructs elaborate games that force his victims to make impossible choices between life
and death. As Adam and Dr Gordon struggle to unravel the elaborate puzzle of their fate,
Detective Tapp (Danny Glover) and his colleague Kerry (Dina Meyer) work furiously to
determine Jigsaw‟s identity before he can claim yet more victims. But Jigsaw has
accomplices - whose willingness is not entirely clear - and his meticulous planning
enables him to escape.
        SAW opened nationwide on Friday, October 29, 2004. The film stunned industry
observers by debuting at #3 with a weekend take of $18.3 million and it remained in the
Top 10 for 4 weeks. Produced for just $1.2 million, SAW went on to worldwide box
office earnings of over $103 million ($55.1M domestic, $47.9M international). It won the
Audience Award for Best Feature at the 2004 San Sebastián Horror and Fantasy Film
Festival; the Special Jury Prize and Youth Jury Prize (both to James Wan) at the 2005
Gérardmer (France) Film Festival (a/k/a Festival de Gérardmer - Fantastic Arts); and the
Pegasus Audience Award (also to James Wan) at the 2005 Brussels International Festival
of Fantasy Film. SAW was released on DVD/home video on February 15, 2005; it
debuted at #1 on the home entertainment charts and sold 2.2 million units in its first
week. It was the top-selling horror DVD of 2005.

                                            SAW II
                                Director: Darren Lynn Bousman
                     Screenplay: Leigh Whannell and Darren Lynn Bousman

        SAW II finds Jigsaw playing two games simultaneously: one involving eight
victims who wake up in a crumbling house and must solve their mastermind‟s riddle
before their insides are destroyed by poison; and the other with Detective Eric Matthews
(Donnie Wahlberg), whose rebellious son is among the eight captives. Also among the
abducted is Amanda (Shawnee Smith), who was introduced in SAW as the only victim to
have survived Jigsaw‟s tests. Desperate to save his son, Detective Matthews resorts, not
for the first time, to brutality and trickery. It‟s a decision that leads him right into a trap
designed by Jigsaw in collaboration with his new apprentice: Amanda.
        SAW II opened nationwide on Friday, October 28, 2005. The film‟s opening day
gross of $12.1 million was Lionsgate‟s biggest Friday gross to that point (this would be
surpassed by SAW III). It was the weekend‟s #1 film with a box office tally of $31.7

million, outperforming SAW‟s opening weekend by $12 million, an increase of
approximately 60%. The debut marked the widest release and the biggest opening
weekend in Lionsgate box office history. SAW II spent 7 weeks in the US. Top Ten, and
was the top grossing horror film of 2005, with domestic theatrical box office receipts of
$87 million. Internationally, SAW II opened at #1 in Australia, Brazil, Germany and
Austria; its combined international box office was $60 million. The film‟s UK opening
was Lionsgate‟s biggest international opening weekend for a film to date, and the
opening weekend box office in Japan more than doubled from the release of SAW. SAW
II was released on DVD/home video on Valentine‟s Day, February 14, 2006; it debuted at
#1 on the home entertainment charts, selling 2.8 million units on its first day and 3.3
million units in its first week. The title was the fastest-selling theatrical DVD in company
history. It was nominated for the 2006 Saturn Award for Best Horror Film by the
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA; star Tobin Bell was
nominated for the 2006 MTV Movie Award nomination for Best Villain.

                                            SAW III
                                 Director: Darren Lynn Bousman
                                   Screenplay: Leigh Whannell
                              Story: Leigh Whannell and James Wan

        As SAW III begins, Jigsaw‟s health is failing and he is preparing his adoring
acolyte, Amanda, to carry on his work. Amanda has designed numerous games herself,
building various horrendous contraptions to test the survival instincts of her victims. A
very important game involves a brain surgeon, Lynn (Bahar Soomekh), who is forced to
operate on the dying man. Meanwhile, in another section of Jigsaw‟s lair, a grieving
father, Jeff (Angus Macfadyen) is given the barbed opportunity to fulfil his dreams of
revenge. Like so many before him, Jeff lives down to Jigsaw‟s expectations … with dire
consequences for the people he loves.
        SAW III opened nationwide on Friday, October 27, 2006. It was the weekend‟s
#1 film with a box office tally of $33.6 million, the biggest opening in Lionsgate history,
surpassing that of SAW II by 5.94%. Its Friday opening of $14.4M marked the highest
single-day box office gross to date in company history. The film was the widest release in
Lionsgate history, besting its predecessor SAW II. It spent 4 weeks in the US. Top Ten,
and was the top grossing theatrical horror film of 2006, with domestic theatrical box
office receipts of $80.2 million. SAW III‟s international box office receipts totalled $84.6
million, and it marked the first Lionsgate film to open at #1 in Great Britain, where it
took in $4.9 million in its first weekend. SAW III was released on DVD/home video on
January 23, 2007, debuting at #1 on the charts, selling 2.9 million units in the US. its first
day. It was the best-selling horror DVD of 2007, having sold 4.1 million units. SAW III
was nominated for the 2007 Saturn Award for Best Horror Film by the Academy of

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA; star Tobin Bell was nominated for the
2007 MTV Movie Award for Best Villain; Bell and Shawnee Smith received a joint
Spike TV Scream Award nomination for Most Vile Villain.

                                           SAW IV
                                Director: Darren Lynn Bousman
                        Screenplay: Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan
                Story by Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan and Thomas Fenton

        Jigsaw and his apprentice Amanda are dead, and Detective Kerry has been
murdered. Two seasoned FBI profilers, Agent Strahm (Scott Patterson) and Agent Perez
(Athena Karkanis), arrive at the depleted police precinct and help veteran Detective
Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) sift through Jigsaw's latest grizzly game of victims and piece
together the puzzle. But then SWAT Commander Rigg (Lyriq Bent), the last officer
untouched by Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), is suddenly abducted. Thrust into the madman's
harrowing game, the officer has but ninety minutes to overcome a series of
interconnected traps...or face the deadly consequences.
        Rigg's citywide pursuit leaves a wake of dead bodies, and Detective Hoffman and
the FBI uncover long-hidden clues that lead them back to Jigsaw's ex-wife Jill (Betsy
Russell). The genesis of Jigsaw's evil is unveiled, exposing the puppet master's true
intentions and the sinister plan for his past, present and future victims.
        SAW IV opened nationwide on October 26, 2007. It was the weekend‟s #1 film
with a box office tally of $31.8 million. It has since earned total domestic theatrical box
office receipts of $63.3 million; the film‟s international box office receipts have totalled
over $76 million. SAW IV was released on DVD/home video on January 22, 2008,
debuting at #2 on the charts and selling 2.6 million units in the US. and Canada. It is one
of the top two best-selling horror DVDs of 2008. SAW IV was nominated for three 2008
Spike TV Scream Awards (Best Sequel, Best Villain, Most Memorable Mutilation),
handed out October 18, 2008.

                                            SAW V
                                     Director: David Hackl
                         Screenplay: Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan

        In the fifth instalment of the SAW franchise, Hoffman is seemingly the last
person alive to carry on the Jigsaw legacy. But when his secret is threatened, Hoffman
must go on the hunt to eliminate all loose ends.
        SAW V opened nationwide on October 24, 2008, and was the #2 film that
weekend with a box office tally of $30 million. Its domestic theatrical box office receipts
totalled over $56.7 million; the film‟s international box office receipts have totalled over
$57.1 million. SAW V was released on DVD/home video on January 20, 2009, debuting
at #2 on the charts; it has sold 1.6 million units to date.

                                            SAW VI
                                   Director: Kevin Greutert
                         Screenplay: Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan

        Special Agent Strahm is dead, and Detective Hoffman has emerged as the
unchallenged successor to Jigsaw's legacy. However, when the FBI draws closer to
Hoffman, he is forced to set a game into motion, and Jigsaw's grand scheme is finally
        SAW VI opened nationwide on October 23, 2009. Its domestic theatrical box
office receipts totalled over $27.6 million; the film‟s international box office receipts
have totalled over $42 million. SAW VI was released on DVD/home video on January
26, 2010, debuting at #3 on the charts; it has sold 1.4 million units to date.

                                          SAW VII 3D
                                    Director: Kevin Greutert
                         Written by: Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan
       As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw‟s brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors
gathers to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man
whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror...

                                               - 10 -
        Seven years into its life, the SAW franchise is part of the language of
international pop culture, and the series‟ basic underpinnings are familiar even to non-
fans. The SAW films have been referenced on television series as diverse as “The
Simpsons” (Spring 2009), “The Sopranos” (Season 6) and “Entourage” (Season 5), and in
the recent comedy GET HIM TO THE GREEK (Spring 2010).
        And the franchise has expanded well beyond theatre walls, allowing SAW fans
and adrenaline aficionados to play with Jigsaw in a thrillingly, scarily immediate sense:
        The second SAW video game was released in October 2010 by Konami, which
saw great success with the first SAW video game, released in October 2009.
        In March 2009, SAW - The Ride became the world‟s first horror-theme
rollercoaster when it opened at Thorpe Park in Surrey, UK. Closely based on the
franchise, the ride dares thrill-seekers to “face your fears.” It is the world‟s steepest
freefall drop rollercoaster, with a “beyond vertical” drop of 100º from a height of 100 ft.
Thorpe Park is part of the Merlin Entertainments Group, the world‟s second-biggest
company for location-based, family attractions.
        SAW returns for a second year to Universal Studios Hollywood‟s Halloween
Horror Nights (HHN), which runs from September 24 - October 31, 2010. SAW will be
one of four themed Haunted Mazes, and one of six themed Scares Zones. Now in its fifth
year, Universal‟s HHN is the biggest Halloween event in Southern California and attracts
people from all over the state.
        For the second year in a row, SAW is under the big top in Las Vegas, where
Circus Circus‟s Adventure Dome (25 rides and attractions, 4.5 MM visitors annually)
transforms into FRIGHT DOME for the month of October. SAW will be the featured
movie partner of Fright Dome 2010
        Six Flags Theme Park in Chicago has created a SAW-themed Haunted House,
which will be open from September 30 - October 31, 2010.
        A SAW-themed Haunted Maze debuted on October 8, 2010 for Halloween Fright
Nights at Warner Bros. Movie World amusement park in Gold Coast, Australia.
        SAW aficionados will have a bounty of dress-up and decorating options for
Halloween 2010, ranging from costumes and masks to body parts and the unforgettable
hanging pig head.

        Whether you know him as „Jigsaw‟ in the wildly successful SAW movies,
„Nordic‟ in THE FIRM or even „Ted Kaczynski‟ in UNABOMBER - THE REAL
STORY, TOBIN BELL (Jigsaw/John) has displayed an uncanny - and occasionally
chilling - ability to burrow deep into a character‟s psyche. Tobin‟s longevity and
chameleon-like ability to assume any role has placed him in the upper echelon of
consummate professional actors. His success as the star of the SAW movies is a fitting

                                              - 11 -
reward for almost 30 years spent appearing in movies and television shows, mainly in
character roles.
        Starting with the role of FBI agent „Ernest Stokes‟ in MISSISSIPPI BURNING
(1988), Tobin Bell has played a long line of interesting characters on both sides of the
law: JFK conspirator „David Ferrie‟ in RUBY; „Mendoza‟ in IN THE LINE OF FIRE;
the riveting „Nordic‟ in THE FIRM; gunfighter „Dog Kelly‟ in THE QUICK AND THE
DEAD; „Lucian Morano‟ in SERIAL KILLER; a parole officer in GOODFELLAS; the
voice of „Zaragosa‟ in DreamWorks‟ ROAD TO EL DORADO; as well as roles in
        Tobin is a familiar face to viewers of TV movies and dramas (though comedy
fans will recognize him as „Ron‟ from “Seinfeld”). Tobin has been a prominent guest star
on some of the most critically acclaimed and popular dramas of the last decade: as
attorney „Nathan Volk‟ on the NBC drama “Revelations,” with Bill Pullman, Natasha
McElone and John Rhys-Davies; as „Peter Kingsley‟ in five episodes of “24;” as „Agent
Dreyer‟ on “Alias;” and as „Karl Storm‟ in one of the fans‟ favourite episodes of
“Walker: Texas Ranger.” Tobin has also appeared on “The West Wing,” “The Guardian,”
“The Sopranos,” “Charmed,” “Once and Again,” “X-Files,” “Stargate,” “Silk Stalkings,”
“ER,” “La Femme Nikita,” “NYPD Blue,” “Murder One,” and “Chicago Hope.” His
resume also includes the television movies-of-the-week ONE HOT SUMMER NIGHT,
        Tobin comes by some of his acting skill naturally; his mother is the British actress
Eileen Bell. But Tobin also learned from the best, studying with Lee Strasberg and Ellen
Burstyn at the New York's Actor Studio and with Sanford Meisner at the Neighbourhood
Playhouse. On the New York stage, Tobin has appeared at the New York Shakespeare
Festival, the New York Public Theatre, Ensemble Studio Theatre, and Playwright‟s
        Tobin was born in New York City and raised in Weymouth, Mass. As befits the
star of “thinking men‟s horror movies,” Tobin is a graduate of Boston University, with a
master‟s degree in Environmental Education from Montclair State College. Hobbies
include playing the guitar, taking wildlife photographs and making frequent climbing
trips to the Presidential Range of New Hampshire‟s White Mountains. Also a writer,
Tobin has completed several screenplays and stage plays. He is married, with two
children, and splits his time between homes in New York and Los Angeles.

        COSTAS MANDYLOR (Hoffman), born in Melbourne, Australia of Greek
ancestry, began his career as a soccer star in Greece and Australia. When his professional
soccer career was cut short following stress fractures to his shins, he packed up and
moved to Hollywood. He has since become an acclaimed actor in the States.
        He became an "overnight" success when cast in THE TRIUMPH OF THE
SPIRIT, a Holocaust drama filmed in Auschwitz. Oliver Stone gave him a small role in
1991s THE DOORS, but it was MOBSTERS, from the same year, that gave him his first
starring role.
        Costas had a very successful and well-known television career as „Kenny Lacos,‟
the impulsive and lovable Deputy in the David E Kelley drama “Picket Fences” and next
put his Mediterranean good looks to good use as „Alphonse Royo‟ in the Dick Wolf
drama series “Players.” Costas has been described as one of the most "beautiful" people

                                               - 12 -
in the world (People Magazine - 1991) and "one of the most exotic faces on television
today." Other notable small screen appearances include “Sex and the City,”
“Andromeda,” “Charmed,” “7th Heaven” and “Fastlane.”
        After “Players” in 1997 came a number of television films and larger projects. He
had a small role in Sean Penn‟s THE PLEDGE and ABOVE AND BEYOND with
Alexandra Paul. He more recently lent his voice to the role of „Hondshew‟ in 2007‟s
BEOWULF starring Angelina Jolie. He continues acting on television, including the
Hallmark Channel‟s JUST DESSERTS opposite Lauren Holly and in numerous
independent movies and a starring role in David E Kelley's short-lived show, “Wedding
Bells.” His next widely recognized role came as „Detective Hoffman‟ in the SAW horror

       Born and raised in San Diego, California, BETSY RUSSELL (Jill) is best known
for her starring role as „Jill Tuck.‟ At 16 years old, she landed her first gig in the
business, a Pepsi commercial in her hometown. This sparked a fire within her, and she
immediately made the move to Los Angeles to pursue acting full time. Once arriving in
LA, television roles began to pour in, until she landed an audition for a film that would
change her career, the 1983 sex-comedy, cult classic film PRIVATE SCHOOL. She
booked the role on the spot, being cast as „Jordon Leigh-Jensen,‟ playing opposite her
idol Phoebe Cates. The film launched Russell into Hollywood stardom, and she quickly
became known as the “it-girl,” known for her ability to play a sexy bitch, with innocence.
She continued to work steadily in film, starring in movies such as TOMBOY,
AVENGING ANGEL, and made cameos in top television series including “The A-
Team,” “TJ Hooker,” and “Family Ties.” After taking a hiatus from TV and film in the
90s to focus on raising her family, Russell returned to the silver screen starring as „Jill
Tuck‟ in Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures‟ SAW III, SAW IV, SAW V and SAW VI. In
addition to SAW 3D, Russell can also be seen starring in the SYFY adventure television
film MANDRAKE, and the New Films International‟s horror flick CHAIN LETTER,
opposite Nikki Reed and Keith David in 2010.

        DEAN ARMSTRONG’s (Cale) varied career includes SYFY's new Stephen
King series “Haven,” five seasons on Showtime's “Queer as Folk,” two years on
Broadway starring in Jonathan Larson's Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning musical
Rent and the host of the CBC six part mini-series “Triple Sensation II.” Dean is also the
Founder and Executive Producer of Appulse Films. The company‟s first feature entitled
VERONA, directed by Laurie Lynd (BREAKFAST WITH SCOT), is scheduled for
theatrical release in 2011.

       CHAD DONELLA (Gibson) originally hails from Toronto, Canada. There, he
attended the York Arts Drama Program, a prominent and highly respected theatre school
in Canada, where he starred in such productions as Oedipus Rex, Measure By Measure,
Waiting For Godot, A Doll’s House and The Collected Works of Billy The Kid. He was
subsequently cast in various other plays, appearing on some of Toronto‟s finest stages
including Wild Abandon at the Tarragon Theatre, 2 To Tango and Cowboy Mouth at
Theatre Centre East, and The Juliet Chronicles at the Factory Theatre.
       The entertainment community took notice of Chad‟s amazing versatility and
prescient ability to capture a character‟s depth, casting him in the controversial and

                                              - 13 -
award-winning Canadian teen series, “Straight Up.” He continued to work extensively in
the Canadian television industry, rapidly making his way to Los Angeles where he soon
established himself as an actor to watch.
        He started landing leading roles in the box office hits DISTURBING
BEHAVIOUR (MGM) and FINAL DESTINATION (New Line), garnering him
numerous fans and many dedicated websites. Lionsgate, long a fan of Chad‟s work, then
cast him as their lead in the romantic comedy GIRL FEVER. After seeing his work in
that film, they offered him a role in SHATTERED GLASS. Other recent independent
film credits include DAKOTA, 9 LIVES OF MARA and HATE CRIME which garnered
him Best Supporting Actor at the Colorado Film Festival.
        But it was the role of „Jacob‟ in the highly rated and critically acclaimed mini-
series “Taken” (DreamWorks Television / Sci-Fi Channel) that has brought Chad to an
entirely new and devoted fan base. The series was a ratings success and has drawn
imminent praise for Chad‟s work.
        His numerous television credits include many guest star and recurring roles on
prominent shows that include the season finale of “Smallville,” “Law & Order: SVU,”
“Copper,” “CSI: Miami,” “Ghost Whisperer,” “Monk,” and “NCIS.”

        GINA HOLDEN (Joyce) is busier than ever, with an exciting slate of upcoming
film and television projects in the works. She was recently chosen for Hallmark
Channel's “Something To Be Thankful For” (November 2010), opposite Faye Dunaway
and Daphne Zuniga, and ABC's fantasy “Legend of the Seeker,” based on the popular
Terry Goodkind book series. Gina was also chosen to play high-powered radio executive
„Trina Campbell‟ on the CW family drama “Life Unexpected.”
        A native of Smithers, British Columbia, Gina credits a background of dance and
musical theatre for her diverse range and interests. Early study abroad and a successful
career in modelling further enriched her creative drive and strong work ethic, helping her
amass an impressive list of credits. She has starred on CBS' popular horror-drama
“Harper's Island,” and police drama “Flashpoint,” on the CW smash “Smallville,” and
“Blood Ties.”
        Feature film roles include: MESSAGE DELETED opposite Matthew Lillard,
2, among many others.
        In 2009, Gina executive produced “Bangmaster General,” a surreal skateboarding
web series created by award-winning director Corey Adams.

       CHESTER BENNINGTON (Evan) is the lead vocalist for alternative band,
Linkin Park. They were recently named the #1 selling Rock/Alt Band of the Decade by
Soundscan/Billboard. Over the course of the past few years, LP amassed more than 50
million sales worldwide, a remarkable string of chart-topping singles, a pair of Grammy
wins and an international fan base whose members number in the millions. Their fourth
studio album, A Thousand Suns (Machine Shop Recordings / Warner Bros) released
September 14, 2010, debuted #1 on Billboard‟s Top 200 chart, as well as 15 other
       In October 2009, Bennington released an album for his side-project, Dead By
Sunrise. He is also co-owner of the tattoo chain, Club Tattoo, which opened a branch at
the Miracle Mile shops in Las Vegas last year.

                                              - 14 -
        Chester is involved in several charity organizations including Music For Relief
( MFR was originated by the members of Linkin Park, reaching
out to their fellow artists and fans to help victims of disaster and global warming. He is
also involved in Someone Cares Soup Kitchen, an organization to help feed the homeless,
and Take Me Home, an animal rescue group.
        Bennington began acting in theatre roles in high school that eventually led to
travelling with a troupe around the country before his singing career took off.


        An        actor/writer/improviser/voice-over/artist/director/teacher,    NAOMI
SNIECKUS (Nina) is an alumnus of The Second City Toronto. She wrote/performed in
five hit shows including Invasion Free Since 1812, Reloaded and Bird Flu Over the
Cuckoos Nest. Other theatre credits include: The Ginkgo Tree (Arts Club), Guide to
Mourning (Belfry Theatre), Conservatives in Love (Pea Green Theatre). She directed
Chelsea P Menders in Naughty Little Children and is presently the director of the Touring
Co. at Second City. She has written for Trish Stratus for “Walk of Fame” and Nelly
Furtado for “The Junos.” TV and film credits include “Da Kink in My Hair,” “Degrassi,”
“Train 48,” “ReGenesis,” “Little Mosque on the Prairie,” “She‟s the Mayor,” “The Jon
Dore Show,” and “Skins USA.” She also had recurring roles on “Ron James Show,”
“Being Erica,” “MrD,” “Wingin‟ It.” You may have heard Naomi‟s voice on CBC
Radio‟s Canadia or as „Aunt Turtle‟ on the cartoon “Franklin the Turtle.” Naomi is
developing a show with Breakthrough Films called “Unrelated.” She is a founding
member of The National Theatre of the World and performs and produces Impromptu
Splendour and The Carnegie Hall Show (the former was last year‟s winner and the latter
is currently nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Improv Troupe). She has
a recurring role in the new Trailer Park Boys TV show, “Drunk and On Drugs Happy Fun
Time Hour.” Naomi is the director of the Touring Company at the Second City Theatre.
This year she has been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for the second year in a
row in the category of Best Female Improviser.

        SEAN PATRICK FLANERY (Bobby) has had an extensive acting career,
starting with his explosive career making performance in the feature film POWDER.
Since then, Sean has starred in a number of feature films, such as THE GRASS HARP,
SHOTS. His feature credits go on and on.
        Sean has also been quite successful on the small screen. He began his television
career starring in the series “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” for George Lucas. He
also starred in “The Strip,” the short-lived Jerry Bruckheimer series. In addition, he has
starred in the mini-series “The Diamond Hunters” and currently, Sean recurs on the hit
series “The Dead Zone.”

       Throughout his career veteran actor CARY ELWES (Dr Gordon) has turned in
an array of outstanding, eclectic performances. He just completed production on Ivan
Reitman‟s upcoming comedy FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS alongside Natalie Portman
and Ashton Kutcher. He wrapped filming on Steven Spielberg‟s TINTIN and previously

                                              - 15 -
starred in DreamWorks‟ A CHRISTMAS CAROL with Jim Carrey, directed by Robert
        Elwes made his cinematic debut in Marek Kanievska‟s film ANOTHER
COUNTRY based on the award-winning play, and followed up with a starring role in the
highly acclaimed historical drama LADY JANE alongside Helena Bonham Carter. He
then turned in a memorable portrayal as „Westley‟ in Rob Reiner‟s classic fairytale THE
PRINCESS BRIDE which won over audiences around the globe. Other film credits
include the hit psychological thriller SAW, the Academy Award-winning war epic
GLORY, BRAM STOKER‟S DRACULA directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Mel
Jane Fonda.
        On the small screen, Elwes recently starred in the pilot “Tough Trade” written and
created by Jenji Kohan and directed by Gavin Hood. He also has a recurring role on the
USA Network show “Psych” as „Pierre Despereaux.‟ His previous television credits
include guest starring on a gripping episode of “Law & Order: SVU” as a mob lawyer
whose family is viciously attacked and portraying the young Pope in CBS‟s telepic “Pope
John Paul II.” Additionally Elwes starred in the Golden Globe Award-winning HBO
miniseries “From the Earth to the Moon,” “The Riverman,” “Uprising” and had a
recurring role as „FBI Assistant Director Brad Follmer‟ on the final season of “The X-
        Elwes was born and raised in London before moving to the States in his teens. He
attended college in upstate New York and went on to study at the Actors Studio and the
Lee Strasberg Institute. Ironically, however it was back in his native England where
Elwes began his film career. He later returned to New York before eventually relocating
to Los Angeles.

       Raised entirely by his single mother and his maternal grandparents, actor, writer
and producer, LAURENCE ANTHONY (Rogers) is one of the most accomplished and
promising young talents of his generation. A published author and playwright, Laurence
was discovered at age 20 by a number of successful and perceptive casting directors in
       Laurence is a graduate of Ryerson University‟s illustrious school of Radio and TV
Arts and studied with private acting coaches at a young age. While in school and after he
graduated, Laurence has been featured in various commercials and has nabbed notable
TV appearances in “The Border,” “Degrassi” and pilot, “H.M.S.” SAW 3D, is Laurence‟s
debut feature film role.
       A frequent traveller, Laurence spends much of his time between NY and Toronto.
His author credits include “The Lido Deck,” published in the best-selling book LAID:
Young People's Experiences With Sex. He also penned the play How Do I Forgive My
Dying Father and is known as a passionate and accomplished spoken word artist and
published poet.
       Never one to be still and idle, Laurence is an avid cook and has prepared meals
for several well-known personalities. If he wasn‟t busy enough, Laurence is currently
working on setting up a new ad agency based in Toronto and NY.
       Known for his infectious smile and deep voice, Laurence has charmed and
worked his way into becoming a very memorable and promising young actor.

                                              - 16 -

                          - 17 -
        KEVIN GREUTERT (Director) is a native of Pasadena, California. He received
a production degree at USC Film School and rose through the ranks of film editing on
brought onto the first SAW film through the merits of his work on the Disney comedy
GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE II, and edited all five films of the horror series before
directing Saw VI and Saw 3D. He also edited several other horror films, including THE

        PATRICK MELTON (Writer) hails from Evanston, Illinois and attended the
University of Iowa, where he met his writing partner, Marcus Dunstan. After moving to
Los Angeles and working for various film companies, Patrick attended Loyola
Marymount University, where he received his MFA in Screenwriting. In 2004, Patrick
won the filmmaking contest Project Greenlight for the script he co-wrote with Marcus
Dunstan titled FEAST. Since then, Patrick and Marcus have become household names in
the horror genre with such films as SAW IV, SAW V, SAW VI, the two FEAST sequels,
and THE COLLECTOR, which Dunstan also directed. They have provided rewrites for
the successful MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D and the recently released PIRANHA 3D.
Currently, Patrick and Marcus are writing a film version of THE OUTER LIMITS for
MGM and they are preparing to film THE COLLECTOR 2 this fall with Dunstan
returning to the director's chair.

        MARCUS DUNSTAN (Writer) hails from Macomb, IL and attended the
University of Iowa, where he met his writing partner Patrick Melton. After moving to
North Hollywood in January of 1999, Marcus attempted to stay in shape by jogging in a
nearby park. He found a gun in that park, ran back to his apartment and shortly thereafter
gained 50 pounds. Odd job after odd job followed as Mr Dunstan watched his youth dim
under the mocking gaze of his Communications Degree. A fateful call from Patrick
Melton began with, “What if we took a shot at writing a horror film?” That script became
FEAST, which was selected by Project Greenlight and released by Dimension Films. The
success of FEAST led to the creation of two sequels that so offended one viewer,
Dunstan was asked not to reproduce. In 2007, Marcus co-wrote SAW IV with Patrick
Melton, during which time, Dunstan, fearing kidney stones, endured an ultrasound only
to discover that his jeans were so tight they had pinched a nerve under his ribcage. With
shame intact, Marcus co-wrote SAW V, SAW VI and SAW 3D for director Kevin
Greutert. Dunstan's next offering as director will be THE COLLECTION, a sequel to his
directorial debut, THE COLLECTOR, which is based, once again, on a script co-written
by his college bud, Patrick Melton. The screenwriting duo are currently working on the
film adaptation of the sci-fi series THE OUTER LIMITS which will hopefully bring
Dunstan one step closer to realizing his lifelong dream of living on the moon…or within
walking distance of a Jimmy John‟s Subs…whichever comes first.

        OREN KOULES (Producer) worked as a commodities trader in Chicago prior
to relocating to California. He began his career as a producer, producing the thriller SET
IT OFF with Jade Pinkett and Queen Latifah and MRS WINTERBOURNE with Shirley

                                              - 18 -
MacLaine. Koules then served as Senior Vice-President of Production with Paramount
Pictures for two years before leaving to co-found Evolution Entertainment with Mark
        Under this new partnership, the duo produced the dramatic thriller JOHN Q,
starring Academy Award winners Denzel Washington and Robert Duvall. Koules and
Burg also produced SAW, one of the most profitable films of 2004, which was the first
picture released under the Twisted Pictures banner, the horror/thriller division of their
        The success of SAW spawned the powerhouse horror franchise with follow ups
SAW II, SAW III AND SAW IV, all opening # 1 in North America. SAW V and SAW
VI continued the unprecedented streak of six consecutive years of a Halloween release,
thus propelling the series to the top of the list of horror franchises of all time.
        In addition to producing over 16 films in the feature world, Koules is also an
Executive Producer on the CBS Emmy nominated television series “Two and a Half
        Koules and his business partner Burg became professional sports owners in 2008
when they purchased the NHL franchise, the Tampa Bay Lightning.

        As co-founder of Evolution Entertainment and Twisted Pictures, MARK BURG
(Producer) has assembled an impressive client list that represents talent both in front of
and behind the camera. Formerly the president of Island Pictures, Burg is a veteran film
producer, whose credits include films like CAN‟T BUY ME LOVE, BULL DURHAM,
        After partnering with Oren Koules to form Evolution, their list of films produced
includes the dramatic thriller JOHN Q, starring Academy Award winners Denzel
Washington and Robert Duvall. In TV, Burg is an Executive Producer on the CBS Emmy
nominated television series “Two and a Half Men.” Burg and Koules also produced
SAW, one of the most profitable films of 2004, which was the first picture released under
the Twisted Pictures banner, the horror/thriller division of their company.
        The success of SAW spawned the powerhouse horror franchise with follow ups
SAW II, SAW III AND SAW IV, all opening # 1 in North America. SAW V and SAW
VI continued the unprecedented streak of six consecutive years of a Halloween release,
thus propelling the series to the top of the list of horror franchises of all time.
        Outside of Hollywood, Burg along with his partner Koules became professional
sports owners when they purchased the NHL franchise, the Tampa Bay Lightning in

        DANIEL JASON HEFFNER (Executive Producer) attended Ithaca College
School of Communications and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in
Communications in 1978. Upon graduating, Mr Heffner worked as a stage manager and
production assistant on the Academy Award-winning film KRAMER VS KRAMER, and
then as a research assistant to Milos Forman on RAGTIME.
        In January of 1980, Mr Heffner moved to Los Angeles and became a member of
the Director‟s Guild of America as a second assistant director. He has worked in this
capacity on such films as: PERSONAL BEST, the Academy Award-winning AN
STRIP, and the critically acclaimed THE BIG CHILL. In 1982 he went to work for

                                              - 19 -
Columbia Pictures, working on various projects as a production manager and a first
assistant director.
        Mr Heffner's executive career began in August of 1985, when he was selected to
be the first Production Executive for the newly restructured film division of the Walt
Disney Studios. In this capacity he was instrumental in the rebuilding of the studios
feature production division, serving on the studio‟s new technologies and facilities
expansion committees. As a production executive, Mr Heffner oversaw the production of
the following projects: THE COLOUR OF MONEY, directed by Martin Scorsese
starring Paul Newman and Tom Cruise, filmed on location in Chicago; TOUGH GUYS,
which was the final collaboration of Kirk Douglas and the late Burt Lancaster;
ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING, the directorial debut of Chris Columbus, starring
Elizabeth Shue, filmed on location in Toronto and Chicago; THREE MEN AND A
BABY, directed by Leonard Nimoy starring Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve
Guttenberg, filmed on location in Toronto and New York City.
        During his tenure at Disney, Mr Heffner was called upon to line produce
COCKTAIL, directed by Roger Donaldson starring Tom Cruise, Elizabeth Shue, and
Brian Brown, filmed on location in New York City, Jamaica, and Toronto; as well as
THE GOOD MOTHER, directed by Leonard Nimoy starring Diane Keaton and Liam
Neeson, filmed on location in Toronto and Boston (Mr Heffner also served as the first
Assistant Director on this film).
        In 1988, promoted to Vice President of Production, Buena Vista Pictures
Distribution, a division of The Walt Disney Company, Mr Heffner was charged with the
creation and operation of the Buena Vista Pictures Production Division. Including both
production and finance personnel, this division started with five employees in 1988 and
grew to over 35 employees by the end of 1991. During this period he was responsible for
the production of over 25 motion pictures, including the highly successful ERNEST
series as well as MR DESTINY directed by James Orr starring Jim Belushi; DECEIVED
directed by Damian Harris starring Goldie Hawn; THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE
CRADLE directed by Curtis Hanson starring Rebecca De Mornay and Anabella Sciorra;
        In November of 1991 in order to pursue a career as an independent producer, Mr
Heffner left The Walt Disney Company.
        Since then he has served as Co-Executive Producer and Production Manager of
HOLY MATRIMONY directed by Leonard Nimoy starring Patricia Arquette, filmed on
location in Great Falls, Montana; Co-Producer and First Assistant Director on Fred
Dryer‟s HIGHWAY 395, filmed in Lone Pine, California; First Assistant Director on
WINTER BREAK, filmed in Aspen, Colorado; First Assistant Director on ACI/American
Cinema, Inc‟s KILLER BUZZ filmed entirely in Brazil; Co-Producer on Walt Disney
Pictures‟ GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE 2, filmed in Queensland, Australia; Co-Producer
and First Assistant Director on Twisted Pictures/Lionsgate Films SAW; Producer on Fox
Television Studios MOW/Pilot “Anonymous Rex” for the Sci Fi Channel; Line Producer
on CHECKING OUT for Full Circle Productions, LP; Co-Producer on Twisted
Pictures/Lionsgate SAW II; Executive Producer on Twisted Pictures/Lionsgate SAW III;
Co-Producer on P2 for Summit Entertainment; Executive Producer on Twisted
Pictures/Lionsgate SAW IV; Executive Producer on Twisted Pictures/Lionsgate REPO!

                                            - 20 -
THE GENETIC OPERA; Executive Producer on Twisted Pictures/Lionsgate SAW V and
      Mr Heffner is currently in development for Serendipity Productions, Inc. as

         PETER BLOCK (Executive Producer) formed A Bigger Boat in 2008 and just
completed production on John Carpenter‟s THE WARD, featuring Amber Heard,
Danielle Panabaker, Mamie Gummer, Jared Harris and up-and-comers Lyndsy Fonseca
and Laura-Leigh. A Bigger Boat‟s first production, FROZEN, was an official selection of
the Sundance Film Festival and was released theatrically in February 2010. Peter‟s next
production is HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET which was penned by David
Loucka and is set to be directed by UK‟s Mark Tonderai in the summer of 2010. Later
this summer, A Bigger Boat is branching out into the distribution business with the
release of THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ALICE CREED, a taut UK thriller starring
Gemma Arterton and directed by J Blakeson which was the hit of the most recent
Toronto and Tribeca film festivals. Peter has also acquired the rights to Roger Smith‟s
thriller MIXED BLOOD, which he will produce with GreeneStreet Films and Sidney
Kimmel Entertainment. The script is currently being written by Kelly Masterson
(BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU‟RE DEAD) and is to be directed by Phillip
Noyce (SALT, CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER). Other recent producing credits
DAYBREAKERS, as well as serving as Co-Executive Producer of the NBC series “Fear
         Peter also played an integral part in the structure and formation of Epix, the pay
cable joint venture between Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate, and has helped to broker
distribution and output deals for the new network. In addition, Peter was instrumental in
the creation of FearNet, the VOD and Internet portal for horror and thriller content that is
a joint venture between Comcast, Sony and Lionsgate, serving on the initial board of
directors for the venture.
         From 2000-2008, Peter was the President of Acquisitions and Co-Productions for
Lionsgate Entertainment and its related entities. Over the years, he held an executive
level position in nearly every aspect of the company‟s business and served as the primary
acquisitions executive and as a production executive, drawing upon his knowledge of
genre films and past experience creating marketing plans, key art and trailers for many of
the company‟s DVD and television releases.
         Under his supervision, the Lionsgate acquisitions department acquired
distribution rights to over 500 films through pre-buys, negative pick-ups and co-
productions both at script stage and via festival/market screenings. Such films included
the box office sensations CRASH, SAW, OPEN WATER, FAHRENHEIT 9/11, THE
COOLER, and art-house hits such as LANTANA and SECRETARY. His focus on genre
pictures resulted in the company‟s foray into the theatrical release of horror and thriller
pictures through the acquisition of CABIN FEVER, and HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES.
He was responsible for acquiring a number of films from international filmmakers which
introduced them to the US. audience including Peter Jackson's DEAD ALIVE, Guillermo
del Toro's CRONOS, Takashi Shimizu's JU-ON: THE GRUDGE, HIGH TENSION from
Alexandre Aja, and UNDEAD from Australia‟s Spierig brothers.

                                               - 21 -
        In addition to his other duties, Peter worked as a primary production executive for
the company on such varied theatrical releases as the Academy Award-nominated GIRL
WITH A PEARL EARRING, the Bobby Darin bio-pic BEYOND THE SEA directed and
starring Kevin Spacey, the Paramount released NARC, Rob Zombie‟s DEVIL‟S
REJECTS, and the cult hit WONDERLAND.
        Previously, Peter oversaw the entirety of Lions Gate Home Entertainment from its
inception, and under his leadership grew the division into a $150 million full-service
distribution business in the United States and Canada. Lions Gate Home Entertainment
now includes more than 8,000 titles and generates over 100 new DVD releases,
comprised by new to sell-through and over 70 new rental titles annually.
        In the area of New Media, Peter oversaw the company‟s in-house web ventures,
and served as the primary liaison with the company‟s affiliate, CinemaNow. In an
industry first, Peter designed and negotiated the venture, an
agreement for streaming and advertising motion pictures over the internet provider. The
agreement established (now Yahoo) as an equity investor in the
Company, and furthered the Company‟s ability to avail itself of Yahoo‟s dominating
media presence on the internet.
        Peter was also responsible for the company‟s VOD and PPV efforts, and for its
Pay-TV output arrangement with Showtime Networks, and prior to that with HBO. He
has negotiated a full range of motion picture development, production, acquisition,
distribution and financing agreements.
        Before joining Lionsgate, he served at Trimark Pictures as Executive Vice
President of Acquisitions, Distribution and New Media where he fulfilled his current
functions, as well as overseeing Trimark‟s theatrical releasing division, business affairs
and music divisions.
        Prior to Trimark, Peter represented writers, producers and film financiers for such
worked for the WGA and in the marketing and studio operations departments at the Walt
Disney Company. Peter, a frequent guest speaker at graduate schools and industry events,
is a member of the advisory board of the US Comedy Arts Festival and a member of the
executive branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.
        A member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Peter received his
JD. from USC, his MBA from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and
his BA. from Duke University, where he has established an endowment for student

         As President of Acquisitions and Co-Productions, JASON CONSTANTINE
(Executive Producer) oversees the tracking and acquisition of theatrical films for
Lionsgate, plays an instrumental role in the creative oversight of pre-buy projects in
development, production and post-production, and manages the day-to-day operation of
the acquisitions department. Jason has been involved in the acquisitions of numerous
critical and commercial successes for Lionsgate, from Academy Award-winning films to
genre movies, including PRECIOUS, KICKASS, SAW, TRANSPORTER 3,
HER, LORD OF WAR and CRASH. Constantine has been involved with overseeing the
SAW franchise since its very beginning. Recent acquisitions include BURIED, a

                                              - 22 -
Sundance acquisition starring Ryan Reynolds; THE LAST EXORCISM produced by Eli
Roth; and THE EXPENDABLES, directed by Sylvester Stallone, starring Sylvester
Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Randy Couture, Steve
Austin, Terry Crews, Eric Roberts, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
       A native Californian, Constantine received his MFA in film production from
Loyola Marymount University and his BA. from Princeton University. While a graduate
student, Constantine wrote and directed two short films, a romantic comedy called FOR
WHOM THE WEDDING BELL TOLLS and a drama entitled ASHES which won the
Producers Guild of America Award for best student short film.

         JAMES WAN (Executive Producer) returns to Toronto‟s Midnight Madness
with INSIDIOUS, a supernatural thriller starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne and
conceived with long-time writing partner Leigh Whannell.
         Wan was one of the youngest students ever to be accepted into the Royal
Melbourne Institute of Technology‟s highly respected film and media school in Australia,
where he first met Whannell and together they started creating and developing the world
and characters that would become known as SAW, now the most successful horror movie
series of all time as named this year by the Guinness World Records.
         Wan directed the first SAW, which premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival
and stars multi-award winners Danny Glover and Cary Elwes. Lionsgate released SAW
in October 2004 and has subsequently released a new instalment every October since.
         DEAD SILENCE, Wan‟s second feature film, was released by Universal Pictures
in March 2006. Wan‟s third feature film DEATH SENTENCE, an action packed revenge
thriller starring Kevin Bacon, was released by Fox in 2007.
         In 2008, Wan co-created, produced and directed a comedy short film DOGGIE
HEAVEN as part of a slate of original programming which premiered on XBOX Live
Marketplace. Wan‟s other credits include creative consultant on the SAW video game
and co-creator and director of “Loved Ones,” a trailer for EA‟s Dead Space.
         Wan received the Greg Tepper Award in 2004, a prestigious award for
outstanding achievement in Film.

       LEIGH WHANNELL (Executive Producer) hails from Melbourne, Australia,
where he began his career as an actor appearing in Australian series such as
“Neighbours” and “Blue Heelers” and as a presenter on the cult hit TV series
“Recovery,” which he later went on to host in its last two seasons. As a film critic on
“Recovery,” Whannell interviewed such people as George Clooney, Jackie Chan and Tim
Burton. While studying film at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Whannell
met filmmaker James Wan, where they started developing ideas together, including the
2004 Lionsgate release SAW, which Whannell wrote and starred in. In addition to his
work on the screenplay for SAW II, Whannell wrote and starred in SAW III and is an
Executive Producer on the SAW franchise and a creative consultant on the SAW video
game. Whannell‟s other writing credits include the Universal release DEAD SILENCE.
Whannell‟s acting credits include the Warner Brothers release MATRIX RELOADED,
the Fox release DEATH SENTENCE, the independent feature THE PARDON starring
Jaime King, the Australian feature DYING BREED which premiered at Tribeca, a
character voice in Warner Brothers‟ upcoming release Legend of the Guardians, and
INSIDIOUS which premiered at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival. Whannell

                                             - 23 -
wrote the screenplay and stars in the picture with James Wan once again directing.
Whannell received the Greg Tepper Award in 2004, a prestigious award for outstanding
achievement in Film. Whannell is currently developing a number of projects, including a
thriller with Wan.

        STACEY TESTRO (Executive Producer) is the CEO of Stacey Testro
International, an international management/production company based in the US and
Australia. She is an Executive Producer on the SAW Franchise and also represents its
creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell. She has produced theatre on London‟s West
End, off Broadway and the highly successful Australian tour of The Hobbit. She
produced the psychological thriller THE PERFECT HOST, which stars David Hyde
Pierce and premiered at Sundance 2010; Magnolia is releasing. Stacey Testro is dedicated
to developing opportunities for artists and sponsors the Los Angeles organization
Australians In Film and founded the Best Unproduced Screenplay Award at the annual
Inside Film Awards.

       After receiving a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree at Ryerson University, Toronto
in 1979 in Photographic Arts, BRIAN GEDGE (Director of Photography) joined
WESCAM operating helicopter gyro stabilized camera mounts. Training through the
Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) Camera Assistants course helped link
Brian to many Directors of Photography, of which Mark Irwin CSC ASC (SOMETHING
ABOUT MARY) led to his first feature YOUNGBLOOD, a hockey movie staring
Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe. Miklos Lente CSC (inventor of the 3perf pull down
system for film now commonly used) took Brian under his wing on such TV shows as
“Night Heat” and “Counterstrike” which stared Christopher Plummer. This led to a 10
year career to become one of Canada‟s top five Steadicam Operators working with such
actors as Hume Cronyn, Anne Bancroft, Linda Hamilton, Leslie Neilson, Candice
Bergen, Lindsay Lohan, Farrah Fawcett, Scott Glen and Paris Hilton .
       In 2000, Brian spent nine months in Spain as DP and Director of a full time
Second Unit for the syndicated action series “Queen of Swords.” Again working with
such notable actors as David Carradine and Bo Derek, this female Zorro comedy lensed
on the original “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” set. Camera Operator on the next five
SAW films, Brian was responsible for establishing the unique hand held, crazy, flash
frame SAW look that has made these films famous.

        TONY IANNI (Production Designer) has over 20 years of feature and television
experience. He cut his teeth in the Art Department on such films as SAVE THE LAST
DANCE and CODEBREAKERS. He then gained attention in the horror genre serving as
Art Director for Lionsgate‟s SKINWALKERS. Following that film‟s success, Tony came
aboard the famous horror franchise SAW and art directed SAW III and SAW IV. He then
served as Production Designer on Saw V, which earned $113 million dollars in its
theatrical release for Lionsgate. Tony then teamed up with SAW III and IV director
Darren Bousman on his horror rock opus REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA starring Paul
Sorvino (GOODFELLAS, NIXON) Alexa Vega (SLEEPOVER, SPY KIDS) and Paris
Hilton (HOUSE OF WAX, PLEDGE THIS). The film became an instant cult classic
among horror fans. Tony‟s other feature credits include OUTLANDER, starring Jim

                                             - 24 -
MIDNIGHT EXPRESS). Tony‟s television credits include the series “Mutant X,” “Relic
Hunter” and Lifetime‟s “Wild Card”.
        Tony recently completed the feature DEFENDOR, starring Kat Dennings (NICK
NATURAL BORN KILLERS) and Sandra Oh (“Grey‟s Anatomy,” SIDEWAYS). He is
currently working on MOTHERS DAY with director Darren Bousman and producer
Richard Saperstein.

        ANDREW COUTTS (Editor) is Toronto-born and has spent the last eleven
years working in that city‟s film community, moving up within the world of picture
editing. He has worked in the cutting rooms for the films SAW V, THE 51ST STATE and
for multiple television shows including “Mutant X,” “Wild Card,” “This is Wonderland”
and “The Line.”
        His credits as editor include SAW VI, 10:17, THE MAN WHO LOVED

        CHARLIE CLOUSER (Music by) is a multi-instrumentalist musician, producer,
programmer and remix artist who has worked with some of the seminal recording artists
of the last ten years. Charlie came into prominence as a member of Nine Inch Nails from
1994-2000. Before joining the band as keyboardist/programmer, Charlie already had built
a following with his extreme synth work and remixes for Prong, Marilyn Manson, White
Zombie, and others. His dense layers of chopped up beats and grinding synthbass lines
were instrumental in defining the sound of White Zombie‟s double-platinum 1994
breakthrough album Astrocreep: 2000 which led to numerous collaborations with
frontman Rob Zombie.
        In the studio with Nine Inch Nails, Charlie co-wrote high-profile songs like “The
Perfect Drug” (from the gold soundtrack to David Lynch‟s Lost Highway), and “The Way
Out Is Through” (from The Fragile, Spin Magazine‟s 1999 Album of the Year). His
intricate programming style and abrasive synth work were integral parts of the band‟s
unique sonic vision. Along the way, he has continued to apply his talents on albums and
remixes for artists like David Bowie, Snoop Dogg, Rammstein, Jamiroquai, Deftones,
Killing Joke, Esthero, and Meat Beat Manifesto.
        Charlie‟s first film scoring effort, SAW, became an instant cult classic. His scores
for the subsequent SAW series continue to define the films. Raw, grinding, propulsive,
punctuated by incredible layers of sound and energy, they are classics in the horror genre.
Charlie has also recently scored the Sony release THE STEPFATHER and RESIDENT
EVIL: EXTINCTION, as well as Activision‟s high profile video game Singularity.

       ALEX KAVANAGH (Costume Designer) has been designing costumes for film
and television since 1997. Her recent credits include Michael Sucsy's romantic drama
THE VOW and Vincenzo Natail‟s sci-fi thriller SPLICE.
       Alex designed the costumes for Darren L Bousman‟s rock opera REPO! THE
GENETIC OPERA, the very successful horror films SAW II through VII, GEORGE A

                                               - 25 -
       Kavanagh enjoys a creative challenge utilizing her theatre training at the
Dalhousie University Costume Studies program, from which she graduated in 1992. Her
work can be seen in the MTV produced MADE: THE MOVIE; CAMILLE starring
Sienna Miller and James Franco; and the comedy HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO

       STEPHANIE GORIN CSA CDC (Casting by) has worked in many areas of
show business but has enjoyed casting for the past 20 years, as well as raising two
wonderful sons, Devon and Jesse, with her husband Joe. Recent features include HOUSE
STONE ANGEL. Features she co-cast include HAIRSPRAY, GET RICH OR DIE
TRYIN‟, TAKE THE LEAD and CHICAGO. Selected television series include:
"Camelot," "The Borgias," “The Tudors” (two Emmy nominations), "Guns" (Gemini
nomination), "The Border" (Gemini nomination), “Being Erica" (Gemini nomination),
"Death Comes To Town" (Kids in the Hall), “Degrassi,” "Moby Dick" (mini-series),
"Don Cherry" (mini-series), "The Ron James Show," "Haven” and “The Listener."
THE BEAT AROUND, JUMP IN, and AMERICAN PIE. Numerous theatre credits
include Rock of Ages, Boys in the Photograph, The Sound of Music, Dirty Dancing, We
Will Rock You, The Lord of the Rings, Mamma Mia, The Lion King, and Rent.

         WILLIAM Reeve (Stereographer) is an award-winning cinematographer and
stereographer on commercials feature and documentary films for over 30 years. The
majority of his works including popular IMAX format titles, over a dozen shot in 3D,
have taken him to the farthest reaches of the earth. William is an expert in stereoscopy
initially on the development team at IMAX Ltd when the company was creating the
rebirth of stereoscopic motion picture experience. During his career William has directed
the photography of several IMAX deep ocean submersible filming operations on the mid
Atlantic and Pacific including the volcanic hot vents, the wreck of Titanic, and the
German battleship Bismarck. His IMAX films as Director of Photography include a CSC
Cinematography Award for FIGHTER PILOT and Giant Screen Theatre Association
many others.
         William's technical achievements include 2D and 3D camera applications from
highly complex stereo macroscopic motion control set ups to unique configurations for
extreme physical environments. Reeve‟s efforts include the design of the first 3D
recorders to capture full 2K Digital 3D for wing suit flying by the Red Bull Air Force.
His early research on mirror rigs for mainstream Drama in D-cinema and large format
film has contributed to equipment development of the digital cinema 3D rollout that is
presently overtaking the entertainment industry. William is a full member of the
Canadian Society of Cinematography and holds a Bachelors degree in Motion Picture
Entertainment. He presently lives in Berlin Germany with his wife and children.

                                             - 26 -

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