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									Pet Insurance
Math Camp 2005

Overview of Activity:
       During this activity, students will assume the role of a pet owner. As the pet owner, students
will choose an insurance policy that will cover their pet’s needs and situations in a variety of ways.
This activity is played using a game board and situations. Each situation will have different
consequences for each pet and pet owner. Students will have to perform calculations to figure out
how much money they owe for their pet each time they have a turn. The main objective of this
activity is for students to recognize that buying insurance, even when the insurance seems
expensive, should save you money in the long run. This activity is geared towards students in Grade

Materials Needed:
1) Leader Guide – this will provide the leader(s) of this station a guide to implement the station and
    all of the information needed to carry out the station efficiently.
2) Posters – There are eight posters that can be used for this station.
        “Premium Pet Insurance Agency” – title of station
        “Policy A (B, C, D, E)” – these five posters outline the five policies that students are to choose
                from or be given for the game.
        “Category Chart” – this poster outlines the costs for small and large pets in regards to which
                situation is at hand. Ex. Pregnancy.
        “If You Have To Pay…You Get To Move…” – this poster provides students with the information
                on how to move around the game board.
3) Policy Cards – there are 20 policy cards that are colour coated with the same policy poster. Each
    student will be given one of these cards, after they choose their policy or are given their policy.
4) Pet Cards – there are 20 pet cards, coloured coated in black for large pets and white for small
    pets. Each student will also receive one of these cards before the game starts, either picking it
    for themselves or being given it.
5) Situation Cards – there are 45 situations cards that are coloured coated with the category
    poster. There are eight categories, seven categories use the insurance policies and one category
    allows the students to receive money or pay nothing during the game.
6) Canvas Game Board - the game board consists of 21 spaces, including the start and finish. The
    game is over when students run out of money or when someone completes the game. If there is
    extra time students who have not ran out of money may continue playing.
7) Scrap Paper and Pencils – for students to use when they need to make calculations.
Leader Guide
Set: (10 min.)
*If there are more than 20 students each student will need to be paired up, or as many that is
needed so that there is only 20 pet owners.
Explanation of the game: There are 20 spaces on the game board and you will move “x” number of
spaces depending on how much money you have to pay each turn according to whatever situation
you encounter (as shown on the poster “if you have to pay…You get to move…”). You will be able to
play until you run out of money. Each student will have to pay for their insurance out of the $1105
given to them at the beginning of the game. Students will be responsible for calculating the amount
that is owed on each of their turns. (Whenever the amount to be paid ends in a number that cannot
be divided into 5 the owner will pay the next amount that can be divided by 5. Ex. $42.50 – pet
owner pays $45.00)
Each student will be given     13 - $50s = $650
                                13 - $20s = $260
                                13 - $10s = $130
                                13 - $5s = $65
                                Total = $1105
To prepare for Pet Insurance each student will randomly choose a pet from the pile of pets (this
can be done by drawing a pet picture from the 20 pets that are available). Each pet fits into a large
or small category. The pets that are on the black background are large pets, the pets on the white
background are small pets.
After students have drawn a pet, they will then choose an insurance policy. There are 5 policies
available to choose from and only four pet owners can buy each policy. The policies can be chose in
random order by the students, drawn as the pets were, or handed out. Each policy is colour coated
with the large poster.
Students should be given paper and pencils to perform the necessary calculations if need be.
For discussion: How do you think the game will play out? Who will have the most money left over
and why?

Development: (40 min.)
Pet owners will begin to play pet insurance. (Depending on how much time is allotted for this
station students may need to be placed in partners so that more turns can be made). Each student
should be given about 5 turns to observe how insurance works and what situations effect the game
(pet owners receiving money, having a small vs. large pet, buying a more expensive insurance policy,
etc.) One turn consists of picking up a situation card, reading it aloud, paying or receiving a select
amount of money, and moving the outlined number of spaces.
Assuming the game follows theory, the pet owner’s who have bought the most expensive insurance
should be able to finish the game and have money left over, other pet owners may run out of money
and not be able to finish the game.

Closure: (10 min.)
An open discussion should take place regarding how the game ended (if there was not enough
time to finish the game students should already have observed enough of it to know what the
outcome would be.)
Students should be given time to think, pair, share their opinions on what happened in the game
and any changes they would make if they could choose a different insurance policy than the one they
had. They can talk about situations in the game that changed, or could have changed, the
theoretical outcome of the game. The objective to meet through this discussion is to have students
realize how insurance works and what could be the upside or downside to buying more or less
expensive insurance. If there were some students who had the least expensive insurance policy and
still finished the game this should be discussed. What happened that they were able to make it
through the game? This discussion really depends on the situation at hand and will change every
time a new group participates in Pet Insurance.
Leader Guide (extra information)
Pet Insurance Policies
The following is information that will be useful to use when the game is being played. Included in the
next pages are the policies, cost of situations, situations, calculated costs and spaces that are
moved for each situation and policy, and all of the pets organized into small and large categories.

Policy A:
- covers up to 75% of the costs you and your pet have for the following categories:
        dental/cosmetic surgery
        pregnancy (check-ups/operations)
        special dietary needs
        pet care (boarding)                                                         Cost: $600.00

Policy B:
- covers up to 60% of the costs you and your pet have for the following categories:
        pregnancy (check-ups/operations)
        special dietary needs
        pet care (boarding)                                                         Cost: $400.00

Policy C:
- covers up to 50% of the costs you and your pet have for the following categories:
        dental/cosmetic surgery
        pregnancy (check-ups/operations)
        special dietary needs                                                       Cost: $300.00

Policy D:
- covers up to 30% of the costs you and your pet have for the following categories:
        dental/cosmetic surgery                                                     Cost: $200.00

Policy E:
- covers up to 25% of the costs you and your pet have for the following categories:
        dental/cosmetic surgery
        pregnancy (check-ups/operations)
        special dietary needs
        pet care (boarding)                                                         Cost: $100.00
Pet Insurance Costs:

Category                                      Small Pet           Large Pet
surgery                                              $280               $300
check-ups/immunization                               $50                 $80
antibiotics/medicine                                 $120               $180
dental/cosmetic surgery                              $230               $260
pregnancy (check-ups/operations)                     $190               $210
special dietary needs                                $150               $170
pet care (boarding)                                  $220               $250


Surgery –
-Your pet has been moaning and groaning, as if it really hurts to move. You find out from the vet that
your pet’s intestines have become twisted because of lack of exercise and it needs to have surgery.

-Your pet got hurt by your next-door neighbour’s pet and has a wound that needs to be operated on

-Your pet is experiencing difficulty breathing and needs to have a small non-intrusive surgery on its

-Your pet was exercising too vigorously and pulled a tendon off of a joint. This requires emergency

-Your pet has a lump on the tip of its nose. You get it surgically removed to find out that it was just
mucous build-up.

Check-ups/Immunization –
-It’s that time of year again. Take your pet to the vet.

-There’s a new virus going around called Mad Pet Disease and your worried your pet might contract
it. You take the necessary precautions by getting the immunization.

-You’re worried that your pet does not eat enough, so you take it to the vet to have a physical. The
vet says your pet is just fine.

-You’ve had many pets but never this kind of pet. You visit the vet for a check-up and get some
information on how to best care for it.

-It’s time for your pet’s shots to protect from rabies, worms, and everything else.

Antibiotics/Medicine –
-Your pet has been up to no good and has mysteriously gotten food poisoning, even though it is on a
strict diet. This calls for special antibiotics.
-Your pet has gotten an infected eye and needs antibiotics to clear up the infection.

-Your pet has the stomach flu and has been making a mess on the rug for one too many days. You
have the vet prescribe some anti-nausea medicine for it to take.

-Your pet has an ear infection that won’t go away because of water that entered the ear. Eardrops
are prescribed.

-Your pet is overactive and hyper all of the time. You decide to put it on some calming medicine to
see if it helps.

Dental/Cosmetic Surgery –
-Your pet has really bad breath and has to get its teeth cleaned, along with some special dental

-Your pet has been chewing on a toy that has tightened its jaw and needs to have dental surgery.

-Your pet ran into the wall breaking a bone, which created a large cut on its body. It needs some
plastic surgery to return the surrounding area to its original mobility.

-Your pet’s jaw is out of place making it very hard for it to eat. You schedule re-constructive jaw

-Your pet’s eyes are always dry and, because of lack of moisture, this makes it hard for your pet to
see. It sometimes causes your pet to hurt itself accidentally. You take your pet to get tear duct

Pregnancy (check-ups/operations) –
-Your pet is a very special and rare breed and you want to increase the population of the breed.
Amazingly the old woman next door has the exact same male pet. You find your pet is expecting
within the month.

-Your pet seems usually quiet and shy. You take it to the vet and she tells you, “You have more pets
on the way!”

-Your pet is pregnant and you are worried about it because it seems to be getting smaller than it was
when it wasn’t pregnant. The check-up shows everything is all right.

-Halfway through your pet’s pregnancy you go to the vet for a check-up to see if everything is going as

-You take your pet to stay at the vets right before it is to have its baby so you don’t have to worry
about any complications that should arise.

Special Dietary Needs –
-Your pet hasn’t had enough exercise and is very overweight. It’s time for a low carb and calorie diet.

-Your pet never eats the food you are trying to give it. The vet says your pet is a picky-eater and
needs a special type of food.
-You notice your pet has not went to the bathroom for quite some time. It’s time for an increase in
fibre in its diet.

-You think your pet has been very well behaved during the past week. You reward it with some
special treats.

-Your pet has been very dozy recently. You switch its food in hopes that a new taste will liven your
pet up.

Pet Care (boarding) –
-Every time you have guests over your pet acts out, disturbing your visit. You send your pet to
obedience school for two days.

-You are going on a hiking trip and your pet won’t be able to make the trek. You drop your pet off at
a kennel for the weekend.

-Time for your pet to shine. Clean out its cage, give it a haircut, change their water, or do whatever
you need to do to make your pet beautiful.

-You are having relatives come stay with you for a few days but your cousin is allergic to your pet.
You have to send it to a kennel for the time that they are staying.

-Your pet seems really bored lately, so you go out to get it everything it needs to exercise and play.
This is pet care at its finest.

Others –
-You entered your pet into a Pet Talent Show and it won. First Place Prize: $75.00

-You find your friend’s missing pet. The reward was $50.00.

-You think your pet has got it all. Just your luck, the judges thought so too. First prize for Best
Looking Pet is $75.00.

-The vet overcharged your on your last check-up. Collect $100.00.

-Your pet was the star of a new pet food commercial. You received $100.00 from the company for
the use of your pet.

-Spend some quality time with your pet.

-Spend some quality time with your pet.

-Spend some quality time with your pet.

-Spend some quality time with your pet.

-Spend some quality time with your pet.
      On The Game Board:

      If you pay…                            You move…
      $0-50                                  4 spaces
      $50-100                                3 spaces
      $100-200                               2 spaces
      $200-300                               1 space

      Pre-made calculations that students will have to do if they are faced with any situation according to
      policy and size of pet:

Policy                                      Small Pet       Spaces Moved      Large Pet       Spaces Moved
A - surgery                                 $70.00          3                 $75.00          3
A - check-ups/immunization                  $12.50          4                 $20.00          4
A - antibiotics/medicine                    $30.00          4                 $45.00          4
A - dental/cosmetic surgery                 $57.50          3                 $65.00          3
A - pregnancy (check-ups/operations)        $47.50          4                 $52.50          3
A - special dietary needs                   $37.50          4                 $42.50          4
A - pet care (boarding)                     $55.00          3                 $62.50          3
B - surgery                                 $280.00         1                 $300.00         1
B - check-ups/immunization                  $20.00          4                 $32.00          4
B - antibiotics/medicine                    $48.00          4                 $72.00          3
B - dental/cosmetic surgery                 $230.00         1                 $260.00         1
B - pregnancy (check-ups/operations)        $76.00          3                 $84.00          3
B - special dietary needs                   $60.00          3                 $68.00          3
B - pet care (boarding)                     $88.00          3                 $100.00         3
C - surgery                                 $140.00         2                 $150.00         2
C - check-ups/immunization                  $25.00          4                 $40.00          4
C - antibiotics/medicine                    $120.00         2                 $180.00         2
C - dental/cosmetic surgery                 $115.00         2                 $130.00         2
C - pregnancy (check-ups/operations)        $95.00          3                 $105.00         2
C - special dietary needs                   $75.00          3                 $85.00          3
C - pet care (boarding)                     $220.00         1                 $250.00         1
D - surgery                                 $196.00         2                 $210.00         1
D - check-ups/immunization                  $35.00          4                 $56.00          3
D - antibiotics/medicine                    $84.00          3                 $126.00         2
D - dental/cosmetic surgery                 $161.00         2                 $182.00         2
D - pregnancy (check-ups/operations)        $190.00         2                 $210.00         1
D - special dietary needs                   $150.00         2                 $170.00         2
D - pet care (boarding)                     $220.00         1                 $250.00         1
E - surgery                                 $210.00         1                 $225.00         1
E - check-ups/immunization                  $37.50          4                 $30.00          3
E - antibiotics/medicine                    $90.00          3                 $135.00         2
E - dental/cosmetic surgery                 $172.50         2                 $195.00         2
E - pregnancy (check-ups/operations)        $142.50         2                 $157.50         2
E - special dietary needs                   $112.50         2                 $127.50         2
E - pet care (boarding)                     $165.00         2                 $187.50         2
Small –



Cat       Hamster


Turtle                   Dog

Snail              Hedgehog

Large –


Pig     Elephant

Pony           Calf



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