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       Royal Sundaram is the first private non-life Insurance
       company licensed to operate in India. A joint-venture
       between Sundaram Finance and the RSA Group, Royal
       Sundaram, draws on the global expertise and best practices
       of the RSA Group and the local understanding of Sundaram
       Finance. This expertise and experience helps Royal
       Sundaram in offering its customers best-in- class service and
       insurance solutions.

                                 We Insure:

                   Health           Motor             Home

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       Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited
Corporate Office : Sundaram Towers, 45 & 46, Whites Road, Chennai - 600 014.
          Registered Office : 21, Patullos Road, Chennai - 600 002.

Write: customer.services@royalsundaram.in        Visit: www.royalsundaram.in                           HOME SHIELD CLASSIC
                                                                                  The policy is subject to an excess of Rs.500 on each and every claim. For the Add on
Comprehensive Home Insurance                                                      cover the policy excess is Rs.1,000
Homeshield Classic is a comprehensive package of                                  *Inclusive of 10.3% Service Tax. Service Tax charges subject to change with
                                                                                  notification of Government and will have an impending effect on premium.
insurance benefits designed to cover the contents of your
home against all possible kinds of risks. Risks such as fire,                     Key Features
earthquake, terrorism, storm, flood, cyclone, burglary and
                                                                                      When it comes to contents of your home, Royal
breakdown of appliances. Your building cover can be
                                                                                      Sundaram’s Homeshield Classic will give you complete
arranged in conjunction with your contents cover or on its
                                                                                      peace of mind by covering the contents against a range of
                                                                                      risks as detailed below in the Table of Benefits
Table of Benefits                                                                     Three levels of cover to choose from to suit your lifesyle
                                                             (Amount in Rupees)       You have the option of insuring your building against fire
 Coverage                    Perils covered         Silver   Gold      Platinum       and allied perils
 Household contents       Fire and allied perils
 Clothing, linen,         including earthquake                                        You have an option of payment through credit card with
 furniture and fixture,   and terrorism                                               automatic renewal facility
 curtains, utensils and   Burglary &             1,00,000 1,50,000 2,00,000
 crockery                 housebreaking,                                              Assured Claims service: Claims will be settled with in 10
                          including larceny
                          and theft.                                                  days of receipt of document
 Maximum Limit
 per Item                                           10,000   15,000     20,000        We provide you 15 days to review your policy document.
 Household                Fire and allied perils                                      If you are not completely satisfied, simply return your
 Appliance Television,    including earthquake
 Refrigerator, Washing    and terrorism                                               policy for cancellation and Royal Sundaram will refund
 machine, Microwave       Burglary &
 Oven, Music System,                             1,00,000 1,50,000 2,00,000
                                                                                      the entire premium paid provided no claims has been
 VCR/VCP, DVD             including larceny                                           made.
 player                   and theft. Electrical
                          and Mechanical
                          breakdown                                               Important Exclusions
 Maximum Limit
                                                    15,000   20,000     30,000    The policy does not cover:
 per Item
                          Fire and allied perils
                          including earthquake                                        Loss or damage due to war and allied perils, nuclear and
                          and terrorism
                          Burglary &                                                  pollution related perils
 Jewellery                housebreaking,            50,000   75,000 1,00,000
                          including larceny                                           Depreciation, wear and tear and consequential loss of
                          and theft, snatching                                        any kind
                          of jewellery whilst
                          worn in person                                              Scratching, Cracking, Accident breakage
 Maximum Limit
                                                     7,500   10,000     15,000
 per Item                                                                             Items more than 10 days old are excluded under
                                                   2,50,000 3,75,000 5,00,000         Electrical & Mechanical breakdown cover.
 ANNUAL PREMIUM*                                       964     1,448     1,930

 Add on Cover
                          Fire and allied perils                                  Summary
                          including earthquake
 (optional) Personal
 Computer, Air
                          and terrorism                                           This leaflet is only a brief summary of our Homeshield
                          Burglary &
 Conditioner and Air      housebreaking,            50,000   75,000 1,00,000      Classic Policy. Details on the terms and conditions and
 Cooler                   including larceny                                       other information can be acquired at Royal Sundaram.
                          and theft. Electrical
                          and Mechanical
 Maximum Limit
                                                    20,000   25,000     35,000
 per Item
                                                       358      535        714
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