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                 Elaine Pugh - Clerk to Council
     Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council
                 Held on Tuesday 14th July 2009
              At Gimingham Village Hall @ 7.30pm

Present:      Adrian Phillips (Chair), Colin Page (Vice Chair), Zoe Bloomfield,
              Christine Crabtree, Alan Gotts, Daniel Gotts, David Page
Apologies:    None
Others:       Graham Jones, NNDC & NCC, 4 members of the public

1.    To receive declaration of interest in items on the Agenda
      Adrian Phillips, Zoe Bloomfield – personal
      – payments to be reimbursed for Village Fayre expenditure.

2.    To consider apologies for absence

3.    To approve outstanding Minutes
      Ordinary Parish Council Meeting 9th June 2009
      Proposed Zoe Bloomfield and seconded by Alan Gotts – all were in favour.

4.    Update and review of Land next to Village Hall
      New evidence had been drawn to the Parish Council’s attention that a loan could be
      taken out for the full cost of this piece of land. The loan would come from the Public
      Works Loans Board; after authority from NALC the loan would be a formality. There
      was a great deal of discussion on this matter. The main issue was that the land was
      not worth in excess of £17,500 which was the guide price. However, this land was
      also seen as a benefit to the community and should be secured if possible.

      It was proposed by Adrian Phillips that the Parish Council puts in a further offer to
      purchase the land of £15,000 with a time limit of 1 month.

      There was a counter proposal by David Page that the current offer stands at
      £11,250; there was no seconder for this proposal.

      The original proposal by Adrian Phillips that the Parish Council puts in a further offer
      to purchase the land of £15,000 with a time limit of 1 month and this offer is subject
      to a loan being secured. This was seconded by Zoe Bloomfield. 6 were in favour and
      1 abstained.

      The next issue was how to fund the purchase of the land whether all of it was to be
      funded by the loan or a certain percentage. There was further debate about this.

      It was proposed by Alan Gotts that the Parish Council borrow £15,000 from The Public
      Works Loans Board over a 25 year period and seconded by Zoe Bloomfield. There
      were 6 in favour and one against.

      Clerk to contact Keys and inform them of the Council’s decision.                  EP

5.   Resolution to adjourn the meeting for public participation –
     District and County Councillor Reports
     Proposed by Zoe Bloomfield and seconded by David Page that the meeting be opened
     to the public.

     Graham Jones: outlined that he had met with Nick Tupper regarding speeding
     issues in villages. A meeting had been held with regards to speed enforcement
     with the Chief Inspector of Police located at North Walsham.
     Adapt was closed.
     Transport was a further issue Graham Jones was taking up at NCC.

     The meeting was left open for item 7.

7.   To discuss working group to advise Parish Council on possible
     amalgamation of Village Hall/Football Club
     Four members of the Community had been invited to participate in a working group
     to find out and progress ideas to go forward to a public meeting. The purpose of the
     group would be to look at the options of the possible amalgamation of Village
     Hall/Football club and any other facilities. After the public meeting it would be the
     view of the Parish Council to hold a referendum to find out what the community

     It was proposed to set up a working group which would be purely advisory by Zoe
     Bloomfield and seconded by Christine Crabtree. The members would be:
     Roger Burford, Brian Donoghue, John Shaw, Tom Burford, Alan Gotts, Ady Phillips and
     David Page. 6 were in favour and 1 abstained.

     It was hoped that the report/ideas would be ready for the Parish Council meeting on
     8th September 2009.

     Proposed to close the meeting to the public by Zoe Bloomfield and seconded by Alan

8.   Important correspondence read out for action – other in Councillor box
     Clerks & Council’s Direct
     NALC – various information
     LDF draft Plan
     NNDC – Coastal Erosion

9.   Finance – Schedule supplied to Councillors in advance of the meeting
     9.1    To approve payments                                  Amount              Chq no.
            Mr Watts                                             £125.00             397
            S Phillips                                           £235.40             398**
            Rob Grand                                            £51.29              399**
            Zoe Bloomfield                                       £240.00             400**
            Holden Portable Toilets                              £230.00             401**
            Olive Morris                                         £101.70             402**
            Elaine Pugh                                          £154.75             403
            ** denotes village fayre costs incurred to date

            Resolved to pay enbloc (Zoe Bloomfield and Ady Phillips did not vote).

     9.2    Income Received
            Village Fayre (banked to date)                       £1,623.32
     9.3    Purchase and installation of gate/posts at allotments
            Proposed to defer by Colin Page and Alan Gotts – all were in favour.

10.      Updates and for information - Monthly updates on:
         10.1      Highways –
                   10.1.1 Date for meeting with Highways – Clerk to arrange meeting with
                          Nick Tupper and Daniel Gotts and Alan Gotts.                               EP
                   10.1.2 Sanders bus service – signpost ordered – still not installed               EP

         10.2      NNHT Matters outstanding – Clerk awaiting update from Victory Housing Trust
                   10.2.1 Beech Close – car parking – Clerk to chase again                            EP
         10.3      Allotments – car removed
         10.4      Police report
                   1 Criminal Damage and 1 Theft Offence
         10.5      Footpath update – cut very well by NCC
         10.6      Update on Gimingham Football club
                   Clerk had made contact with Rob Grand and no news was forthcoming with regard to
                   insurance. It was understood by the Council that a new Chair had been appointed.
                   The Parish Council were very concerned that there may be no liability insurance on
                   the burnt out building. The Clerk is to write a letter asking for a copy of the insurance
                   and stating that IF the building is not taken down soon then the Parish Council will
                   take out an enforcement notice and take the building down and charge the Football
                   Club accordingly.                                                                  EP
         10.7      Village Fayre – 2009 – Zoe Bloomfield
                   The village fayre team are keen to undertake another event perhaps, next year.
                   They would do things slightly differently and ideas would be developed.
         10.8      Sandy Lane in bad repair – Clerk to report again to Highways                       EP
         10.9      Update of Gimingham Parish Council website (AP)
                   Ady Phillips reported that the website is up and running and needed information
                   and a little tweaking. The domain name is and the total
                   payment due to Ady is £9.99 which will be put on the next schedule of payments.
         10.10     Reuse of Rural buildings – Clerk wrote to NNDC and stated option 5 was the one the
                   Parish Council would support.
         10.11     Black sacks in the bins – requested Mr Watts to purchase – to chase.              EP
         10.12     Clerk to investigate possible insurance against objections by Parishioners to the
                   Parish Council Accounts – on advice of NALC this is not possible. It would be seen as
                   negligence in Accounting by the Parish Council. Clerk to discuss this with Allianz the
                   insurance company – it is an insurance against the cost of employing someone to check
                   all the accounts.                                                                  EP
         10.13     Damage to toddler swing – removed by David Page whilst new part being ordered
                   Clerk to liaise with play equipment committee with regard to this being covered under
                   warranty and ask the supplier to check the equipment.                              EP

11.      Planning
                              Erection of 1st floor side ext and single
 2 Harvey Estate              storey rear extension                       PERMISSION GRANTED

12.      To Receive Reports from Councillors and items for the next Agenda
         The August meeting was discussed at this point and it was proposed by Ady Phillips
         and seconded by Colin Page that the Council does not meet in August - all were in

         Councill reports were as follows:
             Damage reported to John Williams at NCC re 5 Aside nets                              EP
             Verges need cutting left and right of Pound                                          EP
             Suggested pull ins on Languard/Gimingham Road                                      DG/AG
             Review of allotment rents                                                         Agenda

13.      To confirm date of the next Gimingham Parish Council Meeting
         on Tuesday September 8th 2009 – 7.30pm.

There being no further business the Meeting closed at 9.15pm.

______________________________________                                         ______________________
ADY PHILLIPS – CHAIR                                                                8th September 2009


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