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					                                        December 2009
                            Dedicated to the life-long enjoyment of historic vehicles by enthusiasts on the Darling Downs

                                                                                A PLENTIFUL

                                                                                  All the way from Brisbane’s bayside, Gary
                                                                                  and Kathy Day rumble cross the rickerty
                                                                                  rail bridge in their 1929 DA Dodge roadster

Scott Fagg and Cathie Howie were passengers in Jack and Betty   Brisbane VVTE members Roth and Wendy Tyquin came up for the
Hetherton’s 1924 Model T Ford over the weekend.                 weekend in their 1928 Model A Ford tourer

                                                     DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ The Polishers Rag ~ 1
Management Committee 2009-2010                                     Next General Meeting:
President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Kevin McGrath         7.30pm Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ph: 07 4636 3760         Mob: 0407 627 751                         Next Management Committee Meeting
Email:                                      7.30pm, Monday, December 7, 2009
Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Brad McKeiver            Workshop
Ph: 07 4630 7204         Mob: 0488 706 833                         Workshop open Monday nights from (approx) 7pm to 9pm and
Email:                                       Wednesday afternoon 2 til 5.
Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Leonie Ham        Indoor bowls
Ph: 07 4633 5486          Mob: 0407 099 064                        Check with Ted Taylor 4632 2565 for 2009 dates!
Email:                                  Next newsletter closing date
Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mike Richards       December 19, 2009
Ph: 07 4697 9150        Mob: 0408 732 368
Email:                                       T O O W O O M B A S WA P 2 0 1 0
Dating Officer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ken Forster
Ph: 07 4630 0807            Mob: 0428 300 807
                                                                   Rick’s Update...
                                                                   Thank you to all who have offered to help run the 2010 swap —
Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jeff Brown   with almost 90% of sites sold it looks like being a sell out again
Ph: 07 4613 6706          Mob: 0403 454 332                        this year.
Email:                                  Most areas are under control with all club members doing the
Property Officer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Des Ham          same job as last year, at the same time and place, which makes it
                                                                   work well as you will be working with your team of club members
Ph: 07 4633 5486          Mob: 0407 099 064                        from the last swap.
                                                                   The other area is PA. All you need is a good strong voice, as we
Rally Director team . . . . . .Michael & Sue Wells                 have a guide to go by, so if you or your wife, partner or girlfriend
Ph: 07 4615 2042          Mob: 0429 066 655                        can help in any way please call me on 4613 6611 at any time so I
Email:                                        can get you on the roster... and I can start to sleep at night again.
Librarian . . . . . . . . . .Brad & Mitchell McKeiver              With all outside organisations now in place and ready to go, and
                                                                   no major showground changes, everything looks great for a good
Ph: 07 4630 7204         Mob: 0488 706 833                         swap.
                                                                   We had hoped to have arm bands for this event, but cost stopped
Workshop Supervisor . . . . . . . .Peter Donovan                   that as it was more than the sponsor was willing to pay. Never
Ph: 07 4630 7326          Mob: 0408 307 666                        mind, next year 2011 if the swap committee starts early in the
Email:                                  year I am sure they could come up with some company that
                                                                   would get involved and supply them.
Membership Officer . . . . . . . . . . . .John O’Hara              The set up crew are looking forward to Fill Fischers new ‘Series
Ph: 07 4632 8855                                                   2’ line marker that has the comfort of a Rolls Royce and the
Swap Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Rick A’Bell        handling of a Formula One race car. The sad thing is Bill, after
                                                                   being in the last 34 swaps, won’t be here to drive it.
Ph: 07 4613 6611            Mob: 0429 456 567
                                                                   This year the clean up team will notice the container has had a
Historian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Brian Timms       little more work done, which now makes it look nice and tidy.
Ph: 07 4630 0048                                                   Don’t forget if you can help, give me a call.
Email:                                         Thanks — Rick A’Bell.
Combined Council Reps
Rick A’Bell, Leo Ryan.

Web site:
Meetings: Visitors Welcome
Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month in the
DDVVMC Clubrooms, 2 Rocla Court, Toowoomba.
Mailing address:
DDVVMC, PO Box 486, Toowoomba Qld 4350
Clubroom Ph: 07 4633 3181
                                                                   Len and Rosemary Kennedy’s 1915 Model T won Best
For magazine contributions:                                        Veteran & Vintage (sponsored by UltraTune Toowoomba
Email:                                  West) at the Drive4Life Expo on Sunday, November 15.
PO Box 243, Southtown Qld 4350.                                    On board are long-time friends, John and Jean McKay.


                                                                      Below: Is this the face of Vintage
                                                                      Motoring? While this great pic of
                                                                      our own club historian Brian Timms
                                                                      is slightly out of focus, it certainly
                                                                      reflects the attitude of what enjoying
                                                                      classic cars is all about.

Cherryl and Brad McKeiver guard the morning fry-up.

Familiar faces and willing workers at most club events:
Jeff & Ann Cox keep the ‘vintage’ flag flying.                        Tips for Today
     Reflections                             by Vice-
                                                                      Removing dents from double panels
                                                                      These dents may be in rocker panels, door pillars, fuel tanks etc,
                                              Brad                    where you can not get behind to pry out the dent.
                                                                      You can spend between $2000 and $80,000 to buy machines
                                                                      designed to remove these dents. A much less expensive method
Well, another successful rally on the weekend thanks to Mike and      is: Take a flat washer on its edge and with a Mig or Tig welder
Sue.                                                                  (available in our workshop) weld the washer to the area that is
In my wife Cherryl’s words even though the treasure hunt was a        dented. Then using a slide hammer (available in workshop) place
brain teaser it was a load of fun and it was a great Sunday outing.   the hook end through the washer and gently pull out the dent.
We finished off at the club house with a lovely meal which was        You may need several washers around the edge of large dents to
supplied by our club. Special thanks to Ann, Jeff and Sue for all     gradually remove the dent. Make sure the washer is large enough
their hard work. Good numbers thanks to the Vintage Vehicle           to fit through the slide hammer hook.
Touring Enthusiasts group but not so good from our members.           When finished pulling the dent, simply cut off the washer with a
It is common to see the same faces at social events and I             cutting wheel on the angel grinder (available in workshop) and
sometimes wonder what members want to get from the club. If           grind up the area. A little body filler may be required to smooth
members want value-for-money please come to more of these             out for painting.
events. With the recent purchase of the large screen and sound        Thank You, Bob Chapman
system it would be good to see strong support with movie nights       If any members have any topics they would like discussed, please
and old footage etc.                                                  let me know.
The workshop is very well equipped and if you’re unsure how to
use something there will always be someone ready to help you.                        QUOTE OF THE MONTH
Then there is the function room ready for almost any occasion          If the automobile had followed the same development cycle as
which I think makes our membership fee look very inexpensive.          the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get one
                                                                       million miles to the gallon, and explode once a year, killing
Brad McKeiver
                                                                       everyone inside. — Robert X Cringely

                                                          DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ The Polishers Rag ~ 3

Meeting opened by B.McKeiver at 7.30                               Rallies: Mike reported.
Present:                                                           15th Nov Drive 4 Life.
M. Wells, J. O’Hara, R. A’Bell, P. Donovan, B. Timms, D. Ham, L.   22st Nov Harvest Rally
Ham, M. McKeiver, J. Brown, K. Forster. J. O’Hara, M. Richards     13th Dec Christmas Rally
Apologies: K. McGrath, L. Ryan                                     Membership:
Visitors: None                                                     John reported that approx. 25 members are
Minutes: Moved L. Ham, sec. R. A’Bell                              unfinancial. It was requested that John make some phone calls.
Treasurers Report: Moved M. Richards sec. K. Forster.              There followed a discussion as to why some members are
                                                                   choosing not to renew.
                                                                   Dating: Nil
• Magazines,
• Charities nomination letters,
                                                                   Brad and Mitch have finalised the new shelves and had a general
• Accounts: Snap Printing,                                         tidy up in library.
• Tender for Gurney,                                               Editor: Nil
• David Hack Meeting 2/5/2010,                                     Workshop:
• R.V.A.D. at Dalby 8th/9th May 2010.                              Peter requested a new BBQ which could be hung instead of taking
• Letter from a band leader requesting hire of rooms for           up floor space. So far $1000 spent on hand tools. Peter requested
    practice,                                                      that his phone number be removed from notice board at gate.
• Letter from G. Wilkinson outlining a budget for Club to enable   Swap:
    lowering of fees.                                              Rick displayed wrist bands which are available for entry to Swap.
L. Ham moved that correspondence be received and outward           He will contact Shannons to see if they still wish to sponsor them
endorsed. Sec. M. Wells.                                           as a form of advertising. Please phone Rick if you are able to work
                                                                   in booking office at the Swap. Advertising is all in hand.
Property Officer:
Des reported the rooms are booked by G. Allum for the Rally        General Business:
21/22nd Nov.                                                       • Audio-visual equipment to be discussed at General Meeting.
Suggestion to purchase saucers for pots on verandahs and new       • Photocopier to be discussed at General Meeting.
plants for empty pots from Peter McGovern who voluntarily cares    • Meet & Greet with Twba Rotary at the Clubrooms on Monday
for grounds. Peter further suggested that members attending            30th Nov at 5pm.
workshop on Wed water the plants.
                                                                   • Letter to Jayson Mengel advising that the hire of club rooms
Historian;                                                             only available to financial members.
Brian reported that John Clement has offered to compile the book   • Letter to George Wilkinson inviting him to next management
from all the information which Brian has gathered. John would          meeting to discuss his suggestions.
like an organized members’ walk to gather memories from long
standing members and members who have lived in Toowoomba           There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.55pm.
for many years. Dates to be advised.                               Secretary: Leonie Ham Vice President: Brad McKeiver

  Harvest Rally Winners

  Rick and Nerida A’Bell eventually got first prize after a        Visiting VVTE members Kym and Liz Wilson from Hervey
  ‘finals’ questionnaire showdown at the clubhouse.                Bay pick up a bubbly 2nd prize.


Meeting opened at 7.30pm by Brad McKeiver.                              • Accounts
Attendance as per book.                                                 • Letter        from    Jayson     Mengel
Apologies:                                                                   requesting use of rooms
K. McGrath, C. Baker, S. Hoffmann, B. Timms, T. Sheeran, A.             • Letter from G. Wilkinson nominating 2
Waite, M. McKeiver, P. Donovan, J. Twidale.                                  charities and proposing a budget to lessen
Visitors:                                                                    Club subscriptions.
Julie (Teen Challenge) David Schwerin.                                  • Letter re: David Hack Day to be held 2nd May 2010
Julie addressed the Club on the work of Teen Challenge. Jeff            • Dalby Annual Rally to be held 8/9th May 2010
Brown presented a cheque for $1000 being proceeds from the              Moved that correspondence be accepted by L. Ham, sec. A.
Floral Classic Show & Shine at the Carnival of Flowers.                 Hoffmann.
Minutes:                                                                Treasurers Report:
Minutes as read be accepted moved L. Ham sec R. A’Bell.                 Mike delivered a full report and included the auditor’s report.
Business arising from Minutes:                                          Moved M. Richards, sec. B. Chapman.
(1) Audio-Visual System – Moved Bob Chapman sec Len Kennedy             Dating Officer: Nil
    that the audio visual system be purchased and installed as per      Editor: Nil
    quote from I.T. Solutions.                                          Property Officer:
(2) Photocopier; After some discussion and information on new           Rooms booked 21/22 Nov. for the Heritage Touring Car Club visit.
    copiers, Keith Hoffmann offered to investigate a second hand
    copier, which had come to his notice                                Rally Director:
                                                                        30th Nov Meet & Greet the Rotary Club Toowoomba at a BBQ at
(3) The meeting acknowledged the tremendous contribution of
                                                                        Clubrooms 5pm.
    Len Kennedy in giving joy rides to many people during the
    Carnival of Flowers.Len not only gave rides but went to great       Christmas Rally 13th Dec Rally to local Winery including sample
    lengths to explain to passengers,the mechanical workings of         tasting.
    his car.The Club appreciates all our members,of which ,there        Librarian:
    were many attending the Parade and giving our Club such a           Brad and Mitch have had a spring clean in the library.
    great Public Relations Exposure                                     Workshop Supervisor:
(4) A great deal of opinion was aired regarding the decision to         Peter requested when members are using sand blaster to keep the
    eliminate the display cars from the Swap.                           nozzle low to avoid marking of glass windows.
    K. Forster rescinded his original motion and replaced it with       Membership Officer: Nil
    the following “that (1) the club has a display car exhibition and
                                                                        Combined Council: Nil
    (2) that all passengers and driver be charged the normal
    admission fee” sec. M. Klein (passed).                              Swap Organizer:
Correspondence:                                                         Rick reported 80% of sites booked. Founders Pavilion to open
                                                                        4pm-7pm on Thursday to allow for setting up. Helpers are
• Magazines                                                             urgently needed for booking office. Phone Rick if you can assist.
                                                                        An instruction session to be conducted by Denise.
                                                                        Show & Tell:
                                                                        Bob Chapman gave an interesting talk on the legal aspects of U/16
                                                                        children being restrained at all times even in a vintage car without
                                                                        fitted belts.
                                                                        Bob showed a method of downloading discs to allow for music in
                                                                        cars plugged into car cigarette lighter. Bob has these devices for
                                                                        sale for $20.
                                                                        General Business:
                                                                        (1) Moved R.Poulton that the Club purchase a book on the history
                                                                             of “Cobb & Co” for the cost of $35 to be added to our library.
                                                                             sec. G. Voll (passed)
                                                                        (2) Chairman Brad thanked Glen Hoey for transferring a number
                                                                             of floppy discs onto CD for the library.
                                                                        There being no further business meeting closed at 9.35pm.
                                                                        Secretary: Leonie Ham
                                                                        Vice President: Brad McKeiver
Denise and Merv Klein enjoy a cuppa at the Cobb &
Co Museum, on their way to winning 3rd prize.

                                                           DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ The Polishers Rag ~ 5

                                                             Drive 4 Life
                                                             Expo launched
                                                             Sunday, November 15 was the inaugural
                                                             expo to help launch the Drive4Life
                                                             campaign, to help fully educate young drivers as
                                                             to the real world of motoring — and stay alive on our roads.
                                                             Over 150 classic cars, hotrods, streetmachines and trucks turned
                                                             up early, with the most prized in the main pavilion. While the
                                                             super cruise was a big feature, it was the simulators — a Bathurst
                                                             racing one and a big mining machinery — that attracted most
                                                             There were a small number of joyride takers, but not anywhere
                                                             near expectations. Those who did got to ride in Arthur Fowler’s
                                                             1930 Model A and Phillip Martin’s 1945 Studebaker Reo troup
Member for Toowoomba North, Kerry Shine, lights one of       carrier.
the three candles at the Expo, as a part of the World        It will certainly be on again next year but the date may change to
Road Trauma Day Memorial Service.                            avoid end of school pressures, as the main target audience are the
                                                             grade 11 and 12s.
                                                             Thanks to all who turned up, showed their cars and participated
                                                             in a very worthwhile cause.

One of the multi-award winning street machines on
show, a HQ Holden sedan with blown Chevy big block.
                                                             This B Double was set up with a small car in front and
                                                             another behind, and invited young drivers to sit in the
                                                             driver’s seat to get a truckie’s viewpoint of the road. The
                                                             car in front nearly disappeared from view while the one
                                                             behind did completely.

Above: View of the Super Cruise back down the line from
about the midway point, as the row of thumping street
machines and classic cars disappears out of sight.
Right: from the same vantage point, looking forward. The
line of cars curves right around from the Village Green to
the main arena.
V V T E T O O W O O M B A R U N ~ H A R V E S T R A L LY

Some of the rally cars lined up outside the Aerotec Hanger for lunch, after the Main Roads Museum visit.
November Rally Wrap-up                                                presented their treasures to the judges. As with any competitive
                                                                      type thing there can be a tie for first place so Pat Murphy put his
November 8 British Drivers Club
                                                                      school teacher cap on and ran some questions past the first place
November 8 saw the British Drivers Club at the club rooms for         getters. This really sorted them out. So the tie was broken and the
breakfast. They were in town enjoying the sights and visiting         places decided and prizes given out. First place was Rick and
some local collections. The bacon and toad-in-the-holes went          Nerida A’Bell, second was Kym and his wife from the visting club
down a treat and when finished they were ready for a run south        and third was Merv and Denise Klein.
to the Steel Rudd log cabin. Some of our members came along for
                                                                      Lunch was served with chicken and salad followed by sweets with
the run as well.
                                                                      ice cream etc. The Clubs rooms looked great with tables all
When we got to the morning tea stop at Rudds cabin we were met        decked out in flowers and trimmings.
with the sight of about 30 - 40 Landrovers, Range Rovers,
                                                                      After lunch people said their goodbyes and the day was over as
Freelanders etc. They were out on their monthly run and were on
                                                                      quickly as it started.
their way to Queen Mary Falls via some dirt tracks they had in
mind.                                                                 May I just say a big thankyou to everybody who helped out on the
                                                                      day. There are so many of you I hope you will not feel upset if I
After our group had looked around and finished morning tea we
                                                                      don’t list everybody — but you know who you are so again a big
led them out to the Gatton-Clifton road and they were on their
way back to Brisbane.
                                                                      December 13: Christmas Cheer Run
A big thankyou for the members who came and helped with the
Sunday breakfast and the tidy up afterwards. Your help was                 Meet at the club rooms at 9.00am for a 9.30 start. Travel to the
greatly appreciated.                                                       winery for some wine tasting and morning tea. Return to the
November 22 Harvest Rally                                                  clubs rooms for BYO lunch then afterwards sweets provided
                                                                           by the club. Come along for the last run of the year and
A great start to a great day. The BBQ breakfast at Picnic Point was
                                                                           remember, if your old car is not going, come along in your
the start to a most enjoyable around town run.
                                                                           modern or share a ride in one of your club mates’ cars. You
We had 19 of our members’ cars on hand and a good number                   never know — you may get to know someone a little bit
were vintage cars. We played host to the Vintage Vehicle Touring           better.
Enthusiasts with their vintage cars. It was a long time for some to
see so many vintage cars together in one place.                       January 26: Highfields Pioneer Village
After everybody had finished breakfast the group was given a brief         This year we will pay a visit to the Pioneer Village at Highfields.
of what the day had in store for them. Graham Allum gave out his           Lots of displays to look at as well as the grand parade. You may
run sheets but in true Allum style the cars headed off in two              want to be part of this or just sit back and watch. More
directions so following your mate did not help much.                       complete details to follow.
As well as seeing the sights the group had to find 15 different       Till the next rally, stay safe.
things on the treasure hunt sheet. I tell you there are some pretty   Sue and I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas
resourseful people out there.                                         and a safe and Happy New Year.
The cars started arriving at the clubs rooms at about 12.30 and       Michael & Sue Wells: — Rally Directors

                                                         DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ The Polishers Rag ~ 7
V V T E T O O W O O M B A R U N ~ H A R V E S T R A L LY

Paul and Jenny Guy’s 1930 Model A on the Saturday run.
                                                          Michael and Yvonne Armstrong’s 1964 Austin Healy Sprite

Dave and Elaine Pakeman with their 1927 Essex sedan.

                                                          Arthur and Janelle Fowler’s 1930 Model A Coupe.

Ken and Gwen Wells’ 1928 Dodge 6 from Hervey Bay

                                                          Sue Wells’ 1966 Mustang gets another run.

Keith and Anne Bartley’s 1928 Hupmobile from Dalby.       Karen Klein’s 27 Oakland with Merv and Denise’s EJ.

V V T E T O O W O O M B A R U N ~ H A R V E S T R A L LY

Rick and Nerida A’Bell’s 1955 Plymouth Belvedere was
one of the few ‘moderns’ among the vintage crowd.

                                                           FB Holden is the rare panel van version. Note the late
                                                           50s Holden ad on the wall.

Pat Murphy wheels his 1928 Chev roadster into the park.

                                                          Dick Pakeman’s 1924 Rollin. Below, the man himself.

Ted Taylor’s 1927 Chev enjoyed the day out as well.

                                                          Left: Glen Smith (VVTE Event Organiser), with Graham
                                                          Allum flank Rally Director Michael Wells as he gives out
                                                          the morning treasure hunt instructions. Six people
                                                          eventually got all questions correct.

                                                DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ The Polishers Rag ~ 9

                                                                                   of seeing at first hand the great Doug Whiteford in his
                                                                                   mighty Lago Talbot (to be later purchased by local
                                                                                   driver Rex Taylor, who raced it with great distinction)
                                                                                   in action.
                                                                                   In 1952, the Club had the distinction of holding the
                                                                                   Queensland Road Racing Championships on the strip,
                                                                                   this time introducting Stan Jones, (father of present
                                                                                   ex-world Champion Allan Jones) in his spectacular
                                                                                   Maybach. In these years, Stan of course could not
                                                                                   resist the temptation to get behind the wheel himself,
                                                                                   and he performed with a great deal of distinction not
                                                                                   only at Leyburn, Strathpine and Lowood, but also at

          Stan Mossetter (Zac) and Kev Zimmerle (Zim)
                                                                                   Bathurst, behind the wheel of The Rizzo Riley, Austin
                                                                                   Healy ‘100S’, and Coopers, and he performed so
                                                                                   creditably in that year that he had the honour of being
                                                                                   named “Telegraph motoring Blue” in 1952, a
                                 by K J Zimmerle
                                                                                   distinction never won before or since by a local driver.
This story really commences back in 1949, when after a very
                                                                      Continuing on, and going from strength to strength, with
successful Australian Grand Prix held at the old wartime Liberator
                                                                      membership now up around 200, the Club was again entrusted
airstrip at Leyburn, 45 miles from Toowoomba, the imagination of
                                                                      with running the Queensland Road Racing Championships in
several local motoring identities was fired with the thought that a
                                                                      1953, with the star attraction this year being Jack Brabham (later
Club could possibly be formed to conduct other racing events at
                                                                      Sir Jack Brabham, world champion racing driver) with his cooper
the same venue, as the track at that time was considered to be
                                                                      Bristol. It was this year that perhaps capped Stan’s own success
quite solid and eminently suited for motor racing by Grand Prix
                                                                      behind the wheel, as he very proudly became the Queensland
drivers of the day.
                                                                      Road Racing Champion, a very proud distinction indeed.
Consisting of a roughly triangle-shaped circuit of just over 5 miles,
                                                                      As an indication of the esteem in which Stan and his Club were
with the main straight just over 1 ½ miles long, by virtue of its
                                                                      held, an invitation was extended to stage the Australian Grand
isolation from built-up areas, it was to prove one of the finest car-
                                                                      Prix of 1954 at Leyburn. However, an inspection of the track from
racing circuits in Australia.
                                                                      C.A.M.S. officials saw the end of this dream, as in their opinion the
An interested spectator at the Grand Prix was Stan Mossetter, a surface of the strip was breaking up and would not be suitable for
prominent used car dealer, who immediately after the race Grand Prix racing. So an alternative had to be found, and Stan,
inserted an advertisement in the local “Chronicle” asking any who by this time had been joined in the executive of the Club by
persons interested in the formation of the Motor Sporting Club in Kev Zimmerle as Secretary, asked for a meeting with officials of the
Toowoomba to contact him. Although disappointed at the initial Queensland Motor Sporting Club to be held at Marburg, and the
response, Stan persevered and called a public meeting to discuss outcome of this meeting was that an agreement was reached to
the formation of a Club.                                              conduct the 1954 A.G.P. at Southport. A circuit had already been
Chairing the first meeting held on 12th May, 1950, Stan received looked at, and it was to be the first circuit around the streets of
support from the likes of Toowoomba motoring identities in Bill any city in Australia. A winding, tricky circuit of 5.7 miles, it
Lindgren, Luke Thomas, Arthur Knight, Merv Beutel and Alex bordered the Southport Golf Club, Race Course and Gun Club,
Campbell, and on the motion of Mr Campbell, seconded by Mr and Stan and Kev soon found themselves up to their ears in
Beutel, the Toowoomba Auto Club Ltd came into being, with Stan organisational work, and it was after the expiry of several months
Mossetter as its first elected president, a position he was to hold of slogging work that the A.G.P. took place on 7th November, with
with pride for the next twenty years, during which time he saw the a starting line up that was a virtual “who’s who” of Australian
Club become nationally recognised as one of the most respected motor racing champions – Rex Taylor (Lago Talbot), Stan Jones
Auto Clubs in the land.                                               (Maybach), Fred Zambucka, N.Z. (Maserati), Dick Cobden
Within three months of the Club’s inception it was recognised and (Ferrari), Lex Davison (H.W.M.) Jack Brabham (Redex Special),
admitted to the Automobile Association of Australia, and in Stan Coffey (Cooper Bristol), Frank Kleinig (Hudson Special),
October of the same year was successful in holding the Carnival of Alex Mildren (Riley Special), Arthur Griffiths (Javelin Special),
Flowers Championships at the Lowood airstrip, and in 1951, after Doug Whiteford (Ford Special), Bill Wilcox (Ford Special), Chas
a mountain of work had been carried out under Stan’s direction Whatmore (Jaguar Special), Ken Richardson (Ford Special), Jack
cutting grass, erecting toilets, running telephone lines, erecting Murray (Cadillac Allard), John McKinney (MGTD), Curley Brydon
safety fences, etc., the Club’s first meeting was held at Leyburn, (MGTC), Holt Binnie (MGTD), Jim Barron/Bill Greenwood
and the Toowoomba motor sporting public had the opportunity (MGTC Special), Ian Mountain (Peugot Special), Owen Bailey


(Holden Special), Wal Anderson (Holden                                                             All this, of
Special), Cyril Anderson (Jaguar XK120), Bill                                                        course, was
McLachlan (Allard), Snow Sefton (Mercury                                                               just not all
Special).                                                                                                work and no
The Toowoomba content of the field is                                                                      play, as the
remarkable, with Rex Taylor, Arthur                                                                        duo had their
Griffiths, John McKinnery, and co-drivers                                                                   moments of fun and games. In one
Jim Barron and Bill Greenwood all                                                                            particular trial which led to a
acquitted themselves in the gruelling 27                                                                     luncheon break at the top of the
laps (153.9 miles), which saw many of the                                                                    Bunyas, Zac (according to Zim)
favoured drop by the wayside. The eventual                                                                   missed a turn at Oakey (or Zim
winner was Lex Davidson, whose Jaguar                                                                        failed to direct him on to it,
XK120 powered HWM special outstayed the                                                                     according to Zim), and they
opposition.                                                                                                 finished up hopelessly lost out
                                                                                                           towards Jondaryan. Realising a
Stan’s duties on the day precluded him from
                                                                                                           mistake had been made, and after
entering the actual A.G.P., but he did take time off
                                                                                                          reading their instructions ahead,
to race in the Cord’s Piston Ring Trophy Event for
                                                                                                         they found that they should be
open sports cars in his very hot Austin Healy, with
                                                                                                        heading for a control at the
an estimated top speed of 110 mph. Stan
                                                                                                        Brymaroo Hotel, so accepting Zim’s
unfortunately spun out on the tricky Ferodo Corner
                                                                                                          instructions to pour on the coal (“is
to put him out of the running.
                                                                                                          this as fast as this heap with go?”),
After the hue and cry of A.G.P. racing had died out,                                                      Zac topped a hill doing 95 miles per
the Club’s next big venture was the staging of the                                                        hour to encounter a staggling herd
1955 Australian Hill Climb Championships on                                                               of cows crossing the road. Of
Prince Henry Drive. Here again Stan’s status in                                                           course, a collision was unavoidable,
the motor sporting world was responsible for                                                              so that was one trial they didn’t win.
this Blue Ribbon event being allocated to Toowoomba, as                 Still, they had a pleasant lunch on the side of the road with
Brisbane Clubs were vying for the honour, but the track chosen by       control official Jack Blades, who cooked them up a sumptuous
Stan and his committee was the one that won the day. Of course,         repast of eggs mixed with bitumen chips.
the fact that Stan and the then Mayor (Curly Anderson) were on
                                                                        These were the days of unsealed roads when a light shower
very friendly terms had more than a little to do with permission
                                                                        turned some of the black-soil tracks on the Downs into
being granted by the local Council, plus the fact that the local
                                                                        quagmires, and competitors had to slip and slide their way
police traffic superintendent was a luncheon guest of Stan’s.
                                                                        through, quite often with the poor old navigator with trousers
The track, at the Eastern end of Prince Henry Drive, and running        rolled up to his knees pushing from behind, with the cunning
in the opposite direction to the traffic flow, was over 1100 yards      driver always managing to use his throttle at the right moment to
of twisting turns, and competing drivers came from all over             effectively half-drown the pusher with mud from the spinning
Australia, the eventual winner being Victorian Lex Davison.             wheels. On one of these trials, some competitors became
The Club was to again stage the Australian Hill Climb                   thoroughly lost in the early sections around Toowoomba, and the
Championships on the same circuit in the 1961, thus having the          team of Arthur Griffiths and Jim Barron decided to give it all away
honour of holding three Blue-Ribbon events in seven years, a            and they went out to the airport, boarded Arthur’s plane, and
decided feather in the cap for Stan and his small but hard-working      proceeded to dive bomb some of the competitors with flour
committee. At this stage, the Club was receiving the whole-             bombs. Another trial over a full weekend over-nighted in
hearted support from every motoring firm in Toowoomba, the              Kingaroy, where Zac’s little VW somehow found its way up on the
management of those firms recognising the prestige in which the         median strip sandwiched between two awnings, and no-one knew
Club was held in motoring circles throughout Australia.                 how it got there. It certainly wasn’t driven! That same night
Taking a break from racing events, Stan and Kev turned their            another competitor’s car finished up bogged to the axle outside
talents to local trials and treasure hunts, and the phrase or           the local “peanut” house, and again no-one knew how it got there.
nickname “Zac and Zim” was formed. The pair soon developed a            Treasure Hunts were not really the pair’s cup of tea, as they were
good combination, and after a few arguments here and there              too prone to “play up” along the way, trying to trick other unwary
rapidly became a force to be reckoned with. They had had a little       competitors. For instance, one question asked was “What does the
previous experience in the earlier “Telegraph” Trials, both with        object on the footpath represent?” The object was a brick, and of
different partners and each finishing amongst the leading               course the answer was £10 as a brick was known in racing
placegetters on three occasions.                                        parlance. At least it was a brick when Zac and Zim were there, but
It was in trials that Zac (the driver) and Zim (the navigator) really   it was only a half-brick when they left. On another occasion they
made their presence felt, and they were virtually unbeatable for a      were asked to count the number of white stones around the fence
long period, taking off the Club Trials Championship for three          of a house on the corner. When Zac and Zim arrived there 14, but
years in a row, 1957, 1958, and 1959. In this latter year they also     when they departed there were only 12, the remaining 2 being
added the Treasure Hunt Championship to their long list of              later found in the boot of Zac’s car.
scalps, and subsequently were accorded the honour of being              to be continued...
named joint “Chronicle” Motoring Blues, a signal honour eagerly
sought after by local motor sporting enthusiasts.

                                                          DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ The Polishers Rag ~ 11
                                                                         Dec 09

                                                                  A fair bit of activity on both Monday nights and Wednesday
                                                                  afternoons, which is pleasing to see.
                                                                  During the month we had the blasting cabinet that we recently
                                                                  purchased, inspected by a rep from the manufacturer. His
                                                                  comments were that we did well in regard condition of machine
                                                                  and also price. He did suggest that we replace the handpiece as
                                                                  it showed significant wear. We have done this and the result has
                                                                  been significant. We have also been experimenting with different
                                                                  types of abrasives, and are currently giving garnet a run. It is
                                                                  working extremely well both with the rate of removal and extent
                                                                  of recycles we can get out of it. Next will be Aluminium Oxide,
                                                                  and then we will decide what works best for us, overall.
                                                                  While on the subject of the blasting cabinet, it comes to mind that
                                                                  we have already had to replace the viewing glass twice in this
                                                                  short period. While it may seem obvious to most, (in fact I would
                                                                  hope all), please do not point the handpiece at the viewing glass
                                                                  and then push the air pedal, to see if material is coming from the
                                                                  nozzle. Yes it has been happening and is evidenced by the extent
                                                                  of ‘blasting’ of the glass prior to its last replacement. (This also
                                                                  goes for other aspects of the use of the workshop — think before
                                                                  you do things and look after the equipment that is there for
                                                                  members use).
                                                                  We also now have some disposable latex gloves for members to
                                                                  wear while using the machine. These serve multiple purposes.
                                                                  They will allow easier entry into the machine ‘gloves’, and will
                                                                  provide a more hygenic situation in the main gloves, especially
                                                                  on hot days, and also if used while handling the parts being
                                                                  blasted, will prevent body oils and moisture getting on the parts
                                                                  just cleaned.
                                                                  Metal Machining (Cont) Speeds and Feeds.
                                                                  This is one of the most fundamental aspects of metal machining,
                                                                  and will directly impact on the end result of the job being done.
                                                                  Speeds…. Speeds as relates to the centre lathe is the speed at
                                                                  which the workpiece is turning. One may ask what the relevance
                                                                  of that is. The centre lathe has various speed settings (RPM) for
                                                                  the spindle (chuck) to turn at. And while the RPM is set at a
                                                                  particular rate, the speed which we are concerned about is the
                                                                  rate at which the material to be turned is passing the cutting
                                                                  If we have a piece of brass in the lathe with a diameter of 1”, then
                                                                  at 600rpm, the speed of the brass at the perimeter passing the
                                                                  tool is 157 feet per minute. (The ideal speed for removal with a
                                                                  HSS cutting tool), However if one inserts a 2” diameter piece and
                                                                  does not adjust the RPM of the machine, then the surface speed
                                                                  of the piece will be running at twice the ideal level and metal
                                                                  removal/tool life will be compromised. By comparison, if free
                                                                  machining mild steel was to be used of 1” in diameter, then the
                                                                  RPM would need to be reduced to 360, to accommodate the
                                                                  additional hardness of the material. In contrast aluminium of the
                                                                  same size could be turned at 1200 RPM.
Interesting advert clipped from The Chronicle, May 1952,
                                                                  We will be putting a simple chart up above the lathe, setting out
promoting Cameron Carby Sales’ carburettor services, where they
                                                                  relevant speeds of the centre lathe for various materials and their
were presumably fitting water injection.
                                                                  sizes, to assist in member’s use of the machine.
Newspaper clipping supplied by Ray Poulton.
                                                                  Next Month Carbide Tip Tooling (Indexable Tips) and the
                                                                  difference in using it. — Peter D
C LU B C A R Q U I Z                                                                                      LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

October Quiz Answers
1. Which make had ‘Twin H-Power’ in the early 50s? Hudson.
2. Which European make offered V12 powered cars from 64 to
    72, when a V8 was also offered? Lamborghini,
3. Which make introduced UA & UB Cab over trucks in 1937?
4. Which make offered a long bonnet Big Chief in 1962?
5. Which make offered Mulliner and Park Ward models?
    Rolls Royce.
6. Which make offered a range of Sleeve Valve powered cars
    from 1914 to 1932? Willys.
7. Which make offered an option pack known as the White Hat
    Special in the late 60s? Dodge.
8. Which make offered the Sport-a-bout wagon in the Mid 70s?                                              HOW ABOUT THIS BEAUTY!
    AMC.                                                                                                  1950 Chevrolet Club Coupe with only 437
9. Which make offered the American Tourist, with a conventional                                           actual miles on it, and only 3 owners.
    chassis, from 1905 to 1908? American Underslung.
                                                                                                          Purchased new by Mr and Mrs Jessie Trueblood of Modesto.
10. Which make offered Madam X models for 1930 & 31?                                                      Shortly after purchasing this car, Mr. Trueblood took a day off to
    Cadillac.                                                                                             go fishing. While waiting for the ‘big one’ to bite he witnessed a
                                                                                                          woman fall out of her boat. Mr Trueblood jumped in to help only
December Quiz
                                                                                                          to fall victim of a fatal heart attack. Mrs Trueblood returned the
1. Which make started with the founders doing machine work                                                car home and placed it in the garage for the next 12 years. The
    for Oldsmobile then machining engines and diffs for Henry                                             odometer reading at that time (1962) was 413 miles.
    Ford?                                                                                                 Mrs Trueblood lived next door to a used car lot owned by Mr
    ...................................................................................................   William E Wilson (now 81 years old). Mr Wilson spoke with her
2. Which make produced Commodores in the 40s & 50s?                                                       frequently and often told her he would like to buy the car for
                                                                                                          himself to keep. In 1962 the time had come. Mrs Trueblood told
                                                                                                          Mr Wilson she needed a car for her bookkeeper who didn’t really
3. Which make produced the Speed Truck in 1927 and merged                                                 care for the ol’ Chevy and would prefer a Rambler... No problem.
    with REO in 1942?                                                                                     Mr Wilson went down to the local Rambler dealer and bought a
    ...................................................................................................   brand new one for $1,650.00 ($100.00 over cost) and made the
4. Which make produced ‘the Red Baby’ in the early 20s?
                                                                                                          He then took the car home and parked it with 433 actual miles.
                                                                                                          And there it sat for the next 45 years, occasionally being started
5. Which English make produced a 4 litre V8 from 1919 to 1925?                                            and moved in and out of the garage. In 2007 Mr. Wilson decided
    ...................................................................................................   to sell the car and started spreading the word around Modesto
6. Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Maserati, Lamborghini and Aston Martin                                             that the ol’ Chevy with 433 miles on it was for sale.
    offered superleggera models, what was Superleggera?                                                   Many had heard about the car, but hardly anyone had ever laid
                                                                                                          eyes on it. In fact, according to Mr Wilson he believes he only
                                                                                                          showed the car to about 5 people in 45 years.
7. Which make produced 4 cylinder and straight 8 sleeve valve
                                                                                                          Word spread quickly about the car and soon a buyer arrived ready
    models, known as 'SS' models, in the 20s & 30s?
                                                                                                          and willing to pay the $60,000 asking price. When Mr Wilson told
    ...................................................................................................   me the story of this car he complained heavily of the ‘capital
8. Which make produced the 'Salient Six' with 'Artcraft top' 1917                                         gains’ tax he was required to pay and wished he had never sold
    to 1922?                                                                                              it. As of this writing, Mr Wilson is still alive and well in Modesto
                                                                                                          and can verify the miles
                                                                                                          and originality of this
9. Which Washing Machine Co produced 4 cyl versions of the                                                car.
    Mason car in 1910 and 1911?
                                                                                                          Simply put, this is a
    ...................................................................................................   true 100% factory
10. Which make produced Airflytes and Golden Airflytes?                                                   original survivor (that
    ...................................................................................................   includes the air in the
                                                                                                          tires). This ol’ Chevy
                                                                                                          now has 437 original
                                                                                                          miles and is most likely
                                                                                                          the world’s lowest
                                                                                                          mileage 1950 Chevy.

                                                                                       DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ The Polishers Rag ~ 13
F O R S A L E & WA N T E D

                                                                                         A. H. McDonald & Co Imperial super diesel motor mounted on
                                                                                         wheels, 1935, 5hp. Engine no: 4411FF. All complete, twin fuel
                                                                                         tank, motor not seized $1000. ONO
Any vintage sedan cowl vent opening mechanisms, internal rear
view mirror brackets, door strikers and catches, especially to suit                      Contact Bob Chapman: 4635 9235 or 0427 539 394.
Fisher bodies.                                                                           --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Contact Jeff Brown: 4613 6706 or 0403 454 332                                            FREE: Two 16” x 6.00 tyres. Suitable to just keep wheel rims off
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   the dirt for rolling chassis. See Ian Strickland.
Head gasket for a 1959 Chrysler Royal sedan AP2, 6 CYL,                                  Contact Brian Timms: 4630 0048
Flathead, side valve.                                                                    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Contact Mitchell McKeiver. 4630 7204 or at the next meeting.                             EJ Holden Special sedan on full rego. Straight, original. New
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   radiator, recon grey engine, 5 new tyres, new upholstery, new
                                                                                         exhaust. $7500.
Mk II Ford Escort rear axle wheel to wheel.
                                                                                         Contact Merv and Denise Klein on 4637 9595.
Contact Brian Timms: 4630 0048
Ford Side Valve V8 Motor, preferably complete and running, but
will consider anything.
Contact Greg Bowdler at night on 4630 4990.
1937-41 Ford wishbone suspension, or just the wishbone.                                  Jan 23/24 Allora Heritage Swap Allora Showgrounds
Contact Geoffrey Voll: 4696 8874 or 0407 652 978.                                        Feb 5 & 6 Toowoomba Swap Tmba Showgrounds
Wanted: Holden HQ/HJ/HX/HZ or WB 1 tonner/trayback ute, must                             Mar 28 Ormiston Swap Ormiston School 3207 3733
be in good condition.
Contact James: 0417 075 819                                                              June 20 Original Gold Coast Swap Showgrounds
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   0413 875 737

For Sale                                                                                 July 31 Nambour Swap
1925 Superior K Chevrolet tourer plus spares. Good restoration                           --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
project. $3500 ono.
Contact Ken Forster: 0428 300 807                                                                                      Tender Notice
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Tender for the used Gurney. Closing date Dec 10th at General
1950 Anglia. Fully restored to original condition with Q plates.                         Meeting.
Rego papers from 1950 to 1981. Car is a Nanango. $18,000 ono.                            Send tender by email to Property Officer Des Ham:
Also, Mark 1 Cortina.                                                          
Contact Brad Sloss: 0404 337 333.                                                        or by post to:
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   DDVVMC, PO Box 486, Toowoomba Q 4350
Ford F600, ideal restoration project, would make great classic car                       --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
transporter, good cab/chassis/tray, runs OK; $2,950.
Bedford, TK KGL, carries 7.8 tonne, excellent cab/tray/chassis,
                                                                                            Are there Significant Events in Your Family?
easy to get registered, always shedded; $3,500.                                          Club members — contact me by phone or email if you have a
Car Parts:                                                                               family member or know of a fellow club member suffering a
Rims, Sunraysa with tyres – 16inch in good condition with OK                             bereavement or celebrating a significant event, eg: birth, marriage
tyres, pair, $90                                                                         or anything else of note.
EH Holden wiper cowl, very good condition; $25;                                          Leonie Ham
HQ Holden headlight surrounds, pair; good condition; $50;
WB Holden combination wiper-washer & radiator overflow bottle,
can also be used on HQ/HJ/HX/HZ; $55                                                       PUBLIC NOTICE
Falcon wagon, XT 1969 right rear quarter panel, new old stock                              St Thomas More's Catholic Parish, cnr of South and Ramsay
panel never fitted (over 20 years old); $350                                               streets are celebrating their 50th anniversary on June 19 and
Holden M20 4 speed gearbox with shifter; $250                                              20, 2010.
HZ Holden doors, very straight but some rust; $200 the pair                                You are invited to bring your old car and display it from 10 am
HX Holden grille, nosecone, guards (inner outer guards); and                               to 3pm on the Sunday, June 20, 2010
bonnet, all in good to very good condition – will fit                                      A parking area for 24 cars has been allocated for the exclusive
HQ/HJ/HX/HZ/WB; sell as package or may separate; $450 the lot.                             use of club members to display your car.
Contact James: 0417 075 819
                                                                                           Models sought around the 60s, but all and any old car most
                                                                                           Register your car with Kevin McGrath, ph. 4636 3760 or at any
                                                                                           club meeting from now on.


December 2009                                                                May 2010
13: DDVVMC: Christmas Cheer Run                                              2: David Hack Classic Toowoomba airport from 9-3
Visit local wineries where we can do some tasting then have a
pleasant lunch in the grounds of the winerey. More complete
                                                                             8-9: Dalby Annual Rally Held at Dalby
details to follow when we have worked them out with the owners.

January 2010                                                                  Indoor Bowls ~ a fun night
                                                                              Played at DDVVMC Club Rooms every
23-24: Allora Heritage Weekend                                                second Tuesday night at 7.30pm.
Organised by Warwich Veteran & Vintage Vehicle Club at Allora
Showgrounds, New England Hway. Entry $5. Cars, trucks,                        All welcome. Dates: December 8, 22
motorcycles, stationery engines, crafts, pipe band, Country music.            For further enquiries: Ted Taylor 4632 2565
Main Feature: Case Tractors, Kenworth trucks, French cars.
Ph 4666 3554, 4666 3286, 0418 875 469. (0409 766 288 Swap)

26: DDVVMC: Highfields Pioneer Village                                        The ‘Rag’. It’s all for you...
This year we will pay a visit to the Poineer Village at Highfields.           The Polisher’s Rag, our club magazine, is for you,
Lots of displays to look at as well as the grand parade. You may              about you. Calling for your input...
want to be part of this or just sit back and watch. More complete
details to follow.                                                            1. A ‘Letters to the Editor’ page:
                                                                              Have a beef? Like to thank somebody? Got a comment you’d
February 2010                                                                 like to make? This is for you.
                                                                              2. Restoration Tips:
5 & 6: Toowoomba Swap
                                                                              Come on, we’re full of it, aren’t we? Let’s hear it. We can all
Make sure you put your name down for a job with Rick A’Bell.
                                                                              benefit, which is one of our club’s great strengths.
April 2010                                                                    3. Reminiscing
                                                                              We’d love to run more personal club-member stories....
11: ARAGC Show & Shine - Carrara S/G                                          everyone has their favourite ‘old car’ story.
15-16: Sunshine Coast Motorkana                                               Something funny might have happened to you on a rally —
                                                                              something dramatic, something funny, something great.
                                                                              It’s your story. You tell it. We’d all love to read about it.

                                                                                              Tyres for 4WDs, Cars & Light
                                                                                             Commercials that last longer
                                                                                               Supply and fit tyres for your 50s, 60s, 70s classic
                                                                                                 OPEN: Mon-Fri 7.45am - 5.15pm, Sat 8am - 12 noon

                                               e:           •
                                               p: 4642 1480 | f: 4632 1480                    Cnr Neil & Thomas Sts, Toowoomba • Ph 4639 2244

   Gently removes paint from all                                                              Buying or Selling Real Estate?
   car panels... without damage                                                                  Call    Lorna Poulton
 Revolutionary cleaning process that’s quick, efficient, cost-effective                                  Licensed Real Estate Agent
 and won’t damage your panels — or affect glass, rubber, chrome,
 hydraulics or engine parts.                                                                             0418 700 044
 Nat Barton                                                                                              Take advantage of my 21 years of
 0408 008 375                                                                                            experience and knowledge selling
 Ph: 4696 3301 (office)                                                                                  properties in Toowoomba and surrounds                                                                          
                                                              DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ The Polishers Rag ~ 15
                                                                                                                   Print Post         PAID
                                                                                                                   PP405518/00039 TOOWOOMBA
                                                                                                                                    QLD 4350

     Merry Christmas to all club members
If not claimed please return to Darling Downs Veteran & Vintage Motor Club Inc: PO Box 486, Toowoomba QLD 4350

Early on Saturday morning, Jeff and Ann Cox in their 1929 96A Whippet lead a gaggle of VVTE cars along Ramsay Street.

For many enthusiasts, there aren’t many sights to better this.                   Alex Allum and father Graham worked tirelessly behind the scenes.


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