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Quarter Horses for Sale
Mathis Quarter Horses Announces 10 New Quarter Horse Sales

07.09.2009 – Mathis Quarter Horses announces 10 quarter horses for sale from
their Laurel Springs, NC home and horse farm.                                               News Facts
                                                                                             10 quarter h
                                                                                             Laurel Sprin
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With a reputation for breeding some of the finest bloodlines. Mathis' quarter horses
                                                                                             straight fro
are bred to perform, from cutting to reining, roping and working cow and any equine
                                                                                             ranches in T
sport that demands a solid, well-built, reliable horse.                                      finest bloodli

They have numerous horses for sale, including weanlings , yearlings and older               Resource Li

horses.                                                                                     View Quarte

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Broodmares have been handpicked straight from the finest working ranches in
Texas and are breed to the finest bloodlines in the United States.

Their horses are raised on their farm. At birth their foals are imprinted and they halter
break them at a very young age.

They have sons and daughters from the finest Stallions; Some of which are
Peptoboonsmal, Haidas Little Pep, Smart Peppy Doc, Miss N Cash, Mr. Gallo, Del
Cielo, Felt Brim, Royal Boe Willie, San Jo Lena, Boons Milliennium, Badger Starlight
and Mr. Sun Olena.

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For more information contact Mathis Quarter Horses at 336-359-2537 or email:

Click here to view quarter horses for sale.

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Contacting Quarter Horses For Sale
Quarter Horses For Sale
15371 NC Hwy 18
South Laurel Springs, NC 28644
Website: http://mathisquarterhorses.com/horsessale.htm

Press Contact
Roger Mathis
Office: 336-359-2537
Email: nfo@mathisquarterhorses.com

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