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									Go to If you
don’t have a profile, it should
default to the page to the right. Fill
in your basic information including
First Name, Last Name, Email
address and desired password
(make your password 8 characters
and make it memorable)

Fill in the letters you see below the
security check and click submit.

After you’ve filled in the security
check, you should see the first step in
populating your facebook page with
friends. Skip this step for now, by
clicking the “skip this step” link in the
lower right hand corner.

Had we not skipped the step you
would be prompted to allow Facebook
access to your email and you would
select people from your email
addresses to add as friends.

Step 2 is filling out some basic
information about where you went to
school and when you graduated. This
will help Facebook identify people you
might know. Fill in the information and
click “Save & Continue.”
The next page is a list of people you
might know. Based on the
information, I filled out Facebook has
identified some of my classmates. I
actually know the first suggestion,
Kelly Kennard, so I would click the ‘Add
as Friend’ link to send Kelly an
invitation. Take a second to browse
through and see if there is anyone you
want to add.
Okay. The third step is uploading a
picture of yourself from your
computer or using a webcam to take a
profile picture. We’ll skip this step for
now by clicking the ‘skip’ link next to
the ‘Save & Continue’ button.

The final step is logging into your email
to click the confirmation link from
Facebook. If you haven’t logged in to
your email yet, do this now.

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