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									IONA Artix and Orchestration
IONA’s advanced SOA infrastructure suite, IONA Artix, offers a unique approach to SOA deployment that reuses existing IT assets by exposing them as services without requiring additional hardware investments. By commoditizing proprietary, centralized middleware deployments and allowing SOA to conform to the unique needs of the enterprise, IONA Artix delivers on the promise of SOA, including business agility, increased ROI and lower fixed operational costs. Artix Orchestration, a component of IONA Artix, facilitates the composition of fine-grained functionality into reusable services so that service compositions that can be consumed at the business level. As an example, a developer may want to expose a reusable service that returns customer information for use in long-running business processes. Multiple steps may be required to aggregate and reconcile relevant customer information from one or more enterprise systems. These individual steps are probably not generally useful across the SOA as independent services, but creating an orchestrated service makes it possible to expose multistep services for easier reuse. Artix Orchestration allows developers to create, deploy and manage these types of service orchestrations using business process execution language (BPEL 2.0). Orchestrations can include services exposed by Artix endpoints and functionality available over any messaging system supported by Artix. IONA Artix allows developers to orchestrate services across the enterprise using any messaging bus or middleware solution. Artix Orchestration provides Eclipse-based design tools and an enterprise class BPEL execution environment, enabling developers to expose both Web services description language (WSDL) services and legacy systems to create service orchestrations. Once created, process analysts and application developers can use Artix Orchestration to test BPEL service orchestrations, and deploy those orchestrations within their BPEL execution environment. Artix Registry/Repository, another component of IONA Artix, captures and stores this orchestration information as SOA metadata.

Orchestration Authoring With Artix Orchestration
Artix Orchestration provides a comprehensive environment for creating, testing and deploying BPEL service orchestrations. Based on the Eclipse visual framework, Artix Orchestration provides the advanced capabilities needed to achieve all BPEL orchestration authoring objectives. Artix Orchestration provides a full complement of BPEL constructs with which to build service compositions. Simply drag constructs from the BPEL Tools palette and drop them onto the diagramming canvas. • • Visual Controls – Artix Orchestration provides visual controls for cataloging WSDL files, making it easy to integrate Web services into BPEL processes Freedom to Choose – Unlike other process modeling tools, Artix Orchestration gives developers the freedom to choose top down or bottom up orchestration design or any variation in between

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March 2007

Artix and Orchestration
• • Instant Reusability – Artix Orchestration provides instant reusability - simply by selecting the diagram components to reuse and docking them on the BPEL tools palette Automatic Updates – Every time components are dragged onto the diagramming canvas, BPEL definitions are automatically updated

The following diagram shows how Artix Orchestration can be provided within an Artix endpoint to assemble functionality from disparate systems. Artix Orchestration assembles functionality from systems service-enabled with Artix, Celtix (the ObjectWeb open source ESB) or directly from other systems like mainframes. Orchestrated services are then available to service consumers, like business process workflows.

Testing and Deployment With Artix Orchestration
One of the most challenging facets of creating services-oriented applications is testing. Developers need to analyze every flow path, every condition, and every potential fault to ensure that orchestrations are bulletproof. Testing can be particularly difficult when an orchestration includes services that are unavailable at design time.

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Artix and Orchestration
• Process Simulation and Debugging – Artix Orchestration provides process simulation and debugging tools. Using Artix Orchestration simulation mode, developers can set breakpoints and step through code. Execution can be stopped at any point allowing developers to examine the contents of process and state variables, and change instance data to force the orchestration down particular flow paths Fault Handling – Artix Orchestration lets developers simulate valid and invalid messages from external services In-Flight Testing – Artix Orchestration supports in-flight testing on live Web services

• •

As service orchestrations are created in Artix Orchestration’s diagramming view, code view can be used to see the BPEL process definition. For easy deployment of orchestrated services, Artix Orchestration provides simple deployment wizards to package everything together and move it to the runtime environment.

BPEL Execution With Artix Orchestration
Artix Orchestration is designed for BPEL deployments that require speed, simplicity and economy. Artix Orchestration combines the productivity of world-class BPEL authoring tools with the speed of a smallfootprint BPEL execution environment. For runtime execution, Artix Orchestration delivers a comprehensive BPEL solution that includes all of the capabilities required for production-class deployments. • Multi-Level Validation – Artix Orchestration supports multi-level validation, allowing validation of deployed BPEL process definitions and verification of the format of all incoming message instances. Process Persistence – Artix Orchestration supports process persistence, which caches state information at critical points during process execution. If a server goes down, either unexpectedly or for maintenance, process executions will resume automatically when the server is returned to operation. Service Versioning – Processes, like most other applications, are not static. Artix Orchestration accommodates the need to modify and redeploy BPEL process definitions by providing comprehensive versioning features. When a new version of a process is deployed, Artix Orchestration automatically uses the new version for all new process instances, while continuing to use older versions of the process for in-flight instances. Once all in-flight instances have completed, older process versions are automatically retired.



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Artix and Orchestration

Artix: Advanced SOA Infrastructure Suite
Artix comprises a comprehensive suite of products to streamline, modernize and lower the operating costs of complex and heterogeneous IT environments. The Suite includes Artix ESB – connects any service consumer with any service providers using any middleware by deploying, managing and securing a SOA without requiring a centralized hub Artix Registry/Repository – a phonebook-style listing of all available services with automatic provisioning and monitoring of services, to maximize reuse and ensure continued adherence to enterprise policies Artix Orchestration - facilitates the composition of fine-grained functionality into reusable services using BPEL to create business-level services Artix Data Services – a metadata management, data modeling, transformation and integration toolkit to abstract data services from the underlying transport and integration infrastructure Artix Mainframe – a service-enablement engine that extends mainframe systems to integrate with off-host systems without the additional expense of running all applications on the mainframe SOA Management provided by AmberPoint - governs and manages a SOA implementation by monitoring the health of Artix ESB endpoint

SOA Success with IONA Artix and Orchestration
IONA Artix and Artix Orchestration significantly reduce the time and complexity required to implement service-oriented applications and allow deployment of those applications to enterprise-class runtime environments. The solution suite’s Eclipse-based design tools expedite the build-test-debug cycle making the process quick and easy. And Artix Orchestration’s deployment wizards guide you through the tasks of packaging and installing your application components. IONA Artix and Artix Orchestration help organizations faced with evolving business requirements build highly flexible and agile enterprise systems from existing enterprise functionality quickly and easily.

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Artix and Orchestration

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