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									                               Stockport District Sunday Football League
                         Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 3rd March 2011
                                            At Britannia Hotel

In the Chair: Terry Conlon – Chairman and Life Member


R Anderson (President), C Counter & R Haydn (Vice President), B Owen and K Coates (Life Members),
Members of the Management Committee, Member Clubs.

Terry referred to the sad deaths of Nathan Tomlinson of Brinnington Ward Labour and Rob Martin of Higher
Poynton. Terry mentioned the tributes to both in the league review and a few moments silence was held.

1) Apologies for absence.

E Crabtree, M J Pomfret, P Kitchen (Life Members) and K Burton (Vice President).

2) Absent

Clubs: Reddish Working Mens Club

3) Minutes of the previous meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on 3rd February 2011 were accepted as a correct record.

4) Matters arising.

There were no matters arising.

5) Officer Items.

a)     Treasurer – Bernard said the following clubs owe fine monies:

Werneth                                      £26.00
Stockport Norris                             £21.00
Reddish Working Mens Club                    £25.00
Heaton Plough                                £21.00
SGC                                          £15.00
Dilke Celtic                                 £11.00
Straw FC                                     £ 5.00
Harvester                                    £ 5.00

Balance: Current Account      £9941.58 and Cash in Hand £106.20

Bernard asked to see a number of clubs.

The audit has been completed. The financial year is to be changed to 1st July to 30th June, so a half yearly audit
will be undertaken as part of the change over.
b) Referees Secretary – Malcolm said that all games are covered, although it is very tight. Terry referred to
two junior teams who used a senior pitch which rendered it unplayable for the senior teams. Both junior teams
have been reported.

c) Records – Graham said that there was few match cards missing for matches in February. He then asked to
see Hinds Head after the meeting to complete a match card for the game v Horse & Jockey.

d) Inter League- Nothing to report

e) Fixtures Secretary – Kraig said 5 weeks fixtures are in the review as well as details of arrangements for
   night games.

f) Press Secretary – Keith referred to Nathan’s funeral and how well supported it was. Keith urged clubs to let
him have interesting stories. He added that although the reports from clubs on the whole are now very good, he
does need the full names of players. He asked for nominations for the U21 player of the year by the April
Ordinary Meeting.

Soccer Forum – Terry said that the Council will inform the League next week which clubs still owe pitch fees.
Terry urged clubs who have still not contacted the Council to make payment arrangements, to do so

g) Competitions Secretary – Eddie said that after the quarter finals of both competitions, he will be in touch
   with club secretaries to advise on arrangements.

h) Club Liaison – Nothing to report.

i) Registration Secretary – Peter asked to see Harvester and clubs who believe they have certain players
signed on. He also reminded clubs the last day for registration and transfers is 31st March 2011.

j) Assistant League Secretary – Nothing to report

k) League Secretary

 Great Moor Travellers have found it necessary to withdraw from the League with immediate effect;
  therefore their results this season have been expunged from the records. It’s another case of a ‘one man
  band’, Dave Gee did nearly all the work and nobody seemed prepared to help him. If anyone wants any
  nets, kits, balls etc. please contact Dave as he wants to dispose of everything.

 Congratulations to Cale Green on reaching the semi-final of the Cheshire FA Cup where they will face Vine
  Tavern from the Altrincham League, the game will be played at Cheadle Town on 13 March, 11.00 kick off.
  They have also reached the semi-final of the North West Champions Cup.

 Good luck to AFC Cheadle and Cheadle Hulme Athletic in the semi-finals of the Stockport & District FA
  Trophy on the 13th April 2011, wins for both would ensure we have an all Sunday League final.

   Good luck also to Barlow, Straw and Offerton Green who have already reached the District FA Cup Semi
   and to Hillgate or Stockport Dynamoes who will join them in the last 4, semi-final ties to be played on 10

   Both District FA finals will be played at Woodley Sports, the Cup on 15/05/11 and the Trophy on the
   22/05/11 kick off for both games is 11.00.

 The final of the Cheshire FA District Youth competition will be between Stockport and Crewe, at Woodley
  Sports FC on Sunday 20 March 2011, kick off 2.00pm.

   The following information was distributed to clubs:

   1) League application form for next season. All fully completed forms, together with a deposit of £15 per
   team should be returned to the Secretary no later than 1st May 2011, cheques should be made payable to
   Late applications cannot be accepted as the Management Committee will be interviewing potential new
   Clubs in early May and they need to know how many vacancies there are, todate 12 application forms have
   been sent to Clubs wishing to join the League next season.

   It would help Stuart if application forms were be handed in at the April 2011 meeting.

   2) League Management Committee nomination form, it only needs completing to nominate somebody to
   serve on the Committee who is not already a member.

   3) Stockport & District FA Cup / Trophy application form, this only applies to Clubs who affiliate to
   Cheshire County FA. Teams playing in the Premier and 1st Divisions enter the Cup while teams in the other
   divisions play in the Trophy.

   It is mandatory that to enter one of the competitions; the only get out clause is if a team enter the Cheshire
   Sunday Cup, if a Club entering the Cheshire Cup does not want to enter the District Cup they need to write
   to Mel Pomfret, Secretary of the District FA before 01/08/11 and request exemption.

   4) Stockport & District FA nomination form, it only needs completing to nominate somebody to serve on
   the Council who is not already a member.

 Stuart asked that if any Clubs know that they will not be continuing next season to let him know ASAP.

 Both Cheshire and Manchester County FA’s will be issuing their affiliation forms for next season in the not
  too distant future.

   Stuart reminded Clubs that they will be required to pay the FA affiliation and Personal Accident Insurance
   fees before the end of June; the total cost will be around £160 so they need to ensure that they have enough
   money in their accounts when this season finishes.

 The League AGM is on Thursday 9th June 2011, if anyone wishes to propose a rule change they must put
  the proposal in writing, signed by the Club seconding the proposal to reach the League Secretary by

 The AGM of Stockport & District FA will be held at Hazel Grove Bowling & Tennis Club at 7:30 on
  Wednesday 15 June 2011. Any Club wishing to attend the AGM can turn up on the night when papers will
  be available, anyone wanting a copy of the 2010 accounts or an advance copy of the agenda should contact
  Mel Pomfret, Secretary of the District FA, Mel’s phone number is on page 53 of the League Handbook.

l) Chairman’s Items – Alteration to League Rules – May not be included as an alteration but there will be
    information in next season’s handbook and signing on form re International Clearance.

First Aid Course – 12 places have been taken up and there is still chance to register.

Application Forms – Ron urged clubs to complete forms as soon as possible.

Terry remined clubs that they have can’t just sign in and leave but should stay for the duration of the meeting.

Monthly Draw – Cherry Tree Rangers

Meeting closed at 8.40pm

Next meeting: 7th April 2011.


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