Rental Application by wuxiangyu


									                                       Applicant Screening

A- Purpose.
        We offer the following applicant screening criteria information so that all applicants will have available to
        them a detailed understanding of the rental qualifying policies of Petoskey Stone Homes. If you have any
        questions about the following information, please contact our office at 313-928-0655. Your verified identity,
        credit history, rental history, current income/ reserves and any criminal background will all be reviewed
        thoroughly prior to completing your screening as a prospective resident, and will be maintained private and
        secure. The following rental screening criteria guidelines describe the parameters of the screening
        requirements that will be followed during your applicant screening.
    1. General Requirements and Background Check.
        Positive identification with a valid government issued identification from the list noted within the
        screening process. All applicants must be eighteen years of age or older, or an emancipated
        minor with legal verification. A criminal background check will be processed on each applicant.
        Any applicant with previous felony convictions will be denied. Any individual, who may pose a
        threat to the health or safety of other individuals, this property or the property of others, will be
    2. Credit Requirements.
        A Trans Union credit report and score will be processed on each applicant. Any combined amount of
        outstanding bad debt (i.e. outstanding collections without documented resolution identified from a debt
        resolution company) reported over $1,500.00 or a combined average Trans Union credit score for all
        applicants below 550 will require a guarantor(see Guarantor requirements), with the following exception.
        Bankruptcies discharged, home foreclosures or short sales processed within the last four years due to
        verifiable medical/ health insurance costs or re-adjusting minimum mortgage payments will require a
        minimum deposit of two times the rent for the applicant. Contact Petoskey Stone Homes for other related
        move-in specials. An applicant who does not meet the credit requirements, but meets the rental history
        requirements, will be required to have a qualified Guarantor. Applicant(s) who have not yet established
        enough credit to produce a Trans Union credit score, will be recognized as having a minimum qualifying 550
        credit score, provided they meet the income or reserve and rental history requirements, as long as no
        derogatory credit remarks were cited within the last 4 years. See section ―C – Deposits‖ below for your
        deposit breakdown requirements.
    3. Verification of Ability to Pay Monthly Rent Requirements.
        a. Monthly Income verification – Monthly gross income for working applicants is required to be at least two
        times the stated monthly rent.
        b. Deposit reserve funds verification – for non-working applicants verifiable reserve funds will need to be a
        minimum of 12 times the amount of the stated monthly rent to qualify
    4. Employment Requirements (if applicable).
        If applicant is using monthly income as the qualifier for their ability to pay the monthly rent, then they will
        need to provide verifiable current income with at least 6 months previous and continuous income, to qualify,
        unless you elect to use a Guarantor that meets their income requirements or unless the applicant meets the
        minimum verifiable reserve requirements.
    5. Rental History Requirement.
        One year of satisfactorily contracted rental history from a third party reference will be required to be verified
        within the past 4 years from the date of application. Positive mortgage and property tax payment history
        within the state of Michigan of at least one year within the past 4 years will also qualify in lieu of rental
        history. Property ownership and payments will be verified through assessor’s records.
    6. Guarantor Requirements (if applicable).
        To qualify as a guarantor, the guarantor must complete, and sign the application, pay the non-refundable
        application fee, provide 2 forms of valid identification forms, meet the requirements of the rental criteria, with
        the exception of rental history, (Note: Gross income from the Guarantor must be a minimum of three
        times the amount of rent).

  1. Disabled Accessibility Policy.
     The management group allows existing premises to be modified at the expense of the disabled person, if the
     disabled person agrees to restore the premises at his own expense to the pre-modified condition. Additional
     requirements are needed. Please ask landlord/manager for more in depth requirements.
  2. Smoking Policy.
     The house is to be a no smoking house and any costs associated with removal of the odor of cigarette or
     any other tobacco product shall be bourn by the tenant.
  3. Occupancy Policy.
     Occupancy is based on the number of bedrooms in a dwelling and the number of occupants allowed
     (including children) per rental unit configuration. Studio = 2 max occupants; 1 bdrm = 2 max; 2 bdrm =
     4max. 3 bdrm=6 max
  4. Tenancy Term Policy.
     Tenancy will revert to a month-to-month basis, after an initial minimum lease period has been completed
     satisfactorily within the parameters of the signed rental agreement.
  5. Tenant with Pet Policy.
     If pets are allowed for this particular rental property, our pet policy is as follows. Only domesticated dogs or
     cats are permitted, provided they have been already spade or neutered, have received their verifiable
     minimum required shots/ inoculations and have been verifiably spade or neutered. A maximum number of 2
     dogs or 2 cats and 1 dog are permitted per rental unit. Tenants must manage their pets. Tenant’s pet(s)
     must not make persistent nuisance noise that disturbs neighbors, (ie uncontrolled barking etc.), pose a
     physical threat to neighbors or other pets, destroy property, landscape or vegetation, soils interior of rental
     unit or property grounds with unsightly waste or odors, prevents private or state agencies from performing
     their services. If tenant cannot manage their respective pet(s) within the parameters of these stated
     conditions, then tenant would be considered in breach of contract and subject to eviction proceedings. The
     following breeds of dogs are prohibited for these premises.

  1. Holding Deposits.
     If an approved applicant wishes to reserve the dwelling unit in their name until the date of the move-in, then
     the approved applicant must provide a holding deposit (cash, cashier’s check or money order) to the
     Landlord/manager, and execute a holding deposit agreement, and remove the unit from availability, until the
     move-in date (not more than 30 days). This holding deposit is NOT an additional cost. It is simply a portion
     of the total move-in cost received upfront to reserve the rental, in the name of the approved applicant. The
     holding deposit becomes non-refundable, ONLY IF, the approved applicant(s) elects NOT to move forward
     with executing the 3 month rental agreement, within the timeframe noted in the Holding Deposit agreement.
  2. Pet Additional Deposit.
     If approved pets, are allowed for the specific property an ADDITIONAL security deposit may be required
     depending upon the number, type and size of pet.
  3. Security Deposit.
     Regardless of the above policies, the security deposit required for an approved applicant for any unit will
     never exceed the amount of two month’s rent for one of our unfurnished dwelling. The additional deposit
     requirements due to the prospective tenants approved pet(s) noted above are NOT included with, but are in
     addition to, the minimum security deposit requirements noted below. The security deposit requirements are
     as follows:

              720 and above — $200 less than the monthly rent
              From 680 to 719 – same as monthly rent
              From 640 to 679 — $200 plus monthly rent
              From 600 to 639 – 1 ½ times monthly rent
              *** From 550 to 600 — 2 times the monthly rent *** SEE MOVE-IN SPECIALS
              Below 550 – Guarantor required-(see Guarantor Requirements above)
              The credit score is a Trans Union calculated credit score provided by the applicant screening
              service provider we have contracted with for such services

                   Call for our move-in SECURITY DEPOSIT specials!

                                    Applicant Screening
     First read the applicant screening Process and rental criteria requirements thoroughly, and satisfy yourself
     with their content. When you are ready to complete the application screening process, have each
     prospective adult application complete the following steps:

         1.   Read thoroughly, satisfy yourself with the content, submit your signed and dated Rental Criteria,
         2.   Completely fill-in, sign, date and submit the completed Application to Rent Form.
         3.   Provide one valid form of government issued identification noted below for identity verification,
         4.   Pay the per applicant screening fee per the notes below.
         5.   Receive your written receipt for the screening fee.
         6.   Be prepared to wait at least one business day for the application evaluation to be completed.

     A valid government-issued photo identification, such as your passport, foreign or domestic drivers’ license,
     or foreign or domestic identification card is required for identity verification of the prospective residents only.
     Guarantors must provide 2 forms of the same referenced identification the screening fee is $35 per adult

              ( $35 fee must be cash, cashiers check or money order payable to Michele McKinley is cost
              of credit & background check).

     We will initiate the applicant screening process in the order that we receive them and their corresponding fee
     payment. However, if during the screening of your application we are unable to verify your income or
     reserves, or unable to contact your previous property manager to verify rental history then the subsequent
     processing time-frame of your application may be delayed. In order to help expedite the screening of your
     application, please provide the noted supporting documentation that will help verify your income or, reserves
     and/or rental history more quickly. If possible, we recommend that you provide the supporting documents
     along with your completed application.

     In order for the perspective resident to be considered as a qualified resident, the applicant must be able to
     complete or provide the following items noted below for reserving and/or moving into the unit.
  NOT YET ready for move-in
     If you have met the requirements of the rental criteria and become an approved applicant, but are not
     moving into the rental unit immediately, then you will need to reserve the rental unit. To secure your
     reservation of the unit, you will need to complete the following:
          1. complete and sign a holding deposit agreement that reserves that rental unit in your name.
          2. submit a holding deposit in the form of cash, cashiers check, or money order payable to Michele
              Mckinley. The holding deposit is NOT an additional cost, but merely a portion of your total move-in
              cost, that is collected up-front to hold the unit until your move-in day. Holding deposit is calculated
              by taking the monthly rent divided by 30, then multiplied by the number of holding days prior to
          3. review and acknowledge our rental agreement within 1 day of your application being approved.
     Sign our rental agreement before your move-in date, in which you agree to abide by all stipulated rules and
              Pay your Net balance of your move-in costs (remaining security deposit and first months rent in full)
              with cash, cashiers check or money order per the amount noted in the rental agreement and made
              payable to Michele McKinley. No personal check or credit cards will be accepted for the initial
              move-in payment.
     If your application is NOT approved, you may request a copy of your consumer credit report, or request a
     correction of the information from the specific agencies noted in the rejection notice.

   BE ADVISED — Incomplete, inaccurate, or falsified information will be grounds for denial

                              Rental Application
                                  540 Kings Highway L.L.C.

                      313-928-0655                      P.O. Box 98. Lincoln Park Mi
                                           Equal Housing Opportunity
                                      This is NOT a lease or rental agreement
The Undersigned hereby makes application to rent the following property:

 Property Address: _______540 Kings Highway _____   Lincoln Park Mi   -
 NO. Of’ Adults to Occupy __________ Children________
 Adults legal name(s) _____________________________________________________________________
 Names of Children & age____________________________________________________________________
 Will the children be living with you? Yes___ No___ full time? Yes___ No___ __________
 Appliances needed-stove____ Refrig._____ washer___ __dryer_____           furnishings_______________
 Do you or an occupier need the basement for a bedroom? Yes___ No___
 Garage/ storage needed____    0ne bay _____two bay_______ three bay_____       required shed Yes___ No___
  Do you have any special needs or requirement(s)? Yes___ No___
 Please provide detail________________________________________________________________________


 Do any of the people who would be living or visiting smoke?      Yes___ No___
 How long do you think you would be renting from us? _____________
 Anticipated move-in date____________
 Do you know of anything which might interrupt your income or ability to pay rent? Yes___ No___
 If yes please explain_____________________________________________________________
 Rent is due every month. Are you able to fulfill this requirement? Yes___ No___
 what day do you select?_________

 How many year of rental history do you have________            was____ wasn’t ___ a good tenant in the past.

 Your Present address_______________________________________________________________________
 □ Own □ Rent           Monthly payment or rent:______ How long?__________
 Are you leaving your present address on good terms? Yes___ No___
 name of landlord or mortgage holder___________________________________________________________

 Have you had any reoccurring problems with your current apartment or landlord? Yes___ No___
 If yes, please explain: _______________________________________________________________________

Your previous address__________________________________________________________________
□ Own □ Rent                     Monthly payment or rent:______ How long?__________
Did you leave on good terms? Yes___ No___
name of landlord or mortgage holder___________________________________________________________

did you had any reoccurring problems with the place or landlord? Yes___ No___
If yes, please explain: _______________________________________________________________________

Your Phone: ____________________ cell_______________Age:____ date of birth__________
E-mail address (optional)____________________________________________________
Social security no._______________________ driver license_______________________


Occupation ____________________ How long? ______ Current Salary ______________
You’re Status:     ___full time ___part time ___student ____ unemployed ____ Self-employed -Can obtain a
tax statement in order to verify income
Employment______________________________________phone no._______________
Contact Person ____________________________________
Business address___________________________________dept.___________________
Other sources of income that you would like us to consider__________________________

Name of partner ___________________________________________________________
Social security #._______________________ driver license#_______________________
Occupation ____________________ How long? ______ Current Salary ______________
You’re Status:     ___full time ___part time ___student ____ unemployed
Employment______________________________________phone no._______________
Contact Person ____________________________________
Business address___________________________________dept.___________________
Other sources of income that you would like us to consider__________________________

If you were to run into financial difficulty in the future and couldn’t come up with the money to pay rent, do you
know someone that would loan you the money? Yes___ No___ If so, provide the person’s name, address &
phone # so that we can use them as a reference for you
1-name____________________________relative__________ to who_________phone_______________


Nearest relative or friend- Emergency Contact Names & references
2-name____________________________relative___________to who_________phone__________________
3-name____________________________relative___________ to who_________phone________________
4-name____________________________relative___________ to who_________phone________________
        *The nature of your relationship will not affect your application. We collect this information so that we are
        best able to respectfully and appropriately address you.

 Bank Information

Do you have a saving account? Yes___ No___ if so. What is:
        Bank Name _____________________ Branch___________ Telephone____________________
        Checking Account No. _____________________Savings Account No.___________________________

        Bank Name _____________________ Branch___________ Telephone____________________
        Checking Account No. _____________________Savings Account No.___________________________

Are you willing to have rent payment direct deposit/Electronics Fund Transfer (EFT)? Yes___ No___

Number of vehicles (including company cars)_____
        Make/Model________________________________ Year_______ Color __________
        Tag No. ________________ State ______
        Make/Model________________________________ Year_______ Color __________
        Tag No. ________________ State ______
        Make/Model________________________________ Year_______ Color __________
        Tag No. ________________ State ______
We will run a credit check and a criminal background check. Is there anything negative we will find that
you want to comment on?_______________________________________________________________


Are you required to register as a Violent or Sex Offender in any jurisdiction? Yes___ No___

Have you had two or more late rental payments in the past year? Yes___ No___

Have you willfully or intentionally refused to pay rent when due? Yes___ No___

Were you taken to court for non-payment of rent? Yes___ No___

Have you ever been party to an eviction or asked to move-out? Yes___ No___

Have you ever broken Rental or Lease Agreement? Yes___ No___

Have you ever been sued or taken to court for damage to rental property? Yes___ No___

Have you ever declared bankruptcy in the last seven (7) years? Yes___ No___

Been convicted of a crime? Yes___ No___ If YES, please provide details _________________



Please give any additional information that might help owner/management evaluate this application?
The above information, to the best of my knowledge, is true and correct., I warrant that all statements
above set forth are true; includes information as to my character, general reputation, personal
characteristics and mode of living. However, should any statement made above be a misrepresentation or
not a true statement of facts, all of the deposit will be retained to offset the agent’s cost, time, and effort in
processing my application.
Signature ________________________________ Date____________________
AUTHORIZATION-Release of Information
I authorize an investigation of my credit, tenant history, banking and employment for the purposes of
renting a house, apartment, or condominium from this owner/manager.
Your Name (please print)_______________________________________
Signature ________________________________ Date____________________

partner Name (please print)_______________________________________
Signature ________________________________ Date____________________

APPLICATION FEE –Each applicant has to submitted the sum of $____35______( after prelimary
screening) which is a non-refundable payment for a credit check and processing charge, receipt of which
is acknowledged by Management. Such sum is not a rental payment or deposit amount.
In the event this application is approved or disapproved, this sum will be retained by management to
cover the cost of processing application as furnished by applicant. This Application must be signed before
it can be processed by Management.
Signature ________________________________ Date____________________
What is the best way to contact you regarding this application? ___ Email __ Phone


    I hereby deposit $____________ as earnest money to be refunded to me if this application is not
    accepted in 3 business banking days. Upon acceptance, this deposit shall be retained as part of the
    security deposit. When so approved and accepted, I agree to execute a lease for ___________ months
    before possession is given and to pay the balance of the security deposit prior to the move in date. If the
    application is not approved or accepted by the owner or agent, the deposit will be refunded, the
    application hereby waiving any claim for damages by reason of non-acceptance which the owner or agent
    may reject. I recognize that as a part of your procedure for processing my application, an investigative
    consumer report may be prepared whereby information is obtained through personal interviews with
    others with whom I may be acquainted.

    Please sign:_____________________________________________ date_______________

    Received from______________________with postal address as stated in Rental Application, the sum of
    $_________________ covered by _____________________ dated _____________ representing
    EARNEST MONEY for the deposit of __________________________ I, ___________________ agree
    to refund the deposit to the applicator, if this application is not accepted in 3 business banking days. Upon
    acceptance, this deposit shall be retained as part of the security deposit.

    agent sign:___________________________________ date_______________


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