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					WELCOME to Skype

Recently, four new video chat
workstations were installed at Good
Samaritan Society – Stillwater.

Itʼs easy! If you have a computer, an
Internet connection, a webcam and the “Skype” application, you can talk to
your friends and family at Good Samaritan Society–Stillwater!

Confirm that you have the following available:
The latest version of Skype for Mac/Windows.
A dual core processor, and a fast Internet connection of 512 kbit/s or more.
A webcam

Now, get up and running
Download Skype if you don’t have it. It’s quick, easy and free.
Next, add contacts
Add all these contacts:
  • GoodSamCompCart1
  • GoodSamCompCart2
  • GoodSamCompCart3
  • GoodSamCompCart4

Now, contact the nursing home
1. Call the nursing homeʼs front desk two to three days before you would
   like to do your video conference at (651) 439-7180 between 8 a.m. and
   4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Let them know who you would like to
   talk to and around what time, to see if he/she will be available.

2. The receptionist will give you a 15-minute range based on the time and
   day/date you specify, and let you know which cart to call.

Finally, make a free Skype call
To call Good Samaritan:

 1. Sign in to Skype.
 2. On the Contacts tab, find the cart you want to call. If you have lots of
    contacts, you can use the search box to find the cart youʼre looking
 3. Click the contact. You will see their details in the main window.
     (Remember: Any with one of these beside them                  is on
     Skype, so it's free to call.) However, for this purpose, the cart may not
     have one of those three icons next to its name, but still connectss to

 4. Click the green Call button           . You should hear ringing. If you
    don't hear the other person or they can't hear you, click the call
     quality icon in the call bar   .
 5. To hang up, click the End call button              .

Useful things you can do on a call
    Mute your microphone so the other person can't hear you.

    Adjust your volume.

           Share your screen. Find out all you need to know about screen

                Add people to the call to create a conference call.

              If you've got a webcam plugged in, turn on video so the other
person can see you. Good Samaritan has webcams available that you can
borrow – call the receptionist to arrange that also.

Skype video chat workstations are available at Good Samaritan Society–
Stillwater through the generosity of Boy Scout Mark Boyts, Troop 242, who
formulated this concept for his Eagle Scout project. We are grateful to
Mark, his fellow troop members, advisors and donors who made this
excellent opportunity available for our residents and families.

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