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  Spanish-     Interventions Interventions   Vocabulary     Mixed Bag
American War       Here          There

Q $100          Q $100         Q $100        Q $100        Q $100

Q $200          Q $200         Q $200        Q $200        Q $200

Q $300          Q $300         Q $300        Q $300        Q $300

Q $400          Q $400         Q $400        Q $400        Q $400

Q $500          Q $500         Q $500        Q $500        Q $500

                                                          Final Jeopardy
        $100 Question from H1

 This “colorful” cartoon character became the
    symbol for the type of journalism that
exaggerated the truth in order to increase sales
$100 Answer from H1

 Who is the Yellow Kid?
         $200 Question from H1

  The insulting document was stolen from its
diplomatic path and published by the US papers
fanning the flames of US anger with Spain, and
    it took the nations one step closer to war.
$200 Answer from H1

What is the de Lome Letter?
      $300 Question from H1

This was the key battlefield victory in the
   Spanish-American War for the US.
    $300 Answer from H1

What is the Battle of San Juan Hill?
         $400 Question from H1

  This Amendment to the Cuban Constitution
allowed the US to buy or lease land for military
  bases as well as intervene in Cuban affairs if
      American interests were threatened.
 $400 Answer from H1

What is the Platt Amendment?
       $500 Question from H1

 President McKinley gave the Spanish these
three conditions to meet in order to avoid an
               armed conflict.
          $500 Answer from H1

What are the closing of reconcentration camps,
an armistice (stop the fighting), and the granting
           of independence to Cuba?
      $100 Question from H2

The main interest of the US intervention in
   Panama settled around this project.
$100 Answer from H2

What is the Panama Canal?
         $200 Question from H2

This nation lost control of Panama after the US
   encouraged the native citizens to revolt.
$200 Answer from H2

  What is Colombia?
       $300 Question from H2

The main interest of the United States in its
 intervention in Mexico centered on this.
          $300 Answer from H2

What is the $2 Billion in American investments?
      $400 Question from H2

The US made great improvements in Puerto
       Rico in these 3 areas of life.
          $400 Answer from H2

What are roads, schools, and sanitation systems?
         $500 Question from H2

This Act allowed Puerto Rico to become part of
the United States and its citizens to become US
$500 Answer from H2

 What is the Jones Act?
       $100 Question from H3

  This is the main reason that the Filipinos
decided to engage in armed conflict with the
               United States.
       $100 Answer from H3

What is the United States backing out of a
  promise to grant the Filipinos their
        $200 Question from H3

The US intervention in Hawaii ended with this
         $200 Answer from H3

What is the US helping to overthrow the queen
before annexing Hawaii and eventually making
                  it a state?
         $300 Question from H3

This was the US based policy of making certain
that China traded fairly with all nations not just
                  a select few.
 $300 Answer from H3

What is the Open Door Policy?
       $400 Question from H3

 The destruction of the US vessel became a
rallying point for US citizens against Spain.
$400 Answer from H3

 What is the USS Maine?
         $500 Question from H3

 These Chinese citizens started an insurrection
   that resulted in the murder of a number of
missionaries and a sharp response by the United
                States and others.
$500 Answer from H3

  Who are the Boxers?
         $100 Question from H4

 This group of athletes and cowboys volunteered
to fight in the Spanish American War and led the
    US to victory in the crucial battle in Cuba
$100 Answer from H4

Who are the Rough Riders?
          $200 Question from H4

   This is the philosophy that emphasizes the
acquisition of land and resources in order to help
      a nation compete on the world stage.
$200 Answer from H4

  What is imperialism?
       $300 Question from H4

 This early US policy stated that European
nations were not welcome to intervene in the
          affairs of the Americas.
$300 Answer from H4

What is a Monroe Doctrine?
     $400 Question from H4

Taft’s approach to foreign policy which
      focused on building economic
     relationships other nations as a
  preventative method to ease tensions.
$400 Answer from H4

What is Dollar Diplomacy?
        $500 Question from H4

Roosevelt added this to the previous American
policy of discouraging outside intervention in
               Latin American.
  $500 Answer from H4

What is the Roosevelt Corollary?
       $100 Question from H5

Most US casualties in the Spanish American
         War resulted from this?
$100 Answer from H5

   What is disease ?
       $200 Question from H5

This Treaty ended the Spanish American War
$200 Answer from H5

What is the Treaty of Paris?
         $300 Question from H5

This foreign policy of Roosevelt focused on the
US become an influential world power by force
                  if necessary.
$300 Answer from H5

What is the Big Stick Policy?
        $400 Question from H5

This group was known for its opposition to the
    imperialist moves of the United States
    $400 Answer from H5

What is the anti-Imperialist League?
       $500 Question from H5

This foreign policy of Wilson emphasized the
         spread of democratic ideals
$500 Answer from H5

What is Dollar Diplomacy?
       Final Jeopardy

These are the three components of the
            Treaty of Paris
      Final Jeopardy Answer

What are the ceding of Guam and Puerto Rico
  To the United States, the purchase of the
 Philippines for $20 Million by the US, and
    The granting of Cuban Independence

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