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					                                           Facebook Tutorial

Creating a Page

Click the Sign Up button to get started.
                    Libraries cannot use the same personal profile pages as
                    individuals. You will be setting up a Page (not a Profile)
                    for your Library’s Facebook presence.

                    Click the link to Create a Page.

                    Select “Library/Public Building” from the Local: drop
                    down menu.

Enter the name of your Library in the next field, and press Create Page.
                                                                    You now have the option to either associate the
                                                                    Library’s page with a currently existing user’s Profile
                                                                    or to set one up now. We’ll assume you need to set one

Enter the email address that will act as the Log-on for accessing
your Facebook Page.

Complete the rest of the form, and click Sign Up Now!

Now you’re ready to start adding Content!
Currently, your Page is not accessible to the general public. Once
you’ve finished creating your Page, click “publish this Page”.

The LEFT Column:
   1. Upload a picture of your Library or your library’s Logo.
   2. Mini-Feed represents your history of actions of Facebook
      that will be broadcast to all your Fans.
   3. Information: this will be where you add content about your
      hours, location, and other Profile-type information.
   4. Discussion Board is available for creating a dialogue with
      your patrons and Fans on Facebook.
   5. The Wall is a place for Fans to put comments about your

The RIGHT Column:
   6. Edit Page & Edit Admins are administration options for
       your Page. Become a Fan is a personal Profile option, and
       Fans visiting your page will see this option. Share with
       Friends is a way to send out your Page to your friends of
       your personal Profile.
   7. Fans: when other Facebook users become Fans of your
       page, they will show up here.
   8. Photos & Videos: you can upload any photos/videos of
       your library or events at your library here.
   9. Events: post upcoming events for Facebook Fans to RSVP.
   10. Notes are like blogs or can be used like a Bulletin/Special
What will your completed Page look like?
Here are some examples:
Extras make your Page unique!

Some great Library related applications are already included on your Page, such as Discussion Board, Events, and Photo Albums.
Some other useful tools include:

   •   Search Your Library Catalog. You may need a techie to figure out how to build the application for searching your own catalog
       from Facebook. Check out this example for the finished product in action:
   •   Chat with a Librarian! Several services exist to do this. MeeboMe is an application already built into Facebook. Plugoo may
       take some more work to get setup for you.
           o Plugoo:
           o MeeboMe:
   •   JSTOR article search:
   •   WorldCat:
   •   My
   •   Simply RSS:

Now that you’ve got your Page, what can you do with it?

Create Events! These Events will be sent as bulletins to all your Fans.

Send an Update to Fans to let them know about Contests or Special on-
going activities.

Use the Discussion Board to engage with your e-patrons.

Write Notes! These can be blogs or function as flyers for your