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					Name: _______________________________                         Period: ___________                      Page #:________

Directions: You are going to create a Facebook profile page for one significant individual from the World War II
era. After you have chosen an individual from the list below, you will need to gather historical information about
them. This information will be used to fill in the different sections of a Facebook page.

List of approved individuals for World War II Facebook Profile Project:

Eleanor Roosevelt                        A. Philip Randolph                        1st Lt. Annie G. Fox
Josef Stalin                             Douglas MacArthur                         Eva Braun
Dwight D. Eisenhower                     Franklin Delano Roosevelt                 Amelia Earhart
Winston Churchill                        Rosie the Riveter                         Therese Bonney
Harry S. Truman                          Joseph Goebbels                           Clare Boothe Luce
Benito Mussolini                         George Patton                             Famous Code Talkers
Emperor Hirohito                         Pope Pius XII

Required parts of the historical individuals Facebook profile that you will need to include in your project:
1) Profile Picture of that person
2) Relationship Status- (please list your chosen individual as single, it’s complicated, engaged, married, or
divorced) -----*If you choose “it’s complicated”, you will need to explain why it is so.
3) Birthday of that individual
4) Current City---- See they lived in during World War II
5) Friends of that individual during World War II(at least 3, if not more)- Such as allies in the war, real life friends,
people of the same opinion as your individual.
6) At least four statues update from the World War II era.
7) At least three posts from individuals friends.
8) Small profile pictures for those friends that post on your individuals wall.
9) Your individual must become “a fan or like” one group of politicians within his nation, or one nation that is
fighting on the side of your individual, and one army during WWII.
10) You must write something about your individual in the “Write something about yourself” Facebook box.

                                    Critical information needed for your individual

*Name of individual:

*Birth date of individual:

*Relationship status:

*Current City:

*What nation is your individual from:

*What army would your individual root for in World War II:
*Find a profile picture for your individual----- you need to cite this picture, listing Google as the source is not

*Find profile pictures for your individual’s Facebook friends.

* You will need to keep a works cited (bibliography) list of sources in which you found information.
---Please write them in the space provided below




A list of your chosen individual’s Facebook friends:






6) _______________________________________

Historical information that could be used for status updates:
Name: ________________________________________________                 Period: _________                      Page #:________________

                  World War Two Facebook Profile Project: Grading Rubric

                           1                          2                        3                         4               Score/Level

  Creativity     Project includes little   Material presented        Some apparent             Exceptional originality
                 variety in                with little originality   originality displayed     of presented material
                 presentation              or creative thought       through creative use
                 techniques                                          of materials

  Content        Unorganized and           Project meets half of     Project is well-          Project is well-
                 meets less than half      the requirements;         organized and meets       organized and meets
                 the requirements          well-organized            most requirements         all requirements

  Grammar        Multiple grammatical      Some errors in            Few grammatical           Nearly error-free
                 and stylistic errors      grammar and/or            and/or stylistic errors   which reflects clear
                                           format that does not                                understanding and
                                           interfere with clarity                              thorough

  Presentation Careless, hurried,          Project appears           Clear, uncluttered,       Evidence that pride
               and illegible               rushed of somewhat        and attractive            and care was taken
               presentation                careless, but the                                   and the message of
                                           content is legible                                  the product is clearly

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