Facebook Project Rubric (DOC)

					 Category             40-35 points                            34--30                             30-25                               25-0
                All information is accurate  All/almost all of the                There is more than 3 factual        More than 4 factual errors
                All biographical                 information is accurate            errors                              2-3 friends who are
                 information name, date and  Most biographical                     Some biographical information        historically realistic
                 place of birth, gender,          information, name, date and        name, date and place of birth,      Most biographical information
                 relationship status, political   place of birth, gender,            gender, relationship status,         name, date and place of birth,
                 views, and education level       relationship status, political     political views, and education       gender, relationship status,
                 is included.                     views, and education level is      level is included                    political views, and education
 Content        5 or more friends are            included.                         3-4 friends who are historically     level is not included
                 historically realistic          4-5 friends who are                realistic                           4-8 wall posts by the person
                6-10 wall posts by the           historically realistic            3-6 wall posts by the person         friends and their responses
                 person friends and their        4-8 wall posts by the person       friends and their responses          show basic understanding of
                 responses show in depth          friends and their responses        show in depth-basic                  1-2 of the topics;
                 understanding of 5               show in depth understanding        understanding of 2-3 of the
                 topics/events                    of 3-4 of the topics;              topics;                             1 activity they would enjoy
                                                                                                                          doing may or may not be
                2 or more activities they       1-2 activities they would         1 activity they would enjoy          included
                 would enjoy doing.               enjoy doing.                       doing.                              1 interest they would have
                2 or more interests they        1-2 interests they would have.    1 interest they would have.          may or may not be included
                 would have.
                           20-18                             17-14                               14-11                               11-0
                Content is neat, well           Content is mostly neat, and       Content may be slightly untidy,     Content is hard to read and
                 organized, grammatically         well organized,                    and disorganized,                    disorganized
                 correct and spelled             Has 1-2 grammatical/spelling      There are 2-5                       Numerous grammatical and
                 correctly                        errors                             grammatical/spelling errors          spelling mistakes
                5-7 MLA cited sources           4-6 MLA cited sources             2-4 MLA cited sources               2-0 MLA cited sources
                          20-18                              17-14                               14-11                               11-0
                Looks like a Facebook page,  Final Product has all the            The final product looks more        Final product is hand written,
Appearance       shows a lot of creative       correct information, but does         like a word document and not         messy, rushed work with not
                 thought went into the final   not always look like a real           like a Facebook page, little to      effort
                 product                       page                                  no creative effort

                          20-18                              17-14                               14-11                               11-0
                5 or more pictures of           4 pictures with captions or      2-3 pictures with captions           1-2 pictures with captions
 Pictures        Caesar with correct             5 pictures without captions for or                                    or
                 captions for each                each                             4 pictures without captions for      No pictures at all
                Extra Picture of Caesar                                             each
                 with is friends

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