Facebook Profile Page Directions by shuifanglj


									Facebook Profile Page Directions – Character Analysis
In lieu of a characterization essay, you will show your deeper understanding of a character of your choice by creating a
Facebook profile based on that character. By assuming the persona of a literary character, you will explore, evaluate,
and make predictions about character and plot development.
1. Use the facebook template. You can either create / cut / paste online (there is a template on my webpage) or
recreate this on white paper.
2. Required items (include all):
         a. name and profile picture
         b. Basic Information (choose five or more): sex, birthday, hometown, relationship status, education, occupation,
political views, religious views, networks, current status
         c. Favorites (choose 3 or more): music, activities, interests, quotations, sayings, foods, hobbies, etc.
         d. Top 5 Friends / Family (with pictures and names)
3. Optional items (include at least two)
         a. An “About Me” statement that reveals aspects of the character’s personality and motivation
         b. A “Wall” with multiple entries from friends, family, etc. – make sure the entries actually show aspects of
         conflict, characterization, plot, etc. (can’t just be saying haiiiiii)
         c. Another Application that would show us aspects of the character – for example, pieces of flair or gifts.
         d. Two to three advertisements on the side for fictional businesses related to the novel
4. Rubric: Content of required information (10 points), Content of optional Information (10 points), Presentation of
required information – neatness, clarity, organization, conventions – (5 points)

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