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Facebook Email Assignment


									UF 1111 – 008
Fall 2006
Due Friday, October 20 by 11:59 A.M.
Length: 250 words
Worth: Credit/No Credit

                                       E-mail Assignment #2

As a reminder:
        Assignment is scored credit/no-credit
        If you complete the assignment on time and write the required length, you receive
        If you fail to complete any or all of the above requirements, you will not receive credit.
        Plan ahead! No sympathy and extension if the network crashes at the last minute!
        You must use your EIU e-mail account to receive credit.
        Send the e-mails to both and for full credit.

This assignment calls upon you to review your Facebook account. (If you are one of the two
students in our class who do not have a Facebook account, please see the bottom of this
assignment sheet for other options, or see us after class if those options don’t work for you.)

Answer any or all of the following questions:
       Do you feel that Facebook is a safe internet environment? If so, why do you feel secure
                on Facebook? If not, what can you do to your profile to protect yourself?
       Look at it as if this was your resume.
                What does this say about you?
                What do your pictures tell a future employer about you?
                What groups are you in and do you think they are appropriate? Why or why not?
                What about mini-feed can make it unsafe for other people?
                Who can look at your profile? Anyone? Your friends? Friends of friends? (Check
                          your privacy settings.) Do you think your current privacy settings could
                          be a potential problem? Why/why not?
       Are you aware that judicial affairs and police officers are on Facebook and can look at
                your profile? How do you feel about this? Do you think it’s fair? If you got
                charged for a crime, such as underage drinking, because your Facebook profile
                tipped off the police, do you think that would be legitimate?
       Overall, do you feel that Facebook is a safe internet website?

If you do not have a Facebook account:
        Review your Myspace account and all of the dimensions of Myspace
OR      If you don’t have Myspace, review MSN Messenger or AOL Instant Messenger and all of
        its elements.

Please Note: We have already reviewed everyone’s profiles, so please be honest or we will not
        accept this assignment as credit.

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