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					                                Welcome to Wisconsin!
                    Your Tour Guides Are - Ryanna and Jessiqua

                                           Wisconsin Regions You Will Visit:
                                            1. Lake Superior Lowlands
                                              2. Northern Highland
                                                3. Central Plain
                                                  4. Western Upland
                                                    5. Eastern Ridges and Lowlands

                                            These trips will be great memory for Jessiqua and I. One of Jessiqua's great
                                           memory was when we got a tour of the State Capital Building it was great. My
                                            favorite memory is when we went to The Ramda Plaza in Green Bay I went
                                             down the steep slide it felt like I just dropped down and at the end I fell into
                                           water and it was so cool. We drove around for 23 hours and 45 minutes and all
                                                                 the miles put together is 1287 miles.

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                                                                             Lake Superior Lowlands
                                                                                                  Region Facts
                                               u After many years in the Highland it began to              u Superior is a world port today.
                                                 sink all around.
                                               u The great Northern ore docks are here.                    u Long before glaciers came there was a grate earth
                                                                                                               quake that shook this very region.

                                               u Today more than forty rivers fall and plunge down the     u superior is this regions largest city.
                                                   northern side of the water in Lake Superior.

                                                   Superior-27,368                                         u A glacier helped form this region during the Ice Age.

                OUR TRIP TO Superior                                                                OUR TRIP TO Bayfield
When we went to Superior Ryanna and I saw a poster that said come to           When Jessiqua and I went to Bayfeild we didn't know which hotel to go
Barker's Island Inn and Ryanna and I agreed to go. When Ryanna and I           to,The Bayfeild Inn or Winfeild Inn.Jessiqua and I chosed to go to the
got to Barker's Island Inn we checked in. Then our neighbor said that we       Bayfeikd Inn. When we got to the Bayfeild Inn it was 12:00 in the
should go to Eddies World Famous Ribs so Ryanna and I left at 5:30.            morning Jessiqua and I went for a walk. We saw a bilbord that said
When we got to Eddies World Famous Ribs it was 6:00. Ryanna had two            come to learn how to dog sledding.So Jessiqua and I went dog sledding.
ribs and a large Mountain Dew. I tried ribs and they were ok. For a drink      After that Jessiqua and I saw a person holding a sighn that said East
I had a sprite. When we finished we heard someone say you could join a         dock park Jessiqua and I were chosing what to what time to go.Jessiqua
Christmas concert at the park. We sang 12 Days of Christmas, Jingle            and I chose to go after lunch.For lunch we went to The Egg Toss Bakery
Bells and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. After the Christmas concert           Cafe, it was good.Then we went to East Dock park. Then we went
we went back to Barker's Island Inn. Then we got to our room and we fell       snowshoeing.When we were snowshoeing we saw Larry
a sleep. The next day we went to the ice skating show. At the ice skating      MacDonold.We were talking to him for a while. We went back to
show we saw the Mayor Dave Ross. After the show Ryanna and I went              Bayfeild Inn Jessiqua and I went to sleep the next day we went to
to talk to him. Then we went back to Barker's Island Inn and Ryanna and        Cooper Hill.At Cooper Hill we went on the swings and the
I checked out . For lunch we went to Perkins Restaurant. It was really         monkeysbars.This was a awsome time.
fun at Superior.

                    Superior to Bayfield = 81 miles                                                      Bayfield to Antigo = 194 miles
                                                                                Northern Highland
                                                                                        Region Facts
                                                u Just like a sheild, the middle of the Northern Highland is u Many Northern highland swamps are
                                                  curved, then it slopes away form the edges that’s why        between twenty to fifty feet deep.
                                                  the rivers go all directions.
                                                u Some of the Northern Highland is nearly flat. u Climate in the Northern part is cool and also
                                                u Near the center of Northern Highland is an                 u The land warped changed the shape of the
                                                  area of some freshwater lakes.                               earth.
                                                  Stevens Point -21,269                                      u In Oneida counties and Vilas, there are
                                                  Antigo -4,580                                                nearly 2,000 lakes.

                  OUR TRIP TO Antigo                                                     OUR TRIP TO Stevens point
When Jessiqua and I went to Antigo we rented an RV. We heard there           Today is when Ryanna and I go to Stevens Point. When we got to
was a RV park, so we decided to go there to stay. Then we went to the        holiday Inn Stevens Point, we got out room cards and went to our
youth hokey game. After that we went to the fire station to meet the chiff   room.Then we got on a bus in the city. We saw a poster for toboggan
with his crew. Then we went to Antigo's bakery. Next we went to our RV       slides and sled and saucer hills. Ryanna and I really wanted to go, so
and went to bed. The next morning at 11:00 you could meet mayor Bill         Ryanna and I went back to the Holiday Inn Stevens Point and got our
Brant and police men. We talked to them for a long time. By the time we      other thing on. When we got there, was a big line. It was fine because it
had to leave it was lunch time. Jessiqua and I went to Cafe Sweet            was really fun. After that we went to Arbukes Eatery. Ryanna had a
Street. I had a cup of ice tea and 2 big chocolate and M&M cookies,          Burger, fries and a medium root beer. I had a saled and water. When we
Jessiqua had hot chocolate with a chocolate chip cookies. Then we went       were eating we saw the mayor Andrew Halverson. When we were done
to our RV and took it back were we rented it from and that is what we did    eating we talked to him for a little bit. Then we went to our hotel and
at Antigo.                                                                   went to bed. The next morning we woke up and had cereal, then we
                                                                             went to Scarabocchico art museum.Then it was time for lunch. We went
                                                                             to Arbuckle's Eatery and had the samething.That is what Ryanna and I
                                                                             did at Stevens Point, It was fun.

                   Antigo to Stevens Point =58 miles                                       Stevens Point to Wisconson Dells =79 miles
                                                                                        Central Plain
                                                                                          Region Facts
                                                 u From the highlands rivers tumble down to            u Trees of central painsare jack pine and
                                                   the Northern edge.                                    scrub oak.
                                                 u It has hills that are stony or swamp-filled         u Streams flow into the lake carring sand, the
                                                   depressions called kettles.                           sand had fell to the floor of the lake.
                                                 u The sandy fields aren't as rich as land in the      u Eastern part of Central Plains is a rolling
                                                   other parts of the state.                             landscape.
                                                   Wisconson Dells-2,418                               u After the lake drained sandy, flat and marshy
                                                   Chippewa Falls-12,925                                 landscape remained.

          OUR TRIP TO Wisconsin Dells                                                    OUR TRIP TO Chippewa Falls
When Ryanna and I went to Sundara Inn. We got there and checked in,            When Jessiqua and I went to Chippewa Falls we were staying at the
we heard people talking and they said they were going to Gilly's Island.       Hotel Express. When we were there, we saw a poster saying come to
Ryanna and I asked how to get there it was 12:01, lunch time. Ryanna           Fur Bowl. Jessiqua and I went. It was bowling and you could win prizes
had a burger, fries and a medium Mr. Pibb, I had chicken, fries and a          you donate money by bowling for the local animal shelter. For dinner we
small root beer. Then we were done we met the mayor Eric C. Helland .          went to Casa Mexican. I had two tamales with a coke and Jessiqua had
We were talking to him for a little bit. Next we went to Cascade Mountain      a salad with a mellow yellow. Dinner was great. After dinner Jessiqua
we went skiing it was really fun. After that we went back to Gilly's Island.   and I went back to the hotel. We went to bed right away. In the morning
Ryanna had the same thing so did I. By the time we went to the hotel.          we went to French Toast Breakfast. Jessiqua and I got french toast and
When we got there we went to sleep. The next morning we went to                orange juice. It was really great. When we went back to the hotel we
Knuckle heads Bowling and Indoor Amusement park it was cool. For               saw the mayor Greg Hafman outside taking a walk.We talked to him for
lunch we went to Carvelli's Pizza and Pasta House we ordered a                 a little bit. He said that we should go snowshoeing by moonlight. When it
medium chesse pizza. That is what Ryanna and I did in Wisconsin Dells.         was 5:00 the sun went down and we went snowshoeing by moonlight, it
                                                                               was really fun. That is what we did at Chippewa Falls.

             Wisconson Dells to Chippewa Falls = 134 miles                                     Chippewa Falls to Platteville =190 miles
                                                                                      Western Upland
                                                                                             Region Facts
                                               u Western Uplands is the roughest part in Wisconsin        u Hickory trees grow in the vallies.
                                                  mostly in the Southwestern part of the state.

                                               u That part of the region is called the Driftless          u Several gumdrop shaped mounds in the
            0                                    area.                                                      Uplands.
                                               u Some of the moutains stand about 15 miles                u The last glacier mist the Western Uplands.
                                                 to the southwest.
                                                 Platteville-9,989                                        u The early Explorers and Settlers came here
                                                 La Crosse-51,818                                           to get fur.

                OUR TRIP TO Platteville                                                           OUR TRIP TO La Crosse
When Ryanna and I went to Platteville we got the key to the room. As we        When Jessiqua and I went to La Crosse we stayed at the Comfort Inn.
went up the stairs Ryanna looked an her watch and saw it was 5:30.             We got there at 8:30 p.m. so we just went to bed. The next morning we
When we got to our room we put our stuff away. Then Ryanna and I               went for a walk to look around. When we were walking we saw Mayor
went to the service desk to ask where restaurants are. He said that he         Mathias Harter. He told us that we should go to Ravioli Theatre and
would go to Windsor Food so that's where we went. Ryanna had fries a           Pizzeria for dinner. So when it was 6:00 we went to the Ravioli Theatre
burger with a small coke and I had chicken and a small fries with water.       and Pizzeria. We ordered a small pizza with half pineapple with peporine
After we were done we went to the hotel and planed what we were going          and half chesse. Jessiqua had a small Pepsi and I had a small coke. It
to do the next day. The next day we went to the Minning Museum when            was great pizza. After we ate we took the bus back to the hotel. When
we were there we saw the police men. We talked to them for a little bit.       we got back it was 8:00 so we just watch T.V. till we went to sleep. The
Next we went to the hotel for a little to decide what place to go to eat.      next morning we went for a walk in town. We saw the firemen at the
We just went back to Windsor Food Ryanna had chicken nuggets with a            department we were talking to them for a little bit. When we were
code red Mountain dew. I had a salad with water. It was great. After that      finished talking to them we went back to the hotel we packed up and
we went to the hotel to pack up and that is what Ryanna and I did at           checked out of the hotel and that is what Jessiqua and I did at La
Platteville.                                                                   Crosse.

                   Platteville to La Crosse =105 miles                                               La Crosse to Green Bay =201 miles
                                                                    Eastern Ridges and Lowlands
                                                                                          Region Facts
                                                u In the Eastern Ridges and Lowlands there are         u Eastern Ridges and Lowlands is home to the
                                                    many pioneers that chose to settle there.            Fox River Valley.
                                                u The region is bordered by Lake Michigan.             u Lake Winnebago is 28 miles long.

                                                u The glacier scooped out Lake Winnebago.              u A dam was built in 1842 to make part of the
                                                                                                         marsh a lake.
                                                    Green Bay-102,313                                  u The Eastern Ridges and Lowlands is the
                                                    Madison-208,054                                      richest agricultural region in the state.

               OUR TRIP TO Green Bay                                                            OUR TRIP TO Madison
When Ryanna and I went to Green Bay we stayed at Ramada Plaza. We             When Jessiqua and I went to Madison we stayed at The Hotel, Motel
went to Packer practice when we were there we saw Kendra, Cortney,            Bed and Breakfast. It was morning so Jessiqua and I had pancakes with
Hannah, Emma and Erin. We all decided to watch a Packer practice              a glass of chocolate milk. I had French Toast with a cup of orange juice.
together. Next, we all went to the Old Country Buffet. Erin and I had a       It was really good. When we were done we went to the State Capital
taco salad. Emma had a Cheeseburger. Kendra, Cortney, Hannah and              building. We took a tour of it and it was cool and great at the same time.
Ryanna had tacos. It was good after that we went to Bay Beach. We             After that we went back to the hotel. It was 11:00 a.m. so we went for a
went on a bunch of rides. The rides we went on were the bumper cars           walk in outside. When we were walking we saw the mayor Dave
and the big slide. Ryanna went on the swings. I was watching here             Cieslewicz and we talked to him for a little bit. He said that we should go
because I don't like to go on spinning things. When we were done with         to the Porta Bella for dinner. We asked him how to get there. After that
the rides. The rides were $0.25 each. After that we went to get a warm        we went back to the hotel. It was 5:30 so we drove to Porta Bella. The
pretzel. Jessiqua and I think that this trip might be the 2nd best trip but   time we got there it was 5:45 Jessiqua had chicken with fries with
we won't know until we go to Madison.                                         mellow yellow. I had chicken strips with a glass of sprite. It was really
                                                                              good. When we got to the Hotel we went to bed. The next morning we
                                                                              packed up and now we know that this trip was our first favorite one.

                   Green Bay to Madison = 136 miles                                             Madison to Sheboygan Falls = 109 miles
       Names: Jessiqua and Ryanna
                                                     Miles:                      Hours:
Starting Point: Superior                                      0                           0
      Stop #1: Bayfield                                       81                          1
      Stop #2: Antigo                                     194                             3
      Stop #3: Stevens Point                                  58                          1
      Stop #4: Wisconson Dells                            134                             1
      Stop #5: Cippewa Falls                              190                             2
      Stop #6: Platteville                                105                             3
      Stop #7: La Crosse                                  201                             2
      Stop #8: Green Bay                                  136                             3
      Stop #9: Madison                                        79                          1
     Stop #10: Sheboygan Falls                            109                             2

                                 Total Distance=   1287 Miles      Total Time=        23


Hours         45 Minutes

             285     1425
Lake Superior Lowlands
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