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									April                              ENTERTAINMENT                                                       Page 10
Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3                                    doesn’t necessarily mean
                                                             your 360 has met the end
                                                                                          there will be a new in-
Gaming systems make player the controller                    of days.                              You may or may
Kevin Miles                   awesome,” says Sanders.                 You can try         not know of the ever-
School Spirit Reporter
                                      That may seem          detaching the hard drive     growing popularity of
         G amers every-       like an extreme statement,     and unplugging your          motioned controlled gam-
where are having the          but gamers everywhere          system from the wall and     ing, but the most recent
battle of the ages. The       can relate.                    your TV. Then leave your     installments are the Xbox
question that many have               In fact Koch says,     Xbox 360 in a cool area      Kinect for the Xbox 360
pondered is which plat-       “It takes something like       and pray for its survival.   and the Playstation Move
form is better?               72 continuous hours to                  Playstation 3,      for the Playstation 3.
        Xbox 360 versus       get the red ring of death.”    however, does not have a              There have been
Playstation 3 is the debate   Koch has had three dif-        red ring of death.           over 10 million Xbox
at hand. Bosse students       ferent Xbox 360s that got               “It’s a tough one   Kinects sold since it hit
have many different opin-     the red ring of death.         for me,” says senior         stores in early November.
ions about the subject;               If you don’t know      Gamer Geoff Boyle.                    Senior Matt Smith
senior Chris Koch enjoys      what the red ring of death              Boyle enjoys        was lucky enough to get
Xbox 360 but has one          is and you own or want to      many exclusive games on      his hands on one and says
criticism of the system.      own an Xbox 360, then          Xbox 360 and on Playsta-     it’s really fun.
        “If only they         read carefully.                tion 3.                               Kenoyer has also
could make internet free              If the ring of light            His favorite        played the Xbox Kinect
on Xbox,” says Koch.          on the front of an Xbox        exclusive game for Xbox      and says, “It blew my
                                                             360 is Halo, while his fa-   mind.”
                                                             vorite exclusive game for             His favorite game
                                                             Playstation 3 is Infamous.   played on the Xbox Ki-
                                                                      On the Xbox 360     nect is Dance Central.
                                                             you can create an ava-       Playstation Move is the
                                                             tar from many different      motion-sensing game
                                                             kinds of clothing and        controlling platform for
                                                             props. The Playstation 3     the Playstation 3.
                                                             has a virtual world called            Sony says the
                                                             Playstation Home where       Playstation Move sales
                                                             you can create an Avatar     have reached $4.1 million
                                                             as well.                     in sales since its launch in
                                                                      Senior Shawn        September, significantly
                                                             Gore says, “Even though      lower than that of Xbox
                                                             the PS3 avatars are more     Kinect.
         photo by:                  realistic I like the 360              Sanders said he
                                                             ones better.”                had never played the
                                                                      As far as a new     Playstation move but
Freshman Andrew Sand-         360 flashes red, it indi-      installment such as          really wants to. Senior
ers very much likes a         cates something terrible       “Playstation 4” or “Xbox     Jason Brown says, “It’s
game exclusive only to        is about to happen to your     Velocity” as Gore pre-       the best motion-sensored
Playstation 3, Metal Gear     system.                        dicts they will be called,   game I’ve ever played…
Solid.                                Just because the       senior Joe Kenoyer says,
        “Playstation is                                                                   Continued on
                              red lights are flashing        “Definitely, guaranteed,       #11 “Gamer”

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Page 11                               ENTERTAINMENT                                                      April
First undisputed pro-wrestling champion goes vocal
Kenny Douglass
School Spirit Reporter                                                                 different from himself
         Chris Jericho                                                                 acting as a totally differ-
                                                                                       ent character, playing two
(real name Chris Irvine)
                                                                                       different characters at the
is living his dream of
                                                                                       same time. Confused? So
becoming a pro-wrestler
                                                                                       was I.
and rock star.
                                                                                                Jericho dropped
        He didn’t think it
                                                                                       the McQueen name and
would happen at the same
                                                                                       started using his wrestling
time, but fate would bring
                                                                                       name, Chris Jericho, for
him into it. Jericho was in
                                                                                       the band.
San Antonio, Texas, for
                                                                                                In 2000 Fozzy
an event he was work-
                                                                                       released their first self-
ing at for the WWE (at
                                                                                       titled album that didn’t
the time, WWF) and met                       photo by:                do so well in sales, being
Rich Ward who had a
                                        They started off   was a big deal. He wanted   basically an underground
band, Fozzy Osbourne.
                              as an all-cover band with to copy Andy Kaufman’s         band.
        Jericho ended up
                              a fictitious back story that act with a persona named             The album includ-
making wrestling history
                              they had been touring in     Clinton.                    ed eight cover songs that
becoming the first ever
                              Japan and written songs              Jericho gave        “they originally wrote”
Undisputed Champion in
                              that in actuality were       himself the name Moon-      and two brand new songs
history by winning two
                              written and made famous goose McQueen. Yes, you          they actually wrote them-
major titles from two dif-
                              by Iron Maiden, Judas        read right, Moongoose.      selves.
ferent companies at the
                              Priest, Ozzy Osbourne,       Jericho denied being Mc-             They released
same time (WCW and
                              The Scorpions and Ron-       Queen, McQueen denied       their second album, Hap-
WWF Championships).
                              nie James Dio.               being Jericho, just like    penstance, in 2002 with
        Ward and Jericho
                                       Fozzy got lost in   Kaufman’s shtick.           five cover songs that once
quickly became close
                              Japan (still in back story           Soon after,         again “they originally
friends and agreed to
                              here) after making those     Jericho’s boss from the     wrote” and five truly
have Jericho join the
                              songs, and the bands         WWE (at that time,          original songs.
                              listed above “stole” the     WWF), Vince McMahon,                 Fozzy soon
        After being signed
                              songs from Fozzy and         had Fozzy play at one of    dropped the act that they
with Megaforce, the
                              made them famous.            their shows soon to be      had songs that were sto-
band dropped Osbourne
                                       Jericho even        broadcast live on televi-   len from them and made
and simply just became
                              called up Zakk Wylde,        sion.                       famous by other people.
                              Dee Snider and Mike                  McMahon wanted               It was a funny
        The heavy metal
                              Portnoy during the mak-      Jericho to drop the Moon-   story, but it got old really
band consists of Jericho
                              ing of their DVD to          goose McQueen act be-       fast and they realized it.
as the lead vocalist, Rich
                              “confirm” that the story     cause McMahon thought       With the announcement
Ward (lead guitarist),
                              Fozzy was trying to sell     it was really dumb and      of them dropping the
Billy Grey (guitarist),
                              to everyone was true.        didn’t like the idea.       story, they put out their
Frank Fontsere (drums)
                                       Soon, everyone in           Here was his em-    100% original, legitimate
and Sean Delson (bass-
                              the band was given stage     ployee who was already
ist).                                                                                  Continued on # “Vocal”
                              names and for Jericho, it    portraying a character

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April                                ENTERTAINMENT                                                         Page 12
 At the movies with Shavar                                                                    Gamer cont’d from
 Homeless chameleon dubs self as sherrif
 Shavar Barrett                                                                               it.”
                                                                                                      “You should buy

 School Spirit Reporter
                               children will love this                  Then all of a
                               movie: they will love it.        sudden the film had this                If you choose
         R  ango might be               It’s just a film that   huge action sequence, and     Playstation 3 as your
                                                                                              favorite platform because
unlike any other animated      doesn’t pander or talk           it turned into a fantastic
film I’ve seen before. I       down to its audience, and        scene.                        of Move, Home, free
feel like this is the ani-     that’s a good thing.                     It’s probably the     online, Blue-Ray disc or
mated film made more for                The film is also        best action sequence I’ve     exclusive titles,
adults than kids.              gorgeous. The desert             seen since Inception. The               I say good choice.
         Our main charac-      landscape looks amazing          film had my attention         If you choose Xbox 360
ter is an unnamed chame-       and the animal designs in        again, and from there on      because of Kinect, Ava-
leon (Johnny Depp) who                                                                        tars, design, or exclusive
is going through a bit of                                                                     titles I say good choice.
an identity crisis.                                                                           The age old battle of
         His whole world                                                                      systems will be never-
is turned upside down                                                                         ending.
when he accidentally gets
stranded in the Mojave                                                                        Vocal cont’d from
Desert.                                                                                       ly self-written album,
         Instead of try-                                                                               All That Remains,
ing to find his way back,                             photo by:                               in 2005 with 10 songs
the homeless chameleon                                     topping the album. Four of
searches desperately for                                                                      them became singles. Zakk
water until he comes           this movie are astound-          out it just got better.       Wylde was also featured
upon the the western-          ing.                                      Rango is the first   in the album for the song
style town of Dirt.                    Each animal has          great film I’ve seen this     “Wanderlust.”
           Here our pro-       its own distinctive look         year so far. I’ve seen                 In 2010, Fozzy put
tagonist makes an identity     and and has its own voice        some good ones, but not       out their second original
for himself, Rango, and        and is more memorable            great.                        album with 12 songs, three
becomes the sheriff of the     than the last.                            I think anybody      of which became singles,
town.                                  Speaking of              who sees Rango will           with the band hoping for
         Rango is an old-      voices, the voice work in        come out with a smile         at least two more coming
fashioned western. The         here is great with a cast of     on his face, especially       from the album, as it has
fact that this film got        talented actors.                 adults. (P.S. Look out for    some of their best original
made is totally beyond                 The only problem         a couple of homages to        songs
me.                            that I have to say is the        Hunter S. Thompson and        to date.
         This film has a       film does run just a bit too     Clint Eastwood) ***1/2            Information gleaned
ton of references to old       long.                            out 4 stars.                       from A Lion’s Tale:
spaghetti western films.               There is a part                                           Around the World in
          The film has adult   in the middle of the film                                        Spandex, Undisputed:
driven dialogue, and at        where it starts to lag,                                          How to Become World
times it’s kind of dark.       making me start to lose                                        Champion in 1,372 Steps,
         This, however,        interest, and I was hoping                                       both by Chris Jericho,
won’t diminish how much        the movie would pick up.                                           and

                                           The School Spirit

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