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                                                        PHI DELTA KAPPA MAGAZINE

                                                       NATIONAL OFFICERS 2009 - 2010

                            PRESIDENT                                                                         SERGEANT-AT-ARMS
                           George Taylor                                                                            Sam Agresti
               2854 Mingo Dr., Land O Lakes, FL 34638                                                 144 Woodlake Circle, Greenacres, FL 33463
                          Tel: (813)792-1107                                                                     Tel: (561)965-7390
                  E-Mail                                                        E-Mail

                         VICE PRESIDENT                                                                             INNER GUARD
                             Jon Handy                                                                               Tim Reynolds
               3513 Melody Lane W. Kokomo, IN 46902                                                      3027 Nestor Road, Meridian, MS 39301
                         Tel: (765)453-5382                                                                        Tel: (601)917-8632

                    MASTER OF CEREMONIES                                                                               OUTER GUARD
                            Craig Brutout                                                                                 Vacant
              2189 Greenville Pike, Winchester, IN 47394
                         Tel: (765)546-0877                                                                 SECRETARY/TREASURER
                    E-Mail                                                                      Jim Cressman
                                                                                                      P.O.Box 5627, Lake Worth, FL 33466-5627
                               AUDITOR                                                                           Tel:(561)346-4975
                             Brian Nelson                                                                    E-Mail
                  10346 E. 170 S. Greentown, IN 46936
                           Tel: (765)628-0211

 CHAPTER PRESIDENT OF THE YEAR 2009 - Doug Leach, 1604 Woodside Dr., Danville, IN 46122 Tel: (317)745-7323
 NATIONAL SWEETHEART 2009 - Stephanie Smurr, 1902 Echo Pond Place, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 Tel: (813)973-7974

                                                              NATIONAL COMMITTEES 2009 - 2010

     PUBLICITY, EXPANSION                                        PUBLIC AFFAIRS                                            RITUAL COMMITTEE
        & EDUCATION                                             Chairman.......Sam Agresti                                Chairman.........Craig Brutout
         All The S.E.C.                                         Member……Tim Reynolds                                      Member……...Sam Agresti

    CONSTITUTION & BY-LAWS                                     HISTORICAL                                         CHAPTER PRESIDENT OF THE YEAR
    Chairman............. Craig Brutout                       Chairman....George Taylor                               Chairman............Jon Handy
    Member………..Tim Reynolds                                   Member…. Jon Handy                                      Member………..Sam Agresti

Chairman.........................................................................PNP Scott Dull ,1136 N. Old Hwy. 27 , Winchester, IN 47394 Tel: (765)584-7162(2010)
Secretary.........................................................................……….…PNP Devin Reid, Orchard Lane, Danville, IN 46122 Tel: (317)745-6719(2010)
Member………………………………...… .….PNP David Rieker, 2621 Lamplighter Dr., New Port Richey, FL 34655 Tel: (727)375-9195(2011)
Member..............................................................................................Ted Andrews, 5023 Fairway Dr.., Avon, IN 46123 Tel: (317) 341-2805(2012)
Member.............................................................................PNP Lloyd Marshall, 5001 W. Connie Dr., Muncie, IN 47304 Tel: (765)289-3626(2012)
Member.............. ...........................…........................…... Todd Gullet, 1037 E Greenville Pike, Winchester, IN 47394 Tel: (765)584-7130(2013)
Member................................................................................…… Jim Byrd, 2396 N. Old Hwy 27, Winchester, IN 47394 Tel:(765)584-5907(2013)

Chairman…........................................................................................PNP Jim Myers, 28 Alta Lane, Kokomo, IN 46902 Tel: (765)455-3110 (2011)
Secretary/Treasurer ……………....................................PNP Jim Cressman, P.O.Box 5627, Lake Worth, FL 33466-5627 Tel:(561)968-6939(2010)
Member.......................................................………………..Ron Anderson ,540 S. Western Ave. Winchester, IN 47394 Tel: (765) 584-0854 (2010)
Member……………....…………….......................................Willard Williams, 1127 W. Taylor St., Kokomo, IN 46901 Tel: (765)452-9311(2011)
Member.….............................................................................PNP Don Terruso, 111 E Shalley Dr. Plymouth, IN 46563 Tel: (574) 936-8074 (2012)

                          PHI DELTA KAPPA RELIEF ASSOCIATION, INC. BOARD OF TRUSTEES – 2009 - 2010
Chairman…….…………….....................................................Sam Agresti 144 Woodlake Circle, Greenacres, FL 33463 Tel:(561)965-7390(2010)
Vice Chairman.............................................................. PNP Dan Blake, 3646 Victoria Dr., West Palm Beach, FL 33406 Tel:(561)964-1074(2010)
Secretary/Treasurer..............………………………..….PNP Jim Cressman P.O. Box 5627, Lake Worth, FL33466-5627 Tel:(561)968-6939(2010)

THE PHI DELTA KAPPA MAGAZINE                                               February 2010                          VOLUME MMX, NO 2
Published every month except August at 5001 W. Connie Dr., Muncie, IN 47304 by the Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity, Inc. USPS 429-820. ISSN:1045-1749. Editor
Greg Sumpter, 8194 East 100 North Greentown, IN 46936 Email Subscription price:(Non-Member subscription $20.00 per year); members
included in dues. Periodical postage paid at Muncie, IN 47302-9998. Printed by Williams Printing Services, Inc., 201 E. Henry St., Farmland, IN 47340. Postmaster:
Send notification of change of address to Phi Delta Kappa Magazine, 5001 W. Connie Dr., Muncie, IN 47304
                                PHI DELTA KAPPA MAGAZINE                                                        3


                 Complacency is Contagious
                              By: George Taylor
Hello again from the Land of Sunshine? As I am writing this, it is
unseasonably cold here and the forecast actually calls for snow flurries.
Although there is zero chance of any of it sticking to the ground, it just
seems strange watching it fall from the sky. We haven’t seen snow here in
the Tampa Bay area since 1977. I’m sure it is much colder in Mississippi
and Indiana, but our blood is thinner here and we just aren’t prepared for
temperatures dropping much below 50 degrees. Sometimes we Floridians
take our beautiful weather for granted. It’s the little things that remind us. For instance, a cigarette break
when it’s 28 degrees outside is much different than one in 70 degree weather. It is easy to forget how good
we have it here.

I think the same thing applies to Phi Delta Kappa. Sometimes many of us take our membership for granted.
We can get so used to someone else taking care of things at the chapter house, someone else planning the
socials, others attending the weekly meetings, etc. that we forget how good we have it. We can just show
up on Friday or Saturday night, or at a social, have a good time, and go home, never even considering who
had to plan the event, or has to stay after and clean up. I realize that not all of us have the time to do all of
those things, but we need to see if we can find the time, or at least make sure to thank those who do. If not
for those few dedicated members, there would be no place to go on Friday & Saturday night, no socials,
and no brotherhood.

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like without PDK. Where would you go to hang out on the
weekends? Would anybody there know you, talk to you, or even care you exist? Would they ask you about
your family? Would they buy you a drink? I cannot imagine my life without Phi Delta Kappa. That would
be like imagining life without family. We all need family, and I believe we all need brotherhood. We need
that support from our brothers to help us when we are down, and cheer for us when we are doing well. We
need to know that we have a place we can go and sit and enjoy time with our friends, without the social
pressure associated with public bars and nightclubs. We need that place where we can just be ourselves,
and nobody there judges us. We need PDK.

That is why it is so important to not take it for granted. Please take the time to volunteer for planning or
working a social event. Take a little time to help around the chapter house. Show up to some of the
meetings and participate. And, at the very least, be sure to thank those members who are making the time to
do those things. They are the ones who are keeping PDK alive. We need to give them a break once in a
while, or at least show them some gratitude, or they might just burn out. Then we will be left with nothing.

So the next time you “Hug a Brother”, thank him too.
See you next month.

George Taylor
National President
  4                               PHI DELTA KAPPA MAGAZINE

            AWARDS                    Any other awards the convention
          by Jon Handy                MC deems worthy including sport        Maintain a high level of pride in
      National Vice President         awards                                 our fraternity through friendly
                                                                             competition between chapters.
Every year, at                        As chairman of the Chapter Presi-
the annual Phi                        dent of the Year Committee this        Chapter President of the Year is
Delta Kappa                           year, Sam Agresti and I will be        the most coveted title awarded to
Convention,                           making that selection from appli-      any chapter president by the Phi
awards      are                       cations submitted to me by the         Delta Kappa National Fraternity.
presented for                         chapters. The deadline for sub-        The recipient of this honor will be
outstanding                           mission is June 1, 2010. I sent        given a green jacket to wear and
p erfo rm an ce                       out applications already this year     will be recognized by every chap-
and achieve-                          with an instruction letter. If your    ter he visits in his lifetime.
ment by chap-                         chapter, for some reason, did not
ters and individuals. It is not too   receive theirs, please let me know     I will be making a second mailing
late for your chapter to begin        and I will be sure that you get it.    of these nomination forms in
working toward capturing these        My address, phone number and           April. Get those nominations in!
awards. It is considered high         email address are listed under Na-
honor by our fraternity to be the     tional Officers on page 2 of this      Jon
recipient of any one of these         magazine. The nomination sheet
awards. They are:                     should be completed with as                 A CHAPTER FAILED
                                      much detail as possible. If there             By Craig Brutout
Expansion Award (the chapter          is not enough room to write eve-        National Master of Ceremonies
with the biggest growth in mem-       rything on the application, you
bership)                              may continue each numbered item        As it is well
                                      on an additional typewritten           known now, back
Ritual Award (determined by           sheet. This sheet should include       in October the
ritual rating sheets turned in by     the item number followed by the        SEC voted to re-
PDK officers and members)             additional information you think       voke the charter
                                      is pertinent.                          of Alpha Marion.
Chapter President of the Year                                                This was a very
Award (selected by SEC com-           The criteria for our selection:        difficult decision
mittee from chapter applications                                             and now looking
submitted – applications are           Improve rapport between mem-          back on it I am
mailed to each chapter showing        bers and chapter officers by help-     left to wonder who failed whom.
deadlines)                            ing them understand their obliga-
                                      tions better;                          History is a wonderful teacher, and
Chapter Attendance Award (to          Increase understanding through         with that let us take a stroll through
each chapter having a member or       improved communication;                the last decade of Alpha history.
members in attendance)                Promote quality members and            What I am going to share with you
                                      increase total membership by in-       is not meant to impugn anyone or
Traveling Trophy Award (for           volving all members in chapter         their intentions. These as follows
the chapter that traveled the far-    activities;                            are the Chapter reports given on
thest – number of members in          Instill interest in becoming chap-     Alpha for the past 9 years.
attendance times the miles from       ter officers through use of abili-
their chapter to the convention       ties, talents and activity;
location)                             Develop awareness of the PDK           2000- Active Socials, no regular
                                      National Fraternity and increase       meetings, 42 members, had a
                                      participation at the National level;
                                  PHI DELTA KAPPA MAGAZINE                                                    5

$4,000 water pipe repair. This was                                               all of you to join us at this very
the report. My question: why no        back on line. Brian Nelson spoke          important meeting.
regular meetings? There was no         with Gill and Earl several times.         These ideas and changes will
further discussion about their                                                   move on to our National Council
situation.                             I offer this history as a warning. If     Meeting in July. I am dedicated
                                       we do not begin to recognize these        to getting something imple-
2001- Great facility, houses his-      signs that a Chapter is dying and         mented so that we can again be-
torical room, Judy Landrum passed      have a plan in place to assist them       gin to grow. I look forward to
away, no fall meeting, Founders        in real time with real help, this Fra-    seeing all of you there. Until
Day well attended. Again, no Fall      ternity is going to die the death of      next month, always looking for-
meeting?                               1000 cuts. Now by no means am I a         ward, Craig.
                                       great thinker or suppose that I have
2002- Several visits for dinners       all the answers, but I can see red
and Founders Day Weekend. 4            flags when I see them. This was a                    February
members do most of the work.           decade long decline in our Alpha                  By Brian Nelson
Helped paint ceiling. Are you          Chapter, and I know that many                     National Auditor
starting to see a pattern yet?         PNPS tried to turn them around, but
                                       this is not the first Chapter to suffer   H o w d y ,
2003- No meetings unless visitors      this fate, and we all know that it        brothers and
come. Basically 5 members who          won’t be the last.                        sisters! The
participate in the Friday Night din-                                             first thing I
ners.                                  I cannot explain why Chapters lose        want to do is
                                       interest and stop bringing in new         to say that I
2004- July 15th meeting was first      members but this should be the first      apologize for
in a long time. Future plans dis-      red flag. If a Chapter hasn’t brought     not getting
cussed. Membership down to 21          in a new member for a period of           my January article in. It’s one of
with 3 out of state. Depending on      time we as the SEC need to find out       my duties as a national officer to
outside help to be successful.         why and make sure that there aren’t       do so and I did not get it done. For
                                       some internal problems in the             the last couple of years I wrote in
2005- Sold Chapter House. No fur-      Chapter. A very wise Phi Delt once        the February issue about love for
ther discussion. WHAT? THEY            told me that when a Chapter is in         our sweethearts, but this year I
SOLD THE IR CHAPTER                    decline it is usually due to internal     want to write about love for our
HOUSE WITH NO FURTHER                  problems. We need to be proactive         brothers.
DISCUSSION? MAYBE A RED                and not reactive especially when
FLAG?                                  the signs are as clear as they were       Now, love is one of the most mis-
                                       with Alpha.                               used words around. People love
2006- Will hold quarterly meet-                                                  their spouses, their pets, their
ings. Were to hold one on April        As I said I don’t have all the an-        foods, their cars, etc… but you
first. Never heard so didn’t attend.   swers, but I will be making several       will not die for your pet, and you
                                       suggestions to address this issue         can live without your favorite
2007- Not responsive. Conversa-        with Constitutional changes. These        food. When it comes down to it,
tion with Dave Holloway, PNP,          changes will be unveiled for discus-      you will die for your spouse, and I
said he doesn’t hear from anyone       sion and revision if needed at our        know I cannot live without my
either. SEC NEEDS TO HELP.             Northern District meeting in Michi-       wife. The same thing goes true
Maybe just a little late ya think?     gan City ( thanks for hosting this        with the level of love amongst
                                       guys) in May. I hope this will be a       people. You love your family dif-
2008- February meeting with then       working meeting with the free flow        ferently than some friends or other
President Billy Davis at Beta Nu,      of ideas being exchanged. I invite        people in your life.
and help was offered to get them
                                     PHI DELTA KAPPA MAGAZINE

By joining our fraternity we           Gamma Theta chapter. It is not               National Inner Guard
swore to love our brothers, but it     too late to get in for the weekly              By Tim Reynolds
is not always that easy. Just by       drawings that begin in March.
the number of people and the                                                     Hello from
chemistry between individuals,                                                 the Heart-
it’s natural for some of us not to                                             land       of
get along with everyone. There                                                 Dixie. Our
                                             National Sgt. At Arms
are situations when a couple of                                                Chapter has
                                                By Sam Agresti
brothers do not like each other                                                been busy
for one reason, or don’t see eye                                               through out
                                       Hello from sunny south Flor-
to eye with each other. Does that                                              the holidays
                                       ida. With the new
mean that they can’t love each                                                 as all of you
                                       year behind us,
other? I say yes they can.                                                     probably have been too. I hope
                                       we should be
                                                                               everyone had a great & blessed
                                       thinking of spring
I see love three different ways.                                               Christmas. In December we held
                                       activities     and
One way is a deep affection for                                                a "Ham Cooking" fundraiser
                                       what club activi-
someone that is intimate, like                                                 along with the ladies club. We
                                       ties are on the
one would find in your spouse or                                               had our chapter Christmas party
                                       agenda         for
your special friend. The second                                                and we held a Christmas dinner
                                       2010. No matter where you’re lo-
way is to share part of your life                                              for our local National Guard. All
                                       cated, the bond of PDK should be
with someone that you have a                                                   turned out to be very successful.
                                       displayed throughout and with a
common interest, like a friend.                                                We held a ritual during the month
                                       new year and new members, this
And the third way is respect. All                                              of December, where we installed
                                       year should be very successful for
relationships need respect, even                                               eight new members and one rein-
                                       our fraternity. Chapters need to
when those relationships are not                                               statement. For Christmas, our
                                       challenge members to be active
the most pleasant. For those                                                   chapter chose to sponsor a home-
                                       and productive brothers so this
situations when brothers can’t                                                 less family. It was heartwarming
                                       year will be better than last year. I
get along, they need to just re-                                               and a blessing to see the children
                                       know all of us at the National of-
spect each other by keeping their                                              open their presents.
                                       fice are looking forward to a year
opinions to themselves and not         of change, a year of improvements,
disrespecting the other. I believe                                              Well, as everyone knows, we
                                       and above all, a year of great ac-
that if they talk to each other,                                               will be installing new officers
                                       tivities. The calendar is full of ac-
they may change their minds.                                                   during the month of January and
                                       tivities, meetings and above all a
                                                                               by the time you read this letter, it
                                       great National Convention this
 I love my wife and family and I                                               will have already happened. We
                                       summer in Tampa, Florida.
would not want to live without                                                 will be looking forward to work-
them. I love my friends and I en-                                              ing with each and everyone of our
                                       I want to leave you with this
joy my time with you and will                                                  new officers. In February, Ann
                                       thought. We are only as strong as
miss you when you’re gone. I           our weakest link and PDK is             and I will be headed to River
show love for my brothers that I       strong because we are working to        Ranch. We are looking forward
do not see eye to eye with by not      remove weak links. Happy New            to the fellowship with my broth-
disrespecting them.                    Year to all and I'm proud to be a       ers and their sweethearts. Our
                                       Phi Delt.                               chapter members are looking for-
Before I go I want to bring eve-                                               ward to the hosting of Southern
ryone up to date on 20/20. The         Sam Agresti                             District in April and hope all plan
early bird winners are for De-         National Sgt. of Arms                   to attend. Well, I have said
cember were $50 Jim Myres, $20                                                 enough....PROUD TO BE A PHI
Brad and Steph Smurr. January                                                  DELT!!!!! Tim
winners are $50 Jon Handy, $20
                                       PHI DELTA KAPPA MAGAZINE                                               7

      National Web Site                  rather than getting the paper copy.               DELTA NU
      by PNP Scott Dull                  If this is something you are inter-               By BRYAN
  National Board of Trustees             ested in, please e-mail me at
                                This way I            Hello Brothers and Sisters. Hope
 You may have already read               will have your e-mail and will          you all had a Merry Christmas
about the National web site in           send you a notice when the maga-        and a Happy New Year. 2009 is
this magazine and if you have            zine has been posted to the web         gone. Welcome year 2010. It
not, the web site phidelta-              site. (This e-mail address is for       does not seem possible, but here has been turned over           this purpose only for all others        we are again in another new year.
to the National Fraternity. To           please use my regular e-mail). We       Hope yours in your own lives is a
begin with, we need to thank             only have a few months to deter-        great year. In the PDK lives, I
George and Greg Taylor for all           mine what our savings will be, so       hope it is a great year also.
the work they put into develop-          the sooner you act the better. I
ing the site along with the sup-         know several chapters started           We all had some hard times both
port that Fl. Alpha Lambda gave          forming this list last year so if you   at home and in the chapters. We
them.                                    have them, please contact me.           can look back and see the things
                                                                                 that were problems and try to cor-
 Greg Sumpter now has the                  Our next mission is to find a         rect and learn from them. Let us
Magazine posted on the site              web site manager. As of now the         all put these problems behind us
along with Gamma Theta web               duties would be: work with the          and move ahead. 2010 will be
site and Beta Eta's flyer. Greg          planning committee which has            better. We must stay focused and
Taylor is working on new thing           been working on the site, have          stay positive. We got a lot done
for the future of the site and I         knowledge of web sites and how          here at Delta Nu this past year
want to thank both of these men          they function, have a vision for        and 2010 promises to be better.
for donating their own time and          the site and the ability to make the    We need some help though, from
effort for the future of our frater-     changes, receive and post infor-        you Brothers that we don't see too
nity.                                    mation from chapters, help de-          often or not at all. Stop in on a
                                         velop chapter pages on the site,        Monday for a meeting or social
The Board of Trustees believe            and maintain an e-mail list of          night. Meetings are the 2nd and
that the use of the web site is          those who are viewing the maga-         4th Mondays of the month. The
vital to the future of our frater-       zine online. I'm sure there will be     other Mondays are social nights.
nity and that it will be too much        other things that I don't have on       Come and see us. We need
work for someone to do on their          here because I personally don't         you. Till next month. Remember
own time. It now becomes the             have the knowledge to manage it.        to HUG A BROTHER and A
board’s responsibility to evaluate       We are looking for someone who          SISTER!!! PROUD TO BE A
what it is worth and to find a           WANTS to do this job and will           P                H               I
way to fit it into next year’s           do it with passion. If this is you,     DELT!!!
budget. We don't have a lot of           please contact the Board of Trus-
options, but just as an example,         tees.                                             MAGAZINE
if we increased membership by                                                               BOOSTER
100, it would generate $2700, I           One last thing don't forget the                  PLATINUM
don't see that happening, but it         National Sweetheart Dance at                      DAN BLAKE
should! Our realistic option is to       Beta Eta on February 13.                       CAROLE BLAKE
save on our biggest expense                                                               MARY RIEKER
which is the magazine and this is                                                         DAVE RIEKER
where you come in. We can save                                                           SALLY COOPER
money on printing and distribu-                                                         BUCK RODMAN
tion if you are interested in view-                                                     LOUISE RODMAN
ing the magazine via the web site                                                             GOLD
  8                               PHI DELTA KAPPA MAGAZINE

                                                               COMING        EVENTS
  Hello from Cracker Country
        By David Reiker

Hello again from cracker country.       Feb. 14 Sweetheart Dinner & Dance, Beta Eta, Winchester, IN
Well, Mary has had her knee re-         Feb. 20 Gamma Theta Anniversary, Crawfordsville, IN
placed and now she’s almost ready       Feb. 26 - 28 River Ranch, River Ranch Fl
for the Olympics. When I sug-           Apr. 15 - 17 Southern District. Mississippi Alpha, Meridian, MS
gested signing her up, you should       May 7 - 8 Northern District Gamma Lambda, Michigan City, IN
have seen the dirty look I got. So I    Jul. 21 – 24 National Convention, Fla. Alpha-Lambda, Tampa, FL
said, “Well, the surgery was on the
right knee so maybe, during com-         Standing Events
petition, you could push-off with       Every Friday, Dinner, Gamma Theta, Danville, IN
your left leg. Isn’t that what you do   Every 2nd Friday, Bingo & Dinner, Florida Nu, West Palm Beach
in the “broad jump?” Well, that         Every 3rd Saturday, Dinner, Beta Nu, Kokomo, IN
made things a lot worse! I thought      Every 3rd Friday, Dinner, Bunko, Florida Mu, Lake Worth, FL
I’d have to find another place to       Every Last Friday, Blues Jam, Beta Nu, Kokomo, IN
sleep. However, after I have made
dinner a few times, did some            We can only put it in the Coming Events if you let us know!! By letting
chores and ran a lot of errands, I’ve   everyone know what is happening and when, it allows more members to
worked myself out of the dog-
house.                                been a Phi Delt that we are not                   Beta Eta News
                                      planning to celebrate, at our chapter             By Jeff Woolf
Anyway, she’s doing fine now, but house, a Thanksgiving or Christmas
I can tell you, that knee of hers Social. Are these the occasions
                                                                             Greetings Brothers and Sweet-
looked like someone took a sledge- when men and their wives turn to
                                                                            hearts. It has been awhile since I
hammer to her leg. The truth is, the Moose lodge or what-ever? Ei-
                                                                            have managed to send an article to
she’s an honest-to-god “coal ther of these social occasions are
                                                                            the magazine. I apologize. Time has
miner’s daughter” and she’s just as great opportunities to gather our
                                                                            an awful way of slipping away from
tough as the name implies. So I families together and renew friend-
                                                                            us, doesn’t it?
know she’ll be fine in time. She ships. Oh well, just another mile-
asked me to “tell everyone thanks stone.
                                                                             We at Beta Eta are very excited
for the good wishes.”
                                                                            about the upcoming National
                                       And now, for some fiction-and- Sweetheart dinner and dance. It will
Anyone wishing to send money fact from the Phi Delt Almanac.
                                                                            give us a chance to show off our
please send it to my attention, in no Has it occurred to anyone that we
                                                                            new floor in the ballroom. On Janu-
less than $100.00 increments. On Phi Delts are called upon to make
                                                                            ary 2nd, my brothers here in Win-
second thought, never mind. The some serious decisions? Yes! And
                                                                            chester made me very proud. I ask
last time I kidded around like that, we don’t go around bragging about
                                                                            that they show up after our monthly
Claude “Speedy” Lyle (you re- it either. Well, anyway, a question
                                                                            breakfast to begin work on remov-
member him don’t you?) sent me came up concerning the effect of
                                                                            ing the old floor and preparing for
two quarters to cover postage on enthusiasm. Once again, we Phi
                                                                            the new. After a few conversations
something he asked for and I sent Delts determined that nothing im-
                                                                            with people wiser than me about
to him. I framed his letter and the presses more than honest enthusi-
                                                                            this type of work, I expected to get
two quarters and they’re hanging asm in the workplace. More often
                                                                            a pretty good start on what would
on the wall in my office. What a than not, it’s accompanied by suc-
                                                                            be a 3-4 day project. Breakfast
guy!!                                 cess. So be well and full of he%$#. ended at around 10 a.m. and we be-
                                      Cracker Boy, signing off              gan taking down tables, chairs and
  To my knowledge, this is the first
                                                                            other furniture to store in the barn.
time in all the years that I have
                                        PHI DELTA KAPPA MAGAZINE                                                 9

 More and more Brothers kept             quently exchanged. It made for a
 showing up as the work began.           great evening of fun with great Phi             River Ranch
 To shorten the story, we ended          Delts. We were able to see friends
 up with around 35 people, 30yr.         that we had not visited in quite        Westgate Resorts for Hotel Reser-
 members to 1st yr. members,             some time. They are a great Chap-       vations - 863-692-1321
 pitching in, doing everything           ter and really make you feel right
 from peeling tiles and breaking         at home.                                River Ranch RV for RV Lots and
 concrete to sweeping up the ru-                                                 Campsite
 ble and hauling it out in wheel-        We spent the last 2 weeks of 2009       Reservations - 863-692-1116
 barrows. Around 4 p.m. that             freezing our buns off. That just
 evening, our floor was done,            doesn’t happen in Florida. It was       Event: River Ranch!
 and a new footer was dug, grav-         just downright cold or at least what    Start Time: Friday, February 26 at
 eled and re-barred awaiting new         we call cold, by no means, Indiana      5:00pm
 concrete. Thank you to all those        Cold, but cold enough that Pooky        End Time: Sunday, February 28 at
 who helped make this project            required a Snuggie for dogs!!!          12:00pm
 go. You reinforced what I have                                                  Where: Westgate River Ranch,
 known all along… There is               By the time this article goes to        River Ranch, FL
 nothing like the brotherhood of         print, everything will be right with
 Phi Delta Kappa.                        the world again, as the NASCAR
                                         boys will be back in Daytona, and
   One other thing I need to men-        we will be heading to Winchester
 tion. When you Out-of-Towners           for the Sweetheart Dance. I’m
 come here this month for the            hoping for snow! And then to
 National Sweetheart dinner and          River Ranch for what always
 dance, be aware that we have a          proves to be an awesome weekend            Gamma Theta Anniversary
 bear loose at Beta Eta. In the          of outdoor fun.
 last week alone, two of our
 brothers have wrestled with it          All of us at Florida Alpha Lambda       Join your Brothers and Sweethearts
 and neither fared too well. Un-         are gearing up for Convention           from the PDK Gamma Theta Chap-
 til I remember to write again,          2010! After the winter you guys         ter on Feb. 20th at their yearly An-
 Very proud to be a Phi Delt ;           are having up North, I’m sure you       niversary Dance in Crawfordsville,
 Jeff Woolf                              will want to thaw out in sunny          IN.
                                         Florida in July. So don’t forget to
       National Sweetheart               make your reservations for fun in       Social room opens at 3:00 P.M. and
        Stephanie Smurr                  the sun! And yes Winchester, we         cocktails begin at 6:00 P.M. Cost is
          A New Year!                    will have enough beer! We can’t         $25.00 per person and we need the
                                         wait! Here’s to a great New Year!       money by Feb. 7th.
  It’s been a little quiet as 2009
came to an end. We polished off                                                  Please call 317-745-9174 for more
December by traveling down south                                                 information or to reserve your spot
                                                 Note from PNS
to Florida Nu’s Christmas Party                                                  for the evening.
                                                 Darlene Skipper
with President George! We had a
fantastic time! They gave me a
                                         Just a note to say I am sorry for not
new charm to add to my bracelet
                                         sending out Christmas cards this
and it’s beautiful. They had a gift
                                         season. I have been under the
exchange, you know the one where
                                         weather recently due to being diag-
you get to select a gift, but you can
                                         nosed with breast cancer. I feel
trade it if you want…Needless to
                                         bad for not being able to stay in
say, the lottery tickets were fre-
                                         touch will all of you and would
                                         love to hear from you.
               PHI DELTA KAPPA MAGAZINE           11

                February 13th 2010
                   Meal: 6:30 - 8:00
                  Program: 8:00 - 9:00
                    Grove Hill Band
                      9:00 - 1:00

        $25 per couple for Dinner & Dance
          $20 per couple for Meal only
          $5 per person for Dance only

Please RSVP by Feb. 9th by calling
Chapter House          (765)584-7461 or
Scott Dull             (765)546-0262
Guests, are welcome if accompanied by a member.
                                                 PHI DELTA KAPPA MAGAZINE

                                                     CHAPTER DIRECTORY & SUPERVISION
                             (Initials "RA" indicate belonging to the Phi Delta Kappa Relief Association)
                                        (Numbers after chapter indicates year of installation)

  DANVILLE, IN - Gamma Theta (1920)                                                                         (RA) TAMPA, FL - Florida Alpha Lambda (2000)
                                                      (RA) KOKOMO, IN - Beta Nu (1913)
 President– Bill Eddy, 302 Cook Ave., Danville, IN    President-Bruce Smith, 3935 E 100 N, Kokomo, IN       President - Bill Hiatt, 1305 Big Sky Dr., Wesley
 46122 Tel:(317)710-3792                              46901 Tel: (765) 457-5749                             Chaper,FL 33543-6401. Tel:{813)-994-1371
 Secretary-Jim Woodrum, 103 Old North Salem           Secretary– Bing Taylor 900 Woodcliff Dr., Kokomo,     Secretary – Brad Petersen, 10530 Skyflower Ct., Land
 Rd., Danville, IN 46122 Tel:(317)745-5683            IN 46901 Tel: (765) 459-4909                          O Lakes, FL 34638, Tel (813)-746-5623
 Club Rooms-101 Phi Delta Kappa Dr, Danville,         Club Rooms-2401 Saratoga, Kokomo, IN 46902 Tel:       Club Rooms- Mail to: 11301 Phi Delta Way, Odessa,
 IN 46122 Tel: (317)745-9174 (Meets 2nd and 4th       (765)454-0602 (Meets Each Mon 7 PM)                   FL 33556-3474 (Meets Wed. 8PM) Tel:(727)375-9732
 Monday 7:00 PM)                                      PNP-Carl Coble, 420 N Western Ave, Kokomo, IN         PNP-Homer Wolf, 1206 Explorer Ct, Tampa, FL
 PNP-Elmer Davisson, 255 Meadow Dr., Danville,        46901 Tel:(765)452-2455                               33615 Tel:(813)885-6821
 IN 46122 Tel:(317)745-5314                           PNP-Edward Meadows, 3676 S 500 E, Kokomo, IN          PNP-Richard Dakin, 4001 Fawn Cir., Tampa, FL
 PNP-Montelle Davis, 150 Islander Ct., Apt 393LK,     46902 Tel:(765)453-3436                               33610 Tel:(813)626-6853
 Longwood, FL 32750 Tel: (407)767-6860                PNP - Gregory Sumpter, 8194 E 100 N, Greentown,       PNP-David Rieker, 2621 Lamplighter Dr., New Port
 PNP-Anthony Guido, 4702 Oak Forrest Dr.,             IN 46936 Tel:(765)628-3519                            Richey, FL 33655 Tel: (727)375-9195
 Hattiesburg, MS 39402 Tel: (601)268-1022             PNP - Jim Myers, 28 Alta Lane, Kokomo, IN 46902       PNP-Tim Musser, 3200 Euclid Ave., Tampa, FL
 PNP-Devin Reid, 62 Orchard Lane, Danville, IN        Tel:(765)455-3110                                     33629 Tel: (813)831-4276
 46122, Tel: (317)745-6719                            (PNP-Dave Holloway 3388 E Channel Dr., Macy,          Coordinator-Tim Reynolds/Sam Agresti
 Coordinator-Craig Brutout                            IN46951 Tel: (754)382-3697
                                                                                                            (RA) WEST PALM BEACH FL - Florida Nu
                                                       Coordinator-Craig Brutout                            (1971)
MICHIGAN CITY, IN - Gamma Lambda (1922)                                                                     President-Mike Pellizzi, 4187 Waterway Dr., Lake
President-Robert Hullings, 305 Gulfview Road                                                                Worth, FL 33461, Tel(561)968-4072
 Michigan City, IN 46360-6919 Tel: (219) 879-6919      (RA) WABASH, IN - Beta Beta (1911)                   Secretary-Scott Williamson, 7799 Ashwood Ln.,
Secretary– Rick Voss 501 Garrettson, Michigan          President-John Lehner, 1205 N Wabash St, Wabash,     Lake Worth, FL 33467, Tel(561)642-0434
City, IN 46360 Tel. (219) 879-2110                     IN 46992 Tel:(260)563-1232                           Club Rooms-Mailing to: PO Box 5627, Lake Worth,
Club Rooms-Alfred and Eddy Sts. Mail to: PO Box        Secretary-                                           FL 33466 Tel:(561)969-2306 (Meets Wed. 8:15 PM)
455, Michigan City, IN 46360 Tel:(219)874-8573         Club Rooms-242 S Huntington St, Wabash, IN           PNP-Lewis McKay, 8240 S Virginia Ave, Lake Park,
(Meets Each Mon 7 PM)                                  46992 (Meets Tue 7 PM)                               FL 33418 Tel:(561)626-7268
PNP-James Grott, 410 A.C.C., 339 Diana Dr.,            Coordinator-Jon Handy                                PNP-James Cressman, 19 W Pinetree Ave, Lake
Alamo, TX 78516 Tel:(956)783-9674                                                                           Worth, FL 33467 Tel:(561)968-6939
Coordinator-Jon Handy                                                                                       PNP-Earl N. Hager, 4850 Jeffery Ave., West Palm
                                                                                                            Beach, Fl 33407 Tel:(561)844-0344
                                                       (RA) PERU, IN - Lambda (1907)
                                                       President-Clarence Buman, 2210 S. 150 E., Peru,      PNP-Keith “Stretch” Orr 6110 Honeywood Way,
(RA) LAKE WORTH, FL - Florida Mu (1964)                                                                     Lake Worth, Fl 33463 Tel:(561)965-2597
President– Sam Agresti, 144 Woodlake Circle.,          IN 46970 Tel:(765)473-5724
                                                                                                            PNP-Bill Davis 1441 W. Trammell St., Lake Worth,
Greenacres, FL 33463 Tel:(561)965-7390                 Secretary-Mark Larson, 1864 S. Lakeview,
                                                        Wabash, IN 46992 Tel:(765)563-7670                  Fl 33460 Tel:(561)547-2167
Secretary-Jim Clark Jr. 1000 Salmon Isle,                                                                   Coordinator-Tim Reynolds
Greenacres, FL 33413-3018, Tel:(561)254-0915           Club Rooms-71 W Third St, Peru, IN 46970 Tel:
Club Rooms– 4700 Brentwood Boulevard, Lantana,         (765)473-3038 (Meets Mon 7 PM)
FL 33467 Tel:(561)969-6885 (Every Mon. 8 PM)           PNP Otis Hicks, 88-A Clubhouse Lane, Lebanon,
                                                       OH 45036 Tel: (513)228-0286                          WINCHESTER, IN - Beta Eta (1912)
PNP-Danny Blake 3646 Victoria Dr., West Palm
                                                       Coordinator– Brian Nelson                            President-Jeff Woolf 518 N. East Street , Winchester,
Beach, FL 33406 Tel:(561)964-1074
                                                                                                            IN 47394 Tel:(765)584-0598
Coordinator-George Taylor
                                                                                                            Secretary-Robert Horner, 1794 S Old Hwy 27,
                                                                                                            Winchester, IN 47394 Tel:(765)584-8074
                                                       MERIDIAN, MS - Miss. Alpha (1936)                    Club Rooms-847 N. Residence Street Tel:(765)584-
                                                       President-Norman Bateman, 8660 Friendship            7461 (Meets Tue 8 PM)
(RA) LaPORTE, IN - Zeta Eta (1935)                                                                          PNP-James Dodd, 532 E Washington St, Winchester,
                                                       Church Rd, Collinsville, MS 39325 Tel: (601)626-
President-Duane Fritzen, 1311 "A" St, LaPorte, IN                                                           IN 47394 Tel:(765)584-3050
46350 Tel:(219)362-8217                                                                                     PNP-Scott Dull, 1136 N. Old Hwy 27, Winchester,
                                                       Secretary-Mike Doggett, P.O. Box332, Enterprise,
Secretary-Dan Wing, 500 East Wayne Dr., LaPorte,                                                            IN 47394 Tel:(765)584-7162
                                                       MS 39330 Tel:
IN 46350-9228                                                                                               PNP-Harold Wall, 481 Crawford Rd., Waynesville,
                                                       Club Rooms-Mail to: PO Box 2006, Meridian MS
Club Rooms-McClung Rd, Mail to: PO Box 135,                                                                 N.C. 28785 Tel: (828)627-1455
                                                       39301 Tel:(601)483-9953 (Meets 1st Thursday ea.
LaPorte, IN 46350 Tel:(219)362-4711 (Meets 2nd                                                              PNP-Lloyd “Butch” Marshall, 5001 W. Connie Dr.,
                                                       month 6:30 PM Ritual Meeting 3rd Thursday ea.
and 4th Mon 7:30 PM)                                                                                        Muncie, IN. 47304 Tel: (765)289-3626
                                                       Month 6:30 PM )
PNP-Bernard Geisler, 407 "I" St, LaPorte, IN 46350                                                          Coordinator – Brian Nelson
                                                       Coordinator -Sam Agresti/George Taylor
Coordinator– Brian Nelson
                                                       (RA) PLYMOUTH, IN - Delta Nu (1924)
                                                       President-Steve Keiser, 11350 Crocus Ct, Plymouth,
                                                       In. 46563 Te(574)930-6288
                                                       Secretary-Tom Black, 110 W. Adams St. Plymouth,
                                                       In. 46563 Tel:(574)936-5898
                                                       Club Rooms- 1300 W Harrison St,(Mail to: PO Box
                                                       111) Plymouth, IN 46563 Tel:(574)936-2983 (Meets
                                                       2nd and 4th Mon 8:30 PM other Mondays are socials)
                                                       PNP-Don Terruso, 111 E. Shalley Dr, Plymouth, IN
              Φ∆Κ                                      46563 Tel:(574)936-8074
                                                       Coordinator-George Taylor                                             Φ∆Κ