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JUNE 2009 – e-mail/ WEB edition

Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an informal group of non-partial organizations,
groups and individuals that fulfill the needs of young people in both entities, actively involving
them in building democratic values and strengthening of civil society. (Mission of hCa Youth
Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, established on workshop from strategic planning in
Kulasi, 11-17 July, 1999.)Today Network has 106 member-organizations and 40 individuals
from 57 cities in B&H.

Dear friends,

This is the June edition of monthly informative bulletin of Youth Resource Centre (ORC)
Tuzla and Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bulletin is been published on Bosnian-
Croatian-Serbian and English language. It contains information about the activities of Youth
Resource Centre (ORC) Tuzla and Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina, information
about monthly activities of youth organizations and groups-member groups of this network,
their plans for the coming period, and other useful information (about donors, scholarships,
stipends, invitations for attending seminars and conferences, etc.)

If you want to be on the mailing list for the next editions of the monthly informative bulletin or
if you have questions or suggestions, contact us. You can find the monthly informative
bulletin and archive of former editions on the web site of Youth Network of Bosnia and

Enjoy your reading!


During month, we received positive answer regarding small Matra project. As we have
informed you in previous bulletin hCa/ORC Tuzla in cooperation with partner organization
from Georgia and Netherlands, (PMMG and Justitia et Pax) applied small Matra project to
ministry of foreign affairs of Netherlands. We expect to sign contract in the beginning of July
and start implementation of this project; we will inform you about this project through web
page, mailing list and monthly bulletin.


We want to thank you all for support you gave us in process of joining ALF. As we have
informed you Youth Network B&H was in joining process to ‖Anna Lindh Foundation‖. It is my
pleasure to inform you that we are representatives of B&H accepted to network Anna Lindh
Foundation and Euro Mediterranean process.

Membership in ALF brings many possibilities for regional cooperation, exchange, and
possibilities of applying for finance of local and international projects.

ALF is Foundation financed by EU – European union and is offering grants and projects with
finance founds to member countries.

All you need to do so you and your organization can become members of ALF B&H is to
register. You need to visit web page
Click on ―register‖.
When you do that, link will open ―user account‖, there you need to input your ―username‖,
and your e-mail address, soon after password will arrive on your e-mail.

When you have received password, go to the same page, click login, input username and
password and fill up the form. After you completed filling up the form, you will receive notice
that you of your membership in ALF B&H.


Continuation of work of hCa/ORC Tuzla on regular distribution of information to youth
organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and work on arrange and distribution of monthly
bulletin of Bosnia and Herzegovina youth network.

Start implementing small Matra project


Central office Sarajevo
Address: Banjska 2, 71210 Ilidza / Sarajevo
Tel/Fax: 033 637 290

Organization KULT with its four offices, its activities and public engagement is trying to
create democratic environment in which authorities will be partners to NGO-s. Together we
will make life of citizen’s easier and better quality.

Project ―Puna Usta Mladih‖

Primary aim of project ―puna usta mladih‖ is already achieved. Draft law about young people
of FB&H, after passing regular procedure, will be on agenda of next 23rd assembly of
representative parliament of FB&H. To this remarkable result contributed strong media
campaign and pressure to decision makers by our organization. To all representatives in
booth parliaments of FB&H we distributed leaflets, which had some encouragement
character, with information about importance of adopting this law about young people in
FB&H. In cooperation with commission for youth in representative parliament of FB&H we
organized public conference on topic Law about young people in FB&H in. We underlined
good results of initiative so far, which was result of good cooperation of governmental and
nongovernmental institutions. This event had many media attention more than 30 media
reports in June, which contributed to this initiative and gave some significance to adopting
this law about youth in FB&H.
We also had some good achievements in Brcko District. Government of Brcko District
included organization KULT in work group for making draft law. June 15th work meeting of
government work group, proposition of KULT was adopted to rename law about youth
engagement to law about youth in Brcko District. All members of meeting received working
version of draft law about young people in Brcko District, made by organization KULT. We
are expecting all members to agree on final version of draft law on next work meeting of the
group, this law will go in further procedure.
Education of young people involved in social process

In SPAJALICA on June 13th and 14th fourth education workshop of UMiD as part of project
education of young people involved in social process. Topic was politics toward young
people and making local strategy toward young people. Participants familiarized them self’s
with parts of strategies of municipalities Ilidza and East Sarajevo, so they could make some
questionnaires and form work groups to present plan for making youth strategy.
Youth leaders will have their chance to apply their knowledge in next research of problems
and needs of young people. These are first steps in making Strategy toward young people in
municipality Ilidza; this strategy should be over until end of 2009.

MASLACAK –say yes to healthy life

After some wafting on June 22nd participants of training MASLACAK received certificates.
MASLACAK –say yeas to healthy life, represented one-year program of training and
counseling of young people on prevention of addiction and healthy way of living. Aim of
MASLACAK was to preserve and improve health of young people and train them about good
life habits. We implemented project in cooperation with Federal ministry of health.

IPA consultation

Representative of KULT participated on workshop Process of consultation in programming
IPA I component, organized by Center for promotion of civil society, in cooperation with
European commission. Main aim of workshop was strengthening of capacities of NGO in
B&H in means of knowing IPA (finance instrument for helping countries in EU integration)
and larger involvement of B&H NGO in process of programming IPA.

Friendship school

Pupils are still socializing in our friendship school. Friendship school represents program of
free help to pupils with making their homework, and different creative workshops and play
zones. Pupils of third and fourth grade from elementary schools of our municipality Ilidza are
gathering every Tuesday and Thursday in SPAJALICA.

Planned game on EU

In Milocer (Monte Negro) from May 21st to May 24th 2009 education of trainers of Panned
Game on EU in organization of German IFA. Participants were new one and old trainers from
Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Monte Negro, Macedonia, B&H and Kosovo. First two days of
seminar participants learned about how EU started and how is doing things, other two days
we organized and conducted planned game. Representatives of B&H agreed with idea to
have regularly meetings and continue to conduct planned game in their country. Pharos from
Stuttgart is leading project for the region, and organization KULT for B&H. After big planned
game on EU in building of mutual institutions B&H, organization KULT on Sunday on June 7th
in SPAJALIJA organized shorter version of planned game on EU in cooperation with
Perpetuum mobile from Banja Luka.
Socializing and learning

First workshop of continued project ―Socializing and learning‖ was on May 31st 2009.
Elementary schools from Ilidza are included in this project. Pupil’s acquire knowledge while
they socialize with pupils of same age, so every Sunday they can do something fun and
useful at the same time.

Address: Bosne Srebrene 16, 76100 Brcko
Tel/fax: 387 49 233 940, 387 49 217 695

Festival FOR A 09

PRONI center for youth development on June 5th, 6th and 7th 2009 organized ninth time in a
row traditional three-day festival of youth work ―Festival of B&H-Swedish friendship FORA
09‖. Young people from Brcko had opportunity to spend time together, compete, exchange
experiences with young people from Sweden and to present their work and be part of PRONI

First day of festival was competition type, 14 teams each with 3-6 members. Competition
took place in City Park. Festival started with parade in town with Samba group from
organization SVITAC. Young people competed in jumping in bags, carrying eggs in spoons,
puling rope, eating cakes, getting thorough spider web and finding Crocodile River.

Second day of Festival had culture character. Young people from Brcko had opportunity to
spend time with group from Sweden, watch four documentary movies with topic Trans
sexuality, drug abuse, and alcoholism and about raped girl, after movies they participated in
discussion groups divided by topics of the movies. Beside Swedish movies we had
presentation of short movie ―Lost life‖ of author Adnan Murelovic Party from Brcko
Same day young people had a chance to participate on workshop ―Future form‖ they used
their imagination and looked in year 2015, since topic of this forum was ―Young people in
year 2015‖. Same night citizens participate in ―B&H and Swedish friendship‖ they spent time
with Swedish people and with women from organizations ―Venera‖ ―Bosnian Women‖.

Third day of Festival was devoted to younger population and music fans. Parents cheered for
their children young people from Brcko and Doboj that participated in music shows
individually or in groups

Human rights workshops for young Roma

Youth workers of PRONI in cooperation with IX elementary school from Maoca are working
on project, workshops ―Human rights‖, young people from settlement Prutace are
participating on this project, and most of people in Prutace are Roma.

20 young people age 10 to 14 are participating on these workshops in elementary school
Prutace. During month three workshops were organized, project will be continued in
September since school year is over and there is no place to organize workshops until
Trainers from PRONI gain some inside on how much young people know child and human
rights. Young people enjoyed in playing and exercising with trainers Amelom Catovic-Adilovic
and Tatjana Ristic, which affected on increased number of participants from 12 to 20.
At beginning of June we organized one focus group with all participants, focus groups was
about writing project for opening club in this settlement, young people are really interested in
this idea.

Project ―strengthening leadership capacity of women organization in Brcko District‖

Project strengthening leadership capacity of women organization in rural area of Brcko
District‖ is going as planned. Participants of trainings every Thursday are members from
organization Venera, Bosnjakinja, Mama, members from organizations for people with
dystrophy and multiple scleroses. Project is supported by CIDA (Canadian Embassy).
So far, we have done 10 trainings, some of trainings we completed in two terms.
During June participants could learn how to make problem to project, how to organize media
conference, what should they pay attention to, organization networking and basics of
During one training which was about organizing media conference, news crew from RTRS
made an report about this project, an trainers used opportunity and asked journalist Jelena
Lugonja to present some of her journalist experience to participants of project, what she
gladly did. After wards, participants had a simulation of media conference. Trainers were
playing to role of journalists, and have tried to show what true media conference looks like,
questions from journalists and some questions that could surprise people who are giving
media conference.

At the end of July, we are finishing activities on project ―Merkator games without frontiers‖

20th June Saturday Merkator in cooperation with PRONI Center for youth development of
Brcko District B&H organized series of competitions for children and young people ―Merkator
games without frontiers‖
Around 200 competitors competed in groups on parking lot in front of Merkator from
12.00:14.00 hours in:
 Jumping in a bag
Running with the egg in the spoon
Dancing with balloons
Eating cakes
Bite the apple

From 22 team two first teams received cameras, third place received package.

I place won "Ivici" from youth club Ivici
II place won "Bumerang" from community 1st May Brcko
III place won "Masters"

Ranchy firm that is Merkator supplier gave away 50 packages and coupons with 5% discount
in Inter sport.
Firm Lijanovic was distributing grill food free; also, there were products from Kras Company,
Ranchy, and Ledo ice creams.

Youth worker from PRONI was making figures from balloons for children, and we had clown
also and other mascots
This was excellent opportunity for young people to compete, win worthy prizes and spend
their time in creative way on the first day of their school vacation.
In addition, this was good opportunity for parents to cheer for their kids while they compete or
shop at Merkator. As you can see from photos, we had excellent time also. We hope this is
only start of successful cooperation with Merkator; we will inform you about any future
activities in next bulletins.

Plans for July
Planning to do training for new volunteers in organization, gathering group to work on project
in Bijeljina supported by municipality Bijeljina ―We are all born with same rights, respect that‖.
In addition, new strategy of organization.

Asocijacija Srednjeskolaca u BiH
Address: Cobanija 9/3, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel/fax: 033 205 850, 063 223 148

Association of high school pupils in B&H is nongovernmental, non political and nonprofit
organization for all councils of pupils from high schools in B&H. Organization is founded by
pupils on October 11th 2007, its mission is to increase participation of pupils in decision
making processes which are affecting on their status in society, representing ideas that
reflects all pupils in B&H which are contributing to improved life in community.
Representatives of Association participated on conference "The role of ICT in the
development of School Student Representation and Democracy― in Belgrade organized by
OBESSU (Organizing Bureau of European School Student Unions) and UNSS (union of high
school pupils from Serbia). After conference was, 34th General Assembly of OBESSU
representatives of our Association participated on this assembly along with representatives
from 40 European national unions of pupils.
June 20th to June 26th in Palic, Serbia Association participated as partner in realization of
international conference " Co-management: How does it work?‖,
Regular meeting of management board of association took place in Sarajevo on June 18th –
19th 2009. Meeting was about organizing meetings with ministries of education in both
entities and Brcko Distrikt. Aim was identifying possibilities for mutual work of governmental
and nongovernmental sector on improving status of high school pupils in B&H.
June 20th-21st 2009 seminar about fundraising organized for management board of
association by German foundation SHL, at the same time members of association
participated in making of reportage about Association of high school pupils in B&H, reportage
was made by several reporters from Balkan that are working for different medias in
Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Second part of project "Education-Activation" on July 11th-15th 2009 on Vlasic will be
organized Advance seminar of association for councils of high school pupils in B&H with
participation of 20 high school pupils that have passed education on base seminars.
On web page of association will be available application for II camp of
Association that will be in mid August.
For all additional information about activities of Association, you can find on web page or through e-mail:

Organization IPAK – Mladost gradi buducnost
Address: Patriotske lige 10, 75000 Tuzla
mobile:+387 (0) 35 257 474,
fax +387 (0) 035 257 097


Organization IPAK – Youth builds the future from Tuzla is info point for program ―Youth in
action‖ of European commission. Long year intercultural programs of this organization and
info point are on disposal to organizations and information about program and application
process of projects in program ―Youth in action‖

In next 9 months IPAK-MGB will offer support and consulting in writing and applying of
projects and programs as part of program for young people of European commission ―Youth
in action‖

Organization ―IPAK‖ is also registered in European volunteers service EVS for sending,
receiving and coordination of international volunteers in B&H and abroad.

We are intending to support as many project as we can in next period who are directed on
international cooperation of young people.

Program Youth in action presented

At the end of June IPAK-MGB as an info point for program ―Youth in action‖ in B&H, and as
part of activities for this year organized presentation of program to youth organizations and
non-formal groups in Northeast Bosnia.

Presentation took place in seminar hall of International youth center IAK-SHL in Krizevici. 25
representatives of youth organization participated on presentation.

Participants received great deal of new and interesting information about possibilities of
program ―Youth in action‖ and positive practical examples of good projects in this program.
They also received a shorter version of ―guide book‖ on local language, which can be used
for help in making project application as part of this program.

Representative of IPAK-MGB, leader of activities of info point, is there for all interested
organization and groups as expert adviser in making project application in program ―Youth in

Omladinski Centar Bijeljina
Address: Postanski fah 33, 76 300 Bijeljina
Mobile: 055 211 813,

May 20th 2009 Election Assembly founders of Youth centre Bijeljina, on this assembly new
leadership was elected:
President of founder’s assembly: Goran Stevanovic

Vice presidents of founder’s assembly: Danka Ignjatovic, Anes Hanusic and Spasenija
Members of management board: Vedran Ilic, Sabina Jasarevic, Slavisa Lakic, Ivan Vidakovic
and Vladana Arsenovic

Members of supervisory board: Ognjen Avlijas, Nela Coralic and Dejan Demonjic

Executive director is Goran Solakovic

President of organization: Svetlana Krsitc

During June we realized preparation activities of seventh International youth summer camp
on Bjelasnica. Camp is organized for over 8 years by Foundation Wings of Hope and youth
centre Bijeljina is one of partners and organizers on the field. During past month we had two
meetings one in Bijeljina and other one in Mostar were we selected participants and
determined camp agenda.

In June Youth centre Bijeljina started School of youth activism (fourth cycles). This school is
for all young people who are willing to be volunteers for three months and 6 months in Youth
centre Bijeljina and acquire certain skills and knowledge through every day work.

Adis Muhibic
Address: Civilnih zrtava rata 3, 88400 Konjic
Phone: 387 61 610-127, 033-280-020 local 3343

Project first "Child games" by informal group of parents-volunteers

"Together we are stronger 2009"

On June 6th team of parents-volunteers for support and realization of project "Together we
are stronger 2009" (First child games) on children initiative realized happy child playground.
Through "forgotten" child games we celebrated end of school year and day of municipality
Konjic on June 16th under slogan: "Let all town knows that one river Tresanice that is dividing
two streets is not dividing children", this event took place in child park in street "Civilnih
Zrtava Rata"

Children from age 7 to 13 in two teams with 15 players competed in following games:
Bag race
Carrying ping-pong ball in the spoon
Carrying water in sponges
Hit the circle
Pulling the rope
Aim of this project is for us parents to talk with our children a lot, to encourage them and
guide them toward nice behavior. In addition, one of the aims is to send to local government
a message that children of Konjic do not have their playground for more over 10 years, and
that is no joy of children game in our town. Parents from streets "Civilnih zrtava rata" and "IV
Muslimanske brigade" are ready to provide support to children in this noble initiative. This
initiative is being released for the first time in our city and if there is some interest, it can
become traditional and cover larger number of streets, says Adis Muhibic parent-volunteer in
this project.

Appreciating contribution and cooperation with members of police administration Konjic in
realization of project initiated by citizens considering police work in community, this informal
group of parents decided to give certificate of appreciation to police administration Konjic.
In addition, certificate was given to Radio Konjic, firm "Standard" Konjic and to scouts
"Neretva" from Konjic for extraordinary contribution on affirmation of good activities in
community. Parent of children will continue with new positive actions in community.


BiTriMulti (BTM) Greece

Summary        Newcomer training on Youth Exchanges by the network of National Agencies.

Activity date 2009-11-04 - 2009-11-08
Activity type Training course
Target group Youth leaders, Youth workers
For participants from Czech Republic, Estonia,          France,   Greece,    Hungary,     Ireland,
Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Liechtenstein
Group size     30

Details The BiTriMulti training supports voluntary as well as full-time youth workers dealing
directly with young people in developing their first international Youth Exchange in the
framework of the YOUTH IN ACTION program.

Aims and objectives:
- To provide a first international experience.
- To train in Youth in Action project management.
- To provide information about the Youth in Action Program and especially about Youth
- To develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to organize a Youth Exchange.
- To give the opportunity to meet possible partner groups and to make contacts to different

Program: The BTM training is a learning-by-doing experience, built on a simulation exercise
that is interspersed with workshops, info sessions, activities to improve the group dynamics,
and ends with an evaluation.

The Network of National Agencies for "Youth in Action" organizes a series of BTMs each
year. You will find an overview on all the upcoming BTMs at
Costs need to be checked with the National Agency of your country

Working language      English
Organizer              The network of National Agencies
Deadline               2009-08-24
Date of selection      2009-09-04

Open competition
For co financing of mutual scientific projects as part of science and technological cooperation
between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Slovenia for year 2010 and 2011.

Theme of competition
Theme of competition is co financing of mutual science project of researches from B&H and
researches from Republic of Slovenia working on mutual projects.

Criteria for project selection
Criteria for project selection for co financing are:

Significance of research results for economical and social development of B&H
Scientific value or applicability of research
Potential possibility for inclusion in research projects of EU
Usability of research results in practice, in state economy
Reference of research group
Involvement of young researchers
Project feasibility

All project applications submitted by applicants from B&H must fulfill general and special
conditions of criteria for co financing of scientific - research projects implemented by Federal
ministry of education and science (for applicants from Federation of B&H) and ministry of
science and technology of RS (for applicants from Republic Srpska), scoring of all submitted
projects will be based on these conditions.

Implementation time of mutual projects
Time for implementation of mutual projects is two years
Work on projects will start on January 1st 2010

Application for competition

Application is submitted to ministry of civil affairs of B&H, through entity ministries in charge
for science (Federal ministry of education and science, Ministry of science and technology of

Application should contain:
Name of project
Information about institution suggesting the project
Information about lead researches in project from B&H and Republic Slovenia with their most
significant publications regarding content of project, published in last five years
Detailed description of project with expected results
Visiting plan of B&H and Slovenian researches for each year
Applications are submitted on application form which can be found on web page of Ministry
of civil affairs B&H (link competitions), or from entity ministries for science and

Youth pass available for Action 3.1

Youth pass, a tool for recognition and validation of non-formal education within the Youth in
Action Program, has become available also for Youth Exchanges and Training Courses
under Action 3.1. In addition to the upcoming projects, certificates can also be created
retroactively for all Youth Exchanges and Training Courses approved after 1.1.2007. Youth
pass certificates can be created online ( ) by using the project number
provided by the National Agency / Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency
granting the project.
Beneficiaries are also encouraged to read the Youth pass guide, which contains information
on the background and development of the Youth pass, as well as technical information on
how to create the certificates. The guide is available under


Ochberg Fellowship Guidelines

Reporting responsibly and credibly on violence and traumatic events—on crime, family
violence, natural disasters and accidents, war and genocide—are among the greatest
challenges facing contemporary journalism. The Dart Center Ochberg Fellowships were
established by the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and the Dart Center to
build a cohort of journalists better prepared for this challenge.

The Dart Centre provides six or more expense-paid fellowships to mid-career journalists who
want to apply knowledge of emotional trauma to improving coverage of violent events.

Fellowships are open to print and broadcast reporters, photographers, editors and producers
with at least five years of journalism experience. For funding reasons, the Ochberg
Fellowships are currently limited to applicants from the areas of major Dart Centre activity:
the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Fellows will attend a two-day seminar, November 3 and 4, 2009 in Atlanta, GA on the role
emotional trauma plays in coverage of violent events, and will have access to all events and
speakers in the annual conference of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
November 5-7, 2009

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The deadline for sending your information for the next edition is the 30th of that month.
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