Reviewing by mudoc123


									Reflective Questions

   What did you work the most on with
    regard to this essay? What do you
    wish you’d spent more time on?
Writing about Objects

Review Project
          Writing Reviews

   Next unit is about the objects we consume or use.
   Building on what you’ve already done:
       Bringing an object to life with details (rather than an
        place or person).
       Still working on using specifics—but now those details
        will become evidence.
       Moving from reflection and implication—to making
        a clear point, expressing a reasoned opinion about
        Movie Trailers

   Review the TRAILER itself, as a
    genre in and of itself.
     Not reviewing the movie’s potential
     Just considering how good of a
      trailer it is . . .
On Your Own
   Sketch out a review—jot down
    why you think the trailer is a
    good or bad one.
   Try to point to specific features
    of the trailer to make your case
    more clear.
In Your Groups

 Compare reviews.
 Make a list: what criteria did you use
  to evaluate? IOW, what makes a
  good trailer?
 What criteria were similar across the
  group? Different?
 Put criteria on board . . .
 Did you compare the other trailers to all
  movie trailers?
 Or are there subcategories of trailers,
  each with different qualities that make
  them good or bad?
     Genres: Action, Drama, Boipic, Sci-Fi,
      Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Kids
     Production: Indie, Big Studio, Big Special
      Effects, Animated
     Star Power: A-list, B-list

  Categories help our reviews
   be more useful—more convincing.
  Reviewing a restaurant—generic
   criteria not so useful to rate your
   favorites. Compare sushi restaurants
   to other sushi restaurants, compare
   steakhouse to other steakhouses.
   So reviews are useful when the
    categories are well-defined.
       Reviewing snowboard cross an
        example of a sporting event might not
        be as useful as if you’d reviewed it as
        an example of a new Winter Olympics
   Criteria are important too. Writer has
    more credibility—sense that there are
    reasons and evidence to back up the
    writer’s opinion.

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