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									IHE Activities in Taiwan

          Jenn-Lung Su, Ph.D.
Professor of BME, Chung Yuan University
 President of Medical Image Standards
          Association of Taiwan
     IHE Taiwan: www.dicom.org.tw
       11/28/2006 RSNA Chicago
     Historical Perspective
   1993/Dec.: 1st PACS of Taiwan was established at EMR
    dept. of Taichung VAGH. (50+)
   1999: CSIST joint IHE Connect_A_Thon Demo in RSNA
    and HIMSS
   2003/Mar. MISAT (DICOM/Taiwan) was established
   2003/Aug. 1st IHE Connect_A_Thon Demo in Taiwan
   2003/Nov. IHE-Taiwan WG was established, 2nd Demo,
    and attended IHE-AO meeting
   2004/Mar. 3rd IHE Connect_A_Thon Demo in RS/ROC
    Annual Meeting.
   2004/July 4th IHE Connect_A_Thon Demo in
    HL7/Taiwan conference
   2005 attended IHE-AO meeting in Japan and IHE-
    China workshop in Shanghai
                  Relationship and Partnerships

                      IHE in
                                                         RSNA / HIMSS
                  Asia & Oceania                                         IHE in Europe

               Department of       Department
               Industrial Tech      of Health
                                            Bureau of National          IHE in Japan
                                             Health Insurance

                        IHE in Taiwan
BMES, ROC                  Project                        TAMI          IHE in Korea

                                                     Taiwan              IHE in …..
                  Medical        Related Institute
     IHE Taiwan WG and Participants
Working Group members
Medical Image Standards Association of Taiwan(DICOM
Health Level 7 Taiwan. (HL7 Taiwan)
Biomedical Engineering Society of R.O.C. (BMES/ROC)
Taiwan Association for Medical Informatics. (TAMI)
Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST)
IHE Taiwan 2003 (Total 5 Companies) :
Cinchers (新愷) DVNET (達亞) EVERBEST (先見)
INFINITT (台灣英飛特) INQGEN (鉅仁)
IHE Taiwan 2004 (Total 6 Companies) :
INQGEN (鉅仁) THESE (杏翔) TEDPC (台腦)
                   IHE Taiwan Demo

(HL7 Taiwan , 2003-08-21/22)   (MEDIPHAR , 2003 11/07-11/10)

                                       (RSROC Annual Meeting,
                                       2004 03/27~03/28)
IHE Taiwan Demo (4)
(In HL7 Taiwan Conference, 2004 07/09-07/11)
                       IHE Taiwan Demo (4)
        (HL7 Taiwan Conference 2004 07/09 ~ 07/11)
    Pt. Registration [1]
    Placer Order Management [2]                ADT                               Group 2

       TEDPC (accept[1][2] )
              RIS                                                 Image Display
        INFINITT (Worklist)                                        (INFINITT)

                   Modality PS in Progress [6]
                                                  Query Images [14]
                   Modality PS Completed [7]
                                                  Retrieve Images [16]
       Performed Procedure
           Step Manager

         Modality PS in Progress [6]     Image Manager             Image Manager
         Modality PS Completed [7]         (DVNET)                   (TEDPC)
                                    Modality Image Stored [8]
                                                                         Modality Image Stored [8]
                                       Acquisition Modality              Storage Commitment [10]
Query Modality Worklist [5]
DICOM/IHE promotions in 2006
 Held workshops in four areas:
Northern (Taipei台北 on 5/20), Eastern
  (Yilan宜蘭 on 7/10), , Southern (Tainan
  台南 on 9/08), and Middle ( Chunhwa彰
  化 on 11/25) Taiwan. (~300+ people)
 IHE success implement story in
  hospital, Introduction of DICOM, IHE
  panel discussion
       Lecture presented by           IHE Panel Discussion
Dr. Yang of Kaoshiung V.A. Hospital
        IHE promotion in Taiwan
   Success PACS/IHE implementation stories for
    Tri-Service General Hospital, Kaoshiung V.A.
    Hospital, Chi-Zi Hospital, and Sin-Lau Hospital
   WADO application in Medical Informatics
   Compression, Image Display Function,
   BSMI (Bureau of Standards, Metrology and
    Inspection ) supports this project.
            DICOM Promotion
   Help National Health Insurance Bureau
    (NHI) to implement the Internet Pre-
    Operation Insurance Claim System with
    DICOM/HL-7 standard
   By the end of 2006, down to the district
    regional hospitals have to be ready for the
    on-line operations
   HER (PKI, e-signature)
   XDS-I (side effect of SARS)
        Proposed Work Items (2007)

    Prepare IHE Taiwan(2007) TF draft.
    Announce public comment on internet.
    Software and LCD display vender, import
    IHE Connect_A_thon and Demonstration
     will be held on November 2006 and March
    (RSROC Annual Meeting, 03/24~03/26)
     (DICOM SC and WG Meeting, 03/22~03/24)
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