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									         DuPage Convalescent Center
           2010 Holiday Wish List
            Clothing                                Boom Boxes w/CD players
        Size Small to 3X                                 Books on Tape
     Machine Washable only                           Hand held Video Games
Men’s & Women’s button down the
     front cardigan sweaters                                  Food
      Two-piece sweat suits                           Soft chocolate candy
 Women’s decorated sweat tops                       Sugar free chocolate candy
  Cubs, Sox, Bears, Bulls and                        Tins of holiday cookies
        Blackhawks attire                              Sugar free cookies

           Accessories                                Miscellaneous Items
 Watches (inexpensive-large face)                        Postage stamps
 Talking watches (Radio Shack)                         Steno pads and pens
        Costume Jewelry                       2011 Wall calendars (large numbers)
                                              Batteries (C, D, AA, AAA, 9-VOLT)
        Health & Beauty                        Medium & Large holiday gift bags
Women’s spray perfume & cologne                    Christmas Wrapping Paper
  Men’s cologne & aftershave                   Target, WalMart or Visa Gift Cards
  Nail polish & polish remover                Large print crossword puzzle and/or
       Nail files & buffers                              word find books
      Men’s electric razors                    Clear Christmas Lights for indoor
           Hand lotion                                     facility trees
         Hand sanitizer
                                                    Golden Shear’s Hair Salon
        Entertainment                                    Gift certificates
     Recent movies on DVD
     Music on CD, all genres
         DVD Players
      Portable CD players

                         Monetary Donations are always welcome!
    Please make checks payable to the DuPage Convalescent Center Foundation (DPCCF)
                      We prefer new items that are unwrapped, please.
       Used items can be donated to our resale shop which also benefits our Residents.

                     ~Thank you for your generosity!~

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