Wisconsin Rural Health Summit

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					Save th e D a t e                                                     S a v e th e D ate
                                    3rd Annual
       Wisconsin Rural Health Summit
                                  A	new	Governor,	Republican	legislative	sweep	
  Tuesday                         and	 budget	 uncertainty…how	 do	 changes	 on	
  May 24, 2011                    the	 State	 and	 Federal	 level	 affect	 rural	 health	
                                  care?	 	 The	 Office	 of	 Rural	 Health’s	 annual	
                                  Summit	brings	together	experts	to	answer	these	
  Chula Vista Resort              questions	and	offers	you	the	latest	developments	
  Wisconsin Dells                 in	state	and	federal	policies	which	can	have	a	
                                  direct	impact	on	rural	health	care.

 Join us for:
    •	 Presentations	by	national	and	local	rural	health	experts
    •	 State	and	Federal	legislative	updates
    •	 Opportunities	to	strengthen	relationships	between	rural	hospitals	and	EMS	
    •	 Networking	with	other	rural	health	care	leaders	and	representatives

 Questions?		Contact	Kathryn Miller
                     Wisconsin	Office	of	Rural	Health
                     608-261-1891                                          Office of Rural Health
                     kmiller9@wisc.edu                                         www.worh.org