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The                                                                              Winter 2007

Wisconsin Review

                            2007 World Beef Expo

                  KF Stockette 16               KJ C&L BJ 204 Authentic 2945
           Champion Polled Hereford Heifer           Champion Polled Hereford Bull
             Exhibited by Kayla Kegley            Exhibited by Pierce’s Hereford Haven,
                                                Lietzau Polled Herefords and Jenson Bros.

         WPHA Plans Annual            Highlights from the     Spring Sale Rules and Entry
          Meeting…Page 4             Southest Tour…page 6         Form…Pages 12-13

Kim Johnson, Editor                                                                 PRSRT STD
                                                                                    U.S. Postage
5891 E. Waterford Rd.                                                                  PAID
Hartford, WI 53027                                                                MANHATTAN, KS
                                                                                   Permit No. 580

Address Service Requested
       2007 Wisconsin
       Polled Hereford
         Association                            President’s Message
                                                         from Dave DeLong, 2007 WPHAPresident

             OFFICERS                             Nov. 18, 2007
            Dave DeLong (SE)
             (608) 756-3109                       Greetings Hereford Breeders!
             Vice-President:                           As we reflect back on the last few months,
           Kermit Rhiner (SW)                     the World Beef Expo Sale and the Ultimate Calf
             (608) 635-4683                       Sale were successes and no small amount due to the hard work of
                                                  members managing these events. The Greater Midwest Certified Hereford
                                                  Feeder Calf Sale is another case where members have stepped up to
                                                  promote Hereford influenced cattle with this sale. On the national level,
                                                  Jerry Huth has been elected as a new AHADirector. Steve Folkman has
                                                  now completed his term as a national director and Ruth Espenschied
    Harry Thompson (715) 341-3937
                                                  continues to be involved with the National Pollettes. These are just a few
       Joe Starr (920) 596-2580
                                                  of the examples of work and dedication that our members exhibit on
      Jeff Fraaza (715) 449-2808
                                                  behalf of our WPHA. They followed many other WPHAmembers with the
                                                  same dedication and I’m sure they will be followed by other members in
                                                  the future. Our association is very strong because of the efforts of our
   Brandon Boettcher (715) 597-5004
                                                  members to promote the Hereford breed. If you have a specific area that
      Andy Lamb (715) 772-4867
                                                  you wish to volunteer, please let us know. We would be more than happy
      Fred Larson (715) 772-4680
                                                  to accommodate you. We continue to need ideas to upgrade our program
                                                  and services. At our annual meeting in February we will be discussing a
                                                  possible name change for our association. I encourage your involvement
        Don Lott (920) 699-4710
                                                  and ideas during the meeting. This will be a great time to meet fellow
       Steve Merry (262) 628-3649
                                                  members and to express your concerns and ideas for the future direction of
                                                  your association.
                                                       We are at a time where we are preparing for winter and the new
        Tom Heidt (608) 574-2309
                                                  calving season. Please take the time to enjoy your family, friends and this
    Eric Katzenberger (608) 325-9829
                                                  upcoming holiday season.

  The Wisconsin Review, a publication of          Let’s talk!
      the Wisconsin Polled Hereford
     Association, welcomes member                 Dave DeLong
       and non-member advertising.
           1,600 copies mailed

       Ruth Espenscheid, Editor
  Jane Adolph, Production and Design

        Ruth Espenscheid, Secretary
                                           Cattlemen’s Corner
       P.O. Box 299 • Argyle, WI 53504     January                                         February
            Phone: (608) 543-3778          16   Junior Hereford Show, Denver               2    WPHAAnnual Meeting,
             Fax: (608) 543-3824           17   Carload and Pen Bull Shows and                  Wintergreen Center, Wisconsin Dells
                                                Pen of Three Heifers Show, Denver          29   Presale Banquet, Platteville
         Gregg Wissner, Treasurer
                                           18   Hereford Female Show and Mile
        W278 S10995 Fairview Circle
                                                High Hereford Sale, Denver                 March
        Mukwonago, WI 53149-9110
                                           19   Hereford Bull Show, Denver                 1    State Hereford Sale, Lancaster
          Phone: (262) 363-8654
           Fax: (262) 363-3918

The Wisconsin Review                                            1                                                   Winter 2007
A Minute with the Meents
   All purebred breeders please take time to review the article in the       significant advantage in quality grade,
October Hereford World titled “Impacts of Crossbreeding.” This               partially offsetting the value in the feedlot.
information is landmark material to use when talking to                      However, the net advantage favored the
commercial cow calf operators in your area. This verified data               Hereford sired cattle by nearly $78 per
information can assist you in making a sale of a Hereford bull on            head for the entire production cycle.
black cows.                                                                      The Angus-sired steers had a 23% advantage in percent grading
   This research is being conducted in cooperation with Harris               Choice or higher, resulting in a $33 per carcass advantage due to
Ranch Beef Co., Selma, California, Lacey Livestock, Paso Robles,             carcass quality. The price spread differential between Choice and
California, and the American Hereford Association. In summery,               Select was $10/ cwt at the time
ten Hereford bulls, selected for specific genetic parameters (EPDs)          of harvest.
were matched with ten Angus bulls of comparable genetics. Bulls                 So, Hereford breeders what does this early data tell us?
were randomly mated to 400 mature Angus-based cows. All cattle               a). It is an economical advantage for your commercial customers to
(cows and calves) were identified with electronic ear tags, and              use Hereford bulls on their black based cow herds. Your
DNAsamples were taken on all sires and calves to determine                   commercial customers are getting the advantage of Heterosis.
parentage. All cattle had equal access to comparable feed resources          b). Do not sacrifice Hereford genetic strengths: Feed Efficiency,
and management in extensive, relatively harsh environments.                  Fertility, Disposition, Longevity
Differences in weaning performance, feedlot performance, carcass             c). Improve our weakness by selecting herd sires with higher
value and overall profitability were measured.                               Intramuscular Fat Scores (IMF EPDS), and lower birth
   The project is being conducted for a three year period and the            weight (BW EPDs)
preliminary data release is only what was collected for the first            d). Do NOT believe that breeders selling composite bulls
year. The data suggests a significant economic advantage in the              (crossbred bulls) have their customers interest firsts. Those
feedlot phase ($86.10 per head) for the Hereford-sired calves.               breeders producing the composite bulls are getting the most
Primary differences were gain, feed efficiency, morbidity, and               heterosis advantage not their customers.
mortality, resulting in a dramatically lower cost of gain ($11.94 per
                                                                             Make your cattle better today because you have to market them
hundredweight), $7.32 per cwt. difference when mortality of the
Angus-sired steers was excluded. The Angus sired group had a

      Right Now                                                                          RB 29F 002 Right Now 630S
                                                                                                  JSF 37 271 DEVO 23C
                                                                                         LAKE KILO 002
                                                                                                  GK APOLLONIA834Z
                                                                                                                                  YW      81
                                                                                                 CS BOOMER 29F                    MM      25
                                                                                         PSB LADY BOOMER KLONDIKE 340N
                                                                                                 KFF TARZAN’S PRIDE 954           M&G     49

                                                                                         Reserve Grand Champion Bull, 2007 World Beef Expo
                                                                                         Supreme Champion Bull, 2007 Boone County Fair (IL)

                                                                                         Semen available.
                                                                                         Contact us for more informaiton!

                                                                                         Baker’s Polled Herefords
                                                                                            N7850 U.S. Hwy. 12 • Elkhorn, WI 53121
                                                                                                        (262) 742-3205
                                                                                               “Quality Built on Cow Families”
                                                                                            Wishing you a Merry Christmas and peace
                                                                                                     and happiness in 2008!
     Thank you and we wish you success with your purchases…
      Joe Albrecht Family     David Messmer Family      Tom Furlong                                      Watch for our excellent herd sire
      John Elfering Family    Sam Schwer Familly        William Isaacsen Family                    prospect and outstanding cow prospect due
      Bill and Nancy Grote    Will and Vicki Behnke     Alexis Sell                                 shortly after the State Sale in Lancaster on
                                                                                                                    March 1, 2008!

The Wisconsin Review                                                     2                                                           Winter 2007
The Wisconsin Review   3   Winter 2007
Plan to Attend WPHA Annual Meeting
   All members and other interested beef producers are invited to attend the Wisconsin              2008 WPHA
Polled Hereford Association Annual Meeting, which will be held Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008,
at the Wintergreen Resort and Conference Center off Hwy 12 in Wisconsin Dells.                     Annual Meeting
   Rooms at the Wintergreen Conference Center are $69 a night. Children under 18 stay
free. There is an indoor waterpark. The rooms are blocked under the WPHA. The
Wintergreen Conference Center is located just behind the Great Wolf Lodge, right off                 Wintergreen Resort and
the I-System.                                                                                           Conference Center
   The morning will feature an informative program for guests and meetings for the                  Hwy. 12, Wisconsin Dells
juniors and women in attendance. Anoon buffet is planned, followed by the 2008
                                                                                                    Saturday, February 2, 2008
Annual Business Meeting of the WPHA. For more information, please contact Ruth
Espenscheid at (608) 543-3778.
                                                                                                 Saturday Agenda:
                                                                                                 9 a.m. Poll-ette Meeting
        2008 WPHA Annual Meeting Meal Reservation Form                                           10 a.m. WJHAMeeting
   Meal reservations can be made by filling out this form or when you receive your               11 a.m. WPHAProgram
       annual meeting information packet. A buffet style meal will be served.                    Noon Banquet
                                                                                                 1 p.m. WPHAAnnual Meeting
Name: ________________________________________________________________                           3 p.m. Reorganization board mtg.

Address: ______________________________________________________________                           Motel reservations can be made by
                                                                                                  calling the Wintergreen Resort and
City: __________________________________             State: ________       Zip: ________         Conference Center at (608) 254-2285
                                                                                                 or 1-800-648-4765, and mention the
_________ Adult Meals ($15)        _________ Child Meals (age 10 and under: $7.50)                 Wis. Polled Hereford Association
                                                                                                  block. Children under 18 stay free!
                                                    Return to:
_________ Amount Enclosed                 WPHA• Box 299 • Argyle, WI 53504

                                                                                          Thanks to our
                                                                                          2007 buyers!

                                                                                         Look for our '08
                                                                                         consignments to:

   Stock Farm
                          wego                                                              WHPA Sale
                                                                                             WBE Sale
                                                                                          Family Affair Sale

       Wishes everyone a wonderful holiday
          and a very happy new year!
 The Marvin Espenscheid Family • 12044 Hwy. 78 • Argyle, WI 53504 • (608) 543-3778, phone • (608) 543-3824, fax • E-mail:

The Wisconsin Review                                                  4                                                       Winter 2007
                                                                                        2007 Show Record:
                                                                                        JNHE Reserve Grand Champion,
                                                                                        Wisconsin State Fair Grand
                                                                                        Champion, Minnesota State Fair
                                                                                        Grand Champion, Minnesota State
                                                                                        Fair Supreme Champion Bull over
                                                                                        all Breeds, World Beef Expo Grand
                                                                                        Champion, American Royal
                                                                                        National Champion Bull

                                                                                        Selling a one-time
                                                                                        opportunity to join the
                                                                                        Authentic Syndicate…
                                                                                        A one quarter syndicate interest
     KJ C&L BJ 204 Authentic 294S                                                       will sell in the 2008 Denver
     We feel Authentic will not only sire sought-after bulls and productive females,    National Sale. Commitments to
     but could give you some big time, competitive steer calves.                        the syndicate must be made prior
                                                                                        to the sale. Look for Authentic in
                                                                                        our string in Denver.
      2007 heifers for sale…
                                                                                        See page 7 for more

                                                                                       Thank you to all our
                                                                                          2007 buyers!

      Heifers sired by Boomerang, Independance and Moler. These 12                  Wishing you all
      heifers were going to be our replacements.You won’t find a nicer set.
      Buy one or all. Avg. 205-day wt.: 617 lbs.                                   Happy Holidays
      Also for sale…                                                               and a prosporous
      Three bred heifers reasonably priced                                              2008!
      Stout set of bulls with an avg. 205-day wt. of 687 lbs.

                                                                              For your custom fitting, clipping
          E10688 Hatchery Road • Baraboo, WI 53913
                                                                                   or photography needs,
              Ken & Sandy, Jim & Travis • Elaine
                                                                                call Travis at (608) 434-2843.
                       (608) 356-2578
                       Registered Polled Herefords

The Wisconsin Review                                            5                                               Winter 2007
   Hereford enthusiasts were treated to an exciting
state tour in the Southeast district this fall. The tour
kicked off on Saturday, September 8th, at the Chet and
Kathy Lininger Farm near Burlington. The tour then
traveled to the Paul and Sylvia Baker Farm near
Elkhorn. The final tour stop Saturday was at the Eldon
and Donna Stanton Farm, Whitewater, where a
delicious Certified Hereford Beef dinner was served.
   The tour resumed Sunday morning at C&L Ranch,
home of Steve and Jill Folkman, Ixonia. The next stop
was just down the road at the Mike and Dawn Peters
Farm, also in Ixonia. Gary and Marilyn Reinke,
Johnson Creek, hosted the last tour stop Sunday noon.
   Many thanks and our gratitude goes out to these
Hereford families for sponsoring this year’s Genetic
Focus Tour. Next year’s event will take place in the
southwest part of the state.
The Wisconsin Review   7   Winter 2007
                                              Show Results

  Cattle from 42 Hereford breeders from Wisconsin, Illinois,    Champion Junior Yearling Bull – KJCLBJ 204 Authentic 294S,
Michigan, Indiana, and Iowa competed in the recent World Beef   Pierce’s Hereford Haven, Baraboo; Lietzau Polled Herefords,
Expo Hereford Show, held September 28th at State Fair Park,     Sparta: and Jensen Bros, Cortland, Kansas
West Allis.
                                                                Reserve Champion Junior Yearling Bull – RB 29F 002 Right
  Results are as follows:
                                                                Now 630S, Baker’s Polled Herefords, Burlington
Champion Junior Heifer Calf – Hawk KO Enuff Rhapsody
0716, Wildcat Cattle, Company, Darlington                       Champion Senior Yearling Bull – Lake Havic 412R, Thousand
                                                                Hills Herefords, Stockton, IL
Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf – PHH PCC Serenity
701, Pierce’s Hereford Haven, Baraboo, and Kayla Kegley,
                                                                Grand Champion Bull – KJCL BJ 204 Authentic 294S, Pierce’s
                                                                Hereford Haven, Lietzau Polled Herefords, Jensen Bros.
Champion Fall Heifer Calf – SRF Miss Francie, Jason
                                                                Reserve Grand Champion Bull – RB 29F 002 Right Now 630S,
Lauderman, Bremen, IN
                                                                Baker’s Polled Herefords
Reserve Champion Fall Heifer Calf – K7 2072 Lass 657, K7
                                                                Champion Get-of-Sire – K7 Herefords
Herefords, Lockridge, IA
                                                                Best 6 Head – Wildcat Cattle Company
Champion Intermediate Heifer – KF Golden Lady 26, Kayla
Kegley, Burlington                                              Premier Breeder and Exhibitor – Jason Lauderman
Reserve Champion Intermediate Heifer – HH Sassette 616,
Jamie Paulson, Deerfield
Champion Yearling Heifer – KF Stockette 16,
Kayla Kegley, Burliington                        KANSAS CITY HIGHLIGHTS
Reserve Champion Yearling Heifer – NJW             Sunday, October 21st, was
0047 5M Lola 55S, Lance Wirth, New              the date of the American Royal
Richmond                                        National Hereford Show, held
                                                in Kansas City. Wisconsin
Grand Champion Heifer – KF Stockette 16,        Hereford producers, Pierce’s
Kayla Kegley                                    Hereford Haven and Lietzau
Reserve Grand Champion Heifer – NJW 0047        Polled Herefords, along with
5M Lola 55S, Lance Wirth                        K7 Herefords, the Tom Heidt
                                                Family, were exhibitors at this
Champion Cow-Calf Pair – Hawk Enuff             year’s event.
Brittany 504, Jake Bloomberg, Berwick, IL          Named Champion Hereford
                                                bull at this year’s show was KJ                  KJ C&LBJ 204 Authentic 294S
Reserve Champion Cow-Calf Pair – CPH
                                                C&L BJ 204 Authentic 294S, a        Champion Hereford Bull, 2007 American Royal
Miss Radar 11R, Lance Wirth, New Richmond
                                                yearling bull sired by KJ Bounty
Champion Junior Bull Calf – Double K Ozzie      Hunter 741P. The bull is co-
DK 36, Kyle Biddle, Walcott, IA                 owned by Pierce’s Hereford Haven, Lietzau Polled Herefords, and Brooke
                                                Jensen, Courtland , Kansas.
Reserve Champion Junior Bull Calf – MCF
                                                   The Reserve Champion Bull stood second in class to Authentic. He was
5073 Hardcore 6T, Mud Creek Farms, German
                                                Four L 285M Zolaman 6052S, a CL1 Domino son, owned by Four L Hereford
Valley, IL
                                                Farm and Watson Hereford Farm of Tennessee.
Champion Fall Bull Calf – SRF Deal or No           Rylee Barber, Texas, exhibited the Champion Hereford Heifer – DM BR
Deal, Jason Lauderman, Bremen, IN               Terri 646, a yearling Moler daughter. Kelsey Repenning, South Dakota,
                                                showed the Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer – MSU Keepsake 14S, also
Reserve Champion Fall Bull Calf – MGM
                                                sired by Moler.
Belle Ringer 22, Steve Merry, Hartford
                                                   K7 Herefords placed second in two powerful heifer calf classes with
                                                daughters of Golden Achiever 2072. The Heidts have recently relocated to
                                                Lockridge, Iowa, from Hollandale, Wisconsin, but remain active in the
                                                Wisconsin Association.
                                                   Hampton Cornelius, LaSalle, Colorado, judged this year’s Hereford show.

The Wisconsin Review                                            8                                                  Winter 2007
                                              Show Results
     381 head competed at the recent North American Livestock
   Exposition held in Louisville, Kentucky the third week in
     Wildcat Cattle Company, BJ Jones and Family, Darlington,
   exhibited the Reserve Champion Spring Heifer Calf at the
   show – Hawk KO Enuff Rhapsody 0716, an April calf sired by
   CH Enuff Prophet 2913. The Jones Family also placed well
   with Wildcat Abby 710, a March Star 120 Palliadin daughter.
     MSU TCF Apollonia 311, a Remitall Online 122Ldaughter
   born March, 2007, placed first in class. She is owned by
   Nicole Starr, Manawa.

   Show champions were as follows:
   Spring Heifer Calf – Hard Rock daughter, Purple Reign Cattle
   Co, Toulon, Ill                                                                   Hawk KO Enuff Phapsody 0716
   • Reserve Spring Heifer Calf – Enuff Prophet daughter, Wilcat                   Reserve Champion Spring Heifer Calf
   Cattle Co, Darlington                                                         Exhibited by Wildcat Cattle Co., Darlington
   • Junior Heifer Calf – Enuff Prophet Daughter, Karlee
   Osborne, Sheridan, Ill
   • Reserve Junior Heifer Calf – CS Boomer 29F daughter,              • Fall Bull Calf – Patriot son, Ike Redden, IN
   Breeze Hill Farms, IN; Terry Ferguson, IN; and Spring Lake          • Reserve Fall Bull Calf – CS Boomer 29F son, Jason
   Farm, OH                                                            Lauderman, IN
   • Fall Heifer Calf – XS Boomer 29F daughter, Jason                  • Intermediate Bull – Channing son, Lowderman Cattle Co, IL
   Laudeman, IN                                                        • Reserve Intermediate Bull – H 8E Embracer 8006 son,
   • Reserve Fall Heifer Calf – Star Orlando Rick daughter,            Redden, IN; Deshazer, Lockhart, and Utley, TX
   Budneys, CT                                                         • Yearling Bull – Moler son, Kevin and Kirk Jensen, KS; J-6
   • Intermediate Heifer – CL 1 Domino 9126J daughter, Austin          Inc, NE
   Lane Breeding, TX                                                   • Reserve Yearling Bull – Moler son, Fancy Creek Farms, IL
   • Reserve Intermediate Heifer – Moler daughter, Randa Owen,         • Senior Bull – Online son, B&C Cattle Co, TX
   AL                                                                  • Reserve Senior Bull – Four L Gold Strike son, Four L
   • Spring Yearling Heifer – RW KW Hummer daughter, Kirby             Herefords, TN
   Day, TX                                                             • Grand Champion Bull – Online Bull from B & C Cattle Co.
   • Reserve Spring Yearling Heifer – Channing daughter, Grace         • Reserve Grand Champion Bull – Manhattan, Moler son from
   Keilty, MI                                                          Jensens, KS
   • Junior Yearling Heifer – CS Boomer 29F daughter, River            • Get-of –Sire – Jason Lauderman, IN
   Circle Farm, TN
   • Reserve Junior Yearling Heifer – Star TRF Cattle Chief            Judges for this year’s show were Todd Herman, OK, and his
   daughter, Brady Fischer, MI                                         dad, Jim Herman, OH
   • Senior Yearling Heifer – Online daughter, Larson’s
   Herefords, TX                                                               Show rusults submitted by Ruth Espenscheid
   • Cow-Calf Pair – Blair-Athol cow, Breeze Hill and Terry
   Ferguson, IN
   • Reserve Cow-Calf Pair – Victor Boomer P606 cow, Mohican
   Farms, OH
   • Grand Champion Female – Kirby Day
   • Reserve Grand Champion Female – Purple Reign
                                                                                 The WPHA wishes
   • Spring Bull Calf – Online son, Kirby Day, TX
   • Reserve Spring Bull Calf – HF 4LBeyond son, Oak Ledge
   Farm, NH
                                                                                     everyone a
   • Junior Bull Calf – Kodiak son, Michigan State University
   • Reserve Junior Bull Calf – KJ 520E Investor son, Brady
   Jensen, KS                                                                    prosperous 2008!
The Wisconsin Review                                               9                                                           Winter 2007
                                       WPHA News & Notes
                                                                     HUTH ELECTED TO AHA BOARD
                                                                        Jerry Huth, Oakfield, Wis.,
                                                                     was recently elected to serve a
                                                                     four-year term on the AHA’s
                                                                     Board of Directors.
                                                                        Developing a passion for the
                                                                     Hereford business during his
                                                                     years in 4-H, Jerry Huth, along
                                                                     with his father, started in the
                                                                     registered Hereford business in
    Dean Yeagle, along with Eric Katzenberger, Bryan Stolee, and        Huth Polled Herefords,
       Marv Espenscheid hosted the WPHAdisplay at Farm               Oakfield, Wis., is a
            Technology Days in Green County this fall.               performance-based operation. The Huth family has been
                                                                     collecting performance data since 1973. The Huth’s marketing
JUNIOR HEIFER LOANS AVAILABLE                                        program has catered to the small and midsize breeder but has
  The WPHAhas established a Junior Loan Program to help              also expanded to placing bulls in some large seedstock herds.
junior members, along with the help of families and friends, get     Eight Huth-bred bulls are in artificial insemination (AI) studs.
a start with Polled Hereford breeding stock. Aloan committee            Agraduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with an
will review applications for loans based on need, experience,        animal science degree, Jerry has been active in a number of
youth program involvement and ability to pay back the loan.          industry organizations and served in numerous leadership
  Loan applications must be between the ages of 7 and 18 as of       positions. He is past president and director of the Wisconsin
January 1. The applicant agrees to pay back the amount of the        Polled Hereford Association and Wisconsin Beef Improvement
loan and any outstanding interest within 24 months of the            Association. Jerry has assisted with three junior nationals,
purchase of an animal or when that animal is sold, if the sale is    serving as co-chair of the 2005 Junior National Hereford Expo
prior to the 24-month loan period. Interest on the loan is set at    (JNHE). He is also on the committee organizing the Greater
5%. The loan is for 50% of the purchase price for a heifer, up to    Midwest Certified Hereford Beef (CHB) Feeder Calf Sale
a maximum of $800.                                                   scheduled for Dec.6 in Carthage, Ill.
  This is a perfect opportunity for youth to get a start by             Jerry is a member of the Wisconsin Department of
purchasing a heifer in the upcoming WPHAState Sale on                Agriculture’s “Grow Wisconsin Livestock Initiative Panel,” past
March 1. For an application, please contact Ruth Espenscheid at      president and director of the Wisconsin Beef Improvement
(608) 543-3778. Applications are due by February 15, 2008.           Association, and executive director of the World Beef Expo.
                                                                     He’s also a member of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church.
IT’S DIRECTORY TIME!                                                    Jerry and his wife, Maryann, have two college-age sons.
  The WPHAwill be publishing its membership directory this
spring. This is a great opportunity to advertise your breeding
program and sale offerings.
  You will be receiving a form to fill out for your herd listing
when you receive your annual meeting packet. This information
will be included free in the directory for all WPHA members.
  We will be auctioning off the prime pages in the directory at
the Annual Meeting in February. Information will be available
                                                                                    Member News
that day on advertising rates for whole pages or parts of pages.
The directory will be distributed by the first of June.                     Congratulations to WPHAboard
                                                                         member Jeff Fraaza. Jeff and his wife
2008 MEMBERSHIP DUES                                                     welcomed a new son, Oliver Steven,
   2008 membership dues are now being collected. Annual dues             into their family on November 5, 2007.
of $35 include a subscription to The Review and a free herd
listing in the 2008 directory. Dues help promote Herefords in
our state and surrounding states and support many activities of
our association. We appreciate your involvement!
   Mail payment to Ruth Espenscheid, PO Box 299, Argyle, WI
53504. For further information, please contact Ruth.

The Wisconsin Review                                                10                                                  Winter 2007
    May your Christmas be filled
     with peace and blessings…
          Happy Holidays
         from the Paulsons!
            Thank you to our 2007 buyers
                 Emily Sendelbach
                   Cody Adams
                   Shane Bakken
                   Victoria Miller
                                                             GAF DL Plus 710M
                                                          RF Positive Plus 73C x DLVicki 162A 28E
                                                    CED 0.6; BW 0.6; WW 36; YW 57; MM19; M&G 37; CEM 2.1; SC 0.3
                                                    Good Conformation – Good Numbers – Good Heifer!

       PAULSON FARMS                                  GARI-ALAN FARM
           Virgil, Holly, Lesley & Jamie                   Gary & Marilynn Reinke & Family
     1754 Rinden Road • Deerfield, WI 53531           N6060 Hilltop Lane • Johnson Creek, WI 53038
                   (608) 873-9590                      (920) 699-3126 • E-mail:
                                                   Polled Herefords Since 1960 • Production Tested Since 1968

The Wisconsin Review                          11                                                     Winter 2007
                       Polled Hereford             The WPHA board of directors are making plans for the 2008
                                                   Spring Sale. The sale will once again be held in Lancaster at the
                         Association               Grant County Fairgrounds. This is a top notch facility in the
                                                   heart of Wisconsin beef country. A large number of hotels will be
                                                   available in nearby Platteville. The sale will once again be on
             Plan now for the                      the first Saturday in March: March 1! This means that we need to
                                                   have your consignments by January 1, 2008.
   2008 WPHA Spring Sale!
       Saturday, March 1, 2008                     We invite you to consign some of your best. A good guideline is
                                                   this – if it is going to hurt to let it go, then it must be a good one.
                       Noon                        If that’s the case, consign it! People want to buy the best you
                                                   have to offer. The sale average is reflected by the quality of cattle
      Grant County Fairgrounds                     consigned.
            Lancaster, WI
                                                   We are planning on cataloging 40-50 lots which will be a mixture
                        and                        of bulls, cow-calf pairs, along with open and bred heifers.

          Annual Banquet
      Friday, February 29, 2008                    Sincerely,
                                                   The 2008 Spring Sale Committee

                  LANCASTER, WI • MARCH 1, 2008

                         NOMINATIONS ARE DUE JANUARY 1, 2008

     ____ Cow/Calf Pairs      _____ Bred Heifers     _____Open Heifers             _____Herd Bull Prospects


     Address __________________________________________________________________________

     Phone, Fax and E-mail ______________________________________________________________

     Send THIS FORM along with copies of registration papers and a fee of $100 per head to:
     Ruth Espenscheid, Secretary
     P.O. Box 299 • Argyle, WI 54504
     Phone: (608) 543-3778 • Fax: (608) 543-3824               Spring Sale Committee:
                                                             Bryan Stolee: (608) 543-3537
     __________ Total Amount Enclosed                       Kermit Rhiner: (608) 635-4683

The Wisconsin Review                                      12                                                        Winter 2007
                                    2008 WPHA SPRING SALE RULES
 1) Consignors must be a member of the WPHA or the WJPHA.              9) HEALTH: All cattle are required to have separate, official
 Partnership cattle must have at least one partner be a member         interstate health papers at sale time. DO NOT PLACE
 of the WPHAor WJPHA. All cattle must be registered with the           MULTIPLE ANIMALS ON ONE FORM!! Suggested tests are
 American Hereford Association.                                        Bangs, Anaplasmosis, Tuberculosis, and BVD- P I 3. Females
                                                                       that have not been calf hood vaccinated MUST be so noted in
 2) Nomination forms and entry fees of $100 per head are due           the footnotes, likewise all lots coming to the sale without a
 on JANUARY 1, 2008. Original registration papers or a photo           Johnes herd test WILLbe noted in the footnotes.
 copy, footnotes, and photos (photos will cost an additional $5
 per photo in order to be included in the sale catalog) MUST be        10) Sale guarantees will follow the AHArecommendations.
 submitted to the WPHASecretary by January 1, 2008. Late               The WPHAmakes no warranties or representations of the
 entries may be charged an additional $25 late fee and may be          animals. All guarantees are between the buyer and the seller.
 excluded from the sale catalog. Late consignors will be               WPHAacts ONLYas the agent in the sale of the animal.
 responsible for providing a catalog supplement if the lot is
 excluded from the catalog. The Sale Manager reserves the              11) SEMEN TEST: All bulls over one year of age must pass a
 option of using any photos submitted.                                 semen and breeding boundaries exam according to the
                                                                       guidelines established by the Theriogenology Society. Testing
 3) Animals have to be in place by 4 p.m. Friday February 29,          must be done within 30 days of the sale.
 2008.                                                                   A) THERE WILLBE NO SEMEN TESTING DONE AT
                                                                            THE SALE SITE.
 4) Sale management has the right to close entries at 50 lots            B) Testing to be done by a certified technician within 30
 with a maximum of 15 bulls.                                                days of the sale.
 5) ELIGIBILITY                                                          C) The official form must be used and signed by the
 BULLS: Must be born after January 1, 2005. In the event that               technician.
 over 15 bull entries are received, the sale committee has been        12) SALE EXPENSES: Sale expenses will be a charge on a
 authorized by your WPHABoard to screen those entries. This            flat fee for fixed costs and a percentage basis for other
 is being done to maintain a strong bull market. The sale              expenses relating to the sale. Any animal that enters and fails
 committee’s criteria will include, but not be limited to:             to show will forfeit their entry fee. Animals that go through the
    A) Horned, dehorned and scurred lots may be consigned but          sale ring, but do not sell (for ANYREASON) are required to
       must be noted in the catalog.                                   pay their share of sale expenses at the final bid that the
    B) Abull entry accompanied by a heifer entry will take             auctioneer closes the bidding.
    C) Multiple bull entries from the same farm.                       13) The WPHA will receive 2.0% of the gross sales for each
    D) Total EPD package.                                              lot that goes through the sale.
    E) Performance, including birth weight, weaning weight,
       and yearling weight.                                            14) All the paper work has to be completed by the consignor
    F) Saleable pedigree.                                              BEFORE the checks will be issued. All required information
    G) Line backs, ticks, or extra white.                              for cow/calf pairs and bred heifers regarding AI, service sire,
                                                                       dates, and calf information must be completed on the back of
 HEIFERS: Members are encouraged to have females bred to               the pedigree.
 calve by 30 months of age. All cattle are encouraged to have
 positive milk EPD’s. Bred heifers must be pregnancy checked           15) Pregnant females carrying the service of an AI SIRE WILL
 by a veterinarian and verified on the health paper.                   NOT NEED TO PROVIDE AN AI CERTIFICATE. The
 COWS: Must be 5 years old or younger. They must have a                purchase of the AI certificate will be the responsibility of the
 natural calf at side or a guaranteed pregnancy. Calf may be           buyer.
 sold separately at the discretion of the consignor and the sale       16) First time consignors needing assistance in selection,
 manager. The cow/calf WILLbe sold as one lot.                         preparation, sale procedures, or what to expect in the sale
 6) Should an animal be off-marked (off marked is defined as           should contact the Sale Committee for assistance.
 extra white on the back, a tick, or a line back), it must be stated
 in the footnotes in the catalog.                                                            Sale Committee
                                                                                              Bryan Stolee:
 7) One bull may be consigned for each bull thereafter.                                   (608) 543-3537, home
 Consignor must consign a minimum of one female.                                  (608) 219-4726, cell and sale day phone
 8) EPD’s will be included in the sale catalog as calculated from                              Kermit Rhiner
 the AHA as of the catalog print date. Only animals with EPD’s                                 (608) 635-4683
 will sell.

The Wisconsin Review                                                   13                                                   Winter 2007
  S             2008 Spring Sale Breeders and Buyers Banquet
                                      University of Wisconsin-Platteville
  t                    Friday, February 29, 2008 • 6:30 p.m. Social Hour • 7 p.m. Dinner

  a         Dear Breeders, Buyers and Polled Hereford Enthusiasts!
                                                                                               Meal Reservations for the
                                                                                                2008 Pre-Sale Banquet

                 The WPHAinvites one and all to the Annual Breeders                               Friday, February 29, 2008
            Banquet and Fun’d Auction on Friday night, February 29, 2008.                       U-W Platteville, Platteville, Wis.
            This year’s banquet will be held at the U-W Platteville in
  e         Platteville, Wisconsin. The annual Fun’d Auction, featuring all
            those fun and creative donations, will be held immediately
                                                                                            Please reserve ____________ dinners.
                                                                                          _______Steak Dinners _______Fish Dinners
            following the dinner, along with our pie auction. The night will be                 I have enclosed $___________
            highlighted by this year’s announcement of the 2008 Hall of                    ($17.50/person • $8/children 10 and under)

   S        Fame recipients! We are looking forward to a great evening of
            good food with great people! Hope to see you all there.
                                                                                         Name: ________________________________

                                                                                         Address: ______________________________

                       Return the reservation form by February 25                        City: _________________________________

   l                       to give the restaurant a final count.
                               Blocks of rooms are available at:
                                                                                         State/Zip: _____________________________
                                                                                         Phone: _______________________________

                             Country Inn, Platteville: (608) 348-7373
                              Super 8, Platteville: (608) 348-8800                         Forward with check made payable to WPHAto
                                                                                                  PO Box 299, Argyle, WI 53504

    Happy Holidays and a Prosporous 2008!

                                                                             ESB Ms Advance 9012 9803
                                                                             BW 2.3; WW 42; YW 64; MM 19; M&G 39.

                                                                             We added 9803 to our program this past year.
                                                                             She has a super September Route 66 heifer.
                                                                             Look for her next summer!

                                                                                    Look for our consignments in sales
                                                                                          this upcoming year!
   Thank you to our 2007 buyers:
   Kristen Lebakken, World Beef Expo                                                            Kim & Jeanine Radel
   Mikayla Kind & Tyler Hanson, Ultimate Club Calf Sale
                                                                                  K             E067 Hwy W.C.
   Magnolia Polled Herefords                                                       &            Spring Green, WI 53588
   Bill Meixelsperger                                                               J           (608) 588-7390
   Best of luck with your purchases!

The Wisconsin Review                                                    14                                                    Winter 2007
   Thanks to our ‘07 buyers:
    William, Dennis and Shirley Frontzak
               Andrew Case
              Wayne Hansen
                Rita Deming
                 Tiger Farms
              Tiffany Manthey

         Congratulations to these
     Waukesha County Fair exhibitors:
  Tyler Hanson – Grand Champion Steer
           (two years in a row)                         Images Embroidery
                                                                      Bruce & Cheryl Thorson
   Tara Hanson – Champion AOB Heifer                            6676 Highway 34 • Rudolph, WI 54475
                                                                   715-435-3181 •

   W armest thoughts and best                           See Us For All Your Embroidery Needs!
  wishes for a wonderful holiday                                   Christmas Isn’t Far Away
                                                                  Get Your Orders Placed Today!
      and a happy new year!
                                                        Fitting Pants              Vests
                                                        Tear away design           Men’s and women’s styles
                                                        Several styles in stock    Variety of colors
                                                        Adults and youth sizes

                                                        Jackets                    Windbreakers
                                                        From lightweight to        Large selection in stock
                                                          3-in-1 parkas            Youth and adult sizes
                                                        Large selection            Aperfect gift idea!
                Mukwonago, Wisconsin
         Gregg and Beth Wissner : (262) 363-8654
                                                                     Other in stock ideas…
            E-mail:             Chairs, towel sets, bags, hats, denim shirts, polo
                              shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts.

The Wisconsin Review                               15                                                 Winter 2007
                                                WJHA News
   Several junior Hereford exhibitors participated in one of the
three Wisconsin Livestock Breeders Association district
livestock shows this past August and September.
   The Northwest District Show was held in Eau Claire the
second week in August. Jacob Jones, Galesville, exhibited the
Champion Hereford Steer, which also won the Rate of Gain
contest at the event. Madeline Erickson, Wilson, led out the
Champion Hereford Heifer. The Polled Hereford Showmanship
medallion was awarded to Karen Eby, Shell Lake.
   The Central Junior Livestock Show was held in Adams-
Friendship the third week in August. Champion Hereford
Female honors were awarded to Tiffany Manthey, Pardeeville.
Jamie Paulson, Deerfield, led out the Champion Hereford Steer,
which was named the Reserve Grand Champion Steer of the                        NICOLE STARR RECEIVES SCHOLARSHIP
show.                                                                   At the Hereford Youth Foundation of American 2007 Harvest
   Brown County Fairgrounds in DePere was home to the                   Gala, Nicole Starr, Manawa, was presented with a $2,500
Northeast Junior Livestock Show. Kira Kensen, Pine River,               scholarship as the Bob and Dolores Call Scholarship Award
exhibited the Champion Hereford Steer, which was named                  winner. Nicole currently serves on the Junior Council and is a
Grand Champion Steer at the show.                                       sophomore at Michigan State University. Congratulations,
   Congratulations go out to these outstanding junior Hereford          Nicole!

The Wisconsin Review                                               16
                                                                                                                          Winter 2007
               Membership in the WJHA entitles you to particiapte in the following:
           Voting at all WJHA meetings                Preview Show                              Jr. National –
                 PRIDE Convention                      Jr. State Fair                     Showing, beef bowl, judging,
                                                                                           marketing, showmanship,
                   District Shows                 Pioneer Showdown                      speaking, basketball, poster and
            Fun day at Wisconsin Dells              Badger Kick-Off                             photo contests
                                             Beef Expo – Sweepstakes

                                             Membership in the WJHA is
                                              required for showing in
                                              WJHA sponsored events!
                                                   Join today! $5/year
                                          Please fill out the form below and mail to:
                                                   Tayton Stolee, Treasurer
                                             12066 St. Hwy. 78 • Argyle, WI 53504

Name:_________________________________________                      Telephone: ___________________ E-mail: _________________

Address: ________________________________________                   Birthdate: ___________________ School Activities: ____________
City: ________________________ State: ______ Zip: ______
The Wisconsin Review                                           17                                                  Winter 2007
                                                   Poll-ette News
                                                                                  2007 ROYALTY…
      Another year draws near and we find there is time to relax and reflect on
  the year’s accomplishments and successes and /or the lack of. This year of
  2007 has almost completely gone by.
      I know many of us are enjoying a time of gathering with family and
  friends for the holidays. My family wishes each and everyone of you a
  blessed and joyful holiday season along with a happy and prosperous New
  Year! Anew year is a great time to try new ideas, new programs, make
  some improvements, whether it’s in our family operation, breeding
  programs, herd management or our outlook on life. Change can be for the
  better. Our association in my opinion is in for some changes. This will be
  for the better, we hope. There are some changes that I think we need to
  address, so, I encourage each and every one of you to attend the annual
  meeting at Wintergreen Conference Center on Feb. 2, 2008. The Poll-ette
  Annual Meeting will begin at 9 a.m. Major topics of discussion will be our
  direction, queen (royalty) program, dues and membership, election of
  officers, our relationship as Poll-ettes with Hereford Women and many
  more topics. I look forward to visiting with you all.
      With winter here, a warming way to pass those cold chilling evenings is
  to take time to ponder and consider thinking about next year’s breeding
  programs. Great is good, but there are better (better bulls - bloodlines-
  programs- etc.) out there. Yes, I am aware that old Billy Bob is a good bull,
  he has a lot of good calves, but he can be replaced with a better herd sire
  or two. What can it hurt?
      Gosh, Denver is almost here! I know Katie Wilcox is getting excited. She
  will be representing Wisconsin in the National Polled Hereford Queen
  Competition. Good luck, Katie! We want you to have fun, smile and be
  yourself. We are proud of you! Those of you showing and going to Denver,        Thank you to everyone who generously contributed
  I hope the weather is better than last year- yet we remember it is winter so    to the Wisconsin queen/princess program. If you or
  stay warm. We know you will be warm with the atmosphere of "Its Hereford          anyone you know is interested in applying to this
  Time!" Be Proud. Have fun with great cattle, great company, and good luck!       program, please contact Amy Starr: 920-596-2580
      We are looking for a few young ladies to help promote Herefords (Polled     for an application. The interviews will be conducted
  Herefords) in Wisconsin. Any interested young responsible lady should           at the WPHAannual meeting on Saturday, Feburary
  contact Amy Starr (920-596-2580) for Wisconsin Polled Hereford Princess          2, 2008 at the Wintergreen Resort and Conference
  information. We would like to have a princess for each of the four districts           Center off Hwy. 19 in Wisconsin Dells.
  in the state and of course, our State Queen. I’m not going to kid you, there
  is some work, travel, events and meetings. But there is also a lot of good
  people, knowledge and cattle to meet, greet and see. Also, it’s a fun way to
  build experience on a resume. You will gain knowledge and confidence,
  along with long lasting relationships. I can speak form experience, I was a
  WI Polled Hereford Princess from 1976-1978.
                                                                                      Wisconin Poll-ette
      Thank you for taking your time to visit with me awhile. Tom’s calling me
  to get back to work on the house, so we can move in soon. We did have                Annual Meeting
  our traditional Thanksgiving pizza in the new house. Trust me, it is far from
  being done. Vicki, Patti and Shane would like to be in the house by                    February 2, 2008
  Christmas. By March we might be done. Keep in mind, we are/have been
  living in a 1980 RV.                                                                        9 a.m.
      Well gotta go! He’s calling again. Have a safe and blessed holiday
  season and Happy New Year.
                                                                                      Wintergreen Resort and
                                                                                        Conference Center,
  Jo Heidt                                                                               Wisconsin Dells

The Wisconsin Review                                                     18                                               Winter 2007
Showing Champions
    The next generation…

                                                                        HAWK KO Enuff Rhapsody 0716
                                                                        CH Enuff Prophet 2913 x RRF Ally 580D 811
                                                                        Reserve Spring Calf Champion, 2007 NAILE
                                                                        Calf Champion, 2007 World Beef Expo
                                                                        Thanks to Tom Hawk for all your help!

Wildcat Abby 710 ET
Star 12G Palliadin 115N x DRF Avery 71I 89L
Junior Show Calf Champion, 2007 World Beef Expo

Thanks to our 2007 customers for
making The Genetic Selection Sale a
great success…
Melissa Dahnert, WI
Plum River Ranch, IL
Kayla Kegley, WI
Randy DaVee, IN
Maple Valley Farm, WI
SVPFarms, WI
K&J Polled Herefords, WI
Bakers Polled Herefords, WI
Squaw Creek Farms, SD
Dennis Eberhardt, WI                                  Visit our website at!

                                                  BJ & Kim Jones Family
                                                  14990 County Hwy. F • Darlington, WI 53530
                                                  (608) 776-2813 • E-mail:

The Wisconsin Review                                        19                                              Winter 2007
                       Season’s Greetings from Stanton Farm!
               We would like to thank all our 2007 cattle buyers and those that attended
              the S.E. tour at our home. If you saw an animal that was of interest to you,
                                         please give us a jingle.

      Congratulations to Jason Stanton for showing the Reserve Champion Hereford Female
               and to Paul Stanton for showing the Champion Jr. Bull Calf at the
                                    Walworth County Fair!
                                                                      Watch for our consignments
               For sale on the farm…
               3 Our 2007 calf crop sired by
                 Keymaster, Bennett M326,
                                                      SF             at the 2008 WPHASpring Sale!

                 Stockmaster 512                         Stanton Farm
               3 Bred heifers and cows                      W9308 Territorial Road • Whitewater, WI 53190
                                                             (608) 883-6722 • E-mail:

                                 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
                                               — Johnes “A” Classification —

                         Wisconsin Polled Hereford Association
                                       Membership Form
  Your 2008 WPHAMembership Dues are due. Annual dues are $35 and if you have not already done so, please mail your dues
  today so that we can continue to promote the Polled Herefords of Wisconsin. Thank you. Please complete the membership form
                                         below so that we can update our information.

 Telephone__________________________ E-mail_________________________                   Fax____________________________
 City___________________________________________________             State and Zip__________________________________
 Farm or Ranch Name____________________________________________________________________________________
 Exact Location__________________________________________________________________________________________
 Herd Sires______________________________________________________________________________________________
 Size of Cow Herd________________________           Bloodlines___________________________________________________

                          Annual Dues: $35 (Includes subscription to The Wisconsin Review)
                             Mail To: Ruth Espenscheid • P.O. Box 299 • Argyle, WI 53504
                                      Phone: (608) 543-3778 • Fax: (608) 543-3824

The Wisconsin Review                                           20                                                 Winter 2007
                                                 Sale Results
   Hereford breeders from Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois            Thirteen Hereford breeders consigned calves to this year’s
brought in a top set of Hereford females for the 2007 World         Ultimate Select Hereford Club Calf Sale, which was held at the
Beef Expo Hereford Sale, held Saturday, September 29th, at          UW Research facility at Arlington on Sunday, October 28th.
State Fair Park in West Allis.                                         Bidding was strong on the 20 lots in the sale, with a sale gross
   Topping the sale was a cow/calf pair consigned by Beckett’s      of $18,100 and a sale average of $905.
Polled Herefords, Birnamwood. Lake 201N Skyler 308R, a two             There were two top selling calves in this year’s sale. An April
year old daughter of Lake BPH NS TAZ, and her heifer calf at        steer sired by GQ and consigned by Paulson Farm, Deerfield,
side by Feltons Legend 242, sold for $7,800 to Crooked River        sold for $1,350 to Victoria Miller, Burlington.
Polled Herefords, Cato, Wisconsin.                                     Also topping the sale at $1,350 was an April steer calf, sired
   Topping the sale of 2007 heifer calves was PHH PCC Foxy          by HS Lakes Kilo 002 and consigned by K&J Polled Herefords,
Cleopatra 734, a March calf sired by Star TRF Independence.         Spring Green. This calf was purchased by the Mikayla Kind,
She was consigned by Pierce’s Hereford Haven and sold for           Jefferson.
$3,500.                                                                The sale is coordinated by Gary Reinke, Kermit Rhiner, and
   The high selling fall heifer calf was SCF Linda 274 27N,         Bonnie and Bruce Clemence. Gary Potts was the auctioneer for
consigned by Stone Creek Farm, Kewaskum. She was                    this year’s sale.
                                                                                                   — Submitted by Ruth Espenscheid
purchased by Lininger Polled Herefords for $3,350.
   17 lots brought in $40,400 for an average of $2,376.
                                 — Submitted by Ruth Espenscheid
                                                                           More sale results listed on page 24!

              The Future Looks                                                                      at MCF

                                                      MCF Molara 7T ET
                                                         “Moler x Kella”
                                             Exciting March heifer out of our donor
                                             cow, Kella. She stood 2nd in class at the
                                              2007 World Beef Expo. Best of luck to
                                             Courtney Swalve with showing Molara
                                                  this upcoming show season.

                                        Check out our website:

                       Watch for our upcoming consignments this winter and spring.

                                Rick, Linda & Christina Garnhart                   Andrew & Christy Garnhart
                            6372 Edwardsville Rd. • German Valley, IL     4858 Holland Church Road • German Valley, IL
                                         (815) 362-6531                                  (815) 238-2381

The Wisconsin Review                                               21                                                    Winter 2007
                                                     AHA News
AT HOME                                                                 AHAmembers can now use their Discover cards to pay for
   The new electronic identification (EID) tagging system is          AHAservices such as registrations, membership dues, transfers,
successfully being implemented at all of the national shows and       inventory fees and advertising. We will still accept Visa and
we appreciate all of the exhibitors cooperation with this new         MasterCard as always and are adding Discover to the mix for
project. The AHA has teamed up with Gallagher Animal                  your convenience.
Management Solutions and Allflex USAto EID tag all animals
exhibiting in the national shows. Having the cattle tagged prior
to the show makes cattle processing much more efficient and           RESTAURANT ADDS CHB TO MENU
demonstrates that the Hereford breed is taking a proactive               The Power Plant Restaurant and Brewery located in historic
approach to EID and biosecurity measures.                             downtown Parkville, Mo., has added Certified Hereford Beef®
   To avoid standing in long lines and bringing your cattle to the    (CHB) to its menu. This unique restaurant was originally the
chute, please put your own EID tags in at home. To encourage          Park College Power Plant. The restaurant’s management chose
exhibitors to use EID tagging systems, Gallagher has graciously       to serve their customers CHB over other branded beef products
donated an Ernie 700 scale head to be given away at the 2008          because of CHB’s consistent great taste and tenderness.
National Western Stock Show. Exhibitors who have their cattle
EID tagged prior to cattle processing will be automatically
entered in the drawing.
   To order tags from Allflex call its customer service
department at (800) 989-8247 or locate a regional sales
representative at the Allflex Web site at

Attributes of the Hereford Cow…
  Many positives come to mind when focusing on the                    disposition is
Hereford female in a beef production system. As feed                  worth a great
sources become more defined in a roughage based                       deal.
direction, the Hereford female will enjoy increased                   Herefords are
popularity and usage.                                                 justly noted
  Amainstay in any cowherd is the longevity of the brood              for quiet
cow. It is common for Hereford cows to calve every year               dispositions.
for many years. It is not uncommon for Hereford cows to               As more
reach 12 to 14 years of age and still produce a heavy                 people
weaning calf.                                                         continue in
  Herefords possess the ability to maintain body                      the beef
condition, raise a calf and rebreed on more diverse                   industry or even for those just starting with a cowherd,
environments than most other breeds. Herefords are often              Herefords are gentler cattle that are easy to work with.
called "range specialists" because of their genetic ability to        This trait pays huge dividends throughout the lifetime of
survive in tough environments with few feed resources.                the Hereford cow and her many offspring.
Their adaptability to the various environments across the                For one focusing on crossbreeding programs, the
country has made them a popular choice for many beef                  Hereford cow stands out. Without question, the baldie
production systems. The built-in genetics of feed efficiency          cow is the champion on the range in commercial
also make their offspring popular in feeding operations.              operations. The black or red baldie is a mainstay in most
Doing more on less will only increase in importance as the            environments. When focusing on southern climates the
ethanol industry expands. Hereford genetics are right on              tiger stripe or the baldie cow with a little ear comes to the
target to utilize more roughages and tougher ranges when              forefront. The heterosis Herefords provide in a planned
compared across the breeds.                                           crossbreeding program has and will continue to pay big
  Another huge advantage of the Hereford cow is                       dividends at both the scales and in the cowherd.
disposition. Whether you are calving out cows, working a                 Combining traits that will make a person sucessful in
group of cattle or going to the showring, a quiet                     the cattle business is what the Hereford cow is all about.

The Wisconsin Review                                                 22                                                 Winter 2007
                  AHA News                                                         The Wisconsin Review
                                                                        A publication of the Wisconsin Polled Hereford Association.

GROUP EFFORT YIELDS SUCCESSFUL TENNESSEE                                 The Advertising Rates and Deadlines for 2008
                                                                              Advertising Deadline                              Mailing Date
HEREFORD SALE                                                                   January 10, 2007                              February 1, 2007
   One thousand and eight head of age, source and health                         April 20, 2007                                May 15, 2007
verified Herefords and Hereford-crosses brought $55,000 in                      August 12, 2007                              September 1, 2007
                                                                              November 10, 2007                              December 1, 2007
premiums for more than 75 consignors to the 9th Annual
Tennessee Hereford Marketing Program Sale Oct 29.                                              Advertising Rates:
   The Certified Hereford Beef® (CHB) and Hereford Verified               Back Page . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$260
eligible calves were from seven states — Alabama, Georgia,                Inside Back Page . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$230
Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee.                Inside Front Page . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$230
Compared to the week’s Tennessee auction average, some                    Full Page . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$190
consignors earned on average, an additional $69.15 per head by            Half Page . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$110
participating in organized marketing efforts, bringing together           Quarter Page . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 70
                                                                          Eighth Page . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 45
the numbers and verification that feeders demand. The sale was
                                                                          Sixteenth Page . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$30
held at the Tennessee Livestock Producers’Barn in Thompson                Breeders Directory, 4 issues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$100
   On a related note, the Greater Midwest Certified Hereford              Contract ads: A 15% discount is available to advertisers wishing to make
                                                                           an annual payment for any size ad in each of the four issues of 2008.
Feeder Calf Sale was held on Dec. 6 at the Carthage Livestock            The discounted ads may all be the same size or any combination of sizes.
Sale Barn in Carthage, Ill. Look for details of this sale in the              Prime locations are available on a “first come, first serve” basis.
next issue of The Wisconsin Review.
                                                                                    For all your advertising needs, contact:
                                                                                               Kim Johnson, Editor
                                                                                   5981 E. Waterford Rd. • Hartford, WI 53027
                                                                                   Home: (262) 673-7233 • Cell: (262) 573-4019
                                                                                    Our present mailing list consists of 1600 breeders.
                                                                                         This is a tremendous advertising value.

   K7 Herefords is…
  Proud of our Show Bull of the Year in the N.E. District:
  K7 2072 Lad 618
                                                                                    See more of our cattle in
                                                                                    Denver…in the yards
                                                                                    and on the hill!

                                                                                        We’ve moved out of state, and
                                                                                        Ramer’s Herefords did not come
                                                                                        with us. We would like to thank
                                                                                        Ramer’s for the opportunity to work
                                                                                        with them during the past decade!

                                                                                          Breeding stock available!
        K7 Herefords
        Tom & Jo Heidt and Family • 3388 240th St. • Lockridge, IA 52635 • (319) 696-3002 • Tom’s cell: (608) 574-2309

The Wisconsin Review                                               23                                                                      Winter 2007
                                              Sale Results
PRIDE OF THE PASTURE SALE                                      GENETIC SELECTION VI
Perks Ranch/Plum River Ranch                                   November 11, 2007 • Fond du Lac, Wis
November 10, 2007 • Rockford, Illinois                         uctioneer: Jim Birdwell
Auctioneer: Monte Lowderman                                                      Gross         Average
                Gross             Average                      67 Lots           $211,500      $3,157
40 Lots         $140,800          $3520                        4.5 bulls         $13,450       $2,989
38 females      $132,000          $3484                        62.5 females      $197,800      $3,165
2 Flushes       $8400             $4200                        1 flush           $3000
15 embryos      $3435             $229                         6 embryos         $1725         $288
9 steers        $9800             $1089                        1 Semen Share $1200
                                                                                              — Submitted by John Meents
                                 — Submitted by John Meents

              REGISTERED POLLED HEREFORDS                                   MARIMILL
            J       Kim & Jeanine Radel                                 Registered Polled Herefords
                              E067 Hwy W.C.                              JIM & MARY ANN MILLER
                          Spring Green, WI 53588                         N1007 Hwy C. • Rio, WI 53960
                              (608) 588-7390                                Phone: (608) 846-4107
                                                                             Fax: (608) 846-5740
          Our goal: Outstanding EPD’s, Excellent Udders,
                     Eye Appeal and Muscle                                Polled Herefords Since 1974.

                         F IRSHADE FARM
                       P OLLED HEREFORDS                                   Polled Herefords
                                                                                The Langnesses
                                                                                — Since 1968 —
                                                                           Emmett & Margaret Langness
                Sandra and Harry Thompson                          932-140th Avenue • New Richmond, WI 54017
                     6413 Ice Age Lane                                           (715) 246-5464
                  Rosholt, Wisconsin 54473
                                                                                REGISTERED STOCK

        S F Stanton Farm                                             Spruce Hill Polled
                          W9308 Territorial Road
                          Whitewater, WI 53190
                              (608) 883-6722
                         E-mail:                           Dean Fredkenheuer
                 Breeding stock for sale.                          4248 Gotzion Road • Deerfield, WI 53531
                                                                              (608) 764-8156

The Wisconsin Review                                          24                                            Winter 2007
               We are so appreciative of our 2007 buyers.
              We thank you and wish all Hereford breeders…
Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
          Ron Neperud, Belleville,WI    Dan Irwin, Stockton IL   Ron Mettler, Menno SD
     Daryll Klemp, Cambridge, WI Ed Klingaman, Fort Atkinson, WI Roger Mensch, Menno, SD
The Kegley family, Burlington, WI Meadowbrook Farm, West Bend WI Megon Wieners, Burlington, WI
   Vin-Mar Cattle Co., Gordon, NE Rainbow Herefords, Volin, SD Oak Shade Farms, Burlington, WI
         Jim Quade, Milton ,WI Susan Garrels, Janesville, WI Craig Vernon, Ashland, WI
                                      Joe Tesch, Neosho, WI

                                           Family Affair Sale XIII
                           Mark your calendars for
                           September 14, 2008
                           Gordon Merry                          Steve Merry
                           6488 Hwy. C, Sun Prairie, WI 53590    1840 Hwy. CC, Hartford, WI 53027
                           (608) 837-4090                        (262) 628-3649

Bar B Appolonia L115
P42269790 — Calved: Feb. 27, 2001 — Tattoo: BE L115
BAR JZ TRADITION 434V            SARA 569R                 BW     2.3
     BAR JZ BANNER LDY 693P      GH JUSTA BANNER 243L      WW     42
                                 BAR JZ KIANA 981J
                                                           YW     61
    GK APOLLO OF FL 1ET          MKP GK BLASTOFF 4ET       MM     17
GK APOLLONIA 823C                GK FULFILLMENT            M&G    38
    GK DYNA MISS 720U            GK DYNAMITE 137P
                                 GK BIG N MISS 589L

   Please help us welcome our new herd manager,
      Donna Strissel, to the Lininger Farms team!

                                                                 Lininger Farms
            Join us                                              Chester and Kathy Lininger
 September 14, 2008                                              W1018 Spring Prairie Road
                                                                 Burlington, WI 53105
            for the                                              Phone: (262) 763-8846

FAMILY AFFAIR                                                    E-mail:

    SALE                                              We are a Johnes’ Class A Herd