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Roster of Leading Experts-Feb 2007

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                                          ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN
                         RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                   NAME & ADDRESS
Sugar    Beet    Seed Assessment of morphological & molecular techn. Dr. M. Mesbah, Tel: (+98-261)
Rescarch      Institute For registration of new cultivars & for seed        2702611, 2708602 , Fax: (+ 9-261)
(SBSI)                  certfc., Appl. Of Physiological methods for         2706002,
                        assessment of seed vigor, Ass. Of agronomical
                        methods as to increase seed yield & quality, to
                        find new method to increase plant est. in field via
                        seed treatment, via using seed proc. Techn., Seed
                        coating pelleting. Supervision of different
                        departments of SBSI, incl. SBSI, including: Seed
                        Tech. Agronomy, Plant Breeding and Sugar
                        Tech. Plus undertaking research in the area of
                        agronomy. RFLP and RAPD genetic markers
                        analysis for const. Of plant maps and popul,
                        genetics, bulk segregant analysis, ass. Of plant
                        genetic diresity / relatedness, DNA protenis meth.
                        Of cultivar patemity.

Soil & Watcr Research M.Sc. Soil Science. Res. / Consultancy, irrig and crop Mr. Mohammadjafar Malakouti, Tel: (+92-
Institute             water requirement, Plan and coop. in res. On water     21)8013160, Fax: (+98-21-8004103,
                         mang., irrigation problems and water poll supervisint E.mail:
                         experiments in diff. Res. Station, educ. Progs. Soil
                         and water res. Expert. Study in diff. Irrig., System. On
                         orchards and in cropwater requirement in field.
                         Conducting res. On irrigation problems and water
                         fertilizer interaction. Supervising field activities of
                         other staff. Conduct research on irrigation problem
                         and water requirement supervising research in other
                         parts of country.

Ministry of              Geology Engineer.                                    Mr. Hossein Rezai,
Mines & Metals           Mining Senior Expert, Iran Zinc Mines Devlp. Co.     8 # Azedegan St.,
                         (IZMDC),Zinc Prod. Mining Mng., Zinc production      Ghaem Magham-e Farahani Ave.
                         Mining Expert, GIMCO, Mining Designing&Expts.        Tehran 15876 - I.R. of Iran.
                         Group Mng.,Responsible for Mine Geology,Cent.
                         of Calcimine Co., Mining Resp. for Mine Geology
                         & Expl.Dept. Angouran Mine. Resp.for Asbestos
                         Expl. Plan. Hormozgan Mines & Metals Gen. of
                         Expertise of Plan, paper, geological report of
                         Angouran Mine areas. Research on preparation
                         of Open-pit Design of Angouran Mine.Adm. Mng.
                         Iran Zinc Mines Dvl. Co. Projects Mng. of Power
                         Gen. Contractor.Admn. Manager,Pars Aluminum
                         Admn. Mng. HEPCO, Road Const. Adm. Mng.
                         Hamarag (comatso), Heavy Mach.Prod. Consult.
                         M.Sc. In Economics                                   Mr. Parviz Afkari Ahmad Abadi,
                         Comm. Mng. Iran Zinc Mines Devl.Co. (IZMDC),         8 # Azedegan St.,
                         Zinc Prod. Comm. G.M.Emam Khomeini Aid               Tehran 15876 - I.R. of Iran.
                         Committee Trading Member of the Boars & M.D.
                         M.Sc. Hydrolic System Designer                       Mr. Naser Hamedani,
                         Industrial Mng., Iran Zinc Devl. Co.(IZMDC). Zinc    8 # Azedegan St.,
                         prod. resp. for prep.&proposing various projects,    Ghaem Magham-e Farahani Ave.
                         Iran Desinging&Manuf.Eng.of Marine estab.dsgn.       Tehran 15876 - I.R. of Iran.
                         &eng.techn. Mng.,Iran Press,design.&eng. expt.
                         of ind. proj., Iran Ind. Engns.Consultant, desgn.&
                         eng. Techn. Mng. Sangondaz CO.Ind.Proj. Exec.
                         Train. Mng., Caterpillar Co. Pers. Traing. Road
                         mach. course held by American John Air Co.
                         Mining Mng.,(IZMDC), Zinc Prod. Proj.Exc.Mehdi       Mr. Mehdi Pursaleh,
                         Abad Proj, Mining. Mng. Dir. Bafgh Zinc Smelter      8 # Azedegan St.,
                         Mng. Dir. Bama Co. Mining. Jehad Daneshgahi,         Ghaem Magham Farahani Ave.,
                         Flotation. Industrial Engineering Course. M.Sc.      Tehran 15876 - I.R. of Iran.
                         M.Sc. Mng. System Designer                           Mr. Alireza Akhavain
                         Dpty. of Ind. & Mining, (IZMDC), Zinc Prod. M.D.     8 # Azedegan St.,
                       RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                   NAME & ADDRESS
                       Qeshm Franger, Ind.Consultant.M.D. Basgh Zinc       Ghaem Magham Farahani Ave.,
                       Prod. Plenipotentiary Rep. Bandar Emam Petrl.       Tehran 15876 - I.R. of Iran.
                       Co.Ind.Proj.Exc.Mng.Dir. Iran Ind. Eng.Co. Ind.
                       Conslt. G.M.of Dvl.Plans,Min of Ind. Tech.Co.Ind.
                       Cons.Train. in American Reynolds of Aluminum
                       Co. (3 Years) ProjMng.& Advisor of IECIC.
                       M.Sc. In Fiance Management                          Mr. Amir Hassan Niktoreh Mofrad
                       Deputy of Econ.&Invt. (IZMDC), Zinc Prod.MOB        8 # Azedegan St.,
                       & M.D. Co. Int. Trade Dep. Chair. MD's Advisor,     Ghaem Magham-e Farahani Ave.
                       Calcimine Co.,Zinc & Lead Concnt.&Pars Alum.        Tehran 15876 - I.R. of Iran.
                       Co. MOB&D.D., (IRALCO). MOB,D.D. in Sub-Co.
                       Hepco Co.Road Const. Mach.Prod. Dpty.Mng.&
                       Finance&Admn, MOB Tehr.Corp.Service&MOB,
                       Azar Ab Co.Boiler Cement M.D's Senior Advisor.
                       M.Sc. In Finance Management                         Mr. Mansour Massoudnia
                       Vice president & Deputy of Commerce, (IZMDC),       8 # Azedegan St.
                       Textile inds. Union Society of Esfahan Province.    Ghaem Magham-e Farahani Ave.
                       MOB, Behnaz Co., Textile Ind. MOB, Sanay-e          Tehran 15876 - I.R. of Iran.
                       Pashm, Pars Faston Con. and PVC. Gen. Mng.
                       Esfahan Labour Office.Memb. of Comm. Council.
                       Undersecretary for Health Affairs,                  Dr. Mostafa Ghafri, M.D & MPH
                       Occupational Medical & Safety.                      Tel: (+98-21) 6700491
                                                                           Fax:(+98-21) 6713947
                                                                           Hafez Ave., # 310, Tehran-11365, e.mail:
Ministry of Health &                                                       Dr. Sajjad Razavi,MD,
Medical Education                                                          Anesthesiologist
                                                                           Tel: (+98-21) 6707372
                                                                           Fax : (+98-21) 6707372
                                                                           Research Areas, title and Scientific
                                                                           Ministry of Health and Medical
                                                                           Education / Insurance office
                                                                           Dr. Yavari
                                                                           Dean, Arak University,
                                                                           Fax: (+98-861)3134766
                                                                           Dr. Shahnam Arshi
                                                                           Dean, Ardebil University ,
                                                                           Tel: (+98-451) 3351020 Fax: (+ 98-
                                                                           451) 3351053
                                                                           Dr. Ali Taghizadeh Afshari
                                                                           Dean, Urumieh University
                                                                           Tel: (+ 98-441) 2232296
                                                                           Fax: (+ 98-441) 2221841
                                                                           Dr. Abbas Rezaie,
                                                                           Dean Esfahan University,
                                                                           Tel: (+98-311) 66851141-2
                                                                           Fax: (+98-311) 6685145-6682063
                                                                           Dr. Hayat Mobaini
                                                                           Dean, Ahvaz University
                                                                           Tel: (+ 98-611) 3333092.3339092
                                                                           Fax: (+ 98-611) 3335200
                                                                           Dr. Gulam Reza Shah Hosseini,
                                                                           Dean, Iran University,
                                                                            Tel: (+98-21) 8052234
                                                                           Dr. Feizollah Monsoori,
                                                                           Dean, Eilam University
                                                                           Tel: (+98-841) 3334060
                                                                           Fax: (+ 98-841) 3334080
                                                                            Dr. Asgar Nour Baran,
                                                                           Dean, Babol University
                                                                           Tel: (+ 98.11 1) 3130069
                                                                           Fax: (+98-111) 2290181-2229015
ORGANIZATION /                                               NAME & ADDRESS
                                                      Dr. Abdol Mehdi Eraghizadeh
                                                      Dean, Bandar Abbas University
                                                      Tel: (+98-761) 3737190-1 Fax:
                                                      (+98.761) 3331991
                                                      Dr. Mohammad Amiri,
                                                      Dean Boushahr University ,
                                                      Tel: (+98-771) 2523121
                                                      Fax: (+98-771) 2523123
                                                      Dr. Mahmoud Shakibi,
                                                      Dean, Birjand University,
                                                      Tel: (+ 98-561) 4430075
                                                      Fax: (+98-561) 4430076
                                                      Dr. Ahmad Reza Joodati,
                                                      Dean, Tabriz University ,
                                                      Tel: (+98-411) 3346103.3346147
                                                      Fax: (+98-411)3342761
                                                      Dr. Mohammad Reza Zafa Qandi,
                                                      Dean, Tehran University,
                                                      Tel: (+98-21) 6419537.6418985
                                                      Fax: (+98.21) 6401554
                                                      Dr. Hamid Reza Rashidi Nejad,
                                                      Dean, Rafsanjan University,
                                                      Tel: (+ 98-391) 8220091,
                                                      Fax (+ 98-391) 8220092
                                                      Dr. Mohammad T.H Tabatabaei,Dean,
                                                      Zahedan University
                                                      Tel: (+ 98-541) 3228110 Fax: (+ 98-
                                                      541) 3230884
                                                      Dr. Mohammad Khani,
                                                       Dean, Zanjan University
                                                      Tel: (+ 98-241) 3224777
                                                      Fax: (+ 98-241) 3239624
                                                      Dr. Ali Rashidi Pour
                                                      Dean, Semnan University
                                                      Tel: (+ 98-231) 3321622
                                                      Fax: (+98-231) 3112379
                                                      Dr. Sayed Mohammad Kazem Hosseini
                                                      Dean, Shahr Kord University,
                                                      Tel: (+ 98-381) 3334580
                                                      Fax: (+98-381) 3335776
                                                      Dr. Habibollah Payravi,
                                                      Dean, Shahid Bahashti University,
                                                      Tel: (+98-021) 2401022, 2402178
                                                      Fax: (+98-021) 2400052, 2402492
                                                      Dr. Mohammad Reza Nikbakhte,
                                                      Dean, Yasouj University,
                                                      Tel: (+98-741)2227229,
                                                      Dr.Mohammad Reza Panjeh Shahin,
                                                      Dean, Shiraz University,
                                                      Tel: (+98-711) 2332366
                                                      Fax: (+98-711) 2359317
                                                      Dr. Hamid Reza Javadi,
                                                      Dean, Qazvin University,
                                                      Fax: (+98-281)3331300
                                                      Dr. Mohammad Zarea Joshaqani,
                                                      Dean, Kashan University,
                                                      Tel: (+ 98-361) 556030
                                                      Fax: (+98-361) 556112
ORGANIZATION /                                               NAME & ADDRESS
                                                      Dr. Mohammad Esmaeel Gheidari
                                                      Dean, Kordestan University
                                                      Tel: (+98-871) 3234900
                                                       Fax: (+98-871) 3233600
                                                      Dr. Iraj Sharifi
                                                      Dean, Kerman University
                                                      Tel:(+98-831) 2113025
                                                      Fax: (+98-141) 2113514
                                                      Dr. Mohammad Reza Saedi
                                                      Dean, Kermanshah University
                                                      Tel: (+ 98-831) 4355925-4358870
                                                      Fax: (+98-831) 4356433
                                                      Dr. Ghanaee,
                                                      Dean, Golestan University,
                                                      Tel: (+98-131) 3221282
                                                      Fax: (+98-131) 3226065
                                                      Dr. Shahryar Semnani,
                                                      Dean, Golestan University
                                                      Tel: (+ 98-171) 4424540
                                                      Dr, Shahram Tofeeghi,
                                                      Dean, Lorestan University,
                                                      Tel: (+98-661) 22149
                                                      Fax:(+98-661) 22030
                                                      Dr. Mehdi Younessi Rostami,
                                                      Dean, Mazandaran University,
                                                      Fax:(+98-151) 2261626
                                                      Dr.Aref Salehi,
                                                      Dean, Hamedan University,
                                                      Tel: (+ 98-811) 2520683
                                                      Fax: (+98-811) 2520773
                                                      Dr. Abdolldh Bahrami,
                                                      Dean, Mashad University,
                                                      Tel: (+98-511) 8413007
                                                      Fax: (+ 98-511) 8413006
                                                      Dr, Ahmad Haerian Ardakani,
                                                      Dean, Yazd University
                                                      Tel: (+ 98-351) 8245442 Fax: (+ 98-
                                                      351) 8245446
                                                      Dr.Hamid Reza Eftekharian Jahrumi,
                                                      Dean, ]ahrum Faculty
                                                      Tel: (+ 98-791) 4447760
                                                      Fax:(+98-791) 4449003.4446004
                                                      Dr. Ebrahim Shirzad,
                                                      Dean, Sabzevar Faculty,
                                                      Tel: (+ 98-571) 2226700
                                                      Fax: (+ 98-571) 2221521
                                                      Dr. Abdul Hamid Bagheri,
                                                      Dean, Shahroud Faculty
                                                      Tel: (+98-273) 3331850
                                                      Fax: (+ 98-273) 3334090
                                                      Dr. Abdol Ali Ebrahimi,
                                                      Dean, Fasa Faculty,
                                                      Tel: (+98-731) 2227093
                                                      Fax: (+ 98-731) 2227091
                                                      Dr. Hadi Salari
                                                      Dean, Gonabad Faculty
                                                      Tel:(+ 98-53572)293463,292328
                                                      Fax: (+ 98-53572) 293615
                                                      Dr. Sayed Reza Raeis Karami,
                                                      Dean, Qom Faculty,
                                                      Tel: (+ 98-251) 7713550
                            RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
 ORGANIZATION /                                                                             NAME & ADDRESS
                                                                                   Fax: (+ 98-251) 7706767
                                                                                   Dr. Abbas Ali Moeen
                                                                                   Dean, Zabol Faculty,
                                                                                   Tel:(+ 98-542)2222035,2222069
                                                                                   Fax: (+ 98-542) 2225404

                                                                                   Dr.M.Esmail Akbari, Deputy Minister for
                                                                                   health Tel: 6700517 Fax: 6707518 Mob:
                                                                                   09121126006, e.mail: makbari@hbiir

                                                                                   Dr,Safieh Shariari Afshar, Advisor to the
                                                                                   Deputy Minister for health in international
                                                                                   affairs, Tel: 6717316 Fax: 6707518
                                                                                   Mob: 09121498479,
                                                                                   Dr.S.Mahdy Bolourchi, Advisor to the
                                                                                   deputy      minister    for     Health   in
                                                                                   Administration Affairs,
                                                                                   Tel: 6709020 Fax: 6707518 Mob:
                                                                                   09121953907,            e.mail:        Sm-
                                                                                   Javad Zehtabchi, Advisor to the deputy
                                                                                   minister for health Tel: 6717316 Fax:
                                                                                   6707518 Mob: 0912- 1691846
                                                                                   Faramarz Tabaii, Advisor to the deputy
                                                                                   minister for health Tel: 6717316 Fax:
                                                                                   6707518 Mob: 0912- 3848862
                                                                                   Dr.Majid Meshkini, Advisor to the deputy
                                                                                   minister for Health, Tel: 6717316 Fax:
                                                                                   6707518      Mob:     0912-      1483712
                                                                                   Vajiulah Ghanbari, Chief accountant in the
                                                                                   deputy for health Tel: 6703641 Fax:
                                                                                   6727868 Mob: 0912- 3356152
                                                                                   Fereshteh Sistanehei, Director General of
                                                                                   Nursing affairs in the nursing Department
                                                                                   of deputy for health Tel: 6701708 Fax:
                                                                                   6700071        Mob:         0912-1715745.
                                                                                   Dr.Abbas Abdi Sharifi, Dean,
                                                                                   Environmental Health, Tel:6718250
Ministry of     Health &
Medical           Education Occupational & Environmental, Health Area Emphasis Dr. All Asghar Farshad, Tel:9821 8848530,
Environmental   and Labor on Toxicology, Chemical Harmful, Ph.D in Fax:9821 8303016, e.mail: Asghar ha @
Office                      Occupational Health,                                     Iums. Ac.
Ministry of     Health &
Medical           Education
Environmental   and Labor M.Sc. in Environmental Health, Water and Wastewater Mr. Manouchehr Alaee, Tel: 9821 8811360-3,
Office                      M.Sc.                                                    Fax : 98218303016
Ministry of     Health &
Medical           Education
Environmental   and Labor M.Sc.(MSPH) in Occup. Health, Chemical Safety, Ms. Fatemeh Falaki, Tel: 9821 8811360 -3 Fax:
Office                      Chemical Harmful Agents OCH                              9821 8303016, Email: Ffalakee @.
Ministry of     Health &
Medical           Education M.Sc. in sanitary Eng. Impact of Climatic Factors on Air
Environmental   and Labor Pollution Swimming pools Sanitation Health of Public Mr. Hadi Magsoudi, Tel: 98218811360 -3 Fax:
Office                      Places.                                                  9821 8303016
Ministry of     Health &
Medical           Education
Environmental   and Labor M.Sc. In Environmental Engineering Water and Wastewater Mr. M.Javad Dastarnoz, Tel: 9821 8811360 -3
Office                      M.Sc.                                                    Fax: 9821 8303016
Ministry of     Health &
Medical           Education
Environmental   and Labor M.Sc. In Environmental Engineering Water and Wastewater Mr. Gholamreza Shagagi, Tel: 9821 8811360-3,
Office                      M.Sc.                                                    Fax : 9821 8303016
                           RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                           NAME & ADDRESS
Ministry of Health &
Medical            Education
Environmental and Labor M.Sc.(MSPH) in Occupational Health, W.B.G.T Heat Mr. Amir Naghib, Tel: 9821 8811360 -3, Fax:
Office                       Stress index M.Sc.                                  9821 8303016
Ministry of Health &
Medical            Education
Environmental and Labor M.S.P.H in Radiation hygiene Hospital and Radiological Mr. Reza Shushtarian, Tel: 9821 8811360 -3,
Office                       Health, M.Sc.                                       Fax: 9821 8303016
Ministry of Health &
Medical            Education
Environmental and Labor                                                          Mr. Gholamreza Noroozkhani, Tel: 9821
Office                       M.Sc.In Environmental Health Villages Health        8811360 -3, Fax: 9821 8303016
Ministry of Health &
Medical            Education
Environmental and Labor M.Sc.(MSPH) In Environmental Health, Poisons, Vector Ms. Fariba Malek Ahmadi, Tel: 9821 8811360 -
Office                       control Solid waste,                                3, Fax:8218303016
Ministry of Health &
Medical            Education
Environmental and Labor M.Sc.In Occupational Health, Physical Harmful Agents in Ms. Mahin Hagshenas, Tel: 9821 8811360 -3,
Office                       Work places                                         Fax: 9821 8303016
Ministry of Health &
Medical            Education
Environmental and Labor                                                          Mr. Masoud Mostafaee, Tel: 98-21-8811360-3,
Office                       M.D. MPH Occupational diseases Epidemiology,        Fax: 98-21-8303016
Ministry of Health &         M.SC. (MSPH) in Occupational Health Chemical Safety Mr. Reza Ezzatian, Tel: 98-21-8811360-3, Fax:
Medical Education            Agricultural Health, Aspects, M. Sc.                98-21-8303016
Environmental and Labor
Ministry of Health &         M.SC. In Environmental Health Public Health         Mr. Naser Fallahi, Tel: 98-21-8811360-3, Fax:
Medical Education                                                                98-21-8303016
Environmental and Labor
Ministry of Health &         M.SC. In Occupational Health Occupational and       Mr. Mir M. Moslami Agili, Tel: 98-21-8811360-
Medical Education            Safety (OHSAS)                                      3, Fax: 98-21-8303016
Environmental and Labor
Ministry of Health &         M.SC. In Environmental Health expert in disaster    Mr. Hamed Mohammadi, Tel: 98-21-8811360-
Medical Education                                                                3, Fax: 98-21-8303016
Environmental and Labor
Ministry of Health &         M.SC. In Medical Entomology Insecticides, vector    Mr. Mehrdad Zarabi, Tel: 98-21-8811360-3,
Medical Education            Control                                             Fax: 98-21-8303016
Environmental and Labor
Ministry of Health &         MD Basic Develop Needs & Healthy City Project       Dr. Majid Tavakoli, Tel: 98-21-8811360-3,
Medical Education                                                                Fax: 98-21-8303016
Environmental and Labor
Ministry of Health &         M.SC. Environmental Health Public Health            Mr. Seied Reza Gholami, Tel: 98-21-8811360-
Medical Education                                                                3, Fax: 98-21-8303016
Environmental and Labor
Ministry of Health &         M.SC. In Environmental, Sea and Pollution           Mr. Akbar Rahmani Khezri, Tel: 98-21-
Medical Education                                                                8811360-3, Fax: 98-21-8303016
Environmental and Labor
Ministry of Health &         MD Specialist Occupational Diseases                 Ms. Maria Mazaheri, Tel: 98-21-8811360-3,
Medical Education                                                                Fax: 98-21-8303016
Environmental and Labor
Ministry of Health &         M.SC. In Environmental Health Water Qualification   Ms. Parvin Binaie Motlagh, Tel: 98-21-
Medical Education                                                                8811360-3, Fax: 98-21-8303016
Environmental and Labor
Ministry of Health &         M.SC. In Environmental Science, Public Health and   Mr. Behzad Valizadeh, Tel: 98-21-8811360-3,
Medical Education            Smoking                                             Fax: 98-21-8303016
Environmental and Labor
Ministry of Health &         Decentralization/Monitoring & Evaluation/Health     Dr. Hamid Reza Jamshidi, Pharm. PhD,
Medical Education            Systems / Health Programs / Health Sector Reform / Tel: 98-21-6701703, Fax: 98-21-6701746,
                             Health Policy                                       e.mail:

Ministry of Health &      Decentralization/Monitoring & Evaluation/Health        Dr. Farshad Farzadfar, MD, MPH, Tel: 98-
Medical Education         Systems / Health Programs / Health Sector Reform       21-6701703, Fax: 98-21-6701746, e.mail:

Ministry of Health &      Decentralization/Monitoring & Evaluation/Health        Dr. Jalal Naeli, MD, Tel: 98-21-6701703,
Medical Education         Systems / Health Programs / Health Sector Reform       Fax: 98-21-6701746, e.mail:
                             RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                              NAME & ADDRESS
Ministry of Health &        Decentralization/Hospital Authorization/Health           Dr. Reza Mazhari, MD, Tel: 98-21-
Medical Education           Systems / Health Programs / Health Sector Reform /       6701703, Fax: 98-21-6701746, e.mail:
                            Health Policy                                  

                                                     TRADE & INVESTMENT
Ministry of Commerce        M.A. Int.Law.Int.Trade Law Ppstgraduate Course           Mr. Reza Pakdaman-Haghighi
                            (1997-Italy). Legal Consultatn in various Iranian
Institute for Trade Studies and                                                      240, N. Kargar St.
Research                    Econ. Orgs.Full time Researcher at the Institutes        Tehran, 14178, Iran.
                            of Trade Studs.& Resch. Afflt. To the Ministry of        Tel: (+98-21) 6432278-80,
                            Comm. Resch. Proj.Director at the Res. Centers.          Fax: (+98-21) 926326
                            Senior Advisor, Office of Trade Reps. Visiting           Dr. Jalaleddin Jalali
                            Professor,Inst.for Res.In Plan.& Devlp.Economist         Tel: (+98-21) 643-2748, 934-645
                            World Bank. 1983-present(on leave since Nov.83)          Fax: (+98-21) 643-2748
                            Washington, DC, USA. Worked on a variaty of              E-mail:
                            topics, including globalzt. Iint. Trade, int. finance,   240, N. Kargar St.
                            trade negs.,counter-trade,country credit-worthns.        Tehran, 14178, Iran.
                            country rist, unempl.&dvlp. assistance. Geogrfcl.
                            areas of concentration:All countries in the Middle
                            East, North Africa and former Yugoslavia.
                            Legal Consultant in Naziri Co. Legal Advisor in          Mrs Ghazaleh Dejamkhooy
                            Taamin Niroo Co. Researcher in the Secretariat           Tel: (+98-21) 6432278-80
                            for the plenipotentiary trade representative of the      Fax: (+98-21) 926326
                            Islamic Republic of Iran.                                E-mail:
                                                                                     240, N. Kargar St. Tehran-Iran.
                            Three years work experience as political officer         Mr. Abolghasem Bayyenat
                            at MFA. One year work experience as translator           Tel: (+98-21) 6422378
                            at (Iran Daily) editorial. One year work experience      E-mail:
                            as English Teacher at Kish Language School.              240, N. Kargar St. Tehran-Iran.
                            Resch. in the Deputy Ministry of Culture&Islamic         Mr. Seyed Mehdi Naseri
                            Guidance for Plan.Researcher. in the Inst. for           Tel: (+98-21) 6422378-9
                            Monetary & Banking Researches. Teaching                  E-mail: M.
                            "Economics" in State Mang.rain.Center (SMTC)             240, N. Kargar St.
                             Researcher in the Indust. Mng. Inst. (IMI).             Tehran, 14178, Iran.
                            Full time research at the institute of research on       Mr. Mirhadi Sayedi
                            agricultural economic and planning (affiliated to        Tel: (+98-21) 6432278-80
                            the Ministryof Agriculture) Work and Study on            Fax: (+98-21) 926326
                            int. trade negotiations at the institute of trade        240, N. Kargar St.
                            studies&research. several res. Projects.         Tehran, 14178, Iran.
                            Researcher in the Inst. for trade&research. Head         Mr. Esfandiar Omidbakhsh
                            of Foreign Trade Res. Dept. in ISTR. Dir. Mng. of        Tel: (+98-21) 934645
                            Center for Business Train.(ITSR).Head of Sectt.          Fax: (+98-21) 6432748
                            of Iran's Trade Reprst. Teaching special courses         E-mail: Omidbakhsh@Irtp.Com
                            on "WTO Rules & Regls." Participated in various          240, N. Kargar St.
                            seminars on WTO issues in Iran and abroad.               Tehran, 14178, Iran.
                            Ph.D. Political Geography. Director of Geographi-        Dr. Bahram Amirahmadian
                            cal Dept. General Director, Dept. of Co-operatio &       Tel: (+98-21) 4648378
                            Investment- Commercial Services Devlp. Org.              Fax: (+98-21) 6432748
                            Director and Advisor, Bureau of Planning and             E-mail: Omidbakhsh@Irtp.Com
                            Statistical Research. Asst. Gen. Dir. Dept. of           240, N. Kargar St.
                            Research & Devlp. Deputy Director Hamedan                Tehran, 14178, Iran.
                            Plan and Budget Organization.
                            M.A on Plan. & Econ. Dvlp.Working for Inst. for          Mr. Ali Dini Torkamani
                            Trade Studies&Res. As Researcher. Working for            Tel: (+98-21) 6422378-79
                            Human & Soc. Sciences as Resch. Teaching in              E-mail:
                            in Devlp.Econ.,Micro&Macroecon.&Prin. of Econ.           240, N. Kargar St. Tehran-Iran.
                                                                                     Tehran, 14178, Iran.
                                                                                     Ms Minoo Kiani Rad, Director, Tel No
                                                                                     :(+98-21)2257192    Fax    No:   (+98-
Central Bank of the
                          International Organizations and Studies Department         21)2257066    Email:,
Islamic Republic of Iran,
                                                                                     Central Bank of I.R.I, Mirdamad Blvd.,
                                                                                     No144, Tehran
                                                                                     Mr.Hefzollah Soltan Mohammadi, Assistant
                                                                                     Director, Tel No: (+98-21)29953848 Fax
                                                                                     No: (+98-21)2257066, Email:
                                                                                     Ms Elahe Mahdavi, Assistant Director, Tel
                                                                                     No :(+98-21)29953804 Fax No :(+98-
                                                                                     21)2257066 Email: Ms
                                                                                     Lida Borhan-Azad Fax No :(+98-
                                                                                     Ms. Lida Borhan Azad, Head of Portfolio
                                                                                     Group Tel No :(+98-21)29953541, Fax: 98-
                                                                                     21-2257066 Email:
                            RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                      NAME & ADDRESS
                                                                            Mr.Ramin Maskan Meidan, Head of IMF &
                                                                            other International Organizations Division,
                                                                            Tel No :(+98-21)29953808 Fax No :(+98-
                                                                            21)2257066, Email:
                                                                            Mr Mohammad Hadi Mahdavian, Director
                                                                            General Economic Affairs, Email:
                                                                   Central Bank of I.R.I
                                                                            Mirdamad Blvd., No144, Tel No :(+98-21
                                                                            )2257196 Fax No: (+98-21)2257047,
Central Bank of The         Economic Research and Policy Department,        Mr. Mohammad Reza Hajian, Director, Tel
Islamic Republic of Iran,                                                   No: (+98-21)2257058 -1 Fax No: (+98-
                                                                            21)2257155 Email: Central
                                                                            Bank of I.R.I Mirdamad Blvd., No144,
                                                                            Mr. M. Amrollahi, Assistant Director, Tel No
                                                                            :(+98-21)29954465 Fax No :(+98-
                                                                            21)2257155 Email:

                                                                            Dr. F. Nili, Assistant Director, Tel No :(+98-
                                                                            21)29954406 Fax No :(+98-21)2257155
Central Bank of the         Economic Statistics,                            Mr. Hossein Mehdizadeh Ashrafy, Director
Islamic Republic of Iran,                                                   Tel No :(+98-21)6739381, Fax No: (+98-
                                                                            21)6731776, Central Bank of I.R.I . 213
                                                                            Ferdowsi Avenue, Tehran. Email:
                                                                            Ms Shahindokht Shirzad, Expert, Tel No:
                                                                            (+98-21)64463122 Fax No: (+98-
                                                                            21)6731776, Email:
                                                                            Ms Nassrin Arjmand, Expert Tel No :(+98-
                                                                            21)64463123 -1 Fax No :(+98-21)6731776

                                                                            Mr., Expert,Tel No
                                                                            :(+98-21)64463113, Fax No :(+98-
                                                                            21)6731776 Email:
                                                                            Mr. Mohammad Reza Shafiee-Pour, Expert
                                                                            Tel No :(+98-21)64463136 Fax No :(+98-
                                                                            21)6731776, Email: sh_pour2000@
                                                                            Mr. Parviz Ghourchian, Expert, Tel No
                                                                            :(+98-21)64463137, Fax No :(+98-
                                                                             Ms Sima Pourabdian, Director, Central
                                                                            Bank of I.R.I, 213 Ferdowsi Avenue,
Central Bank of the
                          Statistical Research Department,                  Tehran, Tel No :(+98-21) 6738035 Fax No:
Islamic Republic of Iran,                                                   (+98-21)6736759, Email:
                                                                            Mr.Hossein Foroutan, Expert, Tel No: (+98-
                                                                            21)64463804 Fax No: (+98-21)6736759

                                                                          Mr. Fredric Malekm Expert, Tel No :(+98-
                                                                          21) 64463825 Fax No :(+98-21)6736759,
                                                                          Mr. Abolfazl Khavari Nejad, Director
                                                                          Central Bank of I.R.I, No. 144, Mirdamad
                            Economic Account Department,                  Blvd.,Tehran Email: a.khavari@cbi.irFax
                                                                          No: (+98-21)2257199 Tel No: (+98-21)
                                                                          Dr. Ahmad Mojtahed, Chairman, Monetary
                                                                          & Banking Research Academy, Tel No
                                                                          :(+98-21)2850456 Fax No :(+98-
                            Monetary and Banking Research Academy (MBRA), 21)2850457 Email:
                                                                          .Central Bank of l.R.I , No I, Shahid
                                                                          Bahram Jafar Alley, 7th Passdaran, Tehran

                                                                            Dr. Seyed Mohammad Tabibian, Chairman
                                                                            Iran Banking Institute, Central Bank of I.R.I
                                                                            Tel No :(+98-21)2848000, Fax No: (+98-
                            Iran Banking Institute,                         21)2849089 No. 207/2, Passdaran
                                                                            Avenue, Tehran, (P.D.Box 19395/4814)
                              RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                              NAME & ADDRESS
                                                                                     Ms. Bibi Seyede Es-haghzadeh , Director
                                                                                     Email: Central Banking of
                              Training and Human Resources Studies Department        I.R.I, No. 207-1, Passdaran Ave, Tehran
                                                                                     Tel No :(+98-21)2843681 Fax No: (+98-
                                                                                     Mr.Ali Sanginian, Vice General
                                                                                     Secretary,Iran Capital Market Research
Tehran Stock Exchange                                                                and Development, Tehran Stock Exchange
Research Centre (TSE),                                                               228, Hafez Ave., Tehran 11389. Tel No
                                                                                     :(+98-21)6704981 Fax No: (+98-
                                                                                     21)6704981 Email:
Ministry of Economic          Ph.D. Economic. Professor Univ. of Allameh             Dr. Mahdi Taghavi
Affairs and Finance           Tabatabai University. Supervision of 5 Ph.D and        P.O. Box: 15875-1111
(College of Econ. Affairs     more than 100 M.S. and M.A disserations.               Dr. Bahashti Ave. Tehran-Iran.
affiliated to the Ministry)   Research on Trade & Dvlp., Import Substitution         Dr. Morteza Asadi
                              & Str. of Iranian Econ., unbalanced Dvlp.&Econ.        College of Economic Affairs
                              Dualism, Political bureacratic, concent. & Econ.       P.O. Box: 15875-1111
                              Dvl. Mng. Econ. Policies during the War period.        Dr. Bahashti Ave. Tehran- Iran.
                              Vocational Train. & Dev. Analysing. Teaching on
                              Policies during the War period. , Head of Econ.
                              Dvl. College of Econ.Res. Assoc. Inst. of Trade
                              Stud.&Res.Cosultant, Min. of Econ. Aff.&Financ
                              Ph.D. in Political Sc. (joint proj.of Dpt. of Vienna   Dr. Naser Farshadgohar
                              Unv., Iranian Cen.for Higher Res. Dpt.o Political      College of Economic Affairs
                              The. in Princess College in USA. Dissertation on       P.O. Box: 15875-1111
                              "OPEC's Diminishing Power" Courses.                    Dr. Bahashti Ave. Tehran- Iran.
                              Member of Faculty of the College of Econ. Ph.D.        Dr. Naser Farshadgohar
                              Statistics Appl. to Econ.Studies on Meas, if Inc.      College of Economic Affairs
                              Inequality Exps. Advisor to the Dpt. of Statistics,    P.O. Box: 15875-1111
                              Min. of Heavy Ind.Head of Dpt.of Math&Statistics       Dr. Bahashti Ave. Tehran- Iran.
                              Ph.D. Florida State University in USA. A major         Dr. Naser Farshadgohar
                              in Public Adm.&minor in Educ. Adm.&Comp. Pol.          College of Economic Affairs
                              administration & comparative politics. Worked at       P.O. Box: 15875-1111
                              Min. of Finance. Econ. Analyst.He was teachin          Dr. Bahashti Ave. Tehran-Iran.
                              in the areas Budg. Auditing, Finl.& Econ. Mng.
                              Economics                                              Dr. Morteza Gharehbaghian
                                                                                     Vice-Minister for Economic Affaris
                                                                                     Hojat Souri St., Pasdaran Ave.
                                                                                     Tehran-Iran P.Code: 19448-41441
Vice Ministry of Econ.        Economics                                              Dr. Morteza Asadi, Advisor
Affairs, Ministry of Econ.    Economics (M.A)                                        Mr. Saeed Shirakvand, Advisor
Affairs & Finance             Economics (M.A)                                        Mr. Abbas B. Kalantari, Advisor
                              Economics (M.A)                                        Mr. Mohammad R.Saveji,Expert
                              Economics (M.A)                                        Ms. Mehri Rahimifar, Expert
                              Economics (M.A)                                        Mr. Kourosh Maadelat, Expert
Bureau of Research on         Economics, Monetary Policies                           Dr. Hussain Ghazavi, Dir.General
GovernmentMonetary                                                                   Bureau of Res. on Government
Policies                      Economics (M.A)                                        Mr. Ali Khorsandian, Asst. Dir.
                              Economics (M.A)                                        Mr. Rahman Palimi, Asst. Dir.
                              Economics, Money and Banking (M.A.)                    Mr. Ali M.-Nezhad, Res. Head
                              Economics, Prices (M.A)                                Ms. Pervaneh Jahani, Res.Head
                              Economics, Prices (M.A)                                Ms. Noushin Maleky, Res. Head
                              Economics, Exchange Rate & Investment (M.A)            Ms. Firozeh Shekaraby, Res.Hd.
                              Economics, Finance (B.A)                               Ms.M. Partovi-shafagh,Res.Head
                              Economics, Macro indices (M.A)                         Ms. Fatemeh Nazifi, Res. Head
                              Economics, Global Economics (M.A)                      Dr. Asghar Jaafary, Res. Head
                              Economics, Global Economics (M.A)                      Ms.Farideh Haghshenas, Res.Hd.
                              Economics, Global Economics (M.A)                      Ms. Nilofar Haghshenas, Res.Hd.
                              Economics, Money and Banking (M.A.)                    Mr. Dariush Mobasser,Res. Head
Bureau of Research on         Economics, Commerce (M.A)                              Mr. Ebrahim Eltejayee, Res. Hd.
Government Monetary           Economics, Exchange Rate (B.A)                         Mr. M.Reza Ayeen-fraz, Res.Hd.
Policies                      Economics, Stock market (M.A)                          Mr. Bahram N.Moghadam,Rs.Hd.
                              Economics, Exchange Rate (B.A)                         Mr. Ahmad Setavarz, Res. Head
                              Economics, Money and Banking (M.A.)                    Mr. Naser Jafary, Researcher
                              Economics, Commerce (M.A)                              Ms.Anahita Bagherzadeh,Rs.Hd.
                              Economics, Stock market (B.A)                          Ms. Nasrin Parastesh, Res. Head
                              Economics, Commerce (B.A)                              Ms.Khadigeh Taghizadeh,Rs.Hd.
                              Economics, Commerce (B.A)                              Ms. Raziye Hyderi, Researcher
                              Economics, Exchange rate (B.A)                         Ms Fariba Shirkhani, Researcher
Bureau of Research on         Economics, Moyen and Banking (M.A)                     Ms. Ashrafsadat Miri, Researcher
                          RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
 ORGANIZATION /                                                                         NAME & ADDRESS
Government Monetary      Economics, Exchange Rate (B.A)                        Ms. F. Naser Shariaty, Rsearchr.
Policies Bureau of       Economics (M.A)                                       Mr. Mostafa Zarghami, Gen. Dir.
Research onGovernment                                                          Vice-Ministry of Economic Affairs
Fin. and Fiscal Policies                                                       Hojat Souri St., Pasdaran Ave.
                                                                               Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
                                                                               Postal Code: 19448-41441
                          Economics (M.A)                                      Mr. Ahmad Zamani, Asst. Dir.
                          Economics (M.A)                                      Ms. Zivar Hatamizadeh, Asst. Dir.
                          Economics, Budget and Expenditure (M.A)              Mr. Afshin Janani, Res. Head
                          Economics, Fiscal Policies&Gov. Revenue (M.A)        Mr.Mohammad Aghaei, Res. Hd.
                          Economics, Taxation & Gov. Finance (M.A)             Mr. Saadi Sadeghi, Researcher
                          Economics, Budget & Policy-making (M.A)              Mr. Mohsen Kalantari,Researcher
                          Economics, Budget & Policy-making (M.A)              Ms. Maryam Gerami, Researcher
Bureau of Research on     Economics                                            Mr. Mohammad Ebr. Yaveri, D.G.
Production Sector                                                              Vice-Ministry of Economic Affairs
                                                                               Hojat Souri St., Pasdaran Ave.
                                                                               Tehran-Iran. P.O.B. 19448-41441
                        Economics (M.A)                                        Mr.M. R. Ahmadvand, Asst.Dr.
                        Economics (M.A)                                        Ms. Soheila A.-Kamali, Asst. Dir.
                        Economics, Mines (M.A)                                 Ms. Fariba Rahbar, Res. Head
                        Economics, Housing (M.A)                               Ms. Khadijeh Rafiee, Res. Head
                        Economics, Energy (M.A)                                Ms. Maryam Mahabadi, Reschr.
                        Economics, Employment (M.A)                            Ms. Yekta Ashrafi, Res. Head
                        Economics, Infrustructure (M.A)                        Mr. Seifallah Eslami, Res. Head
                        Economics, Industry (M.A)                              Mr. Reza O.-Hossein, Res. Head
Ministry of Post and    Antennas, Wave Propagation, Satellite Communi-         Dr. M. Hakkak, Director, ITRC
Telegraph and Telephone cation, Microwave Theory and Techniques.               Tel: (+98-21) 8009865
of the Islamic Republic Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, University of            Fax: (+98-21) 8009930
of Iran                 Illinois, USA                                          E-mail:
                        Physics & Technology of Si and III-V Compound          Dr. M. K. Moravvej-Farshi, Dp.Dr.
                        Semi conductor Devices, Such as: MSFET's,              Tel: (+98-21) 8007080
                        MESFET's, HEMT, GaAs and InP based lasers              Fax: (+98-21) 8007080
                        and detectors. Ph.D. Electronics, Australia            E-mail:
                        IT National Strategy-Artifical Intelligence,           Dr. M.R. Beikzadeh, Dp.Res. Af.
                        Knowledge Science-Expert Systems.                      Tel: (+8-21) 8005020
                        Ph.D. Expert Systems, Essex Univ. England              Fax: (+98-21) 8005020
                          Digital Switching. Ph.D. Electrical Engineering      Dr. A. Salahi, Project Manager
                          Purdue Univ. USA                                     Tel: (+98-21) 8005517
                                                                               Fax: (+98-21) 800 8872183
                          Fault Tollerant Computing, Automatic Testing         Dr. A. Khademzadeh, Head,C&C
                          Design for Testability. Ph.D. Electronic Eng.        Tel: (+98-21) 800909
                          (C&C), Univ. of Kent, England                        Fax: (+98-21) 800 889095
                          Cognitive Modelling, Pattern Understanding           Dr. K. Badie, Project Manager
                                                                               Tel: (+8-21) 8872610
                                                                               Fax: (+98-21) 8009930
Ministry of Post and      Fields and Waves, Wave Propagation, Antennas, Mi     Dr. F. Arazm, Head, Trans. Dpt.
Telegraph and Telephone   Microwave, Numerical computation Methods.            Tel: (+98-21) 8872977
of the Islamic Republic   Ph.D. Communication & Microwave Eng.,                Fax: (+98-21) 8872185
of Iran                   Sheffield Univ. England.                             E-mail:
                          Data Networks, Design of Asynchronous                Dr. H.Pedram,Head,Network Dp.
                          Architectures, Robotics. Ph.D. Computer Eng.         Tel: (+98-21) 8872929
                          Washignton State Univ. USA                           Fax: (+98-21) 8872744
                          IP telephony, high speed communication               Dr. M.Dowlatshahi, Project Mng.
                          Networks, Traffic Eng.,                              Tel: (+98-21) 8872942
                          Ph.D. Electrical Eng. University of Sydney,          Fax: (+98-21) 635588
                          Australia.                                           E-mail:
                          Optical fibers, optical communication systems,       Dr. N. Granpaye, Project Mng.
                          optical fiber amplifiers, non-linear effects in      Tel: (+98-21) 8872070
                          optical fiber. Ph.D. Optical communication,          Fax: (+98-21) 8849348
                          NSW Univ., Australia.                                E-mail:
                          Network Design and Control, Survivability Prob-      Dr. M.R. Ahmadi, Project Mng.
                          lems, Priority Control, Quality of Service in Data   Tel: (+98-21) 8872043
                          Communication. Post Doctoral Research in             Fax: (+98-21) 635588
                          in Network Delay, Tokyo InstTech., Japan.            E-mail:
                          Ph.D. Comm. Network, Tokyo Inst. Of Techn.
                          Digital Communications, GSM Baseband                 Dr. H.R.Sarrafzadeh,Proj. Mng.
                          Processing, LEO Satellite Systems, Satelite          Tel: (+98-21) 8872071
                          Communication. Ph.|D. Electrical Eng. George         Fax: (+98-21) 8872185
                          Washington Univ., USA                                E-mail:
                          Design and Implementation of synthesized up-         Dr. E. Mehrshahi, Project Mng.
                          link and down-link sources at Ku and X band.         Tel: (+98-21) 8872271
                                                                               Fax: (+98-21) 635588
                         RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
 ORGANIZATION /                                                                        NAME & ADDRESS
                        Project Manager, Switching and Networking.           Dr. B. Pourali, Project Manager
                        M.S. Electrical Eng.                                 Tel: (+98-21) 8872160
                                                                             Fax: (+98-21) 635588
                        Project Manager, Base station sub-systems of         Mr. F. Bazzazan, Project Mng.
                        cellular mobile netwrok. M.S. Telecom Eng.           Tel: (+98-21) 88722399
                        University U.S.A                                     Fax: (+98-21) 635588
                        Project Manager, Design of National data             Mr.H.R.Khodabandeh,Proj.Mng.
                        network, enterprise data-base systems.               Tel: (+98-21) 8050375
                        M.S. Computer Eng.                                   Fax: (+98-21) 8872608
                        Project Manager, Digital transmission (PDH,          Mr. A.R. Azadi, Proj. Manager
                        SDH) Access systems, Design of multiplex             Tel: (+98-21) 8872935
                        systems (2Mb/s, 8Mb/s, 34Mb/s)                       Fax: (+98-21) 6355888
                        Manager of Data Network Mng. Center,Design.          Mr.H.Madanipour,Dt. Netw. Mng.
                        &Manauf. of Radio digital system & multiplexing      Tel: (+98-21)3293232-3255-3351
                        system, DCME, STDM, Data,ISDN switch.&acc.           Fax: (+98-21) 8046727,3293350
                        systems. Invst. of Satellite Commn. Systems.         E-mail:
                        Responsible and Expert of BTS Mobile System,         Dr. S. Davood Miran, Expert
                        Investigate and analyze of distributing in           Tel: (+98-21) 3293341-3293388
                        transmission systme (Radio &mux). Investigate        Fax: (+98-21) 3293377,3293350
                        & analyze of distruption of mobile system.           E-mail: support
                        Invest.&tech. support in satellite system, Design    Mrs. F. Jadidi Tabrizi
                        radio link line-of-sight calc.using spread spectr.   Tel: (+98-21) 3293351-3293753
                        direct sequance tech. In C-band for Persian Gulf     Fax: (+98-21) 3293350
                        Area. Meas.&calc. attenuation of opt.fiber length.   E-mail: support
                        Investigation & in radio mux,Transl.   Mr. Alireza Rabiee
                        &edit.of appl.T-mux system book, transl.&edition     Tel: (+98-21) 3293325
                        the test proced.of mux digital syst.&olt, OLR N-     Fax: (+98-21) 3293350
                        6000 syst. N-550 mux syst. (nec prod.)&SDH.          E-mail: support
                        Head of Traffic Office, B.S. Electronics.            Mr. L. Sabuhi
                        Senior Engineer.                                     Tel: (+98-21) 8112426
                                                                             Fax: (+98-21) 8601003
Ministry of Post and    M.S. Telecommunication Systms Eng.                   Mr. H. Zandi
Telegraph and Telephone B.S. Physics.                                        Tel: (+98-21) 8112429
of the Islamic Republic                                                      Fax: (+98-21) 8601003
of Iran                                                                      E-mail:
                        Head of Planning and Engineering of Toll             Mr. A. Arab
                        Exchanges Dept. B.S. Telecommunication               Tel: (+98-21) 861870
                        System Engineering.                                  Fax: (+98-21) 8601003
                        Planning and Engineering.                            Mr. F. Farmanesh
                        B.S. Telecommunication Systems Engineering.          Tel: (+98-21) 8600006
                        Switching and signalling netwroks planning &         Mr. A. Pourrahmani
                        engineering expert. M.S. Telecommunications          Tel: (+98-21) 8600006
                        Systems Engineering. B.S. Electrical and             Fax: (+98-21) 8601003. E-mail:
                        Electronic Engineering.                    
                        Radio expert, planning & engineering of trans-       Mr. B. Tahbazzadeh
                        mission systems. M.S. Electrical Eng.                Tel: (+98-21) 8112538
                                                                             Fax: (+98-21) 862055. E-mail:
                        Radio expert, planning &engineering of               Mr. F. Maghsoudloonejad
                        transmission systems. B.S. Electricalal Eng.         Tel: (+98-21) 8112538
                        branch of communications.                  
                        Expert, panning & engineering, transport             Mr. M. Baniasadi
                        networks, systems and equipment.                     Tel: (+98-21) 8112635
                         B.S. Telecommunications Engineering.                Fax: (+98-21) 840441
                        Head of Intracity Multiplex Planning & Eng. Dpt.     Mr. R. Torabzadeh Khorasani
                        PDH and SDH multiplex planning, multiplex            Tel: (+98-21) 8112540
                        system tech. Specification, mux test equipments      Fax: (+98-21) 862055. E-mail:
                        on new products of mux equipments.         
                        Deputy Head of Fiber Optic Systems Dept.             Mr. S.E. Sadri
                        Fiber optic telecommunications systems,              Tel: (+98-21) 8112643
                        transmission system, electronic eng.                 Fax: (+98-21) 862055
                        B.S. Electrical Engineering.               
                        Switching/paging/messaging, designing/eng.           Mr. Gh. Sadeghi
                        Video/multimedia services, development.              Tel: (+98-21) 8112964
                        B.S. Electrical Engineering.                         Fax: (+98-21) 8112964. E-mail:
                        Expert engineering comprehensive & dedicated         Mr. S. Mirfarsi
                        planning field of experience. CCS7, IP, IN,          Tel: (+98-21) 8112650
                        Network Planning, ATM&ER, Multimedia,                Fax: (+98-21) 8112964. E-mail:
                        Video comprehecing.M.S.Industrial Management
                        Expert engineer comprehensive & dedicated            Mr. M. Moshar Movahed
                        planning field of experience. CCS7 network           Tel: (+98-21) 8112731
                         RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
 ORGANIZATION /                                                                         NAME & ADDRESS
                         planning, intelligent netwrok (IN), TMN, ATM&FR       Fax: (+8-21) 8112964. E-mail:
                         B.S. Telecommunication Engineering.         
                         Expert in new generation netwrok architecture         Mr. H. Hemmati
                         B.S. in communication engineering.                    Tel: (+98-21) 8113126
                                                                               Fax: (+98-21) 863020. E-Mail:
                         Expert in multi application services.                 Mr. J.Ahmadi Yazdi
                         B.S. in Electrical Engineering.                       Tel: (+98-21) 8113126
                                                                               Fax: (+98-21) 863020. E-Mail:
                         Expert in netwrok architecture in IP&ATM and          Mr. S.A. Olamai
                         WCDMA. Ph.D. in Communication Engineering.            Tel: (+98-21) 8112731, 8112757
                                                                               Fax: (+98-21) 863020. E-Mail:
                         Expert in Services.                                   Mrs. M. Shomalimoghadam
                         B.S. in Electrical Engineering.                       Tel: (+98-21) 8112737, 8112757
                                                                               Fax: (+98-21) 863020. E-Mail:
                         Expert in fiber Optics.                               Mr. M. Assodeh
                         M.S. in Optic Physics.                                Tel: (+98-21) 8113131
                                                                               Fax: (+98-21) 863020. E-mail:
                                                  KYRGYZ REPUBLIC
State Agency on Energy   Head, Division of Prices and Tariffs                  Mr. Svetlana Molochinskaya
(Gas)                                                                          State Agency on Energy under
                                                                               The Gov. of Kyrgyz Republic
                                                                               119, Akhunbaeva Str.
                                                                               Bishkek 720056
                                                                               Tel: (+996-312) 42 48 36
                                                                               Fax:(+996-312) 66 47 81
                         Chief Specialist, Division of Prices and Tariffs.     Mr. Djekshenbek Sydykov
                         Leading Specialist, Division of Prices and Tariffs.   Ms. Aigul Sultankulova
                         Head, Division of Technical and Licensing.            Mr. Alexander Denisov
                                                                               Tel: (+996-312) 42 44 72
                         Chief Specialist, Division of Technical Expertise     Ms. Gulsara Kassymova
                         and Licensing.                                        Tel: (+996-312) 42 44 65
                         Chief Specialist, Division of Technical Expertise     Mr. Edilbek Bogombaev
                         and Licensing.                                        Tel: (+996-312) 42 44 27
                         Director, State Inspection on Energy and Gas.         Mr. Vitali Shapar
                                                                               Tel: (+996-312) 54 28 48
                         Deputy Head, State Inspection on Energy and           Mr. Chorobai Akunov
                         Gas, State Agendy, Ministry of Agriculture and        Tel: (+996-312) 27 23 01
                         Water Resources and Processing Industry.
                         Deputy Head, State Inspection on Natural              Mr. Ivan Gordyanski
State Agency on Energy   Resources (Economy of Geology-prospecting             2, Erkindik Prowpect,
(Geology and Mineral     Works and Mining Projects, Protection of Natural      Bishkek, 720739
Resources)               Resources, Legislation on Natural Resources).         Tel:(+996-312) 22 63 32,
                                                                                             66 49 01, 22 38 17
                                                                               Fax:(+996-312) 66 03 91
                         Head, Paleontology Group Kyrgyz Methodical            Ms. Alexandra Djenchuraeva
                         Expedition of Geology-Economic Research.              Tel:(+996-312) 22 73 92
                         Leading Geologist, Kyrgyz Methodical Expedition       Mr. Talgat Zamaletdinov
                         of Geology-eonomic Research (Regional Geology         Tel:(+996-312) 22 49 33
                         Stratgraphics, Magmatism, Techtonics)
                         Deputy Head, Department of Geology and                Mr. Alexander Konyukhov
                         Investment Promotion (Geology of Coal Deposit         Tel:(+996-312) 22 38 34
                         and Nonmetallic Minerals, Methods to Search &
                         Prospect Deposits of Minerals).
                         Chief Geologogist, Kyrgyz Methodical Expedition       Mr. Valentin Nikonorov
                         of Geology-eonomic Researches (Geology of             Tel:(+996-312) 22 09 49
                         Deposits of Ore Minerals).
                         Chief Specialist, Department of Geology and           Mr. Leonid Oseledko
                         Investment Promotion (Searches and Prospecting        Tel:(+996-312) 22 24 21
                         of Deposits of Minerals).
                         Chief Geologogist, Kyrgyz Hydrogeologic               Mr. Genadi Tolstikhin
                         Expedition (Hydrogeologic and Engineer-               Tel:(+996-312) 22 38 62
                         Geologic Works)
                                             TRADE & INVESTMENT
Ministry of Foreign      Head, Main Department of Foreign & Economic           Ms. Anakhan Rakhmanova
Trade and Industry       Relations and WTO.                                    106, Chu Prospect,
                                                                               Bishkek, 720002
                                                                               Tel: (+996-312) 66 18 72
                                                                               Fax:(+996-312) 22 07 93
                         Chief Specialist, Division of International Coop.     Mr. Nadezhda Kritskaya
                          RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
 ORGANIZATION /                                                                       NAME & ADDRESS
                          and Tariff Policy.                                 Tel: (+996-312) 22 15 89
                                                                             Fax:(+996-312) 66 34 98
State Custom Inspection Head, Division of Int. Coop. & Public Relations.     Mr. Adamkali Chynybaev
                                                                             Tel/Fax: (+996-312) 46 96 62
                          Chief Inspector, Division of International         Ms. Olmaskan Aldamatova
                          Cooperation and Public Relations.                  Tel: (+996-312) 47 85 00
                          Senior Inspector, Divison of International         Ms. Ljamilya Turganova
                          Cooperation and Public Relations.                  Tel: (+996-312) 47 85 00
                          Senior Inspector, Divison of International         Ms. Gulmira Karagulova
                          Cooperation and Public Relations.                  Tel: (+996-312) 47 85 00
                                            TRANSPORT & COMMUNICATIONS
Ministry of Transport     Head, Division of Foreign and Economic            Mr. Anatoli Krapotkin
and Communications        Relations.                                        42, Ivanova Street
                                                                            Bishkek, 720017
                                                                            Tel: (+996-312) 66 23 40
                                                                            Fax: (+996-312) 66 47 81
                          Head, Division of Transport Policy, Deputy Head,  Mr. Almaz Egimbaev
                          Department of Transport and Technical Policy.     Tel: (+996-312) 61 10 39
                                                                            Fax: (+996-312) 66 47 81
                          Head, Division of Communication.                  Mr. Djanibek Artykbaev
                                                                            Tel: (+996-312) 66 57 19
                                                                            Fax: (+996-312) 66 47 81
                          Head, Division of Information.                    Mr. Raiymbek Dfarleev
                                                                            Tel: (+996-312) 66 34 44
                                                                            Fax: (+996-312) 66 47 81
                          Chief Specialist, Main Department of Automobile   Mr. Renat Rakhmatulin
                          Roads.                                            Tel: (+996-312) 66 21 50
                                                                            Fax: (+996-312) 66 47 81
Kyrgyz Railway            Head, Division of Foreign and Economic            Ms. Valentina Romanenko
                          Relations.                                        Kyrgyz Railway
                                                                            184, Ahunbaeva Street.
                                                                            Tel: (+996-312) 25 18 59
                                                                            Fax: (+996-312) 66 47 81
                          Chief Cpecialist, Department of Foreign Relations Ms. Tatiyana Pak
                          Divison of Air Transport and use of Air Transport Tel: (+996-312) 54 21 43
                          Area.                                             Fax: (+996-312) 66 47 81
                                            ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN
Hydrocarbon Develp.       Geology.                                          Mr. S. Hasan Gauhar, Dir. Gen.,
Institute of Pakistan                                                       Director General,
                                                                            Geological Survey of Pakistan,
                                                                            Tel: (+90-81) 921 10 32
                                                                            Fax: (+90-81) 921 10 18.
                          Geoscience.                                       Mr. Muhammad Sakhawat,
                                                                            Porject Dir,Geoscience laboratory
                                                                            Chak Shahzad, Islamabad.
                                                                            Tel: (+90-81) 241329
                                                                            Fax: (+90-81) 240233.
                          Energy, Petroleum Geology, Geochemistry, CNG      Mr. Hilal A. Reza, D.G.
                          Environment.                                      Chief Executive.
                          Energy/Petroleum Technology/Compressed            Mr. S. Naushab Sarwar,
                          natural Gas (CNG).                                General Manager (incharge)
                          Energy (Geochemistry).                            Mr. Wasim Ahmed, G.M. Ops.
                          Energy (Petroleum Exploration).                   Mr. Riaz Ahmed, Chief Geologist
                          Energy/Chemistry/Compressed Nat. Gas (CNG).       Mr. M. Ashraf, Chief Chemist.
                          Energy (Basin Studies).                           Mr. S. Manshoor Ali, Pr. Geolgst.
                          Energy (Resources Assessment).                    Mr. M. Mujtaba, Pr. Geologist.
                          Energy (Chemistry).                               Dr. M.A. Quddus, Pr. Chemist.
                          Energy (Palynology).                              Dr. Asrar M. Khan, Pr. Palyngst.
                          Energy (Chemistry).                                Mr.Sh.-ul-Ghias Malik, Pr.Chem.
                          Energy (Chemistry).                                Major ( R ) C.M. Asif, Pr. Chem.
                          Energy (Petroleum Engineering).                    Dr. F.Ghani Khattak,Pr. Rsv.Eng.
                          Energy (Chemistry).                                Mr. M. Idrees Khan, Pr. Chemist
                          Energy (Compressed natural Gas) (CNG)              Mr. Muhammad Islam Khan,
                          Automobile Engg.                                   Pr. Research Engineer.
                          Energy (Compressed natural Gas) (CNG)              Mr. Taimur Mirza,
                          Automobile Engg.                                   Pr. Research Engineer.
                          Energy (Combustion Engineering).                   Mr. S. Mahmood-ul-Haque,
                                                                             Pr. Scientific Officer (Tech.).
                          Energy/Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) /              Mr. Shakeel Ahmed,
                          Chemical Engineering.                              Pr. Research Engineer.
                          System Designing and Analysis, Energy Data         Mr. Arshad M. Sheikh,
                          Management.                                        Pr. System Analyst.
                          Energy (Remote Sensing).                           Mr. Muhammad Iqbal,Sn. Geolgt.
                          Energy (Sedimentology).                            Mr. Ghulam Abbas, Sn.Geologist
                          RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
 ORGANIZATION /                                                                     NAME & ADDRESS
                          Energy (Chemistry).                              Mr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Sn.Chemist.
                          Energy (Organic Petrography).                    Mr. Abrar Ahmed, Sn. Geologist.
                          Energy (Polynology Nannofosil).                  Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Sn. Polycologist.
                          Energy (Chemistry).                              Mr. Khurshid Anwar, Sn.Chemist.
                          Energy (Sedimentology).                          Mr. A. Amjad H.Cheema,Sn.Glg.
                          Energy (Chemistry and Environmental Issues).     Ms. Nasreen Farah, Sr. Chemist.
                          Energy (Chemistry).                              Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Sr. Chemist.
                          Energy (Micropaleontology).                      Mr.N.Ahmed Shafique, Geologist.
                          Energy (Chemistry).                              Mr. Asadullah Khan, Sn. Chem.
                          Energy (Micropalenontology, Computerized         Dr. Jamil Afzal, Geologist.
                          Database Management).
                          Energy (Chemistry).                              Mr. Dildar Khan, Chemist.
                          Energy (Petroleum Exploration).                  Mr. M. Ahmed Memon,Geologist.
                          Energy (Chemistry).                              Mr.S.Sibtain R.Naqvi,Sn.Chemist.
                          Energy (Petroleum Exploration).                  Mr. S. Hussain Malik, Chemist.
                          Energy (Chemical Engineering).                   Mr. Ashfaq A. Laghari,Chem.Eng.
                          Energy (Geochemistry & Hydrocarbon Pollution).   Ms. Shahnaz Alam, Sn. Chemist.
                          Energy (Petroleum Products).                     Ms. Nuzhat Mahmood, Chemist.
                          Energy (Chemist).                                Mr.Habib-ur-Rehman,Sn.Chemist
                          Energy (Micropaleontology & Environment          Dr. Muhammad Pervez, Chemist.
                          Hydrocarbon Pollution).
Hydrocarbon Develp.       Energy (Chemistry).                              Mr. Ata-ur-Rehman, Sn. Chemist.
Institute of Pakistan     Energy (Chemistry).                              Mr. S. Ahmed, S.O. Chemist.
                          Energy (Biotechnology, Reservoir Engineering).   Mr. M. Shafique, S.O. Chemist
                          Energy (Chemistry).                              Malik M. Ramzan Azhar,
                                                                           S.O. (Chemist).
                          Energy (Chemistry).                              Ms. Darakhshanda Kokub,
                                                                           Princpl. Chemist.
                          Energy (Chemistry).                              Mr. Muhammad Saeed Khan,
                                                                           Sr. Chemist. Press Cnt.
                                             MINERAL & ENVIRONMENT
Ministry of Science and   Environmental Assessment and                     Mr. A. Haleem Khan Yousufzai
Technology                Environment Engineering.                         Chief Scientific Officer
                                                                           Mr. Zahir-ud-Din Khan, Asst. Dir.
                                                                           Shahrah-e-Kemal Ataturk,Karachi
                                                                            House No.3-5. St.17, Islamabad.
                          Environmental Health & Pollution.                Prof. Muhammad Altaf Khan
                          10Year Teaching.                                 Assoc. Prof. Sikandar Ali Abbasi
                                                                           Balluchistan Eng. & Tech.
                                                                           University, Khuzdar.
                          Biology.                                         Assoc. Prof. Shahida Naeem
                                                                           Allama Iqbal Op. Unv., Islamabad
                          Environmental Biology Natural Science.           Mr. Khalid Zaheer
                                                                           Quaid-I-Azam Unv., Islamabad.
                          Environmental Biology.                           Assoc. Curator Farhal Rajpar
                          Environmental Problems.                          H-7 Garden Avenue Shakarparian
                          Environmental Chemistry.                         Mr. M. Abdul Qadir, Lecturer
                                                                           Univ. of Punjab New Cam.Lahore
                          Environmental Education.                         Mrs. Farukh Tahir, Lecturer.
                                                                           Allama Iqbal Open Unv,Islamabad
                          Environmental Engineering. Water and             Assoc. Prof. Abdul Jabbar Bari
                          Waste Water Engineering.                         Univ. of Eng. & Tech., Lahore
                          Environmental Engineering.                       Mr. Badar M. Khan Ghauri,
                          Environmental & Space Sciences.                  Pr.Eng. Sc.28,Gulzar-e-Hijri Unv.
                                                                           Prof. Khadim Hussain Ziai
                                                                           Univ. of Eng. & Techn., Lahore.
                          Environmental Engineering Soil & Water.          Asst. Prof. M. Anwar Baig
                                                                           Tamiz-ud-Din Road,Rawalpindi.
Ministry of Science and   R & D Leading to Process Development.            Mr. Muhammad Rauf, Junior Eng.
Technology                                                                 Press Center Shahrah-e-Kamal
                                                                           Ataturk, Karachi.
                          Environmental Engineering Elecokinetic.          Mr. Muhammad Sajjad, Lecturer.
                                                                           Tamiz-ud-Din Road,Rawalpindi
                          Solid Waste Management, Air Pollution            Prof. Shaukat Hayat
                                                                           Univ. of Eng. & Techn., Lahore.
                          Water and Waste Water Engineering.               Prof. Waris Ali
                                                                           Univ. of Eng. & Techn., Lahore.
                          Environmental Engineering Low Cost.              Asst. Prof. Zafar Iqbal Bhatti
                                                                           Tamiz-ud-Din Road,Rawalpindi
                          Environmental Engineering.                       Asst. Prof. Nasir Ahmad
                          Environmental Geology.                           Univ.of Punjab N.Campus,Lahore.
                          Environmental Planning. Highway Design           Mr. Akhtar Ali, Lecturer
                          and Construction.                                University of Peshawar
                          Environmental Planning Geographic.               Assoc. Prof. Amir Khan
                          RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
 ORGANIZATION /                                                               NAME & ADDRESS
                                                                      University of Peshawar
                          Environmental Planning and Assessment.      Assoc. Prof. Amir Nawaz Khan
                                                                      University of Peshawar
                          Low-Cost Housing Solar Energy.              Mr. Syed Sarwat Ahmed,
                                                                      Lecturer.University of Peshawar.
                          Environmental Science.                      Mr. Abdul R. Khan, Sen.Sc. Of.
                          Environmental Science and Technology.       PCSIR Laboratories, Peshawar.
Ministry of Science and   Environmental Science in Agriculture.       Asst.Prof.Hafez-ur-R. Mangio
Technology                Environmental Science.                      Sindh Ag.Univ.Tandojam,Hyderabad.
                          Environmental Sciences.                     Mr. Ghulam Rasul, Sn. Sct. Offi.
                                                                      Prof. Khurshed Ahmed
                                                                      Un. Of Eng. & Techn., Lahore.
                          Environmental Studies. Air Pollution.       As.Prof. Tauseef Ahmad Qureshi
                                                                      Un. Of Eng. & Techn., Lahore.
                          Geology. Rock and Mineral Studies.          Mr. Abdul Ghani, Scientific Offic.
                                                                      PCSIR Laboratories, Peshawar.
                          Geology.                                    Mr. Abdul Hadi Bhutto, Res. Of.
                                                                      ST47. Block-I. Clifton Karachi.
                          Clay Mineral, Ostra Cod.Studies of Patala   Mr. A. Rahim Rajpar,Asc.Curator
                                                                      H-7Garden Av.Shakrp.Islamabad
                          Igneous Petrology.                          Ass. Prof. Abdul Tawab Khan
                                                                      University of Baluchistan. Quetta.
                          Geophysics.                                 Ass. Prof. Abdul Waheed Jaral
                                                                      Unv. of Azad Jammu&Kashmir
                          Clastic Sedimentary Rocks.                  Prof. Akhtar M. Kassi
                                                                      University of Baluchistan. Quetta.
                          Earth Sciences.                             Mr. Ali Hyder Shah. Lecturer.
                                                                      Sindh Ag.Univ.Tandojam,Hyderabad.
                          Printing and Publications.                  Mr. Ali Sher Shah, As. Sc. Offcr.
                                                                      DRIP Campus. Tando Qaisar Road, Tandojan
                          Minerology.                                 Mr. Amer Farooq, Lecturer.
                                                                      Un.of Azad Jamu & Kashmir, Muzafarabad
                          Geology.                                    Mr.Anwar Hussain, As.Dir.Quetta
                          Structural geology and Geotectonics.        Prof. Arif Ali Khan Ghauri
                                                                      Univ. of Peshawar, Pashawar.
                          From the last 17 years working as.          Mr. Arshad Fayaz. Dir. Quetta.
                          Hydrology.                                  Mr. Bashir Ahmad Sh
                                                                      Deputy Director, Quetta.
                          Geophysics (On Study Leave).                Ast. Prof. Din Mohammad Kakar
                                                                      Univ. of Baluchistan. Quetta.
                          Geology.                                    Mr. Fazl-ur-Rahman, Res. Ofc.
                                                                      ST-47Block-1. Clifton. Karachi.
                          Research Database Management and            Mr. Feroz-ud-Din, Asst. Director
                          Sedimentology/ Marine Minerals.             Quetta.
                                                                      Mr. G.M. Memen, Sen. Res. Ofc.
                                                                      ST-47Block-1. Clifton. Karachi.
                          Sechimentology Clay.                        Mr. Ghulam Nabi, Chairman.
                                                                      University of Baluchistan. Quetta.
                          I- Jeological Map of Bela area.             Mr. Gh. Sarwar Lashari, Ast. Dir.
                          Management of Groundwater.                  Mr. Gul Muhammad Shah, Dir.
                                                                      House No.3-5. Str.17. Islamabad.
                          Mineralogy/Petrology Economic.              Mr. Hamid Dawood Akbar,
                                                                      Asc. Curator. Quetta.
                          Regional Mapping specially in Sedimento-    Mr. Hasan Shaheed, Dep. Dir.
                          logy/Struct Remote.                         Quetta.
                                                                      Assoc. Prof. Iftikhar Ahmad
                                                                      Univ. of Peshawar. Peshawar.
                          Geochemistry. Min/Petrology.                Prof. Ihsan Ullah Man
                                                                      Univ. of Peshawar, Pashawar.
                          Metamorphic Structures.                     Asst. Prof. Imtiaz Ahmad.
                                                                      Univ. of Peshawar, Pashawar.
                          More than 14 years experience in the Coal   Mr. Intizar Hussain Khan,
                          exploration & Evaluation mostly.            Asst. Director. Quetta.
                                                                      Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan,
                                                                      Asst. Director. Quetta.
                          Vertebrate Palacomology.                    Mr. Iqbal Umar Cheema, Curator.
                                                                      H-7 Garden Ave.Shak. Islamabad
                          Structure Tectonics.                        Asst. Prof. I. A. Khan Jadoon
                                                                      Quaid-i-Azem Unv. Islamabad.
                          Hydrology.                                  Mr. Jalal-ud-Din Qureshi, Dp. Dir.
                                                                      House No. 3-5. Str.17.Islamabad.
                          Sattelite Remote Sensing.                   Mr. Javid Ali, Princ. Sctf. Officer.
                          GIS Applications. Data management.          Mr. J. Marabad, Ast. Di. Quetta.
                          RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
 ORGANIZATION /                                                                NAME & ADDRESS
                          30 years experience in geology.             Mr. K. Sabir Ali Khan, Dir.Quetta.
                          Sedimentology. (On study Leave)             Mr. Khadim H. Durrani, Lecturer
                                                                      Univ. of Baluchistan. Quetta.
                          Studies on Minerals Rocks and Stones.       Mr.Khalid M. Qureshi, Sctf. Offic.
                                                                      PCSIR Laboratories. Peshawar.
                          Sedimentology/Stratigraphy.                 Asst. Prof. M. Anwar Qureshi
                                                                      Unv. Of Azad Jammu & Kashmir
                          Geology.                                    Mr. M. Arshad Ashraf, Sctf. Offic.
                          Paleomagnetism.                             Prof. M. Javad Khan
                                                                      Univ. of Peshawar, Peshawar.
                          Environmental Geology.                      Mr. M. Qasim Memon, Res.Offic.
                                                                      ST-47, Block-I. Clifton, Karachi.
                          Mining geology, Exploration of Mineral.     Prof. M. Rafiq
                                                                      Univ. of Peshawar, Peshawar.
                          Mineral, oil and groundwater.               Mr. M. Shireen Khan Malghant,
                                                                      Assistant Director, Quetta.
                          Engineering Geology.                        Mr.M. Shoiab Qureshi, Sn.Rs.Of.
                                                                      Univ. of Azad Jammu&Kashmir.
                          Hydrothermal alternation and Regional       Mr. Mahmood Siddiqui,
                          geological mapping with.                    Director. Quetta.
                                                                      Mr. Malik Abdul Hafeez
                                                                      Deputy Director.
                          Geochronology/Structural.                   Assoc. Prf. Mirza Shahid Baig
                                                                      Univ. of Azad Jammu&Kashmir.
                          28 years experience as Geologist in more    Mr.Mirza Talib Hasan, Dr. Quetta.
                          than 28 years of research experience.       Mr. M. Akhtar,Direct.Quetta.
                          He is working for paleontology and          Mr. Mohammad Anwar,
                                                                      Assistant Director. Quetta.
                          Editor of Pakistan Science Abstracts S&T.   Mr.M. Arshad Khan, Chief Editor.
                                                                      Quaid-e-Azam Unv. Islamabad.
                          Mineralogy/Petroleum. Economic Geology.     Asst. Prof. Mohammad Arif
                                                                      Univ. of Azad Jammu&Kashmir.
                          Engineering Geology.                        Asst. Prof. M. Arshad Khan
                                                                      Univ. of Peshawar, Peshawar.
                          Petroleum Geology/Geomorphology.            Asst. Prof. M. Ayub Baloch
                                                                      Univ. of Baluchistan. Quetta.
                          Geology Processes.                          Mr. M. Danish, Research Officer.
                                                                      ST-47, Block-I. Clifton, Karachi.
                          Sedmientology, Petroleum Geology            Assoc. Prof. Mohammad Hanif
                          Carbonate.                                  Univ. of Peshawar, Peshawar.
                          Hydrology.                                  Asst. Prof. Mohammad Ibrahim
                                                                      Univ. of Baluchistan. Quetta.
                          Geological mapping and mineral.             Mr. M. Latif, Asst. Dir. Quetta
                          Structural and Regional Tectoitics.         Assoc. Prof. M. Niamatullah
                                                                      Univ. of Baluchistan. Quetta.
                          Petroleum.                                  Mr. Mohammad R. Jan, Curator.
                                                                      Univ. of Baluchistan. Quetta.
Ministry of Science and   Petroleum Engineering.                      Asst. Pro. Mohammad Saleem
Technology                                                            U.of Az.J.&Kashmir,Muzaffarabad
                          Economic Geology.                           Mr. Mohammad Zahid, Lecturer.
                                                                      Univ. of Peshawar, Peshawar.
                          Coastal Geology.                            Mr. Mohsen Muzaffar, Resch. of.
                                                                      ST-47, Block-I. Clifton, Karachi.
                                                                      Asst. Prof. Qudsia Ansari,
                                                                      Univ. of Sindh. Jamshoro.
                          25 years experience as a profesional.       Mr. Mohammad Akram Bhatti
                                                                      Deputy Director. Quetta.
                          Regional Geological mapping. Cool.          Mr. Mohammad Ali Tagar
                                                                      Assistant Director. Quetta.
                          Geochemistry/Petrology.                     Assoc. Prof. M. Amjad Awan
                                                                      Un.of A.J.&Kashmir,Muzaffarabad
                          My expreiences is based on the field.       Mr. Muhammad Arif
                                                                      Assistant Director. Quetta.
                          Hydrology.                                  Mr. Muhammad Asim, Lecturer.
                                                                      Univ. of Peshawar. Peshawar.
                          Geological mapping and coal exploration.    Mr. Muhammad Dawood Khan
                                                                      Assistant Director. Quetta.
                          Sesmic & Geophisical (Earth Sciences).      Mr. Muhammad Hafeez Butt
                                                                      Chief Geophysicist. Quetta.
                          More than Eighteen years experience in      Mr. Muhammad Idrees Khanzada
                                                                      Assistant Director. Quetta.
                          Petroleum.                                  Asst. Prof. M. Iqbal siddiqi, Unv.
                                                                      of A.J.& Kashmir, Muzafarabad
                          RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
 ORGANIZATION /                                                               NAME & ADDRESS
                          Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry.    Prof. Muhammad Majid
                                                                     Unv. of Peshawar. Peshawar.
                          Geochemistry.                              Asst.Prof. M. Sabar Khan, Unv.
                                                                     of A.J.& Kashmir,Muzaffarabad
                          Nearly 23 years work experience as in.     Mr. Muhammad Saleem Bajwa
                                                                     Deputy Director. Quetta.
                          Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology.         Mr. Muhammad Umar, Lecturer.
                                                                     Univ. of Baluchestan. Quetta.
                          Micropteontology.                          Asst.Prof. Munir-ul H. Munir, Unv.
                                                                     of Az.J. & Kashmir, Muzaffarabad
                                                                     Ast.Prof. Mushtaq Ahmed Pathan
                                                                     University of Sindh. Jamshoro.
                          Geochemical Evaluation.                    Mr. M. Naseem, Scient. of.
                                                                     131 C/F.B. No.3 Kalat Rd.Quetta
                          More ever involved in special projects.    Mr. N. Ali Khan, Ast.Dir. Quetta
                          Hydrology.                                 Mr. Nasir Karim, Lecturer
                                                                     Univ. of Baluchestan. Quetta.
                          Sedimentology.                             Mr. Naveed Ahsan, Lecturer.
                                                                     Quaid-I-Azam Unv. Islamabad.
                          Sedimology. Mineralogy. Geochemistry.      Mr. Nayyer Iqbal, Assoc. Curator.
                                                                     H-7 Garden Ave.Shak.Islamabad.
                          Palecontology.                             Assoc. Prof. Obudur Rahman
                                                                     Univ. of Peshawar, Peshawar.
                                                                     Mr. Rahmat Ali, Ast. Dir. Quetta.
                          Petrology.                                 Asst. Prof. Raja M. Kh. Khan,Un.
                                                                     of Az.J.&Kashmir,Muzaffarabad
                          Rock. Phosphate Petrographic.              Mrs. Rubina Balqees, Sctf. Offic.
                                                                     PCSIR Laboratories Peshawar.
                          Twenty five years experience in.           Mr. Russel Nazir Ullah,
                                                                     Geophysist. Quetta.
                          Geophysics.                                Asst. Prof. Rustem Khan, Unv. of
                                                                     Az.J. & Kashmir, Muzaffarabad
                          Oceanography. Senssing/GIS.                Assoc. Prof. S. Shafiqur Rahman
                                                                     Univ. of Peshawar. Peshawar.
                          Geological Mapping. Drill hole logging.    Mr. S. Tahir Ali Mashhdi
                                                                     Deputy Director. Quetta.
                          Computer Science.                          Mr. S.M. Tabrez, Comp. Prog.
                                                                     ST-47. Block-1. Clifton. Karachi.
                          Ground Water Investigations.               Mr. Sabbih-ur Rahman, Director.
                                                                     House No.3-5.Str. 17. Islamabad.
                          Economic Geology/Mineral.                  Mr. Shahid Hussain, Curator.
                                                                     H-7 Garden Ave. Shakarp.Islmbd.
                                                                     Mr.Sher Ali Baz,Planetarium Opr.
                                                                     Const. Ave.P.O No.1121. Islmbd.
                                                                     Asst. Prof. Srichand Gemnani
                                                                     Univ. of Sindh. Jamshoro.
                          Geologist.                                 Mr. Syed Imran Hasany, Res. off.
                                                                     ST-47. Block-1. Clifton. Karachi.
                          Planning Information.Technical Guidence.   Mr. S.Jamil-ud-Din, Dp.Dir.Quetta
                          Geology. Volcanic Eruptions.               Mr. Syed M. Ali Shah, Lecturer
                                                                     Unv. of Eng.&Tech. Lahore.
                          Mineral Exploration. Evaluation Kaolin.    Mr. S. S. Ali Jafry,Dep.Dir.Quetta
                          Working in geological survey               Mrs.T. Akhtar, Asst. Dir. Quetta.
Ministry of Science and   Structural Geol/Exploration Geologist. Tahir Yousuf Saraf, Un.
Technology                                                           of Az.J. & Kashmir, Muzaffarabad
                          Data Processing, MIS.                      Mr. T. Iqbal Soomro, Asst. Sctf.
                                                                     DRIP Cp.Tando Qaisar Rd.Tandojan.
                          Engineering Geology.                       Mr. Tariq Javaid Soomro, Lecture.
                                                                     Unv. of Eng.&Tech. Lahore.
                          Structural Geology.                        Mr.Tariq Maqbool Gillani, Res.of.
                                                                     Un.of Az.J.&Kashmir, Muzaffarabad
                          Industrial Minerology.                     Mr.Viqar Husain,Sen.Sctfc.Offc.
                                                                     PCSIR Laboratories. Peshawar.
                          Petrological studies including Gold and    M/s. Yasmin Rizvi, Asst.Director.
                          silue investigation in.                    Quetta., Mr.Zafar Ullah,Asst.Dir. Quetta.
                          (Geology Minerology)                       Mr. Mohsin Anwar Kazim,
                          Geological Mapping. Mineral.               Asst. Director. Quetta.
                          (Geology (Structure Petro)                 Mr. Sardar Saeed Akhtar,
                          Geological Mapping. Mineral.               Asst. Director. Quetta.
                          (Geology, Chemistry, Geography)            Mr. Fasih ud Din,Sn.Dirilling Eng.
                          Drilling Operation.                        Quetta.
                          (Geology Tectonics)                        Mr. Nayyer Alam Zaigham,
                          Since July 1970 to this date working in.   Superintending Geoph. Quetta.
                          (Geology Marketing)                        Mr. A. Ahmed Qadri,Jun.Tech.Of.
                          R&D Projects of Petrography of Coal.       University Road. Karachi.
                          (Geology Sedimentology)                    Mr. Asrar Khan, Deputy Director.
                          Field experience in Geological mapping.    Quetta.
                          RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
 ORGANIZATION /                                                                     NAME & ADDRESS
                          (Geophysics)                                   Mr. Allah Ditta Khan, Deputy Dir.
                          Geochemical Prospecting Earthquake.            House No.3-5 Str. 17. Islamabad.
                          Geoscientific data acquisition, processing.    Asst. Prof.Ghulam Rasul Ghazi
                                                                         Quaid-I-Azam Univ. Islamabad.
                          Ground Water exploration. Drilling &           Mr. Javed Akhtar, Asst.Geoph.
                          Since December 1979 up to now have.            Asst. Prof. M. Gurais Akhter
                                                                         Quaid-I-Azam Univ. Islamabad.
                                                                         Mr. Mehtab-ur-Rahman,
                                                                         Asst. Geophysicist. Quetta.
                          Marine Geophysics.                             Mr. M. Tahir, Sn.Rsch. Offc.
                                                                         ST-47.Block-1. Clifton. Karachi.
Ministry of Science and   Earthquake Seismology.                         M/s Mona Lisa, Lecturer.
Technology                                                               Quaid-I-Azam Univ. Islamabad.
                          Seismic, Electrical, Magnetic. ECM, and.       Assoc. Prof. Mubarik Ali
                                                                         Quaid-I-Azam Univ. Islamabad.
                          Engaged in different discipline of             Mr. Mujeeb Ahmad
                                                                         Asst. Geophysicist. Quetta.
                          Geophysics, Gravity, Mineral & Crustral.       Asst. Prof. Shahid N. Qureshi
                                                                         Quaid-I-Azam Univ. Islamabad.
                          Hydrology.                                     Mr. Shaista Mahmud, Lecturer.
                          Applied Geophysics/Seismologist.               Assoc. Prof. Umar Farooq, Unv.
                                                                         of Punjab New Campus. Lahore.
                          (Mineralogy)                                   Mr. Abdus Sattar, Lecturer, Unv.
                          Petrology/Geochemistry.                        of Punjab New Campus. Lahore.
                          Mineralogy/Stratigraphy and                    Prof.&Chairm. Muhammad Navaz
                                                                         Un.of Punjab New Camp. Lahore.
                          Mineralogy Geochemistry. Petroleum.            Mr. S.R.G Baqri, Director, H-7
                                                                         Garden Ave.Shakarparan. Islmb.
                          (Mineralogy/Petrology).                        Assoc. Prof. Aftab Mahmood
                          Mineralogy. Petrology.                         Un.of Punjab New Camp. Lahore.
                          Mineralogy. Petrology.Industrial.              Mr. M. Ashraf Siddiqui,Lect.
                          Mineralogy. Petrology. Petrogenesis. Economics Asst. Prof. Syed Aleem Ahmad
                          Geology/Petrology.                             Prof. Zulfiqar Ahmed, Unv. Of
                                                                         Punjab New Campus. Lahore.
                          Over 18 years of experience in the field of    Assoc. Prof. Ishtihaq A. Qazi
                          Renewable Energy Sources & Environvironmental  Tel: (+92-51) 927 15 97, 927 15 98
                          Analytical Chemistry (Wate & Techn. Option).   Fax:(+92-51) 927 15 27, 927 15 97
                          Over 15 year of Academic & Research            Assoc. Prof. M. Anwar Baig
                          Experience in contaminant Hydrology, EIA       Tel: (+92-51) 927 15 97, 927 15 98
                          Environmental Modeling & related issues.       Fax:(+92-51) 927 15 27, 927 15 97
                          Over 10 years experience relating to Water     Assoc. Prof. Javed Iqbal
                          Pollution Control and other issues.            Tel: (+92-51) 927 15 97, 927 15 98
                                                                         Fax:(+92-51) 927 15 27, 927 15 97
                                          TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS
Pakistan Railways         Highway and Railway Bridges.                   Mr. Amir Muhammad Zafar Khan,
                                                                         Structure Specialty,
                                                                         Highway and Railway Bridges,
                                                                         Pakistan Railw. Hdqurts. Lahore.
                          Signal and Telecommunications.                 Mr. Ehsanul Haq,
                                                                         Signal and Telecommunications,
                                                                         Pakistan Railw. Hdqurts. Lahore.
                          Rail Transport.                                Mr. Iqbal Samad Khan,
                                                                         Rail Transport,
                                                                         Pakistan Railw. Hdqurts. Lahore.
                          Mechanical Engineering.                        Mr. Aslam Anwar,
                                                                         Mechanical Engineering,
                                                                         Pakistan Railw. Hdqurts. Lahore.
                          Management Services.                           Mr. Asadullah,
                                                                         Management Services,
                                                                         Pakistan Railw. Hdqurts. Lahore.
                                                 REPUBLIC OF TURKEY
Gaziosmanpasa             General Breeding and Genetics                    Prof. Dr. M. Emin Tugay
University                                                                 Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Y ld r m
                                                                           Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Safi K ral
                                                                           Agricultural Faculty
                                                                           Department of Crop Science
                                                                           60100 Tokat/Turkey
                                                                           Tel: (+90-356) 252 14 79
                            RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                             NAME & ADDRESS
                                                                                    Fax:(+90-356) 252 14 88
                            Cereal Agronomy                                         Prof. Dr. Ozer Sencar
                                                                                    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sabri Gokmen
                            Forage Crops Agronomy and Breeding                      Prof. Dr. Ugur Buyukburc
                                                                                    Asst. Prof. Dr. Selahattin Iptas
                            Oil Crops and Starch Corps Agronomy                     Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huseyin Koc
                                                                                    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gungor Y lmaz
                            Legume Crops Agronomy                                   Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cevdet Akdag
Suleyman Demirel            Sivilculture, Forest tree improvement, Affore-          Prof. Dr. Abdullah Gezer
University                  station Techniques, Nursery Practice, Forest tree       Forestry Faculty,
                            seeds, Natural Regeneration.                            32670 Atabey-Isparta-Turkey
                                                                                    Tel: (+90-246) 271 30 40, 2713042
                                                                                    Fax: (+90-246) 271 30 43
                            Forest mng.t, Forest yield, Forest mensuration.         Prof. Dr. Unal Erler
                            Soil erosion, Land drainage.                            Prof. Dr. Koray Sonmez
                            Forest product industry, Wood industry                  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erol Oktem
                            technology, Wood science, Wood utilization
                            Sivilculture, Natural regen.,Artificial regen, Forest   Assoc. Prof. Dr. Musa Genc
                            tending,Monumental tree,Seed tech,Nursery Tch.
                            Wildlife, Entomology, Zoology, Forest protection.       Assoc. Prof. Dr. Idris Ogurlu
                            Climageomorphology,Geomorphology.Quaternary.            Dr. Ergun Dayan
                            Geodesy, Photogrametry, Forest mapping,                 Dr. Ihsan Balci
                            Instr., Remote sensing, Geograficial Inf. System.
                            Forest botany                                           Dr. Ismail Dutkuner
                            Entomology and Forest butterflies                       Dr. Mustafa Avci
                            Ore deposits, Geoch., Minerology &Petrography.          Dr. Oya Cengiz
                            Agricultural marketing, economic analysis &             Assoc. Prof. Zeynep Dernek
                            enterprises, planning of enterprise in Agriculture.     Tel: (+90-246) 271 30 36, 271 30 37
                            Dept. of Agr. Economy, Agricultural Business.           Fax:(+90-246) 271 30 35
                            Drainage. Agricultural Technology Irrigation.           Prof. Nevruz Yardimci
                            Poultry&cattle breeding, husbandry, feed. & nutr.       Prf. M. Turan Toker
                            Dept.of Animal Sci., Feeds & Animal Science.
                            Poultry nutrition & followings in all farm animals;     Asst. Prof. Sulhattin Yasar
                            digestive physiology,regul.&control of food intake,
                            feed additives&enzymes, feed form., digestion.
                            enzymes,feed formult., digestion & metabolistm.
                            Paultry breeding & husbandry, Animal Breeding.          Assist. Prof. Cemal Erensayin
                            Poultry husbandry (Ostrich, duck, goose) Agrl.          Assist. Prof. Ergul Isguzar
                            mechsm. on animal prod. feeding equip, waste            Ast. Prof. Ahmet Kamil Bayhan
                            mng.,tech. plan. light. ventilation
                            heat. Cool. vntil. het.& temparin air for livestock
                            house, inves.&labor cost on agr. mch systems.
                            Breeding & improvement of Industl. Plants. Field l      Assoc. Prof. Tahsin Karadogan
                            Crops, Breeding and Improv. of field crops.
Suleyman Demirel            Forage crops' agronomy tech.resech, Agronomy            Assist. Prof. Cahit Balabanli
University                  Mng.& breeding of ind. Crops. Plant mng.&breed.         Assist. Prof. Hasan Baydar
                            Food micrb., mycotoxins, food eng., microbiology        Prof. Sami Ozcelik
                            Gn. Microb.molecular biology,biotech.Food tech.         Assoc. Prof. Aynur Gul Karahan
                            Physiology of grapevine, propagation of grapevine       Prof. Fevzi Mustafa Ecevit
                            breeding of grapevine, horticulture viticultura.
Institute of Hepatology     Prop.,fertilisation biol. physiology hormone analy.     Assit. Prof. Mustafa Kelen
                            Mng. of grapevine, in vitro cult., molecular biology    Assist. Prof. Nilgun G. Baydar
                            (especially DNA fingerprint techniques).
                            Propagation, cytology. fruit Growing & breeding.        Prof. Mehmet Atilla Askin
                            Veget.growing, foliar fertil.,veget. Grow. & breed.     Assoc. Prof. Huseyin Padem
                            Protected cultivation, ecology, physiology.             Assist. Prof. Adem Karatas
                            Phytopathology, plant virology. Plant protection.       Assist. Prof. Nejla Yardimci
                            Plant nutr. with special ref. to micr-nutr. nutr. of    Prof. Orhan Aydemir
                            plants, plant-soil relationships & soil chemistry.
                            Soil science, plant nutrition and soil fertility.
                            Soil genetic, classification, soil survey.& clas.       Assoc. Prof. Mesut Akgul
                            Soil physics. Soil science.                             Assist. Prof. Ahmet Ali Isildar
Ministry of Agriculture &   Working on cotton prod., consum., exp. &imp.            Mr. Enver Aksoy
Rural Affairs               cituation in Turkey & the world on behalf of the        MSc. Agricultural Engineer
                            Ministry of Agr. & Rural Affairs. G.Directoirate of     Mudafaa Cad. No. 20 Kat.10
                            Agr. Prod. & dev. The tec. Of irrg. Mechanisation       06100 Kizilay- Ankara-Turkey
                            in south-east Anatolia reg. Agr.extention. Queen        Tel: (+90-312) 4178400 Ext. 363
                            bee breeding & bee keeping. Monitorin & eval. of        Fax: (+90-312) 417 00 26
                            Agr. Devel.projects. To collect data, to prep. rpts.    E-mail:
                            on Turkish cotton sector. To org. nat. committee.    
 TEDGEM                     Agricultural Engineer at the Ministry of Agriculture    Mr. M. Metin Karahan
(Coordination Dept.         & Forestry. Train. Concerning breeding technqs.         BSc. Agricultural Engineer
                            RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                             NAME & ADDRESS
General Directorate and     on horticulture in Italy. Counterpart with foreign      TEDGEM Cord.Dpt. of G.D&Sup.
Support)                    consultants on TYUAP project related to agrcl.          Cinnah Cad. No: 16
                            extention. Train. & common Agr. Policy Courses          Ankara - Turkey
                            in European Com. Res. Center of Ankara Univ.            Tel: (+90-312) 4668274/314
TEDGEM                      Agricultural Engineer. M.S.To organize training         Mr. Ridvan Yunlu
(General Directorate of     courses for dif.levels staff&participated as trainer.   Tel: (+90-312) 4668274/314
Publication)                Graduation of Agricultural Faculty Soil Science         Mr. Erdem Oner
                            Dept.Working at Kutahya Tech. Agr. Directorate,         Agricultural Engineer
                            as extension specialist at the proj. of "Improvem.      Tel: (+90-312) 4668274/258
                            Wheat Prod". Working on the topic of assisting
                            farmers who damaged from natural hazards.
                            Educator member on Agr. Extension in Gazi               Assist. Prof. Refiye Aydin
                            Osmanpasa Unv. Agr. Faculty. Head of Agr. Ext.          Tel: (+90-312) 4278414
                            Dpet. In G.D. of Org. & Support of Ministry of Agr.     Fax:(+90-312) 4668256
                            Supervising the Projects of TYUAP, YAYCAP,    
                            Mechz Train. Center for irrigated land coordnated
                            with German Gov., and GAP Irrigation Train.
Ministry of Agriculture &   M.Sc. In Devlp. of Animal Health & Prod. Prgrms.        Mr. Necdet Akkoca
Rural Affairs               Veterinery epidgy. surveillance & monitoring of         G. D. of Prot.& Cont., Akay Cad.
                            of livestock disease, studies prod., artf. insemint.    No.3 Bakanliklar, Ankara-Turkey
                            econ.& implications of disease & disease control        Tel: (+90-312) 4174176 Ext: 187
                            policy formulation, org. of veterinary services,        Fax:(+90-312) 4178209
                            control policy formulation,proj. formul.&evaluation     E-mail:
Ministry of Agriculture &   Project Planning and Evaluation Animal Health at        Mr. Mustafa Zafer Yildiz Zog
Rural Affairs               Project Nat. Level, Inf. System, Local Area             G. D. of Sup.&Control, Esat Cad.
                            Network Admin. different levels staff and               No. 3 Bakanliklar,Ankara-Turkey
                            participated as trainer. Senior Epidemiologyst.         Tel: (+90-312) 4174176 Ext: 187
                                                                                    Fax:(+90-312) 4178209
 TEDGEM                     Started to work as an Epidemiologist Veterinarian       Mr. Huseyin Haluk Askaroglu
(General Directorate of     in the Turkish-German Animal Health Inf. System         Esat Cad. No. 3 Bakanliklar
Protection and Control)     Project (gtz).with Dr. Fritz Barwinek (German) &        Ankara-Turkey
                            Dr. Nicholas Taylor (England),Coordinator of Foot       Tel: (+90-312) 4186317
                            and Mouth Disease Turkey which is suppd         Fax:(+90-312) 4178209
                            by FAO & Coord.r & Mouth Disease by EC.                 E-mail:
Ministry of Agriculture &   Epidemiologist Veterinarian in the Turkish-German       Mr. Mustafa Turan
Rural Affairs               Animal Health Inf. System Project (gtz) with Dr.        Virologist Veterinarian (M.Sc.)
                            Fritz Barwinek (Germ.)Dept.of Contagious Diseas         16. Sok. No: 10/11, Sancak Mah.
                            Dpt.of Contagious Diseases & Diasaster at the           Cankaya - Ankara - Turkey
                            G.D.of Prot. Cont.Coordinator of Foot-&Mout Dis.        Tel: (+90-312) 4174176/ 173
                            Project in Turkey which is supported by FAO and         Fax:(+90-312) 4178209
                            Mouth Disease by European Commission.         
Plant Protection Central    Entomologist, insecticide resistance,toxicology.        Dr. A. Sibel Velioglu
Research Institute          Some effects of Plant Growth regulator "Alar"           Ph.D. Insecticide resistance
                            (Daminozide)using on the Chrysanthemum Breed.           Bagdat Cad. No:250 P.O. Box:49
                            to Myzus (nectarosiphon) persicae (Sulz).Toxic.         06172Yenimahalle-Ankara-Turkey
                            Specialist, Pesticides&similar Prod. Regist. and        Tel: (+90-312) 3445993 (4 lines)
                            Eval. Com. Ivests. Into insect. Resistance in Pop.      Fax:(+90-312) 315 15 31
                            of Myzus persicae (Sulz) collect.from dif.regions       E-mail:
                            Ph.D., Pesticides. Research - 1977-86 in Plant          Dr. Aziz Sav
                            Prot. Chemicals &Equip. Res. Institute; Quality         Tel: (+90-312) 3445993 (4 lines)
                            control & research on pesticide Formulations.           Fax:(+90-312) 315 15 31
                            Survey of Wheat Diseases, their Biologies and           Dr. Huseyin Aktas
                            Epidemics in Anatolian Reg. Disease of Wheat            Ph.D. Phyth. P.O. Box: 49,
                            & Barly, particularly root&foot rot diseases. Insp.     Yenimahalle, Ankara-Turkey.
                            Inspection of cereal seed specimen concerning           Tel: (+90-312) 3445994
                            Quarantine Regulations.                                 Fax:(+90-312) 3151531
                            Ph.D., Entomology. Chief of Agr. Educ. & Exts.          Dr. Alanur Has
                            Dept. Survey of vegetable & forge crops pests,          Bagdat Cad. No:250 P.O. Box:49
                            their biology pop. Dynamics&eval.Biological acts.       06172 Yenimahalle, Ankara-Turkey
                            Survey studies on the Potato tuber moth                 Tel: (+90-312) 3445993 (4 lines)
                            ((Phthorimaea operculela (Zeller)) tuber moth.          Fax:(+90-312) 315 15 31
                            which harmful on Potato in Central Anatolia.  
                            Survey of insects. Ph.D. on the Taxonomic study         Dr. Yasemin Ozdemir
                            study on the species of subfamilies Pimplinae &         Bagdat Cad.No:250 P.O. Box:49
                            Ophioninae (Hymenoptera - Ichneumonidae from            06172Yenimahalle-Ankara-Turkey
                            central Anatolia. Faunistic&Taxonomic studies on        Tel: (+90-312) 315 75 64
                            Icheumonidae (Hymenoptera).Prep. of Insects             Fax:(+90-312) 315 15 31
                            coll. for museum of plant protection. Working for       E-mail:
                            Working on Ichneumonidae species in Paris     
                            museum (Museum National d'Hitoire Naturelle).
                            Ph.D., Entomology. Spec. at the Fruit&Vineyard          Dr. Cevdet Zeki
                           RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
 ORGANIZATION /                                                                              NAME & ADDRESS
                           Surveys on beneficial insects&pests in orchards,        Tel: (+90-312)344 59 93 (4 lines)
                           biological, bio-ecological&control methods stud.        Fax:(+90-312) 315 15 31
                           on important fruit pests. Coordinator of research       E-mail:
                           appl.& training project on integ.pest. mang. (IPM)
                           Ph.D., Entomology (Nematology).Survey of plant          Dr. Guler Ozturk
                           & insect parasitic nematodes. Popul.densities of        Bagdat Cad. No:250 P.O.Box:49
                           plant parasitic nematodes in soil. Evaluating biol.     Tel: (+90-312) 3445993 (4 lines)
                           actvs. Of nematicides against nematodes ub veg.         Fax:(+90-312) 315 15 31
                           IPM progr. on potato, wheat, cherry.Investigation       E-mail:
                           on the effect of Cereal cyst nematodes.       
Plant Protection Central   Ph.D. Taxonomic Botany and on the weed flora            Dr. Aysegul Yildirim
Research Institute         of Central Anatolia.IPM progrms. on chick pea           Tel: (+90-312) 34459934 (4 lines)
                           & lens pests.Co-ordinator of reg. IPM programme         Fax:(+90-312) 315 15 31
                           of lens. Estab. Herbarium. Weed taxonomy.               E-mail:
                           Ph.D., Entomology, on the sterility effects of ga-      Dr. Kadir Melan
                           mma radiation on European corn borer (ECB)              Bagdad Cad. No.250 P.O.Box:49
                           (Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn.). Survey of ceral pests,       06172 Yenimahalle
                           their biology, population dynamics & eval. Biolog.      Ankara-Turkey
                           activities of insecticides against cereal pests.IPM     Tel: (+90-312) 3445993 (4 lines)
                           Prog- on maize & wheat. Coord. Of Nat. IPM Prg.         Fax:(+90-312) 315 15 31
                           of wheat. Coord. Of FAO/TCP Sunn pest IPM prg.          E-mail:
                           in Turkey. Coord. Of Sunn pest cont. in Turkey.
                           Ph.D.Entomology (Nematology).Survey of cereal           Dr. Hatice Memisoglu
                           pests, bioecology of the cereal pests,crop losses       Bagdat Cad.No: 250 P.O. Box:49
                           experiments on the biolog. Act. of the agr. chem.       06172 Y.mahalle, Ankara-Turkey
                           on cereal. Coordination the Sunn pest control in        Tel: (+90-312) 315 7564
                           Central the tax. of cicadellidae.      Fax:(+90-312) 315 15 31
                           Ph.D. Entomology. Insecticides biolog.act.agnst.        Dr. Ali Tamer
                           Survey studies.Integrated pest mng.proj.on chick        Tel: (+90-312) 315 7564
                           pea, Lentil in Central Anatolia reg. Proj. on field     Fax:(+90-312) 315 15 31
                           vegetables crops. Mass-rearing of insects on artf.      E-mail:
                           artficial diets&nat.medium.Odours, under sowing.
                           Ph.D. Entomology. Fruit setting of greenhouse           Dr. Ilyas Cigsar
                           tomatoes&using plant growth regulators, Tomato          P.O. Box: 305
                           &cucamber diseases, Virus diseases of stone             21100, Diyarbakir-Turkey
                           fruits, Virus diseases of grapevine. Studying at        Tel: (+90-412) 2238321
                           Institute Agronomico Mediterraneo di Bari (Italy)       Fax:(+90-412) 2244775
                           on certif. & certified plant prod. Studying on grape    E-mail:
                           vine virus diss. at the Greenhous Crop Res. Inst.
                           M.Sc.Working on "Fruit and vineyard Pests Lab."         Mr. Cevdet Kaplan
                           (Coleptera: Scolytidae) which is harmfull in Stone      Tel: (+90-412) 2238321
                            Fruit In South-east Anatolian Reg. In Harran Unv.      Fax:(+90-412) 2244775
                           Plant Protection Department in 1999. The mainly         E-mail:
                           working subject is Vinyard and Fruit pests. The
                           proj. implm. By dist. Of Scolytus Rugulosus Mull.
                           The Projects had been implemented by him;               Mrs. Ayse Akkaya
                           Investigations on the distribution, Rate of Infection   Tel: (+90-412) 2238321
                           Intensity and Bio-ecology of Lentil Ground Pearl        Fax:(+90-412) 2244775
                           (Porphyrophora (Margarodes)). Investigation on
                           "Chalky Spot" Damage on Lentil in South-eastern
                           Anatolian Reg.Invest.on the dist.rate of infection
                           intesnty & biol. of Lentil root aphid.
                           Ph.D. Ent. Det.,ident.&control of vegt. insects;        Dr. Asuman Ulubilir
                           especially IPM; Biotechnical meth. Biol. control,       P.O. Box:21, 01321 Adana/Turkey
                           mass rearing&releasing of biol agent, using and         Tel: (+90-322) 3219581-82
                           spread bumble bee in protected vegetables crops         Fax:(+90-322) 3224820
                           in Mediterranean Region.                      
                           Ph.D. Entomology. Det.ident.&cont. of vegetable         Dr. Seral Yucel
                           iseases; IPM; solarization, biological control and      P.O.B.21, 01321, Adana/Turkey
                           mycorrhizae greenhouse grown vegetables         Tel: (+90-322) 3219581
                           grown vegs.; appl. of alternative control methods       Fax:(+90-322) 3224820
                           to Methyl bromi-fruit&vineyard pests,citrus pests
                           biological control, cocoidea taxonomy.
                           Ph.D. Entomology. Research Plant Prot.           Dr. Lerzan Bakircioglu Erkilic
                           Research Inst. in Adana. Heat of fruit & vineyard       Tel: (+90-322) 3219581
                           pests studies in the same inst.Head of Biological       Fax:(+90-322) 3224820
                           Control Division in the same institute.       
Plant Protection           Ph.D. Ent.Train.the farmers how to control pests.       Dr. Ummuhan Kaya
Research Institute         Working in the Risiduc Analysis Laboratory. She         Genclik Cad. No: 6
                           can use gas-liquid chromatography&UV spectom.           35040 Bornova - Izmir-Turkey
                           on pesticide residuc analyses. Working on the           Tel: (+90-232) 3880030
                       RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                         NAME & ADDRESS
                       project concerned with the residuc of commonly           Fax:(+90-232) 3741653
                       used fungicides on veg. & tobacco and on       
                       on pesticide residues on grapes and raisins.
                       Ph.D. Ent. As the leader of Proj.&responsible for;       Dr. Ferhunde Ozlem Altindisli
                       Biotechnical methods including mass-trapping,            Tel: (+90-232) 3880030
                       juvenile hormone application & mating disruption         Fax:(+90-232) 3741653
                       tech. gainst European grapevine moth. As suppr.
                       researcher biol.Cont.lobesi botran in vineyards by
                       Bacillus thuringinensis.Insect mng.Responsibility
                       in organic viticulture proj.supported by TUBITAK.
                       Ph.D. Entomology Cereal pests, Stock pests,              Dr. Nilgun Yasarakinci
                       Vegetable pests Predator-prey simulation model           Genclik Cad. No: 6
                       of whirefly & macrolophus caliginosus. Population        35040 Bornova - Izmir/Turkey
                       development of Aculops lycopersicii mess and             Tel: (+90-232) 3880030
                       its chemical control on outdoor tomato. Mass-            Fax:(+90-232) 3741653
                       trapping of Cydia promonella by phcr.          
                       Ph.D. Ent. Investigations on the factors affecting       Dr. Aydin Zumreoglu
                       the pop. fluctuations of the Mediteranean fruitfly       Genclik Cad. No: 6
                       Several researches on fruit pests in the frame of        35040 Bornova - Izmir-Turkey
                       applied entomology, basic & applied researches           Tel: (+90-232) 3880030 Ext:134
                       on fruit flyies of econ. importance namely medfly,       Fax:(+90-232) 3741653
                       European cherry fruit fly & olive fly. Several resch.    E-mail:
                       on biotechnical aspects of fruit pests.        
                       Ph.D. Entomology. Chemical experiments on                Dr. Rahime Altincag
                       grapevine moth (Lobesia botrana Den-Schif) with          Genclik Cad. No: 6
                       traditional insecticides & Bt. Porccasting & warn.       35040 Bornova - Izmir/Turkey
                       system of grapevine moth,Effect of gibberelic acid       Tel: (+90-232) 3880030-31
                       on grapevine moth damage, IPM prog. in vinyards          Fax:(+90-232) 3741653
                       with special ref. To grapevine moth, comparative         E-mail:
                       attractiveness of pheromorc traps of grapv. Moth.
                       Ph.D. Ent. Investigations on the biology of cotton       Dr. Fusun Tezcan
                       aphid (Aphis gossypii Glov.) (Homoptera:                 Tel: (+90-232) 3880030 Ext. 152
                       Aphididne) on cotton & the factors affecting its         Fax:(+90-232) 3741653
                       its population trends.Res. work on the effectivens.      E-mail:
                       of electrodyn against Tetrunychus urticoc and  
                       Tocinnaburines on cotton.
                       Ph.D. Ent. research on Systems of field pulverizt.       Dr. Hasan Kocer
                       used for Herbicides. Working on plant protection         Tel: (+90-232) 3880030
                       machines in vineyard, cotton fields glass houses         Fax:(+90-232) 3741653
                       as detm. of spraying dist. On target area, decrs.        E-mail:
                       of spraying vol. & chemidal appl. rates and cast.
                       Ph.D. Ent. Biological control & IPM. Res. Officer.       Dr. M.Ali Goven
                       Studying in IPM projects of cotton, maize and            Genclik Cad. No: 6
                       grapevines;biological control of mite in grapevines      35040 Bornova - Izmir -Turkey
                       biological control of ECB (O. nubilalis) with            Tel: (+90-232) 3880030
                       Trichogramma brassicae Bezd in maize.                    Fax:(+90-232) 3741653. E-mail:
                       Ph.D. Ph.D. Ent.Studies on the fungicide senstvy         Dr. Mualla Erkan
                       of grapevine powdery mildew (uncinuda necator)           Genclik Cad. No: 6
                       in Agean Reg. of Turkey. IPM in the vineyards.           35040 Bornova - Izmir-Turkey
                       Forcasting syst. in the control of Downy Mildew          Tel: (+90-232) 3880030
                       Butypa Disease (Eutypa lato) on vineyards. Esen          Fax:(+90-232) 3741653
              grapv.Sensitivity of isolates Botrytis cinerea    E-mail:
                       to some fungicides. Bramles diseases.
                       Ph.D. Ent.on Detection methods of seed-borne             Dr. Gonul Demir
                       bacteria in seeds. Det. methods of seeds-borne           Tel: (+90-232) 3880030
                       bacteria. Biological cont. of crown gall. Ident. of      Fax:(+90-232) 3741653. E-mail:
                       of plant pathogenic bacteria.forc.syst.on fireblight
Central Institute of   Technology of Vegetable Oil. Working for Central         Mr. Seref Tepe
Food Research          Inst. of Food Res., Bursa. A research on the food        P.O. Box. 3, 16036 Hurriyet
                       additives and contaminants (Det. The levels of           Bursa, Turkey
                       nitrit & nitrate in foods).Detrmn.of nitrate in foods)   Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       Determination of tocopheral content&composition          Fax:(+90-224) 2461941, E-mail:
                       for refined sunflower oils prod. in Marmara region.
Central Institute of   M.Sc. Food Engineer Food Techn. (Additives &             Mr. Enver Tan
Food Research          Residues).Prsrv.of fish in preservative addet ice.       P.O. Box. 3
                       Researches on the process techniques of fresh            16036 Hurriyet, Bursa - Turkey
                       water Crayfish (Astacus leptoctilus) of water actv.      Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       (aw) of sausages in Bursa market. Res.on frozen          Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       Researches on different preservation                     E-mail:
                       methods of Eggs. A study on determination      
                       storage & preservation of texture & prev. browing
                       of canned shrimp tail meat.Res. On the determin.
                       RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                         NAME & ADDRESS
                       of Arsenic&lead quants. in the syntetic pigments
                       used in food industry and on effect of Bentonite
                       used as a supp. Material for clarific. In the prod.
                       of frui juice to the characteristic of the product.
                       M.Sc. Agr. Eng. In the research area of Milk and          Mr. Nizamettin Caliskan
                       Milk Producst. Res.on the determ.of most applic.          Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       method for antibiotics in the milk. Res.on prevent        Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       of mildew in kashar cheese dur. Stor.on charact.          E-mail:
                       on charact. of condensed of milk (by ad.var.perc.
                       of suga). Prepering Turkish food comb. table.
                       M.Sc. Agr. Eng. Proc. Veget.& Fruits. Research            Mr. Bahri TUNC
                       on making canned fruit in water. Res. on devlp.           Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       of the tech. of the humus canned and on the det.          Fax:(0090-224) 2461941
                       sterilisation value conds. for canned mix vegtbl.         E-mail:
                        Researches on the imprv. of black colour&short.
                       of flavoring period of olives. Res. of the delay of
                       swelling in vacuum pack of Gemlik Olives compl.
                       Res. of the eff.of bentonite used as supp. matrl.
                       for the prod.of fruit juice to charct.of prod.
                       The Reschs. on befitting of imp.sweet corn varts.
                       for canned food,on evaluation of water-melon, on.
                       befit. of new varts. of peach for ind. proc., on
                       filtered honey sold in Bursa local market., on the
                       storage of cult. Mushromm (Abisporus) at diff.
                       temperatures & in diff. packing materials.
                       M.Sc. Agr.Eng. Food tech. on processed fruit &            Mr. Yalcin Gumus
                       vegtble.Res. on making mixed canned fruit&dvlp.           P.O. Box. 3, 16036 Hurriyet
                       of its processing tech.,on the eff. of betonite usd.      Bursa, Turkey
                       as supp. mat. for clarif. In the prod. of fruit juice     Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       to the charact.of prod.and for the det.of physical,       Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       chemical, palynological criteria to be basis for          E-mail:
                       disting. of nat. & artificial honeys prod. In Turkey
                       Ph.D. Veterinarian. Animal Feed & Nutr. The res.          Dr. Husnu Isik
                       of usage of full fat sybean instead meal in broiler       P.O. Box. 3, 16036 Hurriyet
                       rations. The eff. of plant freq. on the nutrl. stuct.     Bursa, Turkey
                       & stor. ability of the plant in sowing some maize         Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       varieties. Det. of mold quant.&quality in mix feeds       Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       produced for poultry in Bursa and on det. of feed         E-mail:
                       values on some agr. Waste products(tomato, pea  
                       apple). The invest.on the accordance of the effec.
                       mat. Available in mixed feed & feed premixes to
                       the norm&dec.norms. On the det. of erusic asid.
                       M.Sc. Agr. Eng.Food Microb.Researches on the              Dr. Neva Bilgun
                       process tech. of freshwater Crayfish (Astacus             P.O. Box. 3, 16036 Hurriyet
                       Leptodactilus), on microbl. characts. of water            Bursa, Turkey
                       used in food tech. In Bursa. Researches on the            Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       det. Of microb. criteria in some foods, on the            Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       starter cult. Isolation & their prod. For gree olive      E-mail:
                       ferm, on Aflotoxin occuring on poultry mix-feed 
                       prod. a reas on the food addt.&contaminants.
Central Institute of   M.Sc. Agr. Eng. Food Tech. (Addits.&Residues).            Mr.M.A. Erbahadir
Food Research          Det. of the Comp. of some varieties of Teas prod.         P.O. Box. 3, 16036 Hurriyet
                       in Turkey.Det.of Comp of some non-alcholic Carb           Bursa, Turkey
                       Baverages. Acum. of Nitrate&nitrite in some               Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       tomato vars. suitable for the ind.&its effs.on det.       Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       in Cans. Det. Of pes. Residues Comp. Dynamic              E-mail:
                       Meat and Fishery Producst.Working as resercher            Dr. Aysegul Eryigit
                       Study on det.Of food additv.& residues. Pesticide         Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
              some table oliv. that grown in Marmara reg.       Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       Comparate of Fatty Acid Estrf. edible oil.
                       M.Sc. Agr. Eng.Food Addt.&Residues (Pesticide             Mrs. Leman Oztekin
                       residues).Study on det. of pest. resid. levels in         Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       in the water in Bursa reg. and on det. of some            Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       organochlorine pest. resid. levl. In some table 
                       olives. Comp. of fatty acid esterf. Methods.
                       M.Sc. Food Eng. Fishery prod. eval. & preparing           Mrs. Hidayet Sen
                       of res projs. Agr. prod. & mark. planning is only         Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       possible thr.forming publicly supp.farmer union           Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       Using the starter cult. In ferm. meat&dairy prods.        E-mail:
                       Food poisoning caused the fishery prod&on warn. 
                       over flav. in ready to serviced chicken meat prod.
                       during packaged chicken meat prod.
                       M.Sc. Agr. Eng. Resid. analy. in food. work.for           Mrs. Sahnur Irmak
                       Pinar Dairy Corp. & for central inst.of food resch.       Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                      NAME & ADDRESS
                       A study on det. sunflower oil refination phases        Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       which prod. With physical & chemical refin. Meth.      E-mail:
                       Some Metal Amounts in last product.          
                       Technology of cereals. Work. for Directorate of        Mr. Ramazan Gultekin
                       of Provincal Control Laboratory & for Central Inst.    Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       of Food Research as researcher.                        Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       Agr. Eng. Microb. & Diary Products. Working for        Mrs. Imran Kaya
                       Central Inst. of Food Research as researcher.          Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                                                                              Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       Ph.D. Food Eng.Meat&Seafood Prod.Work.Cent.            Dr. Banu Bilge Ovali
                       Inst. of Food Res. Recombination of Bacteria.          Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       qualities of whole & stuffed green olives prep.from    Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       Gemlik & Celebi variaties.The Hygienic Signific.       E-mail:
                       of parasities in Marine Animals. The microbiology
                       qualities of the cream puffies presenting to the
                       consump. In Bursa.Prod.of quality meat&contam.
                       sources in meat ind. Food poisining caused by
                       seafood.Tech.Signif.of parasities in Marine Anim.

                       Veterinarian. Teaching food science in Erzincan        Mrs. Aykut Guleren
                       High School for Laboratory Tecnicians. Working         Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       Central Inst. of Food Research as researcher.          Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       Ph.D. Veterinarian.Techn.&Hygiene in Milk&Milk         Dr. Hulya Varlik
                       prod. Investigations on the form.&det. of some         Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       Biogenic Amines(Histamine and Tyramine) in             Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       white cheeses prod. diff. techs.The effects on the     E-mail:
                       form. Factors of Biogenic Amines in cheese. Eff.
                       factors at flavour&warned-over flavours in meat&
                       products preventing of warned-over flavour.
Central Institute of   Agr. Eng. Proces. Vegetables & Fruits. Working         Mr. Ahmet Kilinc
Food Research          for Central Institute of Food Research as resch.       Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       A res. on drying the apricots & fig at sun coll.dry.   Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       M.Sc.Food Eng.Food Additives & Residues.Work           Mr. Turgay Mercan
                       for Municipality of Bursa & for Cent. Inst. of food    Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       research. Res. Of assignation of suitable varieties    Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       of pumpkin for prod. Of its desert & optimisation      E-mail:
                       of the production pumpkin dessert.           
                       Veterinarian.Teaching food science in Erzincan         Mr. Aykut Guleren
                       High School for Laboratory Tecnicians. Working         Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       for Cent. Inst. of Food Research as researcher.        Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       Ph.D. Veterinarian.Tech.& Hygiene in Milk & Milk       Dr. Hulya Varlik
                       Products. Investig. on the Form. & det. Of some        Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       Biogenic Amines (Histamine&Tyramine) in White          Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       Cheeses prod. diff. techns.Eff.factors at flavour      E-mail:
                       & warned-over flavour in the meat & products.
                       M.Sc. Food Eng.Food Additives&Residues.Work.           Mr. Turgay Mercan
                       Municipality of Bursa&for Cent. Inst.of food resch.    Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       Res.of assign.of suitable varieties of pumpkin for     Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       prod.of its desert&optm.of the prod.pumpkin des.
                       M.Sc. Agr. Eng. Proces. Veget.&Fruits. Working         Mr. Yusuf Mete Guzel
                       as an teacher of food tech., as an Agr. Eng. at        Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       Ministry of Agr.&Cent. Inst. of Food Res. as res.      Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       A res.about improv. prod. Techn.of cherry confec.
                       M.Sc. Agr.Eng. Food Microbiology. Working as a         Dr. Aydin Kaya
                       res. Asst.&for Centr.Inst. of Food Res. as reschr.     Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       A Research on the Determ. of Tomato Virus              Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       Diseases in Bursa province.                  
                       Agr. Eng. Food Additives&Residues. Working for         Mrs. Fusun Akcay
                       private firm until 1993, for Ministry of Agriculture   Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       & for Central Institute of Food Res. since 1999.       Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       M.Sc. Agr. Eng. Food Additives&Residues.Work.          Mrs. Gulnur Fehmiye Biricik
                       at Ataturk Cent.Inst. of Horticultural Res & Cent.     Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                       Inst. of Food Res., as researcher. A research on       Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                       the det. Of the Load of Microorganism and the          E-mail:
                            RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                         NAME & ADDRESS
                            kinds of using synthetic organic colours of the
                            Sugar Candies.
                            Veterinarian. Meat and Fishery Products.Workingl    Mr. Murat Metli
                            for Centra Inst. of Food Research, as researcher.   Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                                                                                Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
                            Veterinarian. Meat and Fishery Products. Work.      Mr. Erkan Bakan
                            for Central Inst.of Food Research, as researcher.   Tel: (+90-224) 2464721
                                                                                Fax:(+90-224) 2461941
Ankara University           Field Crops Specialists.                            Prof Dr. Ekrem Kun
                                                                                Faculty of Agriculture
                                                                                Diskapi - Ankara / Turkey
                                                                                Tel: (+90-312) 3170550
                                                                                Prof Dr. H. Huseyin Gecit
                                                                                Prof. Dr. Murat Ozgen
                                                                                (Cereals and Food Legumes)
Ankara University           Field Crops Specialists.                            Prof. Dr. Neset Aslan
                                                                                (Medicinal Plants)
                                                                                Prof. Dr. Celal Er
                                                                                (Industrial Crops)
Ankara University           Field Crops Specialists.                            Mrs. Nilgun Bayraktar
                                                                                Prof. Dr. Ozer Kolsarici
                                                                                Assist. Prof. Mustafa Onder
                                                                                (Oil Seed Crops)
                                                                                Prof. Dr. Cemalettin Y. Ciftci
                                                                                Assist. Prof. Saime Unver
                                                                                (Food Legumes)
                                                                                Prof. Dr. Ahmet Erac
                                                                                Prof. Dr. Hayrettin Ekiz
                                                                                Prof. Dr. Onur Ercan
Gazi Osman Pasa                                                                 Prof. Dr. Emin Tugay
University                                                                      (Barley)
                                                                                Faculty of Agriculture
                                                                                Dept. of Field Crops
BD Int. Winter Cereals      Field Crops Specialists.                            Dr. Hasan Ekiz
Research Center                                                                 (Cereal Breeding)
Anatolia Agricultural       Field Crops Specialists.                            Dr. Arif Cildir, (Barley Breeding)
Research Institute                                                              Eskisehir - Turkey
                                                                                Dr. Mufit Kalayci
                                                                                (Cereal agronomist)
Ege (Aegean) University     Quality - Food Technology                           Prof. Dr. Sezgin Unal
                                                                                Department of Food Engineering
                                                                                Izmir - Turkey
                                                                                Assist. Prof. Hamit Koksal
Hacettepe University                                                            Department of Food Engineering
                                                                                Tel: (+90-312) 2352500/1286
                                                                                Tel: (+90-312) 3170550
                                                                                Prof. Dr. Hazim Ozkay
Ankara University                                                               Department of Food Technology
                                                                                Diskapi - Ankara / Turkey
                                                                                Prof. Dr. Recai Erkan
Selcuk University                                                               Prof. Dr. Adem Elgun
                                                                                Agriculture Faculty Dept.
                                                                                of Food Technology
                                                                                Prof. Dr. Atilla Akgul
                                                                                Assist. Dr. Selman Turker
Anatolia Agr. Research      Plant Diseases                                      Dr. Necmettin Bolat (Cereal Dis.)
Inst. Plant Prot. Central                                                       Ankara - Turkey.
Res. Inst.                                                                      Dr. Huseyin Aktas
                                                                                Dr. Guler Ozturk
                                                                                Prof. Dr. Emel Okten (Nematod)
                                                                                Prof. Dr. Rifat Yalcin
Ankara University           Soil Science                                        Faculty of Agriculture
                                                                                Diskapi - Ankara / Turkey
                                                                                Tel: (+90-312) 3170550
                                                                                Prof. Dr. Mustafa Canga
Cukurova Universitesi                                                           Prof. Dr. Sadik Usta
                                                                                Faculty of Agriculture
                                                                                Adana - Turkey
                                                                                Prof. Dr. Ismail Cakmak
                                                                                (Micro element)
Selcuk University                                                               Prof. Dr. Saim Karakaplan
                                                                                Faculty of Agriculture
                                                                                Konya - Turkey
                                                                                Prof. Dr. Rahmi Keskin
                           RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                  NAME & ADDRESS
Ankara University         Agricultural Machinery                         Faculty of Agriculture
                                                                         Diskapi - Ankara / Turkey
                                                                         Tel: (+90-312) 3170550
Ankara University         Agricultural Machinery                         Prof. Dr. Mehmet Arif Erol
                                                                         (Planting Machinery)
                                                                         Assoc. Prof. Recai Gurhan
                                                                         (Water pomps)
Gazi University                                                          Prof. Dr. Muammer Nalbant
                                                                         Machinery Faculty
                                                                         Ankara - Turkey
Ege (Agean) University                                                   Prof. Dr. Ismet Onal
                                                                         Agricultural Machinery Dept.
                                                                         Izmir - Turkey
Selcuk University                                                        Assoc. Prof. Huseyin Ogut
                                                                         Machinery Faculty
                                                                         Konya - Turkey
                          State Enterprises (Proprietorship),
Petroleum Research
Centers                  Cooperation with local Organization /           METU Petroleum Engineering Depart.
                         Institutions, Petroleum Activities Directora-   Ankara - TURKEY.
                         te, State Planning Organization (DPT),          Tel: (0090-312) 2104889
                         TPAO, Municipalities. Publications;             Fax: (0090-312) 2101271
                         Reports of Petroleum Products Routine
                         Analyses. Short-Term Courses.
                         To make necessary researches for drilling
                         and production of Petrol which are satisfac-
                         tory in content and quality for transferring
                         of all these in the future to a Research
                         Center that would be enough for the
                         demands of both public and private sectors
Ankara University        Research activities are carried out with the    Ankara University
Department of Geological equipment present in the Mineralogy,            Tandogan / Ankara
Engineering              Petrography, Sedimetalogy, Soil Mecha-          Tel: (0090-312) 212 60 40
                         nics, and Thins Section Laboratories,           Fax: (0090-312) 223 63 70
                         individual and graduate research projects
                         on daily problems are performed in coor-
                         dination with state organizations such as
                         TUBITAK, TPAO, MTA, etc.
                         completion and prelending the environ-
                         ment Pollution causing from those activits.
                         taking place both in abroad and in home to
                         make all these studies successful.
                         R&D Activities: Rock Petrography, cedi-
                         mantology, geo-chemistry & Organic Matu
                         rity studies, bio-stratygraphy, bio-zonation
                         drilling tech., Rs.&Model.Stud.of Reservoir
                                                                         Assoc. Prof. Kazim Carman
Selcuk University         Agricultural Machinery                         Faculty of Agriculture
                                                                         Machinery Faculty
                                                                         Konya - Turkey
                                                                         Assoc. Prof. Fikret Demir
Ankara University         Agricultural Economy                           Faculty of Agriculture
                                                                         Diskapi - Ankara / Turkey
                                                                         Tel: (+90-312) 3170550
                                                                         Prof. Dr. Ahmet Erkus
                                                                         Prof. Dr. Ahmet Turkey
                                                                         Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ozcelik
                          Veterinary Faculties.                          Prof. Dr. Ergun Ozalp, Dean
Ankara University                                                        Tel: (+90-312) 216 03 13
                                                                         Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
                                                                         Ankara - Turkey
                                                                         Prof. Dr. Necdet Guven, Dean
Adnan Menderes                                                           Tel: (+90-256) 21130 04
University                                                               Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
                                                                         Aydin - Turkey
                                                                         Prof. Dr. Bulent Mutluer, Dean
Akdeniz University                                                       Tel: (+90-248) 234 45 00
                                                                         Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
                                                                         Burdur - Turkey
Dicle University                                                         Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
                                                                         Diyarbakir - Turkey
                                                                         Tel: (+90-424) 212 85 25
                                                                         Dean, Faculty of Veterinary
Kocatepe University                                                      Medicine. Afyon - Turkey
                                                                         Tel: (+90-272) 213 41 38
                            RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                      NAME & ADDRESS
                                                                             Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Yuzuncu Yil University                                                       Van - Turkey
                                                                             Tel: (+90-412) 248 81 01
                                                                             Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Erciyes University                                                           Kayseri - Turkey
                                                                             Tel: (+90-412) 248 81 01
Firat University                                                             Elazig - Turkey
                                                                             Prof. Dr. Nazir Dumanli, Dean.
                                                                             Tel: (+90-432) 225 11 28
                                                                             6. Sok. No. 6
Ege Vet                     Private Veterinary Organizations                 35010 Bornova - Izmir-Turkey
                                                                             Tel: (+90-232) 388 38 42
Setbir                                                                       Adakale Sok. Isik Apt.No. 22/10
                                                                             Kizilay - Ankara-Turkey
                                                                             Tel: (+90-312) 431 27 40
                            Private Veterinary Organizations                 Cetin Emec Bulvari 8. Cad
Bestbir                                                                      4/6 Ovecler - Ankara-Turkey
                                                                             Tel: (+90-312) 479 62 47
                                                                             Sehit Adem Yavuz Sokak
Ayvetsan                                                                     No. 6/24 06640 Kizilay - Ankara
                                                                             Tel: (+90-312) 419 50 73
                                                                             Esat Cad. No. 39/1
Vakif (Turkish Veterinary                                                    Kucukesat - Ankara
Surgeons Foundation)                                                         Tel: (+90-312) 431 20 38
                            Animal Nutrition                                 Mrs. Sema Yaman
Lalahan Animal                                                               Mr. Melik Aytac
Husbandry Research          Breeding-Animal husbandry.                       Mr. Numan Akyol
Institute                                                                    Ankara - Turkey
                                                                             Tel: (0090-312) 865 11 90
Marmara Animal                                                               Mr. Mehmet Ada
Husbandry Research          Breeding-Animal husbandry (Sheep).               Bandirma - Turkey
Institute                                                                    Tel: (+90-266) 714 0780
                            Poultry.                                         Dr. Habib Efil
Directorate of Poultry                                                       Ankara - Turkey
Research Institute                                                           Tel: (+90-312) 3156035
                                                                             Dr. Mehmet Bozkurt
Directorate of Fig                                                           Erbeyli - Aydin-Turkey
Research Institute                                                           Tel: (0090-256) 5811123
Directorate of Silkworm     Silkworm.                                        Mr. Sadettin Isik
Research Institute                                                           Bursa - Turkey
                                                                             Tel: (+90-224) 246 48 00
Dir. of Ege (Agean) Agr.    Agriculture.                                     Mr. A. Ihsan Ozturk
Research Institute                                                           Izmir - Turkey.
                                                                             (+90-232) 2560514
Directorate of Bodrum    Fisheries.                                          Dr. Ekrem Buhan
Fisheries Research Inst.                                                     Dr. Ergun Buke, Mugla-Turkey
                                                                             Tel: (+90-252) 3161143
Etlik General Veterinary                                                     Dr. Nahit Yazicioglu, Director
Control and Research                                                         Ankara - Turkey
                                                                             Dr. Rauf Akkaya
                                                                             Deputy Director
                                                                             Tel:(+90-312) 3211755,32600 90
                                                                             Fax: (+90-312) 321 17 55.
                            Rinderpest Epidemiology.                         Dr. Nigar Tatar
                            Tikborne diseases.                               Dr. Bengi Dundar
                            Rinderpest-vaccine production.                   Dr. Ozden Kabakli
                            Rabies.                                          Dr. Orhan Aylan
                            Diagnosis of Bacterial animal diseases.          Mr. Selahattin Sen
Pendik Veterinary                                                            Dr. Kaya Demirozu, Director.
Control and Research                                                         Istanbul - Turkey.
Institute                                                                    Tel: (+90-216) 390 12 80
                                                                             Mr. Veli Gulyaz
                                                                             Deputy Director
                            Brucellosis.                                     Dr. Yavuz Uysal
                            Epidemiology.                                    Dr. Selma Iyisan
                            Fisheries.                                       Ms. Ayse Atesoglu
Foot and Mouth                                                               Dr. Muhammet Aksin, Director
Disease Institute                                                            Tel: (+90-312) 287 94 77,
                                                                             287 36 00. Ankara - Turkey
                                                                             Mr. Mahir Adibes
                            Foot and Mouth Dis. (FMD) vaccine prod. techs.   Dr. Sinan Aktas
                            FMD diagnosis, serology an immunology            Dr. Ismet Gurhan
 ORGANIZATION /                                                             NAME & ADDRESS
                    FMD epidemiology.                            Mr. Gulhan Aynagoz
                                    EDUCATION, SCIENCE AND CULTURE
                                                                 Prof. Dr. Yetkin Gungor
Ankara University   Agriculture.                                 Faculty of Agriculture
                                                                 Diskapi/Ankara - Turkey.
                                                                 Tel: (+90-312) 317 05 50
                                                                 Prof.Dr. Mehmet Bulbul
                    Agricultural Economics.                      Dept. of Agricultural Economics.
                                                                 Prof. Dr. Rahmi Keskin
                    Agricultural Machinery.                      Dept. of Agricultural machinery
                                                                 Prof. Dr. Jelal Er
                    Agronomy.                                    Dept. of Agronomy.
                                                                 Prof. Dr. Murat Zincirlioglu
                    Animal Science.                              Dept. of Animal Science.
                                                                 Prof. Dr. Emel Sezgin
                    Dairy Technology.                            Dept. of Dairy Technology.
                                                                 Prof. Dr. Cengiz Okman
                    Farm Structures and Irrigation.              Dept. of Farm Struct.& Irrigation.
                                                                 Prof. Dr. Dogan Atay
                    Fisheries and Aquaculture.                   Dept. of Fisshers. & Aquaculture.
                                                                 Prof. Dr. Muammer Kayahan
                    Food Engineering.                            Dept. of Food Engineering.
                                                                 Prof. Dr. Hasan Celik
                    Horticulture.                                Dept. of Horticultur.
                                                                 Prof. Dr. Hayran Celem
                    Lanscape Architecture.                       Dept. of Lanscape Architecture.
                                                                 Prof. Dr. Oktay Gurkan
                    Plant Protection.                            Dept. of Plant Protection.
                                                                 Prof. Dr. Nuri Munsuz
                    Soil Science.                                Dept. of Soil Science.
                                                                 Prof. Dr. Erol Mutlu,
                    Communications.                              Fac. of Communications,Cebeci/Ankara.
                                                                 Tel: (+90-312) 319 77 14
                    Journalism.                                  Prof. Dr. Turker Alkan
                                                                 Dept. of Journalism.
                    Public Relations.                            Prof. Dr. Metin Kazanci
                                                                   Dept. of Public Relations.
                                                                   Prof. Dr. Nilgun Abisel
                    Radio Television and Film.                     Dept. of Radio Television & Film.
                                                                   Prof. Dr. Belka Ozdogan
                    Educational Sciences.                          Faculty of Educational Sciences
                                                                   Cebeci / Ankara - Turkey.
                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 363 33 50
                                                                   Prof. Dr. Alpaslan Isikli
                    Labor Economics and Industrial Relations.      Faculty of Political Sci., Dept.
                                                                   of Labor Econs. & Industrial Rels.
                                                                   Cebeci / Ankara - Turkey.
                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 319 77 20
                                                                   Prof. Dr. Uren Arsen
                    Public Finance.                                Dept. of Public Finance.
                                                                   Prof. Dr. Cemal Aydin
                    Science.                                       Faculty of Science
                    Dept. of Astronomy & Space Sciences            Tandogan/Ankara - Turkey.
                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 212 67 20
                                                                   Prof. Dr. Ender Yurdakul
                    Biology.                                       Dept. of Biology.
                                                                   Prof. Dr. Aral Olcay
                    Chemical Engineering.                          Dept. of Chemical Engineering.
                                                                   Prof. Dr. Baki Varol
                    Geological Engineering.                        Dept. of Geological Engineering.
                                                                   Prof. Dr. Ahmet T. Basokur
Ankara University   Geophysical Engineering.                       Dept. of Geophysical Eng.
                                                                   Prof. Dr. Omer L. Gebizlioglu
                    Statistics.                                    Dept. of Statistics.
                                                                   Prof. Dr. Satilmis Atag
                    Physics.                                       Dept. of Physics.
                                                                   Prof. Dr. Ergun Ozalp
                    Veterinary.                                    Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
                                                                   Tandogan/Ankara - Turkey.
                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 317 03 15
                                                                   Prof. Dr. Prof. Erdogan Samsar
                    Diseases and Clinical Sciences.                Dept.of Dises.&Clinical Sciences
                                                                   Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ergun
                    Animal Husbandry and Nutrition.                Div. of Animal Husbandry&Nutr.
                           RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                           NAME & ADDRESS
                                                                                 Prof. Dr. Latife Biyikli
                           Educational Sciences.                                 Institute of Educational Sciences
                                                                                 06590 Cebeci / Ankara - Turkey.
                                                                                 Tel: (+90-312) 363 33 50
                                                                                 Fax: (+90-312) 363 61 45
                                                                                 Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baray
Bilkent University         Engineering.                                          Faculty of Engineering
                                                                                 06533 Bilkent / Ankara - Turkey
                                                                                 Tel: (+90-312) 266 41 25
                                                                                 Fax: (+90-312) 266 41 27
                                                                                 Prof. Dr. Varol Akman
                           Computer Engineering and Information Science.         Dept. of Comp. Eng.&Inf. Systs.
                                                                                 Prof. Dr. A. Bulent Ozguler
                           Electrical and Electronics Engineering.               Dept. of Electrical & Electr. Eng.
                                                                                 Associate Prof. Osman Oguz
                           Industrial Engineering.                               Dept. of Industrial Engineering.
                                                                                 Associate Prof. Kamer Rodoplu
                           Computer Technology and Office Management.            Vocational School of Computer
                                                                                 Technology and Office Mang.
                                                                                 M/S Nermin Fenman,
                           Commerce and Administration                           M.Sc. (Chemical Engineer)
                                                                                 Dept. of Commerce and Adm.
                                                                                 M/S Reyhan Ayfer
                           Computer Technology and Performing.                   M.Sc. (Computer Engineer)
                                                                                 Dept. of Computer Tech.&Perf.
                                                                                 Prof. Fethi Idiman, President
Dokuz Eylul University                                                           Buca, 35160 Izmir - Turkey.
                                                                                 Tel: (0090-232) 4204179
                                                                                 Fax: (0090232) 4208132
                           Business Administaration.                             Prof. Cengiz Pinar
                                                                                 Department of Business Adm.
                                                                                 Tel: (0090-232) 4405151
                           Economics.                                            Prof. Mehmet Civelek
                                                                                 Department of Economics
                                                                                 Tel: (0090-232) 4405151
                           International Relations.                              Prof. Mete Oktay
                                                                                 Department of International Rel.
                                                                                 Tel: (0090-232) 4405151
                           Tourism Management.                                   Prof. Orhan Icoz
                                                                                 Department of Tourism Mang.
                                                                                 Tel: (0090-232) 4420611
                           Ph.D. in Chemical Eng. & Fuel Techn. Sheffield        Prof. Dr. Nevin Selcuk
Middle East Technical      U.K. Awards: Robert Strying Scholarship,Oil Co.       Middle East Technical Univ.
University                 NATO Research Grant, NATO/AGARD Research              Chemical Engineering Dept.
                           grant outs.Res.&Outst. Heat Scien.           Ankara 06531, Turkey
                           Science&Techn. Awar, World Engy Council-Outs
                           Turkish Nat.Committee 50th Anv. Award for
                           Biogas prod. From semi-continuous Anaerobic
                           digestion of wheat straw. Implementation of
                           fluidized bed techn. in cement sector,Comb. of
                           low qualith lignitesin fluidized bed combustos &
                           Anlys. of lignite & ddditives to be used specf. in
                           2 MW AFB steam gnrt., process design of 2 MWW
                           AFP steam gnrt. Consultancy & cnsts. Services
                           on CAN thermal pow. St. PSEG, TEAS on slctn.
                           Stragtography of wstrn. thrace olgsn. linyit cls.,    Mr. Necdet Erdogan
Ankara University          surveying geological structure of the Anatolian -     Department of Geological Eng.
Faculty of Sciences        peninsula, Recycling of packing & solid wastes        06700 Ankara-Turkey
                           in specially protctd. areas management of sand,       Tel: (+90-312) 4408551-315
                           Extraction in specially protected areas.              Fax: (+90-312) 4408553
                           Collecting geological data to determine & Mng.        Mr. Sucaatin Baran
Istanbul Technical Univ.   principles' implementation of Prtcn. and use of       Faculty of Minig Department of
(General Directorate of    urban & industrial activities for the prep.of phys.   Geochemistry on Mineral Beds
Mining Research            plans & est. of spec. protected areas,     Koza Sokak No.32
Institute)                 surveying geological structure of the Anatolian       06700 Gazi Osman Pasa
                           peninsula, Environmental impact assessment for        Ankara - Turkey
                           ports,Sand extractionin specially protected areas     Tel: (+90-312) 4408551-315
                           Hydrogeological investigations on the protection      Fax: (+90-312) 4408553
                           & conservation of ground & underground water
                           resources, determination & conserv. of water
                           Prtcn. zones in specially protectged atea. Certif.
                           RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
 ORGANIZATION /                                                                          NAME & ADDRESS
                       Hydrogeology training Programme.
                       Equilibrium Level Pollution Caused by Detergents         Mr. Guner Ergun
Institute of Marine    in Water and its Effect on Living Creatures. The         Faculty of Minig
(METU)                 Distribution of Five Calenoid Copepod Species in         Dep.of Geochem. on Min. Beds
                       the Black Sea and Its statistical Evaluation             06700 Gazi Osman Pasa
                       (Zooplanctions), Biological Oceanography,                Ankara - Turkey
                       Inspectoration ofFishery Products in Specially           Tel: (+90-312) 4408551-307
                       Protected Areas. M.Sc. Institute of Marine               Fax: (+90-312) 4408553
                       Sciences (METU).                               
                       Characterisation of Sheep Liver Phenolsulfatr-           Dr. Ayhan Toprak
Biochemistry, Physical ansferase Enzyme (Biochemistry -Toxicology),             Koza Sok. 32
Sciences Institute     Acute Toxicity Pyrotroid Pesticides on Aquatic           06700 Gazi Osman Pasa
(METU)                 Systems (Environment Toxicology),Environment             Ankara - Turkey.
                        Education for Children, Adults & the Main Target        Tel: (+90-312) 440 85 51-313
                       Groups in Specially Protected Areas,Preparation          Fax: (+0312) 440 85 53
                       in Biology Education Programme on Envrmntl.              E-mail:
                       Toxicology,Certificate, on Wetlands Mngmnt.
                       Ph.D. in Effect of Low Frequency Vibration on            Mr. Kadir Kocatepe
Gazi University        Macro and Micro Structures of LM25 and LM6               Faculty of Technical Education
                       Alloys, University of Strathclyde, Dept. of              Besevler-Ankara, Turkey.
                       Metallurgy and Eng. Materials. Metal Education           Tel: (+90-312) 212 6820, 3089
                       Department and Casting Division.                         Fax: (+90312) 212 0059
                       Working at city gas plant in Ankara,Turkish elect.       Mrs. A. Selva Tuzuner
Turkish Electricity    auth. dept. of nuclear power plant proj. & const.        Director
GenerationTransmission Group of Const.&Procr. (Chief Eng.) Water chem.          Department of Environment
Corporation (TEAS)     water treatment,sea-water chlo-rination in nuclr.        Inonu Bulvari No.27
                       power plants. Eval.of env.issues of power gener.,        Ankara - Turkey.
                       partic. air poll.. Studies on global, climate change     Tel: (+90-312) 212 7862
                       in gen.&in power gen. Nat.& int. relations on env.       Fax: (+90312) 222 82 58
                       issues.In the framework of int.rel.swith UN Econ.
                       Commission in Europe. Energy Effic. 2000 Proj.
                       Env. performance reviews of UNECE transition             Mr. Eyup Yuksel
Middle East Technical  econ. countries, prep. Of biosafety &        Koza Sokak No. 32
University (METU)      & int. UN Conv.'s Protocol Draft on Biodiversity,        06700 Gazi Osman Pasa
                       Prep.of Nat. Env. Strategy & Action Plan (NEAP)          Ankara - Turkey.
                       Cost -benefit analysis of environ. degradation,          Tel: (+90-312) 440 85 51-313
                       sustainable dvl. Principle implementation of the         Fax: (+90312) 440 85 53
                       WB, env. policy mng. of biodiversity, mng. Degr.
                       sust. Dvl. of nat. & forest. M.Sc. thesis, on         
                       agr. biotech. & env. monitoring in wetlands.
National Meterology    Actg. Director                                           Mr. M. Sermet Suer P.O Box. 54, 41470,
Institute                                                                       Gebze Kocaeli-Turkey, Tele+ 90 262
                                                                                6795000, Fax+90 262 6795001
                          Assistant Director Techolology P.hD Physics           DR.S.. Temel YALCIN, P.O Box. 54,
                                                                                41470, Gebze Kocaeli-Turkey, Tele + 90
                                                                                262 6795000, Fax +90 262 6795001

                                                                                Dr.Sakir BAYTAROGLU, P.O Box. 54,
                          Assistant Director Techolology P.hD Mechanical        41470, Gebze Kocaeli-Turkey, Tele + 90
                          Engineering                                           262 6795000, Fax +90 262 6795001
                                                                                Dr. Huseyin DILSIZ, P.O Box. 54, 41470,
                                                                                Gebze Kocaeli-Turkey, Tele + 90 262
                          Assistant Director Administrative P.hD Physics        6795000, Fax +90 262 6795001
Institute for Genetic
Engeering & Bio
Technology (RIGEB)        Mollecular Cell, Bilogy Tissue Engineering            Associate Prof. Kemal BAYSAL, M.D P.hD
                          Enzyme Chemistry, Industiral Enzymes                  Prof. Dr. Altan ERARSLAN
                          Immunology                                            Associate Prof. Dr. Aynur BASALP
                          Plant Molecular Biology, Plant signal transduction,
                          Phytoremediation                                      Prof. Dr. Abdul Rezzak MEMON
                          Plants Genetics, Genetically modified plants          Associate Prof. Tijen, OGRAS
                          Plant Genetics                                        Dr. Abu ALTINKUT UNCUOGLU
                          Genetics of Micro Organisms                           Associate Prof. Sevnur MANDACI
                          Animal Genetics, Cloning, Embriyonal Stem Cells       Associate Prof. Sezen ARAT
                          Transgenic Mice Animal Genetics                       Associate Prof. Haydar BAGIS

                          Industrial Enzymes, Proteomics of Micro Organisams Prof. Dr. Dliek KAZAN
                       RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                            NAME & ADDRESS
TUBITAK-Bursa Test &   TUBITAK BUTAL has been established in 1972 and              Prof. Dr. Seref GUCER, Chemistry
Analysis Laboratory    serves the public institutions and privatge companies, Associate Prof.
(BUTAL)                in the fields of textiles, leather, food, environment and   Dr. Cevder DEMIR Chemistry, e.mail:
                       feuls, utilising sophisticated infrastructure, complying, Address:
                       with national and international standards and has           Gaziakdemir Mah.stadyum cad No.11,
                       International Accredation Certificate for testing and       16372-Bursa/ Turkey. Tele: +90 224 233
                       analysis and also provides services as an                   9440 Fax: +90 224 233 9445
                       international supervising agency.

                                                                                   Mr. Kadir Baser
Refik Saydam                                                                       President (M.Sc. Bio.)
Hygiene Centre                                                                     Refik Saydam Hygiene Centre
                                                                                   Sihhiye/06100 Ankara - Turkey.
                                                                                   Tel: (+90-312)4312880, 43128 81
                                                                                   Fax:(+90-312) 435 35 46
                       Vaccine and Sera Production and Research                    Dr. Erkan Ozcengiz
                       Department.                                                 Director/Microbiologist
                                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 431 28 86
                       Biological Products Control and Research                    Dr. Ahmet Unal
                       Laboratories.                                               Lab. Chief/Veterinerian
                                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 435 70 37
                                                                                   Fax: (+90-312) 435 70 37
Refik Saydam           Blood and Blood Products Research Department.               Dr. Beyzanur Arda
Hygiene Centre                                                                     Director/Biochemist
                                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 431 28 89
                       Drug and Cosmetics Research Department.                     Dr. Seyfettin Yurdanur
                       M.Sc. (Pharmasist)                                          Tel: (+90-312) 431 28 87
                                                                                   Fax: (+90-312) 431 28 87
                       Food Safety and Nutrition Department.                       Mr. Serdar Alp Subasi
                       Food Engineer                                               Tel: (+90-312) 431 28 84
                                                                                   Fax: (+90-312) 435 18 47
                       Environmental Health Research Department.                   Mrs. A. Banu Bayar
                                                                                   Director (Chemical Engineer)
                                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 434 29 45
                                                                                   Fax: (+90-312) 435 29 45
                       Toxicology.                                                 Dr. H. Ekmel Olcay (Pharmasist)
                                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 433 70 01
                                                                                   Fax: (+90-312) 433 70 00
                                                                                   Mr. Kadir Baser
                                                                                   President (M.Sc. Bio.)
                                                                                   Refik Saydam Hygiene Centre
                                                                                   Sihhiye/06100 Ankara - Turkey.
                                                                                   Tel: (+90-312)4312880, 43128 81
                                                                                   Fax:(+90-312) 435 35 46
                       Contagious Diseases Research Department.                    Dr. Berrin Esen
                                                                                   Director(Clinical Chief), Microb.
                                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 431 28 85
                       Tuberculosis Reference and Research Laboratories.           Dr. Feyzullah Gumuslu
                                                                                   Lab Chief (Bacteriologist)
                                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 432 09 46
                       Diagnostic Virology Laboratories.                           Dr. Gulay Korukluoglu
                                                                                   Lab Chief/Specialist Med.
                                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 431 28 82
                                                                                   Fax: (+0-312) 435 84 70
                       Publication and Documentation Department.                   Mr. Nevzat Isik
                                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 434 29 44
                       Health Progress Training Department.                        Mr. Mehmet Yildiz
                                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 431 32 98
                       Data Processing Department.                                 Mr. Necdet Sonmez
                                                                                   Director (Bio.)
                                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 431 21 56
                       Director of Sugar Institute                                 Mr. Yalcin Kocer
Sugar Institute        Chemichal Eng. MSc.                                         Tel: (+90-312) 243 7900
                                                                                                2449055, Ext. 2601
                                                                                   Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                                                                                   Turkish Sugar Factories Corp.
                                                                                   06790 Etimesgut, Ankara-Turkey
                                                                                   Tel: (+90-312) 243 11 20-43
                                                                                   Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                                                                                   Dir.of Inst.Tel:(+90-312)24479 00
                                                                                   Dr. of Tec. Res.: (+90312)2443478
                       Agr. Eng., Ph.D.                                            Dr. Hulusi Sevilmis
                       Director of Agriculture Research                            Tel: (+90-312) 244 46 98
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                   NAME & ADDRESS
                   Research Scientist of Agriculture                                 244 9055, Ext. 2615
                   Mechanization                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Director of Agronomy Dept.                            Dr. Hasan Inan, Agr. Eng., Ph.D.
                   Research Scientist of Agronomy                        TeL:(+90-312)2449055 Ext. 2617
                                                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng. Engineer of Agronomy Dept.                  Mr. Tulga Keskin
                   Agronomy                                              Tel:(+90-312)244 90 55 Ext.2619
                                                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng., Ph.D. Asst. Dir. of Agronomy Dept.         Huseyin Avni Tayfur
                   Research Scientist of Phytopathology                  Tel:(+90-312)244 90 55,Ext. 2618
                                                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
Sugar Institute    Agr. Eng., Ph.D. Dir. of Plant Nutr. & Soil Dept.     Dr. Abbas Sueri
                   Research Scientist of Plant Nutrition & Soil.
                   Agr. Eng., Ph.D. Asst. Dir. of Plant Nutrition and    Dr. Mustafa Turhan
                   Soil Dept. Res. Scientist of Plant Nutrition&Soil.    Tel:(+90-312)244 90 55,Ext. 2623
                                                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng., Ph.D. Asst. Dir. of Plant Nutrition and    Dr. Mehmet Sahin
                   Soil Dept. Research Scientist of Soil Survey          Tel: (+90-312) 2449055 Ext. 2622
                                                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng., Ph.D. Technical Chief of Plant Nutrition   Turgay Muhurdaroglu
                   & Soil Dept. Research Scientist of Plant Nutrition    Tel:(+90-312)2449055, Ext. 2624
                   and Soil.                                             Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng., Ph.D. Dir. of Plant Breeding Dept.         Dr. Guler Esat
                   Plant Breeder.                                        Tel:(+90-312)2449055, Ext. 2628
                                                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng., Ms.C. Tech. Chief of Plant Breeding        Mrs. Songul Gurel
                   Dept. Research Scientist of Tissue Culture.           Tel: (+90-312)2449055, Ext. 2630
                                                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng. Ph.D. Engineer of Plant Breeding Dept.      Dr. Yasar Abaci
                   Research Scientist of Plant Breeding                  Tel:(+90-312)2449055, Ext. 2631
                                                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng. M.Sc. Tech. Chief of Field Experiments      Mr. Murat Tugrul
                   and Statistics Dept. Research Scientist of Field      Tel:(+90-312)2449055, Ext. 2636
                   Experiments and Statistics.                           Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Biologist. Ph.D. Director of Entomology Dept.         Dr. Mustafa Erinc
                                                                         Tel:(+90-312)2449055, Ext. 2643
                                                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng. Assistant Director of Entomology Dept.      Mr. Ihsan Serel
                   Research Scientist of Entomology.                     Tel:(+90-312)2449055, Ext. 2644
                                                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
Sugar Institute                                                          Turkish Sugar Factories Corp.
                                                                         Sugar Institute
                                                                         06790 Etimesgut - Ankara
                                                                         Tel: (0090-312) 243 11 20-43
                                                                         Fax:(0090-312) 243 32 78
                                                                         Dir. of Inst. Tel: (0090-312) 244 79 00
                                                                         Dir.of Agr. Div. Tel: (0090-312) 2444698
                                                                         Dr. Of Tec. Res. Div. T: (0090312)2443478
                   Agr. Eng. Assistant Director of Entomology Dept.      Mr. Seref Gurkan
                   Research Scientist of Entomology.                     Tel:(+90-312)2449055 Ext. 2645
                                                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng. Ph.D. Dir. of Plant Pathology and           Dr. Osman Erdem Ozgor
                   Herbology Dept. World Beta Network.                   Tel:(+90-312)2449055 Ext. 2646
                                                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng., M.Sc.Tech. Chief of Plant Pathology        Mr. Riza Kaya
                   and Herbology Dept. Research Scientist of             Tel:(+90-312)2449055 Ext. 2647
                   Plant Pathology and Herbology.                        Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng., Ph. D. Dir.of Irrigation Dept. Research    Dr. Asim Elverenli
                   Scientist of Irrigation.                              Tel:(+90-312)2449055 Ext. 2649
                                                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng.,M.Sc.Engineer of Irrigation Department      Mrs. Aysegul Pirebas
                   Research Scientist of Irrigation.                     Tel:(+90-312)2449055 Ext. 2650
                                                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng., Ph. D. Dir. of Agr.Mechanization Dept.     Dr. Mustafa Erdal
                   Platn Breeder and World Beta Network.                 Tel:(+90-312)2449055 Ext. 2629
                                                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng. M.Sc.Eng. of Agr. Mechanization Dept.       Mr. Mehmet Tugrul,
                   Research Scientist of Agricultural                    Tel:(+90-312)2449055 Ext. 2652
                   Mechanization.                                        Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
Sugar Institute                                                          Turkish Sugar Factories Corp.
                                                                         Sugar Institute
                                                                         06790 Etimesgut - Ankara
                                                                         Tel: (0090-312) 243 11 20-43
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                    NAME & ADDRESS
                                                                          Fax:(0090-312) 243 32 78
                                                                          Dir. of Inst. Tel: (0090-312) 244 79 00
                                                                          Dir.of Agr. Div. Tel: (0090-312) 2444698
                                                                          Dr.of Tec.Res.Div. T:(0090312)2443478
                   Agr. Eng. Engineer of Agricultural Mechanization       Mr. Sevki Buzluk
                   Dept. Research Scientist of Agricultural               Tel:(+90-312)2449055 Ext. 2653
                   Mechanization.                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Agr. Eng. M.Sc. Engineer of Agricultural               Mr. Ayhan Kangal
                   Mechanization Dept. Research Scientist of Agr.         Tel:(+90-312)2449055 Ext. 2654
                   Mechanization.                                         Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Member of Turkish Standardization Inst. "Agr.          Ass. Prof. Dr. Gungor Ulku
                   Evaluation Group". Envir. Protection Group. Nat.       Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                   Project Coord. of UNIDO-IPGTP on sugar techn.          Fax:(+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Member of TUBITAK Marmara Research Centre"
                   B.Sc. Dir. of the Analytical Chemistry Dept.Sugar      Mrs. M. Fusun Kavas
                   & Sugar Tech.,Quality Control of sugar beet proc.      Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                   Det. of anions & cations in juices of evaporator       Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                   stages. The effect of crystal size of Massecuites
                   on rheological prop.(tog.with Mr.&Mrs.Leblebici).
Sugar Institute    Chemic. M.Sc. Quality Control of Sugar Beet            Mrs. Lale Leblebici,
                   Processing. Det. of Trace Elements in Sugar by         Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                   Atomic Absorpsion Spectrometry (AAS). NIR              Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Specroscopy Usage in Sugar Ind.,Rheology prop.
                   of Molasses, Suface Active materials, Statistical
                   Eval.of Sugar of NIR Spectr. in Turkish Sugar Ind.
                   M.Sc. Analyt. Chems. Dep.Dir. of the Analytical        Mrs. Defne Sural
                   Dept. Turkish Sugar Factories Corp, Sugar Inst.        Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                   Techno. Res. Division, Analytical & Quality Cont.      Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                   of sugar factories prods.The analysis of sugar &
                   and non-sugars by high perfor. Analysis of anions
                   in waters by HPIC,moalsses (ICUMSA), Internat.
                   Comms.for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis &
                   Oligosacharides & Polysaccharides (ICUMSA),
                   Cromat. Tech.for Sugars & non sugar (ICUMSA).
                   M.Sc. Chem. Eng. Act. Dir. of the biotech.&envir.      Mr. Erkal Durukan
                   dept. Sugar factories waste-water treatment utilz.     Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                   of sugar factories by prod.Micorobiological analys.    Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                   M.Sc.Chem. Eng. Dir. of the Energy Economy&            Mrs. Fatma Erdem
                   Corrosion dept. sugar, Analytical&quality control      Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                   in sugar industry, Energy eco. in sugar industry.      Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Solving the corrosion problems in sugar factores.
                   Five subjects in ICUMSA, Int. Comm. of Unifrom
                   Methods of Sugar Analysis, white sugar beet,
                   beet Sugar proc., dry subs., oligosaccharides &
                   polys.Memb.of Ass.of Turkish Chemical Society.
                   M.Sc. Food Eng. Filtr., centrifugals,energy econ.      Mr. Ferit Leblebici
                   in sugar ind. enzymes in ind. Currently, working       Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                   on energy econ. In sugar factrs., Doctorate prog.      Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                   sugar factories, Doctorate food biotechn.
                   at food Eng. Dept. of Hacettepe Univ.
                   M.Sc. Dir. of the Processing Techniques Dept.          Mr. Erendeniz Kayimoglu
                   Sugar;juice prod.,sugar crystallization,exhaustion     Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                   of molasses. Det. of wiklund's constants of the        Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                   molasses Turkish sugar factories,reasons
                   of the conglomerate crystal sugar prod.
                   with Mr. M. Y. Akay)
                   M.Sc. Sugar; juice prufication, lime prod. crystzt.    Mr. M. Yener Akay
                   The reasons of congl. form. in crystal sugar prod.     Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                   (Together with Mrs. E. Kayimoglu), determination       Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                   of quality criteria of limestone.
                   M.Sc.Tech. research dept. process materials &          Mr. S. Dogan Avaroglu
                   pilot plant section, Sugar factories (Chief & procs.   Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                   specialist) & Sugar Inst. (Section Director).          Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                   ME. Machine & Chemical Industry Co. Inc. (Chief        Mrs. Asuman Ege
                   (Chief and Section Dir.), Sugar Factories and          Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                   Sugar Inst. (Chief Eng.)                               Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Chemical Eng. Techn. Res. Dept. Proc.Materials         Mrs. Gulsen Yavuzkurt
                   & Pilot Plant Section.Sugar Factories (Eng. And        Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                    Lab Chief), Sugar Institute (Techn. Chief).           Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                   ME. Sugar Factories (Chemical Engineer),               Mr. Fevzi Simsek
                   (Engineer and Lab Chief), Sugar Institute              Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                   (Techn. Chief)                                         Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                   Food Eng. and ME. Sugar Institute.                     Mrs. Gulin Sezer
                                                                          Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                                                                          Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                   M.Sc. Chief Eng. of the Processing Tech. Dept.         Mrs. Umide Gucenmez
                   Sugar; juice purification, lime prod. mass balance     Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                   and heat efficiency at lime kilns,det.of CaO difrs.    Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                         RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                        NAME & ADDRESS
                         betw.CaO amount in the fresh milk of lime&calct.
                         from alkalinity of main lining, invest. of chemical
                         physical microbic deterioration at stored sugars&
                         reasons, State of sugar warehouses.
Sugar Institute          M.Sc. Sugar; Mass and Energy Balance, Juice           Mr. Metin Sengul
                         Purification, PhD. Student at Hacettepe Univ.         Tel: (+90-312) 244 90 55
                         Chemical Eng. Dept. Since 1966.                       Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                         Ph.D. Sugar Beet Variety Breeding. Dir.of Plant       Dr. Esat Guler
                         Breeding Divs. Studeis on devl. monogerm hybrid       Tel: (+90-312) 2449055/2628
                         sugar beet varieties. Studies on devl. O - type.      Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                         Studies of multigerm sugar beet family & lines.
                         Yield cont.trials of monogerm sugar beet families.
                         To det. the normal &cerospora&rhizomania rest.
                         varieties to be sown in Turkey.
                         Ph.D. Dir. of Agr. Mechanisation Divs. Studies on     Dr. Mustafa Erdal
                         developing monogerm hybrid sugar beet varieties.      Tel: (+90-312) 2449055/2629
                         Studies on devl. O-type. Stud. of multigerm sugar     Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                         beet family & lines.
                         MSc. Plant Breeding Engineer. Studies on devlp.       M/s Songul Gurel
                         monogerm hybrid sugar beet varieties. Studies in      Tel: (+90-312) 2449055/2630
                         sug. bt. tissues cult.To obt.haploid sug.beet plnt.   Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                         Ph.D. Sugar Beet Variety Breeding. Plant Breed.       Dr. A. Yasar Abaci
                         Eng. Studs. on devl. monogerm hybrid sugar beet       Tel: (+90-312) 2449055/2631
                         varieties and on devl. O-type. Studs. of multigerm    Fax: (+90-312) 243 32 78
                         sugar beet family&lines.Yield cont.trials of mong.
                         sugar beet famils. Brd.for cercospora resistance.
KOSGEB(Administration    List of Specialists                                   Mr. M. Anayurt
of Small and Medium                                                            Metallurgy Eng. (Steel casting)
Sized Industrial                                                               Tandogan 06330 Ankara/Turkey
Development)                                                                   Tel:(+90-312) 2128190 (8 lines)
                                                                               2128190 (dir.)
                                                                               Fax: (+90-312) 2122508
                                                                               Mr. I. Ferizeoglu
                                                                               Metallurgy Eng. (Iron casting)
                                                                               Tel: (+90-312) 2670285
                                                                               Fax: (+90-312) 2670288
                                                                               Mr. F. Suzen
                                                                               Metallurgy Eng. (Metal casting)
                                                                               Tel: (+90-312) 2670285
                                                                               Fax: (+90-312) 2670288
                                                                               Mr. S. Akdemir
                                                                               Metallurgy Engineer (Quality)
                                                                               Tel: (+90-312) 2670285
                                                                               Fax: (+90-312) 2670288
                                                                               Mr. A. Odaman
                                                                               Metallurgy Engineer (Quality)
                                                                               Tel: (+90-312) 2128190
                                                                               Fax: (+90-312) 2122508
                                                                               Mr. H. Yildiz
                                                                               Metallurgy Engineer (Quality)
                                                                               Tel: (+90-352) 3317155
                                                                               Fax: (+90-352) 3317157
                                                                               Mr. T. Engez
                                                                               Metallurgy Engineer (Material)
                                                                               Tel: (+90-332) 2341436
                                                                               Fax: (+90-332) 2341438
                                                                               Mr. S. Eris
                                                                               Metallurgy Eng. (Casting design)
                                                                               Tel: (+90-342) 2350114
                                                                               Fax: (+90-342) 2351855
KOSGEB (Administration                                                         Mr. B. Cuhadar
of Small and Medium                                                            Mettalurgy Engineer (Material)
Sized Industrial                                                               Tel: (+90-312) 3542502
Development)                                                                   Fax: (+90-312) 3545485
                                                                               Mr. M. Arguvanli
                                                                               Mettalurgy Engineer (Material)
                                                                               Tel: (+90-212) 2874586
                         RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
 ORGANIZATION /                                                                          NAME & ADDRESS
                                                                               Fax: (+90-212) 2874593
                                                                               Mr.S. Toprak, Met.Eng.(Material)
                                                                               Tel: (+90-232) 2575356
                                                                               Fax: (+90-232) 2575995
                                                                               Mr. S. Okur,Chem.Eng.(Quality)
                                                                               Tel: (+90-312) 3689506
                                                                               Fax: (+90-312) 3689508
                                                                               Mr. T. Oner (Mech.Eng. (Res.)
                                                                               Tel: (+90-312) 3689500
                                                                               Fax: (+90-312) 3689973
                                                                               Mr. F. Demir
                                                                               Mechanical Engineer (CAD-glass)
National Meterology      Actg. Director                                        Mr. M. Sermet Suer P.O Box. 54, 41470,
Institute                                                                      Gebze Kocaeli-Turkey, Tele + 90 262
                                                                               6795000, Fax +90 262 6795001
                         Assistant Director Techolology P.hD Physics           DR.S.. Temel YALCIN, P.O Box. 54,
                                                                               41470, Gebze Kocaeli-Turkey, Tele + 90
                                                                               262 6795000, Fax +90 262 6795001

                         Assistant Director Techolology P.hD Mechanical        Dr.Sakir BAYTAROGLU, P.O Box. 54,
                         Engineering                                           41470, Gebze Kocaeli-Turkey, Tele + 90
                                                                               262 6795000, Fax +90 262 6795001

                                                                               Dr. Huseyin DILSIZ, P.O Box. 54, 41470,
                                                                               Gebze Kocaeli-Turkey, Tele + 90 262
                         Assistant Director Administrative P.hD Physics        6795000, Fax +90 262 6795001
                         M.Sc. (Mineral Eng. Proc.) Mineral Processing         Mr. Mehmet Karadeniz
General Directorate of   Eng. & Chief Eng. at Gen.Dir. of MTA. In the field    MAT Department
Mineral Research and     of ore processing, processing of fluorite - barite,   Eskisehir Yolu -
Exploration (MTA)        Envrnmnt. Pollution Caused by Mining Actvts.          06520 Ankara,Turkey
                         Union of Chamber of Engineers and Architects          Tel: (+90-312) 287 34 30/2144
                         of Turkey, Chamber of Mining Engineers' Mmbr.         Fax: (+90-312) 287 54 09
                         M.Sc. Geological Engineer. In the area of Coal        Mr. Ertem Tuncali
                         Geology & Eval. Field work Geologist, Consultant      Tel: (+90-312) 287 34 30/1464
                         Geologist, Coord. of res. & devl., Proj. Mng. of      Fax: (+90-312) 287 54 09
                         Tech. & Chemical Properties of Turkish Lignites.
                         M.Sc. In Geological Eng., Pennslyvania-USA.           Mr. Erdal Herece
                         The Project on the Yenice - Gonen earthquake          M.Sc. (Geological Engineer)
                         of 1953 & Soma Examples of recent tectonic            Tel: (+90-312) 287 34 30/1595
                         events in the Biga Peninsula of Northwest Turkey.     Fax: (+90-312) 287 54 09
                         Ph.D. (studying) Alliminium composit objects in       Mrs. Ayse Aydogdu
                         use of minerals. Chief of MAT Dpt.(mines analyz.      Tel: (+90-312) 287 34 30/2013
                         & techn.) The pallete which can be chargable on       Fax: (+90-312) 287 54 09
                         the ovens & the metallg. Tests of iron & sinter
                stud. on Gold minerals.
                         Specz.on chromite deposits&work.with MTA(min.         Dr. Tandogan Engin
                         res.& explor. GD Ankara) Plan. Leding the MTA -       (Exploration Geologist)
                         Etibank chromite expl. Proj. in Guleman.CENTO         Tel: (+90-312) 287 34 30
                         projects on "Igneous rocks & planned&organized        Fax: (+90-312) 287 54 09
                         the Turkish part of the assoc. mineral deposits".
                         Work.on on ophiolites & assoc. mineral deposits
                         & partic. The proj. activs. In Yugoslavya, Greece,
                         &England.During CENTO financed proj. for on the
                         job from Turkey, Iran and pakistan attended. He
                         partic.on UNESCO Project to prepare a metallog.
                         map of Europe and prepared the 1/1000000 scale
                          metallogenic map of North. Blacksea. Appointed
                         Nat. coord. For the UN epithermal gold expl.proj.
General Directorate of   Geological Study Dept. Geological Eng. Earthq.        Dr. Tamer Yigit Duman
Mineral Research and     Geology, Natural Disas. Attended the study on         (Metalurgy Engineer) MAT Dept.
Exploration (MTA)        geochemical prospection & geological maps. The        Eskisehir Yolu -
                         project on the live faille and sysmo-tectonic and     06520 Ankara,Turkey
                         landslip maps of Turkey.The rpt.on the geological     Tel: (+90-312) 287 34 30
                         study on the habittant areas of Duzce (Bolu) after    Fax: (+90-312) 287 54 09
                         the August 17, 1999 earthquake.The pot. use of        E-mail:
                         use of the land in Yalova. The study on the new
                         settlement areas in Sakarya (Golcuk-Arifiye).
                         Coord. Responsible for overall direction & coordn.    Mr. Soner Kayakiran
                         of the ind. raw materials expl.Projects throughout    (Geological Engineer)
                        RESEARCH AREAS, TITLE & SCIENTIFIC
  ORGANIZATION /                                                                            NAME & ADDRESS
                        Turkey. Proj. Mng. Resp. for plan. & supervising          Tel: (+90-312) 287 34 30
                        of the ind. raw materials expl.Projects throughout        Fax: (+90-312) 287 54 09
                        Turkey. Member of Geological team working on
                        many ind. raw mat. expl. Projects which involves
                        reg. Expl. Detailed geological mapping, drilling,
                        interpretation & evaluating of the results reporting.
                        Ph.D in Geological Eng. Energy Technology in              Dr. Ali Kocak
                        Geothermal Inst. of Auckland Univ. for 8 months           Tel: (+90-312) 287 34 30/1273
                        in 1985. He is working as Geothermal Engergy &            Fax: (+90-312) 285 36 19
                        & Hydrogeology Coordinator.                               E-mail:
                        Envir. performance reviews of UNECE transition            Mr. Eyup Yuksel
Middle East Technical   econ. countries, prep. of Convention's Protocol           Koza Sokak No. 32, 06700 Gazi
University (METU)       Draft on biosafety & biotech. law&int. biodiversity       Osman Pasa, Ankara - Turkey
                        Prep.of nat. env. strategy & Action Plan (NEAP)           Tel: (+90-312) 440 85 51-313
                        Cost - Benefit Analysis of Env. Degrad., Sustain.         Fax: (+90312) 440 85 53
                        Devl. Red. Strategy Papers (PRSPs) & Compreh.     
                        Devl. Framework (CDF).M.Sc.Agrl. Biotechnology            
                        Berlin Env. Protection Agency (UBA).
                                            TRANSPORT & COMMUNICATIONS
                        Ph.D. in planning in the Universityh of Paris 1             Dr. Metin Kati
Ministry of Transport   "Sorbonne".1977 Exper in Tourism Bank.Head of               Head of Foreign Rels. Depart.
                        Dept. of Res. In the Ministry of Torusim. 1981-88           Emek - Ankara / Turkey
                        Expert Planner in Algeria & 1988-92 in the Prime            Tel: (+90-312) 212 43 66
                        Ministry, in the south Eastern Devl. Proj. (GAP)            Fax: (+90-312) 212 79 37
                        1992-present Head of Foreing Rels. Department               E-mail:
                        in the Ministry of Transport.
Turk Telekom            Director.The Centre is in charge of not only carry.         Mr. Ahmet Oral
Research and            out various R&D activities but also follow & adopt.         Ankara - Turkey
Development Centre      of the latest devl.In the field of telecom.Apart from       Tel: (+90-312) 555 67 00
                        those,the Centre deals with the telcom standards            Fax: (+90-312) 555 67 05
                         like those of ITU-T and ETSI.To org. seminars,             E-mail:
                        conf.&mtg. In the area also among duties.
                        Turk Telekom's Training Facilities: There exist three telecomm. training centers in
                        in the cities of Ankara, Istanbul and Trabzon in which course & are arranged. Intern.
                        training progr. are only organized in Ankara Training Centre due to its wider capacity
                        of facilities and instructors.Fields of training, duration&name/address of the training
                        centres as well as contact persons are indicated below:
                        F/O Cable System (One week)                                 Mr. Tekin Baysan
                        Satellite Communications (One week)                         Principal Director of Turk Telekom
                                                                                    Ahlatlibel, 06095 Ankara-Turkey
                                                                                    Tel: (+90-312) 4907979
                                                                                    Fax: (+90-312) 490 7989
                        General Aspects                                             Mr. Huseyin Aslan, Chief
                        Ground Equipment                                            Group Chief Eng. Of Training
                                                                                    Istanbul - Turkey
                                                                                    Tel: (+90-216) 5552183
                                                                                    Mr. Orhan Vural, Manager
                                                                                    Directorate of Training Centre
                                                                                    Yalincak, Trabzon
                                                                                    Tel: (+90-462) 334 07 07
                                                                                    Fax: (+90-462) 334 0701

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