West Hill Community Council Minutes by chenmeixiu


									                               West Hill Community Council Minutes
                                    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:06PM by President Paul Berry in the Fire Station Training Center.
Board members present were: Paul Berry, Gurine Nordby, Pam Vitiritti, Mark Fitzgerald, Bill Bowden,
Darrell Dobson, Curtis Faulks, Lou LeCroy and Gene Lux. Linda Cassee was excused. Joyce Clark was
absent. Guests: Rob Detzner, Sonja Bowden, Dave Rankin, Michele Savelle, Cheryl Scheuerman,
James Koutsky, John McGoodwin and Bong Sto. Domingo.
Minutes. President Paul added that proponents of annexation would have 20 minutes to speak. Motion
by Mark Fitzgerald, second by Bill Bowden, that the minutes be approved as amended. Motion carried.
Announcements. President Paul reported that the UAC Forum will be Monday, July 26th at Maple Valley.
Skyway Solutions is meeting on the 19th at the water/sewer district office at 7PM.
Public Comment. We now have 30-40 block watches. Lt. James Koutsky from the Seattle Police
Department South Precinct reported on collaboration between different gang units, on the repeat burglary
initiative and identifying chronic offenders. seattle.gov/spd for crime stat maps for each precinct.
Asst. City Attorney John McGoodwin reported on his postion with the county.
Committee Reports. King County Sheriff – Marty Hodge is in Pakistan.
Fire District – Gene Lux stated that medical aid calls create 85% of their calls.
WHBA – Darrell Dobson reported the Renton Chamber of Commerce attended their meeting, that they
support annexation and that the Neighbor to Neighbor Grant was successful. Cheryl Scheuerman
reported that they are going forward with the Car Show in September.
Water/Sewer District – Cheryl Scheuerman reported that sewer charges are going up over 13% in
January. President Paul thanked her for the announcement on the Safety Fair in their newsletter.
Officers and further Committee Reports. President – Paul Berry reported on an e-mail from Roads
regarding support on a revenue fee proposal and that he sent the letter of support on the Taylor Creek
proposal. He passed around the proposed agenda for the quarterly meeting and stated that he sent out
formal invitations to proponents and opponents of the annexation. He then read e-mails to and from
Celeste DaVault and gave the reasoning for his position of not changing the meeting agenda. Renton
would add a utility tax to the water/sewer bill with the funds to come back to the district for capital
improvements. The Renton City Council has 30 days after the Boundary Review Board decision, which
was July 9th, to make their decision on annexation. Rob Detzner stated that annexation has been on the
agenda for the quarterly meeting since May. He received a card with a phone number for people to call if
someone dumps things on your property – 206-296-SITE. He passed around information received at the
37th District Democrats Meeting regarding King County. The King County Council will have a tax increase
on the ballot.
Vice President – Gurine Nordby stated that colors on the Skyway sign blend in so it is hard to see and
thanked Michele for her work on the 129th street mural.
Secretary – Motion by Secretary Pam Vitiritti, second by Darrell Dobson, to excuse Linda Cassee. Motion
Treasurer – Mark Fitzgerald reported the following: $170.08 for the phone, $66.31 for the spring clean-up,
plus Lou has bills from the safety fair, Darrell from the cinema and Michele from the cinema. Motion by
Gurine Nordby, second by Darrell Dobson, to do away with the phone line in the office. Motion carried.
Motion by Gurine Nordby, second by Curtis Faulks, to pay the bills. Motion carried.
Safety Fair – Lou LeCroy stated that participation was less than anticipated. He asked that letters of
thanks be sent to the 2 detectives from King County with copies to Sheriff Rahr. President Paul
suggested that in the future we combine it with another event.
Public Safety Committee. Bill Bowden reported 4 people came to their table at the Safety Fair. There
were no fire calls on July 4th, but there were 3 calls for potential injuries. There will be a Public Safety
Meeting in the future. Burglaries were down 40% with more arrests.
Skyway Solutions – Michele Savelle distributed a written report. President Paul stated that he thinks we
need to rethink our vote on sponsoring Skyway Solutions under the West Hill Community Council. Motion
by Gurine Nordby, second by Mark Fitzgerald, to sever the relationship with Skyway Solutions and the end
recognition of Skyway Solutions as an official committee of the West Hill Community Council. Motion
Website – Rob Detzner reported he has not renewed the website as yet. Motion by Bill Bowden, second
by Mark Fitzgerald, to authorize reimbursement of $119.40 to Rob Detzner for 1 year webhosting fee.
Motion carried.
Old Business. Outdoor Cinema – Rob Detzner has 2 possible people to take over the chairmanship for
the cinema. We still need a budget and to find out about the 4 Culture Grant. There is a meeting on
Sunday. Dave Rankin reported on concerns from the fire department. President Paul stated that we need
to know the cost for any electrical work.
New Business. July Quarterly Meeting will be a Forum on Annexation. Everyone received a copy of the
proposed agenda for the meeting.
We received notice of application from DDES for a large lot to be divided into 8 lots at 11626 60th Ave. S.
Good of the Order. President Paul will be putting out signs for the quarterly meeting tomorrow.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:20PM to reopen August 11th, 7PM at the Fire Station Training Center.

Pam Vitiritti, Secretary

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