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					Sustainable Initiatives at WCU…
  Reducing Our Carbon ―Paw

      Energy Management Office
            Energy Manager
             Lauren R. Bishop
                 ―Paw Print‖ Overview
• Introduction
   – Job Responsibilities/Breakdown
• Educational Outreach & Programs
   – STARS
   – WHEE Save & WHEE Recycle
   – Student Programs
                                                      & Outreach

• Technical Components/Competencies
   – Building Automation System (BAS)     Economic                 Social
   – Energy Management Software - ITRON    Vitality                Equity

   – High Performance Building & Audits
• Strategic Planning

   – Strategic Energy Plan (SEP)
   – Petroleum Displacement Plan (PDP)
• Capital Projects
   – Capital Projects
• The Future of EM
  EM Job Responsibilities & Description
       Implement Energy Management & Conservation Programs

– Manage current needs & future strategy
   • Supply & price fluctuations
   • Overall system performance
– Technical Competencies/Components
   • Engineering/Construction background
   • High Performance Buildings – design, planning, project management
   • EMS/BAS Technology/Software
   • Researching New Technology
– Communication & Involvement
   • Managerial - motivation, leadership, negotiating support
   • Developing Policy
   • Implementing Sustainability Programs
   • Monitor and Reporting

EM = Strategist +Project Manager + Change Manager
Typical Energy Consumption
       How much did we spend?
                          EM Task Breakdown

                                Holistic Approach

          Human                                                Planning &
         Behavior                                                  Projects
         Programs                    Operations

Systematic Concept Method
- Bodies act as systems of a whole
- Buildings act as systems a whole
- Holistic approach overall and within each area of opportunity.
-Principles of Sustainability
Effective & Successful EM must understand these systems and how they interact.

"We shape our buildings, then our buildings shape us."
-- Winston Churchill
    Reducing Our Carbon ―Paw Print‖
• STARS (Sustainability Tracking & Rating System)
   – Selected to participate in Pilot Phase.
   – Monitored by AASHE.
   – System is designed to create:
        • A measurable, comparable way of assessing sustainability at diverse institutions of higher education.
        • Incentives for continuous improvement toward sustainability.
        • A vehicle for sharing information about sustainability practices and performance.
   – Included in our response to the UNC-T report.

• WHEE Recycle & WHEE Save
   – Successful sustainability programs. ―The Low Hanging Fruit‖
   – WHEE Save focuses on energy reduction and awareness.
        • 2008-09 Residence Hall Competition
        • 2008-09 Live GREEN Guide
        • Helped meet SEP reduction goals
   – WHEE Recycle focuses on waste reduction and awareness.
        • Participated in Recycle Mania 2008
        • Reduced our total waste by 10.5%
        • Hiring 1st Full-Time Recycling Coordinator this Fall
                      Student Programs

• Student Activities
          –   Eco CATS + more
          –   Focus The Nation Jan 31, 2008
          –   Earth Day
          –   Proposed CEI–Clean Energy Initiative student approved fee

• Eco PEAKS – Western PEAKS Living Learning Community
          – Leadership & Sustainability
          – ... begins with POTENTIAL and ends with SUCCESS!

     “Be the change you wish to see in the world”
               Technical Components
 Building Automation System
• Network of intelligent devices from multiple vendors.

• Monitor and control the mechanical and plant systems

   – HVAC, Hot Water, Chilled Water and Steam.

   – Each device communicates with other devices, equipment, and
     user workstations through the ASHRAE standard protocol

   – View the status of the mechanical system equipment, view trends,
     troubleshoot problems (M & V) and change schedules from any
     computer with internet access.
Itron Enterprise Energy Management Suite
– Bill Analyst, Meter Data Analyst & Advanced forecasting.
– Combines bill data & meter data with utility-grade rate engine & rate
– Forecasting regular energy need, peak load demand, helps avoid risk &
  high energy costs.
– Reduce & track greenhouse gas emissions.
– Benchmark facilities against external organizations through integration
  with ENERGY STAR® National Energy Rating System.
– Increased accountability of total expenses—auditing, accruing &
  allocating energy costs according to actual use.
          Technical Competencies
– High Performance Building (green building)
   • Understanding building science, construction, planning,
     design, & plan review
   • What is High Performance Building?
       Optimize Site Potential
       Optimize Energy Use
       Protect and Conserve Water
       Use Environmentally Preferable Products
       Enhance Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
       Optimize Operational and Maintenance Practices
       Understanding of these concepts and how
       they are applied

   • LEED Green Building Program - USGBC
– Energy Audits – survey of energy systems
   • Lighting, HVAC, office equip, building envelope, water, +
                     Strategic Energy Plan (SEP)
•   Mandated b y the State (Exec Order 26)
•   Monitored by State Energy Office (SEO)
•   Updated 2007 s668
•   Reduce annual Total Energy Consumption 20% by 2010 & 30% by 2015
•   Baseline fiscal year 2002-2003

WCU has exceeded goal and reduced usage by 31%.
           • Better building practices
           • Active energy management practices
           • Successful awareness program

Tracking Measures - Key Performance Indicators (KPI):
•   Total Energy Use Btu per Square Foot
•   Total Energy Cost per Square Foot
•   Total Water Use Gallons per Square Foot

Components of Performance Plan
•   Energy Data Management
•   Energy Supply Management
•   Energy Use in Facilities
•   Equipment Efficiency
•   Organization Integration
•   Water Management

 For more information regarding our 2006-07 Strategic Energy Plan please go to our website at
         Petroleum Displacement Plan (PDP)
• Created in 2005 & mandated by the state.
•   Monitored by NC Solar Center Clean Transportation Program.
•   All State agencies, universities, and community colleges with State-owned vehicle fleets
    shall develop and implement plans to achieve a 20% reduction or displacement of the
    current petroleum products consumed by January 1, 2010.
• To meet the reduction requirement must utilize conservation, more fuel-
  efficient vehicles, hybrids & alternative fuels

2007-08 Summary Completed Goals:
• Purchased 4 Electric Vehicles for Facilities Management
• Implemented E-10 - Gasohol
• Implemented B20 - Biodiesel
• Little expansion of fleet

WCU has exceeded goal and reduced usage by 23%.
                       Capital Projects
•   New Health & Human Performance Building
     - 138,000 sq ft
     - 1st Silver LEED Certified (Leadership Energy & Environmental Design)
     - Recognizing performance in five areas of human & environmental health:
            Sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials
            selection, and indoor environmental quality.
     - Silver LEED is building standard for all new construction.

• Performance Contracting
     - Agreement with Energy Service Company (ESCO).
     - ESCO identifies energy conservation measures (ECMs).
     - ESCO guarantees savings meet or exceed annual
      payments to cover all project costs over contract term.
     - If savings don’t materialize, ESCO pays difference.
     - To ensure savings, ESCO offers staff training,
      long-term maintenance services & 3rd party M& V.

•   Utility Metering Project

•   NC Energy Reserve Fund Grant Project ($125,000)
                    What does this mean?
•   Good news or Bad news?
•   Climate Change is Real! Not about save the Earth. Its about Save the People.
•   Energy is Expensive & Unpredictable!!!!
•   National Security
•   Challenge = Opportunity
•   Extraordinary Economical & Ecological benefits
•   Clean (or Green) Industry is BOOMING! 6 in 10 jobs

     Are you ready for the NEW GREEN ECONOMY?
     "The time is always right to do what is right."

     Martin Luther King, Jr.
         Our Future Looks Bright
• Create WCU Office of Sustainability
   – Director
   – Energy Manager
   – Energy Management Specialists
   – Program Coordinator
   – Recycling Coordinator

• UNC Tomorrow and UNC Sustainability Policy

• Continue to develop innovative and successful programs
  to lead WCU as a sustainable campus and a sustainable
Thank You for your Time!

                         & Outreach

   Economic Vitality                        Social Equity

                       Ecologic Integrity