KN4140V by wanghonghx


									A New Revolution In KN4140v Series
                 ATEN INTERNATIONAL

1. Feature Snapshot

2. User friendly interface

3. Set up the system and work on it.

4. KN family and correspondent KVM Adapter Cables

5. Q & A

2010.02.10   2
   1. Feature Snapshot

                 What We Need to Know

2010.02.10   3
   Unique features

                 Multiple Sessions, Concurrent Access

                 Configuration and Operation Ease

                 Panel Array Mode

                 External Authentication Support

                 Message Board

                 Share Mode Support

2010.02.10   4
   Advanced Features Highlight I

                 Dual Gigabit NIC Design – Dual IP Configuration

                 Dual Power Supply

                 Full-screen or Sizable Remote Desktop Window

                 Superior Video

                 Magic Panel

2010.02.10   5
   The Control Panel Functions

                   !                                  ?

               A Toggle           Zoom             Scan Port
             Macros Dialog    On-Screen KB        Array Mode
         Video Options        Mouse Pointer    Cat5 Cable Length
              Auto-sync      Mouse Sync Mode      Enter OSD
             Screen Mode         Speaker         Customization
               Snapshop         Macro List           Exit
         Message Board          First Port
             Ctrl+Alt+Del     Previous Port        Num Lock
              Grayscale         Next Port          Caps Lock
             Virtual Media      Last Port         Scroll Lock

2010.02.10        6
   Advanced Features Highlight II

             Low Bandwidth Optimization

             Configurable Network Bandwidth Settings

             Multi-Keyboard Language Support

             Intelligent Bus Assignment – Flexible Port Switching

             Mouse DynaSync™

2010.02.10   7
 Mouse Sync Mode

• Automatic Mouse Synchronization (DynaSync)
       Mouse DynaSync provides automatic locked-in synching of the remote
       and local mouse pointers – eliminating the need to constantly resync
       the two movements. It is available for Windows and Mac systems.
       Support USB Adapter Cables: KA7170, KA7175, KA7176, or KA9170.
• Manual Mouse Synchronization
        *Set the mouse speed and acceleration properly.
        *Video Settings Icon
        *Auto Sync with the Video Adjustment
        *Adjust Mouse hotkeys
        *Move mouse pointer into 4 corners of the screen
        *Drag the control panel to a different position of the screen

2010.02.10      8
   Advanced Features Highlight III

             Adapter ID

             Audio Enabled

             Green IT / Fan Speed

             Virtual Media

2010.02.10   9
 Virtual Media                    I

   Support Types:
    WinClient ActiveX Viewer / WinClient AP
             IDE CDROM/DVD-ROM, IDE Hard Drives, USB CDROM/DVD-ROM
             USB Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives, USB Floppy Drives
             USB Card Readers, USB Fingerprint Readers, ISO Files, Folders

    Java Applet Viewer / JavaClient AP
             ISO Files, Folders

2010.02.10        10
 Virtual Media        II

    Requirements
     * KVM Models: KN2124v, KN2140v, KN4124v, KN4140v
     * KVM Adapter Cables: KA7175, KA7176
     * (Optional) Enable Virtual Media Write in security
    Operations start from the Control Panel V.M. icon

2010.02.10   11
               Features Highlight

•      Supports PS/2, USB, Sun Legacy (13W3) and serial (RS-232) connectivity
•      Two 10/100/1000 Mbps NICs for redundant LAN or two IP operation
•      Support IPv6
•      Fan speed varies according to temperature (Threshold)
•      Supports multiplatform server environments: Windows, Mac, Sun, Linux
       and VT100 based serial devices
•      BLADE server support
•      Critical system event notification via SMTP email; SNMP trap; and Syslog auditing
•      Modem out of band Dial In / Dial Out / Dial Back support
•      Keyboard/Mouse broadcast – user keyboard and mouse input can be duplicated on all
       the attached servers
•      Unified UI for remote viewer
•      Integrated PON device
•      Automated CSR creation utility and Third party CA certificate import support
•      Support External Authentication
•      Flexible Log system and customized notification

2010.02.10      12
   2. User friendly interfaces

             An Easy, Hassle free and Comprehensive
                 KVM Over the NET™ Experience

2010.02.10     13


              4 + 1 buses

2010.02.10   14
   Ease-to-Use Interface

   • An unified Multilanguage interface to minimize user
     training time and increase productivity

         – Local Console Main Page

         – Browser-based Web Management

         – AP GUIs (WinClient, Java Client)

2010.02.10    15
   Local Console Main Page

   • Local OSD doesn’t have a tab for Download

   • There are two small icons (Speaker, Microphone) at
     the bottom right

   • Panel Array Mode Support

2010.02.10   16
   Browser-based Web Management

   • Multi-browser support
     (IE, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape)

2010.02.10   17
   Web Browser

2010.02.10   18
   WinClient / Java Client AP



2010.02.10   19
   AP GUI Main Page

2010.02.10   20
   3. Set up the system and work on it

 Protect Our Infrastructure / Simplify Our Daily Routine
              by correct and efficient settings

2010.02.10   21
   Main page

2010.02.10   22
              Network (first step for remote access)

   • IP Installer
         – an external Windows-based utility for assigning IP addresses
           to the KVM Over the NET™ switch.
   • Service Ports

             Port: 9000

             SSH/Telnet: Serial Dongle KA7140

2010.02.10      23

   • Redundant NIC Enabled or apply two NICs can be
     configured with separate interfaces.

   • IPv4 Settings
        It is the traditional method of specifying IP addresses.

2010.02.10     24

   • IPv6 Settings
        It is the new (128-bit) format for specifying IP addresses.

                    [HOWTO] Live Demo

2010.02.10     25
             Device Information

• New designed device information in Local and Web page

     – Information Check
         • Firmware Version
         • IPv4/IPv6

     – Warning Mechanism
        • Power Supply Detection
        • Fan fail Warning
        • Temperature Threshold

2010.02.10    26
             Operation Mode

   Force all to Grayscale
   Device List
   *Adapter ID

   KB/MS Broadcast
   Disable/                      Enable Local Console Cascading
   Enable Keyboard/             KN4140v is cascaded as a child station
   Enable Mouse/                from a KM0532 or KM0932 parent switch
   Enable Keyboard/Mouse
   (Local) Console keyboard Language
   English UK/English US/French/German/Hungarian/

2010.02.10    27
             ANMS – Event Notification

   • SMTP

   • (ATEN) Log Server

   • SNMP Server

   • Syslog Server

2010.02.10    28
               ANMS - Authentication

   •         Disable Local Authentication
   •         RADIUS Settings
   •         LDAP Settings
   •         CC Management

If this function is enabled, BLADE,
PON devices and their outlets do not
appear in the Sidebar, even if they
are connected to the switch.

This is because the PON, BLADE
devices will be managed via the CC

2010.02.10       29
              OOBC – PPP Settings

PPP Settings

• DialBack           = Username, Password

• DialOut

 2010.02.10    30
              OOBC – PPP Settings

• DialBack
  1. Fixed Number (Phone Number) Dial Back
             Phone Number field is also for Login Username and Password
    2. Flexible Dial Back (by Username)
             Username must be specified as dial back phone number
             Password field information is necessary
• DialOut (Dial up to ISP)
     –   ISP settings (account info.)
     –   DialOut Schedule (by time)
     –   Emergency dial out (by accident)
     –   Dial Out Mail Configuration

2010.02.10       31

   •         Login Failures
   •         IP/MAC Filter
   •         Account Policy
   •         Encryption
   •         Working Mode
   •         Private Certificate (Generated by 3rd Party Tools)
   •         Certificate Signing Request
              The Certificate Signing Request (CSR) section provides an automated way
              of obtaining and installing a CA signed SSL server certificate on the KVM
              Over the NET™ switch.
              Private key is generated and stored in KN4140v target directly.

2010.02.10         32
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2010.02.10   33
             Port Access - Connections

2010.02.10    34
              Port Access
             (PON)                     [Outlet Settings]

• Connections (KVM Port, BLADE) / Device Monitor
• History
• Favorites (New added in Web page)
• User Preferences (UI Language, OSD Hotkey)
• Sessions
• Access info. (a great diversity of access rights)
• Port Configuration
• Outlet Settings (PON Devices)
• BLADE Configuration
2010.02.10       35
             Port Access - History

2010.02.10    36
             Port Access - Favorites

2010.02.10    37
       Port Access – User Preferences

2010.02.10   38
             Port Access - Sessions

2010.02.10    39
  Port Access – Port Configuration

2010.02.10   40
   Power Management Integration (1)
                          Cabling Connection

                          Power on devices properly

                          PON Devices should be
                           shown up automatically

                         Upgrade PON devices F/W
 Hardware Installation
                         to the latest ver. if necessary

2010.02.10   41
   Power Management Integration (2)

                    We can power manage (On, Off, Reboot) selected outlets directly
                    from Local Console or Web page, instead of having to select them
 Hardware Installation the PON device, itself.

2010.02.10   42
   Power Management Integration (3)

2010.02.10   43
   Power Management Integration (4)
 Associate KVM Ports with PON Outlets

 Hardware Installation

2010.02.10   44
   BLADE Server Support
                      Import configuration file
                       for BLADE Servers by F/W

                      Supported BLADE Servers will be
                       shown up

                      Add BLADE and do the KVM Port

                      Configuration file is flexible to
                       extend and customize for
                       supporting more and more BLADE

2010.02.10   45
Port Access – BLADE

2010.02.10   46
Port Access – BLADE

2010.02.10   47
Port Access – BLADE

                  * Associate a BLADE with the KVM Port!

2010.02.10   48
Port Access – BLADE

2010.02.10   49
Port Access – BLADE

2010.02.10   50
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2010.02.10   51
             User Management

                      Permissions in detail

2010.02.10    52
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2010.02.10   53

                   Add two extra fields (Severity, User)

                                 CSV format

2010.02.10    54

    Severity and User fields are extra new added

    Support order function in each field

    Advance search by ‘*’(AND) and ‘or’(OR) to achieve
     complex search.

    Export log to CSV format

2010.02.10    55

2010.02.10    56
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2010.02.10   57

   • Upgrade Main Firmware

   • Upgrade Adapters

   • Backup / Restore

   • Ping Host

   • System Operation

2010.02.10    58
      Upgrade Firmware for KN4140v

2010.02.10   59
Upgrade Firmware for PON device

2010.02.10   60
Upgrade KVM Adapter Firmware

2010.02.10   61
Backup / Restore

   • Backup file with password security

   • Flexible Restoration

2010.02.10   62
Ping Host

                  The Ping menu item lets us check the network status of
                  devices on the KVM Over the NET™ switch installation.

2010.02.10   63
System Operation

                  Return all customized parameters to the original
                  factory default settings (except Port Names).

2010.02.10   64
   Moving on to next section

2010.02.10   65

2010.02.10    66
   4. KN family

             Model Comparison and KVM Adapter Cables

2010.02.10      67
     KN family I

                                  / KN2116A

2010.02.10   68    * Depending on KVM Adapter Cable
     KN family II

                    / KN2116A

2010.02.10   69
     KVM Adapter Cables for KN

                         PS/2 KVM
                       Adapter Cable

                         USB KVM
                       Adapter Cable
                      (PC / Mac / Sun)

                      Sun Legacy KVM
                       Adapter Cable
                      (with 13W3 port)

2010.02.10   70
     KVM Adapter Cables for KN

                        Serial KVM
                       Adapter Cable

                         Serial KVM
                       Adapter Module

                      USB Virtual Media
                      KVM Adapter Cable

                      USB Virtual Media
                      USB Virtual Media
                      KVM Adapter Cable
                      KVM Adapter Cable
                         with Audio
                         with Audio

2010.02.10   71
2010.02.10   72
 Device Information

 fe80 0000 0000 0000 0210 74ff   fe61 0bfd
IPv6 Support

• In IPv4, IP addresses have no relationship to the
  addresses used for underlying data link layer network

• IPv6 address is decided by Network Prefix and
  Interface ID.

• Two kinds of IPv6 protocols are supported by
   – Link Local IPv6 Address
   – IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration

   • IPv6 Settings
        It is the new (128-bit) format for specifying IP addresses.

                    [HOWTO] Live Demo

2010.02.10     75

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