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                           TERMS AND CONDITIONS

     1.       Sealed tenders are invited by GMT AMRITSAR for and on behalf of BSNL from the following
              individuals/institutions as detailed in Para 4.1 for appointment as private Recovery Agents
              for realization of outstanding TR dues on commission basis. For individuals the age at the
              time of application should not be more than 65 years.

              Applicant shall      submit the bid as required in the prescribed Tender Form along with
              EMD in the shape of DD of Rs. 10, 000/- ( Rs. Ten Thousand ) drawn in favour of A.O.(
              Cash ) BSNL, Amritsar. The tender form along with the terms and conditions can be
              had from S.D.E. ( PLANNING ) O/O The G.M.T. AMRITSAR durig working days               from
              04-06-2007. The    cost     of     the    tender     form     will be Rs. 500/- ( Rs.Five
              Hundred ) which should be paid in cash or DD in favour of A.O.(Cash ) BSNL, Amritsar.

              The tender form along with terms and conditions duly agreed and signed by the bidder
              should reach to     D.E.P. ( PLANNING ) O/O The G.M.T. AMRITSAR
              along with following documents up to 15.00 Hrs. on dated 26-06-2007
              which will be opened on the same date 26-06-2007 in the
              presence of those tenderers who may wish to be present at their own cost. If this day
              happens to be a holiday the tender will be opened on the next working day at the same time
              and venue.

              (a) Documents proof should be attached w.r. to age of individual & a, b, c, d, e, & f of Para
                  4.1 below.

              (b) PAN NO.

                  BSNL should not be responsible for any delay in receipt of tender and GMT AMRITSAR
                  reserves the right to accept OR reject any OR all the tender without assigning any

     2.       Each tender must be accompanied by Earnest Money Rs. 10, 000/- ( Rs.TEN THOUSAND )
              either in cash or in shape of DD drawn in favour of A.O.( Cash ) BSNL , Amritsar. Tender
              not accompanied by Earnest Money , unsigned, conditional or not submitted on the
              prescribed tender form, will not be entertained, incomplete or incorrectly filled tenders are
              liable to be rejected. Earnest Money deposited by unsuccessful              tenders will   be
              refunded only after the finalization of tender. No interest will be paid on Earnest Money.

3.        Correction, if any should be initialed with date failing which the tender is likely to be

4.         The main terms and conditions governing the experimental scheme for appointment of
           Private Recovery Agents ( on commission basis ) for the pursuit and collection of
           BSNL’s outstanding telephone dues are as below:-

4.1 ELIGIBILITY:- The following individuals/institutions shall be eligible for appointment as Private
    Recovery Agents for realization of BSNL’s dues. For individual, the age at the time of application
    shall not be more than 65 years.

     (a)       Retired Employees of DOT/ DTS/ BSNL/ MTNL/ Department of Posts.

     (b)      Small Saving/ PLI Agents, who have been Registered with DOP/Small
              Saving Organization of State Govt. for at least ONE YEAR on the date of application.

     (c)      Development Officers who have registered with Central Govt.’s Insurance
              Companies for at least ONE YEAR on the date of application.

     (d)      Debt Recovery Agents of reputed Public Sector Banks/ Finance Institutions who
              have been functioning in such a capacity for at least ONE YEAR as on the
              date of application.

     (e)      Debt Recovery Agents of other Telecom Services providers, with at least
              ONE YEAR functional experience in this field with such other
              Telecom Services providers.

     (f)       BSNL Franchisees and marketing Agents.


                       1. Documentary Proof w.r.t. a, b, c, d, e, & f.
                       2. Date of Birth.
                       3. PAN NO.

( N.B. ) Documentary proofs shall be insisted upon, and shall be duly verified before appointment in all
these cases ).

4.2 APPOINTMENT:- The Appointment of the Private Recovery Agents, which at present will be
    for a maximum period of ONE YEAR, shall be finalized at SSA level as per the terms and conditions
    that follow. The upper cap for commission payable shall be 15% for more than TWO YEARS OLD

    Outstanding for all Telecom Services ( Basic as well as CMTS ), payable for realization of
    outstanding dues within which the bidder may offer the rate of commission to be charged by him.

4.3 The offer by a bidder should be within the above limit and should clearly be made in terms of the
    amount ( in whole rupees ) that the bidder proposes to keep as his overall commission, against each
    Rupees One Thousand of arrears actually recovered by him. The offers shall be accompanied by
    Earnest Money deposit either in cash or Demand Draft equivalent to Rs. 10,000/- ( Rs. Ten
    Thousand only ). The EMD is liable to be forfeited in case a successful bidder fails to sign the
    contract with 30 days of being asked to do so.

4.4 The appointment of Recovery Agent to collect outstanding telecom revenue arrears from subscribers
    of closed telephones/ telex/ private wires/ circuit etc. shall initially be for a period of six months only,
    on experimental basis.

4.5 The        SSA shall appoint maximum three recovery agents for recovery of old outstanding dues (
    more than two years old ) for its SSA. The three recovery agents can be the lowest bidder and
    two other bidders who accept the counter offer of the approved rate of the lowest bidder. In this
    regard, the approved rate of the lowest bidder ( L-I ) shall be offered to the other bidder in the order
    of their ranking i.e. counter offer shall be made starting with the bidders L-2, L-3, L-4 and so on.

4.6 The recovery agent thus appointed shall also be eligible for an additional commission ( which shall
    not be the part of evaluation process of bids ), over and above the amount actually due to him in
    terms of his old bid, for recovery of old outstanding dues relating to Telecom Services including
    CMTS. This should be made known to the prospective bidders through the tender notice itself.. The
    rate at which such additional commission hall be paid is indicated as follows:-


                                                            OVER AND ABOVE THE RATE AS PER
1         Up to 2 years old                                 NIL
2         2 to 4 years old                                  2%
3         4 to 6 years old                                  4%
4         6 to 8 years old                                  6%
5         8 years old and above.                            10%

4.7 The appointment of Recovery Agent to collect outstaning telecom revenue arrears from subscribers
    of closed telephone/ telex / private wires/ circuit etc, shall initially be for a period of six months only,
    on experimental basis

4.8 The appointment shall be extendable by another 6 months depending upon the performance of the

4.9 In any case, however, fresh bids should be called for after expiry of one year from the date of award
    of contract against the previous bids.

4.10 To begin with, only those cases where the facility was closed more than two years will be
    handed over by AO ( Pursuit ) to these Agents for collection.

4.11 The performance of an Agent shall be evaluated by committee comprising of the Head of the
    SSA, IFA of the SSA, CAO ( TR ) of the SSA. The evaluation shall be completed at least 15 working
    days before the expiry of the existing terms so that the case for the extension is decided in time.

4.12 The Recovery Agent shall be issued with a appropriate Identity Card and also an authorization
    letter    by the SSA. The Agent should display the ID Card before entering any ( ex. ) customer’s
    premises. The Authorization letter should mention prominently that the Agent is authorized to collect
    the outstanding dues only by cheque and not in cash.

4.13    The GMT DISTRICT—AMRITSAR will suitably publisize :-

(a)     The details of Recovery Agent appointed through local press for the information of
        BSNL’s customers, and

( b ) The fact that the Agent are NOT authorized to collect payment of arrears in cash but by Account
Payees crossed cheque or DD only drawn in favour of “ Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.”

4.14 The Agent of BSNL, may terminate the contract by giving one month’s notice in written in

4.15 The Recovery Agent shall act immediately after the work is awarded to him and try to get the
    collection in respect of the outstanding TR dues entrusted to him realised from the very first month of
    the contract.

4.16 The activities to be performed for recovery and deposit of the dues collected by the Recovery
    Agent vis-a-vis the AO( Pursuit ) of the SSA are as under:-

4.17 The AO ( Pursuit ) branch of SSA will supply, to the Recovery Agent, Authenticated copies of
    theTRA-20 statement ( exchange wise ) containing the details of outstanding arrears, together with
    the bills(s) for collecting payment from the customer(s) of the closed telephone(s). The bills will be
    super scribed at the top with the words “ DEFAULTER CASE “ in Red Ink.

4.18 The Recovery Agent may, in a deserving cases allow with the prior approval of DGM ( F )
    payment in a limited numbers of installments. This discretion is however to be exercised sparingly. In
    such cases, parts bills may be issued by the Agent with a suitable indication on the payment voucher
    like “ installment case’ , Defaulter of closed Telephone”.

4.19 Recovery of the dues from State/ Centre Government Departments/Corporations/Local Bodies/
    Public undertakings shall also be included in the present scheme.

4.20 The Agent shall be authorized to collect payment through an Account Payee crossed cheque or
    DD only drawn in favour of Accounts officer ( Cash )BSNL, AMRITSAR. Payment shall on no
    account be received by the Agent in cash.

4.21 The Agent may issue a temporary receipt to the customer initially to be followed by a formal
    receipt by BSNL. The Agent may be permitted to issue such temporary receipt on his/ her letter pad
    under his/ her seal and dated signature. The format of temporary receipt is suggested below:-


  Received with thanks from Shri/ Smt/ M/S___________________________________________

  Holder of closed telephone number______________________________________the cheque/

  Demand Draft No.___________________________Dated__________________________ for

  Rs.________________________ ( Rs.__________________________________________

  ________________________________________________________________only ). On

  account of payment of outstanding dues.

  The formal receipt will be issued by BSNL in due course.

                                                                   ( Name of Agent ).

4.22 The Agent will deposit the payment(s) collected by him/ her through Cheque/ DD’s with AO (
    Cash ) of the SSA concerned under a covering list (TRC ) containing the details like Telephone
    number, Subscriber’s name and address, amount of bill(s) collected, date of bill(s), cheque/ DD No.
    & date. The list will be prepared ( in triplicate ) for closed telephones supported by duplicate copies
    of bills presented to the customer against which such payments have been collected. This is to
    ensure proper accountings of the collections made by the Agent in the customer account.

4.23    For closed defaulter telephones, outstation cheque/ DD may also be accepted, and
        their clearing expenses shall be born by BSNL.

4.24 The AO ( Cash ) BSNL will credit the collections made by the Agent as in Para 4.22     above
    into the accounts immediately. A receipt inform Eng-9 shall be made out for each    payment of
    the telephone bill collected by the Agent.

4.25    A copy of Telephone Revenue collections list ( TRC ) will be sent by AO ( Cash ) to
        PO Recovery Section & AO ( Persuit ) for payment noting etc. in the usual manner.

            This list will be super scribed at the top with the words “ COLLECTION MADE
            AGAINST CLOSED TELEPHOINE: to facilitate crediting of the payment into proper
            ex-subscriber’s accounts.

4.26        The SSA will send the formal payment receipt ( prepared as per para 4.24 above )
            along with the paid copy of the bill to the customer (s) either by ordinary post or through
            the Agent, as considered economical and expedient by the Head of the SSA.. In the latter case,
            the Eng.9 receipts shall be handed over to the Agent ( under proper receipt ) for delivery to the
            (ex.) customers.

4.27        During the course of interaction with the customers, the Agent may come across
            cases where the customers have already paid the bill and TRAO records show them
            as “ OUTSTANDING”. In such cases the Agent will politely request the customer
            to provide suitable evidence of payment (e.g. a photocopy of the entry in his/ her
            Bank Pass Book or of a receipt issued by the office where paid ) along with the
            copy of the paid bill. The recovery Agent shall furnish the details of such cases to
            the AO ( Persuit ) separately, indicating the telephone number, customer’s
            name & address. Date & amount of bill, particulars of payment ( office, date &
            amount paid ) .No separate commission will be admissible to the Agent on this account.

         the commission due to the agent on the basis of approved rates may be preferred by him to the
         Head of SSA on monthly basis. The payment of the commission due will, however, b e worked out
         on the actual collection made ( after the realization of cheque/ DD ) by the SSA and released with
         15 days after the receipt of the claim. The payment should be released subject to deduction of
         Income Tax at source, if and when applicable , and only through an Account payee cheque.

    6.      SECURITY DEPOSIT:-

    6.1     The Agent shall be liable to deposit an amount of Rs. 20, 000/- ( Rs,.TWENTY THOUSAND )
            only as non-interest bearing security deposit for proper fulfillment of the contract either in cash or
            in the form of bank Guarantee/NSC pledged to the Head of the SSA. For this, the successful
            bidder may choose to convert his EMD into a part of the Security Deposit.

    6.2     The amount of the security deposit shall be deposited before the contract in entered
            into. However, the deposit period can be extended by the SSA Heads for such
            further periods as they consider necessary after giving at least 21 days notice prior to
            the expiry of the terms of the existing Deposit and explaining reasons for the extension.

    6.3     The security Deposit recovered under 6.1 above shall ordinarily be refunded within
            TWO MONTHS after the expiry or termination of the contract.


    7.1     The Recovery Agent shall be held personally responsible for any damage caused to

      the customer while pursuing the recovery of dues. The company shall not be party to
      such disputes.

7.2   The Security Deposit shall be forfeited and license cancelled for any , act of high handedness of
      the Agent towards the customer which bring bad name to the company.

7.3   BSNL shall be free to take any action ( including legal recourse ) as deemed fit
      against the Agent for his failure to follow the terms and conditions of the agreement.

7.4   The Recovery Agent shall work under the control of officer-un-charge of the
      outstanding Pursuit Cell in the SSA.

      I have read and understood all the above terms and conditions of the Tender and
      I fully agreed to it.

                                                SIGNATURE OF THE TENDERER


Rates of   commission