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									Kickers Soccer Services

      Presented by
       Jim Fischer
                 Executive Summary
  Soccer is a sport that in the last 20 years has experienced a marked growth in the number
of the people who play the game, especially at the youth level. However in some areas,
especially around Philadelphia, this growth has been hampered by the lack of available field
space and the volunteers to maintain what space is available.

  Kicker’s Soccer Services was formed to help address that issue. The five owners of the
company have over 150 years experience involved in the game as players, coaches,
referees, league, and club administrators. Our concept is that we are experts in planning,
marketing, and running indoor and outdoor tournaments. Soccer tournaments provide the
biggest ROI for an organization. To address the field space concern we have obtained
permits to public areas in and around Philadelphia to host outdoor soccer events and have
agreements in place with many indoor facilities to host events as well. Kicker’s also offers
field maintenance and lining services so that organizations can focus on teaching and
coaching the players of today and tomorrow. After all, soccer should be about the kids.

 Our web site has links that detail each of our services, and the pricing models for each one.
Upon receipt of your inquiry one of the owners will contact you to discuss specifics. We can
tailor our services to your needs.
               Business Description
   Industry
      – Soccer tournament and field organization.

   Mission Statement
     – Our goal is to provide soccer teams and organizations in the Philadelphia and
        surrounding area a low cost, stress free option to organize tournaments, leagues, and
        fields. The owners will use their combined experience of over 150 years in the game to
        make your event as profitable as possible. By investing that profit in the organization
        you can give the players a competitive advantage on the field.

   Customer Needs
     – Stress free way to raise funds for their organization/team
     – Creation and development of fields
     – Maintenance of fields

   Products and Services
     – League scheduling
     – Tournament organization and scheduling
     – Field development
     – Field maintenance
     – Equipment negotiation services
              Market Analysis
   Customer Base
     – Local soccer organizations/teams.
   Target Markets
     – Philadelphia Area soccer teams and organizations that have a need to raise funds.
     – Soccer teams and organizations that have a need for field maintenance (setting up and
         lining) on a periodic basis.
   Projected Growth
     – Growth of about 5% is anticipated the first year.
     – Second and Third year growth is anticipated to be 10% per year.
               Competitor Analysis
   Who is the competition?
     – The main competition to Kicker’s would be the Mid-Atlantic Premier Soccer (MAPS).
         MAPS runs invitational and college showcase soccer tournaments throughout the
         Northeast United States.
   Competition strengths
     – Very well organized and successful.
     – Well know for Premier soccer tournaments that attract college coaches to watch
         potential recruits.
   Competition Weaknesses
     – Only geared to the premier soccer player/organizations. Does not focus on the mid to
         entry level player/team.
     – Only focuses on tournaments, does not offer any other type of service.
     – Does not control facilities where events are held.
   Unique service offerings
     – Kicker’s will use their expertise and knowledge to organize your event.
   Our competitive advantage
     – Our competitive advantage is that we focus primarily on the average soccer player of
         local organizations. Our owners have over a combined 150 years experience in the
         playing, coaching, referring, and administration of leagues and organizations in the
         Philadelphia area.
   Product Delivery
     – We will come to your location to maintain fields or run the tournament for a
   Customer Service
     – Pre-event meeting, coordination.
     – E-mail support
     – Office phone
   Management Team
     – Founder and President Jim Fischer
     – CEO is Tom Coordinator
     – VP of Marketing is Michael Director
     – VP of Operations is Susie Sunshine
     – Legal Counsel is Ed Eagle
   Web site Hosting and Development
     – All aspects of the Kickers Soccer Services Web site will be handled by Jim Fischer
   Required Financing for Start Up
     – Each of the Five members of the Management Team contributed equally to the
         $100,000 investment for the start up. Breakdown is as follows:
           • $7,000 for technology (computers, software, web hosting)
           • $3,000 annual cost for storage facilities
           • $5,000 for field maintenance supplies
           • $5,000 for office supplies.
           • $50,000 for first year salary projections
           • $30,000 set aside for future use.
   Financing Providing
     – Kickers Soccer Services has obtained a $100,000 Line of credit through Beneficial
   Profitability
     – A small profit of about 5% is expected in the first year. Projections for years two and
         three are 10% - 15% each year.
     – All profits for the first two years will be reinvested into the company.

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