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					Best in France

    January 2005

         ES1- I
   Olivier Guillaume
     Leslie Pierce
     Ravi Prakash
         Ai Sato

 TATA Consultancy   Service (TCS)‟S Corporate overview
 Worldwide presence
 IP & SP concept at TCS
 Clients in Europe
 TCS in France
 HR and Strategy
 Talent management & Employee development
 Opportunities in France
 Constraints of doing business in France
 Message to the companies entering in France
 Message to the French government
                                      TCS Corporate Overview

Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) is the world-leading information technology
consulting, services, and business process outsourcing organization that pioneered
and envisioned the adoption of the flexible global business practices with its offshore
delivery business model for IT services, enabling its clients to operate more efficiently
and produce more value.

      Headquarter in Mumbai, India.
      Operation since 1968 and currently in 32 countries across 5 continents.
      30000 employees worldwide
      800 customers all over the world.
      Total sales turnover close to $1.5 billion.
      Listed in Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange (Mumbai, India)

Since its foundation, TCS is the largest data-processing firm of India and the largest
private supplier of data processing departments and software of the Asian continent.

TCS is a part of one of Asia's largest conglomerates - the TATA Group – whose business
spread in Energy, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Chemicals, Engineering &
Materials .
                                         Worldwide Presence

Europe, Middle East, Africa

Belgium           Finland        Germany        The Netherlands
Italy             Denmark        France         Hungary
Spain             Switzerland    Sweden         United Kingdom
UAE               South Africa   Saudi Arabia

Asia Pacific

Australia         India          Japan          Thailand
Singapore         China          South Korea    New Zealand
Malaysia          Taiwan         Hong Kong

Latin America

Argentine          Brazil        Chile
Mexico             Uruguay
                                      IP & SP concept at TCS
TCS is organized around a multi-sector, multi-disciplinary matrix to bring a wide
range of technological capabilities best suited for a variety of industries.

TCS delivers real expertise in both breadth and depth.The IP-SP model brings about
‘cross-pollination’ of ideas and experience, leading to benefits in many – often
unanticipated – areas
                                            Clients in Europe

•   BNP Paribas                      •   KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
•   Societe Generale                 •   Ericsson
•   Oberthur Card Systems            •   Scandia
                                     •   EDS PLM Solutions
•   Airbus Industrie
•   Siemens Transportation Systems   •   Volvo Car
•   UGS                              •   Saab Automobile
•   BMW                              •   Nokia
                                     •   Telenor
•   GE Worldwide                     •   SIS SegaInterSettle AG
•   Deutsche Bank                    •   Swisscom
•   TUI                              •   Credit Suisse First Boston
•   Dumrath & Faasnacht              •   Credit Suisse Private Banking
•   ADAC                             •   Payserv
•   Commerz Bank                     •   UBS
•   ECCO Sko                         •   Royal Bank of Greece
•   Post Denmark                     •   ING Group
•   Danfoss                          •   ABN Amro
•   MAN B&W                          •   Belgacom
                                                            TCS in France

 TCS entered in French market in 1992 in alliance with TKS Technosoft France SAS,
which has brought to TCS market knowledge and close connections in the local economy
in France through their 20 year partner relationship.

 Its turnover today is approximately EUR 20 million and with 15 large French
companies as its customers, such as Societe Generale, BNP Paribas.

 TCS has a Global Development Center in Budapest, Hungary to develop software for
European clients .TCS provides a cost effective optimisation global solution delivery model
clients. Especially Rumanians are considered important pool of support stuff with
their ability in French language.

 Currently half of employees are from India and the other half from France and others.
                                                              HR & Strategy

 Core Value & HR adaptation
       Company   believes in providing highest customer satisfaction.
       No failures or legal entangle with any French firm so far.
       HR resources mobilised to cater to the clients in best possible manner.

   Human resource personnel trained locally and globally
      Training on key practices are imparted locally and when needed HR
      personnel/employees are sent to India.
      TCS follows all the HR rules dictated by French constitution.Practices “law
      of the land” without any interpretations/deviations.
Talent management & Employee Development

 Based on project requirement local employees are recruited in Europe
  or associates are called from India.
 Employees are given project specific training locally or in India.Local
  sales/marketing team sent to India to interact with the project teams.
 Other local employees are trained in France or sent to India.TCS is
  involved in the execution of projects while TKS France takes care of
  field marketing jobs.
                                       Opportunities in France

   TCS sees four major oppurtunities in the French market

      Industry base
      Infrastructure
      Research and development capabilities
      Connectivity to the customer

   Anywhere in the world the above four factors make the industry work.

   France therefore has all the basic pre-requisites for its industry to grow and
    compete with the best in the world.
   TCS views France as one of the key geographies of growth along with
    US,UK,Germany and Japan.
      Constraints of doing business in France

   Work permit restrictions
   Slow ‘decision cycles’ in public and private sector.It takes double or
    even more time to take decisions in France compared to US.
   Heavy social security and tax burden.
   Heterogenety of EU community. The business rules are not coherent
    because of divergent views within EU.
   Overall the ‘Closed door’ policy of France is the major constraint to
    Message to Companies entering in France

   Patience………….
   Its difficult to reap profits from year 1 here.It takes time and investment before
    things improve.
   Its important to invest in learning language and culture.
              Message to the French government
   Leave the ‘ Follower’ mentality.
      Leverage the best solutions available worldwide
      Say yes to „outsourcing ‟to attain competitive advantage
   Get rid of socialist,conservative approach.
   Look at outsourcing destinations such as India as ‘Value added’ service
    provider» rather than just ‘cost benifit centre’.
   Make the best of its very strong infrastructure.
   ‘Open doors’ to outside world and become competitive.
                                   We thank

 Yogesh Anand, Resident Manager

TATA Consultancy Services
1, Place de la Coupole
F-92084 Paris La Defence Cedex
Tel: +33 (0)1 53 20 12 12

   References:
          TCS Website

       TCS Quarterly Result announcement FY 2004-2005
       Quarter 2
                                                       Our Team

   Ravi PRAKASH, ravi.prakash@mailhec.net
   Olivier GUILLAUME, olivier.guillaume@mailhec.net
   Leslie PIERCE, leslie.pierce@mailhec.net
   Ai SATO, ai.sato@mailhec.net

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