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					                      DSI Conference Speaker for Skype™

1. Introduction
This manual provides step-by-step instructions for installing and operating the DSI
Conference Speaker on a PC. Instructions on how to use the Skype™ software are
available on Skype’s official website:

1.1 Overview
The DSI Conference Speaker is a high quality USB speaker that enables you to enjoy
the full benefits of the Skype™ messenger service. By simply plugging the speaker
into your PC’s USB port you can start enjoying crisp, secure conversations with the
speaker’s high quality sound and end-to-end encryption. Due to its ingenious design
and its portability DSI’s Conference Speaker is the ideal accessory for Skype™ at
home, in the office, or on the go.

Key Features
      • Adjustable volume control
      • Scrollable contact list
      • Audible incoming call notification
      • Hands-free function
      • Self-contained: requires no additional power supply or sound cards
      • USB 1.1 compatible
      • Call pickup & disconnect
      • Headset & Handset jack allows for private conversations (actual handset is

Minimum System Requirements
     • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
     • Pentium 400MHz/ 128MB RAM/ 16MB free hard disk space
     • 1 USB port
     • Internet connection (DSL, Cable Modem, Dial-up, or Wireless LAN)

1.2 Package
Upon receiving your DSI Conference Speaker please make sure that your package
       • DSI Conference Speaker
       • Handset: 1
       • Handset line cord: 1
       • Installation CD: 1
       • Instructions: 1

2. Quick Start
       1. Plug the DSI Conference Speaker into the USB port of your PC.
       2. Install the latest Skype™ software if necessary.
       3. Install the Rayson Middleware software.
You are now ready to make/answer Skype™ calls over the internet.
2.1 Plug the DSI Conference Speaker into the USB port
Connect the cable male end of the Conference Speaker to the USB port on your PC.
The green LED light “in use” on the speaker will turn on.

If you are connecting the phone for the first time, Windows will automatically detect
the new device and install the drivers. The DSI Conference Speaker supports the
Windows Human Interface Device and USB Audio Device 1.1 standards.

2.2 Install the latest Skype™ software
If your Skype™ software is an earlier version, you can download the latest software
from Skype’s website at: Be sure to install the actual
software released NOT a BETA, as a system error may occur.

2.3 Install the Rayson Middleware software
The Rayson Middleware disk is a special software that enables the DSI Conference
Speaker to work with Skype™.

Upon inserting the installation CD the setup file Setup.exe will start automatically.
Select the option “Allow this program to use Skype™” and click “Ok”.
If by mistake you select the wrong option, follow these simple steps:
       1. Double-click the icon in the status area.
       2. In the pop-up window select “Tools > Options > Privacy > Manage
other programs’ access to Skype > Change”
       3. When the window as shown above appears, remake the selection and click

The DSI Conference Speaker is now ready to use with the Skype™ software. As the
Rayson Middleware software is only suitable for the Conference Speaker, you must
close the software when you wish to use the Conference speaker for other soft phone
applications such as MKY VoIP, otherwise a system error may occur.


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