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									                   The Anti-Money Laundering Association

              Advocate for Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Professionals

Training Presentations and Qualifications

Mary Meile, President and Founder of the Anti-Money Laundering Association (AMLA)
possess the CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist) designation. Ms. Meile
has the required experience and background to lead and instruct on regulatory
compliance matters.

The AMLA provides training with expert speakers in the field of BSA/AML compliance,
financial crimes, etc. The speakers obtained are recognized nationally and some have
spoken internationally. In addition to each training session the meeting consists of an
update to industry related laws and regulations along with information on recent
enforcement actions and other BSA/AML agenda items. The duration of each training
event is two hours.


       January 20, 2010: (Southeast Chapter) Robert Mazur, Chase and Associates,
        Inc. Former Federal Drug Agent. Topic: The Infiltrator: How Money Laundering Is

       March 15, 2010: (Mid West Chapter) United States Secret Service Special Agent
        Erik Petkovic. Topic: Check Fraud and Money Laundering.

       March 17, 2010: (Southeast Chapter) Mary Meile, CAMS President, the Anti-
        Money Laundering Association. Topic: The Big Picture Surrounding BSA/AML:
        Issues of Concern.

       May 14, 2010: (Mid Atlantic Chapter) Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, VP of Research
        for Foundation for Defense of Democracies and Director of its Center for
        Terrorism Research. Topic: Terrorist Financing, Money Laundering and the
        Global War on Terror.

       May 19, 2010: (Southeast Chapter) Paul Gdanski, Vice President, GIFTS Inc.
        Topic: AML Software.

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   January 21, 2009: Peter Djinis, AML Compliance. Topic: Identifying and Managing
      Customer Relationships that pose a High AML Risk.

   January 27, 2009 (Chicago, IL): Supervisory Special Agent Brian Weber, FBI,
    Washington DC. Topic: SAR filing statistics, money laundering to include prepaid
    cards, mobile payments, and other methods, mortgage fraud, corporate fraud, and
    the FBI’s current goals and investigative strategy with respect to financial crimes.

   March 18, 2009 Supervisory Special Agent Todd M. Petrie, Department of
    Homeland Security, Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE). Topic: Law
    Enforcement Perspective on BSA/ Patriot Act, and SAR Filings.

   April 6, 2009: Shaun Hassett, CAMS. Topic: Customer Due Diligence: How to bring
    clarity to screening for OFAC related entities and other Sanctioned Entities.

   May 20, 2009: Donald Sutton, President WorldPay. MSBs and Currency Exchange:
    How to Identify Informal Transfers from Latin America.

   May 15, 2009: Michelle Hassen-Hemerley, First Vice President, BSA/AML Officer,
    Corus Bank. Topic: Money Service Businesses-Regulatory requirements and best
    practices for banking MSBs.

   July 15, 2009: Connie Fenchel, President AML Experts. Topic: Lessons Learned
    form Recent BSA Penalties and Most Common AML Program Deficiencies.

   September 21, 2009: John Lombardo-FDIC Regional Director. Topic: BSA/AML Hot
    Topics and Remote Deposit Capture.

   September 23, 2009: Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, VP of Research for Foundation
      for Defense of Democracies and Director of its Center for Terrorism Research.
      Topic: Homegrown Terrorism, Radicalization, and Jihadi Ideology.

   November 9, 2009: Avi Jorisch, Founder & President of Red Cell, IG. Topic:
      Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering.

   November 18, 2009: Wilfredo (Willy) B. Jauregui, Director, Florida Practice Leader,
      Accume Partners. Topic: Financial Fraud.


   January 16, 2008: Michael McDonald, President of Michael McDonald &
    Associates, Inc. Topic: The World of Money Service Businesses and BSA/AML

   March 19, 2008: Michael Linthicum, Patriotic Investigations & Consulting, LLC.
    Topic: Ponzi Schemes and Money Laundering.

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   May 21, 2008: Mike Forester, Managing Director, CrossCheck Compliance. Topic:
    Mortgage Loan Fraud & Emerging Issues.

   July 16, 2008: Supervisory Special Agent Brian Weber, FBI, Washington DC.
    Topic: Financial Crimes & Emerging Issues.

   September 17, 2008: Thomas Nollner, Senior Consultant-SightSpan (Former OCC
    Bank Examiner-Washington DC). Topic: AML Risk Assessment, Monitoring,
    Training, and Technology.

   November 17, 2008: Chicago, IL Chapter Kickoff Event: Raymond Namikas and
    Jeffrey Siegel: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Topic: Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-
    Money Laundering Compliance, Hot Topics, Most Common BSA Violations,
    Microstructuring, and Remote Deposit Capture.

   November 19, 2008: Timothy R. White, National Risk Specialist for Banker’s
    Toolbox Inc., a leading BSA/AML solution provider. Topic: Office of Foreign Assets
    Control. Overview of OFAC, hot topics, best practices, risk assessment, and
    information required to implement an effective OFAC compliance program.


   March 21, 2007: Ron Woody, Special Agent-Immigration and Customs
    Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security. Topic: Money Laundering and
    Related Crimes.

   May 16, 2007: Tom Ajax, Bank Examiner, BSA/AML Subject Matter Expert-
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Topic: BSA Risk Assessment, BSA/AML
    Compliance Overview, and Section 314-Information Sharing.

   July 11, 2007: Connie Fenchel, President-AML Experts Inc. Hot AML Issues,
      Current Money Laundering Threats/Trends, and Most Common Compliance
      Deficiencies and How to Avoid Them.

   September 19, 2007: John Burke, Special Agent Supervisor- Florida Department of
    Law Enforcement. Money Laundering and Financial Crimes.

   November 14, 2007: Steve McCabe- Special Agent- IRS Criminal Investigation
    Division. Topic: Suspicious Activity Report, a Valuable Tool for Law Enforcement &

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