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									CHANGE for People with
    Time to Email Obama!
  What’s in This Slide Show?
• Making history for people with
  disabilities …
• Why Email Obama’s Team?
• Learning More About Obama’s Plan for
  People with Disabilities
• How to Email Obama’s Team!
• What Else Can I Do to Support the
  Email Obama! Campaign?
        Making History …
• On November 4, 2008, millions of
  people with disabilities across the
  United States and around the
  world joined our non-disabled
  peers in watching the United
  States election results.
       Making History …
• Obama supporters cheered or
  wept to learn that the next US
  president would be Obama.
• Then we all cheered or wept again
  when Obama mentioned people
  with disabilities in his acceptance
          Making History …
• “It is the answer spoken by young and old,
  rich and poor, Democrat and Republican,
  black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American,
  gay, straight, DISABLED and not disabled--
  Americans who sent a message to the world
  that we have never been a collection of Red
  States and Blue States: we are, and always
  will be, the United States of America.”
  – President-Elect Barack Obama Acceptance speech,
    November 4, 2008; emphasis added
       Making History …
• History was made--not only for
  America, not only for Black people,
  not only for Kenya and all of
  Africa, not only for Indigenous
  peoples, but also for people with
          What’s Next?
• But we cannot afford to allow the
  moment to end here.
• Whether we supported Obama,
  McCain, or another candidate, we
  all know there is far too much
  work ahead before we can say,
  “Yes, we have made real change
  for people with disabilities.”
           What’s Next?
• Obama has made important promises to
  people with disabilities.
• Politicians are always more quick to
  follow through on their promises when
  they know the country--and the world--is
  watching them.
            What’s Next?
• We need to make sure Obama’s team
  knows people with disabilities, our loved
  ones, colleagues, and other allies are
  watching him too!
       Time to Take Action!
• It is time for all of us to join together,
  across ideological divides, to reach out
  to Obama.
• We should all send an email to Kareem
  Dale, Obama’s National Disability Vote
  Director (at,
  WITH COPIES TO Anne Hayes, a
  volunteer on the Obama Disability
  Policy Committee (at
 Why Email Obama’s Team?
• First, we should thank Obama--and also
  Kareem Dale--for mentioning people
  with disabilities in Obama’s acceptance
  speech on November 4.
• Ensure that they understand how much
  it matters simply for us to be included.
• How did you feel when Obama
  mentioned us? Share your story.
 Why Email Obama’s Team?
• Second, we should tell Obama and
  Kareem Dale that we are aware of
  Obama’s disability platform.
 Why Email Obama’s Team?
• Obama promised to increase
  educational opportunities; end
  discrimination; increase
  employment opportunities; and
  support independent, community-
  based living for Americans with
 Why Email Obama’s Team?
• And he promised to sign the
  Convention on the Rights of
  Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)
  and to encourage the Senate to
  ratify it.
• The CRPD is the first international,
  legally-binding human rights treaty
  for people with disabilities.
 Why Email Obama’s Team?
• The CRPD is consistent with the
  Americans with Disabilities Act--but
  would also be a tool that advocates
  could use to expand disability rights in
  the US.
• If the US signs then ratifies the CRPD
  then other countries would have fewer
  excuses to refuse to do the same.
 Why Email Obama’s Team?
• Tell Obama and Kareem Dale that
  we are ready to call Obama to
  account if he fails us.
• But more importantly, we are
  ready to work with him for change
  for people with disabilities.
     Email Obama’s Team!
• It is important to send your disability-
  related emails to BOTH Kareem Dale
  AND Anne Hayes
  ( AND between now
  and inauguration day.
• Kareem Dale’s email address may
  change between now and January 20,
  2009. Anne Hayes can help ensure that
  emails sent to Kareem Dale are not lost
  during this time of transition.
     Email Obama’s Team!
• Both Kareem Dale and others who have
  worked on disability issues within the
  Obama campaign are ready to receive
  YOUR emails on disability-related issues
  for US President-elect Obama.
• Emails are welcome from across the
  United States and around the world.
• If you are a US citizen, then please say
  so in your email.
  First I Want to Learn More!
• Learn more about Obama’s plan for
  people with disabilities at:
• Yes, the video is captioned. And if you
  scroll down to the bottom of the page,
  you can download Obama’s Full Plan for
  people with disabilities in PDF format
  (62 Kb).
  First I Want to Learn More!
• If you wish, read Obama’s
  acceptance speech at:
  First I Want to Learn More!
• Want to read emails from other people
  as inspiration for writing your own?
  Follow the link to
  First I Want to Learn More!
• Learn more about the CRPD, and
  why it matters so much to people
  with disabilities, at
  Disability Issues Aren’t My
       Only Concern!
• Just like everyone else, you probably
  worry about the economy, Iraq, jobs,
  and climate change.
• If you wish to contact Obama’s staff on
  some topic other than disability, then
  you can send an email via his web page
     Time to Email Obama!
• Send your disability-related emails
  to BOTH Kareem Dale AND Anne
  Hayes (
  between now and inauguration
       What Else Can I Do?
• After you send your email to Obama’s team:
• Recruit people you know to send their own
  emails to Obama!
• Share this power point program with friends,
  loved ones, and colleagues. Or refer them to
       What Else Can I Do?
• The original Call to Action was first posted
• Please copy/paste the text into your blog,
  Facebook page, email to friends, etc. The
  most updated version will be at the above
• Or, if you prefer, please post or email this
  PowerPoint program.
        What Else Can I Do?
• Perhaps your letter can help inspire other
  people to write their own.
• Share your letter in the comments area at
• If I think it is especially good or interesting, I
  might ask you for permission to post it at one
  of my two blogs.
      What Else Can I Do?
• Consider making a podcast or video
  promoting the Email Obama! Campaign.
  Post it on line!
• If you do this, please leave the URL in
  the comments area at
      What Else Can I Do?
• But whatever else you do … don’t forget
• Send your emails to WITH

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