Straightforward Pre-Intermediate Unit Test 2

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					Straightforward Intermediate Unit Test 2
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A      Choose a, b, or c to complete 1–8.

(1) Where can I _______________ the bus into the city centre?
a) arrive       b) catch       c) pick up

(2) I’ll _______________ outside the station in five minutes.
a) arrive you       b) catch you          c) pick you up

(3) The train leaves in five minutes. Be careful you don’t _______________ it.
a) catch        b) get off      c) miss

(4) Did you _______________ by train?
a) arrive       b) catch      c) drop off

(5) No, I _______________ a bus.
a) arrived       b) caught         c) dropped off

(6) Could you _______________ outside the shopping centre?
a) arrive me        b) catch me        c) drop me off

(7) You should _______________ on the corner by the post office.
a) get off       b) set out      c) take

(8) How long does the journey _______________?
a) get off       b) set out      c) take

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B      Complete the text with the words and phrases in the box. There are four extra

trip        travelled        took       stop off          set out      ran into        leave
last year        hitchhike          give up        get over         get by         exploring

(9) _______________ I went on a fantastic holiday with my best friend. We had just
finished school and had never really (10) _______________, so we decided to (11)
_______________ around Europe. We (12) _______________ from London and (13)
_______________ the Eurostar train to Paris. We thought we’d (14) _______________
there for a few days and then carry on. When we were there we (15) _______________
a couple of girls from Sweden and decided to carry on together. We spent six weeks
(16) _______________ France, Italy, Greece and Turkey – it was great. When we left,
my parents were worried that we wouldn’t (17) _______________, but it was easy to
find jobs picking grapes and working as a waiter. Next year …

C      Match the verbs in italics in 18–21 to a phrasal verb from the box.

stop off        sort out       give up          see off

(18) It wasn’t that difficult to solve.       __________
(19) Don’t worry. You don’t need to come to the airport to say goodbye.
(20) You shouldn’t leave your job. It might be difficult to get a new one.               __________
(21) If you stay for a few more nights in Rome, you should
go and see Antonio and Illaria.         __________

D      Choose the correct verb form in 22–27 to complete the conversation.

Sally: Hi Angela, I (22) didn’t see / haven’t seen you for ages.
Angela: No, I’ve been on holiday with my boyfriend and we only arrived back (23) for
           two days / two days ago.
Sally: Where did you go?
Angela:         We (24) went / have been to Corsica.
Sally: Wow! I (25) didn’t go / haven’t been there. What’s it like?

                                                            Straightforward Intermediate Unit Test 2 p2
Angela:     It’s great. I really enjoyed it, but this wasn’t my first visit.
Sally: So you (26) went / have been there before?
Angela:     Oh yes! I’ve been there three times (27) last year / over the past year.

                                                      Straightforward Intermediate Unit Test 2 p3
E      Write questions using the prompts.

A: Have / you / ever / visit / Australia / ?
B: Yes, I have.

A: When / you / go / there / ?
B: Last year.

A: Who / you / go / with / to Australia / ?
B: I went with my brother and his girlfriend.

A: What is the most interesting country / you / ever / visit / ?
B: Borneo.

A: Have / you / ever / travel / alone ?
B: Yes, I have.

F     Correct the mistakes in the sentences. There is one mistake in each sentence.
You might need to change more than one word.

(33) I’ve been to Paris two months ago.
(34) I went abroad twice in the last few months.
(35) We have arrived here yesterday.

                                                     Straightforward Intermediate Unit Test 2 p4
(36) During the last six months I didn’t go on holiday.
(37) Where have you been two days ago?
(38) How many holidays did you have over the past year?

                                                    Straightforward Intermediate Unit Test 2 p5

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