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									CIS208 Final Exam

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____    1. In an image map, either a specific area or several areas serve as which of the following?
           a. tags                                          c. hotspots
           b. metalinks                                     d. all of the above
____    2. It is important to test your pages to ensure that they follow ____ standards.
           a. XML                                             c. DHTML
           b. CSS                                             d. XHTML
____    3. Which of the following should be included on all Web pages that use image maps for navigation?
           a. links referring visitors to the home page
           b. a list of elements in the image maps
           c. captions for the images in the image maps
           d. text links to the URLs reflected in the image maps
____    4. Using ____ links in conjunction with a navigational image map ensures that if the image does not download
           or a Web page visitor has images turned off, a user can still navigate to other Web pages.
           a. meta                                         c. caption
           b. text                                         d. indexed
____    5. In a server-side image map, the image is displayed by the ____ and implemented by a program that runs on
           the Web server.
           a. server                                       c. browser
           b. client                                       d. either B or C
____    6. With a(n) ____ image map, the Web server does all the work.
           a. indexed                                   c. coordinated
           b. client-side                               d. server-side
____    7. With a(n) ____ image map, the browser does not have to send the x- and y-coordinates of the mouse click to
           the Web server.
           a. client-side                               c. server-side
           b. indexed                                   d. coordinated
____    8. With a client-side image map, the ____ of the mouse click are included in the HTML file together with the
           URL of the link.
           a. coordinates                                 c. indices
           b. pixels                                      d. points
____    9. Server-side image mapping has the advantage that most, if not all, ____, support it.
           a. servers                                    c. applications
           b. coordinate tables                          d. browsers
____ 10. Before coding the image map, you must map the image ____ for each hotspot.
         a. coordinates                              c. pixels
         b. indices                                  d. points
____ 11. Which of the following is a step in the creation of an image map for a Web page?
         a. creating the HTML code for the map
            b. sketching the hotspots on the image
            c. mapping the image coordinates for each hotspot
            d. all of the above
____ 12. You must use the coordinates for each corner of the shape in which of the following image sections?
         a. rectangular                                 c. polygonal
         b. cylindrical                                 d. single-point
____ 13. For a circular image section, which of the following is used as a coordinate?
         a. center point                                  c. both A and B
         b. corner                                        d. neither A nor B
____ 14. For a(n) ____ clickable image shape, you use the center point and the radius as the coordinates.
         a. polygonal                                   c. circular
         b. rectangle                                   d. indexed
____ 15. The ____ tag defines the link and anchors for an image map.
         a. <area>                                       c. <a>
         b. <link>                                       d. <href>
____ 16. In Paint, the ____ displays the coordinates of the center of the mouse pointer at its current position on the
         a. menu bar                                      c. drawing bar
         b. status bar                                    d. toolbox
____ 17. Moving the mouse pointer ____ increases the y-coordinate in Paint.
         a. up                                         c. to the right
         b. down                                       d. to the left
____ 18. Which of the following attributes of the <img> tag specifies the image file to be used?
         a. load                                         c. src
         b. file                                         d. use
____ 19. A client-side image map is placed with the ____ tags.
         a. <image></image>                             c. <map></map>
         b. <area></area>                               d. all of the above
____ 20. Which of the following represents the general syntax for the <area> tag?
         a. <area area=" " name=" " coords=" " ismap=" ">
         b. <area shape=" " coords=" " href=" " alt=" ">
         c. <area name=" " ismap=" " coords=" " href=" ">
         d. <area usemap=" ">
____ 21. Which of the following tags defines clickable areas within a <map> element?
         a. <click>                                      c. <define>
         b. <area>                                       d. <clickmap>
____ 22. The ____ attribute of the <map> tag defines the map's name.
         a. this                                        c. ref
         b. name                                        d. def
____ 23. The ____ attribute of the <area> tag indicates the points bounding the map area.
         a. bound                                         c. map
         b. coords                                        d. shape
____ 24. Which of the following attributes of the <img> tag displays alternate text for the image?
         a. caption                                      c. alt
         b. text                                         d. identify
____ 25. What kind of image map shape would have the following coordinates: 388,154,71?
         a. triangle                                 c. polygon (poly)
         b. rectangle                                d. circle
____ 26. A(n) ____ control is any type of input mechanism on a form.
         a. variable                                    c. parameter
         b. input                                       d. form
____ 27. Which of the following controls sends a form to a server for processing?
         a. enter                                       c. send
         b. reset                                       d. submit
____ 28. Which of the following controls resets the form?
         a. clear                                        c. reset
         b. empty                                        d. new
____ 29. Which of the following controls is identical to text fields used for single-line data entry?
         a. submit                                         c. password
         b. textarea                                       d. radio
____ 30. Which of the following attributes, when used with the text tag, determines the number of characters that
         display on a form?
         a. character                                   c. width
         b. size                                        d. dimension
____ 31. A ____ input control is either a radio button, a check box, a Submit button, a Reset button, or a selection
         a. select                                         c. capture
         b. data                                           d. list
____ 32. The type="____" attribute specifies that the type of control is the radio button.
         a. radio                                         c. option
         b. check                                         d. circle
____ 33. ____ controls are similar to text controls, except that they allow multiple lines of text input.
         a. Password                                       c. Capture
         b. Textarea                                       d. Either a or b
____ 34. The textarea control has two primary attributes: ____.
         a. rows and cols                                 c. size and width
         b. size and maxlength                            d. select and option
____ 35. There are two primary methods to send the form to the server to be processed: ____
         a. send and put                               c. get and put
         b. get and post                               d. CGI and HTML
____ 36. The two values of the ____ attribute in HTML are get and post.
         a. process                                    c. http
         b. server                                     d. method
____ 37. The ____ method sends the name-value pairs to the end of the URL indicated in the action attribute.
         a. get                                       c. post
         b. base                                      d. serv
____ 38. The size=“2” attribute means which of the following?
         a. two characters will appear, but more may be entered, depending on the maxlength attribute
         b. one character will appear, and the second will be truncated
         c. two characters will appear, and no more may be entered
         d. at most, two characters can be entered
____ 39. The default type for the <input /> tag is a ____.
         a. radio button                                   c. text box
         b. checkbox                                       d. textarea
____ 40. If no ____ attribute value is specified, a selection menu initially displays only one option, along with a list
         arrow to view other choices in the list.
         a. default                                         c. size
         b. choice                                          d. checked
____ 41. If a selection menu includes the size attribute with a value of 3, ____ choice(s) will appear in the menu.
         a. one                                            c. three
         b. two                                            d. four
____ 42. If the ____ attribute was not used to create a selection menu, the Web page visitor will be allowed to select
         only one choice in the menu.
         a. several                                        c. choices
         b. many                                           d. multiple
____ 43. Form controls are useless unless the information entered in the form can be submitted for ____.
         a. concatenation                                c. aggregation
         b. processing                                   d. all of the above
____ 44. Which of the following tags gives you the option of using an image for a Submit button, rather than using the
         default button style?
         a. <option>                                    c. <modify>
         b. <image button>                              d. <button>
____ 45. Which of the following buttons deletes any data previously typed into text or textarea fields?
         a. New                                         c. Clear
         b. Restore                                     d. Reset

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

____ 46. Web page developers are always dependent on text-based links to route visitors to other locations.

____ 47. With a server-side image map, the Web server does all the work.

____ 48. An image map available on a particular Web site’s server must be registered to the server before it can be

____ 49. The sections in an appropriate image are very distinct and easy to see.
____ 50. To start Paint, click the Accessories button on the taskbar and then click Paint on the resulting menu.

____ 51. In Paint, the image area is where an image displays.

____ 52. Paint is the only software tool that can be used to identify the coordinates for an image map area.

____ 53. The maximum length of a text field may exceed the size of the field that displays on the form.

____ 54. A checkbox control allows a Web page visitor to select only one choice from a list of choices.

____ 55. Multiple radio buttons in the same group can be set to a checked state at the same time.

____ 56. It is a good rule of thumb to use between 50 and 100 columns of text in a textarea field.

____ 57. The resume and send controls create the Reset and Submit buttons.

____ 58. A Web page form must include a Reset button.

____ 59. The tabindex attribute of the <input> tag sets tabbing order among control elements.

____ 60. The get method sends the name-value pairs to the end of the URL indicated in the action attribute.

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