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									                                              Enterprise Europe Network and LMI: …..
Picture copyright of blackbir/dk via Flickr

                                              Dr. Henriette van Eijl
                                              European Commission
                                              ENTR D1 (innovation policy)
  Aims of the Lead Market Initiative

• Foster the emergence of lead markets of
  high economic and societal value by …
• creating innovation-friendly market
  framework conditions ….
• to reduce the time-to-market of new goods
  and services and to enable emerging sectors
  to grow faster.
How: a policy mix to achieve maximum
impact in 6 sectors
                                                    - regulation
                                                    - procurement
                                                    - standardisation
                                                                         = LMI
                                                    - clusters

The Aho-report, followed by a Communication
“Putting knowledge into practice: a broad-based            Supply-side measures
innovation strategy for Europe” of 2006
Implementation: activities already started in 1st half of 2008:
                     Policy tools
 Lead Market Areas

                                                                                    Public           Complementary
                                        Labelling            Legislation                                Actions

                                              EU              Introduce the                          EU Patient Smart
                                                                                Network to be set
                       e-Health       Recommendation        Electronic Health
                                                                                 up by DG INFSO
                                                                                                    Open Services large
                                     for interoperability    Insurance Card                          scale pilot funded

                                                                                                      SMEs guide on
                                                              Screening of
                      Sustainable    2nd generation of                                                 collaborative
                                                            national building
                      construction       Eurocodes                                                  working schemes in

                                     Inventory of all                            Networks of         Training platform
                                        relevant                                                      for buyers and
                        textiles       standards
                                                                                  European                 users
                                                             Inventory of       Authorities to
                       Bio-based                              legislation                             FP7 call on bio-
                                                             affecting bio-         foster          refinery pilot plants
                       products         standards
                                                            based products       demand for
                                                                Waste                                Financial support
                                      Raw materials
                       Recycling        initiative
                                                              Framework                              (CIP) for market
                                                               Directive                            replication projects

                                                                                                     Guide on funding
                      Renewable                                                                      available for RE
                                                            national targets
                       energies                                                                     demonstration and
                                                                for 2020
                                                                                                      pilot projects

                                                                                             Timeline till 2012
Who is involved in the LMI: cooperation is key in
obtaining fast implementation of the action plans

   Member States:
     • Ministries of Economic/ Science Affairs, European Council,
       Competitiveness Council
     • Standardisation, public procurement and regulatory
   Stakeholders: business organisations, NGOs, trade unions,
    insurance companies, regional and local authorities, VC,
    European Technology Platforms etc. For each sector, there is a
    ‘contact/advisory’ group with strong industry participation
   Networks: EEN, industry/SME networks, cluster networks
   EC internal coordination: 15 different DGs, both sector and
    regulatory departments of the EC.
Question: How to optimise the use of our
building blocks?
• EEN has 3 activity modules and has
  established at least 6 Sector Groups in
  LMI sectors

• LMI focuses on 6 market sectors
  with a tailored action plan for
  each market
Links between LMI and EEN sector groups:

 Sector group              LMI task force             Lead DG + task force
 INTELLIGENT ENERGY        Renewable Energy           DG TREN, Norela
 SUSTAINABLE               Sustainable construction   DG ENTR I5, Antonio
   CONSTRUCTION                                          Paparella
 HEALTHCARE                eHealth, bio-based         DG INFSO, Michael Palmer
 TEXTILE                   Protective textiles        DG ENTR G4, Outi
 MATERIALS                 Bio-based products         DG ENTR F5, Tomas
 ENVIRONMENT/ Water &      Recycling                  DG ENV, Jakub Wejchert
   Waste management
   and air pollution

Sector group leaders and LMI task force leaders were contacted early October
Cooperation with EEN Sector groups on
the basis of the 6 LMI action plans:
• Develop activities in regions and countries
that complement the LMI activities, ex. in public
procurement, regulation, standardisation
 • Ex: stimulating innovative public procurement by
 bringing together local procurers and high tech SMEs
 in the 6 LMI sectors
 • Ex: asking SMEs about what local/regional
 legislation hampers their innovation programmes in
 these 6 sectors
• Providing intelligence about LMI-related
measures in MS and regions
 Direct involvement of EEN partners in
 LMI activities and support-activities:
 CIP programmes, for ex.:
 • EIP Europe INNOVA/ PRO INNO activities with
 LMI link
 • Call of networks of public procurers in
 support of the LMI

 Regions of Knowledge call (FP7) with LMI link

 Activities funded by structural funds

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