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Quick Start Guidefor Wireless – Windows Vista


									                                     Technical Assistance Group (TAG)
                                       phone: (256)824.3333 | email:

                                                            Quick Start Guide
                                                    for Wireless – Windows 7

Requirements: To connect to the wireless network, Vista PCs must have updated Windows files
and updated antivirus software. McAfee antivirus software is available from ITS at the TAG Help
Desk from 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Monday – Friday in the Salmon Library. From locations on
campus, a downloadable version is available via the website (

Step 1: Click “START,” “Control Panel” and then “Network and Internet”, and then “Internet
          Under “Browsing History”, click on “Settings”.
          Make sure the radial button next to “Every time I visit the webpage” is selected.
          Click “OK”.
          From the Internet Options menu, select the “Advanced” tab.
          Scroll down to the Security and make sure “Check for server certificate revocation” is
          not checked.
          Click “OK” twice.

Step 2: Click “Start”, “Control Panel” and then “Connect to the Internet.”
          Select “Connect using a wireless network.”
          Select “Wireless”
          Select the correct SSID name (Student5, Staff5, Faculty5, Guest5)
          Click “Connect”

         Enter the corresponding phrase in the Security Key/Passphrase box. Checking the
         “Display Characters” box makes the passphrase viewable. The phrases are case
         sensitive and must be entered exactly as printed below.

         Student5:     Go Chargers!
         Faculty5:     You will be tested
         Staff5:       Where is the coffee?
         Guest 5:      Welcome to UAH

         Once you have entered your information, click “OK.”

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Updated May 7 2010.
        Quick Start Guidefor Wireless – Windows Vista

Step 3: Open Internet Explorer. Type in the address bar.
         The Network Registration page will appear.

         Enter your Charger ID and password. The username is the first part of your email
         address (characters left of the @ sign). If you do not remember your current or default
         Charger ID password, please contact the TAG Help Desk for assistance.

         NOTE: Both the user-id and password are case sensitive, so be sure to enter them in
         lower case.

         Select “Read and agree to the network usage policies.”
         Read the ASA Acceptable Use Policy. Check the box indicating that you read and
         accept the terms of use and click “Submit.”

         Select “Register your computer.”
         Click “Register.”
         If you need antivirus software, click on “download” link before restarting.
         Restart your computer.

Step 4: Once your computer has restarted, open Internet Explorer and the Windows Clean
         Access screen will appear.
         Enter your Charger ID and password (The same information used in Step 3).
         Click “Continue”.

Step 5: Click on “Launch Cisco NAC Windows Agent 4.x.x” to download the agent to your
          When the text box appears click “Run.” Make sure “Always Trust Content from this
          publisher” is checked.
          When the Clean Access installation window appears, click “Next.”
          Click “Next” to install the agent in the default folder.
          Click “I accept the terms in the license agreement”. Click “Next”.
          Make sure the radial button next to “Complete” is filled in. Click “Next”.
          Click “Install” to begin the installation.
          Click “Yes” to allow installation.
          Click “Finish”.

Step 6: The Clean Access Agent will open automatically.
          Enter your LDAP username and password and click “Login.”

         Click “Accept” to complete the installation. You are now connected to the network.

UAHuntsville – i.t. solutions 2010                                                        Page 2
Updated May 7 2010.
        Quick Start Guidefor Wireless – Windows Vista
         If Windows files and/or antivirus software are not present and fully updated, an error
         screen will appear. See the information on updates that follows to resolve this

       In order to connect to the UAHuntsville network, a computer must have updated
       Windows and antivirus files. The Clean Access Agent will only grant temporary access
       to the network to allow updates to be downloaded.

         If antivirus updates are required, the Clean Access Agent will open an “Optional
         Antivirus Update” window.
         Click “Update” to download current antivirus definitions.
         Click “Next” to close the update window and continue.

         If this does not work, try updating your antivirus program through the program itself.
         If you still cannot obtain updates, go to the TAG Help Desk (Salmon Library) for

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Updated May 7 2010.

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