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					Board Report: IHE Eye Care Domain
       American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO)
       Co-sponsors: American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
                     The Macula Society

       Flora Lum, M.D., AAO (email:

Planning Committee Co-chairs:
       Jim Riggi, Medflow
       Linda Wedemeyer, M.D., Veterans Health Administration
       Membership Roster

Technical Committee Co-chairs:
    Rick Butler, Medflow
    Imran Chaudhri, Topcon Medical Systems
    Membership Roster:

       IHE Eye Care addresses information sharing, workflow and patient care in eye care.
       The Timeline/Milestones are available at:

Major Profiles:

       Eye Care Workflow Integration Profile (EYE CARE) - most critical to adoption and widespread
        development of the domain
            o Describes mechanisms to manage and distribute the workflow within the eye clinic
               across the several types of equipment in a synchronized manner

       Eye Care Charge Posting Integration Profile (EC-CHG)
            o Included by reference to its definition in the Radiology Technical Framework with
               further eye care specific options
            o Describes the mechanisms to collect and post timely billable claims related to Eye Care
               procedural data.

       Eye Care Evidence Documents Integration Profile (ECED)
            o Based upon the Evidence Documents (ED) definition in the Radiology Technical
               Framework with further eye care specific options
            o Describes management of observations, measurements, and peri-procedural results
               (i.e., evidence documents).
      Eye Care Displayable Report Integration Profile (ECDR)
           o Specifies transactions supporting the creation, query/retrieve and reading of display –
              ready eye care reports
           o Allows use of the DICOM Encapsulated Document IOD, which has emerged as a
              ubiquitous means of encoding documents ready for presentation

Significant Deployment Activity:
      Twelve vendors (including electronic health record systems, modalities and image display
       systems) have IHE Integration Statements, primarily for Eye Care Workflow, and secondarily for
       Eye Care Charge Posting

Demonstrations and Other Events:
      Annual webinar describing the Technical Framework open to all, May 28, 2009
      Annual Showcase at the AAO Annual Meeting, October 24-27, 2009, San Francisco

New Profiles:
      Eye Care Workflow Extensions:
           o Legacy Acquisition Modality Importer Actor , as an additional actor to the Eyecare
              Workflow Integration Profile, is used to integrate acquisition modalities that cannot
              support the required DICOM SOP Classes internally in their products (i.e. are not
              DICOM ready instruments). The integration of these legacy devices is based on an
              IHE-style workflow supporting DICOM MWL, MPPS, Storage Commitment and
              Storage which enables an efficient and safe workflow.
           o Instructions for Performing a Procedure is an option that allows for inclusion of
              instructions in a procedure order to the technician who will be performing the

Summary of Future Plans:
      Current focus is on Appointment Scheduling Notification.

           o    Appointment Scheduling is foreseen as a vital component to the Eyecare workflow.
                The ability to manage and communicate resource utilization is crucial to the overall
                harmony and optimization of the Eye Care Workflow. We have identified the global
                utility within this profile and will be submitting a request for consideration to the ITI
                Planning Committee in the summer of 2009.

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