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					10th, 11th & 12th
Grade Novels List
                                                    CURRICULUM       READING INTEREST
TITLE                     AUTHOR           LENGTH   CONNECTIONS      LEVEL   LEVEL      SUMMARY
                                                                                        Follows the events of the Second Continental
                                                                                        Congress, from May 8 to July 4, 1776, leading
                          Edwards,                                                      up to the signing of the Declaration if
1776: a musical play      Sherman          176 p.   Drama                     7.0 AD    Independence
                                                                                        Winston Smith, a worker at the Ministry of
                                                                                        Truth in the future political entity of Oceania,
                                                                                        put his life on the line when he joins a covert
                                                                                        brotherhood in rebelling against the Party that
1984: a novel             Orwell, George   294 p.   Language Arts            10.0 AD    controls all human thought and action.
                                                                                        A French professor and his companions are
                                                                                        trapped aboard a futuristic submarine with a
20,000 leagues under                                                                    mad sea captain and come face to face with
the sea                   Verne, Jules     325 p.   Language Arts             8.0 5-8   exotic ocean creatures.
                                                                                        The spacecraft Discovery journeys to the outer
                                                                                        edge of the solar system, and two navigators
                                                                                        become uneasy when Hal, the craft's talking
                      Clark, Arthur                                                     computer system, demonstrates unusual
2001: a space odyssey Charles              296 p.   Language Arts             9.0 YA    behavior.

                                                                                        Macon Leary, the lonely author of guidebooks
                                                                                        for traveling businessmen, has become very
                                                                                        set in his ways, but he is forced into an
                                                                                        engagement with life after meeting Muriel a
Accidental tourist, The   Tyler, Anne      329 p.   Language Arts             6.5 AD    woman with a talent for finding adventure.
                                                                                        Set in the early 19th century English
                                                                                        countryside, an English squire yields to the
                                                                                        temptations of an innocent country girl, and
                                                                                        crime, remorse, an suffering are the
Adam Bede                 Eliot, George    612 p.   Language Arts             9.4 AD    consequences.
                                                                                        The story of a young boy, his friends and their
Adventures of                                                                           lives and adventures on the Mississippi River
Huckleberry Finn          Twain, Mark      300 p.   Language Arts             6.0 YA    in the 1800s.

                                                                    Page 1
                                                                                            Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy, sets
                                                                                            out from his home in Spain to the Egyptian
                                                                                            desert in search of buried treasure, but through
                                                                                            his encounters with a Gypsy woman, a man
                                                                                            who calls himself a king, and an Alchemist, he
                                                                                            learns the value of the treasures found within
Alchemist, The            Coelho, Paulo    189 p.    Allegory                      8.0 AD   himself.
                                                                                            The story of a little girl who falls down a rabbit
                                                                                            hole and discovers a world of nonsensical and
Alice in Wonderland       Carroll, Lewis   408 p.    Language Arts                 8.0 YA   amusing characters

                                                                                            Discusses the ordeal of the survivors of an
Alive                     Read, Piers Paul 318 p.    History                       7.7 YA   airplane crash in 1972 in the Andes wilderness.

                          Klein, Gerda                                                      The author tells of the three years she endured
All but my life           Weissmann        261 p.    History, Biography            5.9 YA   as a slave laborer of the Nazis during WW II.
All creatures great and                                                                     A young English veterinarian starts his career
small                     Herriot, James   437 p.    Memoir, Animals               6.9 YA   in the Yorkshires.
                                                                                            Depicts the experiences of a group of young
All quiet on the western Remarque, Erich                                                    German soldiers fighting and suffering during
front                    Maria           295 p.      Historical Fiction            6.0 YA   the last days of WW I.

                                                                                            Willie Stark, a well-intentioned, idealistic, back-
                                                                                            country lawyer is unable to resist greed for
                          Warren, Robert                                                    power and lust for politics during his rise and
All the king's men        Penn             661 p.    Language Arts                 6.8 YA   fall as an American demagogue.
                                                                                            Beneath the complacent surface of American
                                                                                            life Albee seeks out the hidden sources of our
American dream, The       Albee, Edward    127 p.    Drama                         8.0 AD   violence.
                                                                                            Presents a collection of short stories by
American Short Story,     Skaggs, Calvin   394 p.,                                          famous American writers, such as Hawthorne
Vol. 1 & 2                (ed.)            451 p.    Language Arts                 9.0 YA   and Twain.
                                                                                            Clyde Griffiths, an impoverished young man
                          Dreiser,                                                          dreams of self-betterment lead him to commit
American tragedy          Theodore         972 p.    Language Arts                 8.5 AD   a horrible murder.

                                                                          Page 2
                                                                                           Christopher Newman, a wealthy American,
                                                                                           goes to Europe to enjoy his wealth and
                                                                                           becomes engaged. Her family is against the
                                                                                           engagement and has it annulled. Newman is
                                                                                           confronted with a moral dilemma when the
American, The          James, Henry       374 p.   Language Arts                AD         possibility of revenge presents itself.

                                                                                           Examines the effects of television on American
                                                                                           society, arguing that media messages, which
                                                                                           are generally coherent, serious, and rational
Amusing ourselves to                                                                       when in print, have become shriveled and
death                  Postman, Neil      184 p.   Non-fiction                  AD         absurd due to the medium of television.
                                                                                           Ten strangers, each with a sordid past, are
                                                                                           summoned by an absent millionaire to a private
And then there were                                                                        island off the coast of Devon and begin to die
none                   Christie, Agatha   183 p.   Language Arts             5.7 AD        one by one upon arrival.

                                                                                           For five days, American scientists struggle to
Andromeda strain       Crichton, Michael 331 p.    Language Arts             6.6 YA        identify and control a deadly new form of life.
                                                                                           A political satire in which the animals take over
                                                                                           running the farm but find their utopian state
Animal farm            Orwell, George     113 p.   Language Arts             7.3 AD        turning into a dictatorship.

Anna and the King of                                                                       Recounts the experiences of Anna Leonowens,
Siam                   Landon, Margaret 360 p.     Language Arts             7.2 AD        at the Siamese court in the 1860s.

                                                                                           In 19th century Russia, the wife of an important
                                                                                           government official loses her family and social
                                                                                           status when she chooses the love of Count
Anna Karenina          Tolstoy, Leo       852 p.   Language Arts             9.6 AD        Vronsky over a passionless marriage.
                                                                                           In a future world, only one man dares to think,
                                                                                           strive, and love as an individual in the midst of
Anthem                 Rand, Ayn          253 p.   Language Arts       6.1            YA   a paralyzing collective humanity.

                                                                   Page 3
                                                                                      The story of a doctor who struggles to maintain
                                                                                      his integrity as he is forced to give up
                                                                                      successive positions as an instructor in
                                                                                      medicine, a small town, doctor, and research
Arrowsmith               Lewis, Sinclair   459 p.   Language Arts            9.5 YA   pathologist - by various obstacles.
                                                                                      The former vice-president presents his
                                                                                      analysis of how the politics of fear and secrecy
                                                                                      has created a society and environment
Assault on Reason        Gore, Al          308 p.   Non-fiction                 AD    dangerously hostile to reason.
                                                                                      Describes a family's struggle to get their
                                                                                      mother properly buried, while they encounter
                                                                                      catastrophes of flood and fire, as well as the
As I lay dying           Faulkner, William 267 p.   Language Arts            5.4 YA   chaos of their own feelings.
                                                                                      Frank, a troubled, somewhat desperate, Italian
                                                                                      American, works long hours in the grocery
                                                                                      store of a struggling Jewish family in a
                                                                                      Brooklyn neighborhood where he develops a
                         Malamud,                                                     secret passion for his employer's attractive
Assistant, The           Bernard           246 p.   Language Arts            5.9 AD   daughter.
                                                                                      Edna Pontellier, a Victorian-era wife and
                                                                                      mother, is awakened to the full force of her
                                                                                      desire for love and freedom when she
                                                                                      becomes enamored with Robert LeBrun, a
                                                                                      young man she meets while on vacation. (AP
Awakening, The           Chopin, Kate      190 p.   Language Arts            8.3 YA   only)
                                                                                      George Babbitt, a successful middle-aged
                                                                                      business living in 1920s Ohio, is shocked when
Babbitt                  Lewis, Sinclair   365 p.   Language Arts            9.0 AD   his best friend is convicted of murder.
                                                                                      In the rural south of the early 20th century,
                         McCullers,                                                   Amelia and her crooked-back nephew open a
Ballad of the sad café   Carson            152 p.   Language Arts            8.0 YA   café.

                                                                                      Taylor, a poor Kentuckian, makes her way
                                                                                      west with an abandoned baby girl and stops in
                         Kingsolver,                                                  Tucson. There she finds friends and discovers
Bean Trees               Barbara           232 p.   Language Arts            5.6 YA   resources in apparently empty places.

                                                                    Page 4
                                                                                         Portrays the conflict of loyalties to church and
Becket, of, The honor of                                                                 state as they influenced the lives of two
God                      Anouilh, Jean     118 p.   Language Arts              4.3 YA    powerful men in English history.
                                                                                         Sethe, an escaped slave living in post-Civil
                                                                                         War Ohio, struggles to keep Beloved, an
                                                                                         intruder, from gaining possession of her
                                                                                         present while throwing off the legacy of her
Beloved                  Morrison, Toni    316 p.   Language Arts              6.0 AD    past. (A.P. Only)

                                                                                         A prose retelling of the epic "Beowulf", in which
                                                                                         a Great warrior comes to the aid of the Danish
                                                                                         king Hrothgar when a terrifying monster begins
Beowulf, a new telling   Nye, Robert       103 p.   Language Arts              5.5 5-8   killing warriors in his great hall.
                                                                                         A powerful tale of innocence victimized by
Billy Budd, Sailor       Melville, Herman 130 p.    Language Arts             10.0 YA    harsh reality on the high seas.

                                                                                         The autobiography of an African-American
                                                                                         writer, recounting his early years and the
                                                                                         harrowing experiences he encountered drifting
Black boy                Wright, Richard   419 p.   Language Arts              7.4 YA    from Natchez to Chicago to Brooklyn.
                                                                                         The author, a white man, recounts his
                                                                                         experiences when he darkened his skin an
                         Griffin, John              Language Arts,                       traveled through the South as an African-
Black like me            Howard            188 p.   Social Studies             7.0 AD    American man. (Mature students)

                                                                                         6 year old Antonio embarks upon a spiritual
                                                                                         journey under the watchful guidance of Ultima,
                                                                                         a healing woman, that leads him to question
                                                                                         his faith and beliefs in family, religion, and
Bless me, Ultima         Anaya, Rudolfo    262 p.   Language Arts              5.4 AD    other aspects of his Chicano culture.

                                                                                         A small Southern town is thrown into turmoil
                                                                                         when Richard, a young African-American man
                                                                                         who has returned home to his minister father
                                                                                         after a career as a singer in New York City, is
Blues for Mister Charlie Baldwin, James    121 p.   Drama                      9.0 AD    murdered by a white man. (Mature students)

                                                                     Page 5
                                                                                             Amid the color, pageantry, and violence of
                                                                                             thirteenth-century Scotland unfurls the
                                                                                             resplendent tale of the legendary William
                                                                                             Wallace, farmer by birth, rebel by fate, who
                                                                                             banded together his valiant army of Scots to
                                                                                             crush the cruel tyranny of the English
                                                                                             Plantagenet king. NOTE:graphic violence;
                                                                                             love scenes.
Braveheart               Wallace, Randall 288 p.    Historical Fiction    AD          AD

                                                                                             A satirical novel about the utopia of the future,
                                                                                             a world in which babies are decanted from
Brave new world          Huxley, Aldous    176 p.   Language Arts                 10.0 AD    bottles and the great Ford is worshipped.

                                                                                             The author discusses some of the concerns
                                                                                             addressed in "Brave new world, covering such
Brave new world,                                                                             issues as brainwashing, overpopulation, and
revisited                Huxley, Aldous    123 p.   Language Arts                 11.0 AD    the use of propaganda in democratic societies.
                                                                                             Biography of football star Brian Piccolo, who
Brian Piccolo: a short                                                                       died at the age of twenty-six after a seven-
season                   Morris, Jeannie   159 p.   Biography                      6.6 AD    month battle with a rare from of cancer
                                                                                             Screenplay about football star Brian Piccolo,
                                                                                             who died at twenty-six after a seven-month
Brian's song             Blinn, William    119 p.   Drama                          5.5 5-8   battle against cancer.
                                                                                             In this retelling of "Sleeping Beauty," a young
                                                                                             woman learns that her grandmother had a
Briar Rose               Yolen, Jame       190 p.   Historical Fiction             5.0 YA    secret past tied to the Holocaust.
                                                                                             Recounts through interviews with refugees, the
Bridge at Andau, The     Michener, James 277 p.     History                        7.0 YA    1956 Hungarian revolt against Russia.

                                                                                             A tiny footbridge in Peru breaks, and five
                                                                                             people hurtle to their deaths. For Brother
                                                                                             Juniper, a humble monk who witnesses the
Bridge of San Luis Rey Wilder, Thornton 138 p.      Language Arts                  7.1 YA    catastrophe, the question is :Why those five?

                                                                         Page 6
                                                                                        Four sons of Fyodor Karamazov, a man of
                                                                                        immoral character, must contend with a
                                                                                        criminal investigation and with their own inner
                                                                                        questions about justice and the existence of
Brothers Karamazov,      Dostoyevsky,                                                   God after they are involved in their father's
The                      Fyodor             796 p.   Language Arts            10.0 AD   murder.

                                                                                        The activities at High Pines Summer Camp for
                                                                                        boys are generally hiking, swimming, canoeing,
                                                                                        and arts and crafts. But this summer, a
                                                                                        revolution led by General Frank begins to
                                                                                        change things first to a benevolent leadership
Butterfly revolution, The Butler, William   221 p.   Language Arts             9.0 YA   and then into a totalitarian dictatorship.
                                                                                        The story of a simple optimistic man whose
                                                                                        travels take him from one disaster to another.
Candide                  Voltaire           122 p.   Language Arts             7.3 AD   (Mature)
                                                                                        A company of 31 pilgrims tell their stories on
                         Chaucer,                                                       the way to the shrine of St. Thomas at
Canterbury tales         Geoffrey           504 p.   Language Arts             8.1 AD   Canterbury.

                                                                                        An adolescent boy, knowing he is about to be
                                                                                        dropped by his school, spends three days and
Catcher in the rye       Salinger, J.D.     214 p.   Language Arts             4.7 AD   nights in New York City. (Jr. honors, mature)
                                                                                        An earth plain clothes policeman must work
                                                                                        with a robot from another world to solve the
Caves of steel, The      Asimov, Isaac      270 p.   Language Arts             6.1 YA   murder of a Spacer on earth.
                                                                                        Follows Tayo, a young Native American, after
                                                                                        his release from a veteran's hospital following
                                                                                        WW II as he searches for meaning and sanity
Ceremony                 Silko, Leslie      262 p.   Language Arts             9.0 YA   in his life. (A.P. only)
Cherry Orchard, The      Chekhov, Anton     40 p.    Language Arts
                                                                                        Recounts the 1,500 mile trek of a band of
                                                                                        Northern Cheyenne from a Oklahoma
                                                                                        reservation in 1878 to their home on the
Cheyenne autumn          Sandoz, Mari       282 p.   History                   6.9 YA   Yellowstone.

                                                                     Page 7
                                                                                      When the Overlords first came to Earth, they
                                                                                      brought peace and prosperity with them, but it
                                                                                      soon became apparent that their purpose was
Childhood's end         Clarke, Arthur     218 p.   Language Arts            7.7 YA   the elimination of the human race.
                                                                                      Having fled Cambodia four years earlier to
                                                                                      escape the Khmer Rouge army, 17-year-old
                                                                                      Sundara is torn between remaining faithful to
                                                                                      her own people and adjusting to life in her
Children of the river   Crew, Linda        213 p.   Language Arts            4.3 YA   Oregon high school as a regular American.

                                                                                      Reuven Malter and Danny Saunders, one an
                                                                                      orthodox Jew, the other the son of a Hasidic
Chosen, The             Potok, Chaim       284 p.   Language Arts            8.0 AD   rabbi grow up in Brooklyn and become friends
                                                                                      Dorothy Hare, the clergyman's daughter, grows
                                                                                      up with a tyrannical father, but when she
                                                                                      blacks out one day, and ends up with amnesia,
                                                                                      wandering the streets of Kent, and sleeping in
                                                                                      Trafalgar Square, she loses more than just
Clergyman's daughter    Orwell, George     320 p.   Language Arts            8.0 AD   memory.

                                                                                      Grandpa Blakeslee marries a young milliner
                                                                                      just three weeks after Granny Blakeslee has
                                                                                      gone to her reward. Young Will is boggled by
                                                                                      this act but becomes the newlyweds'
                                                                                      conspirator and confidant; meanwhile he does
Cold Sassy tree         Burns, Olive       391 p.   Language Arts            5.3 YA   some growing up on his own.
Come along with me      Jackson, Shirley   254 p.   Language Arts            7.0 AD   Unfinished novel

                                                                                      Three adventurers trek into the Congo in
Congo                   Crichton, Michael 442 p.    Language Arts            7.5 AD   search of the diamonds of the Lost City of Zinj.

                                                                    Page 8
                                                                                     The story of four expatriate Americans who buy
                                                                                     land on a hillside adjacent to a small Mexican
                                                                                     village. Each of them interacts with the
                                                                                     landscape and the local people in a different
                                                                                     way, but it is Ursula Bowles, born in Mexico
                                                                                     and now returning near the end of her life, who
                                                                                     comes to the truest understanding of the
Consider this, senora   Doerr, Harriet   241 p.   Language Arts             7.0 AD   nature of the place. (Supplementary, mature)

                                                                                     Raskolnikov, a former Russian student,
                                                                                     murders an old pawnbroker and her sister for
                        Dostoyevsky,                                                 money, and then must struggle to live with the
Crime and punishment    Fyodor           537 p.   Language Arts             8.7 AD   guilt that comes as a result of his crimes.

                                                                                     A minister who left his small church in
Cross and the                                                                        Pennsylvania to go to New York City relates his
switchblade, The        Wilkerson, David 173 p.   Social Studies            6.2 YA   experiences working with street gang members
Crucible, The           Miller, Arthur   94 p.    Drama                     4.9 AD   A 17th century witchcraft trial in Salem
                                                                                     Jennie's only hope for happiness lies in
                                                                                     unraveling the truth about the past, a truth
                        Clark Mary                                                   hidden in the great house that has become her
Cry in the night, A     Higgins          340 p.   Language Arts             6.0 AD   prison.

                                                                                     Zulu pastor Stephen Kumalo travels to
                                                                                     Johannesburg on an errand for a friend and to
                                                                                     visit his son, Absalom, only to learn Absalom
                                                                                     has been accused of murdering white city
Cry, the beloved                                                                     engineer and social activist Arthur Jarvis and
country                 Paton, Alan      316 p.   Language Arts             6.2 AD   stands very little chance of receiving mercy.
                                                                                     Merlin, the son of a Welsh princess, survives a
                                                                                     perilous childhood on his way to fulfill his
                                                                                     destiny as mentor, advisor, and friend to King
Crystal cave, The       Stewart, Mary    494 p.   Language Arts             5.7 YA   Arthur
Custer died for your                                                                 Discusses Indian affairs and destroys the
sins: an Indian                                                                      stereotypes and myths that white society has
manifesto               Deloria, Vine    278 p.   History                   5.7 AD   about the Indian.

                                                                   Page 9
                                                                                       Presents the classic play about an unattractive
                                                                                       swordsman who falls in love with a beautiful
                         Rostand,                                                      woman, but courts her for a handsome but
Cyrano de Bergerac       Edmond           216 p.   Drama                     7.6 YA    slow-witted suitor.
                                                                                       In a small town in 1929, a 12-year-old boy
                                                                                       savors the magic of childhood and the wonders
Dandelion wine           Bradbury, Ray    239 p.   Language Arts             6.2 YA    of summer.
                                                                                       Orphan David Copperfield grows up in 19th
David Copperfield        Dickens, Charles 817 p.   Language Arts             9.5 AD    century England
                                                                                       An 18-year-old terrorist spends a night waiting
                                                                                       to kill an English officer in Palestine as a
                                                                                       reprisal for Britain's execution of a Jewish
Dawn                     Wiesel, Elie     81 p.    Language Arts             5.4 AD    prisoner.
                                                                                       To a 13-year-old Vermont farm boy whose
                                                                                       father slaughters pigs for a living, maturity
                                                                                       comes early as he learns "doing what's got to
                                                                                       be done," especially regarding his pet pig who
Day no pigs would die    Peck, Robert     150 p.   Language Arts             5.0 5-8   cannot produce a litter.
                                                                                       Biography of the author's son who died at
Death be not proud: a                                                                  seventeen after a fourteen month illness
memoir                   Gunther, John    205 p.   Biography                 8.0 YA    caused by a brain tumor.

                                                                                       The literal and spiritual journey of two French
Death comes to the                                                                     priests who come to the American Southwest
archbishop               Cather, Willa    297 p.   Language Arts             7.9 AD    as missionaries in the mid-1800s
                                                                                       The story of a family for the first few days after
                                                                                       the accidental death of the 35-year-old
Death in the family, A   Agee, James      310 p.   Language Arts             6.1 AD    husband and father.
                                                                                       Willy Loman, a 63-year-old traveling salesman,
                                                                                       is force to face the reality he has avoided all
Death of a salesman      Miller, Arthur   104 p.   Drama                     6.2 AD    his life.
                                                                                       Gracie Lefthand tries to make sense of the
                                                                                       brutal murder of her sister, Bernadette, while
                                                                                       Bernadette's Anglo employer, Starr Stubbs,
Death of Bernadette                                                                    uncovers a tale of betrayal an deceit.
Lefthand                 Querry, Ronald   218 p.   Language Arts             7.0 AD    (Supplementary, mature)

                                                                   Page 10
                                                                                      Young, docile Emil Sinclair heads down the
                                                                                      road to destruction when he rebels against
                                                                                      convention, gets involved in the world of petty
Demian: the story of                                                                  crime, and discovers his new powers for good
Emil Sinclair's youth   Hesse, Hermann 158 p.     Language Arts              9.0 AD   and evil.
Desert solitaire: a
season in the                                                                         Author's account of his three seasons as a
wilderness              Abbey, Edward    269 p.   Social Studies             7.0 YA   park ranger in Southeastern Utah
                                                                                      Many things change in a teenage boy's life
                                                                                      when he meets the overweight girl who
Dinky Hocker shoots                                                                   answers his advertisement for the cat he
smack!                  Kerr, M.E.       215 p.   Language Arts              5.0 YA   muster give away.

                                                                                      Pearl Tull's children return to their home to
                                                                                      watch their mother die, and while they are
Dinner at the Homesick                                                                there, they are force to deal with the issues
Restaurant             Tyler, Anne       303 p.   Language Arts              5.3 AD   they have with their mother before it is too late.
                                                                                      In Russia, Yuri Zhivago is a young doctor and
                                                                                      poet trying to care for his wife and family when
                                                                                      he meets Lara, the love of his life. When
                                                                                      revolution breaks out, their world is torn apart
Doctor Zhivago          Pasternak, Boris 510 p.   Language Arts              8.2 AD   and their lives are at risk.

                                                                                      This play examines the human struggle against
Doll's house, A         Ibsen, Henrik    72 p.    Drama                      5.9 AD   the humiliating constraints of social conformity
                                                                                      Vampires abound amidst people determined to
Dracula                 Stoker, Bram     402 p.   Language Arts              6.6 YA   eliminate them.
                                                                                      The story of a young prince, Paul Artreides,
                                                                                      scion of a star-crossed dynasty, and of his
                                                                                      journey from boy to warrior to ruler of a dying
                                                                                      planet destined to become a paradise
Dune                    Herbert, Frank   517 p.   Language Arts              5.7 YA   regained.

                                                                                      In 2194 in Zimbabwe, General Matsika's three
                                                                                      children are kidnapped and put to work in a
Ear, The Eye, and the                                                                 plastic mine, while three mutant detectives use
Arm, The                Farmer, Nancy    311 p.   Language Arts              4.7 YA   their special powers to search for them.

                                                                   Page 11
Effect of gamma rays
on man-in-the-moon                                                                    An embittered mother vents her frustrations on
marigolds, The          Zindel, Paul      56 p.    Drama                     4.2 YA   her two daughters.
                                                                                      A horribly deformed young man in 19th century
                        Pomerance,                                                    England becomes a favorite among the
Elephant man, The       Bernard           71 p.    Drama                     9.0 YA   aristocracy and literati.
                                                                                      Emma Woodhouse, young, well-to-do and
                                                                                      bored learns a thing or two about true class,
                                                                                      and love, after an eventful turn as a
Emma                    Austen, Jane      328 p.   Language Arts             9.3 AD   matchmaker.

                                                                                      A play about a Pullman porter, who becomes
Emperor Jones           O'Neill, Eugene   198 p.   Drama                     8.0 AD   an oppressive dictator on an island.
                                                                                      The author recounts 5 years of hardship spent
                                                                                      in Siberia, after she and her family were
Endless steppe, The:                                                                  arrested in Poland by the Russians as political
growing up in Siberia   Hautzig, Esther   243 p.   History                   6.8 YA   enemies during WW II.
                                                                                      The mother of a teenage leukemia victim
                                                                                      describes the courageous way her son spent
Eric                    Lund, Doris       342 p.   Biography                 5.2 YA   the years before his death.
                                                                                      Ethan Frome, a poor farmer in 19th-century
                                                                                      Starkfield, Massachusetts, sets off a
                                                                                      devastating chain of evens when he falls in
                                                                                      love with the vivacious Mattie, cousin of his
Ethan Frome             Wharton, Edith    182 p.   Language Arts             7.6 YA   sickly, demanding wife.
                                                                                      The script of the 15th-century morality play in
                                                                                      which Everyman is called, woefully
Everyman                Unknown           35 p.    Drama                     8.0 AD   unprepared, to face God on Judgment Day.
                                                                                      Three survivors of an automobile crash in
                                                                                      which the driver was killed are threatened by
                                                                                      an executioner who believes they too, should
Executioner, The        Bennett, Jay      175 p.   Language Arts             3.4 YA   die.
                                                                                      The founding of the new nation o Israel is
                                                                                      vividly portrayed in this novel about an
                                                                                      American nurse and a young Israeli freedom
Exodus                  Uris, Leon        599 p.   Language Arts             6.7 AD   fighter.

                                                                   Page 12
                                                                                            A book burner in a future fascist state finds out
                                                                                            books are a vital part of a culture he never
                                                                                            knew. He clandestinely pursues reading, until
Fahrenheit 451           Bradbury, Ray     179 p.   Language Arts                  5.2 YA   he is betrayed.
                                                                                            A man recalls his past life as a respected
                                                                                            Parisian lawyer until his predicted downfall, in
Fall, The                Camus, Albert     147 p.   Language Arts                  9.0 AD   one terrible instant

                                                                                            Seventeen-year-old Richie Perry, just out of his
                                                                                            Harlem high school, enlists in the Army in the
                                                                                            summer of 1967 and spends a devastating
                         Meyers, Walter                                                     year on active duty in Vietnam. NOTE: Strong
Fallen Angels            Dean              309 p.   Historical Fiction    YA          YA    language, graphic violence.
                                                                                            Five people are miniaturized and sent on a
                                                                                            rescue mission through a man's body where
                                                                                            they have sixty minutes to reach and break up
Fantastic voyage         Asimov, Isaac     202 p.   Language Arts                  6.0 YA   a blood clot in his brain.

                                                                                            Gabriel Oak, in love with the beautiful heiress
Far from the madding                                                                        Bathsheba Everdene, waits patiently while she
crowd                    Hardy, Thomas     433 p.   Language Arts                  9.7 YA   works her way through the hears of local men.

                                                                                            An American ambulance driver serving on the
                                                                                            Austro-Italian front in WW I becomes
                         Hemingway,                                                         entangled with an English nurse and deserts to
Farewell to Arms         Ernest            332 p.   Language Arts                  6.0 AD   join her after the retreat of Caparetto.
                                                                                            The author recounts her experiences of living
                         Houston, Jeanne                                                    at the Manzanar internment camp during WW
Farewell to Manzanar     Wakatsuki       174 p.     Memoir                         6.7 AD   II and how it influenced her life.
                                                                                            Frodo the hobbit and a band of warriors from
                                                                                            the different kingdoms set out to destroy the
                                                                                            Ring of Power before the evil Sauron grasps
Fellowship of the ring   Tolkein, J.R.R.   398 p.   Language Arts                  6.1 YA   control.
Fifty short science
fiction tales            Collection        287 p.   Language Arts                  8.0 YA   50 science fiction short stories

                                                                         Page 13
                                                                                        Conversing in a mausoleum with the dead, an
Find and private place,                                                                 eccentric recluse is given a final chance at
A                         Beagle, Peter     296 p.   Language Arts             6.2 YA   happiness
                                                                                        Yakov Bok, a Jewish handyman, is accused of
                                                                                        the murder of a young Russian boy and
                                                                                        refuses to confess to a crime he did not
                          Malamud,                                                      commit in spite of the injustices committed
Fixer, The                Bernard           335 p.   Language Arts             7.0 AD   against him.
                                                                                        Bayard Sartoris returns from service in WW I
                                                                                        to his home in Mississippi where he sets about
                                                                                        pursuing a death wish he has developed as a
Flags in the dust                                                                       result of the guilt he feels over his twin
(Sartoris)                Faulkner, William 433 p.   Language Arts             8.2 AD   brother's death in the war.

                                                                                        The story of Robert Jordan, an American
                          Hemingway,                                                    fighting during the Spanish Civil War with the
For whom the bell tolls   Ernest            471 p.   Language Arts             5.8 YA   anti-fascist guerillas in the mountains of Spain
                                                                                        As the Galactic Empire declines,
                                                                                        psychohistorian Hari Seldon and his band of
                                                                                        psychobiologists form the Foundation,
                                                                                        designed to be the nucleus of an eventual ideal
Foundation                Asimov, Isaac     244 p.   Language Arts             6.4 AD   universal ruling corporation.

                                                                                        The Galactic Empire declines, and a period of
                                                                                        disruption ensues, followed by the emergence
                                                                                        of the Foundation, creation of psychohistorian
                                                                                        Hari Seldon, as a state strong enough to finally
Foundation and Empire Asimov, Isaac         282 p.   Language Arts             6.4 YA   defeat the decrepit First Empire.
                                                                                        Victor Frankenstein has discovered the secret
                                                                                        of generating life from lifeless matter, and has
                                                                                        created a monster being by using this terrible
Frankenstein              Shelley, Mary     216 p.   Language Arts         12.4 AD      power.
                                                                                        Franny, dissatisfied with everything, has a
                                                                                        disastrous date with her boyfriend, Lane.
                                                                                        When she returns home, her older brother
Franny and Zooey          Salinger, J.D.    202 p.   Language Arts             6.3 AD   helps her solve her problem.

                                                                     Page 14
                                                                                                      High school senior Angie Dupree stirs up
                                                                                                      animosity and danger in the small west Texas
                                                                                                      community where her family has recently
                                                                                                      moved when she sets out to investigate the hit-
                         Nixon, Joan                                                                  and-run accident that has left her brother in a
Ghosts of now, The       Lowery              179 p.   Language Arts                  5.7 YA           coma.

                                                                                                      A Norwegian pioneer family struggles with the
Giants in the earth: a                                                                                land and the elements of the Dakota Territory
saga of the prairie      Rolvaag, O.E.       531 p.   Language arts                  8.4 AD           in their efforts to make a new life in America.
                                                                                                      Imagines a young woman in Johannes
                                                                                                      Vermeer's mysterious painting as a 16-year-old
                                                                                                      Dutch girl names Griet who sparks the interest
                                                                                                      of the artist when she becomes a maid in his
Girl with a pearl earring Chevalier, Tracy   233 p.   Language Arts                  5.4 AD           turbulent household.
                                                                                                      The author recalls her life growing up in a
                                                                                                      dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father
                                                                                                      and a distant mother and describes how she
                                                                                                      and her siblings had to fend for themselves
                                                                                                      until they finally found the resources and will to
                                                                                                      leave home. ( 2005) Strong Warning: Only
                                                                                                      for mature 11th &12th grade students;
                                                                                                      strong language, abuse, neglect, sexual
Glass castle: a memoir Walls, Jeanette       288 p.   Memoir                  Adult           Adult   content.

                                                                                                      Amanda, a faded southern belle, hopes to
                         Williams,                                                                    match her daughter, Laura, with a gentleman
Glass menagerie, The     Tennessee           105 p.   Drama                          5.3 AD           caller while her son Tom supports the family.

                                                                                                      Describes a day in the life of several members
Go tell it on the                                                                                     of a Harlem fundamentalist church. The saga
mountain                 Baldwin, James      291 p.   Language Arts                  6.5 YA           of three generations is told.
                                                                                                      An American soldier in Vietnam decides to
                                                                                                      leave the war and simply walks out of the
Going after Cacciato     O'Brien, Tim        336 p.   Historical Fiction             4.6 YA           jungle, with the intent of going to Pairs.

                                                                           Page 15
                                                                                               After the Civil War sweeps away the genteel
                                                                                               life to which she has been accustomed,
                                                                                               Scarlett O'Hara sets about to salvage her
Gone with the wind       Mitchell, Margaret 1037 p.   Historical Fiction             7.1 YA    plantation home.
                                                                                               An Oklahoma farm family is driven from their
                                                                                               home and forced to travel to California during
Grapes of wrath          Steinbeck, John     464 p.   Historical Fiction         10.0 YA       the Great Depression of the 1930s.
                                                                                               Tells the tragic love story of Gatsby and Daisy
                                                                                               Buchanan, a dashing, enigmatic millionaire
                         Fitzgerald, F.                                                        obsessed with an elusive, spoiled young
Great Gatsby, The        Schott              180 p.   Language Arts                  7.3 YA    woman.
                                                                                               Grendel, the monster, tells his side of the
                                                                                               Beowulf story, and compares his values with
Grendel                  Gardner, John       174 p.   Language Arts                  5.9 YA    the chief values of human beings.

                                                                                               The voyages of an Englishman carry him to a
                                                                                               land of people six inches high, a land of giants,
                                                                                               and island of sorcerers, and a land where
Gulliver's travels       Swift, Jonathan     293 p.   Language Arts                  7.5 5-8   horses are masters of human-like creatures

                         Shakespeare,                                                          A Danish prince sets out to avenge his father's
Hamlet                   William                      Drama                          9.0 AD    murder after being visited by his ghost.
                                                                                               Mr. Thomas Gradgrind, school headmaster in
                                                                                               Cokestown, an English village beset by
                                                                                               industrialism, runs his family and his school
                                                                                               with a rigid adherence to facts, until life's
                                                                                               events force him to recognize the value of the
Hard times               Dickens, Charles 316 p.      Language Arts                  9.3 AD    human heart.

                                                                                               Four seekers look for haunting evidence at the
                                                                                               abandoned old mansion called Hill House.
                                                                                               Their stay begins as a spooky encounter, but
Haunting of Hill House,                                                                        he house is gathering its powers and will
The                       Jackson, Shirley   174 p.   Language Arts                  9.0 AD    choose one of them to make its own.
Having our say: the                                                                            Chronicles the experiences of two African-
Delany sister's first 100 Delany, Sarah                                                        American women growing up in North Carolina
years                     Louise             229 p.   History                        5.9 AD    at the turn-of-the-century.

                                                                           Page 16
                                                                                       A deaf-mute who has lost his only friend to a
                                                                                       hospital for the insane becomes the recipient
Heart is a lonely hunter, McCullers,                                                   of the confidences of several other town
The                       Carson           430 p.   Language Arts             6.3 AD   residents.

                                                                                       Marlow comes face to face with the corruption
                                                                                       and despair that lies at the heart of human
                                                                                       existence when he undertakes a journey on
                                                                                       behalf of a Belgian trading company up the
                                                                                       Congo River in search of the tormented white
Heart of darkness        Conrad, Joseph    136 p.   Language Arts             7.0 AD   ivory trader, Kurtz. (A.P. only)
                                                                                       Hedda Gabler, who has married beneath
                                                                                       herself, becomes trapped in a prison of her
                                                                                       own making, when she tries to advance her
                                                                                       husband's career by driving his competitor to
Hedda Gabler             Ibsen, Henrik     75 p.    Drama                     9.0 AD   suicide.
                                                                                       Henderson, a middle-aged American
                                                                                       millionaire, travels to Africa in search of a more
                                                                                       rewarding life, and finds himself regarded as
Henderson, the rain                                                                    the messiah when he manages to bring rain to
king                     Bellow, Saul      341 p.   Language Arts             6.3 YA   a drought-stricken tribe.
                                                                                       The story of six people who lived through the
                                                                                       explosion of the atomic bomb in 1945
Hiroshima                Hersey, John      196 p.   History                   8.4 YA   Hiroshima.
                                                                                       A story of middle earth and dwarf-like creature
                                                                                       who embark on a quest to reclaim a stolen
Hobbit, The              Tolkein, J.R.R.   306 p.   Language Arts             6.6 YA   treasure.
                                                                                       Merlin keeps watch over his young Arthur, until
                                                                                       he fulfills his destiny by pulling a fabled sword
                                                                                       from a stone to claim the throne of Britain.
Hollow hills, The        Stewart, Mary     475 p.   Language Arts             6.2 YA   (Supplemental)

                                                                                       The story of a lonely harsh man, yet beneath
                                                                                       the harshness and the necessary violence, he
                                                                                       was a kind and just man who had come to
Hondo                    L'Amour, Louis    194 p.   Language Arts             5.1 AD   terms with the land in which he lived.

                                                                    Page 17
                                                                                       Follows the Pyncheon family who lived for
                      Hawthorne,                                                       generations under a deadman's curse until his
House of seven gables Nathaniel            328 p.   Language Arts             5.9 YA   death restored their house.
                                                                                       A young girl living in a Hispanic neighborhood
                                                                                       in Chicago ponders the advantages and
                                                                                       disadvantages of her environment an
House on mango street,                                                                 devaluates her relationships with family and
The                    Cisneros, Sandra 110 p.      Language Arts             4.5 YA   friends. (Mature students)
How green was my       Llewellyn,                                                      A boy's childhood in the mining district of South
valley                 Richard          495 p.      Language Arts             5.7 AD   Wales.

                                                                                       Examines environmental and social problems,
                                                                                       and provides suggestions on how to overcome
                                                                                       them, discussing pollution, environmental
                                                                                       deterioration, the use of pesticides and
                                                                                       fertilizers, food shortages, population growth,
How to be a survivor      Ehrlich, Paul    208 p.   Science                   7.0 AD   medical care, and international relations.
                                                                                       In 15th century Paris, a disfigured man named
                                                                                       Quasimodo, who was abandoned as an infant
                                                                                       in the cathedral of Notre-Dame and now lives
Hunchback of Notre-                                                                    in its bell tower, comes to the aid of Esmeralda
Dame, The                 Hugo, Victor     510 p.   Language Arts         11.8 AD      .
                                                                                       Sent to live with an Indian tribe in British
I heard the owl call my                                                                Columbia, a young minister learns not to fear
name                      Craven, Margaret 159 p.   Language Arts             6.8 YA   his impending death.
                                                                                       Autobiography tells of the childhood and
I know why the caged                                                                   coming of age of this actress, poet, and
bird sings                Angelou, Maya    289 p.   Memoir                    6.7 AD   journalist. (Mature students)
                                                                                       Chronicles the three-year battle of a mentally
                                                                                       ill, but perceptive, teenage girl against a world
                                                                                       of her own creation, emphasizing her
I never promised you a Greenberg,                                                      relationship with a doctor who gave her self-
rose garden            Joanne              282 p.   Biography                 6.7 AD   understanding

                                                                                       A loving and capable Norwegian woman,
                                                                                       guides her son and three daughters through
I remember Mama           Van Druten, John 82 p.    Drama                     7.0 AD   childhood in early 20th century San Francisco.

                                                                    Page 18
                                                                                         Dr. Susan Calvin, the first great practitioner of
                                                                                         the new science of robopsychology in 2008,
                                                                                         looks back on her career with U.S. Robotics on
                                                                                         the occasion of her retirement fifty years later,
                                                                                         telling stories of how the mechanical race
I, robot                  Asimov, Isaac     272 p.   Language Arts             6.1 YA    developed.
                                                                                         Story of the Trojan War, and the wrath of
Iliad, The                Homer             464 p.   Language Arts             8.0 AD    Achilles
                                                                                         Jack Worthing creates a fictitious brother
                                                                                         Earnest who lives in London to escape his dull
Importance of being                                                                      country routine, but finds the lie backfiring
Earnest, The              Wilde, Oscar      151 p.   Language Arts             6.9 AD    when he falls in love.
                                                                                         Jim Nolan, a new member of the Communist
                                                                                         Party, struggles to keep a cool head when he
                                                                                         leads nine hundred migratory workers in a
                                                                                         strike against landowners in California's apple
In dubious battle         Steinbeck, John   274 p.   Language Arts             4.5 YA    country.
                                                                                         A loving, newly married couple leave the
                                                                                         school for the handicapped and find the
                                                                                         hearing world an immense barrier. Four
                          Greenberg,                                                     generations describe the family's struggles to
In this sign              Joanne            275 p.   Language Arts             6.7 YA    survive.
                                                                                         A shy, lonely 6-year-old wanders into the
                                                                                         Canadian prairie and spends a summer under
Incident at Hawk's hill   Eckert, Allan     207 p.   Language Arts             7.2 5-8   the protection of a badger.
                                                                                         Heroism and sacrifice triumph over
                                                                                         foolishness, fatal error, and human frailty in this
                                                                                         bone-chilling narrative in which the author
                                                                                         recounts his experiences on an ill-fated, deadly
Into thin air             Krakauer, Jon     293 p.   Autobiography    1320L       YA     climb on Mount Everest.

                                                                                         Charles, a 16-year-old white boy, repays a debt
                                                                                         he owes to an elderly black man, Lucas. After
                                                                                         Lucas is accused of murdering a white man,
                                                                                         Charles proves his innocence and saves him
Intruder in the dust      Faulkner, William 241 p.   Language Arts             7.8 YA    from a lynching in a southern town.

                                                                     Page 19
                                                                                       Doug and Andy are unlikely best friends--one a
                                                                                       loner obsessed by his model trains, the other a
                                                                                       popular student involved in football and theater-
                                                                                       -who grew up together and share a bond that
                                                                                       nothing can sever. NOTE: let parents know
Invisible               Hautman, Pete     149 p.   Language Arts    YA          YA     there is sexual offensiveness.
                                                                                       The tale of a scientist who discovers how to
                                                                                       make his body become invisible, but, when he
                                                                                       can't make himself visible again, becomes
Invisible man           Wells, H.G.       150 p.   Language Arts             7.7 AD    violently insane.

                                                                                       Records the philosophical conversations that
                                                                                       take place between a man and gorilla named
                                                                                       Ishmael after the man answers an
                                                                                       advertisement for a pupil with a desire to save
Ishmael                 Quinn, Daniel     263 p.   Language Arts             9.0 AD    the world. (Mature 12th grade students only)
                                                                                       A car accident causes 15-year-old Izzy to lose
                                                                                       one leg and face the need to start building a
Izzy, willy-nilly       Voigt, Cynthia    327 p.   Language Arts             6.0 5-8   new life as an amputee.
                                                                                       Uses the biblical figure of Job as an illustration
                        MacLeish,                                                      of the suffering and injustice in the 20th
J.B.: a play in verse   Archibald         153 p.   Drama                 11.0 AD       century.
                                                                                       High-spirited Mary Yellan was too young to
                                                                                       suspect the truth about her new home on the
                                                                                       moor. Yet she began to wonder why no one
                        DuMaurier,                                                     came to Jamaica Inn and why her aunt was so
Jamaica Inn             Daphne            302 p.   Language Arts             9.0 AD    frightened
                                                                                       Jane, a plain and penniless orphan in 19th
                                                                                       century England, accepts employment as a
                                                                                       governess at Thornfield Hall and soon finds
                                                                                       herself in love with the melancholy Mr.
Jane Eyre               Bronte, Charlotte 578 p.   Language Arts             7.9 AD    Rochester.
                                                                                       A long narrative poem covering the Civil War,
                        Benet, Stephen                                                 and individual figures of both North and South,
John Brown's body       Vincent           336 p.   Poetry                    8.0 AD    soldiers and civilians.

                                                                   Page 20
                                                                                           A case study of childhood schizophrenia, and a
                                                                                           story of a relationship that bloomed between
                                                                                           two exceptional children at a residential
Jordi: Lisa and David   Rubin Theodore    144 p.   Mental Health                  7.0 AD   treatment center. (Mature students)

                                                                                           The story of a young couple from Brooklyn who
                                                                                           marry young, have little money, and face bitter
                                                                                           parental opposition, but are determined to
Joy in the morning      Smith, Betty      296 p.   Language Arts                  4.9 YA   make something of their life together.

                                                                                           In 1949 four Chinese women began meeting in
                                                                                           San Francisco to play mah jong. They called
                                                                                           their gathering the Joy Luck Club. Forty years
Joy Luck Club, The      Tan, Amy          288 p.   Language Arts                  5.7 AD   later they look back and remember.

                                                                                           Chronicles the experiences of Vyry, the child of
                                                                                           a white plantation owner and his slave
                                                                                           mistress, discussing her life as a slave during
                                                                                           the Civil War, and as a woman freed by the
Jubilee                 Walker, Margaret 497 p.    Historical Fiction             6.4 AD   Emancipation Proclamation. (Supplemental)
                        Shakespeare,                                                       Betrayal in ancient Rome leads to the death of
Julius Caesar           William          128 p.    Drama                          8.0 AD   Julius Caesar
                                                                                           Describes the conditions of the Chicago
                                                                                           stockyards through the eyes of a young
Jungle, The             Sinclair, Upton   349 p.   Historical Fiction             8.0 AD   immigrant struggling in America.

                                                                                           A fictional account of four days in July, 1863 at
                                                                                           the Battle of Gettysburg discussing tactics,
                                                                                           plans and preparations for battle from both the
Killer Angels, The      Shaara, Michael   355 p.   Historical Fiction             4.7 YA   Northern and Southern points of view.
                        Shakespeare,                                                       The story of three daughters as the deal with
King Lear               William           356 p.   Drama                          8.0 AD   their aging father.

                                                                        Page 21
                                                                                             Amir, haunted by his betrayal of Hassan, the
                                                                                             son of his father's servant and a childhood
                                                                                             friend, returns to Kabul as an adult after he
                                                                                             learns Hassan has been killed, in an attempt to
                                                                                             redeem himself by rescuing Hassan's son from
                                                                                             a life of slavery to a Taliban official. Note:
                                                                                             mature themes. Considerable attention
Kite Runner            Hosseini, Khaled 324 p.       Historical Fiction    AD          AD    should be given to the rape scene.
Kon Tiki: across the                                                                         The record of a 4,300 nautical mile journey
Pacific by raft        Heyerdahl, Thor. 240 p.       Geography                      8.0 YA   across the Pacific Ocean by raft.
                                                                                             Recalls the early history of the fictional Lake
                                                                                             Wobegon and many of its memorable
Lake Wobegon days      Keillor, Garrison   337 p.    Language Arts                  8.0 YA   characters.
                                                                                             With the assistance of Schmendrick the
                                                                                             Magician, an immortal, beautiful unicorn
Last unicorn, The      Beagle, Peter       212 p.    Language Arts                  6.2 AD   searches for her lost fellows.
                                                                                             A young silversmith, Laughing Boy, falls in love
                                                                                             with Slim Girl, a beautiful educated Navajo girl,
                                                                                             however their relationship is threatened by the
                                                                                             changing way of life in the American
Laughing Boy           LaFarge, Oliver     193 p.    Language Arts                  5.7 YA   Southwest.
                                                                                             An African-American youth in a small town in
                                                                                             Kansas finds himself the only witness to a
Learning tree, The     Parks, Gordon       240 p.    Language Arts                  5.0 AD   murder.

                                                                                             Jean Valjean, a peasant who is released from
                                                                                             prison, where he spent 19 years for stealing a
                                                                                             loaf of bread for his starving family , is
Les miserables         Hugo, Victor        1260 p.   Language Arts                           threatened by people and events from his past.
                                                                                             A young African-American man sentenced to
                                                                                             death for a murder he did not commit, and a
                                                                                             teacher who tries to impart to him his learning
                                                                                             and pride before the execution. (11th, 12th
Lesson before dying, A Gaines, Ernest      256 p.    Language Arts                  4.4 AD   grade mature students)

                                                                          Page 22
                                                                                        Pi Patel, having spent an idyllic childhood in
                                                                                        Pondicherry, India, as the son of a zookeeper,
                                                                                        sets off with his family at the age of 16 to start
                                                                                        anew in Canada. But his life takes a marvelous
                                                                                        turn when their ship sinks in the Pacific, leaving
                                                                                        him adrift with a 450 pound Bengal tiger for
Life of Pi              Martel, Yann       319 p.   Language Arts    830 L       AD     company.

                                                                                        Oscar and Ben Hubbard steal money from
Little foxes, The       Hellman, Lillian   81 p.    Drama                     6.0 AD    their ailing brother-in-law to fund a cotton mill.

                                                                                        An aviator whose plane is forced down in the
                                                                                        Sahara Desert encounters a little prince from a
                        Saint-Exupery,                                                  small planet who relates his adventures in
Little prince, The      Antoine            83 p.    Language Arts             6.2 5-8   seeking the secret of what is important in life.
                                                                                        Depicts the struggles of the Tyrone family as
Long day's journey into                                                                 they face drug addiction, alcohol abuse,
night                   O'Neill, Eugene    179 p.   Drama                     8.0 AD    tuberculosis, and lost dreams.
                                                                                        Describes the coming of age of Eugene Gant,
Look homeward, angel:                                                                   his boyhood in North Carolina and his growing
a story of the buried life Wolfe, Thomas   528 p.   Language Arts             7.7 AD    passion to experience life.
                                                                                        A man who has been branded a coward earns
Lord Jim                Conrad, Joseph     271 p.   Language Arts             9.1 YA    the respect of the Malay people.
                                                                                        Shipwrecked children turn to primitive savagery
                                                                                        in a portrayal of the collapse of social order into
Lord of the flies       Golding, William   210 p.   Language Arts             5.0 AD    chaos.
                        Shakespeare,                                                    Macbeth kills the king in an attempt to seize
Macbeth                 William            210 p.   Drama                    10.0 AD    the crown of Scotland.
                                                                                        Emma Bovary, the bored wife of a provincial
                                                                                        doctor, has her desires and illusions shattered
Madame Bovary           Flaubert, Gustave 247 p.    Language Arts            10.0 AD    when reality catches up with her.
                                                                                        Characters represent the rich and the poor to
                                                                                        bring out the theme of societal salvation and
Major Barbara           Shaw, Bernard      83 p.    Drama                     6.7 AD    salvation of the human soul.

                                                                    Page 23
                                                                                       Memoir of the author's life growing up as an
                                                                                      overachiever in an underpriviledged family,
                                                                                      chronicling the blessed relationship she forged
                        Chambers,                                                     with her mother after her father deserted the
Mama's Girl             Veronica          194 p.   Autobiography    YA          YA    family.
                                                                                      Play based on the historical relationship
                                                                                      between Henry VIII and Thomas More whom
Man for all season: A   Bolt, Robert      163 p.   Drama                     4.6 AD   he appointed Bishop of Canterbury
                                                                                      The story of Martiniano, a Pueblo Indian story
Man who killed the                                                                    of sin and redemption and of the conflict
deer, The               Waters, Frank     266 p.   Language Arts             6.1 YA   between Indian and white laws.

                                                                                      Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl examines his
                                                                                      experiences during the Holocaust and those of
                                                                                      his patients to discuss ways of coping with
                                                                                      suffering, introducing the theory of logotherapy
Man's search for                                   History,                           and arguing that the primary drive of human
meaning                 Frankl, Viktor    165 p.   Philosophy                9.0 AD   beings is not pleasure but meaning.

                                                                                      Bessie, having dedicated her life to caring for
                                                                                      her elderly father and aunt, is forced to call
                                                                                      upon her estranged sister and nephews for
Marvin's room           McPherson, Scott 68 p.     Drama                     7.0 AD   help when she is diagnosed with leukemia.

                                                                                      Mary, employed by Dr. Jekyll, finds herself the
                                                                                      keeper of her Master's house, the guardian of
                                                                                      his sanity, and the only one in possession of
Mary Reilly             Martin, Valerie   263 p.   Language Arts             7.0 AD   the dark knowledge that might save his life.

                                                                                      Michael Henchard, an unemployed farmhand,
                                                                                      gets drunk and sells his wife and baby
                                                                                      daughter. Years later, when he is the Mayor of
                                                                                      Casterbridge, his past is brought back to haunt
Mayor of Casterbridge   Hardy, Thomas     330 p.   Language Arts             9.5 AD   him, and he reverts to drinking.

                                                                   Page 24
                                                                                    The 100 year story of a meadow in the
                                                                                    mountains of the Colorado/Wyoming border
                                                                                    and the people who are possessed by this
Meadow, The            Galvin, James    230 p.   Language Arts             7.0 AD   terrain.
                                                                                    Poitier recounts his public and private life as he
                                                                                    broke racial barriers to launch a pioneering
                                                                                    acting career playing characters who said
                                                                                    something positive, useful, and lasting about
Measure of a man, The Poitier, Sidney   255 p.   Memoir                    7.7 AD   the human condition.
                                                                                    Frankie Addams, a motherless 12-year-old
                                                                                    raised by her father and the family's African-
                                                                                    American cook, struggles with conflicting
Member of the wedding, McCullers,                                                   feelings about her brother's upcoming
The                    Carson           163 p.   Language Arts             6.3 AD   wedding.
                                                                                    A creditor demands a pound of flesh in
                                                                                    payment of a defaulted debt and a lover
Merchant of Venice,    Shakespeare,                                                 chooses among three caskets in a riddle game
The                    William          129 p.   Drama                 10.0 AD      to win the hand of a wealthy lady.
                                                                                    A young man wakes up one morning to find
                                                                                    himself transformed into a giant beetle-like
                                                                                    insect. He becomes an object of disgrace to
Metamorphosis, The     Kafka, Franz     201 p.   Language Arts         10.0 YA      his family and an alienated man.
                                                                                    Two sets of lovers get lost in the woods and
                                                                                    become caught up in a dispute between a fairy
Midsummer's night      Shakespeare,                                                 king and queen, along with a group of local
dream, A               William          156 p.   Drama                 10.0 YA      artisans preparing a play.

                                                                                    A handful of men and women in the Warsaw
                                                                                    ghetto, knowing the will almost certainly die,
                                                                                    gather their meager resources to stage a revolt
                                                                                    against the Nazis armed with only homemade
Mila 18                Uris, Leon       563 p.   Language Arts             7.0 YA   weapons, bared hands, and courage.
                                                                                    A young seaman joins the crew of the whaling
                                                                                    ship Peqod, led by the fanatical Captain Ahab,
                                                                                    a sailor whose obsession with pursuing the
                                                                                    white whale Moby Dick threatens to lead them
Moby Dick              Melville, Herman 527 p.   Language Arts         10.0 YA      all to disaster.

                                                                 Page 25
                                                                                          Mai Nguyen, a young Vietnamese girl,
                                                                                          immigrates to America after the end of the
                                                                                          Vietnam War and moves into a Vietnamese
                                                                                          community in Virginia where she is reunited
                                                                                          with her mother and learns about her family's
Monkey Bridge         Cao, Lan           260 p.   Historical Fiction                AD    dark past.

                                                                                          While on trial as an accomplice to a murder, 16-
                                                                                          year-old Steve Harmon records his
                                                                                          experiences in prison and in the courtroom in
                      Myers, Walter                                                       the form of a film script as he tries to come to
Monster               Dean               281 p.   Language Arts                  5.1 YA   terms with the course his life has taken.
                                                                                          David's life is profoundly affected by the events
                                                                                          of the summer of 1948 when his father, the
                                                                                          town sheriff, is forced to choose between
                                                                                          loyalty to his family, or seeking justice for
                                                                                          young Sioux women who clamed to have been
                                                                                          molested by David's uncle, a doctor and war
                                                                                          hero. (11-12 grade, classroom study
Montana 1948: a novel Watson, Larry      169 p.   Language Arts                  5.5 AD   recommended)
                      Rostkowski,                                                         Mira makes some surprising discoveries about
Moon Dancer           Margaret I.        180 p.   Language Arts         790L        YA    herself on a Utah compain trip.
                                                                                          In 2075, exiles living on Earth's penal colony on
Moon is a harsh                                                                           the moon use a master computer to start a
mistress, The         Heinlein, Robert   382 p.   Language Arts                  7.0 YA   revolution.
                                                                                          Disgusted with modern American culture, Allie
                                                                                          Fox takes his family to live in the jungles of
Mosquito coast, The   Theroux, Paul      374 p.   Language Arts                  7.0 AD   Central America.
                                                                                          A black boy and an emotionally trouble white
Moves make the man,                                                                       boy in North Carolina from a precarious
The                   Brooks, Bruce      252 p.   Language Arts                  5.4 YA   friendship.

                                                                                          A pregnant 16-year-old bride and her 17-year-
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo                                                                        old groom have serious problems adjusting to
Jones                 Head, Ann          189 p.   Language Arts                  6.8 YA   their new life. (Mature students only)

                                                                       Page 26
                                                                                           A conflict between church and state in 12th
                                                                                           century England culminates in the murder of
Murder in the cathedral Eliot, T.S.       88 p.    Drama                          8.7 YA   Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral.
                                                                                           An American woman's spiritual quest through
                                                                                           the Outback of Australia when a group of
                                                                                           Aborigines challenge her to learn firsthand
Mutant message: down                                                                       about their culture by joining them on a
under                Morgan, Marlo        187 p.   Language Arts                  7.0 AD   "walkabout."
                                                                                           A successful lawyer remembers his boyhood in
                                                                                           Nebraska and his friendship with an immigrant
My Antonia               Cather, Willa    286 p.   Language Arts                  6.9 YA   Bohemian girl.
                                                                                           Asher Lev, born into a devout Jewish family
                                                                                           and community, struggles to reconcile his
                                                                                           burning need to create art with the restrictions
                                                                                           and expectations placed on him by his faith
My name is Asher Lev     Potok, Chaim     369 p.   Language Arts                  4.2 YA   and his people.
                                                                                           A traditional peasant woman in early 20th
                                                                                           century India struggles with poverty and the
                                                                                           changes arriving in her agrarian village,
                         Markandaya,                                                       particularly the tanning factory that takes her
Nectar in a sieve        Kamala           190 p.   Language Arts                  6.2 AD   son's life.
                                                                                           African-American comedian and political
                                                                                           activist Dick Gregory tells his life story up to
                                                                                           1963, describing his poor childhood in St.
                                                                                           Louis, Missouri; his rise to fame as a
Nigger: an                                                                                 comedian; and his participation in the fight for
autobiography            Gregory, Dick    209 p.   Memoir                         7.0 AD   racial equality , including his arrests.
                                                                                           Focuses on the time Henry David Thoreau
Night Thoreau spent in Lawrence,                                                           spent kin jail for refusing to pay taxes due to
jail                   Jerome             103 p.   Drama                          3.9 AD   his disapproval of the Mexican War.
                                                                                           This collection of stories deals mainly with
                                                                                           sensitive and troubled adolescents and
Nine stories             Salinger, J.D.   198 p.   Language arts                  5.5 YA   children.

                                                                                           Naomi Nakane, a child of Japanese immigrant
                                                                                           parents, is interned by the Canadians at the
Obasan                   Kogawa, Joy      300 p.   Historical Fiction             6.6 YA   beginning of WW II when she is five years old.

                                                                        Page 27
                                                                                           Odysseus makes his long and treacherous
                                                                                           journey home from the Trojan War while his
                                                                                           wife and son are force to scheme to protect his
Odyssey, The            Homer             515 p.   Language Arts              10.3 AD      throne.

                                                                                           Homer Hickam, the introspective son of a mine
                                                                                           superintendent and a mother determined to get
                                                                                           him out of Coalwood, West Virginia forever,
                                                                                           nurtures a dream to send rockets into outer
                                                                                           space--an ambition that changes his life and
                                                                                           the lives of everyone living in Coalwood in
October Sky             Hickham, Homer 428 p.      Historical Fiction    AD          AD    1957. NOTE: Sex, profanity
                                                                                           Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus and
Oedipus trilogy         Sophocles         267 p.   Language Arts              10.0 AD      Antigone. Greek mythology

                                                                                           Philip Carey, a handicapped orphan, is brought
                                                                                           up by a self-indulgent Victorian clergyman,
                                                                                           sheds his religious faith as a young man, and
                                                                                           begins to study art in Paris, but finally returns
                        Maugham, W.                                                        to London to qualify as a doctor. He
Of human bondage        Somerset          611 p.   Language Arts                  8.3 AD   experiences suffering, defeat and tragic love.

                                                                                           Sustained by the hope of someday owning a
                                                                                           farm of their own, two migrant laborers arrive
Of mice and men         Steinbeck, John   105 p.   Language Arts                  4.5 AD   to work on a ranch in central California.
Old man and the sea,    Hemingway,                                                         An old fisherman battles the sea and sharks to
The                     Ernest            127 p.   Language Arts                  5.1 YA   bring home the giant marlin he caught.
                                                                                           Survivors of an atomic war face an inevitable
                                                                                           end as radiation poisoning moves toward
On the beach            Shute, Nevil      278 p.   Language Arts                  6.3 YA   Australia from the north.
                                                                                           The fantasy epic of King Arthur and Camelot,
                                                                                           telling the story of how Wart, the adopted son
                                                                                           of Sir Ector, becomes the King of England
                                                                                           when he is sent in search of a sword by his
Once and future king,                                                                      brother Kay, and is forced to pull one out of an
The                     White, T.H.       677 p.   Language Arts                  8.0 YA   anvil in the churchyard.

                                                                        Page 28
                                                                                      The rise and fall, birth and death of the
One hundred years of    Garcia Marquez,                                               mythical town of Macondo as told through the
solitude                Gabriel         417 p.     Language Arts             8.7 AD   history of the Buendia family. (A.P. only)
                                                                                      Iago, jealous of Othello's successes in the
                        Shakespeare,                                                  army of Venice, plants seeds of doubt about
Othello                 William           268 p.   Drama                 10.0 AD      the faithfulness of his wife, Desdemona.

                                                                                      Portrays life in Grover's Corner, New
                                                                                      Hampshire, in the early 1900s through the
                                                                                      routine daily events and the major moments in
                                                                                      the lives of George Gibbs, Emily Webb, and
                                                                                      their families; and how their lives, although
                                                                                      mundane, are touched by the universal forces
Our town                Wilder, Thornton 181 p.    Drama                     3.9 YA   of love, despair, apathy, nature, and death.
                                                                                      A posse captures and hangs three men
                                                                                      believed to be guilty of cattle rustling and
                                                                                      murder, only to learn later that the men were
Ox-bow incident, The    Clark, Walter     225 p.   Language Arts             5.4 AD   innocent.
                                                                                      Terrible events follow the discovery of a
                                                                                      magnificent pearl by a poor Mexican
Pearl, The              Steinbeck, John   90 p.    Language Arts             6.5 YA   fisherman.
                                                                                      Through parental love Goriot is willingly
                                                                                      reduced to poverty so that he may satisfy the
                        Balzac, Honore                                                demands of his well-married but debt-ridden
Pere Goriot             de                297 p.   Language Arts             7.2 AD   daughters.
                                                                                      Under the Paris Opera House lives a disfigured
Phantom of the opera,                                                                 musical genius who uses music to win the love
The                     Leroux, Gaston    264 p.   Language Arts             7.1 AD   of a beautiful opera singer.

                                                                                      An African-American family struggles as they
                                                                                      consider selling a prized possession, an ornate
                                                                                      upright piano, in order to buy the tract of land
Piano lesson, The       Wilson, August    108 p.   Drama                     0.5 YA   upon which they were once enslaved.

                                                                   Page 29
                                                                                       Retired business man, Samuel Pickwick and
                                                                                       the other members of the Pickwick club
                                                                                       embark on a series of comic adventures in
Pickwick papers, The     Dickens, Charles 740 p.    Language Arts                YA    England.
                                                                                       A remarkably handsome youth, Dorian Gray,
Picture of Dorian Gray,                                                                meets Lord Henry Wotton and is corrupted into
The                     Wilde, Oscar       254 p.   Language Arts             7.7 AD   a life of terrible evil.
                                                                                       Haunted by the memory of a dead friend, two
                                                                                       teenagers join an old man in a series of
Pigman's legacy, The     Zindel, Paul      168 p.   Language Arts                      misadventures.
                                                                                       A coastal city in Algeria is struck by bubonic
                                                                                       plague and is shut off from the world for
Plague, The              Camus, Albert     308 p.   Language Arts             8.2 AD   months.
                                                                                       Christy Mahon becomes a hero after
                                                                                       announcing at a local pub in County Mayo that
                                                                                       he has killed his father, but his star is dimmed
Playboy of the western                                                                 when hes father shows up looking for his
world, The               Synge, J.M.       68 p.    Drama                     7.0 YA   cowardly son.
                                                                                       Nathan Price and his family move to the
                                                                                       Belgian Congo in 1959, and the experiences
                         Kingsolver,                                                   they have while living in Africa affect each
Poisonwood bible, The    Barbara           546 p.   Language Arts             6.6 AD   member of the family in a different way.
                                                                                       Young American Isabel Archer charms
                                                                                       European society, but falls prey to the
                                                                                       machinations of a calculating older woman and
                                                                                       finds herself in an unhappy marriage. (A.P.
Portrait of a lady       James, Henry      656 p.   Language Arts             9.6 YA   only)
                                                                                       A young man severs all conventional ties in
Portrait of the artist as a                                                            order to test his singular vision against the
young man                   Joyce, James   318 p.   Language Arts             8.7 AD   reality of an indifferent world.
                                                                                       In anticlerical Mexico after the revolution of
                                                                                       1919, the last priest left, the worldly "whiskey
                                                                                       priest" seeks to reconcile his dual nature as
Power and the glory,                                                                   saint and sinner while running from the
The                      Greene, Graham 221 p.      Language Arts             5.9 AD   Communists.

                                                                    Page 30
                                                                                    A spirited young woman in early 19th century
                                                                                    England must cope with the courtship of a
                                                                                    snobbish gentlemen, as well as the romantic
Pride and prejudice    Austen, Jane     458 p.   Language Arts         10.0 AD      entanglements of her four sisters.
                                                                                    A teacher at a girls' school in Edinburgh,
                                                                                    Scotland, Miss Jean Brodie was a woman of
                                                                                    ideas, wit, and charm who had a lover. One of
Prime of Miss Jean                                                                  the students she chose as her special friends
Brodie                 Spark, Muriel    150 p.   Language Arts             9.0 AD   would betray her.
Prince and the pauper,                                                              They boy King, Edward VI of England, and a
The                    Twain, Mark      294 p.   Language Arts             9.3 AD   poor boy accidentally change places.
                                                                                    Westley, a farm boy, goes off to seek his
                                                                                    fortune shortly after declaring his love for
                                                                                    Buttercup, but their relationship is put to the
                                                                                    test when his ship is captures by pirates and
                                                                                    she is summoned to become the bride of the
Princess bride, The    Goldman, William 429 p.   Language Arts             5.8 YA   prince.
                                                                                    Danny Saunders and Reuven Malter, now
                                                                                    separated by occupation and personal
                                                                                    involvements, are brought together by Michael
                                                                                    Gordon, an adolescent heading for a
Promise, The           Potok, Chaim     368 p.   Language Arts             4.8 YA   breakdown.
                                                                                    Henry Higgins attempts to turn Eliza Doolittle, a
                                                                                    poor, young beggar, into a lady of society by
                                                                                    teaching her proper language skills and better
Pygmalion              Shaw, Bernard    112 p.   Drama                     9.0 AD   manners.
                                                                                    A middle class African American family living in
                       Hansberry,                                                   Chicago in the 1950s surmounts obstacles to
Raisin in the sun      Lorraine         135 p.   Drama                     5.5 AD   remain whole and free.

                                                                                    Follows the narrator's childhood in Northern
                                                                                    Ireland during the 1950s as he learns about the
                                                                                    pain and ambiguity that come with maturity as
                                                                                    he becomes aware of the corruption of power
Reading in the dark    Deane, Seamus    245 p.   Memoir                    7.0 AD   in his own family and society.

                                                                 Page 31
                                                                                           During his service in the Civil War, a young
                                                                                           Union soldier matures to manhood and finds
Red badge of courage,                                                                      peace of mind as he comes to grips with his
The                   Crane, Stephen      138 p.   Historical Fiction             8.0 YA   conflicting emotions about war.

                                                                                           10 year old Jody learns about life and death
Red pony, The           Steinbeck, John   95 p.    Language Arts                  6.1 YA   through her ownership of a beautiful red pony
                                                                                           Frodo and Sam struggle to end the great
Return of the king, The Tolkien, J.R.R.   440 p.   Language Arts                  6.2 YA   darkness with the Ring of Power.
                                                                                           Clym Yeobright, tired of Paris city life, returns
                                                                                           to Egdon Heath to open a school. There he
Return of the native,                                                                      marries a pleasure-loving girl and tragedy
The                     Hardy, Thomas     404 p.   Language Arts              10.2 AD      follows.
                                                                                           Set in Montana, this is about the relationship,
                                                                                           between a father and his two sons, bound
                                                                                           together by love and fly fishing.
River runs through it, A Maclean, Norman 161 p.    Language Arts                  6.1 YA   (Supplementary reading)
                                                                                           Traces the journey of a father and his son as
                                                                                           they walk alone after a great fire has
                        McCarthy,                                                          consumed the nation and left everything in
Road, The               Cormac            287 p.   Language Arts         AD          AD    ashes.
                                                                                           An Englishman is the sole survivor of a
                                                                                           shipwreck and lives for nearly thirty years on a
Robinson Crusoe         Defoe, Daniel     302 p.   Language Arts              12.3 AD      desert island.
                                                                                           Johann Veraguth, successful artist, is
                                                                                           estranged from his wife but is bound to the
                                                                                           estate Rosshalde because of his son, but after
                                                                                           an unexpected tragedy, he finds the courage to
                                                                                           leave the manor and travel to India to find
Rosshalde               Hesse, Hermann 213 p.      Language Arts                  7.0 AD   himself.

                                                                        Page 32
                                                                                             Sixteen-year-old Jenna gets a job driving the
                                                                                             elderly owner of a chain of successful shoe
                                                                                             stores from Chicago to Texas to confront the
                                                                                             son who is trying to force her to retire, and
                                                                                             along the way Jenna hones her talents as a
                                                                                             saleswoman and finds the strength to face her
                                                                                             alcoholic father. Recommended for striving
Rules of the Road         Bauer, Joan       201 p.   Language Arts         YA          YA    10th grade readers.
                                                                                             A junior high school boy idolizes his older
                                                                                             brother, the coolest, toughest guy in the
Rumble fish               Hinton, S.E.      135 p.   Language Arts                  4.1 YA   neighborhood, and want to be just like him.
                                                                                             On the eve of World War II a young Chinese
                                                                                             man is sent to his family's summer home in
                                                                                             Japan to recover from tuberculosis. His own
                                                                                             adventure becomes entwined with the lives of
Samurai's Garden, The Tsukujama, Gail       211. p   Historical Fiction    YA          YA    three people he meets there.
                                                                                             Politically ambitious schoolmaster Bill Mor,
                                                                                             unhappy but resigned to his life and marriage
                                                                                             to Nan, is shaken out of his complacency when
                                                                                             he meets Rain Carter, a young woman who
                                                                                             has come to paint a portrait of his friend, a
Sandcastle, The           Murdoch, Iris     312 p.   Language Arts                  7.0 AD   retired headmaster.
                                                                                             Hester Prynne, condemned by Puritan law to
                                                                                             wear the scarlet letter "A" for adulteress,
                                                                                             endures her ostracism with dignity, while her
                          Hawthorne,                                                         lover is tormented by the burden of an
Scarlet letter, The       Nathaniel         180 p.   Language Arts              11.0 AD      unexposed sin.
Science fiction hall of                                                                      An anthology of science fiction stories that
fame, Vol. 1              Various           560 p.   Language Arts                  8.0 AD   have been chosen as the best of the genre.
                                                                                             Lutie Brewton, a cultivated lady from the city,
                                                                                             leaves her husband, children, and life on a
                                                                                             huge cattle ranch to return to the city. Twenty
                                                                                             years later after her youngest son is killed, she
                                                                                             returns to the man who loves her in spite of
Sea of grass, The         Richter, Conrad   149 p.   Language Arts                  7.0 YA   everything.

                                                                          Page 33
                                                                                          When Humphrey Van Weyden finds himself
                                                                                          sailing to Japan aboard the Ghost, he has to
                                                                                          face weeks of brutality at the hands of Captain
                                                                                          Wolf Larsen, until he decides to take desperate
                                                                                          measure to save himself and the rest of his
Sea-wolf, The          London, Jack     355 p.   Language Arts                  5.2 5-8   crew.
                                                                                          An intricate plot is devised by the Second
                                                                                          Foundation to overthrow the mule. Third novel
Second Foundation      Asimov, Isaac    279 p.   Language Arts                  6.9 AD    in the trilogy.
                                                                                          Fourteen-year-old Lily and her companion,
                                                                                          Rosaleen, an African-American woman who
                                                                                          has cared from Lily since her mother's death
                                                                                          ten years earlier, flee their home after
                                                                                          Rosaleen is victimized by racist police officers,
                                                                                          and find asafe haven in Tiburon, South
Secret Life of Bees,                                                                      Carolina, at the home of three beekeeping
The                    Kidd, Sue Monk   301 p.   Historical Fiction             8.0 AD    sisters, May, June, and August.
                                                                                          A young captain is confronted with a
Secret sharer, The     Conrad, Joseph   268 p.   Language Arts                  9.0 AD    dangerous secret.
                                                                                          A day in the life of Tommy Wilhelm, a man on
Seize the day          Bellow, Saul     114 p.   Language Arts                  5.6 AD    the brink of despair.

Selected short stories Hawthorne,                                                         Fifteen short stories by this 19th century
of Nathaniel Hawthorne Nathaniel        254 p.   Language Arts                  8.0 YA    American author.
                                                                                          Gene Forrester looks back fifteen years to a
                                                                                          WW II year in which he and his best friend
                                                                                          Phineas were roommates in a New Hampshire
                                                                                          boarding school. Their friendship is marred by
                                                                                          Finny's crippling fall, an event for which Gene
                                                                                          is responsible and one that eventually leads to
Separate peace, A      Knowles, John    204 p.   Language Arts                  6.9 YA    tragedy.
                                                                                          11-year old Shabanu, the daughter of a nomad
                                                                                          in the Cholistan Desert of present-day
Shabanu: daughter of                                                                      Pakistan, is pledged in marriage to an older
the wind               Staples, Suzanne 240 p.   Language Arts                  5.9 YA    man.

                                                                      Page 34
                                                                                       Quoyle an dhis two emotionally disturbed
                                                                                       daughters return to the family ancestral home
                                                                                       in Newfoundland to start new lives.(Grade 12,
Shipping news, The       Proulz, Annie     337 p.   Language Arts             4.8 AD   supplementary, for mature students)

                                                                                       A moral allegory, set in India, about one soul's
                                                                                       quest for the ultilmate answer to the enigma of
                                                                                       man's role in this world. The hero, Siddhartha,
                                                                                       undergoes a series of experiences to emerge
Siddhartha               Hesse, Hermann 152 p.      Language Arts             7.1 AD   in a state of peace and wisdom.

                                                                                       Embittered by a false accusation and
                                                                                       disappointed in friendship an dlove, the weaver
                                                                                       Silas Marner retreats into a life alone with his
                                                                                       loom an dhis gold. Fate steals his gold and
Silas Marner             Eliot, George     262 p.   Language Arts             9.7 AD   replaces it with a golden-haired foundling child.
                                                                                       A 17th century Portuguese preist faces
                                                                                       persecution in Japan. (A.P. supplementary
Silence                  Endo, Shusaku     201 p.   Language Arts             7.0 AD   only)
                                                                                       Identifies the dangers of in discriminate
Silent Spring            Carson, Rachel    378 p.   Science               11.5 AD      pesticide use.

                                                                                       The story of a young woman from Wisconsin
                                                                                       who goes to Chicago, becomes an actress,
                         Dreiser,                                                      marries and goes to New York, and when her
Sister Carrie            Theodore          409 p.   Language Arts             6.4 AD   husband loses his job, goes onstage again.
                                                                                       When a newspaper journalist covers the trial of
                                                                                       a Japanese American accused of murder, he
                                                                                       must come to terms with his own
Snow falling on cedars   Guterson, David   345 p.   Language Arts             7.0 AD   past.(Supplemental, mature students only)

                                                                    Page 35
                                                                                       Two boys, best friends in a small midwestern
                                                                                       town, finally come to understand that of all the
                                                                                       terrors threatening them from Cooger and
Something wicked this                                                                  Dark's pandemonium Shadow Show the
way comes               Bradbury, Ray     293 p.   Language Arts             4.8 YA    greatest meance exists within themselves.
                                                                                       A young artist falls for a young married woman
Sorrows of young                                                                       and takes drastic measures to relieve the
Werther                 Goethe, Johann    144 p.   Language Arts             8.0 AD    misery of his unrequited love.
                                                                                       The members of a genteel Southern family are
                                                                                       portrayed as petty failures, drunkards, suicides,
Sound and the fury, The Faulkner, William 427 p.   Language Arts             7.0 YA    pathological perverts, and idiots.
                                                                                       A rape near the end of the summer has a
                                                                                       devastating effect on Melinda's freshman year
                                                                                       in high school. (Strong teacher guidance
Speak                   Anderson, Laurie 197 p.    Language Arts             4.8 YA    recommended)

                                                                                       A series of dramatic monologues, in which
                                                                                       inhabitants of the cemetery on the hill
                                                                                       overloooking Spoon River reveal the shocking
Spoon River Anthology Masters, Edgar      308 p.   Poetry                    6.0 YA    scandals and tragic secrets of their lives.
                                                                                       Harry Haller, a joyless reclusive intellectual,
                                                                                       finally learns to reconcile the warring parts of
                                                                                       his peronsality after meeting Hermine, a
Steppenwolf             Hesse, Hermann 218 p.      Language Arts         10.0 AD       woman who knows how to enjoy life.
                                                                                       Richard and Sara Everton learn many lessons
                                                                                       about life and fate when they leave America to
                                                                                       go to live in the small village if Ibarra, Mexico,
                                                                                       where Richard plans to reopen a copper mine
                                                                                       abandoned by his grandfather fifty years
Stones for Ibarra       Doerr, Harriet    214 p.   Language Arts             7.1 AD    earlier.

Stop Pretending: What                                                                  A younger sister has a difficult time adjusting to
Happened When My                                                                       life after her older sister has a mental
Big Sister Went Crazy   Sones, Sonya      148 p.   Language Arts             5.0 5-8   breakdown. Written in poetry.

                                                                   Page 36
                                                                                    The family a murder victim, a journalist
                                                                                    opposed to capital punishment, and the man
                                                                                    convicted of the killing find their lives bound
                                                                                    together as the execution hour approaches,
                                                                                    while the person who knows the truth about the
                        Clark, Mary                                                 murder waits to plunge them into an abyss of
Stranger is watching, A Higgins         283 p.   Language Arts                      terror.
                                                                                    Caught in the grip of forces he does not
                                                                                    understand, a quiet, ordinary clerk in Algiers
Stranger, The          Camus, Albert    123 p.   Language Arts             6.8 YA   commits a murder.

                                                                                    Young lawyer, Michael Brock's investigation in
                                                                                    to the motives of a homeless gunman who was
                                                                                    killed by police after taking Brock and eight of
                                                                                    his fellow attorneys hostage, leads him to the
                                                                                    discovery of a dirty little secret that changes
Street lawyer, The     Grisham, John    452 p.   Language Arts             5.7 AD   the course of his life and career.
                                                                                    Charity Royall, a New Englander of humble
                                                                                    origins, begins a torrid love affair with
                                                                                    aristocratic Lucius Harney against all societal
Summer                 Wharton, Edith   255 p.   Language Arts             7.0 AD   norms.
                                                                                    Focuses on a "lost generation" of Americans
                                                                                    who fought in France during WW I and who
                       Hemingway,                                                   expatriated themselves from America after the
Sun also rises, The    Ernest           251 p.   Language Arts             4.4 AD   war.
                                                                                    Explains the principles of Taoism through
                                                                                    Winnie-the-Pooh andexplains Winnie-the-Pooh
                                                                                    through the secret wisdom of the Taoists.
                                                                                    Recommended for Humanites (concurrent)
Tao of Pooh, The       Hoff, Benjamin   158 p.   Philosophy                4.0 AD   and World Lit (supplemental)
Tess of the
D'Urbervilles          Hardy, Thomas    407 p.   Language Arts             9.5 AD   A country girl is forced to sin against her will.
                                                                                    An African-American woman searches for a
                                                                                    fulfilling relationship through two loveless
Their eyes were        Hurston, Zora                                                marriages and finally finds it in the person of
watching God           Neale            231 p.   Language Arts             5.6 YA   Tea Cake, an itinerant laborer and gambler.

                                                                 Page 37
                                                                                     A noted anthropologist arrives at an Anasazi
                                                                                     Indian ruin to dig for clay pots and is terrified by
                                                                                     what looms out of the darkness. Weeks later
                                                                                     she is reported missing. Lieutenant Joe
                                                                                     Leaphorn unearths a bizarre and mystifying
Thief of time, A       Hillerman, Tony   334 p.   Language Arts             4.7 YA   series of murders.
                                                                                     Set in an Ibo village in Nigeria, this novel
                                                                                     shows pre-Christian tribal life and shows how
                                                                                     the coming of the white man led to the
Things fall apart      Achebe, Chinua    209 p.   Language Arts             6.2 AD   breaking up of the old ways.
                                                                                     Recounts the author growing up in the 1950s,
                                                                                     with a mother constantly on the move, a cruel
                                                                                     stepfather and his ultimate re-creation of
This boy's life        Wolff, Tobias              Memoir                    5.6 YA   himself. (Supplementary)
                                                                                     Describes Stuart's experiences as a school
Thread that runs so                                                                  teacher for twenty years until he became a
true, The              Stuart, Jesse     293 p.   Memoir                    6.0 YA   sheep farmer.

                                                                                     Presents the clinical observations of Eve, a
                                                                                     woman diagnosed with multiple personality
Three faces of Eve, The Thigpen, Corbett 308 p.   Mental Health             8.0 AD   disorder who appears in three distinct guises.
                                                                                     The heroic young d'Artagnan and his noble
                                                                                     compatriots Athos, Porthos, and Aramis are
                                                                                     pitted against the master of intrigue, Cardinal
                      Dumas,                                                         Richelieu, and the quintessential wicked
Three musketeers, The Alexandre          704 p.   Language Arts         11.0 AD      woman, Lady de Winter.
                                                                                     A scientist invents a time machine and uses it
                                                                                     to travel into the future, where he discovers the
                                                                                     childlike Eloi and the hideous underground
Time machine, The      Wells, H.G.       128 p.   Language Arts             7.4 AD   Morlocks.
                                                                                     Describes a party gathered at a house on the
                                                                                     Scottish coast, in later years only caretakers
                                                                                     have the house, and in the last part of the story
                                                                                     the house is again filled with surviving family
To the lighthouse      Woolf, Virginia   209 p.   Language Arts             7.2 AD   members. (A.P. only)

                                                                  Page 38
                                                                                         After his anger erupts into violence, 15 year old
                                                                                         Cole, in order to avoid going to prison, agrees
Touching Spirit Bear      Mikaelsen         241 p.   Language Arts             6.7 5-8   to be sent to a remote Alaskan island.
                                                                                         Jean starts out on a journey, following the
                                                                                         memory of a lost love in Malaya who she met
                                                                                         during WW II when she survived a Japanese
Town like Alice, A      Shute, Nevil        279 p.   Language Arts             5.8 YA    death march.
Tragedy of Dr. Faustus, Marlowe,                                                         The ambitious scholar Dr. Faustus makes a
The                     Christopher         144 p.   Drama                     9.0 AD    bargain with the devil.
                                                                                         Observations about life and descriptions of
Travels with Charley: in                                                                 nature by Steinbeck as he travels with his
search of America        Steinbeck, John    277 p.   Memoir                    7.0 YA    poodle, Charley.
                                                                                         The author tells of his meetings with a former
                                                                                         professor who suffers from Lou Gehrig's
                                                                                         disease and of the lessons he learns about life
Tuesdays with Morrie      Albom, Mitch      192 p.   Memoir                    5.5 AD    and death.
                                                                                         Two children are haunted by the evil spirits of
Turn of the Screw, The James, Henry         146 p.   Language Arts             8.3 YA    two former servants.

                                                                                         Recounts the deeds of the members of the
                                                                                         Fellowship of the Ring and follows Frodo and
                                                                                         Sam on their continuing quest to destroy the
Two towers, The           Tolkien, J.R.R.   352 p.   Language Arts             6.3 YA    Ring of power in the Mountain of Fire.
                                                                                         Uncle Tom, an elderly slave maintains his
                          Stowe, Harriet                                                 human dignity in the face of cruelty, suffering,
Uncle Tom's cabin         Beecher           515 p.   Language Arts             9.3 AD    an death.

                                                                                         A satirical look at Victorian manners recounting
                          Thackeray,                                                     the experiences of two finishing school
Vanity fair               William           889 p.   Language Arts         12.4 AD       graduates, Becky Sharp and Amelia Sedley
                                                                                         A mysterious drifter names Axel Heyst rescues
                                                                                         a "bad girl" from a seedy tropical hotel and
                                                                                         takes her home to Samburan, his own island in
                                                                                         the East Indies. Three intruders follow them
                                                                                         and bring horror, death, and a strange,
Victory: an island tale   Conrad, Joseph    385 p.   Language Arts             9.0 AD    haunting victory.

                                                                     Page 39
                                                                                             The foreman of a large cattle ranch on the
                                                                                             Wyoming frontier lives by the honor code of the
                                                                                             West even though it means helping lynch a
Virginian, The          Wister, Owen      452 p.    Historical Fiction             6.3 AD    friend or possibly losing the girl he is to marry.

Visions of wonder: the                                                                       A collection of science fiction stories and
Science fiction research Various          798 p.    Language Arts                  9.0 AD    critical essays about the genre.
                                                                                             Thoreau's 1854 text in which he offers his
                                                                                             philosophy of life and observations of nature
                        Thoreau, Henry                                                       gleaned over the course of two years of solitary
Walden                  David             275 p.    Philosophy                 10.0 AD       living in a cabin on Walden Pond.
                                                                                             The author describes his experiences during
                                                                                             the two years he spent walking across the
                                                                                             United States, from Alfred, New York, to the
Walk across America     Jenkins, Peter    290 p.    Memoir                         6.4 YA    Gulf of Mexico.
                                                                                             Kerbouchard, daring son of a corsair, embarks
                                                                                             on a dangerous journey to find and rescue his
Walking drum, The       L'Amour, Louis    468 p.    Language Arts                  6.3 AD    father.
                                                                                             An epic novel about the lives of five aristocratic
                                                                                             families in Moscow and St. Petersburg against
                                                                                             the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars of 1805
War and peace           Tolstoy, Leo      1273 p.   Language Arts              10.0 AD       to 1814.

                                                                                             As life on Mars becomes impossible, Martians
War of the worlds, The Wells, H.G.        228 p.    Language Arts                  7.6 5-8   and their terrifying machines invade the earth.

                                                                                             Story of everyday life and experiences of a
                                                                                             Dakota Indian woman, Waterlily, before the
Waterlily               Deloria, Ella Cara 244 p.   Historical Fiction             9.0 AD    advent of white settlers on the western plains.

                                                                                             Chronicles the adventures of a group of rabbits
                                                                                             searching for a safe place to establish a new
Watership Down          Adams, Richard    429 p.    Language Arts                  7.4 YA    warren where they can live in peace.
                                                                                             Retells Kiowa myths the learned from his
                        Momaday, N.                                                          grandmother and describes the Indian life he
Way to rainy mountain   Scott             88 p.     Language arts                  5.9 YA    knew as a child.

                                                                         Page 40
                                                                                         Merricat Blackwood protects her sister,
                                                                                         Constance, from the curiosity and hostility of
We have always lived in                                                                  the villagers after murders occur on the family
a castle                Jackson, Shirley   214 p.   Language Arts              7.0 YA    estate.
                                                                                         Zein, an eccentric Muslim, in a small village in
                                                                                         Sudan, falls in love and marries a beautiful
Wedding of Zein          Salih, al-Tayib   120 p.   Language Arts              7.0 AD    woman, in this fable-like story

                                                                                         An orphaned Ute Indian boy wins stardom on
                                                                                         the rodeo circuit but, disillusioned by his
When legends die         Borland, Hal      294 p.   Language Arts              5.2 YA    success, returns to the ways of his ancestors.

                                                                                         Nancy Harmon, freed whne the main witness in
                                                                                         her trial for the murder of her children flees the
                                                                                         country, changes her identity and moves to the
                                                                                         east coast, where she remarries and has two
                                                                                         more children, but her nightmare begins again
                        Clark, Mary                                                      when she looks out the window one day to find
Where are the children? Higgins            288 p.   Language Arts              5.3 AD    Mike and Missy have disappeared.
                                                                                         In the Great Smoky Mountains region, a 14-
                                                                                         year old girl struggles to keep her family
Where the lilies bloom   Cleaver, Vera     174 p.   Language Arts              5.5 5-8   together after their father dies.
                                                                                         Presents a parable in which two mice, Sniff
                                                                                         and Scurry, and two tiny mouse-sized people,
                                                                                         Hem and Haw, try to find a way to deal
Who moved my             Johnson,                                                        successfully with unexpected change in their
cheese?                  Spencer           94 p.    Social Studies             8.0 AD    maze.
                                                                                         The story of a Creole heiress who grew up in
                                                                                         the West Indies on a decaying plantation.
                                                                                         When she comes of age she is married off to
                                                    AP English                           an Englishman, and he takes her away from
Wide Sargasso Sea        Rhys, Jean        192 p.   Literature        AD          AD     the only place she has known.
                                                                                         A play that illustrates the destructive impact on
                                                                                         an average familyi of a neurotic fanatic who
                                                                                         fails to understand the consequences of his
Wild duck, The           Ibsen, Henrik     87 p.    Drama                      9.0 AD    behavior.

                                                                     Page 41
                                                                                           In a moment of moral crisis, Ethan Hawley, a
                                                                                           clerk in a New England grocery store, departs
                                                                                           from his high standards to provide for the
Winter of our                                                                              material comforts he cannot afford for his
discontent, The        Steinbeck, John   276 p.   Language Arts                  4.4 AD    restless wife and discontented children.
                                                                                           Told in the voices of eleven characters, a story
                                                                                           about two young girls, one Jewish and the
                                                                                           other African-American, who come to the
                                                                                           attention of the newly formed Ku Klux Klan in a
Witness                Hesse, Karen      161 p.   Historical Fiction             5.1 5-8   small Vermont town in 1924.
                                                                                           Whisked from Kansas to the magical land of
                                                                                           Oz, Dorothy a scarecrow, a Tin Woodsman
                                                                                           and a Cowardly Lion, and they all set off to find
Wizard of Oz, The      Baum, L. Frank    219 p.   Language Arts                  7.0 YA    the Wizard.
                                                                                           After receiving an apparent crank call from a
                                                                                           man claiming to have committed murder, 15-
                                                                                           year old Andy finds his close relationship with
                                                                                           his father crumbling as he struggles to make
Wolf rider             Avi               202 p.   Language Arts                  3.6 YA    everyone believe him.
                                                                                           Captured by the Comanches at the age of
                                                                                           nine, Helen dreams of escape for more than
                                                                                           fourteen years yet, when the time comes to
                                                                                           choose freedom she discovers no choice
Woman of the people,                                                                       exists as she has become absorbed in the
A                      Capps, Benjamin 248 p.     Language Arts                  7.0 YA    Comanche culture.

                                                                                           An American-born daughter of Chinese
                                                                                           immigrants lives within the traditions and fears
                       Kingston, Maxine                                                    of the Chinese past as well as the realities of
Woman warrior, The     Hong             209 p.    Memoir                         5.7 YA    the alien modern American culture.
                                                                                           Forced by a storm to spend the night at the
                                                                                           home of Heathcliff, Mr. Lockwood uncovers a
                                                                                           tale of terror and hatred on the Yorkshire
Wuthering heights      Bronte, Emily     385 p.   Language Arts              11.3 AD       moors.

                                                                       Page 42
                                                                                        A saga of three generations of Indian women,
                                                                                        beset by hardship and torn by angry secrets,
Yellow raft in blue water Dorris, Michael   372 p.   Language Arts             5.8 AD   yet joined by the indissoluble bonds of kinship.

                                                                                        Alice Sycamore, a young woman from a happy,
                                                                                        but very eccentric family has second thoughts
                                                                                        about her relationship with her wealthy boss's
You can't take it with                                                                  son, Tony, after a meeting between the two
you                      Hart, Moss         87 p.    Drama                     6.0 AD   families goes terribly wrong.
Zoo story                Albee, Edward      42 p.    Drama                     8.0 AD   A young vagrant is starved for company.

                                                                     Page 43

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