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                                GPS Vehicle Tracking for Real Business Intelligence

                                  GPS Tracking Drastically Cuts Overtime Costs

                                    A 2005 study indicates that the average employee wastes 2.09 hours per day of their employer’s
                                    time. If you own a delivery company, service company or limo service, you don’t have to speculate
                                    about employee down time if you install a non-intrusive GPS vehicle tracking system into your

                                    GPS tracking systems are electronic devices installed in vehicles to enable owners to track a
                                    vehicle’s location. By using GPS modules, you can easily and accurately target vehicle locations.
                                    Specifically, these systems combine a communications component, such as cellular or satellite
                                    transmitters, to communicate the vehicle’s location to a remote user. This information and/or location
                                    can then be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software.

                                    Corporations with large fleets of vehicles require a vehicle tracking system to determine where each
                                    vehicle is at any given time. Along with employee time accountability, vehicle tracking systems are
                                    often used for functions like routing, dispatch, onboard information and security. Other applications
                                    include monitoring driving behavior and managing mobile workforce overtime with scheduled updates
                                    as frequently as once per minute.

                                    Keep Your Drivers Honest!

                                    Ken Sink, owner of My Vehicle WatchDog, is a veteran with more than 20 years of transportation
                                    experience, including fleet management of over 800 vehicles. Regarding the benefits of GPS
 StreetEagle Newsletter             trackers, he said, “I believe employees should be trusted and treated as adults. But, if you’ve ever
         SignUp                     driven a rental vehicle differently than the car you own, then you understand how an employee may
                                    mistreat a company vehicle. Take the speeding employee, for example. Employees, who drive too
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                                    insurance rates. A GPS vehicle tracking system can alert you when someone exceeds your pre-set
                                    speed limit. It’s your vehicle, your fuel and your insurance premium; a tracking system helps you
            Submit                  regain control of them.”

                                    Are your vehicles being used after hours or on the weekends? Is an employee using your vehicle to
                                    moonlight? Are your vehicles being used for personal errands? You’ll know with certainty if you install
                                    a GPS vehicle tracking device in your vehicles.

                                    How do you currently verify overtime claims? Maybe you can verify the work was done, but when?
                                    With a GPS tracking system, you can verify when the work was done by cross-checking a vehicle’s                                                 9/10/2007
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                               location with the time of day it was there.

                               One of the primary benefits of GPS vehicle tracking systems is that you’ll never have to make another
                               phone call to find out where your employees are—you can simply look on the map displayed on your
                               computer screen. Also, your GPS tracking system will remind you when it's time to rotate tires,
                               change oil or perform other scheduled maintenance on the vehicles in your fleet. And, many
                               insurance companies offer discounts of up to 30% for vehicles protected with GPS tracking systems.

                               Tracking your employees in the field has never been easier--GPS tracking is a reliable and affordable
                               way to drastically cut overtime costs. Once implemented, you’ll quickly realize the value of keeping
                               GPS vehicle tracking as an integral part of your business operations. After all: time is money—your
                               money.                                          9/10/2007