West Zone Meeting

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					                                  West Zone Meeting
                       March 6, 2010 – Federal Way Washington

Call to Order – 6:45 p.m.
Roll Call – all associations represented – 9 athletes

Agenda - Gail Emery requested to take an item out of order: National Awards
Committee Nomination Forms out of Zone to send to National committee – in
convention packets – get the forms in. Pam Edwards added more information on all
American athletes… Jr and Sr and Age Group

Officer’s Reports
Chair – Patricia Jones
1. Ratification of previous Board Actions:
       a. By Laws: A Murphy M/ T Roche S to ratify Board of Directors decision on
           Articles 10 and 12 in Dec 2009. Passed
       b. Gail Emery M/ T Roche S – to ratify athletes selected to West Zone Athlete
           Selection (Each zone nominated 5 in each level) Passed
2. Member concerns
       a. Cards from Charlotte Davis - thank you for donation to Foundation in memory
           of Glenn
       b. Jackie McDaniel having serious health problems – have each team/association
           send. Kaycee will have card in Hospitality for all to sign
       c. M(Jeanne Struck)S/P to donate $250 to Foundation in memory of Mary
           Rose. (Mary Rose impacted all through State Games.)
           Sue Ahlf recommended that all teams donate as well.

Minutes – M Roche to approve S/P

Treasurer – Paulette Roche – Balance as of 12/31/09 = $6,068. Report available.

Officials – Pam Edwards
1. Association chairs will request info on judges.
2. Practice judges at this meet – need to see Monte to verify sheets
3. Level 1, 2,3 study guides are on line
4. Level 3 ratings will be completed at this Zone meet. Encouraged others to complete
5. Appreciated hearing from those coming to this meet. List needs to come to Officials
   chair. Need Level 2 judges for figures and Ref or Vice Ref Need Level 3 to consider
   going to National Level 4 (Masters and Age Group)
6. TX judges who have judged at this meet
7. Level 3 usually just offered at zones unless you arrange something. Can only be
   given by the Zone Chair. Test and training offered at convention. Orals only at the
   Zone meet. Increased number on panels (6) reduces the number of extra judges who
   can provide test
Tech Chair – Monte Johnson
1. Significant rule changes that made meets a challenge. Scoring – 3 per judges.
   Discovered calculation issues with existing spread sheets. Takes longer to validate.
   Monte will do some recalculations to determine that no one was denied a qualifying
   score. Scores are 100% each
2. Zone meet this year became a nightmare for athletes swimming as Jrs and Srs or both.
   Please get to Monte if you find any errors…
3. National Champs has gone to on-line registrations.
4. West Zone has Collegiates next weekend. Monte will fill in for Jackie
5. Tx to Paulette for announcing and keeping the meet going.
6. Team Practice - 3 min- 4 min – need to discuss at convention. Need to clarify. Need
   to be able to swim entire routine. Bring suggestions to convention. And read meet

Education – Pat Easterling not at meeting – no report.
1. Main issue has been working on Coach’s Certification.
2. West Zone Clinics – two each year. – Proposal at convention.

Athletes - Khadija Zanotto
1. Katie Wiita is the new athlete rep (6 had been nominated)
2. Talked about 11-12 and 13-15 mostly from west zone National teams juniors from
   West Zone
3. Trios - glad gone from Juniors and with replacement of combo routines
4. Most did not know about new scoring
5. 231 athletes at this meet
Thank you to Khadija

Awards – Ted Roche – Zone Awards – forms were in meet announcement… committee
needs to get the input from members. Zone award nomination forms will roll over to
next year.

1. National – Sue Ahlf – Ted Roche – recommendation of Site Committee – accepted by
    Board of Governors –
       a. Collegiates and Juniors not accepted for 2011. Tonawanda and Claremont
       b. No recommendations for events in 2012. – Potential from Mesa.
       c. Convention – seminars on national meet hosting. Collegiates does not have to
           be from a college. Schedule is done for 2011. BOD must approve.
2. Local Sites – 2011 – rotate to Region C – pick dates now US Opens in 2011 in

Nominating Committee Report – Kaycee Wiita
1. Reminder of eligible voters – club rep; association officers; athletes
2. Thanks to out-going officers –
3. Presentation of Ballot
            a. Officials – Irene Hawes, Jill Ranucci and Ted Roche – Ted withdraws
            b. Tech – Monte Johnson and Shannon Korpela – Shannon withdraws
            c. Education – Pat Easterling and Jill Ranucci -- statement read from each -
            d. Treasurer – Tom Wiita
            e. Secretary – Ann Murphy
            f. Governance Committee to USSS – Ann Murphy
4. Nominations from the floor
            a. M to close nominations for Admin Chair
            b. M to close nominations for Officials chair
            c. M to close nominations for Technical Chair
            d. Nominations for Education chair – Christina Todd nominates John Ortiz
                    i. M to close nominations for Education Chair
            e. M to close nominations for Secretary
            f. Nominations for Treasurer
            g. All Nominations closed
5. Nominees
            a. Admin Chair – Patricia Jones
            b. Officials Chair – Irene Hawes
            c. Tech Chair – Monte Johnson, Jill Ranucci
            d. Education Chair – Pat Easterling, Jill Ranucci, John Ortiz
            e. Treasurer – Tom Wiita
            f. Secretary – Ann Murphy
            g. Governance Committee – Ann Murphy
6. Coach rep – information on selecting had been sent with meet announcement, but no
mechanism was in place to accomplish. Need a coach to gather all coaches to get
coaches to select a Coach Rep to West Zone BOD. Karen Rosolowski – will organize
selection process
6. Ballots distributed and voting took place – athletes counted ballots

Other Business
   1. Zone Clinic Report - Julie Thaden and Sue Nesbit – no report. Financials covered
      in Treasurer’s Report

   2. All Star Camp
          a. Reviewed process adopted at Sept 2009 meeting – will be in effect this
              summer – come to convention with any changes
          b. Committee in minutes was to create proposal. West Zone Chair and Edu
              Chair will do selecting.
          c. Patricia will confirm existence of 2010 All Star camp.

   3. Nominating Committee chair – Chair Kaycee Wiita reported results of election:
                 i. Patricia Jones, Administrative Chair
                ii. Irene Hawes, Officials Chair
               iii. Monte Johnson, Technical Chair
               iv. Tom Wiita, Treasurer
                v. Pat Easterling, Education Chair
                  vi. Ann Murphy, Secretary & USSS Governance Committee

    4. International Opportunities – Betty Hazel Olympic VP
                    i. Club Option internationally
                   ii. International club exchange – sister relationships – cultural
                       learning experiences, Synchro pen pals
                  iii. Invitations to Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Peru
                  iv. US is hosting Junior Worlds in Indy in August

    5. Legislative Proposals
       Deadline for New proposals to be considered at convention: July 15, 2010 –
       emailed to Ann Murphy

    6. Officials – fee – Appendix G – fee to take each test for each level. The zone must
       set its own fee. Need proposal for fee.
            a. M Shannon – West Zone set a $15 for testing and training each for a zone
                level judge.
            b. Ted speaking against – come back with a proposal with an amount that has
            c. Paulette – consider for convention.
            d. Nays have it. No charge for test at this time.

 New website – locate a club – need to input club info. Also an on line directory – but
  need to put in yourself…

   Betty Hazel – Eligibility list for US Nationals – new names from zone meet.
    Respond to Betty – if you are going. If not going, can go down to 6th place.
   Convention – BOD tentative convention schedule – lots of seminars…
   Paulette Roche – resigned as Treasurer. Board agreed – to appoint Tom Wiita, to
    begin serving his term immediately

   West Zone meet date – first weekend in March 3-6, 2011

Adjourned 8:30

Ann Murphy, Secretary