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									Newlands South
Monthly Bulletin

June/July/August 2011
  Scottish Charity : Number SCO00042

                             Telephone Directory
             Church – 37 Riverside Road, G43 2EG (632 3055)
                 Rev. John D. Whiteford MA BD (632 2588)

Mr. Ian Proudfoot (Session Clerk)                              571 2388
Mr. Matthew Chambers (Church Officer)                          632 3055
Ms Ann Archibald (Musical Director)                            881 5557
Mr T. Brown McMaster (Congregational Board Chairman)           569 3061
Mr. Bruce A. Lindsay (Congregational Treasurer)                632 2163
Mrs. Shonagh Hendry (Secretary)                                632 3055
Mr. Duncan McGhie (Roll-Keeper)                                632 4502
Mr. Graham Fulton (Gift Aid Convener)                          638 2579
Mrs Margaret Forsyth (W.F.O. Convener)                         636 1121
Mrs. Jan Young (Editor Monthly Bulletin)                       632 9767
Mr. Robert Binnie (Halls Convener)                             633 5315
Mr. Archie Fleming (Distribution of Monthly Bulletin)          637 3451
Mr. Trevor Watson (Youth Fellowship Leader)                    583 6699
Mrs. Megan Russell (Life & Work)                           01355 302 602
Mr. Scott Ronald (Publicity Officer)                           633 3635
Mrs Janet Moffett (Crèche)                                     632 6701
Mrs. Allison Dryburgh (Children’s Club Chief)                  649 2242
Mrs. Barbara Watson (Safeguarding Officer)                     583 6699
Mr. David Ross (Group Scout Leader)                        07711 820741
Ms. Gillian Florence (59th Rainbow Unit)                       636 5254
Mrs. Linzie Noble (59th Brownie Pack)                          571 3927
Miss Kirsty McNeil (Guider – 59th Company)                     571 8301
Mr. Miller Russell (Convener Pop-In Club)                      632 2653
Mrs. Sylvia Ross (Convener-Stewardship & Projects Comm.)       586 0123
Ms Isabel Lavery (Secretary – The Guild)                       632 5471
Mr. William Taylor (President - Men’s Indoor Bowling Club)     637 4838
Mrs. Senga Topping (Ladies Badminton)                          632 1979
Mrs. Kathryn McPhee (Last Wednesday Group)                     637 4224
Mrs. Janette Innes (Church Transport)                          644 3009
Mrs. Una McGhie (Co-ordinator of FISH)                         632 4502
Mrs. Muriel Morris (Flower Convener)                           637 3146
Mrs. Barbara Watson (Delivery of Church Flowers)               583 6699
Miss Inez Gillespie (Recorded Services)                        636 5106
Mr. Sandy Young (Sound Control)                                632 9767

Our mission, as the people of God in Newlands South, is to
understand the Good News of Jesus Christ and to SHARE it
together in a caring and sensitive way with all living in the
Parish and in the wider community.



      Regular items

      Crossword                        18
      Dates for Your Diary             16
      Editor's Letter                  4
      Family Notices                   3
      Pastoral Letter                  2
      Pause for Prayer                 12
      Reader's Letter                  5
      Reports from organisations 28
      Rota                             27

      This Month

      Glasgow Presbytery               6
      Thoughts from the
      Treasurer 5                      8
      A Little Bird....                24
      Special Feature                  20

              We are very grateful to the Lockie family
                 who have generously sponsored
                this edition of the Monthly Bulletin
                            PASTORAL LETTER

Dear Friend,

Recently I celebrated my birthday. Birthdays always seem to be a time of
mixed emotion. All of us enjoy a celebration with family and friends, but
there is also the thought: “Now I’m a year older!” When you were young,
you thought anyone over 20 was old. When you are in your 20s, those in
their 30s seem ancient. But when you get to that age – it doesn’t seem that

Some cultures value the wisdom of old age with its experience and insight.
Perhaps we in the West tend to value youth and drive more than the wisdom
of the old head.

This month we celebrate the birthday of the church. Pentecost was the day
when the Holy Spirit came upon the followers of Jesus and they were
transformed – from a frightened disparate group into a movement that
reached into the world, bringing the love and transformational power of
God’s Spirit.

As we celebrate the birthday of the Church and give thanks for its witness,
may we all sense that whatever age we are, young or old, we can be part of
the movement of God’s spirit in the world. We can be changed and reshaped
and given new enthusiasm and purpose.

Martin Luther King used to say about getting older, and remember he was
killed when he was relative young man, “It isn’t how long, but how well we

Thank you to all who helped with Christian Aid by donating or collecting –
allowing the love of God to be felt by some of the poorest in the world.

May you know birthday blessings this Pentecost.

Your friend and Minister,

John D Whiteford

Dear Reader,

I am writing this letter to you amid the school exams. It's a stressful time for the
young folk and for those of us responsible for running the exams. We have to get
everything right, otherwise the candidates my be disadvantaged. All the right
materials have to be in place; the candidates have to know the rules of what is
acceptable and what is not and the invigilators too have to play their part. The
teachers have already done their bit and most parents have been supportive. We are
all conscious of how important a stage this is for these children.

Here in the Church too we have to get everything right when dealing with our young
people. They are candidates for life's tests and our job is to prepare them for that. I
know it is my 'hobby horse', but we have to remember that the children with us
today are NOT the Church of tomorrow! They are part of the Church of today and if
we don't treat them properly now then they won't hang around to be part of the
Church of tomorrow.

Let me quote from the covering letter Linda Scott sent with her impassioned appeal
for help with the Guides (see page 21). She says: "Whether arts/crafts,
outdoors/sport etc, the emphasis is on fun and helping build confidence, identifying
new skills, broaden their horizons and experience ..... I guess I feel strongly as my
sisters and I really enjoyed our days in Brownies and Guides (and my brother in the

The influence we have over young people is immense, so if they get the impression
they don't matter and nobody cares, that will last their lifetime. We owe it to our
young people to help, even in a very small way. As an ex-Brownie and Rainbow
Guider (who still helps at Pack Holidays in the kitchen) I can also tell you it is very
rewarding in its own way, despite all the frustrations at the time! Please try to help!

I must apologise to Barbara Watson for not thinking about Flower Delivery when
considering Fellowship last month. It's another chance to volunteer in a really
cheerful way!

Have a lovely summer, wherever you may be!



Dear Jan,

Last November Session agreed with the recommendation of Scott
Ronald, our publicity officer, that we discontinue our weekly
advertisement in the "Extra" on the basis that only a fifth of members
out of only 17 districts returned supported it.

I have just opened my copy of "The Extra" and find advertisements
for the following 17 south-side churches:
Maxwell Mearns Parish Church, United Reform Church, Greenbank
Parish, Eastwood Parish, South Shawlands, Church of Christ,
Clarkston, Newton Mearns Baptist, Broom Parish, Clarkston Baptist,
Cartsbridge Evangelical, Williamwood Parish, Thornliebank Parish,
Mearns Kirk, Netherlee Parish, Merrylea Parish, Stamperland Parish
and Busby Parish.

Are we really so much poorer than all these congregations that we
cannot afford to advertise our mission to the people around us? If cost
is the issue, perhaps an approach might be made to all these churches
to negotiate a joint rate?

Yours sincerely,

Ronald NC Douglas

The Editor says:

I seem to remember that it wasn't simply a matter of money. There
was also the poor distribution of the Extra in our area. Many of us are
lucky to see one issue per year.

Further correspondence on this topic, or indeed any other, is
                    FAMILY NOTICES

Congratulations and best wishes to the newly married

              Grant Wylie and Jennifer Binnie

     Good luck in your new Church and Home to

                      Robert McLean,
          formerly of Paisley and now in Larkhall

  Our thoughts and prayers are with the bereaved
               family and friends of

                     Elizabeth Florence


    A sincere 'thank you' from two successive Editors to

                  Rosemary Shepherd

      who has contributed the Pause for Prayer pages
    for many years and has decided the time has come
           to retire. She will be much missed!


As many of you will know, Glasgow Presbytery has been required by the
General Assembly to draw up a revised Presbytery Plan, the existing Plan
having been suspended.

The initial purpose of the exercise was to help reduce the number of Full-
Time Equivalent (FTE) ministries from 163 to 133.7, which has later been
revised to 136.7. This exercise is estimated to generate an annual saving of
about £1m.

A Strategic Advisory Group (STAG) has been set up to compile the revised
Plan and will be involved in “an appropriate level of consultation with

The approach is essentially a process-driven one, collecting data and
establishing numerical scores according to criteria established by STAG. This
will result in an index figure for every parish and congregation.

The timetable is that congregational visits will take place from May to
October. Data will be analysed and scored from September to December and
the draft Plan will be completed by March 2012.

Five factors have been identified which will be given weightings and used in
allocating ministry posts to parishes and congregations:

F1 Parish Population               Including all denominations in the parish
F2 Parish Need                     Taking account of health & wealth of the
                                   (this will take cognisance of the Index of
                                   Multiple Deprivation)
F3 Congregation Size &             Number, age-range, giving
F4 Ministries & Mission            £
F5 Outward Looking Focus           Engagement with Community & Vision for

Once data is collected, measured and scored the result will be that an index
will be obtained for each congregation.

Parishes with an index of 1 or greater will be entitled to 1 or more FTE.
Parishes with an index below 1 may need to investigate sharing or twinning
agreements and possibly part-time locums.

How does all this affect Newlands South?

The information required has substantially already been gathered during the
recently-completed Quinquennial Review. Most recently we have submitted
an “Audit Questionnaire” giving factual information about the activities in
Newlands South.

We have now received notification that a team of three plans to visit
Newlands South, probably at the beginning of October, to discuss factor 5
above – Outward Looking Focus.

They anticipate meeting with a group of up to 25 people from the
congregation for about 2 hours, possibly on a Sunday afternoon or weekday

Presbytery has published an “Outward Looking Focus Congregational
Visitation Toolkit” to assist this meeting.

We would like to have a representative group of members to consider our
response and to meet with the Presbytery team. Clearly we wish to ensure
that the Newlands South case is well-represented and communicated.

If you feel you would like to participate, can you please contact the Minister
or Session Clerk as soon as possible?


This will soon be happening - Monday 8th August will arrive before we know
it! Mission Rescue promises to be as exciting as last year.
BUT Douglas Lindsay is still looking for helpers with activities. This is an all-
age opportunity - only the participants have to be school-age!

The Finance team at Newlands South
The management of the financial affairs of Newlands South does not depend
entirely on me, the Congregational Treasurer. I may enjoy the ‘limelight’
when things go well; I am certainly the ‘focal’ point for complaints when
things go wrong (and they do), but in the background, and working very
hard on your behalf, there is a team of able and willing volunteers without
whom Newlands would quickly find itself in difficulties.

The finance team and, I must stress lest I cause offence, in no particular
order is as follows;

Barbara Uttamchandani: in charge of the payroll since 1991 and now one
of the longest serving members of the team. Barbara prepares and
distributes salaries every month and arranges payment of tax and national
insurance contributions. In addition, she attends to the paperwork required
by HMRC at the end of every tax year. This role requires great attention to
detail and careful interpretation of the many rules and regulations emanating
from HMRC.

Graeme Fulton: Gift Aid convenor and the person responsible for reclaiming
tax on gift aid donations. This is no small task and is done by Graeme in an
efficient and cheerful manner. In 2010 the tax reclaim (£29,202) accounted
for just over 17% of income on the General Fund. The tax reclaim is made in
two stages: early summer and again in November or December. Graeme is
also a gift aid convenor (see below) and collates the organisations’ accounts
at the end of each year. A busy man, who can ‘multi-task’ with great ease!

Trevor Watson: Treasurer of the Stewardship and Projects Committee,
commonly known as the S&P Committee. This committee is peculiar to
Newlands South and is responsible for congregational projects, retiring
offerings and most important of all, donations to external organisations.

Over the last five years, the Committee has raised an incredible
£71,500 and made charitable donations of £71,300.

Trevor is ably assisted by his wife, Barbara, in the counting of retiring
offerings and cash ingathered at congregational events such as the recent
plant sale. Trevor is now in year ten of his ‘five-year’ term of office!

Maggie Forsyth: collates and checks all gift aid donations made by standing
order and WFO envelope, thus providing the necessary audit trail in the event
of an inspection by HMRC. Maggie is also responsible for the ordering,
preparation and distribution of WFO envelopes to elders for delivery to

Graeme Fulton, Stuart Leitch, Stuart Biggart and Duncan McGhie:
Gift Aid convenors: The convenors liaise with individual members who
give by gift aid. They tackle the sensitive issue of asking members to review
their givings and often shoulder the blame when standing orders go wrong,
as they do from time to time. Their role also involves the creation and
maintenance of the paperwork required to make tax reclaims. Gift Aid
convenors are discouraged from retiring; all have held office for many years!

Stuart Biggart is also the auditor of the Stewardship and Projects Committee
and Duncan McGhie acts as Congregational Treasurer at Bridgeton.

Douglas Cumine and Allan Ramsay: our auditors. Douglas and Allan do
an excellent job in auditing the congregational accounts. In recent years, the
demands of OSCR have transformed the audit from a relatively easy task to
something altogether more demanding. The OSCR accounts run to many
pages and take a considerable time to audit. The responsibilities placed on
congregational treasurers and auditors have increased greatly in recent years
and I am grateful for the advice and assistance given by Douglas and Allan.

Treasurers and Auditors of organisations: too many to name
individually. Suffice to say, these individuals make a valuable contribution to
the running of the Church. They may be very ‘low profile’, but their role is
important and much valued.
A big thanks to all mentioned above. Keep up the good work!

... and lastly, the Fundraisers
You are the fundraisers! Without you, there would be no money to

manage in Newlands and we would be unable to make any contribution to
the wider work of the Church. As you know, we are under a little pressure at
present and I ask for your help. I am pleased to report that congregational
giving to end April 2011 shows an improvement over the first four months of
2010; not enough to break-even, but the gap is closing and I am hopeful of a
good outcome for the year as a whole. If you can help, please do.

I wish you all well over the summer months.
Bruce A Lindsay

 In the next edition of Treasurer’s ‘Thoughts’ ... How to win friends
and influence people in Glasgow Presbytery


Like the Editor, you may have read in Life and Work that details had been
sent to each congregation of how their contributions to central funds are
used. Here is an extract from the letter, showing the figures:

Congregation:                                               Contribution
GLASGOW: NEWLANDS SOUTH                                         £95,790

Parish Ministries (86%)                                            £82,379
Cost in our parish                           £39,600
Our contribution to others & training        £42,779

Mission and Renewal (6%)*                                          £5,748
For resources in Christian Education, outreach, caring
for the vulnerable and overseas partnership among other

Support & services for Councils & Congregations(8%)£7,663
For financial, legal, safeguarding and other services
and the cost of the General Assembly and the

N.B. The full letter can be provided by the Editor or the Treasurer on


Could you offer hospitality to some Swedish visitors?
“Be ready with a meal or a bed when it’s needed. Why, some have
extended hospitality to angels without ever knowing it!” Hebrews 13/2, The

Who?: 9 Swedish church people(a mixture of singles and couples) are
going to Iona for a week – this is the tenth year that they have done this
and the link with them goes back to when a group from Newlands was on
the island at the same time.

When? Friday 2nd September and Friday 9th September

What? Bed and breakfast on the above dates. Transport from the airport
and to the bus station is also required but this need not all be provided by
the same people.

For further information and/or to offer assistance please phone me, Linda
Walker, on 649 1340 or drop me an email .


                            CHILDREN’S CLUB


 There will be a meeting on Tuesday 21st June 2011 at 8 pm at 96
              Newlands Road to discuss and organise
            Session 2011 – 2012 of the Children’s Club.

                          PLEASE WE NEED YOU.

                            Tel: 0141 649 2242

PAUSE FOR PRAYER in June, July and August

Summer is here! Holidays beckon.

Some people will be flying off to foreign parts to explore; to experience new
cultures; to meet new friends; to relax and enjoy some leisure time.

Others will not travel too far afield, but will holiday in Britain, hoping for
great weather, but they will still enjoy the beauty of their own country. They
will meet visitors of other nationalities, here to experience our lovely
scenery, history, culture and sometimes even the rain!

In every step we take, God is with us.

CH4 Hymn 81 (Psalm 121)

1      I to the hills will lift mine eyes.
       From whence doth come mine aid?
       My safety cometh from the Lord,
       Who heaven and earth hath made.

2      Thy foot he'll not let slide, nor will
       He slumber that thee keeps.
       Behold, he that keeps Israel,
       He slumbers not nor sleeps.

3      The Lord thee keeps, the Lord thy shade
       On thy right hand doth stay:
       The moon by night thee shall not smite,
       Nor yet the sun by day.

4      The Lord shall keep thy soul; he shall
       Preserve thee from all ill.
       Henceforth thy going out and in
       God keep for ever will.

Hymn 544 (v.6) - Sydney Bertram Carter (1915 - 2004)

God's Promise

Wherever you travel, I'll be there, I'll be there,
Wherever you travel, I'll be there.
And the creed and the colour and the name won't matter,
                                  I'll be there
Enjoy your summertime, wherever you go, and return refreshed and relaxed.

God be with you.



Sunday 5th June:
Campsie: Pray for the congregation of Campsie and the Rev Sandra
Farrington as they begin their new ministry together. Give thanks for the
work done by the interim moderator and locum during the time of vacancy.
Pray that through the Holy Spirit we are guided to serve God and bring glory
to His name in Lennoztown.
Cardonald: Pray that the numbers in our Sunday School grow, and that the
young couples in the communicants classes increase in their faith. We give
thanks for our BB Captain and the work he has done with the boys; we wish
him well in his retirement. Our prayers go out for the serving Officers as they
strive to appoint a replacement captain.
Sunday 12th June:
Carmunnock: Please pray for the minister, Rev G Gray Fletcher, office
bearers and members of the congregation.
Carmyle: Please pray that our Easter outreach to the parish will bear fruit.
Two of our children are seriously ill; please join in prayer for healing for
them both. Give thanks for those who have come to a living faith in Christ
Sunday 19th June:
Carnwadric: Pray for funding to appoint two part-time workers for our new
WIN project (working together to increase confidence and skills and to
nurture personal growth). Pray also for our new after-school games and
homework club.
Castlemilk East/ Castlemilk West: The agreement to a Linkage with
Deferred Union is a huge step, complicated by the fact that both buildings
are for sale without a new site for a new church yet in place. We pray for
understanding, wisdom and courage as we take this step of faith into the
future together.

Sunday 26th June:
Cathcart Old: At the end of our Minister's year as Moderator, we give
thanks that he has led the Presbytery through the difficult time of Presbytery
Plan. Please pray for the many groups who are touched by our outreach into
the community; help us to help them come to faith in the Lord. We pray also
for the young couples about to get married and for those who are having
their children baptised.
Cathcart Trinity: Please pray the God will continue to direct and bless our
shared ministries with Cathcart UF and our youth partnership with them and
Cathcart Baptists. Pray that the fellowship will know the Spirit's power
enabling them to share their faith in Jesus wherever they go.

A Prayer for the Presbytery:

Let us pray for the Strategy Advisory Group and its sub-committees, that in
all they do they will be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and will
exercise well the gifts that God has given them. Let us pray for the
chairperson of the Strategy Group, the Strategy Officer and the leaders of
the sub-committees that they will know the leading and guiding of God as
they continue to exercise their important leadership role.

A copy of this Prayer Diary is on the Prsbytery Notice Board in the Blair Hall.


Over the summer there is no Presbytery Prayer Diary. However we are asked
to pray for all the Summer Missions taking place during the holiday period.
In particular, please pray for the Summer Sunday School here at Newlands
and the success of the Summer Mission taking place in August.


The church will host an evening of fine dining, super entertainment
and gracious hostility.

The annual Christian Aid week house to house collection has raised the
sum of £2,534 which has been lodged in the Christian Aid account. In
addition, approximately two thirds of this sum has been gift aided so that the
final total will be even higher. Many in the congregation willingly undertook
the footslog round the district in less than spring like weather but their
efforts have been rewarded by the realisation of the sum which is an
increase on last year. Once again their efforts are to be congratulated. There
is nothing particularly unusual to report this year except for the occasional
oddity in the returns including a florin, 3 half pences, a 2 Euro piece and a
coin from United Arab Emirates. Everything else was standard including
some very generous contributions.

Alison Anderson

You are warmly invited to the Church and Society Day Conference.
In response to the issues explored by the Council, we hold a free annual day
conference to look at how congregations and individuals can make a
difference in their local communities. This year's programme is:-

Supporting the Next Generation: Education and Early Intervention

Tam Baillie, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, will
speak about Child Trafficking. Violence Reduction will also be a main topic
and workshops offered will include:

       Child Trafficking             Violence Reduction
       Love Your School              Suicide and Mental Health

Saturday, 17th September, Carronvale House, Carronvale Road, Larbert, FK5
This is a free conference open to all and lunch is provided. To book your
place contact:
                    Services for the Month

12 June   10.30am     Morning Service: Crèche
                      Children’s Club Promotion Service
                      Rev. John D. Whiteford
19 June   10.30am     Morning Service: Crèche
                      Summer Sunday School & Crèche
                      Rev. John D. Whiteford
26 June   10.30am     Morning Service:
                      Summer Sunday School & Crèche
                      Rev. John D. Whiteford
3 July    10.30am     Morning Service:
                      Summer Sunday School & Crèche
                      Rev. John D. Whiteford
10 July   10.30am     Morning Service:
                      Summer Sunday School & Crèche
                      Rev. John D. Whiteford
17 July   10.30am     Morning Service:
                      Summer Sunday School & Crèche
                      Rev. Ann Purdie, Hospital Chaplain
24 July   10.30am     Morning Service:
                      Summer Sunday School & Crèche
                      Rev. Alan Garrity
31 July   10.30am     Morning Service:
                      Summer Sunday School & Crèche
                      Rev. Alan Garrity
7 Aug.    10.30am     Morning Service:
                      Summer Sunday School & Crèche
                      Rev. John D. Whiteford
14 Aug.   10.30am     Morning Service:
                      Summer Sunday School & Crèche
                      Rev. John D. Whiteford
21 Aug.   10.30am     Morning Service:
                      Summer Sunday School & Crèche
                      Rev. John D. Whiteford
28 Aug.   10.30am     Morning Service:
                      Children’s Club & Crèche
                      Rev. John D. Whiteford
4 Sept.   10.30am     Morning Service:
                      Children’s Club & Crèche
                      Rev. John D. Whiteford

                     DATES FOR YOUR DIARY

  Until the end of June the Knit and Natter Group meet on Wednesdays at

           During July and August the Summer Sunday School
            and Crèche meet in the Halls during the service

11 June        Saturday       Children’s Club Annual Picnic
               12-3pm         Pollok Park

12 June        Sun. 10.30am   Children’s Club Promotion Service

13 June        Mon 7.45pm     Community Council – Scout Hall

15 June        Wed 7.30pm     Congregational Board Meeting

19 June        Sun            Summer Sunday School begins

21 June        Tuesday        Meeting to plan Children’s Club for
                              next session – 96 Newlands Road

8 – 12 Aug.                   Mission: Rescue – Holiday Club
& Sun 14 Aug                  (see elsewhere in Bulletin)

15 Aug         Mon 7.45pm     Community Council – Scout Hall

17 Aug         Wed 7.30pm     S&P Committee meets

21 Aug.        Sunday         Material for the September
                              Monthly Bulletin due.

27 Aug         Sat 1-4pm      Community Council Fete
                              Newlands Park

28 Aug.        Sun. 10.30am Children’s Club resumes


1      What a 'hulloo' might do to the dead (6)
2      Scout or Guide division (6)
3      Why did they call Kitten after a bomb? (6)
5      Modern version of 'wind's eye', allegedly (6)
6      We all are in a democracy, apparently (6)
7      Private eye? (6)
9      Peter was (4)
10     Towards the archaic (4)
13     Hopefully with permission! (5)
15     In Diana's hunting country? (5)
18     Rot. The thought! (6)
19     4 per annum (6)
20     Scares when the bell rings (6)
21     Perhaps a spare? (4)
22     Boast about seizing (4)
23     At last, Rothesay at the Fair? (6)
24     Taken with courage! (6)
25     Moi! (6)

The Edge                                                      Answers on
page 31


Following on from the feature in May’s edition on opportunities to volunteer,
here is another excellent way to contribute to the outreach of the church at

Each week, our beautiful flower arrangements are divided up and delivered
to selected members of the congregation. This ensures that the flowers are
appreciated well into the week and always bring great pleasure to the

If you drive and are able to spare a little time after the service once or twice
a year, please contact Barbara Watson on 583 6699 or Thank you.
SPECIAL FEATURE: Helping with Young People in Newlands
..... continuing last month's theme of VOLUNTEERING!


I set off at 8.45 this morning to walk to Eaglesham. All the time I was
walking I was trying to think of a way to persuade some of you to help out
at the Children’s Club. I feel I have run out of ideas, as everything I thought
of I’ve said already. For example
     • the children are lovely ----tick
     • being with young people keeps you young----tick
     • the more you put into life the more you get out------tick
     • it is a service to the church ------tick
     • it is fun----tick
As I neared Eaglesham I became desperate so I swallowed some apple tea,
munched a square or two of chocolate and set off along the Humbie Road
towards Newton Mearns. That was not a good idea as there is no pavement
and I had to concentrate on keeping away from the traffic. Surrounded by
fields and lambs I began to cheer up and a brilliant idea came to me.

All I need to do is tell you that on Saturday 11th June between 12 and 3pm
the Children’s Club will be enjoying their annual picnic in Pollok Park and on
Sunday 12th June the children will be in church for their Promotion Service
and their prizes. Why don’t you come along on either or both of these dates
and see for yourself how much enjoyment there is to be had? Then once you
are convinced and decide to join us there will be a meeting one evening
before the end of June when you can hear all about rotas, booklets and
lessons. (See page xx. Ed)

I finally arrived home about 11.45am but don’t be too impressed as I
jumped onto a 44 at Mearns and sank gratefully into the seat. I certainly felt
happy about solving the problem of this article and in addition I have hinted
that “all being well” I intend doing the Cairngorm Rescue Services Sponsored
Walk on 25th June 2011.

Allison Dryburgh
Volunteering can be so rewarding…………
Due to work commitments making it impossible for the present Guide
leaders to continue, we are desperately seeking a volunteer to take over
from September.

Whether you currently have related experience is not the key issue; you will
have the excellent support of Girlguiding UK. The main requirements are
enthusiasm, a desire to help young people broaden their knowledge and
experiences, and a sense of humour!

If you are able to help out - even only once or twice a month, please contact
me. We meet Thursday evenings from 7.30 until 9pm in the McMillan Hall.

We will need more than one person, and at the risk of sounding “ageist”,
volunteers should be between 18 and 65. Any 15-17 year olds are also
welcome as helpers, as each year we usually welcome 2 "young leaders"
whose help with Guides contributes towards the community service element
of their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Please remember that our guidance and combined experience can go a long
way to helping youngsters enjoy new challenges, make new friendships and
learn life skills.

Our activities are extremely varied and Guiding really has "kept up with the
times" so meetings are never dull! There are also plenty suggestions for
activities on the Girlguiding UK website.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this appeal and don't hesitate to
contact me.

Linda Scott (mobile no. 07440-683-734)


Brownie numbers are high again this year, but the Pack is short of helpers.
At the moment there are two full time Guiders and one part-time, all very
experienced; however, given the numbers of girls there should be at least
one more adult helper. This would have to be a female of at least 18 and not
more than 70 as things stand at the moment. This volunteer could become a
Guider or could be a more informal Unit Helper.
All volunteers have to through the Disclosure process, but this is arranged
and paid for by Girlguiding. A volunteer willing to become a Guider would go
through training, a Unit Helper would not necessarily have to.

The Pack would also welcome offers of help from young people working
towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Please contact Linzie Noble on 571 3927 if you would be interested.


The 29th Glasgow Scout Group, which meets in the Cameron Halls in
Mossgeil Road but has a long and close association with Newlands South
Church, is also looking for leaders and offers from volunteers to help. This
ranges from occasional help with testing Proficiency Badges to people of
either sex willing to go through the Scout Association training to become a
uniformed leader.

Volunteers under the age of 18 would be welcome if working on something
such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, but leaders require to be a
minimum of 18. As with all youth organisations Disclosure is a requirement,
but this is arranged and paid for by the Scout Association.

Training is provided, some modules being available on-line. Initial
appointment is for 5 years then there is a review. At any time it is possible to
change Sections within the Movement.

Currently the Tuesday Cubs urgently require staff and all the Scout Sections
would welcome more help. Volunteers need to have a positive attitude, to
like children and to be prepared to muck in. All skills needed can be taught!

As with Guiding, adult members as well as the young people have to be able
to make the Promise, so atheists would not be acceptable.

To offer your services, please contact the Group Scout Leader, David Ross at
the Scout Hall, or any Scout Leader. (Tel:637 4683)

As readers will be aware, Newlands South has formed an informal linkage
with South Shawlands Church, our neighbours along the river bank. They
have sent us this appeal:-

Do you like working with young people? Do you have time to spare on a
Monday evening or a Tuesday afternoon? If so, then we have a couple of
opportunities for you here in South Shawlands Church.

Girl Guides
Unfortunately our Guide Captain, due to personal reasons, has had to resign
and with nobody to replace her at present the 114th Guides have been
unable to meet.

The 114th Company meets every Monday in the Church Hall from 7.00 p.m. -
10.00 p.m. and is open to girls aged 10 to 16 years.

If you think that you could help in anyway please contact Liz Osborne,
Session Clerk, tel: 0141 637 1363 or email for
more information.

Genesis Group
The Genesis Group is a Scripture Union group for P6 & P7 children from
Langside Primary School and meets in the Church on a Tuesday at the end
of school. The leaders meet the children at the end of the school day and
escort them to South Shawlands Church where they enjoy games, bible
study and crafts for approximately one hour.

We already have volunteers to help with this group but are looking for a
couple more to help out on a rota basis. If you think you would be able to
help please contact Liz Osborne, Session Clerk, tel: 0141 637 1363 or email for more information.

Remember, none of our organisations can keep going without leaders. If you
can give a couple of hours a week, or join a rota to help occasionally your
offer will be much appreciated.

Flying down Langside Drive I was alerted to a buzz around the Church in
Riverside Road. Swooping down I saw that the annual Plant Sale was in full
swing. Enjoying good company, and anxious to see what was going on, I
flew into the hall. A warm welcome awaited all who entered - me included!
The hall looked very colourful with plants of all kinds; bedding plants,
hanging baskets and filled containers – a gardener’s dream world. The plants
looked in good condition, were reasonably priced and advice on planting and
upkeep was available if required. Sadly one friendly, helpful face was missing
this year, that of Ian Russell.

The people manning the stalls were very helpful and assistance was offered
to transport plants. It was good to see so many people buying the plants. On
the down side I was slightly disappointed by the numbers attending. I would
have thought Saturday morning might have been busier. However according
to reports over £1,600 was gathered for the various charities, namely
Parkinson’s UK, CHAS and Knit a Square (Soweto).

Looking round the hall I was pleased to see the tables set for tea or coffee -
lots of rich pickings for me! The home baking and table settings were
impressive, even down to the sweet on each plate!

I look forward to flying around the Newlands area in the months to come
and seeing the transformation the plants make in the gardens.
Congratulations and thanks to all who contributed – I’ll be back next year!



The Stewardship & Projects Committee report that they have still to reach a
final total for the Plant Sale, but profit is up on last year and now stands at
over £2,000.

The Committee has a male/female imbalance and would welcome men
volunteers. Please contact the Convener, Sylvia Ross.

STARTER PACKS GLASGOW: “A hand up not a hand out!”


Towels:         clean and in good condition
Bedlinen:       we currently urgently need single sheets and double
                duvet covers
Toiletries:     can you donate shampoo, soap, shaving foam, razors and
        shower gel?
Saucepans: all sizes, must be in good condition.
Frying pans: must be in very good condition
Kitchen utensils
Cleaning materials: washing up liquid, multi surface cleaner, cleaning
                cloths. Can you donate the ‘free’ one in ‘buy one get one
                free’ supermarket promotions?
Storage containers of all types
Mirrors and pictures
Small electrical items: toasters, kettles, hairdryers, DVD players,
        freeview boxes, CD players, radio alarm clocks. Please
        note – we do not accept TVs.
Soft furnishings: curtains, cushions, tablecloths etc
Tumblers and mugs
General household goods: ornaments, decorative soft furnishings

We also accept donations of clothing


Please contact Matt Chambers, the Church Officer, with any donations.


Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a chance to get rid of those
things not worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands.


5th June                A Anderson

12th June               U & D McGhie              R Shepherd

19th June               M & E Stewart             L Noble
                                                  J Bowie
26th June               M Eddie

3rd July                M & N Dickie

10th July               A & D Blackwood           A Dryburgh

17th July

24th July

31st July

7th August

14th August

21st August                                       C & I Taylor

28th August

Please come along and help to serve the tea and coffee during the summer-
all it needs is your name on the list in the kitchen.
I wish all our helpers a very happy summer and thank you once again.

Allison Dryburgh (0141 649 2242)


The membership was relatively stable throughout the season and the team
managed to reach 4th in the Second Division of the Langside League.

When we resume in September, we always hope to get some new members.
Bill Taylor

At the end of April we said goodbye to the members from Langside Parish
who supported us for the past two years. Now that Langside Church re-
opened at Easter, they will resume bowling in their own halls. Since they had
lost all their equipment in the fire, we decided that it was only fair that we
should give them a carpet and set of bowls to enable them to restart in the
autumn and in recognition of the fellowship which had developed. In return
the Langside members presented us with a salver engraved "Langside -
Newlands South Friendship Salver April 2011", with the wish that we would
be welcome at each other's clubs when play restarts in October. With only 7
members remaining at Newlands, new members are now a necessity.

Four of us were able to go to Park Church one morning to continue our link
with them even though no matches were played.

Our club tournaments were played and the winners were:-
       Singles:      J. Bowie
       Pairs:        J. Bowie and G. Mercer
       Triples:      J. Bowie, G. Mercer and W. Taylor

Bill Taylor

Both sections enjoyed a joint meeting which took the form of an Ice-cream
Survey. This was not perhaps as calorific as it sounds as the girls
walked quite a long way to test various ice-creams. For the result of the
survey, I'm afraid you'll have to ask a Brownie or a Rainbow!
Earlier this year the Brownies held a Sponsored Teddy Bears' Pyjama Picnic
and raised the fabulous sum of £709 for Comic Relief!

This month 17 of our Brownies and Tawny are going to the South Division
Pack Holiday at the Brownie House at Gartocharn. It only holds 18 Brownies
so, although Tawny isn't having to run the weekend, it will be virtually a
59th Pack Holiday!

The Rainbow Unit is full, with a waiting list, so if any girls are coming up for
school age and want to join they need to get their name in quickly! The
Brownie Pack is also very full and understaffed, with more Rainbows due to
move up after the holidays. Again, reserving a place would be advisable.

Please contact:
       Rainbows - Ms Gillian Florence (636 5254)
       Brownies - Mrs Linzie Noble (571 3927)

The 29th Scouts will be represented by 10 members at an International
Jamboree in Sweden this summer. 70 members of the Wednesday and
Thursday Scouts, the Explorer Scouts and the Explorer Sea Scouts will be
attending the Group camp in Kandersteg in Switzerland

We hope to hear in the September issue how they all got on.

RAMBLERS – April 2011
Seven of us set off in two cars to Castle Semple Loch, Lochwinnoch. We
have been there several times before and do variants of the walk along the
old railway line and through Parkhill Woods. This time we covered about 5½
miles. The weather was dry but overcast and out of the wood could be quite
cool which was not what the weather forecast had suggested.

We saw lots of others pursuing their own sporting activities – there were
oarsmen in single, doubles and fours on the loch, where there was also a
kayaker, sailboarders and a single sailor. The sailboarders seemed to spend
quite a lot of time in the water rather than on it. Joggers, cyclists and people
leading a horse and lots of other walkers, especially with dogs, were passed.
There was at least one fisherman on the lochside.

In terms of flora and fauna we did very well. Around or on the loch were

swans, ducks and various gulls. At other times we saw members of the
crow family, a robin, starlings, chaffinches, coal tits and some blackbirds.
The bird song was a lovely accompaniment to our walk.

The other background noise was of the trains on the other railway line,
parallel to the disused one we were following part of the time but on the
other side of the loch. There had been a plan for a canal through this way
from Glasgow to Ardrossan but it only got as far as Elderslie. It was on the
line of the canal that one of the railway lines was built.

As we finished lunch a heron flew overhead in the direction of the loch.
Though it was too early in the year for a rich range of wild flowers we
still saw lots of them – daffodils, daisies, dandelions, coltsfoot, violets – but
no primroses, wood anemones and other anemones, celandine, mayflowers,
blossom on a cherry tree and on blackthorn bushes as well as hawthorn, and
finally bluebells which for the author was a reminder of her first ever ramble
as a small child and in this wood. The trees were not yet fully in leaf but
were largely so with enough gaps to let us have good views at times. There
were lots of plants just emerging such as foxgloves and bracken. Early on we
found a lovely carved piece of wood depicting otters playing and swimming
in water and with dragonflies nearby. Near to this was a living sculpture of
willow – an arched tunnel leading to a small ‘room’; this will presumably fill
out and be more enclosed as it grows. We looked for spawn in the puddles
beside the railway line where we have found it before but were unlucky.

As on several other occasions we visited the ruins of the collegiate
church established by Lord Semple about 7 years before he was killed at
Flodden; his tomb recess is one of the main features of the chapel. One of
our number is interested in geology and spent time there examining the
various stones used in the building. As we went on we came to a herd of
cows who seemed to have names on their ear tags but as several had the
same name we assumed that these were part of the names used for their

We made our way round the outer edge of the wood to a view point with
great views both down the lochs towards Glengarnock and up the valley
towards Howwood. At this point a horse came looking for food and one of
the group – who on a previous walk in that area had been forced by the
others to hand over her apple to a Clydesdale - chose on this occasion to
offer the apple to the pony. He ate it in a oner without dropping any from
his mouth.
We dropped down past the grotto made for the ladies of the estate in
previous years and then zigzagged across the wood and up over the
rhododendron maze again high above the wood. On our way through the
wood we saw a range of signs numbered and with pictures of either wildlife
or human activity on them. Sadly we did not have the key to this trail. We
also saw orienteering symbols but did not see any orienteerers. On our
return to the main path we found a range of logs and fallen trees beside the
path and so stopped here to have our lunch. There had been clouds of small
flies around us as we began the walk at the lochside and we thought we
would not risk lunching there. Lots of dog walkers passed
us and some of the dogs seemed to think that our lunches would be of
interest to them too.

We completed the circuit of the wood and returned to the visitor centre
along the old railway line parallel to the loch. We decided that we would call
a halt there. Several of the group picked up a number of leaflets about the
walk we had done and about other walks in this part of Renfrewshire. Some
of these are known to us but others were not and may well form part of the
programme of walks before long. It is really amazing that after over 20 years
of rambling together we are still finding new walks not that far from
Glasgow. Our tea and buns stop was at the Hungry Monk near to
Lochwinnoch station where very good scones and cream were available.

Margaret E. Anderson
Answers to Crossword 35 on page 18

Across: 1 appeal, 4 tweeds, 8 author, 10 unsure, 11 mound, 12
exotic, 14 toilet, 16 lack, 17 owns, 19 seat, 22 grip,
26 evenly, 27 really, 28 areas, 29 insure, 30 bounce,
31 honest, 32 itself

Down: 1 awaken, 2 patrol, 3 atomic, 5 window, 6 equals,
7 sleuth, 9 rock, 10 unto, 13 taken, 15 India, 18 perish,
19 season, 20 alarms, 21 tyre, 22 grab, 23 resort,
24 plunge, 25 myself


The eighth-graders will be presenting
Shakespeare's Hamlet in the Church
   basement Friday at 7 PM . The
congregation is invited to attend this

   (So not the average school concert then!)

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  September issue of the Monthly               Volunteers are required –
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                                                 essential shopping,
                                               daytime cover, outings
             FAIRTRADE                           And appointments.
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                             Church Activities

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 9.30am     Riverside Playgroup

 9.00am     Ramblers’ Group (Third Saturday of month)

              OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday Thursday and Friday:
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